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Sanctuary Part 5a

Jim Howard
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  • June 24, 2021
    2:00 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen. Definitely, father, thank you so much for that. Beautiful rainy thursday. It can't meeting. Thank you that we can be together in this place for this purpose. And lord as we discuss and think about the themes of the sanctuary and christ's work for our redemption. Give us attentive minds and soften our hearts where you know, we need to be molded more like jesus. So bless us today for we pray in jesus name. Amen. A man. Good afternoon. Going to fit why are all spread out? Like I feel like there's 12 people, but you're like everywhere. So I'm going to have to try to keep my eye on you. Good to be at michigan camp meeting. I just find excuses to come back here and this time it was to help with this a manual class that mark cameron needed no help with. But hey, anything I can do just so I can come and be with my brothers and sisters in Michigan who are not from Michigan. I'll do it because from what I hear, not many of you are from Michigan. So here's what they tell me. They tell me that when I start praying, then everything is on the record. It start filming me and streaming me somewhere. You know, there's like 3 people on Facebook. We're going to watch. And I am just wondering, is there anything that I need to deal with now? Before we go on the record, because if not, I'll go ahead and get started. Ok, don't throw anything, you know, don't throw me curveballs midway. Or else, or else I may have to have him stop and that would be embarrassing. But I'm glad you're all here. You're can't meeting people and that's my kind of people we've been coming to camp meeting since. Boy, i'm sorry, where my mother, she went to all my brother's meetings. I'm going to have to try and get past the hurt to, to talk to you today. This is going to be true. Anyway, my mother is here and I was going to ask her how long we've been coming to camp meeting up here. She said, 18 years. OK, so women coming to mission campuses before I was pastoring up here and that was a while ago. So yeah, 18 years coming up can't me. And before that, we went to ohio camp meeting back when I had a meeting and they had a good meeting for awhile. But there is something different about can't meeting people there that a committed people, the people who are hungry, they really want to know they're not perfect, but they want to know the truth. And so it's always exciting to talk to people and can't meeting. And especially at seminar time, so I'm excited to be with you today. We're going to talk about the sanctuary. And then tomorrow we're going to talk about christian standards, which I don't know how excited you are about that, but it's going to be fun. We're going to talk about kristen standard, the purpose of christian standards and some of the dicey, you know, does it really say that in the bible kind of stuff and we're going to, we're going to dive deep into it. So today we're going to go into the sanctuary and before we do, here we go. Here's your signal. We're going to pray. So let's bow our heads and ask god blessing on our study together. Heavenly father, we're so grateful for the privilege of being able to study together and be here together at can't meet even the rain lord is a blessing today as we're protected under this shelter. And we're reminded of the rain of the holy spirit that we so desperately need in order to understand your word and have power to live according to your will. So please bless us here with your presence, lord, we love you, we thank you for all that you have done in our lives. And we want to grow through this experience. It can't meeting. So bless us now with your abiding presence. And we thank you in jesus name. Hey man. All right, we're going to talk about sanctuary. Let me ask you a question. Is the subject of this sanctuary? Important? By the way, I know I'm late to the party. I just got here yesterday, but I understand we're going through the s's right. Sabbath, 2nd coming. You did say to the den. Now there was forum whether a spirit of prophecy. That's right. Those are some pretty important things. Well, thanks. Where is one of them? Why is sanctuary in there? Why is the subject of the sanctuary important or is it? I'm just wondering if you have any insight on that. I think one thing that as some of the evidence we need to recognize is that this is a unique doctrine. You are going to say, okay, well, I'm counted well counted the sanctuary is unlike the sabbath. And unlike the state of the dead, it is a doctrine that we alone hold in the way that we hold it. Ok. So I'm not just talking about the understanding that there was an old testament sanctuary that was symbolic of, you know, and filled with type ology and that type of thing. But I'm talking about the unique way in which the 7th day adventist church understands the sanctuary. Which is really our, you know, when we talk about the sanctuary, we're talking