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05 Toleration, Liberty, and Personal Freedom

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • June 25, 2021
    2:15 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen to Our father and heaven and asking that your guide us as we talk about liberty, the purpose and the meaning of liberty. And I asked for that in the name of jesus, a man, Is there anyone here named for this minute ot neil nor of neil here. I prepared a thought just for him and he's not even here to hear it. He might still comments right now, he didn't promise me, he would, he didn't even say he would. I just asked him to come once upon a time in a land far, far away. I was walking on the mountain when I heard all of the dogs on the mountain making a loud noises. If you have a pet dog, you might even know the difference between the excited bark and the angry bark and the sad bark. Yes, and this was the excited bark. That's what I heard excited barking. And as I came around the corner, i saw 6 dogs, you know, the name of one of them, jackie. The other ones you know heard of. And they're all, they are barking out a banana tree and on top of it as a mother monkey and her baby. The dogs were so excited because there is no way nowhere for the mother to go. You know, if you jump off a hardwood, you can jump as far as you can. But you jump off something soft and sponges a banana tree and you're not going to go as far as your legs are normally take you from something hard seminars to the physics of that. How the spongy banana trees is going to absorb your kick and you're just not going to go very far. And so the dogs just knew and there wasn't anything nearby anyway, they were going to get some monkey meat. And they were just beside themselves with barking. And then I saw the most amazing thing happen. I saw the mother take her baby and put the baby on top of the banana tree at her feet. She turned she bent and she leaped. Oh, for one of the dogs to the ground right behind his hind end and led them all away on a chase. And that little baby crawled down safely, made it right over to the jungle and up to safety. I thought about that story. A lot of times I thought what if the baby had stayed in that tree? I think the dogs would come back. I think the baby could have wasted his mother sacrifice. He could have made it worthless. I mean, it was meaningful that she did it. But it could have been worthless and I think for us that jesus has already jumped over the dogs. And a lot of us, if we could read it to their minds, a lot of us are still up in that tree. And we've known for a long time, but we need to do and we're just sitting there. And my 1st thought for you is I wish you would just get to safety. Just make haste. We don't want to waste what jesus is doing. I was walking with my wife, we do that and this was indonesia and I I saw a man stop his motorcycle beside us and ask us, where are you going? And that's a hard question. The answer because the answer is nowhere. We're just walking, we don't know. I was the guy on the motorbike asking where I'd go away and I really didn't have an answer. I said we're just walking and he just couldn't comprehend how 2 people could be walking for no reason. And so he said if you don't have somewhere, would you come to my house and we didn't have any reason not to. So we did. He drove his motorbike about 3 miles an hour using his feet to not fall over. And we just followed him to his house. His name was the a U B. It's, it's that islamic version of job. That's the same person in the, in the bible job. And, oh, but I found out I had left islam already. He had grown up as a lose lumber and indonesia, you know, what's going on with the price of land and houses here. House just gone ridiculously high, like I inherited a home in November that was valued at 75000 and last week was valued at 135000. That's in 6 months. Well, what's going on here? That is, so ridiculous. Has been going on indonesia for a long time price, a land there, easily, a $1000000.00 for an acre. And here if you're going to lease something, a piece of land or a building, typically the cost of leasing that for $8.00 or 9 years would be similar to the cost of buying it. Whatever it is, a piece of land or a 1000000000. If you think about the least cost $8.00 or 9 years, be similar to the purchase cost in java, it's more than a 100 years. So that many, many people, they are just lease instead of buying. I think, you know, stand why your building is going to last 60 years, and so why not, you know, just lease. Well, I'm trying to help you understand the lube inherited about half an acre of land, and he was earning about $80.00 a month. So do you see that compared to what he's earning? His land is a treasure. Can you sorta see that it's a treasure. And while he was away in the big city working someone build a mask on the property adjacent to hears and they encroached. It was a pretty big building lawn. They encroached one meter on the, his property, building the mask, the mask wall is one meter into his land. And because of the nature of the laws in indonesia, you might be able to sue the average person and get your land back. That you are not going to win in a suit against a mosque that that is. So they stole from him a slice of land that is worth more than what he could earn and many years of hard work. He sort of see it in your head, what's going on. And that's why he left his long. It's not really a good reason, but I mean, I could imagine that could happen and, and I could do that to you. Yeah, I mean, I could imagine that's just not really the best reason, but it was