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Spirit of Prophecy Part 4b

Mark Howard
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Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism



  • June 23, 2021
    2:00 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen. Father in heaven again, we just ask for the guidance of your holy spirit or your spirit inspired your word, your spirit inspired your profit. We're trying to understand this better. Pray, the spirit of truth. We give us understanding and clarity. We ask in previous things. All right, now I want to reiterate something that cameron had said yesterday. One of the challenges i have experienced that a lot of 7 day avenue having giving bible studies is they don't really know what we believe. I can't say better than that. And so you can go through a bible study. I can teach you how to go through all the questions and answers are there? It's not rocket science to do it. I've taught people to do it. The problem is, you're thinking in a very linear way, because if you haven't studied it, you can't think outside the study. And so our purpose this week was to try to get over cover some things a little bit more from the perspective that you're not going to get in a study. Even if, if I were studying this with you, you wouldn't be necessarily getting the things I'm to, I'm not going to start 830000 people. How my parents let the evidence church. And I may get part of that. But there are certain things like you're in the room and we're talking about stuff that you know when I give a bible study to somebody. And I've mentioned this this week. It's not the intention of a bible study to exhaust a subject. In other words, i'm not intending to give you every last thing in the bible about the spirit of prophecy. That's not the intention. And I'm going to tell you that the people you study with aren't expecting that. I will tell you the 7th day avenue like to sit in a room like this and then they say, but you didn't cover this, you didn't cover this new to cover. This is like no because that's not the intention. Typically in a study in a study. Now in here I'm trying to cover some more of those things, but I'm telling you this to say when you're giving a bible study, a lot of members won't give a study cuz like, but I don't know everything. Well, here's a news flash for you. I've been in ministry for 25 years and I don't know near everything, but I still get the bible study. And guess what? I learn every time I do. And you know, when I tell people when I don't know the answer, this is going to shock you. I don't know the answer right down, but I can about, i'll find it. I want them to know what I study the bible like you study the bible, but when I do study the bible and I know something, something to be said about having confidence in what you believe in our goal, primarily this week is that you will have more competence, you're not going to remember everything we covered. But if you look up the text that we're looking up and you see the explanations and you say that is what it's saying here. You'll realize that it's going to give you more confidence. You got like, this is biblical. And when you know what you believe is biblical, you have a face that can't be shaken. I say that is, you know, I'm not saying, you know, the apostle paul says, ah, let him who thinks he stands day. He left the fall, i'm not talking about being arrogant and over confident, but I am talking about the fact that truth should give you a level of confidence. You don't need to know everything to know the true, to know what you believe there are going to be things for us to learn throughout eternity. So when I give a study on this, obviously I shouldn't say obviously typically a study on the gift of prophecy when I'm giving studies comes after we did a full study on revelation. Well, so I did that kind of crash course revelations. Well, but we've gone through that whole study, and when you come down to that end of that study, you come to these identifying characteristics. And you just barely at the end of the study are able to share the identifying characteristic like much more of the explanation. I gave with revelation 1217 in 191-0228. 9 would have come in my remnant study so that you would see from the bible while the last a church has the gift of prophecy. Now understand 2 things. First of all, the testimony of jesus or the spirit of prophecy is not ellen white. It's all the profit, if the spiritual gift of prophecy throughout the ages, in the context of this, we're looking at the last days. Now you know, l Y has some of her books entitled the spirit of prophecy, yet spirit of prophecy by 123, and 4. And I guess some avenues have come away with the idea that the spirit of prophecy is, oh, haven't, I just think that's why. So just to clarify and I'll clarify this in the study. We're talking about the test where you'll see this as we go through this study. In fact, this study to me comes out of my personal study answers, questions, and issues that a lot of 7th avenue don't know about the gifted problem. I've gone so far as the sale repeated here that I think 70 avenue would have far fewer questions of their own when it came to Ellen white. If they simply understood more about what the bible says about the gift of prophecy, we have this expression where we say, oh, well we have the bible and the spirit of prophecy. Technically, it's not an end. And what I mean by that is, the reason I believe in the gift of prophecy is because I believe the bible in the bible says there's going to be a gift of the bible in say I wouldn't believe it. So it almost goes so far as to say, it's not that we believe in the bible and the spirit of policy we believe in the bible and the bible only because the bible teaches that the gifted property and I believe it because the bible teaches that there will be the gift to privacy manifested and last, a church. I believe we follow that reasoning. And so typically we've done a study on the ram and we end with that. Ok, the gift of profit that the testimony of jesus refers to the gift of prophecy. What does that look like? And they haven't gotten that yet. So the next study, i've got 2 studies that I go over on the gift property. This one is just