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06 Toleration, Liberty, and Personal Freedom

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • June 25, 2021
    7:30 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen to Our father in heaven. I'm asking that you would help us, as we conclude our thoughts about religious liberty. I asked for the gift of your spirit to work with us in the name of jesus, a man. I was on my mountain walking down it. When I saw a new dog, you might wonder how I would ever identify a new dog. But the dogs are territorial, and the dogs are mounting of kind of carved up the mountain and they have their own spots. And I knew I didn't recognize this one at all. And she was for roskus. She came right up to my leg. She was barking, so curling her lips, showing her things. You could feel the breath. And I and I had a pretty good gas, why she was doing that. You could see that she was a mother. And that she probably had puppies nearby. And I saw the puppies. They were hanging out in the boot a shrine that was right there and knocked all the paraphernalia all over the place. And there, playfulness and die. That is just where the puppies were. And I determined to make friends with that dog because she was barking at every one walk in every bicycle, every car, and it's the only way out from our school. And so I decided i need to, and I did. I won't tell you how i'll just tell you. I befriended her. I named her susie susie q to be particular. And I'll tell you when I made friends with susie, she was born again. She had a complete change of heart. Where before she was ferocious, now she was the most loving dog. She loved people. Now what had happened as someone had abandoned her on our mountain at the most vulnerable times. You know when she's just had puppies. At the very time when she most needs to be fed and cared for and loved and nurtured, she suddenly had hardships. And it made her insecure. And when dogs are insecure, they act out, you know, people like that too. And I and so as soon as she knew that I wasn't dangerous, her insecurity went away. And then her love replaced it. You have bibles with you turn to 1st john chapter 4. First, john, chapter 4, we're going to look at verse 18 1st, john chapter 4. Looking at verse 18. It says there is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. Because love involves torment. I think you can see all of that and susie q's life that she enjoyed being a ferocious dog. It was very hard on her. She much preferred being a loving dog. Much preferred What cast out the fear that was love and rice told you last hour is that it works. The other way to that fear cast out love. You know, it's one or the 2. It's not both. So that what god is really working out is to create in US love for him. And what satan's really working to do is to create an us fear of him. Because satan knows if we fear him, we're going to act out. And I would just say to those of you who are parents and teachers and that includes all pastors and all missionaries, an uncles and aunts that raised their nephews and nieces and grandparents that raise their grandkids. That's all of your now right. I would say to you, watch this, it's very dangerous. How teachers and parents give all the warmth and love to little miss goody 2 shoes, and give all the justice and consequences to little mister shenanigans. It's a huge mistake. The truth is that suzy needs love more than most dogs. And if she gets sick, she's going to be more loving than most dogs. The children and the church members that act the most wilful and problematic, they have the strongest personalities. And if they're born again, they become movers and shakers and get a lot of work done. And the, I don't want to speak badly about Miss to shoes by just want to say about her. That she, sweet and meek, and devotional and obedient. But for her to be very useful, she has to have someone like that to follow. She need someone to get behind so she can make her best contribution. Yeah, let's get her to heaven. But for sure if she's going to be useful to the church, we need that person to. But the mistake that we make as a church is that we love on the compliant people. And we, we don't on the what's the opposite of compliant noncompliance, the rebellious i see, I don't even see one person here wearing a mask. I can hardly imagine this that I'm in a group of people that's big and no one's wearing a mask. Yeah. But since or anyone who's really afraid, oh, Not of covered or not. I wasn't really involved in the company tomorrow. That's Not helping me. So I don't want to change the topic, but I want you to understand we really need those strong people in the church. We need their energy, we need their commitment. One thing that's help the church in North America is that when strong people have taken their own initiative, the churches had attempted a smile on it to say good for you doing something. But in many parts of the world, when people take their own initiative, they are decried as travellers of the sea. As people who are out of line and not getting, you know, they're, they're not following protocol. And I just hope if you follow my advice and move away that you'll take with you and understanding that we need susie q, one more thing about her. She stopped barking people walking. She stopped barking at cars and she stopped barking most bicycles. But when she was still ferocious, some people and bicycles threw stones at her. And even after she was born again, she didn't forget that. And she still barked that those bicyclers. And I, if you just think that through, you'll figure some things out. And um I was in the U. K. This is a story for adults that was for children. I was in the U. K, and I was going to be speaking to a church. This is near birmingham, birmingham feels more islamic than most as lama countries. Like I did not see nearly as many berk as in jordan, as I saw in Birmingham. I don't see nearly as many in malaysia, indonesia as I see in Birmingham. That just feels different. But anyway, I was, I was preaching out a church near there. And people knew I was going to be addressing the ministry that we do for the muslim population. If you want to