his. So when he left it, he didn't know where to go and he began to investigate and he went to a protestant church and he didn't find any evidence of god there. And he went to a catholic church, didn't find any evidence of god there. He went to a buddhist temple that didn't do it for him, but when he went to a hindu temple, he really experienced supernatural. So when I met lou, but he was a hindu. And I thought, cuz this had help, this had happened 5 years before I met him. This little experience. I thought what f O been I had met 5 years ago. I think he could be a 7th day adventists to day. I think it's just a shame that there are so many administered michigan and so few in the 1040 window. What a beautiful question. If you look at a globe and you look at the areas that are mostly buddhist hindu moslem, you could draw a box around them. And longitudinal lines that would take in your box would be $10.40. That is a section that has very few christians. Anyway, so Oh, but did not have any wine to tell him the truth when he was searching him by the time I found him, he wasn't searching anymore for aren't always searching once they've really experienced supernatural, they're pretty sure they have the real sign. And so he, he just didn't have any doubts, but his character wasn't. One thing I thought I could leverage oh, was smoking. Like almost every indonesian man smokes. He was smoking and I thought I could use, I said, you know, in my religion we have victory over that in your religion. You don't, maybe it's because there's power in my religion and not in yours. I didn't say quite like that, but that was definitely the idea and it seemed to get his interest, but it didn't hold it. And I really even to day, I know him in his family and I don't see any evidence that he's coming our direction. So how's that for a sad story? Now? He's not dead. That's true. I do have some of those stories to where they're dead. But I will tell you um, oops, wife is now praying in the name of jesus. Oh wow. She never followed him into hinduism. She stayed in as long. She really wasn't very impressed with his character. You see she was supporting the family. He was gardening and producing just enough further eating and. And she was working and earning the money that they needed to live off of and die. And I think if she was here and if you had a private conversation with her, she might even admit that her husband is lazy. I think she might, but she probably wouldn't do it to all of us. She, it is coming our direction. She read the great controversy. I gave it to her and it's a treasure to her. And so I'm not. I feel bad about oh I'm so glad that his wife is still around. And their daughter boni, i'm sure that she was named after an american name bonnie. But they didn't know how to pronounce it. And so it became bony. And I never did tell them what that sounds like an english. And bernie is a really sweet teenage girl. And she is taking an interest in christianity, but also she has an interest in acting of been an actress and that worldly life. And. And you can pray for bony, if you want to pray for a teenage girl whose dad is a hindu, and whose mom as it moves when to come to christian and whose go on life is to be a movie star. Because that all, you know, there's a real controversy for bony right now. If you want to call her body, when you pray, god will know what you're talking about. And one more story then we'll get to the lecture. The stories are not pointless, but if you don't get any point to then asked me, I'll tell you it's that you should move. That's. That is the point. A young lady named jerry j A R I. She was attending, she's indonesian but she was attending university in germany. And while she was there, she was recruited by radical lose lunde's, who had realized that she could make a proper successful terrorist. You know, she didn't have a great deal of self esteem and she looked intelligent. And so they recruited her and they made, made a plan to train her in afghanistan to carry out some sort of violent action in germany. This is when she was about 1920 years old. And the great blessing from heaven for jerry as she got caught germany, caught her before she did anything before there were any concrete plans that she could be tied to. So her prison sentence was short. You know, if she had done something, it might have been life, something like that, but because she was caught and she was, her prison sentence was short. And while she was in prison, she became a 7th day adventist. I had nothing to do with that. And I nat her in germany and I was given a lecture there and I so we made friends and we shared contact information. And then I went back to malaysia where I was if you come 5 minutes from now the before more of them, the skies taken attendance. I just learned how it goes here. And I, jerry, she did something that was very selfless and risky. She made a series of youtube videos of herself speaking. She didn't change, she used her real picture and her real voice. It was really her giving her testimony of how she left islam and became an adventist. And she put those on YouTube. You understand that that's really dangerous for her and she did it. 10 points for her. Well, go backwards and time may be a dozen years. There was 2 teenage friends in borneo. One was a christian one wasn't newsline, and the christian gave his good muslim buddy. A bible, the buddy's name his name, rosie, and rose. She had the bible and he began to read and he found when he would read the bible, he'd feel piece. He really liked the bible. I don't know if you liked the bible, but rosie, i really liked it. And then he got