talking about the gift in general. Then the next one is zeroing in a little bit on the test, the for profit and ellen white. And I'll come in on that more when we get to it. So you turn back your attention to this, this study, we start out with what would be review to a person that I've studied with prior. What gift isn't identifying characteristic of god's last nature? Oh yeah, we looked at that last time in our last study, that's the, that's the test, my reviews, that's the gift of prophecy. And it says that in the italy. So now we're going to delve into what is that? Question number 2, according to the bible, what exactly is a profit? Now before we look up text, the word profit is not exclusive to 7. The evidence is not even exclusive to christianity. You understand that? So if I were to ask a common person on the street, what a profit is, what would most people say have you ever encountered a non christian who believes in a profit you ever hear of no str damis, which doesn't prevent me to talk about the dollars clearly false profit, but not a christian profit at all. Right, so in other words, this is exclusive christiana, re what do people think? A profit is someone who tells the future what does the bible in? We tend to say all that sort of problem. Let's look with the bible says a profit exodus chapter 4. Exodus chapter 4. And I love this, these 2 passages. You know, the bible has a, a phenomenal way of explaining itself. And this is one of those instances. We will pick up in 14 verse 14. I'm tempted this whole passage. I just love this is such a good path. It's just a good way to think passage because god calls moses to go in and talk to pharaoh. And moses says, laura, i can't do that. I'm not really good at things like that. And I always laugh at it because that's what we always do. Like when it's like go witness reduced like, I don't know, I might say the wrong thing and, and we think it's just us and then you say moses did the same thing. But anyway that's, I'm already getting into that I need to go to verse 14. Birth 14 says, so this is where the Lord have f moses to go speak to pharaoh and moses hedges on it because he's afraid. So the anger of the Lord was kindled against moses and he said, is not aaron to leave your Brother. I know that he can speak well and look, he is also coming out to meet you. When he sees you, he will be glad in his heart. Now you shall speak to him and do what put the words in his mouth, and I will be with your mouth and with his mouth. It will teach you what you shall do. So he shall be your spokesman to the people, and he himself shall be as a mouth for you and you shall be to him as god fascinating little passage. You're going to be like god to him and you're going to tell him things and then he's going to repeat those things for you to pharaoh. And he's going to be a mouthpiece for you. The follow that now go over to chapter 7. Who was it? The god was saying was going to be a mouthpiece for moses. His brother, aaron. Ok. Genesis chapter 7, verse one. The bible says so the Lord said to moses, see, I have made you as god to pharaoh. And erin, your Brother shall be your profit. What did he say aaron was going to be in chapter 4. What is a profit in the bible according to bow, a spokesperson? A prophet is a mouthpiece for god. Do all profits tell the future? Do all profits work miracles? Know who is who to jesus? Call the greatest of the prophets. And yet the bible says he work no miracle. Right. And so we need to make sure there aren't a standing of profit is not the secular understanding or even the christian understanding per se. But the bible understanding a profit is a spokesperson for god. Incidentally, and I have it in the notes here, the in the old testament, the hebrew word for profit is nabby. You know what? It means? The word translated, profit is nabby. It means i'll give you one guess, spoke 1st a, you come to the new testament, the word for profit is profit is you know what I mean. Spoke 1st and so I very clear from scripture that this is what a profit is. Now, question number 3. What did god promised to put in the profit? jeremiah's mouth? jeremiah one in verse 9. And this is just kind of a clarification. Like like, you know, when you, you remember algebra class and you're working on the project, the, the, the certain problem and the teacher. Once you come up with your answer, you remember what the teacher would always tell you. You're like, well, how do I know if I got the right? If I solve for x, i didn't, of your teacher said the same thing. My did, I'm guessing somebody did double check it by doing what? I got x equals 5. How do I know of x 5? Ah, plug it back in, right? You've got to put it back in and see if it works out. So here's a providence spokesperson or we find that supported elsewhere. Jeremiah one. And I was talking in not turning. I think I wanna start verse for actually jeremiah one and verse for bible says, then the word of the Lord came to me saying, before I formed you in the womb, i knew you before you were born. I thanked by you. I ordained you a what prop it to the nations then said I our lord behold, i can speak as moses said, incidentally back where we didn't read and then there's 9 says and the Lord put forth his hand and touched my mouth. And the Lord said to me, behold, i have put what my words in. Now, what did he call him? In verse 5, I ordained you to be a prophet hebrew nabby spokesperson. And then what did he do? He put his word in the prophet's mouth to be his spokesperson. That's just verifying what we've looked at already. So just so that we understand a profit as a spokesperson for god, god uses the profit to communicate messages to his people. Sometimes he works miracles. Sometimes he does it sometimes the prophet tells the future, sometimes he doesn't, but he always gives a message from god he or she number for how long has god used prophets to communicate his will. Let's go to acts chapter. I'm sorry, luke chapter one in verse 70. Luke chapter one verse $70.00 less certain verse $67.00 to get the running for this loop. One for $67.00 now. As father zacharias was still speaking, of john the baptist was filled with the holy spirit and prophesied, saying, bless, be the blessed is the Lord God of israel for he