about our unique understanding of the sanctuary. So that's a big point. Another big point that I didn't hear mention is that the sanctuary is present truth. Ok, what I mean by that? The sanctuary is amongst the most relevant of our doctrines. Ok? Perhaps more than most any other it points to a present work a present situation, what christ is doing now. So it's very much a, a present truth doctrine. And let me give you a reason why that's true. Revelation chapter 14, you have your bibles go around like 14, and I know you don't need to go there for this, but just to get your fingers warmed up, go ahead and go to revelation 14 and somebody tell me what it says in relation 146, and 7, is this present truth relation, 146, and 7? We call it present truth. And, and why do we refer to this by the way as ok, the 1st angel of the 3 angels messages, right? So this is that present truth message that 7th avenue believe is our message to give to the world and right there in the very beginning. First name, that is said the 1st angel in verse 7 is fear god give glory to him for the harvest. Judgment has come. Where does this angel draw from? To be able to say to the hours gentlemen, come the $2300.00 day prophecy and what is the $23.00? I'm this, this is quiz time, but we've not gone over to over anything yet, but we will. But the 20 day prophecy is a property that points to an event. What that man does anybody remember cleansing in the thank you very right. So when we talk about the doctrine of the sanctuary more than anything we're talking about, present truth, we're talking about the rangel's messages. We're talking about this 1st angel that reveals the hour of judgment has come. And for this reason, it's time to get ready, get ready, get ready. It's an urgency that is tied to the doctrine of the sanctuary. So this is the idea of the sanctuaries present relevance that makes it so important. Let me read a statement to you from a book called early writings, and as the title indicates, these are early writings of white. She says this, there are many precious truth contained in the word of god. But it is present truth that the flock needs. Now. I have seen the danger, she says, of the messengers running off from the important points of present truth. He says, i've seen the danger of running off from the important points of furniture. I don't have it here in this quote, but she goes on to talk about how there are many wonderful truth in the bible, but what we need now is present truth. The way that I usually try to describe this is with noah. You know, if no, I was preaching, and behind him, there are his helpers who are building this gigantic boat on dry land where there's never been rain and no I gets out with an important message. And he says, today we will begin a 10 part series on the family. The stirring in the heart would be okay, that's interesting. But what about the boat, right? Like, what? Tell me about the boat, what in the world is going on? What's the urgency here? The 7th day adventists believe all the bible and there are wonderful truth and we should read it from genesis to revelation. But when it comes to the focal point, the emphasis of our messages, those messages should be present truth. They should be true. That is specifically relevant to people today, and we believe that the doctrine of the sanctuary is as relevant as any and more relevant than most now I'm going to finish reading what she says. As I have seen, the danger of the messengers running off from the important points of present truth, but such subjects as the sanctuary in connection with the 2300 days, the commandments of god and the faith of jesus. These i have frequently seen where the principal subjects on which the mesh and messengers should well, that's the problem statement, isn't it? What does it mean to dwell by the way? You spend time on it? You focus on it, you dig deeply into it, you repeat it and repaid it. You dwell on it, and this statement did it, did it say that the sanctuary is something that we should dwell on? Not exactly did, but what did it say? The sanctuary? What in connection with the 23 days, this is very important because when we say the sanctuary is present truth, we do not mean the spiritual significance of the tabernacle 10 stakes. That's not what we're talking about. Yes, there are some basics and we'll do a little bit of this, of understanding the sanctuary that are important to be able to understand the present day connection and the meaning of the sanctuary for our day. But the part that we dwell on is the part that brings urgency to our message, the sanctuary in connection with a 2200 day. That means the cleansing of the sanctuary. That's the part that is most critical and important to us because by the way jesus is working today in cleansing the sanctuary. So because of that, that's where our focus is because we are focused on jesus. And there are some people who are still looking back at the historical jesus and they're not taking any time to focus on the learning jesus and what he's doing today. They're not in tune with the meaning of the sanctuary in connection with the 2300 days. Quick question. How many of you, if somebody walked in off the street today, could explain to them from the bible that the 2300 dave culminate in 18. 