married and he had a couple children. But he found that he could not support his wife and Children on his meager income. And he decided that he would cross the border into malaysia. Borneo has 3 countries in it, you know, malaysia, indonesia and bern. I. And so he crossed the border into sarwan. That's part of malaysia to get to make a living. And he began making much better money about the equivalent of $250.00 a month. It's about what he was making, which was like, I'm just telling you that was an improvement of significant amount. And but he was afraid to take his bible across the border. He didn't want to get caught as a muslim without book. So he left it there in indonesia. And he'd been working about 8 years in malaysia when he was just missing the bible so much. And he got the idea to look on YouTube for the bible. I want to call that a bright idea. But what he found, and my think about when I think about it, I say it's a miracle from heaven that he ever found jerry's little videos. That's not like she's famous, it's not like that many people watched them. It's not like they're known. And they were posted like 12000 miles from each other. It's just a miracle, but that's what he stumbled on. He watched all of them and decided he wanted to become a 7th day adventist. They didn't know any. And he, he made comments on the video that jerry could read. She used a pseudonym on the video, not her real name. And he wrote her and she remembered me and she wrote me and I flew out to meet rosie bought myself a little ticket and flew to where he was. And people told me, don't do it. It's probably a trap to catch. You will never see you again. And, and I just want to talk to you about that for a minute. If you're afraid, i don't know how you can win souls. I don't know how. It's much more. I am much more afraid of being caught in the judgment, not having flown to meet rosie and I am of getting caught in a trap much more. And it wasn't a trap. I met him. He's a searching man. He would have liked to have been baptized by me right there. And frankly, i might have done it. If you think that's ridiculous because I'm not ordained elder, you should just read something that anybody can ask about that later. But I might have done it. But he still smoking and I went baptized, someone who's still smoking. And so I said to him, I, I said listen, you're smoking shows that you haven't had the experience that you're looking for yet. You still have an experience to have with god. Let's go forward and I'm short in the story and tell you that taught, he began keeping the sabbath before he quit smoking. But when he began keeping the sabbath, he lost his job in malaysia when he lost his job in malaysia. He also was billed at for his visa for birth, for breach of contract because he didn't keep his promise, you know, to work. And he had no way to pay that out. And some people helped me and I paid that. And he went back and his family was so angry at him. They're angry at him for 2 signs. One was for now he's broke again and 2 for he changed religion, his wife divorced him the 1st week she found out that he was a christian. And they'd been married already for almost 20 years. The 1st week that was, it was, it was a shame. So rosie became a single man. And I, he ended up in indonesia, witnessing the people in his village. And he overcame tobacco. And we were making a plan that to have him come to our school where we had baptized him in term to be a missionary. And on June 18, 2018, rosie was killed by his family Because he left his lung yard. Not too shocking at sad but not too shocking. And some one would say to me, why aren't you sorry that you got him into that? nass and I would say no, I'm not, not sorry at all, I would do it again. And the way I understand the way these things work is that god will not let rosie's blood go to waste. Net more will be done alternately than ro she could have done himself because of his faithfulness to death. So we need more people living in that part of the world. And there's plenty of people here in Michigan. Do you know how I ended up in malaysia kind just tell you that. I'll tell you that I didn't get to the lecture. It was about, about 6 years ago that I was living non donations. I lived on them for 5 years. I still live on them, but anyway, but anyway, I was, I was living on them then and and they went from about 2000 a month right down to $300.00. I was living in arkansas at that time. And 300 isn't sufficient in this country. You could try it some day unless you have good savings. It's not gonna work out for you. And, and it wasn't working out for me either. And while I was there perplexed what to do, I got a call from the michigan conference invited me to become a pastor here, which pays better than 300 a months. And I began thinking about that that the reason I had resigned my job at wash titles college. It wasn't because of any disagreement with washer taught. I like wash house college. I was teaching there for 8 years in a row. I enjoyed it the whole time. I resigned because I thought we need more opportunities in other parts of the world, and I wanted to work more in other places. And the thought hit me if I moved to Michigan. I was born here. That makes no sense was why I resigned my job a washer taught that's like backwards. So I contacted someone in malaysia and asked if they could use some help. And that's how I went there. So when I asked when I say that you ought to consider moving, it's not like I'm being hypocritical. That's, I'm telling you it's my experience. Turn in your bibles to matthew chapter 24. Matthew chapter 24. And we're going to look at verse $24.00. This