has visited and redeemed his people and as raise up a horn of salvation for us in the house of his servant, david, as he spoke by the mouth of his holy prover to have been since the world began. Now the, the text, i'm not gonna look it up in acts, chapter 3 is similar. The point that I'm just step by step establishing is number one. Profit is a spokes person for god. Number 2, god has used profit from since time began. This isn't a new thing. And I think even more importantly, sometimes if a profits are gods m. O modus operandi method of operation that god's chosen to speak to people different ways. Some the, there's, there's the often which is face to face direct communication. He's spoken through the euro. I'm in the thumb, him, he's spoken in different ways to his people audible voice. But the way he spoken more than any other to his people has been through prophets since time began. So this is just an in time last a thing, god has always chosen to communicate to his people through prophets. Another reason that's important years because sometimes we wish we could dictate to God how he would speak to us. A god doesn't only speak by profit, sometimes god speaks by pastors. Sometimes he speaks by parents. Right? Sometimes he speaks my husband or wife and sometimes we wish you'd speak to us some other way. Right? We wish we could dictate and say no, or do you talk to me like this? No, no, no, no god, what tooth, how he speak. And throughout the age that he has chosen to speak through prophets. Number 5, how do we benefit from the messages of the prophets? Let's look at romans chapter one. We're in luke. John, ax, roman romans, chapter one, verse one and 2. I. This is Paul, a bondservant of jesus christ called to be an apostle separated to the gospel of god, which he promised before through what his prophets, where how do I benefit? How do you benefit from the communications of god's prophets? How do I know about them? The holy scriptures, i so this is something that use a lot of people don't think of it, but the idea, you know, we, the, all jeremiah was a profit. Danny was a profit. Did you know solomon's or property? No, david was a problem. You know, luke was profit every writer of scripture had the prophetic give that in. That's what inspiration is. We talk about inspiration, inspiration is how the holy spirit enables the Human to communicate his will. And the prophets wrote the scriptures and the, the, the idea here is, well, both of those, 1st of all that, that was the role of profits that the, the bible came to us through the gift of prophecy. And that, that's how we benefit from profits in Old times. Through the scriptures, you see the same thing in 2nd, peter one, he go there with me. Second peter chapter one and verse 20 and 21 second. Peter, one verse 20 and 21. The bible says knowing this 1st that No prophecy of scriptures of any private interpretation for prophecy. This is not just speaking of in time prophecy, but the teachings of the prophets never came by the will of man, but holy men of god. What spoke as they were moved by the holy spirit, and they communicated those messages. If you look at the note there, underneath it says, although the prophet spoke their messages in their day, many of those messages were written out and collected into what have become the holy scriptures. The bible is the collective teaching of the prophets. And thus the product of the gift of prophecy. How many of you have heard read the statement or at least heard the statement? ellen white made about her own writings, where she says that she was the lesser, like pointing to the greater light that anybody heard that before. Some people have taken that as what I say isn't as true in her, she is the lesser light in the bible was the greater light that what she said was not as important or as authoritative as the rest of the bible. Some people. So that's what she was saying. But the language she uses is scripture language. You should recall that the bible, where does the bible talk about the lesser lightening, greater life in genesis, and what is it calling the lesser light the moon. And what does it calling a greater life? The sun, how much light does the moon have when it reflects the light of the sun? So it's interesting when you see that, that impact, we're going to get into that a little bit more that ellen white would use that imagery to describe her gift. She simply saying she was never an originator of truth. She was reflecting what the bible said. You're going to find that that's what all the prophets did, was reflected, of course, collectively. Then you have the scripture and it forms the basis of, of belief that you'll see will get there in a minute. Let's go to number 6. Who does peter say, spoke through the old testament prophets. You're gonna love this 1st peter chapter one 1st peter chapter one. Now this is a real wordy path and so you get to bear with peter here as we, but you'll, you'll get it. Maybe not right at 1st. First peter chapter, one, verse 10. Now peter is speaking about the Salvation. He's preaching the gospel and is preaching about the Salvation that was promised to come through jesus. You know the prophets all spoke of the coming messiah. So peters, riding of this nieces of this salvation, the prophets have inquired and searched carefully. Who prophesied of the Grace that would come to you. So the very prophets, who did the prophesied, who gave the message, themselves searched what the message meant. Okay, number 11, searching what a verse 11, searching what or what manner of time the spirit of christ, who was in them was indicating when he testified beforehand, the sufferings of christ and the glories that would follow. So the prophets themselves even told of the coming of christ were themselves searching what it meant. They didn't totally understand. Now sometimes we have this mindset, this is a false understanding of profit that if you're a profit, you know everything. And we forget that there are many instances of bible prophets who did not understand what they were writing. Daniel gives a whole prophecy. Daniel chapter 8. The man gabriel is told to give daniel the interpretation to the vision and explain it. And yet still at the very end of Van, it's halfway. Daniel says I was