44, don't raise your hands. I just want you to think about your answer. The question. Now. I heard, i don't know, you know, you heard different story sometimes and you never know what's true or not. I remember hearing one guy who was a missionary, who said that, you know, when he was challenged by some armed guards or whatever. And they, they knew adventist and he claimed he was an adventist, and it was his reason for why he was where he was at that time that they questioned him on the 2300 days to see if he was really an adventist. You know, I wonder if we went through michigan can meeting, and we questioned everybody on the 20 or a day to see if they're really an adventist. Well that's why you're here in the seminar, right? So you can know how to do it. I'm not going to focus just on that, but I do want to do that. I want to walk through the bible and show why we believe the $2300.00 days point to a present day judgement like I, I want to, I want us to do that together. We only have a short time to do that. So there are some things that we're going to kind of zip through fairly quickly, and other things will take more time on. I'm told that I have from 215. This is what mark tells me, but I don't pay much attention him usually to 15 to 3, and then I'm supposed to take a 10 minute break. OK, so let's, let's dive in and talk a little more on the, on the foundational part. Before we dive into some of the end time relevance, ok, because we need to have certain foundation before we get into wrote let me just ask this question and I'm going to tell you I gave you handouts, right? These are bible study guides that you can actually use to walk people through these, these doctrines. Mark told me I didn't have to be tied to the bible study guides. And like I said, I listened to mark when he tells me things. So I'm not going to be totally stuck to the bible study guides, but I do kind of follow through, you know, fairly systematic way. So we're going to start with 5. Be okay with the bible really says about the sanctuary service. Like I said, I'm not going to, I'm not going to go like lock step, but I am going to fall, you know, the basic topic of each of these studies. Starting with this 15 B. So what was the purpose of this sanctuary? What was the purpose of the sanctuary? Ok, can you give me a text for that? exit is 258 right? action is 258. Whereas that on your study guide. The 1st question, right? Ok, and what is it that x is 258 says let's look there is foundational. We need to get a couple foundational tech. A lot of these out move quickly through so that we have time to make sure we cover all the elements and we have a lot of different elements that it's actually going to cover. But let's talk about actually 258 to get the foundation. God says here in verse 8, you notice in verse one it says, then the Lord spoke to moses saying, So verse 8 says and let them make me a sanctuary. Why? That I may dwell among them. Now somebody tell me why the bible study has john chapter one and verse 14 next to x is 258. Anybody have any idea? You can even open up and look at it. If you want to reference ok, the word became flesh and dwelt among us and the word there really is tabernacle right. So what's that talking about? What's that verse talking about in John chapter one jesus becoming human? Well, when we say jesus becoming human, we are talking about jesus veiling. What? His divinity. So jesus, the divine god, son of god, veiled his divinity in humanity so that he could dwell with people. So he could interact and walk and talk and, and not, you know, have the glory of god bring about bad consequences for sinful mortals. So this is the greater fulfillment, if you will, of that symbolic imagery that we learn about when we talk about the sanctuary and God dwelling. But ultimately they both have that same purpose that god wanted to be where we were. This is a central piece, the sanctuary. It needs to be kept in mind. The idea of the sanctuary is that god wants to be close to his people. That's the underlying concept of the thanks for when you start talking about the cleansing in the sanctuary and you're talking about, you know, cleansing from sin and those types of things as well. It's all about reconciling man to God so that god can be close to his people. And that really is the heart of the sanctuary. Is the love of god for his people and the desire god to be among his people. Okay, now another aspect sanctuary. That's kind of critical, the sanctuary and it's services. We're more than face value. Are they not? What do we know about that? Let's, let's look at another text, hebrews chapter 9. What's a good here is chapter 9. Hebrews is in the new testament and it's very close to revelation, but just several little books of the bible to the left. You will come to the book of hebrews and hebrews is all about the