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Theistic evolution and the end of Adventism

Ed Zinke


Ed Zinke

Adventist theologian and businessman


  • July 1, 2010
    12:45 PM
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him what the Windows logo division when you have been looking more into the joint he involves there in the desperation presentations for a long time in Portland and light up and a few other things were most of the time here was the leader right now I like to go to the front of my son David Berg quite a bit of the artwork that you will see in this presentation and also I like to say the motivation for the presentation I have seven grandchildren now my motivation as I want them to grow up in the Seventh-day Adventist church commitment Seventh-day Adventists message and so when this will contribute about what wireless Athens is and how does and doesn't relate to theistic evolution obviously employment of repair however that topic in detail what we can release your taxes basically worldviews that are that are worlds apart the first songs that evangelism is simply knowing the twenty eighth fundamental and I kind of the only hope everything while it doesn't really matter there is still twenty seven left doesn't really affect the rest of the doctrines and I think that's probably a short slide view is that is because the event is Doctor 's is integrated as interrelated and all have Scripture is salvation have you begun to tear one part of the art you begun to tear all of our record illustrated with some month is the word on the oceanfront beautiful sandy beach in front of us there is wrong worse on the side the overall I am the son of this those studies report is now is listening off of the waves are you considering what is is repressed by the ways is water splashing upon the cliffs on the size is a beautiful xenon user these of you are currently in Iraq now than was needless presentation but anyway I was training as a resulting in the same place the same page the same class the same way as we take this on your real estate will quickly what happens when you type even one doctrine of out of Seventh-day Adventist theology and will try to point out just a few ways how happens when you were dealing with jugglers and boys of the major doctrine of Scripture surveillance is on obviously this is not all-inclusive statement but it is a conversion to God and his worldview presented them by the Bible provides the foundational perspective from which we understand God ourselves and our universe this rule viewed challenges all other world views including Western worldview I should know where some of the things of this world new were some of the places where it is different from the secular worldview in which we live that our society well one area is God 's self revelation absolutely central to the biblical worldview is that God has revealed himself and that we can understand God and the world around us because of God 's revelation of God revealed himself around me and their environment LLC is not how to deal with the three in the center of the garden he revealed himself brought address problems in his message to us in the Bible reveal himself on Mount Sinai in his own handwriting in Jesus Christ the major issue in the great conversation and I'm using that word broadly as well as speaking of what a great conversation is how do we relate to the word of God will we live by the word of God as Jesus that more will we choose our own independent resources read all marital accidental financial boy toy political and related domain name as the lead in the example of Christ and the willingness dealing with temptation answering from the word of God is in the garden of the dealing with temptation answering with Virgil arguments another savings are up at the worldview of biblical worldview is that God acts in history and the beginning God created the great is our environment and life on earth in six days the interactive anatomy and it brought about the global flood and save Noah and his family yard interacted with Abraham and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah Iraq Israel through the roof see the raise Moses claiming to have brought down fire from heaven at Mount caramel in the name of a member enrollments he died in our ones it was resurrected on our behalf all this in fulfillment of prophecy but which by the way is also often a different worldview the matter is is recognizing the heavenly sanctuary will busily personally coming down is all of them you'll destroyed sin and sinners as unjust as he greeted the skirt initially it will re-create a new heaven on earth in which Wells writer 's select another difference that is not God who decisively in our fifth reveal decisively in our versatile lives so we reveals himself in Scripture we can know him because he revealed himself in Scripture and he acts in history including our lives there is another difference an important difference of things the others is to know what happens is is little hard on a very strong educational system that was hard and we were very early in our history Adventism strongly affirms me to raising our children are my with an allegiance to God 's word the solemn responsibility of parents church members teachers and church leaders listing of illusion comes out of a different worldview comes out of the air of the Enlightenment thinking with his allegiance to freedom of thought for a long only a promise from God and his word by itself freedom in a sense becomes God rather than the God who is revealed himself in the Bible and for some if God exists God himself is subject to the principle of freedom rather than God having been source freedom and oh my God is very vague God and God provides an umbrella for all and I agree God is a big God God doesn't provide an umbrella large enough to cover every group whether they were Gentile slave or free e-mail your e-mail educated or uneducated God 's umbrella covers all of groups but some are asking the church board umbrella word recover all the goblins cilia God 's acts in history we have is so revelation coming back to the others this is really a personal difference in isolation spare his family are virgins and hinders the spread of the three angels message is also set your resources strengthen is also reference a map of an theology like the two illustrators in part by going through very quickly some of the basic basic differences in method and the only thing my pioneering church and social pages reality impose meaning on the mind of man and theologians accepted that concept of reality and is in their process for doing theology and so the mind of man was found upon which they asked their world registered itself a formula was not thousands extra world and impose itself through aerosol and window but was also why will withdrawal and what about an certain one underlying audio marker through the Bible and what you are sure down or down vote etc. etc. etc. but I was absolutely drilled into my mind when you are and have been present in the Bible and from the natural world is as is a final move through this language Rosenbaum is through Barbara made it down rather than the Bible Dave and man ultimately dependent criteria amazingly enough synthesis was set I'm going to take the natural world and the world of Scripture and I'm going to synthesize other rather than allowing the Bible to be the foundational factor even though he sat the Bible is the foundational factor his method did not allow