astonished by the vision and nobody understood. Wait a minute, nobody understood it, but you're a profit, profit. Know everything, don't they know if I give you a message and I say, hey sister, i want you to go and tell so and so on the campus go back to the information trailer if you would just tell them pastor howard said such and such and she may not have any idea of the context of what. Okay, well I'll go tell him what does that mean? She understands everything. Like just go tell him it's finished. If you just go back and tell me like I'm working on a project. They know, and I know does she know was he was a messenger in the same way. God gave profits messages that they didn't fully comprehend. This is what peter's telling us about the prophets, the prophet to even prophesied about the messiah didn't necessarily have it figured out. They were searching, which is really not the point that we're getting into here. I'm just, I always that feel i have to explain this passage to get around it. But it says in verse 12 to them. It was revealed the prophets who told about christ that not to themselves but to us. They were ministering the things which now have been reported to you through those who have preached the gospel to you. The holy spirit sent from heaven things which angels desire to look into. So the prophets themselves were told, hey, the message that you gave. It wasn't for you, it's for later. Ok. Now all that aside, that was our point, but that's not the people get lost in the past. What's it saying? What's it saying? That's what a thing. But let 0 in now in verse 11, in the context is talking about the prophets and it said, searching what or what manner of time the spirit of christ was, who was where in them, who's the them? The prophet who was in the prophets. The spirit of christ, who was in them was indicating when he, the spirit of christ did what testified. So the spirit of christ, according to peter, was in the prophets testifying. You follow that. What could you say a person's giving when they're testifying. A testimony who was in the prophet's giving his testimony christ. So could you call the gift of prophecy? The testimony of jesus? funny how that works. So that's the same thing. We read their revelation. So the question there, and number 6 is, who does peter say spoke through the old testament jesus christ, the spirit of christ was in the old. And this is important because there are a lot of people. First of all, there are a number of christians who really don't realize how present christ was in the old test. There are some christians who think old testament teachings are contrary to New testament teaching. But when you come here and you're like what the new testament says that it was christ who was teaching through the prophet in the old testament who wrote the old testament why, how could it be contrary at the same jesus here was speaking here. It can't be so if the themes contrary, it's not there a tear and if they want to thank the spirit of christ. And finally that goes for every prophet that existed in for 7, they avenues. When you come down and in, we do test and we say, wow, all right, I believe she had the gift of prophecy, but I don't know the thing she wrote over here doesn't sound very christ, centered to me. Well, it's awful hard for christ to be speaking to somebody or not because centered isn't i think sometimes we're very subjective in our evaluation. So it's just like love. There are certain things we call loving and certain things we don't. And I'll tell you that it's easy to say something isn't loving. When it offends me. Have you ever offended your children with love as parents? They don't feel like as love big. Why are you doing This to me while you on me like that? And you're like, because I love you, don't get it now. And I remember being your age. I told the graduating class here. I mean, because kids do this all the time, it's like, listen, whatever you say, how many of you have teenagers anyway, have teenagers or have had teenagers their unique. I didn't say children, i said teenagers because teenagers are unique. 15 it is want to challenge everything they've ever been taught that cute little age where they're just impressionable. Right. And they're like, they're not that you still there still don't get resistant. But then when they're teenager, they know more than you. And I know this for a fact because I was a teenager. And I remember knowing more than my parents and the older i get, the less i know, but I knew a whole lot when I was 18. And 16 and 17, you know, in that. And so I'll tell the kids i've told my daughter, you know, here's the, here's the bottom line of it is this, you can talk all day long about how I don't get you. And I don't know what it's like, but I have been where you are. And you've never been where I am. That's just the back. I'm. I'm going to turn 55 this year. I've been were, and I told the graduating class, i'm like, how many of your 18, you know? And I said, I live 3 of your lifetime. You learn something and 3, and I'm not saying I'm super smart, but there's something to be said about experience. Right. My mother's looking at me like I've tried to tell you that your mom just feel moms, they're always moms. But jesus himself spoke through the prophets and there sometimes the prophet speak, and we say, well it doesn't sound much like jesus. It's because it's irritating us because we want our way and we don't get our way. And I think if you're a christian and you want to get anywhere in the christian life, the 1st thing you have to come to terms of the 1st thing I have to come to terms with is there is a part of my nature that is not spiritual and does not like spiritual things and does not like to be told what to do. And if I can realize that, and I can reckon with that, it makes it easier for god to get my attention. You're going to see that I mean, and actually have a great passage coming up on that. So what does peter, who does peter say, spoke to the old testament prophets? It was jesus is both through the old testament prophets. And incidentally, i have referenced in there, sometimes the gift of prophecy is called the testimony of jesus. And sometimes it's just plain called the testimony like an 820 to the law and to the testimony which I believe were coming to we are number 8. 