sanctuary. And especially the high priest. And in hebrews chapter 9, we read this in verse 9, speaking about the services of the old testament. Thanks, mary. It says it was what symbolic for the present time in which both gibson sacrifices are offered, etc. I. We could spend a lot of time breaking down the sanctuary in this chapter and the previous one, but I just wanted to point out for now this idea, this word in the scripture that it was symbolic, it's important, we understand the sanctuary was symbolic. Now this doesn't mean that we have to find symbolism in everything, and I want to just make this point because there are some people who strain to try to find symbolism in every little element that could be in the sanctuary. And this has gotten people into trouble. I was pastoring here in Michigan, and there was somebody who wanted to know what the significance was. That there were 4 horns on the altar. And she studied and she looked, and she, you know, asked around, and nobody could give her a clear answer on why there were 4 horns on the altar. So she got on the Internet and started googling around. And she found someone who was proposing an idea as to why there were 4 horns on the altar. And they were quoting from l Y jo, fantastic. As an administrator, she's our reading. And before long, we discover that they were branch davidian who of course branch davidian is came from the davidian sewer, the shepherds, rod and shepherds rod came from people who are at one point adventist, but they're not adamant and nowhere close. But because of her curiosity to find whatever the and you know what the teaching was, what the 4 horns on the altar were, the 4 members of the godhead for members of godhead, the father, the son, the holy spirit, and the holy ghost. And one was the son and the other, the daughter like the whole thing. Crazy stuff. But had to have an answer for every little element as if every little element had an answer. You know, I've got a, you know, a theory on why there were 4 horns on the altar because it was square. Right? I mean, you don't have to find spiritual significance and absolutely everything, especially when the bible itself is not pointing you to a spiritual significance. And that's one of the key areas. I mean, I wish we could do a whole thing on permanent x on the interpretation of the bible. But the bible interprets itself and we need to be very careful not to draw our own allegory about what the bible is. Saying rather than letting the bible tell us when it's got symbolic imagery, what those symbols me so that would have help. But anyway, this person ended up leaving the church by the way, and multiple members left with her just so you know, very, very bright person. So we need to be careful when we're talking about the sanctuary. I mean, I could give you story. I had another trip with a guy out west to California and he wanted to go and stay on his farm and get into shape with some, you know, very conservative 7th avenue to you know, was you know, very strict and health reform. And he thought he needed to go there because he needed somebody to hold them accountable. And so we go out there and we, we dropped him off and we go into the house and the guys got this board. And he starts showing us all the parts of the Human body on the sanctuary mirrors in this war. Ok, you know, like the brain is the, you know, the most holy place. Anyway, and it was detail like, it wasn't just like simple. It was, it was broken down or whatever. Fortunately, we started to leave and we had gone way out of the way and got this guy out. He's like, I can't stay here. I forgot how oppressive it was. I got to get out. So we took him and you know, spared, but there are a lot of people who love to get into allegory is so exciting to come up with your own ideas. But it's not very safe when it comes to scriptural interpretation. And because the thanks very symbolic, it tends to be at the heart of a lot of these types of teachings, the sanctuary. So just a word to the wise. Ok, let's talk about some of the key elements of the sanctuary. I know I'm talking to primarily 7th day adventist here. So I'm going to not you know, be too elementary. I'm just going to ask for your help. Tell me what some of the key elements of the sanctuary are in terms of things that reveal to us through the sanctuary. And it's symbolism, the plan of salvation. Tell me some of the key elements. Sacrifice ok, and the sacrifice was if you read through, you know, the books of moses, you'll find that what was sacrificed, there are multiple different things. It could be sacrificed, right? But the, but the one representative animal that we often talk about, and revelation talks about what have you as well, allin ok, and this land had to be spotless. Ok, why? Because had to be thin, less it represented, being sinless. And why it represented jesus, why did jesus have to be sinless? Okay. Because if he was not sinless, he could not save us. He only die for himself. You understand what I'm saying? The way it has been his death, he would be paying his own debt