support it, the information is there an die. They knew that. And so as I was speaking, some people came in late and just looking at them, I suspected that 3 or 4 of them were moved. Slums or former muslims. They just had to look to be from those regions of the world and I suspected it. And one of them in particular that caught my eyes, she was from bangladesh. I didn't know that to later. One of them, she, while I was talking, she just got up. She was like the 3rd row from the front. So it was pretty prominent. She got up and just walked out and I really was trying to preach in a way that one, it hurt down, you know, and so I didn't know what I done. And she came back and she went out again. And it happened a few times. And when that happened to me, I don't know what you do when you speak, but when I know someone is upset, i target them immediately after the sermon because they might escape too fast. And they might make a bee line for the car and be gone. So as soon as I could get out, it was straight to her name is to me ha. And I found out I had nothing to do with my sermon. She probably couldn't listen to my sermon. She was too nervous to be that she would be seen when she left the church and when she would think about it, she would have spreadsheets, faint, and she didn't want to faint in front of everybody At what was going on. She had to escape cuz she was afraid she was going to faint. And I so so stressed because you have to leave the church once you come in, you know, as you're coming in, you can look every direction. But when you do and you're going out as a scary her big time. So I was, I had only been working from those limits for 2 years at this point. And even now, I think I bungle a lot, but I was more bungling than than I am now. And I took her into the back room with my wife and another bible worker, a lady there, a friend of mine. And I gave her a bible study on daniel to and daniel 7 and looking back I can say no one who's that emotional can even comprehend anything. What I was trying to share, you just when you're feeling like that, you just can't follow that. But she didn't get angry, she just endured it, and then it was time to eat. So he went in to the fellowship par mrs. Pre covert, you know? And she sat down near heidi and I but not with us. Maybe 3 seats away. The church had a female bible worker and a male bible worker, and they sat on either side of her. And I thought I could tell that that male biber worker thought she was pretty cute. That's what it looked like to me. And I and right there while she was eating, she started to stand up and she fainted right away. Oh. And she as she fell, he grabbed her arm and hurt her. You don't let someone's folly to grab their arm anyway if you're going to graduate fall and you need good support or else just let them go. I don't know to tell you. But anyway, so she got a little bit hurt but not badly. And she woke up right away, but I think even you, if you're a lady would know how she feels, she is mortified all these strangers and she just fainted away. And all she wants to do is get out of the room. And so the female bible worker helped her up and out. They went out of the room and I followed them. So I didn't want this to be her last experience. You know, like I want something better than this for a final memory. So, so I followed her out and we had a good talk out there in the foyer. I will tell you what happened inside the room after we left. This is my wife's version of the story, which is the only version i ever heard. My wife was right across from a man and she saw him kinda start in his face, soured. And she looked and 2 people were just coming in to the, to the fellowship meal to eat. A man and a woman. They hadn't been to church. They just bombed the potluck. Does that ever happen in Michigan? And they just came for the food. And so here they came to eat. And the nan across my wife, you could see he was visibly getting more and more agitated, more and more upset. And as they sat down, he got up and he walked over to that couple and he went to the man and he punched him. Here's the back story i learned later. It really happened. You can start kind again if I messed you up the whole what happened is that the lady was mister angry man's wife and she had left him for this other guy some weeks before and he was still really smarting over it. And the boldness of her to come to the same church for he was attending with the guy. It just boiled in him and I think that punch in some one is never a good idea. But I even suspect in heaven, he won't be punished for that as much as you would for most punches yourself. I mean by latch ads And oh, don't get me wrong. And this couple, the 3 of them are not related to me. Hi. She's out in the foyer with me. See, she didn't see any of it. And what I'm telling you is that what you just heard was the great controversy. It was say 10 workers straight in advance. So that's me ha, who has had violence in her past? Would see violence in a christian church in all my life. I've never seen violence in a christian church, but semi hi came this close to seeing that in her 1st time ever attending that was the devil and God getting her out. That was god. Which happened because she thinks me hard to day is about I some day adventist, she's a missionary working to reach her own people. When I went to bangladesh, she was shocked to find out that there are administered bangladesh. She thought that she was like, the only been golly, adventist, and she didn't know that there's like, you know, tens of thousands of them. And it was quite a revelation to her. And I, you can just run telling you as if you'll get involved in reaching unreached people, the great controversy will happen right in front of your eyes. You'll see what's going on because the devil and God are both really serious about this business. And God is more powerful thankfully, so it's working out lots of the time. Turn in your bible is to 1st corinthians chapter 8. First corinthians, chapter 8. If you use the length for years, for asia, be sure to look for our work because use for asia, isn't our ministry at an umbrella of dozens of good ministries. And if you just send money and