0 number 7, were there also prophets in the new testament church? acts? 11 verse 27. I want somebody to look up at 1127. Who wants to do that for me? Ok, somebody hand. Thank you. And then who wants to read x 1530 to somebody. Read that for me and if you hand. Okay, great. And then finally somebody read at 218 and 9 who was read them. One more person. Thank you. J O. I get a hand over here. Marilyn, you can read that. Ok. Acts 711-2715. 3220 went 89. They're written out there. And the question is where their profits in the new testament church acts. 11, somebody read that who had that one? Yeah, go him. Okay, there he came. What? Loan the old there were profit there in the new testament. What about x 1532. Ok, judith and silas were profit. There's some more profit x 218. 9 with to say there. Okay, so there's for virgin dollars, who prophesied those are a few. Let's go about, let's talk about some more. Ok. There is some real obvious ones in the new testament that we didn't touch on. Give me some obvious. Okay John the baptist. Ok, and the profit is you're not obvious enough yet. Like let's say you're running into somebody and those are good text. They're like, I don't know where their profits a new testament done. Ok, matthew, mark, luke, john, paul, peter, john. The revelator. Like go to the old book of revelation written by a private so the new tasman is full of evidence so that it wasn't like old testament. They were profits for new testament. There were no throughout well that's coming up. I think prophets who wrote books and didn't write book number 8 question, how long was the gift property to continue with the church? chapter 4. So we see profits in the old testament church with the prophet in the new testament church, we're profit is going to continue. There are christians who say no, the profits we're going to all cease by the end of the 1st century, a div that's a position that there are a number of people who believe that yet what is the bible say if he says chapter 4, verse 11, speaking about jesus is ascension, it says, and he himself, christ, as he himself, he himself gave some to be a powerful, somewhat profit, some evangelist and some pastors and teachers do. We were swell for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry for the edifying of the body of christ till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the son of god, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of christ. When do you think we get to that point of this measure of the stature of the? Yeah, I guess when, when, when are we going to get there? Do we need to be? Yeah, by what time jesus come. So if the prophets are in the church until then, how long is the church days is gone. But let's go to verse 12 for the equipping of the same for the work of ministry with the work of ministry. What's another way of saying that? Giving the gospel to the world. When's that going to be done? Think about this with me. How many of you work with tools? I mean you're talking to Google, it can be whatever it can be, crafty thing, whatever. But if you ever work with something on a project, it's important to have the right tools, right? What if somebody gave you a project to do and gave you some tools and then came into the tools with, how would you feel about that before you're done? Would that make any sense? What would you think of a person who took the tools away? What have you had a supervisor who took the tools away? What would you think about the supervisor? How in the world did this person get to be a supervisor? That's real stupid to do for anybody to do, right. Like there's a job that needs to be done and it's not done yet. And I need the tools to finish the job. Right. The bible just got done telling us that these spiritual gifts, including the gift of prophecy, were given to do a job giving the gospel to the world. Yet there are christus today, who say you have a god took profits away. What the job is not done yet. Why in the world, god take one of those away before the job's done. Answer he wouldn't. He didn't, he hasn't. Those gifts are still in the church till we all come to the unity of the faith and to the of the knowledge of the son of god to perfect man, to the measure. The stature of the fullness of christ. Yes, no apostles the think it now, but we don't use the word a powerful today unless you're in the Church of jesus christ of latter day saints. Some churches use that. But apostles are like administrators in conference, bread the presidents and leaders. These are the people organize the work. We just don't call them apostles anymore. So all of those functions have to be in the church. We're the church to continue to move forward. And if you go to 1st corinthians 12 and it talks about the body being many parts and all those parts working together like a machine, all the parts are important. Everybody is important in the church. There is no unimportant person in the church because everybody fills a role. No, I mean, but what is the pause that it applies to puzzles just like it applies to a product like all of those are listed there. There's no in, in so to you can, you can take it, you can to interpret a different direction, but you're going to be interpreting in a different direction. The scripture scripture is plain there, and that's our point. Is these gifts according to scripture are going to continue. In fact, as the, as the note there says the gifted property along with the other spiritual gives was given to aid the church and proclaim in golf of the world to help its members grow into spiritual maturity. Until these 2 things are complex, the gifts will be active in the church. And 9 did all the prophets write books of the bible. Let's go to night. Second chronicles 9 verse 29. Second chronicles. 