and not the debt of the whole world. By the way, I remember when I was early on in my experience, I always wondered to myself, how is it that one man could die? And that could pay the debt for all these people like how is that just because when we talk a lot about the justice of god and need to be satisfied and all that kind of thing. Well how is that just I didn't understand it. And then I was reading, there's a book called 7 a never, ever heard of a book called 7 a it's, it's the if the volume connected with the South avenue bible commentary that has all the ellen white comments from the commentary in one volume. And in the back of it, it has the appendices and one of them is on the atonement. The whole thing is, is all these statements from l white on the atonement, powerful. And I was reading through all the statements on the atonement. And I came across this statement that said that it does not exact quote, forgive me, I didn't have this in my mind share, but since we're on this topic, it said that the, the law demanded because it had been broken. The broken law demanded the sufferings of a man, but christ gave the sufferings of god. And then it struck me and there were some other statements out there to such as did you know that the law is of greater value than the angels? marina, how can the rules be of more value than his creatures? Well, the reason is because the principles of the law are what are needed for the entire universe to have peace and happiness. So those principles are greater than his creation. And I also remembered reading that the angels actually wanted when they learned that jesus, the son of god, was going to give his life the angels. Oh, let me go. And jesus stepped in and said what they remember that from early writings. So so this is, this was where my confusion was early on an angel was sinless angel could maybe pay the debt for one of us. But ultimately that idea that the law demanded the sufferings of a man, but christ gave the sufferings of a god. What you see is the difference between the life giver and everyone else is amenable to the law. Even the angels are dependent upon god for life. They are, they are ultimately indebted to God to, to do as he asks. And, and so ultimately you're talking about value here, like, think of it this way, which is more valuable to 100 computers or the one man who created, you know, you get rid of the man and you will have a 200 computers that are going to bad and 2 and a half years, roughly, you get rid of the 200 computers and what make more, if infinitely more valuable, the creator than it created infinitely. This is why when people struggle with the power, the devil and all the devil, so strong, whatever i'm like, are you kidding me? I mean, the difference between the creation and the creator is higher than the heavens. Are you know, than the earth? I mean, it's a total night and day that we're talking about here. And so what you see in the sacrifice of christ as the lamb, is the creator giving his life, his life is worth more than all of creation. That's why she writes that justice when it saw the sacrifice that was made, he uses this, you know metaphoric language. She says justice came down from his exalted throne and bowing at the cross said, it is enough. I mean, it is plenty, you know, god, the creator gave his life. I mean it's, is that a powerful and this is revealed to us through the sinless lamb in the sanctuary. That's the power of that sacrifice offering had to be sinless, and had to be christ could not have been a created being. Ok. So now let's talk about some other elements and we'll go through this quickly. Other than the sacrifice, which is the key focus element of the early part of the service. What other things we have that we need to be aware of, Okay, think about the elements of the sanctuary itself. You've got the 2 apartments, the holy place, and the most holy place. Ok. And these are signifying different phases in god's plan of salvation. But they're also signifying different functions in god's plan of salvation. Ok. And we'll talk about the a little bit more other elements. Yes. The ark of the covenant. Now it's interesting that he said it the way that he did. It's also called the ark of the testimony. Right. And I could give you some texts on that. If you want to, if you're, if you're a note taker, arc of the testimony, exit is 252231740 verse 5 and 40 verse 21. There are 4 places where you 1st said to the arc of the testimony, but let me give you another one. How about the tabernacle of the testimony? exodus $3821.00. Numbers one versus 50 and 53. Why is it called the tabernacle of the testimony? What does that tell you when it says the tabernacle a testimony would? What does that convey to us that the testimony is contained within, but there are a lot of things that are contained within, right? So specifically, what is it telling us if it calls it the arc of the testimony, then it's identifying the ark, the importance of the arc is the testimony. In recall that the tabernacle of the testimony, i mean what they call