say use it wherever it's needed. For sure, it won't come to us for sure. So if you want to do that, yeah. Look, are you in 1st corinthians 8? Look at verse 2. Well we need verse one also. Now concerning things offered to idols, we know that we all have knowledge, knowledge puffs up, but love builds up. If I could picture that for you, it's the difference between a puffer fish. You know, the puffer fish is puffed up, but he doesn't weigh very much. That is, love builds up and that knowledge puffs up. If you can just sort of see that the 2, they're quite different. One has content and one is harlow. That's the idea. In which one it has content. Love has content and which one is hollow. Knowledge is hollow, i don't say knowledge has no value. Why? I've put a lot of my effort into getting sun. I don't say knowledge has no value, but comparatively, it has little i'm sure that love helps me ha much more than knowledge did. So the female bible worker had more to do with it than my daniel to study. If you can feel her sound, i'm trying to say more to do. Love builds up vers too. If anyone thinks she knows anything, he knows nothing yet as he ought to know. A T jones once preached on this verse. He said, and I'm summarizing the whole sermon that you might know the truth of the change of messages. You might know the truth about religious liberty, you might know. But as soon as you think you know something, well, that's evidence that you don't know what very well. That the funny man thinks he knows anything. He doesn't know it Well enough. And he was speaking specifically really appreciate about righteousness by faith. You know, many persons and nation, 88 rejected jones and wagner not because they disagreed with them. Some did disagree, but many rejected them because they considered it old hat. They had already encountered it. They knew it, they didn't need to hear it again, which is just so contrary to the truth. Verse 3, if anyone loves god, this one is known by him. That's a helpful verse. If you get perplexed by like matthew southern, depart from me. You that work lawlessness? I never you see this is a helpful verse. But if any one loves god the same one is known of him. Therefore, concerning the agent of things offered to idols. We know that an idol is nothing in this world and that there is no other god but one. Let's stop there for a minute and review our early church history in the early church history. The gentiles were not keeping all of the jewish rituals and programs because paul wasn't teaching those things. The jewish christians worship in those times because it was part of the culture they're grown up with and they added to christianity. And they became very insecure because the gentiles were growing and growing and looked apparent. They're going to out number us soon. And if they out number s, what's gonna happen to all these important things that we do? Like circumcision, for example, what's gonna happen to those? It seemed like like dangerous business coming. So there was a conflict and at what, not this kind, but this kind. And in the conflict there was real argument. And so in acts 15 they convey, convened a general conference meeting. It's why we do it today. They convened to talk about it, they talked it through and they concluded that you don't even have to keep the 7th day sabbath. No, not really just listen. They weren't talking about the 10 commandments. That wasn't the question. So it wasn't addressed. They talked about what about the signs? I told you about the yesterday, about the moral laws, the civil laws, the ceremony laws, the health laws in the bible. These are called judgments. These are called commandments. These are called I'm going to get to the word statutes, and I almost use the word, but I didn't want to confuse anyone. Ordinance says in the new testament as is what they're called. Thank you. Statutes, i didn't write up here. But statutes in the old testament in English quite often refer to moral laws that aren't intuitively connected to the 10 commandments. For example, ty, thee is enforced by the commandment, thou shalt not steal. But you might not gather that from reading the commandment. Thou shalt not steal and hatred is condemned by the commander that says, thou shalt not kill, but you might not gather that by reading the commandment, thou shalt not kill that morality isn't intuitive. Paul himself said he would not have known that last was a sin on except the law had said, thou shalt not covet. He must have been thinking the 1st part thou shall not cover the neighbor's wife. If it hadn't been for the law, he wouldn't have known that that was wrong. Before what I'm saying, I said the, the morality is not intuitive. So we have the commandments, and we have the statutes. The statutes aren't new laws, but they help us see the real application and what you have in 1st corinthians 15 is 4 laws that are given that might have seemed to some people like they ended at the cross and the jews were saying no, these are enforced by the moral law, one of them was no for an occasion. You know the command that says that she's not commit adultery, but you might not know from that that it's wrong to have sex before marriage. You might not know from that that homosexuality is sinful. The practice of it, you might not gather some of these lines if you're, if you're reading there. And so, but they are and the early church said, hey, gentiles this know for an occasion business is still important. And it's sad. Well, there's 2 versions. Let's what can you keep a finger here and then turn to 1st corinthians 15. Keep a finger here and I mean to act 15. I want you to see how committees affected science. Because you can see that committees change the wording of an idea. And if and soon as you see it in the bible, you will, you'll see it all over the facts chapter 15 and we are looking at Let me just find its look at verse 19. This is the original that the motion that was made. Therefore I judge, i think this is James speaking. Therefore I judge that we should not trouble those who from among the gentiles are turning to God. But that we should write to them to abstain from things polluted by idols. From sexual immorality, from