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God's Literal, Six-day, Recent Creation--The Church's Position

Ted N.C. Wilson


Ted N.C. Wilson

President of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists


  • July 1, 2010
    5:45 PM
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him him and what is the news evening in a row will you I is will a you will organize you these organizations along with our war or of emissions God is great word of God and you will work on as a adding another very large I have the opportunity to be here in person but I am not in that rally firsthand reports about what a blessing as it is in yes creating it is of course one of the most important topics and on Sabbath I will try to share a little bit more about that in the sermon that I have repaired I is a problem in that and anxiety a few moments later although you know I got here in time we had a special farewell dinner for pastor Matthew Mignon our outgoing secretary general conference wonderful man God I hope you will need in life your prayers and he is Lord that is when I use them anyway I told her this evening I want to share for a few moments eight prepares scripts on creation it is more of a sensational I approach them I saw to your in the last number of the evening they we had one or smaller is the reason is our way of reagent as it is your and science positioning I want you to understand from the administrators handling attorney certainly when he is being our ability by God 's grace is that this is the church will stand firm on those things which we have understood the pillars of our we will not flinch regardless of what may have we will not be deterred we will keep our eyes focused upon the monitor and measure how I learned will guide his people through smile in fact that will come as you will surely as I is not necessarily being artificially low position of his own they but I would say it is the individual eating on his position on the part of and I will share with you as we began I invite you now to come along a with me out of this world beyond the familiar result is that some of you are having your professional astronomers may see as you nebulous at best super galaxies through the will they all arrive in the very center of the universe to have itself throne room of God Almighty rate 's presence throne room is opulence not all pages as gasoline is not gaudy revelation for tells us about a marvelous throne room of God verse two revelation four tells us of God sat on the throne verse three thousand rainbow around the throne that looked like verse four thousand twenty four elders seated around the flow first five pounds of the power of that throne room lightning and thunder and voices seven lamps burning before the throne verses six and seven the lawn and verse eight income of a sea of glass microscope before the throne for pieces looking like a lion calf a man in the Eagle Beach these having six wings reaching these full allies and in January saying gay and I only will holy Lord God Almighty which was and is is verse nine dollars on to say that those beasts are constantly getting glory and honor and thanks God for statins LLP twenty four elders fall down before God and worship him throwing their rounds before this magnificent twelve and in what is wiring continually say holy holy verse eleven hourly answers those questions it says that God is worthy to receive glory and honor and power because he has created all things his way incredible creator God I praise God for the intellect articulation of those presented papers based on everything biblical account of creation very yes creation series right here at General conference session when you study the Bible and natural world many wonderful things including the strong areas or God as the creator unfortunately there are those who dismiss Genesis chapters one to eleven as allegorical nice stories but only a symbolic as I mentioned the other day on the floor when we introduced the motion in order to endorse two thousand four annual Council statement and I praise God that it was endorsed as evening that I believe is the Bible indicates God created this world six literal consecutive contiguous 24-hour days of recent works and we don't have only about scientist I wouldn't even present myself as a trained theologian but we that number is poorly little creation having a low flow is with you may have heard a series of presentations I prefer to believe in a loving God who took time to create us in his image and believe any cash having he was an meaningless evolutionary process unit is called using the grid analysis of all is the word of God by faith in the outline in the inspired word that gives us an understanding of what God did for us during that marvelous recent creation and of course what he did for us on the cross what is doing for us as our hiding reason the most holy place in the sanctuary and what he do for us in the user is our commenting guys are my creator provides us with measuring promises of his presence and creative power in so many portions of Scripture is just three places in the book of Isaiah Isaiah forty three versus five percent fear not for I am with thee I will bring I see from each and gotten from the West I was able to give up in the south keep not back bring my sons from far minorities in the ends of the earth even everyone is called by my name I had created him for my glory I have informed him gay I had made again things this creative power in Isaiah forty four twenty four thus says the Lord thy Redeemer and he informed me from the womb I am the Lord that made all things that stretches forth that happens along the spread abroad the birth find