is one of several places where mohammed is mentioned in the bible. Matthew 24 verse 24 for false christ and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders to deceive if possible, even at the last. The 1st idea I want you to catch is that we live in a dangerous age. When deception is very powerful, the propaganda machines to day are so powerful. When I say propaganda machine, do you know what I mean? Like if I could, if I could illustrate it for you like, so I've been around a bit and in this part of the world you have the Chinese propaganda machine. And I, in this part of the world, you have the republican propaganda machine and the democratic machine. And you really have almost independent of these, but seemingly kind of intersecting right here. You have the big pharma propaganda machine. And the, the truth is that when I say propaganda machine, I mean highly skilled, thinking people full time working to produce fictitious content to persuade you to think what they want you to think. That's what I mean. Just a whole bunch of it. And it's such that if you really don't have skills and critical thinking, which ever one of these you tend to be surrounded by, is really likely to when you that's just so good. Good is the, I wish I could think of a better word for that. So effective, thank you yet so effective. The propaganda machines are amazingly powerful and, and we were warned right here in this verse that there is going to be movements against the truth that could possibly take even very studious persons that chosen. That's what the electors, right, the chosen people ah, may look at my notes because I decided i won't have time everything to day. Look at 1st timothy, chapter 4. First timothy for the advent, us like to quote verse $1.00 and $2.00, an anti advent. Like to quote versus $3.00 to $5.00. And so we're just going to get the whole bit and talk about that for a little bit. Now the spirit expressly says that in the latter times, some will depart from the faith given heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons. When you think of demons, you might even think a demons primarily a sin. Promoters and demons really are promoters of sin. They really are seeking to lead you into selfishness and indulgence. And that really is what demons do. But the main thing that demons have permission to do is lie. When I say permission, i mean the, I visualize satan as, as handcuffed. That's why I picture him in my mind because I know that one demon could easily kill us all in 30 seconds. That there's just no, there's no way that we could continue meeting at church and doing evangelism and reading our bibles that demons weren't handcuffed. If they weren't stops, demons hate butterflies and song birds. They would certainly end all their lives if they could. And they just can't. But looks like that the devil is mostly only allowed to whisper in your ear almost limited to that unless you make some sort of bargain with him. And then maybe he can open and close windows and turn lights on and off and do a few other meaningless things. But for the most part he's limited to line to us. And do you think he might at least do what he can? Yeah, so he goes really after that, I think he's behind every one of the propaganda machines here in this country. You really don't get a lot of this one, but malaysia. I get a lot of this one and it's so interesting to receive it. I think if you received it, some of you would begin to really think that china was a good player on the world on the world field. And you would think that america was one of the most nasty, imperialistic control freaking nations ever to exist. Which is partly true, but anyway, you would think it would just be such a different picture than you would get listening to these that the democrat probably gonna machine is a little closer to china than the republican machine. But they're all so different. They have their own agendas that they want to to push. I thought during the election last year, the after November 3, we would get a reprieve from, from the constant barrage of angry nonsense. And it really didn't happen. It just continued. And when, when there cannot be enough drummed up from the election cove, it took over and the vaccine and it's still a bunch of anger. Now. I think probably, you know, a lot of angry people And I, I hope you're not one of those angry people. You know everyone's thoughts. He tried to twist everyone's thoughts all the time. That was a nice way how you said that. Like he has a high level of consistency and persistency. Yeah. Just all, all of us. He works all the time. Look at verse 2. Are you still in 1st timothy for verse to speak in lies in hypocrisy. Those 4 words describe the propaganda machines. That is, I know when I'm reading the propaganda, that the man composing that doesn't believe it. I know the person composing that doesn't believe it. It's just an effort to accomplish a goal. Speaking lies in hypocrisy. My wife grew up in a somewhat adventist home that she was a young adult when she 1st learned that white lies are sinful. And I don't know if you've taught yourself and your children and grandchildren, but I hope you will, that the nice commandment is highly significant. Today we live in a misinformation age and I Do, I dare say this. I think I dare. I said this was the big pharma propaganda machine. This as the anti government propaganda machine. The anti government propaganda machine is also very strong. The anti government propaganda machine builds conspiracy theories much quicker than you can dismantle them. That really I could make up something about the raft child in the trilateral