stained strain gold and from blood. You see, he said they need to keep the health principles and they need to keep the moral law as is shown in the statutes. If you will, that's what they're saying. Well, it went through committee work and after committee work you can find the final version of it in verse 28. For it seemed good to the holy spirit and to us to lay upon you, No greater burden than these necessary signs that you abstain from signs offered to idols, from blood from stains, strangled, from sexual immorality. If you keep yourself from these stains, you do well In verse 20. It was st, polluted by idols. But in verse 29, it was things offered to idols. And what typically gets offered the idols, food. Why in malaysia, a lot of food gets offered to idols, and I think most of it is eaten by dogs. I think you need to put your shy and pretty high, didn't want the dogs to eat it because no one feeds the dogs and the dogs have all learned that buddhism is a great religion. And yeah, except if you, if you put fruit in there, that's pretty much dog proof that dogs are really get angry at you for being that kind of buddhist. And yeah, the monkeys are, most monkeys are afraid to come in town. But the, there is a kind long tell me catch, they will fight with you for your food. That is so off topic that I want you to understand in acts chapter 15 is that it's really important to the church that these i dollar tours don't slip back into idolatry. By honoring idols. Can you sense that, that this could be a real danger the ide idolatrous could slip back into idolatry. If you don't sense the danger of that, you haven't read the old testament very well. Because israel like, it happens like every generation, like for hundreds of years. So the church is very concerned and they say, keep your distance from idolatry. Don't eat things offered to idols. Not turned back to 1st corinthians 8th because you're going to see a little contrast here. First corinthians age and we're looking at verse, what did we just read verse for therefore, concerning the eating offence offered to idols. We know an idol is nothing in the world and there is no other god but one for even if there are so called gods, whether in heaven or an earth, there are many gods and many lords. Yet for us there is just one god, the father of whom are all things and we in him and one lord jesus christ for whom are all things and through whom we live. And if you're reading that it might lead you to become non trinitarian. And so let me just speak the inverse 6 like in many parts of the bible, the word god is synonymous for the father. It's just that way in many places in the bible. Verse 7. Therefore, however, there is not an every one that knowledge, for some wisconsin to the idol until now, eat it as a st, offered to an idol, and their conscience being weak is defiled. How does this work? I go in malaysia, i eat and a lot of buddhist restaurants and I think probably almost everything there's private offered idols. I never asked, but I would, I suppose probably all has been offered idols. And there vegetarian In my village, they put the food in their little shrine and they leave it there and then I don't know how it disappears. I'm pretty sure that the gods aren't taking it. And so something like that. Ah, yeah. A lot of them use incense and a lot of them use food. Yeah, There is generally incense in my village and then the restaurants less often there's incense and so I eat in these restaurants quite a bit. And when I eat that food, i'm thinking like this, this food was created by god for me. And he said, I can eat of it freely. And if someone offered it to buddha, he's been dead a long time and it doesn't bother me one bit. That's about how I think about it, but some of my converts from buddhism, it's possible when they eat that they're thinking, this is part of his in worship. This is part of idolatry. And if, if they see me eating it and they eat it to their they could do something that they believe is wrong. Not that it is Ron, but them believing it is, Ron makes it wrong for them. And in this passage, them believing it's, Ron even makes it wrong for me Because I care about them. Do you see it in the passage ship? verse, verse 8. But food does not command us to God for neither. If we eat or with a better, nor if we eat not, are we the worse? This has nothing to do with help. What's the context? asked that the context is this question about idols vers 9. But beware lest some how this liberty of yours becomes a stumbling block to those who are weak. For anyone sees you who has knowledge eating in an idols temple will not the conscience of him who is weak, be emboldened to eat those things offered to idols. And because of your knowledge, shall the weak brother perish. A serious effect for whom christ died. But when you thus sin against your Brother, what kinda sin as it when I go ahead and eat the food there. In this 1st it sounds more like murder. I'm sending against to you in the, in the verse that says, Brother, right? Saying against my brother it says, but yeah, it certainly is against christ as the rest of the verse when I sent against the Brother and wound their weak conscience, you sin against christ. Therefore, a food makes my brother stumble. I will never again eat flesh. Lest i make my brother stumble. This chapter isn't hardly relevant to us in terms of the specific issue being food offered to idols. Because are very few buddhist in America who are going to be emboldened by you eating in the Chinese restaurants here. It's not likely to be a common scenario, what we're reading here. But there is a lot of parallel in the business of health parallels in the question of ivory mach, then I say that right? And the various vaccines. And the way that we approached the stains, ironically at my home right now, my wife has a best friend named jamie. And Jamie, has been pushing my wife for a month to take ivr mexican as a price st. Roblis, an anti parasitic and an anti parasitic drug that's quite excellent for treating parasites and ike. I've looked into it physiologically and I just cannot figure out why it would be helpful with with this illness. But there are thousands of people, many of