it to be a foundational and so this method builds upon the rock and sand number dry cells said Bill on the rock method builds upon the rock what is that ultimately can see it from there that kind of falls apart Bronson Reformation came with a completely different slogan that is the Bible alone is even the Bible and the church Bible and reason bilingual versus the Bible alone and so the Bible provide a worldview context for study the Bible itself now after the Reformation sums of the Reformation built upon Rob alone the Reformation started with the biblical worldview and then the study of the natural world and the study is to result in place within the MacBook view of Scripture itself in other words the Bible was on interpreter that I didn't put an extra reason to put an X through the natural world in fact even remember God is spoken through the open of the Bible was the basis for determining when and where and how God has spoken and other areas the Bible is the basis for understanding the natural world the modernism there many different philosophies that will praise him some science for violence representing reality remember the Reformation how did you understand reality through the lens of the Bible so for some science of balloons for understanding reality and through routers you have to turn to the end Terry R&D argument by two understand that the world will utilize the mind of man or the in-house idea of matter can be so many different things that the map of the modern world will result the modern world Republican critical studies instead of starting with Scripture is the building block or their method for studying Scripture they started with the natural world order by author for the study of Scripture psychology of religion science sociology literary methods etc. etc. etc. etc. these give you a worldview and the Bible must be encompassed within that worldview is isolated within that world and in the study the map world and Sony are not only are they attempting to build a long rock there actually building upon the sand and say and what happens is that they don't reinterpret Scripture from the point of the contemporary world and I will have the contemporary world is designed to and so you really have no foundation of the natural world and the foundation of the natural world and the Bible belt and through the matter world solar building on those that is a postmodernism very long exactly what there is any absolute and so there are many lenses and there are many answers and it basically depends on you and so if you want to know God is love man to be alone in staring in the mirror like a number of Baptist Church was built on that of the Reformation that the Bible and the Bible alone is the foundation remember that doesn't put an X through other methods of knowing it is simply says that the Bible of the foundation for our knowledge of our client is the yesterday evolution in fact basically every doctrine of the Seventh-day Adventist church instead of pointing out how it impacts even before the assembly was the major not have a different concept of God in Scripture the major prophecy major humanity foundation morale in the nature of sounds of the reality the nature of Christ resurrection rise by the way even the bodily resurrection of Christ is not a statement of belief and the reason is because individuals committed the busy devolution were involved in the writing of the statement of belief and they would not allow only resurrected in the statement we knowingly gotten the formula never got through the politics that brought for the judgment the second coming the newer all of these are I wonder doesn't matter what you think of God now you will not dry it doesn't matter who you think your spouse is no a or about that matters what you think of your spouse right and it matters but we might not will not represent all my and so is God the master computer feature the universe is all about having undergone all you are the God of the Bible if you start with the natural world you have no tools by which the answer that question by one of my professors at Catholic University after studying the history of the matter of the arguments for the existence of God is going back to nearly search up to the contemporary he said you know what we have become so smart we can raise the question does God exist because answer that question out Roman Catholics they are expert at philosophical arguments for the existence of a new immersive they are revealing God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob are going on a card that will not respond the God of the Red Sea or the God of the receipt and you know there's a really see some theologians say that God is not in Israel through the Red Sea but he took them through the reason see as I wasn't really that much remodeling resurrected Christ are the goblins there is him him learn everything I love them a lot in the church or something like that we worship God and that was the knowledge there is only God who reveals himself the power of his songs you have a picture of God obviously this is not all-inclusive a love greater love or desire personal God is all all-powerful self revealing not sure about this idea is a powerful foundation through OR result revealing your own site is greater down there in some sense so I got out L1 point is begun to become idolatry when we begin to anger with God is the way he revealed himself my personal Savior you know I don't know a thing myself personal God what have you been destroyed and God is revealed and so many certainly have an God yes but they umbrella a bigger alarm is enough for everyone as you pointed out earlier in the birth every class of humanity on earth is wrong more from harassment remember a large enough number all of the gods know sometimes it's something to compromise like to know how many of you saw the game between the Redskins the white sauce and following why not now here is operating all right artisans besides those two those two days to buy one of the other on what will be unemployed in Anbar what are you one of the rules of the game and so on and so forth and so we're talking about worldviews that are just as far apart and there is no sentences between them either you accept the word of God operating word of God or you operate a common vessels these things are rejected God reveals himself through the Bible and Jesus Christ rejects as activity in history is revealed in the Bible is surprising is that exactly applicable postmodernism rejects the literally tens of of the authorities offer of Scripture that ran through the biblical doctrine the designer dogs every day will be the end of Athens is a biblical worldview his worldview is mechanistic for me as it was for Angels message full message of the Bible is our minds and take the gospel so that they would choose whether we will worship service plan the God of the Bible or the designer dogs are begun and manipulate and control no word of God is powerful that's one thing the secular and does not understand will not accept the word of God is powerful and some people try to use the power five what is the power word of God the Word of God is capable of converting not only the heart but also the mind and when the mind is converted when we set the bowl is God 's word in the power of God 's Word in our lives in our minds then we can understand and accept and live with in the world as God has revealed himself and the world wants him


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