commission right now, and it might take you months of hard work to prove that it's not true. You understand, I just said that that the liars have a real advantage to the truth seekers when it comes to fact checking as just so easy to make stuff up. And so hard to prove that it's nonsense. So the propaganda machine, what I want you to know and be aware of, is you should not get involved in sharing news about secret plans and plan dynamics if you will. And so anything that involves secret evil work of higher ups, if you think they're trying to de, populate the planet, for example, trying to get us down to 500000000 likes the guide stones of Georgia. Se, if you buy into any of this, I wish you would just see your mouth. Because of the 9th commandment. The 9th commandment says, thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. What it means practically. It's not only that you should not make up a lie, that it means you should not pass on a rumor. If you do not have personal eye witness evidence. And you don't have personal eyewitness evidence about anything related the trilateral commission. There is nothing about the Georgia guide, stone makers that you have any personal experience with. You just don't have any way to figure out if it's really certainly true. Or if maybe it's being twisted unused by someone for an agenda. You can't figure it out. I'm not telling you that it's necessarily false, though most of what I hear, i'm pretty sure is done, but I don't have to figure that out. I'm to, I knew you can't risk sharing it. Even if you think it's probably true without violating commandment number 9, someone says, you mean it's a send to say it even if it's true. Yeah, let me say it so you can see it. It's even assigned to a sin to work on Sunday. If you think sunday as sacred it is, if you think sunday is sacred now. Yeah. Tell me your name again. But let me explain smoke. So maybe you have a hard time to see this. When you do something that you think is rebellious, the rebellion is a sin. When you say to God I, you want me to go this way, but I'm going this way. That's rebellion and rebellion is like the sin of witchcraft. And that's why the conscience is the ultimate authority in anyone's mind. So I don't even want someone who keeps sunday holy. I don't want them to treat that like a secular day until they are persuaded that the seventy's, the sabbath really were held. We need to look at that even in this lecture. That's 1st trip didn't 8, we will look at it before we're done. But yeah, I'm taking too long on my introduction, but that is my introduction. So what about inside the adventist church? Do we have propaganda? machines inside the administrator church, that kind of question is called it in your window. It's a kind of question that almost forces you to give the answer that I want. And you should just be aware of people ask questions like that. It might be that they're trying to bypass your critical thinking. Can you do you understand? I just said to say, do we have propaganda machines inside the address church? Really what I'm saying is we do an are you smart enough to see it and what your pride says, of course i'm smart enough. I'm just trying to help you see kind of the logic of what happens with in your window. So way back there was a doctor, john harvey kellogg, who was one of the most significant man doing good work inside the adventist church. And you're in Michigan, you bend about a creek, you've seen the federal building there. So you all know more about it than those people. Right. How have you seen the federal building there? That's I thought most pill michigan have been there. And if you want to learn more de feelers talking about this every day, and you could just learn a big bunch from him. He and I used to be neighbors. You know, we used to live just a few feet from each other. And I, I invited him to malaysia, you pray that it comes that Dr. Kellogg ended up marrying a 7th day baptist. And maybe because, and maybe not because, but somehow he ended up developing an idea that god is, is an intelligent, powerful, loving force. That everywhere kind of like that and yeah kind of like that. And then he got rebuked strongly by ellen white and he really modified his ideas, but not sufficiently. He modified them to believe that the father and son were literal beings. But the spirit was that intelligent, loving force that was everywhere. You see that this is a modification, but not, not a great change in the whole thing. And it wasn't a sufficient modification and she never did cease her opposition to his teachings. Because as soon as you think of god as other than a personal bean, You can make idols out of lots of science and I yeah, if you think god is inside of you when he isn't, that can lead to all kinds of evil. And so this was undermining the whole idea l mike called what happened around this time, the alpha of apostasy. And when I look out to alpha, when I see is that Dr. Kellogg was teaching wonderful truths about anatomy and Physiology and helps beautiful truth about lifestyle. And most fundamental ad venice teachings and one serious idea got undermined the whole system. So I come to day, I think there have been a series of man who been doing the same sign an advent isn't a day and a group the size. I bet there's some of you who really likes them. One of the 1st ones in recent history was grand maxwell. And following him where the doctor's coal there and loma linda, and following them well most recently, timothy jennings. And let me just explain to you what I'm talking. Now I see lots of blank looks like you're not heard of any of those people, but let me just talk about it briefly. What you find, what I find, i should say, what you find, what I find among these men is a great deal of knowledge about psychology and adventist teachings and a love for sharing these things. Combined with a serious misunderstanding that takes away the force of the 2nd and 3rd angels messages. And the 1st the judgements in the 1st the really undermines all 3 of that 1st. Second, 3rd angels messages me just get to turn your bibles to hebrews hebrews chapter 10. So you're saying, well what is it, what are they teaching? What is it like you're just leaving us up in the air? I'm going to show you the truth and then tell you the contrast, hebrews chapter 10 verse 25. As a covert verse, maybe you know, verse 25. Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another. That means encouraging, not rebuking encouraging, exhort to one another, and so much the more as you see it the day approaching. For if we send wilfully after that we have received the knowledge the truth. There are no longer remains of sacrifice for since this verse isn't about what we call the unpardonable sin. It's simply about wilful sin. And what it says about, well forsaken is that if you consecrate your life to jesus this morning, repent of your sans and accept jesus by faith. But then this afternoon, you do something, you know, was ron, your consecration has been cancelled. That's what the verse says, did you see what it says? If we said what's the at, what's the adverb? You know that word, right? willfully, you knew what you did at any way that that's willfully remains no more so that there is no more sacrifice for sins because you, Well, it's going to tell us what we did. Verse 27, but a certain fearful expectation of judgement. You felt that probably at one point or another, and fiery indignation which will devour the adversaries. Anyone who rejected moses moses, his law dies without mercy. On the testimony of 2 or 3 witnesses. Of how much, sor, the king james, says, worse than the new king james, of how much worse punishment do you suppose, go who will he be thought worthy, who has trampled under foot the son of god, and counted the blood of the covenant by which he was sank defied a common, sane, and has insulted the spirit of grace. What is the verse? Say? It says that when you send wilfully, you're very unkind to jesus. When I send a will, when I send wilfully knowing how jesus paid for my sin, that is very unkind. It is worse than a punch or a slap. It's very unkind. And if you ever get this lie in your ear that says you can just walk away from god and, and be just a good citizen and, and not be harmful than hurtful. And you'll just be a good person. I just want you to know there is nothing good about someone that slaps jesus every day. Nothing good about someone who, who hurts him like that. You can't be a good person and not follow him. Do you see the verse says you've counted the blood of what, where with you, or sanctify. This isn't speaking of your cousins that have never been believers. It's not speaking of them at all. It's speaking about us who have been changed by the experience of being a jesus. So there is something in the universe called justice. What is justice? justice is getting what you deserve. Maybe if jesus had never died for our sins, there would also never be our resurrection. I think if jesus had never died for our sins, that we would not be held to account because there'd be no hope for us to escape. Probably we would have all just died and that would have been it. But jesus has died. And for that reason every one has resurrected because of jesus. That's what 1st corinthians 15 said in christ all are resurrected the last and the saved. It's both because we all have something to face because of p n. There's hope and hope means that there's responsibility and responsibility means that there's accountability. Could you follow the logic of those 3 ideas? Hope brings responsibility, responsibility, brains, accountability. How much sore punishment shall he be? Thought worthy was counted. So what these men that I mentioned had been teaching is a perversion of a beautiful truth. Let me say the truth 1st. The truth says that god is just. He doesn't torture any one. He punishes them with pain that exactly matches what they deserve. There is nothing vindictive, nothing angry, nothing revenge alike in the sentence that has given in the investigative judgment. You know, here, does michigan have a death penalty? Not so when you have a judge sheer in Michigan, that sentences some one to life in prison without parole because of the terrible crimes they have committed. Ideal lee, he doesn't do this out of any spite or anger. Ideally he does it because he's trying to follow the sentencing guidelines that are exist in the state for the type of crime was committed. The judge judges are not supposed to sentence on the basis of their passions. Right. And it isn't the victim that gives the sentence that that would work out well in terms of justice. Victims might overdo it. What happens, the bible is very clear about this, that we are punished according to our works or maybe rewarded is a better word for you. Have you ever wondered how it is that you can get rewarded for your works? That should be a bit mysterious. So let me explain it, it's relevant to this whole bit. So you, Oh God, one the whole life that how much we owe we didn't make ourselves, we don't belong to ourselves. So as soon as you're born, you, Oh God, a life, but you owe it in installments. You pay each 2nd as it comes. And what you owe him, and if you didn't die, you would owe him an eternity of faithfulness. That's what