which are my friends who say it's the best and well jamie is one of them. And so jamie has been telling my wife she must take it prophylactic like, like take it as a precaution. And I, I personally don't like the idea of taking medication as a precaution. It's like, I think let's just avoid it until we really must, that, that's about how relate to it. And you're a dentist, right? So you might think, I go over the top of this, but I'll confess to you. I've had rheumatic fever, and consequently in my suitcase, i have some antibiotics that I have been told I should take for the rest of my life as a precaution against getting strep. Well, it's been 12 years. I haven't taken them yet, but I have them with me just in case I ever start to get strap, you know, if it ever happens, i'm ready. But I just can't imagine taking antibiotics for 50 years. I'd rather take the risk. So I have them in my, in my suitcase. And if you don't understand that, don't even worry about it. But I tell you, jamie and my wife both got covert the same week. And jamie's been taken over, backed in for a long time, and my wife has it. And today My wife called me crying because jamie is gasping for air on the way to the hospital. She's really in distress. She has co morbidities and my wife is worry that jamie might not lives I ever met and didn't do it in this case. Maybe it does and other cases i don't know. My wife's doing. Okay. She didn't take any yet. I don't think she's going to May be good for her, but what I want to say is not that those who are against i have mac 10 are right. I just want to say that we need grace week. We can't afford to have convictions for anyone else. Jamie can't afford to feel great distress or my wife's not taking of i've mexican and heidi can afford to feel great distress over jamie's taking of it. That I can't afford to let myself be highly troubled by your responsible and irresponsible choices. Read into the archive. I found ellen white writing a letter about this, but I didn't bring the reference credit plan to talk about it. That she mentioned that she was trying to help people in the battle creek scenario, trying to convince them not to send their children there. But she wrote one letter she just had to give up. She said, if she kept agitate herself, that was gonna wear her down her helpless to be worn down by it. She couldn't afford to carry it. They're gonna have to carry themselves. Well, that's just wonderful wisdom for all of us. We just can't afford to have convictions for other people. So what does it mean? I need to realize that some people are just wrong about important things. In 1st corinthians 8, the people are wrong about idols. They really think that when you offer something to an idol you've defiled it, they really believe that idols are capable of receiving worship when it isn't true, it's all an idle is nothing and there isn't any god but one thereon. But there, the fact that they're wrong doesn't make their conscience irrelevant. We're really going to have to give a lot of respect to people that are wrong. And maybe we're wrong. You know what I mean by maybe, but let's just look at it from our angle. They're wrong, we're right, but they're going to have to have a lot of respect. So much respect that I'm even going to encourage them to go forward the way they think is best. Some of my dear friends and tennessee, or doctors, eric and rachel nelson. Maybe some of you know, eric and rachel and she's a pediatrician and they are, they're really active with my bible 1st. A great sabbath school program as are involved in their kids are involved in that just delightful people, but they've both been vaccinated. What I put a button that says I should say, and right, and they both been vaccinated, they both been vaccinated and, and prior to their vaccination, i would say that eric, he, there were some preachers. He liked more than others, and I'll tell you the name of 2 of them that I think he liked more than others. Eugene pruitt and David gates. That's 2 of them. But david gates preached a sermon that he watched after his vaccination. That said that the M R N A vaccine changes every cell in your body so that every cell becomes an abomination. Genetically, you become a genetically modified organisms every bit of you. And so you become an abomination like the kind of thing that cause the flood, you know, before the flood obama nation to this sort. You become one entire organize, abomination. And that. So if david was here right now, I don't know if he would still believe it because that's been a solid 9 weeks ago, and maybe he thinks differently now. But I'll tell you he really lost eric over that one yourself. I'm saying he really, really did. He lost him. But there were other people who began to write me that listen to that same sermon and he and David didn't lose them. And now suddenly vaccination has become a test question. Something divides the sheep from the goats and in turn, sheep into goats. You know, if it comes are really serious. I really serious question. And when you make it into a serious question, you weren't, we learned in chapter 14, it's like, I mean romans 14 not 1st corinthians 14 yesterday. Should we receive people that have we consciences? verse one says yes. You and I can fellowship and church together without a green, but there's a limit in verse one. If you weren't here, you might look it up for your own benefit. First corinthians 141. It says no. Yeah, yes, yes, romans, thank you. Romans 14, warn it to day. It's 1st corinthians anyway. Yes, romans $141.00 them that are weak in the faith receive ye, but not to doubtful disputation. That is, Paul said you and I can be together in church. But if we start to argue about the doubtful questions, that's going to ruin our mission. As soon as we make an issue of it, it's going to ruin our ability to take the 3 angels messages to the world. We can't do it. We're going to have to say that I'm not going to fight with you on that. And if you want to preach to me over and over and over on it, I might be too busy to listen at some time. I can't afford to let these issues become the dominant issues. So what I would say to you, I've tried to be respectful, i would say, is