myself yet in Isaiah forty five is a need we did a race supremacy at every one of us that the Lord and reason as God himself that formed the earth and made he has established the creative not be named even more inconvenient I is the lower end area is now in order to have us remember that he is the Lord and he made the birth and all living creatures including us he gave us the crown of the week seven day by day to remember in the various Sabbath on which we worship him in about two days is the sane O sabbath they seek weapons that he created recently any a living room we agreed a fourth amendment found a course in Exodus twenty versus eight to eleven is so explicit regarding God 's creative power and ash it is laying for all to see is why we have is that to help us remember creating carefully ponder the words that God himself gave us in that fourth amendment remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy six days shalt thou labor and walleye work on the Sabbath day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God that thou shall not do any work downward my son and daughter of a measurement insert annoying cattle on a stranger that is within ninety days why for in six days the Lord made heaven and earth the sea and all that humanity is rested the seventh day wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day out canyonlands and now that they were probably you indicated that God saw that ASAP as was the essential and I'm going to Gonzalez was essential for man even in paradise you need to lay aside his own interests and resume resumes were one day out of seven that he might more fully contemplate the works of God and men hate upon his power and goodness he needed ASAP to remind him more playing of God I continue to vote and will wink and gratitude to all that he enjoys possess came from the button is an open relay for so asked why is why we are so a real honor and remember who are creating or the creator who refuses or is six O 's continuous twenty four hour a unreasonable we must understand and accept the Sabbath will also use IRS you'll like those who are his people and the very last days of her as just before Christ's coming I mean is not far away as so crucial to who we are and why we worship God the Sabbath is a sign of God 's everlasting love as our Creator and our meeting and is coming to consoles is an easy guild chapters twenty verse twelve ID and my son 's to be a sign between me and then letting my own that I am the Lord is sanctified so be happy and rejoice this is a today is that it will again at the end of every new week because it tells us where we come from why we are here where we are going it is at the core of a link controversy team Susan and I thought be on the ruler of the universe and our own personal lives as a whole universe is your very personal Saturn is a sign of God 's creative power is totally integrated into the last great proclamations of the world by God 's remnant people as they had discharged and proclaimed that you need three Angels messages entrusted to the church found in Revelation fourteen the first angel in verse six years the everlasting God the righteousness of Christ and his saving power is to be shared with the world indicating in verse seven and we should respect and give him glory in our judgment is come that we are to worship God may have her and see the fountains of water the first angel makes it plain that we are turn people back from work a worship on the seven A of the week which country is literal were a creation culminating those six days a day on which we are to remember that created that the second angel of mercy the world truth of God has been corrupted God wants us to remember him as the creator and we do so every week is the third Angel versus nine through eleven held world version only created culminating with beautiful this version verse twelve of God 's people at the end of time keep the commandments of God faith rest of the working chapter tells about the harvest of souls in the coming of Jesus Christ as I said I believe we don't send a sometimes and even where anyone who says I'm not sure I even know the hourly County only the father knows that but we are coming is that history began with God 's creative power and a history that will with the incredible creative power creation of God 's power are wrapped up in the proclamation of the three Angels messages that are placed in our hands proclaim engineer with the world that is why we do so as his villagers volume nine page nineteen LS that in a special sense so they are sending sent in the world at one and light bearers of that has been entrusted the last warning for errors in the world on his shining wonderful life on the word of God they had been getting a work of the most solemn import and what is the proclamation of the first second and third Angels messages there is no other work of so great importance they are well out nothing else nor is that I worship the creator and all things and in the reader belongs to re-create his image in our heart create a long-term television with infringers than his readers throughout the entire creator is also deeply about is that he provided me to do that and I you and me who cross Revelation twenty one he promises and you have an newer created by his mouse in the same way he created this current earth for he says in verse five Revelation twenty one behold I made all things to learn from the reserve ratio railway road signs of the Times March twenty eighteen seventy nine iPhone part of this the other day when we presented our motion I was on Wednesday morning I'm not mistaken everything is blurred your say so is a magnificent quotation infidelity on