9 verse 29. Bible says now the rest of the acts of solomon 1st and last. Are they not written in the book of mason? The prophet, the book of nathan, the prophet in the prophecy of a hi Joe. The shiela knight and in the visions of edo the see your concerning your a bonus of me that there are 3 profits mentioned there and 3 books that we do not have record of I personally would love to read the book of nathan the prophet. This is the man who went to David and said, david, thou art the man. But all we have is the verbal record of what happened. Now listen, I'm not worried about that. There are people like, oh, there's last books are out there. The Lord, those things really, they baffle me because it's almost as if it got out of god's hands like the lords up in heaven saying, I know I wish I could've kept track of that when I didn't know I lost it somewhere. I don't know about all that. All I know is I know about all I knew is that god, that god, that god made sure that we have in the bible what we need. And there are part, but the point and the point that we're looking at here making year is that there were profits who prophesied, but they're, they, their writings aren't in the bible. Let's look at the 2nd chronicle. 21122112. The bible says an A letter came to him from who he lives. Yeah. Where are the writings of either lease or the letter of elijah we don't have copy of it but it's ok guy didn't see fit. We had copy of and that's our point, isn't it? Oh there last to. Now we can't know. What are we going to do? The point is that if we come to the last days, one of the big challenges, the person one challenge i had is how can god have a person who's a profit named ellen white who isn't in the bible. When all the other prophets were in the bible because I'm looking for a biblical precedent, right. But then I come to find out that all the other prophets worked in the bible. That there is a biblical precedent for profit who had writings, but god for whatever reason, didn't include them in the bible. And so we have Perhaps, so did all the prophets write books of the bible know in and, and you'll notice there, well, I've got that written out. You can look at the same number 10. What was the primary focus of the gift of prophecy? And I'm going to look this up, I'm going to recite it for sake of time looking or clock of you should know 820 of all the verses which says to the law and to the testimony if they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them, it's very important this to me, this is one of the best verses to explain the gift of prophecy, to the law and to the testimony. Now this is in the book of isaiah, and the word translated law is the hebrew word tora, anybody heard of the tora before? What is the tora, the 1st 5 books of the bible or the, the pendant took. Right genesis exodus the very case. Number's iran, me. Does anybody know what the word tora means? This is a service called test because it just came up in one of our staff a school quarter. The this one are the ones for what is it. Ok. Close teaching instruction. Now here's what I want you to understand. In the old testament, you find this are well old and new. You'll find this term, the long prophets. But that were law in the old testament torah is the instruction, the understanding of the jews. Was that those 5 books formed if the gods instruction to his people like he gave them his 10 command laws in there, the ceremony of the civil laws built. But that was his instruction to his people. The prophets were complimentary to the law to the instruction. So that when gods people said they were following the instruction, but work following the instruction, god would send the prophets and the prophet would point them back to the instruction. Hey, this is where that lesser light, greater light imagery comes in. Ellen white said, I'm not, I'm just reflecting light, right? That in original instruction was those by books. Now we've got the scripture itself in ellen white, the later prophet that wasn't part of became so for example, there was a day when jeremiah wasn't in the bible. You know that like when jeremy was writing stuff, he wasn't in the bible. And then was paul was writing these letters. Paul wasn't in the bible when paul's day the bible was what? The old testament and Paul never trashing the old testament. He taught from it, but he wasn't part of it. He was an outside the bible, modern day prophet, and Paul wouldn't have put himself in the place of the bible. He pointed people to the the role of a man or proper was always going and pointing to the instruction. And so that concept, the law in the testimony, the law and the prophets, the prophets weren't originators of truth. The prophets pointed god's people back to the word. Because despite how many times god's people said they were following the word, oftentimes they weren't. And of course, you can see where the rub starts to come in with profits, which we're going to see in a minute. So the primary function of the gift of prophecy was to point back to the word of god. Number 11, why do we need prophets? If we already have the bible people asked this all the time, especially when it comes to Ellen white. Look, we have the bible. Why do we need profit? Let's look at proverbs chapter 16 verse 25, and psalm. 32 verse 8. Somebody read who has read a 16 per 5 progress, 15 verse, they say $525.00. Problem, 1625. Ok. And then who wants to read some 32 birth date so, so you had your hand up minute last time and I didn't get you want to read some 32 per se. Ok, we'll go sam 16 by 1st i'll give you a minute to get there. But let's go to proverbs 1625, and let's, let's go ahead and read that one. Ok, we read that the other day in proverbs 14 is repeated in proverbs. There is a way that seems right what the end of the way of death. What's a saying a thing there are times when we are convinced that what we're doing is right when we're dead wrong. And what is god going to do in a situation like that? God send somebody to tell us and help us to see what we don't see. Psalm 328. What does that say? Ok, now hold your finger there. I will instruct you and teach you. I will guide you with what my. I ok, i don't have it here, but I want you to I want you to hold your finger there. I want to come back to that somebody read 1st, samuel 9 in verse 9. Who? Who has there? Who wants to read? Yes, brother. OK, so there he is now called a profit used to be called a C or why do you think that is ok? Why do you think you call them a C or non line? Oh, I can see things. You can see things. Why would the profit be call us fear? What's unique about it? Let's go back to some $30.00 to $8.00. I will instruct you in the way that you shall go. I