a kathy that your name. Let's say that you are one of those is writing me. You're not. I'd say kathy, i appreciate that you have a right to believe as you do and that you're highly sincere in that this is important to you and I want you to be conscientious. I hope you can appreciate that. I've also did my due diligence and I think I've made my conclusions on this topic and I can't invest any more time in it. Is that okay with you? Does that sound respectful to you? But what we're really inclined to do is how in the world can you believe that Because there's a lot of nonsense going around. And I feel in my heart to be a fact checker, you know, like, my whole personality is, is to be snopes for adventist. But it isn't best we really can't afford it. We're going to have to give people some rights to have different opinions from the propaganda machines. But what we have to do is bring their mind back to the 3 angels messages, the 3 messages. Let's look at that. We only have 14 minutes left. Look at rope. Revelation. I'm I said romans 14 and revelation 14 and I want you to see the religious liberty issue in verse 8. Revelation chapter 14 and we're looking at verse 8 And another angel followed sane. West saying babylon is fallen, is fallen. That great city listen carefully. Because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her for an occasion. That's too many propositions for people who watch YouTube. So let me say that, in other words, babylon is really corrupting the planet. She is doing that with false doctrines that her wine goes false. Doctrines include the union of church and state. That's the foreign occasion. So that false doctrine of union, of church and state that's corrupting the world. She's using that to compel everyone to force everyone to do what she wants. Have you heard the name john cotton? Probably in 7th grade you heard about him and it might have been ever since then you had it. John cotton was one of the leading ministers of the puritan colony in Massachusetts. He was one of the leading ministers there. And he's the one who formulated the idea that we should persecute people who don't teach the puritan views he gained from the bible the same way augustine had done it, you know, for 1200 years before him what he said, he took that parable of that. You know, the wedding feast were gotten to the highways and byways, and jesus said, in the parable compelled them to come in. Come tell. What does that mean? augustine and John cotton both understood at the same way. They understood that you should use force. While I'm telling you, as they were on you, should you as persuasion we can tell by persuasion we share by persuasion not by force, but john cotton. He said that that, that heresy is like gang green. You've got to cut it off. That's like a war of you've got to kill it to save the sheep. And he had all these metaphors that he used to justify the forcing people to follow. But roger williams would say back to him is don't interpose between god and the people. Roger williams, when he had rhode Island, he said, listen, I don't, I don't like the quaker teachings any more than you do. I think there is heretical and sole day. I mean, as you do, but there in Massachusetts use trip. Those quakers to the waste and you flawed them and dragged them through the city. And they come right back the next week. All we do here in Rhode Island is we preach and show that their doctrines, iran, and they don't come back. I remember when g Y C was just getting started, that the shepherds rod began to attend the meetings and they were passion. Now sir, literature, and I'd remember the younger administration trying to, to crush it with authority. Don't you pass that out? Don't accept anything from them. Don't as they were saying, and I didn't feel badly towards them, but I knew that that's not gonna work. When you try to crush it with authority, there's always going to be a few 100 people that it just makes them more curious. Just makes them wonder what's in this persecuted material anyway. Why all the angst what, why all the stress? I say, if you will just teach them the truth, that will work. If you teach them the truth, then they don't have any way to respond. Sensibly can I teach you the truth about the shepherd's rod for just a minute? The shepherds rod, teach that a Z q 9, you know, as each you'll know, and that's the slaughter with that, you know that in corn and then the 6 of the slaughtering weapons, the shepherds rod teached that god is going to kill you to purify the church. So the shepherds rod are left alive as the pure ones, and then the latter rain is going to be poured out, and the gospel will go to the world. It's quite a theory. Some of them believe that they're going to be the angels that kill you. It varies a bit between them but, but this important doctrine of there's takes away from down any burden to do evangelism today Is not the time yet. Right now they're teaching would be that is the time to reach 7th day adventist before they're slaughtered. I say it's just the way the devil works. Here's. Here's 7000000000 people that don't know the left hand from the right. And God is asking us all to go help them. And the shepherd's rod takes tens of thousands and gets them doing nothing but ignoring them. That's exactly what dell of a do the kind just tell you about his equal 9. Shepherd's rod will quote from testimonies volume to because it fits with their teaching. Talks about how is it your 9 is going to kill the unfaithful in the church? They quote it over and over and over. But that section doesn't tell you when it's going to happen. The great controversy book does tell you that true for cation, the church happens after the closer probation. It's after probation close closes, that god ends up destroying the unfaithful people. It's afterwards and you know, that's a bit late for an angel ism record. Yes, exactly. Yeah, according as each 9 and I, it just settles it plainly that the whole state, the whole scheme is an error and teaching that. So I use the illustration of vaccine inoculates the congregation, much better than threats and tell them don't read it, don't read it, don't read it. So that's what roger williams