you would owe. But as it is, you owe one whole life. And as soon as you can get your 1st sin, which according to the bible, happens quite early. As soon as you commit your 1st sin, you are now hopelessly in debt because of what you owe him as the rest of your life. And you already have defaulted on what you've owed for your past life. So that you have no way you can ever pay back. That as it will never happen, that live in a good life will pay for a bad life. We have no way that we can pay for our sins, right? I hope you agree. If you don't agree, you can see me afterwards and I'll do my best to help you. There is we can't pay what jesus dead as jesus came to earth. And he lived one whole life without sinning. But there was a big difference between jesus and us. Jesus was created. Consequently, jesus dinner owe anything to the father. So when jesus lived one great life, the father. Oh Jesus, a lot. Just like a song comes to work for you and works for you for many decades. You will all of them a lot. But if they already owed you, and they're just paying off their debt, then what, how much they owe you might get smaller and smaller over time. But our case, what we owe never gets smaller because because we owe the next 2nd just as well as we over the last 2nd. So we just never can pay anything. Jesus earned a whole life of righteousness. And what he offered to do is to credit it to our account. This is why the righteousness that is credited to us in the judgement is not one that we've worked out. It wasn't woven here on earth. It is a gift, but we don't earn it in any sense. But as soon as that happens in the judgement, our sins are blotted out. And when you blot out our sins, what you're left with our little sections of our life, when we did good things, you know those sections of life when we did good signs, they really worked to special. We owed our life to God anyway. But now our entire debt is paid and that makes these extra and that's where we get rewarded according to our works. That makes sense to anybody there extra and that's why we get rewarded according to our works. But as soon as you think that god owes you for those things, you've just really missed it. And there is, there isn't any owing, never can be any owing. So maybe what you're asking or saying is that the good things that we've done weren't done on our own power, but they weren't done with our own will. And that is what god is looking for. What we owed him here was submitted, well, the whole time, we didn't really owe him power that we didn't have, but we owed him our will. So god does accept that. And he literally does reward us. He says, enter down to the joy of your lord. Because why? Because you've done well. So yeah, it's not that god owes us for what he's done in US, but he does pay us for what we permitted him to do. It's just very good if it's why people will, why will cast our crowns at his feet? It's not like anyone's going to feel like, oh boy. Oh boy, I did a good job. Yeah. Not likes that. So the truth is that those that are lost, god is not going to burn them in hell forever. If you grew up as an advocate, as you probably don't understand the power of that truth, i have a man living in my house right now an air b and be a guest. And I, when I signed up for urban b, I thought a lot of you would come for one or 2 nights cuz that's what I do and hotels every now and again. But it's not like that. I tell you the next one coming in about a week is going to be there for 7 months. And it's not, it's just so different than I expected. But anyway, mike has been with me for a month already. And mike is an atheist. But he grew up as an evangelical, going to christian schools. And the saying one of the signs that threw him right off the track was an eternal burning. Hell, he just coordinate harmonize that with anything else he was hearing about god. So you don't really understand maybe how valuable the truth is, but it's quite incredible to learn it. Is there anyone here that learned at mid life and found out that there was no turner? Was it a pretty nice thing to figure out? Yeah, especially if you think one of your relatives is in hell, that's just a really great science to figure out that it's that they're not going to be burning for billions of years and The truth. So what's the error? The error is that not only as god, not going to burn people in health forever, but there's not even going to be, god isn't even going to execute justice and punish those that are lost by having them burned for seconds, minutes or hours or days. He's just not going to execute the wicked And some one would say to me, Oh it's semantics that these people would say the death happened naturally and you say god causes it. And I just want to say that's not semantics. Because random processes are not fair. Some people who do very ron die, painlessly, son who are innocent, di, painfully natural consequences are not fair. The judgement is justice. It's fair and that's why it's not natural. It's god doing what is exactly right. You can't have satan do it. That's not fair. You can't have nature do it. That's not fair, but god does it. And that's fair. So that's one thing. But the, the biggest issue that I see that's at the basis of this, that makes me, makes me really worried about it. Is that to come to this conclusion? You have to believe that many statements, a profit aren't accurate. Yes you have, you have to come to a conclusion that you just can't take it the way the prophet intended to be understood that you just can't read it the way it says that is the devil. And if you can follow this idea, if God doesn't punish sin, then jesus did