will guide you with my eye with the thing. Do I see with my eyes? What god sees with his eyes? No, god sees things I don't see. Did the prophet see things people didn't see. You remember when david committed adultery with bathsheba and then to cover it up? He had her husband you're. I am murdered. How many know that story? And then after your riot died, david brought back he but into the palace to be his wife. And then meeting the prophet came, do you know how long it was before nathan, the prophet ship prophet showed up in the palace. Yeah, it was overnight with the year with a full year's think about it for a minute. Dave murdered, a man committed. Adultery brings a woman in his health and feels like he did nothing wrong for an entire year. Till nathan, the prophet comes in, were the things about david that he didn't see until the prophet of god spoke to him. The prophet sees things god's way. You have to understand that in those days, kings did whatever the kings of the nations could have, whatever they wanted. They were kings in that impair. David, the judgments were, hey, I'm a king and he served his conscience until the prophet of god judah. But a prophet is called astir because the prophecies, how god's, he's got his i'm going to guide you with my I now what's the next versus that old you finger there? I have no idea some 32 verse 9. What a terrible, what a terrible text really when you think about it. So guys is I'm going to guide you with my eye, but then he has to say, don't be like the mule. What would the thing look? I'm going to guide you. I'm going to give you direction, but he already knows that we're going to be like, I don't want to go. I'm not going to call you. We're going to be $76.00. Don't do that. Don't make me put a bridle in your mouth like you're an animal that can't think you can think you can hear my reasoning. I'm pleading with you. I'm trying to give you the right direction. Why do we need profits if we already have the bible? If you look at the note there under number 11, it says because our natural hearts lead us astray, god's people while they claim to fall, the bible were often found living in contradiction to its teachings. So he sent them prophets for a course correction. Incidentally, this same question could have been asked in I, they a day or jeremiah's day or paul day. But god has continued sending his messengers to safely guide his people into the truth. People ask about l. A white but you could have asked like, why do I need to listen to paul? I've got the old testament. Why do I know jesus? And that's what they said. In fact, in jesus day, the religious leaders like we have moses, we don't need you. Why would you not want to hear from a prophet of god when it's be like to happenings are away? Number 12. How did jesus described jerusalem in his final public address? Murphy, 2337. What was jerusalem to jesus in relation to it was the holy city. It was full who his people are like the church, right? The temples there. His people are there. And how does he address it? Matthew 2337. 0 jerusalem. Jerusalem, what you who killed the profit? Like of all the things you could say about god's people would say you're the ones. I mean he singles them out. He doesn't say everybody kills the profits, including you. You're the one who killed the profit. What's the significance of that? What's it communicating? What lessons should we learn from that? That primarily its believers who have problems with profit, non believers don't because non believers don't care. Like you say the bible says a non believer says I don't care. The bible says I don't live by the bible, but for a christian reclaimed to live by the bible. So prophets get under our skin when they come and say we're not living by the bible and we know we're not, we're not supposed to call it out. So jesus is jerusalem, jerusalem, the one who killed the prophet. Number 13, should we ever expect a true prophet to be popular, even among profess christians? Look at, look 1333, look 1333. If sounds silly, i know it sounds silly, but honestly, how many times do we you know, if, if, if there's one argument that has stayed around one parental argument, if this one, Well, if all your friends went and jumped off a cliff, would you do it to that seems to be like this enduring and yet all the time we tend to do that. We seem to all the time. Like, yeah that everybody in the sure says. But every but I know you're the only one that and everybody else is. This is ok, like we do that all the time. A lot of people will say why don't believe now why, you know, a lot of people have questions about why they don't agree. So why should I agree, right in there, all jumping off the cliff or they're not getting on the arc or then I get everybody else is doing it. Why not do it? Not a good reason, should we expect a true prophet to be power popular? Did look 1333. What did jesus just say there? He says, nevertheless, i must journey. Today, tomorrow the day following, for it cannot be even a prophet should perish what, what's the proper prob, it's never going to make it alive at jerusalem. Because jerusalem is the one who kills the prophets. Simple point, no. The property garber categorically, you look at the history categorically rejected by the people of god. The prophets rebuked the sins of the people and instead of humbling their hearts before god, his people resented them for it. Now we don't have to do the same, god forbid we do the same, but the lessons on record for us so that we don't make the mistake that our fathers have made. Why were the false prophets so popular? Look at luke $626.00. Lucas fix $26.00. Jesus l as in luke 626. Wo to you when all men do what? Speak well of you for so did their fathers to the false prophets. They speak well to each other. Small, the false province don't like to stir people up. Jeremiah 531 says the prophets prophesied falsely speaking, but obviously the false prophet and the priests. Root beer ruled by their own power and my people, what love to have it. So sometimes we would rather have people tell us something false instead of something true. And that's what the bible is saying here. Why were the false prophets so popular? Because they told people what they wanted to hear instead of what they needed to hear. What happens when god's people disregard the gift of prophecy? Second chronicle. 