discovered. He discovered that religious liberty, combined with Education, produces much better results than rules and strict enforcement. If you're involved in Education, you might think this through. On a secondary level, it's so important. It's still true to day that liberty plus education has a very different impact than the strictness, well enforced quote. Should we enforce our rules and secondary schools? We should on white says that we should have few rules well chosen, strictly enforced. What was the 1st word of those 6? few? Yeah, few I have 7 minutes and 49 versus left. And let's just pick something for you. Look at reval, romans chapter 12. Romans chapter 12 and looking at verse 19. Then we're going to do a brief review and close romans 12 in verse 19. Beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather a gift placed her wrath. For it is written, vengeance is mine. I will repay, says the Lord. Therefore if your enemy as hungry, feed him. If he is thirsty, give him drink for in so do in your soul, heap coles, of fire on his head. I told you yesterday how feeding some of those muslim families in borneo made all the difference in our work for them. I'm sand you here is that do not think that the non violent life of jesus on earth is designed to show us the way god is going to deal with sin. Jesus lived on earth a way to show us how to live in you and I are not to avenge ourselves. So jesus did not avenge himself on earth because he was making an example for who that's for us. But will there be vengeance? God says, don't avenger self because vengeance is mine. I will repay, says the Lord. Yes, it's going to happen. Don't think that you can take the picture of jesus and say, since you didn't do it, therefore it's not going to happen. No, no. In fact, jesus mentioned at many times he said there's going to be weeping and gnashing of teeth. They said there's going to be fire. He said, don't fear those who can kill the body, only have no power to destroy the soul. Yeah, that's exactly true. So let's use our 4 minutes for review. This is always risky for Teachers. Do you remember anything from the 6 hours here? You start out with that back around. So let's, let's just actually say out loud, and I'll repeat it for the record. And what's something that you've learned that you remember from these last 2 days today and yesterday, who had what? Ok, liberty. Maybe you're thinking, the idea that no one can take away our liberty, that we have the liberty to do right, no matter what kind of pressures put on us. Whether they twist our arms or threaten us, No one can take away our liberty good or anything else. What something don't try to control. Yeah, we can't afford it to his own master. He stands or falls, right. Who are you that judges another man? God is able to make him stay and even if he is bungling, you're bungling too. So just live with it. You know, we can't afford to good someone else remember something. Yes. Or That, sir? precisely correlated, right? That god gives us authority because he gives us responsibility. He must give us enough authority to carry out our responsibilities. Parents. That's why your authority diminishes as your children get older because your responsibility diminishes at the same time you or anything else? Yes. One that's yet faithfulness doesn't always and with a happy story it doesn't always sometimes that leads to being crucified upside down you we should teach in our sabbath school lesson. The idea that everyone who does right, they end up with roses know sometimes they just really lose. But ultimately they don't lose. Ultimately in heaven, we get it. Jesus said the strangest dine. He said that some of you, they will kill not one hair of your head will perish. He said, that's 2 verses in a row. You think it true? It seems almost contradictory. That's because the hair is talking about ultimately. Sure they'll kill you, but they can't ult rose's rosie the one that was killed. Not a hair of his head is going to ultimately perish me or anything else, but something well, when so yeah, or maybe like this that I can't see everything but I try try, try, try, try, try, failed, failed, failed, failed, failed, fail. And I see a success and the real danger is that site and after our 1st failure was say, you can't do it, it doesn't work. Give up. So just keep trying. Thank you. You remember something a little like, it's not the true. Yeah, that command met forbids even the tiny ones. That was what saw john discovered that it just broke his heart that he'd been doing these little things wrong. And he thought he's a pretty good boy who is born again there south of baghdad, reading patriots and prophets. Something that you haven't done in a long time. Very good humor. Anything else? Yes. Yeah, it's a terrible book. She's a said beware of false prophets. He didn't say quota profusely. Right? Yeah. So that we could and why with a bad idea, not just because the koran is a bad book, but because the holy spirit is been working before you get started. So already many of them have doubts. And we don't want to confuse down by using that source. Remember something showing more. And boy, we could have dug into that more. I have one hole minute I suggest to you titus. 3 versus 3. And 4. It says, for we also ourselves were sometimes foolish, disobedient, deceived, serene various less than pleasures, living and malice, hateful and hating one another, that's worth 3 nerves. We were just like the worst people with ever met. That was we 1st for says, but after that the love and kindness of god toward man appeared. So that's what did titus 3 verse 3 and 4 I saw when you were looking real quick and so you can find it real slow. Now title $33.00 and $4.00. The love of god is what changes people you or anything else for reclose? Yes. One of the or or Yeah, you can use the link. Very good. Make sure You look for you got to it won't work. That's exactly right. But not the only ministry on that list that needs help. So like, don't feel like you need to limit to me for sure. Don't. Yes, but I think always the more help I get the more I do. Yeah. Let's just put it that way. I think that's just me go ahead Very important principle that we