it, the tabernacle of the table show grid, the tabernacle of the lamps, then because of the tavern and the whole tabernacle is identified by the testimony there. The thin tragedy in the sanctuary to the law of god, enshrined in the most holy place of the sanctuary is the testimony. And that testimony we understand is an expression of what of who god is. It's an expression of god. It's the principles of eternity. The principles of the universe, the principles of heaven here, and you have the principles of god himself enshrined in the tabernacle. And this is critical because it's right there in the middle of the most holy place, which as we will get into a little bit more also find its way into sort of a timeline. When you look at this sanctuary because the most holy place represents a 2nd and final phase of jesus ministry is high priest. And so what we understand then is that the end of time there will be this special focus on the testimony. I mean, if, if it's screening that to us from the sanctuary, the importance of the testimony, especially at the end of time, by the way, is there anything else in the ark of the covenant, in the old testament sanctuary, not in the sanctuary itself. That is true, but in the ark there was errand rob about it. And what else? The job, man, I don't know you ever thought about this but, but what you see right in the heart of the most holy place are 3 elements that are being challenged at the end of time. And these 3 elements are elements of a 40 or that word i said, authority, the 10 commandments. What's being challenged in regard to that, the law of god, and specifically we could speak of the sabbath, right? So the authority of the law, god, all the laws you know, have been done away with that. You know, there's all of those challenges against the authority of the law of god. It's permanence, it's perpetuity. And then you have also in the arc, the ah, the jar amana, what is mana? When we, when we look in Yes, in the bible, the manner represents the word right, mentioned live by bread alone, but by every word. So what else is being challenge authority wise? At the time the bible home idle is being challenged and it's, I mean it's amazing to me. If you look at modern day christian, biblical scholars, the vast majority of them, No longer believe in the reliability of scripture. You know that, like, I'm not saying that there aren't many, many who do, but the vast majority of biblical theological scholars believe that the bible was culturally condition. And that it has inspired elements in it. But that if not all inspired. So when that happens, which parts do you think are inspired the parts that agree with my life? Those are the parts that are inspired. And that's what happens. We become the authority, right? So the authority of the word of god is being challenged. And finally, ready to quit or after this and take a break? Is the aaron's rog budded. Right. And what did that represent? Do you remember the story? This is where aaron's authority, as the priest was being challenged. And God revealed that the priest turn through. Aaron was to have a measure of authority that may work doing his bidding. And I would venture to say that we have some issues at the end of time with people who want to do away with any organization in the church. That there is no authority in church leadership. All that's all hierarchy. That's from the catholics. And so we had this idea that we know there's, there's no respect for the world church in fashion. There's no respect for the leaders of god's church because that's catholic to think that way. This is not catholic, it's new testament and we're not talking. I mean obviously every true leader is a servant. Ok. And we understand that ultimately the leaders in god's church are they have delegated authority from the world, from the people, but still when they are called by god and recognized by the church, there's got to be in order for the organization to function a measure of authority and recognition of that, and this also I believe is challenge and last is fascinating. All 3 of those elements are encompassed in the most holy place, which is especially especially relevant to the days in which we are living. The, some of the elements will pick up right here where we left off because I have a lot more to say about that. And we'll make sure that you can share the 2300 days with someone before we leave today. So let's have a short prayer, and then we'll take a 10 minute break, father in heaven. Thank you so much for the sanctuary. This message is relevant and so often we get caught up and certain aspects of it that maybe aren't relevant. But we want to know, lord, how we can see jesus and what he is doing in our lives and how he is leading our church and this message in our day, through the sanctuary. So bless us as we continue to study this afternoon in jesus name a meant to listen to more of these presentations. You may visit the audio archives at M, I S T A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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