36. This is one of the saddest chapters in the bible. Second chronicle. $36.00, we're going to look at 2 more and then we're going to have a break here. This is the very end of 2nd chronicles. Now in 2nd chronicles, you have the History of the kings and all the predicted were basically the predicted captivity of, of babylon. And when you come down to the very end, during the last king of judah that a kaya and running into the babylonian captivity, the Lord is warned. His people over and over by the prophets, we will pick up in verse. I want to start in verse 11. Second chronicles 36 verse 11. Santa kaya was 21 years old when he became king. He reigned 11 years in jerusalem. He did he evil in the side, the Lord and did not humble himself before jeremiah the prophet who spoke from the mouth of the Lord. And he also rebelled against king never canoes or who had made him swear an oath by god. But he stiffened his neck and hardened his heart against turning to the Lord, God of israel. Moreover, all the lead. Notice, moreover, all the leaders of the priests and the people transgress more and more according to all the abominations of the nations and the file, the house of the Lord which he had consecrated in jerusalem. Now let 0 in on these next couple verses. And the Lord God of their fathers sent what warnings to them by his messengers rising up early and sending them because he hated his people. And may have seemed like it because he had compassion on his people on his dwelling place. But they marked the messengers of god despise his words and scoffed at his prophets until the wrath of the Lord rose against his people till there was no remedy. Remedy the Lord sent the messengers a couple of things I want you to know rising up early and sending them. Why would it say that the Lord sent messengers like doesn't that spell it out? The Lord sent messengers, we could just move on, but he stops and he reiterated the Lord sent messengers comma rising up early in sending them did god set his alarm early? God wake up early, doesn't make sense. We don't think of god's sleeping right. So and so if, if that's not the case, he must be speaking in language. We understand, oh, rising up early, what kind of things do I get up early for? And I'm not talking about, I get up early every day to go to work. I'm talking about earlier than early. Ok when you get up earlier than normal, it's because there is a priority and God knows that about us. So god uses language to communicate that we're going to understand. And he says when it came to sending messengers to my people to save them because I had compassion, it was my priority. Yes, I have an entire universe to run, but it was a priority to me to save my people. So I rose up early and I sent messenger after messenger after messenger. But what did the people do? They despised and rejected those messengers until when, until there was no remedy. What does that mean? Ok, but why is the punishment then? Why is there No remedy? Because there is nothing else you ever get in a situation with a person where you try to appeal and you try to wear it. And then what else can I say? Like I've said everything there is to say there's nothing else to say. One of the clearest examples of this. Yes, absolutely, absolutely, and that's, that should be our take away like this isn't just ancient israel, either lessons. All things that were written in the scriptures are written, we might through the scriptures, through patience and comforts of the scripture have hope it says a realm of 15 like these things are there on record for us. An an, an A powerful example of what is said here in 2nd, chronicles is in the story of the, the, the trial of christ where christ is brought before king herod. And the bible says that here it was was, it was eager to see jesus. He had look forward to seeing jesus, maybe it's the miracle, whatever. In the bible says he began to press jesus with questions. And the bible says, jesus did not answer him one word. Anybody remember the story? And you have to think to yourself, wouldn't jesus do anything to save somebody even herod? Like if there is an opportunity he wouldn't have tried to save him. Why in the world would jesus haven't? Why would he not say a word where and how herod had john the baptist be headed? And God had said everything he could possibly say to turn that man through his prophet. And when herod rejected the prophet of god, there was no remedy. And this is exactly god that we like to think there's a remedy. Why don't like the whale and white said that thing. I don't want her to tell me on god to tell me you don't dictate to God how to tell you. I don't dictate to God how to tell me. He sends his profits in when we reject his profit, whoever the profit is we are rejecting him. And there comes a point where we have so rejected. There's nothing he can do to get our attention. So this is what the bible's telling us in this warning us off that ground. What happens when god's people disregard the gift of prophecy? god's people disregard the words of his prophets. They have exhausted the last avenue through which he can reach them and warn them of their danger. There is no remedy. Left. Number 16, final one. What is god's secret to success in the christian life? Love this verse. Second chronicles 20 and verse 22nd chronicles 20. And verse 20. The bible says to us. So they rose early in the morning and went out in the world into the wilderness of the koa. And as they went out, g hope ship and stood and said, hear me o judah, and you and a habit of jerusalem. Believe in the Lord your god. And you shall be established, believe his prophets and you shall prosper. And historically, the biblical record is that all who believed god's profit to hear god's prophet to follow god's prophets prospered in their spirit, july. And the same is true to day if we want to prosper in our spiritual lives. And we need to hear the voice of god's prophet the voice of jesus speaking to us through his prophet, to get us ready for him to come again. What do you say, man? Ah, let's go ahead and take a break here. And we'll come back at 10 after 2. 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