geologists claim that the world is very much older than the Bible record makes they reject the testimony of God 's word because of those things which are then evidences from the earth itself that it had existed tens of thousands of years and that millions of you and many who profess to believe the Bible are at a loss to account for wonderful things which are found in the urine with the view that creation to creation week was only seven literal days of the world is now only about six thousand years old these two free themselves from difficulties on their way by infantile theology I talked to view the six days of creation were six fax inventiveness this and they are not restless another definite area I'm hoping this is all well from testimonies volume eight Isaiah from inside the Times March twenty thirty nine these do for yourself is always thrown away by his ability always not used to read her bassinet they are not present another indefinite period meeting senseless before of God 's holy law some eagerly received this position or destroy the force of the fourth commandment and easy enough freedom promise claims upon but then infidels opposition to the events of the first we required seven thousand injuries with her accomplishments strikes directly at the foundation of the Sabbath of the fourth inning continuing makes indefinite and obscure that which God has made very plain is the worst kind of infidelity in the sky it charges God with commanding us to observe the week of seven literal days in commemoration of seven indefinite periods which is an online use beauty and his impeachment this was our Zen they have this fundamentally number six is out this is the creation account however it needs to be more specific reflecting the wording of the action we just talk Wednesday morning regarding two thousand four annual cow rest as he indicates I believe in a literal reason expatriation and that the client was global in nature in closing allowing the readings on selected lines from a lot of patriarchs and prophets resignedly in was inspired by God these lines are taken from pages one twelve one sixteen are found in the ninth chapter of patriarchs and prophets entitled interestingly enough the literal week that provides an amazing instruction as we go forward to carry out God 's plan to move these words provide a far better summation of the church 's position on anything that any of us has to listen to me over and reference and realtors Bible recognizes no longing which the earth was slowly all the chaos of each successive day of creation the saintly record declares that he consisted of the evening and morning like all other names that have fallen geologists claim to find evidence from the earth itself that it is very much older than the Mosaic record such reasoning has led many process Bible believers to adopt a position as a creation that got I'm going to paper from but apart from final history geology improve those who reason so confidently upon his discoveries have no adequate inception of the size of the men animal and trees before the plot or read less relatives found in the earth 's inhabitants and conditions are in many respects is the time when these conditions exist and you are only probably inspired is one of things Liam is able to access the tables of and no his efforts are especially directed against the fourth amendment because it so clearly points the living God the maker of heaven and earth God has permitted a flood of light duty or on the world in both science and art by the wind professedly scientific and treason upon these subjects from a nearly human point of view they will assuredly wrong those who leave the word of God seem to account for his creative works on site and is visiting without charge or compass upon an unknown ocean these verses are lost as the fate there should be a central belief in the divine authority of God 's the Bible is not to be tested by men's ideas science and human knowledge is an unreliable guide Moses wrote under the guidance of God an incorrect theory of geology will never claim discoveries that cannot be reconciled with his old crews whether in your revelation is consistent with itself in all its manifestations God is the foundation of everything all the science is in harmony with his works all through education movies will be used to his government science opens new wonders work you tease our high scores in-depth but he brings not from her recent research conflicts late open major and the written word shed light upon each other we are thus led to a northern creator and telling him in his work no finite mind fully comprehend the existence of power is the wisdom or the works of the infant one unlike his intellects ever cannot comprehend God man maybe ever search ever and still there is an independent neon in the works of creation testify God power and I and has all his people these last days of Earth 's history to uphold the lid a little truth it will not be easy there will be those who will attack we must march forward keeping our eyes focused upon Jesus the one who created the Sunday is church positions on creation of the global flood here forthright these positions are based on a literal reading of the word of God the estimation of his incredible power in the news a few days we will leave Atlanta and is fifty ninth General conference session is God 's remnant people entrusted with the powerful proclamation of the three Angels messages of Revelation fourteen as we love Christ's tsunami and witness to others about at home playing his grace and love for the human race maybe two patriarchs prophets and testify of God 's power in him


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