don't have to agree in church, but we need to avoid arguments distract us from our mission. We have to put up a limb and say, let's not fight. I, I hired and ladies dean who was a non trinitarian in malaysia. I knew it and she knew it, but we both agreed. This isn't the message. She wasn't trying to carry her views to the world and I wasn't trying to carry mine to the world. We were both trying to take the singles messages to the planet. I would have kept her but she fell in love with someone and got married and they didn't want to live in malaysia anymore. And anyway, she's gone, but I would have kept her. Yeah, we, we don't want to argue over non essentials. Anything else you remember? That's pretty good, but you have something sir. Induce season you shall reap if you faint. Not. It's a bible promise, isn't it? And it's sober, tight all waters because we don't know what's going to proff profit this or that. Or maybe both alike will be good. Yeah. So we can just really, we can really be generous with our efforts. Remember something? Oh, I really like that. It's okay to have go to church because in the challenge. Yeah. Or you want to go the tissues. Okay. But I really one of the really useful ones. Okay. So you mentioned positions like why they must been thinking about So it's it as an important point that we need the strong willed people. We need them and we were really mess ourselves up when we had to have you read that 2nd corinthians to the man that was just fellowship for having an affair with his step mother. The church really that they tried to protect him 1st. Paul said no, you have to remove him from the church, so they finally did it. And when they did it, they gave him the cold shoulder to boot. And Paul said, no, it was enough to separate him. But now you need to confirm your love toward him. It's sufficient for him. This punishment that was inflicted by all good or anything else from the last 2 days? Yes. What is The station that ok. So this is a good question who has a right to say, and I think that god has given us a few guidelines. So let me just see if I can give i'm overtime, so I'm not gonna make it really long, but I liked the question. First of all, what god gave us was a message. That's the 3 angels messages that needs to go to the world. So creation, the judgment, the everlasting gospel, the babylon, the fall of babylon, the Mark of the beast, the seal of god, the commandment, the face of jesus. You know, these are all in there, right? Those things are non negotiable because that is our work. If we don't agree on that, we can't even work together. Zahn, on the other things, ah. If studious contra created people who look at it carefully, can't see it. I to I that sounds like a doubtful disputation. That's what I understand from romans 14. So sure. People argue about the sabbath, but it looks like the sad, but the question is, do you want to keep it? If you're willing to keep it, then you find the fact that it was created for man. If you don't want to keep it, you find out that every day is a light. What you find is related to what you want to find. I probably can't help you more than that except to say what you already know, but maybe they don't know. And that is that when you come up with a new idea about the meaning of the bible, that you bounce it off, brother, another experience. Everyone knows that's difficult, even find them. I know it's difficult, but you bounce it off barnum experience and if they don't see any light in it, that doesn't mean you're ron. That means it's not a message for the church. That doesn't mean you're wrong, but it's not a message for the church. And that prevents us from spending our time on the periphery signs. When there's so much work needs to be done and the central things. I know that you're saying that one. I don't know, there are things that I don't know if ignores the right word, but not argue like I can study about many other signs i can study about almost any other thing that's in the bible, but I won't do it to the point of making a fight over in church, not to the point of making a test over it or an issue over it where you're not a good teacher. If you disagree with me. Like we were warned against l. White writings against false tests. We can't afford to make them. It can't, god will not bring up a test that he doesn't bring to the church as a whole. I think you might know from 1st find the testimonies. How that good stephen haskell like one the good guys in our church history like he's pretty good all the way through. There's not a lot of those. Stephen haskel, a good guy he, he discovered that you shouldn't eat pork if you're a christian. And his little church himself, lancaster, he made that a test, a fellowship. You can't be baptized here. If you eat pork. He was rebuked through ellen white not for his possession on port, but for making a task in a local church. God doesn't want the different churches of admin says him to have different test fellowship. It's not the way the church ought to grow. We need to be united and what we make attached issue, and he made a mistake to make this a condition. Now if someone from South lancaster goes to battle creek, they're going to be perplexed at all the port shops being eaten. You know, we need to move together. Alright, well, we've gone away over time, but the reason I do reviews is to move things from short term to Long term memory. That's really important to move on from short term to Long term memory. Otherwise, teaching is more like education, excuse me, more like entertainment i want satan. Education becomes entertainment. If you don't do reviews, let's pray will be done. Our father in heaven, i'm asking that you would help us to get down out of the tree and get to safety That you would help us to find a way to be useful for those people who have very few opportunities and that you'd save us from making false test and being distracted from the great work that needs to be done. I asked for these things in the name of jesus, a man, me. To listen to more of these presentations, you may visit the audio archives at M. I S T A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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