not die for our sins. If jesus didn't die for our sins than what I'm teaching you about, the gospel is really dangerous error. I'm telling you he did. If you will, he jumped over the dogs. He really did sacrifice himself. How does it say as a ransom for many as the way it says in the gospels, he gave himself a ransom for many that that blood of jesus that paid for our sins, paid for our debt that we owed because we didn't live a whole life of holiness so so what that man I mentioned at the beginning when he sent me a link to timothy jennings, not knowing that I consider timothy jennings to be one of the most dangerous persons on the earth to day. And if you or your friends are inclined to think that what he teaches is good or safe, i would encourage you to visit my personal website, bible d O C, that stands for document, not doctor. I have no degree. Bible doc, dot o R G. And look for an article on tim jennings, or I'm done with that. I mentioned him particularly here because tim and I teach some ideas that sounds so similar and might even be the same. For example, the idea that god's god's entire program of the universe operates on the basis of love and faith, love and trust if you will. Well, that's true. It's true that god is working to build up love and trust. And I only have 4 minutes for this, and I really want to develop it. I'll start and, and after the break, i'll finish do you know the difference between a threat and a warning? It might be hard to define. But they have something to do with the motive of the one who's communicating a threat is coersion. It's my saying, do what I want you to do, or I'm going to do something. A threat is like that. A warning is a desire of my part to save you and to help you escape from danger. I'm saying if you do what you're doing or, or do what you might do, it's going to end in disaster warnings and threats are quite different and how they relate, how they affect us emotionally. If you threaten me, I resent it. If you warn me, I love you. Can you hear the difference in the 2? So if I take the warnings of the bible and called them threats, i really change their power to affect people's character. They can move from a powerful creator of love to a powerful creature of animosity. So that how we, how we frame stains in this particular issue, whether we frame them as a threat or as a warning, makes all the difference in the world. So what jennings does as he frames these things as threats and then says, god would never do that. But I say is these are warnings and thank God he does it. Can you hear the difference in the to a threat or a warning? Well, it goes a step further. If God did overpower us, even his warnings would have the effect of threats. How can I illustrate it? So if I have a pistol in a holder right here, and I come up to you and I pull out the pistol and I cock it. And I don't point it out you and don't threaten you. But I say now you do such and such. Even though I don't say anything or point it, he's probably going to do it. Don't you think what I say is probably going to do it? And I the gone, they are itself is sort of like a threat. Can you see that it can be a threat without any words and the threat? He might obey me, but I really doubt he's going to like me for it. I'm trying to explain to you why god doesn't overpower us. He gives the warnings in such a way that it's very easy to dismiss them. It's very easy to disbelieve them. He purposely gives us the warnings in such a way that we don't even take them serious unless we trust him. It's a miraculous genius effort. Because if he showed any supernatural power than we would certainly accept his warnings, but we would take them as a threat to they would prevent the growth of love and faith. So one of the signs that my time is up, one, the signs that people are doing that is dangerous. As they ask the question, who killed jesus? That the father killed jesus? Did say 10 killed jesus did the jews killed jesus? I just want to answer that for you on the basis of john chapter 10. Jesus said I have power to lay down my life and I have power to take it again. This commandment i have received from the father, but the 1st for that says no man takes it from me. I lay it down of my self. So if the question is, who killed jesus? The answer is none of the above. Jesus voluntarily sacrificed himself. If it wasn't a voluntary sacrifice, then there wouldn't be any justice in it. The reason that there is justice and that is because jesus is the creator as the creator. He's the one who gave us the key to start living at says if he's the one who's sad, here's your life. Now make good choices. And now we made bad choices, and so whose fault is that we made bad choices while it's our fault. But it's because he gave us life. It's his responsibility. She gave us an opportunity that he didn't have to give us. So it could be we could pay ourselves because we were evil or he could pay it because he gave us the chance. It's just us either way. That's why no angel could pay. Only jesus could pay because he is the creator. Jesus gave us life, then he paid it. It was just us to take our place. I'm so thankful for that. And be aware of anyone who robs you of gospel. It's a terrible sign to lose. It's a terrible time now to lose it. Let's pray our father in heaven. I'm asking that you would help us as we try to navigate a terrible dangerous time. Would you please do it for your own sake? I ask in the name of jesus a man to listen to more of these presentations. You may visit the audio archives at M. I S D A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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