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Jesus’ Encounter at Simon’s Feast

Benjamin Ng
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  • May 28, 2021
    8:25 PM
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Father and heaven, thank you so much. Thank you for this time for watching over this past week. For the bless of sabbath, ours the holy time that we're in right now. And lord, I just pray that you would please draw close to us as we study now. As we open your word, open hearts and minds. Oh lord, draw us close to the throne of grace and mercy, and alumina, hearts, and minds with your spirits. We pray in jesus' name, amen. And so our study for this evening is jesus encounter at simon's feast. And so let's jump straight into this. It's found here in luke chapter 7 standing in verse 36. The bible says this, and one of the pharisees desired him that he would eat with him. And he went into the pharisees house and sat down to meet and behold a woman in the city which was a sinner. When she knew that jesus setup meets in the pharisees, house brought an alabaster box appointments and stood at his feet behind him weeping and began to wash his feet with tears. And in white them with the hairs of her head and kissed his feet and anointed them with ointments. So pharaoh see, he decides to throw a big party for jesus and he invites him and many of the people I'm show from the town. And of course, this woman decides to come as well. She was probably an uninvited guest, but I guess because the doors are always open for everybody. She came as well. And we know this story in somewhat of a fashion. We know that this woman, her name is Mary, and we can see this in other parts of the bible as her story is told in all 4 of the gospels, you see in luke here, we don't see her name. But in John chapter 12 starting in verse one, this is what the bible says. Then jesus, 6 days before the passover came to bethany, where lazarus was, which had been dead, whom he raised from the dead. There they made him a supper, and martha served. But lazarus was one of them that sat at the table with him. Then took mary A pound appointment of spike not very costly and anointed the feet of jesus and wiped his feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the odor of the ointments. And so this is how we know that this person who comes in luke, it's Mary, it's the same story. This is the mary whose sister is Martha. And the Brother is lazarus. And what's very interesting in the previous chapter of john chapter 11, we just read jumped up to 12. In the previous chapter, lazarus was sick until the point that he died. And jesus was the one that came eventually to resurrect lazarus. So mary, she had much to be thankful for. She wasn't just thankful for jesus saving her from her since, you know, she's to be famously and typically known as the woman that was caught in adultery. And the pharisees said that she was caught in the very act they were dragging her through the streets and through her at the feet of jesus, ready to condemn her and to stolen her. And jesus was the one that forgave her that loved her and released her from, from this problem. And this situation and you know, she had been possessed by evil spirits and demons. And jesus had cost them out time upon time, mary had much to be thankful for. Jesus had shown much mercy to her and her family. And so christ, he was close to this family. He had an encounter that we've looked at before about with the 2 sisters, mary, and martha and, you know, he had taught at their house even. And mary had the privilege of sitting at the feet of jesus and Learning from him. But she comes in to this feast at simon's house. He opened up a pot of me. I let the cat out of that. It was the pharisees house who we don't know the name yet, but we'll figure it out in a 2nd. We'll see it. But of course, the title of our message gives it away as well. His name is simon, but she comes into the house and she brings this box of perf to me, and she breaks it open and it fills the aroma fills the whole room. And grabs the attention of everybody. She, she's wiping her the feet of jesus with her hair and she paused, i'm going on his head and it just flows down. And, you know, friends, what's very interesting, how much was this perfume that she brought to pour upon christ and anoint him with this wonderful perfume. While we read it in John chapter 12 in verse 5, why was not this appointment sold for 300 pence and given to the poor, it was worth at least 300 pennies. And you know, when we judge things 2nd hand, that's why I say at least usually it's worth less after you've bought it, isn't it? So we will take that value $300.00 pennies, right? And, you know, at that time of penny is worth a day's wage. How do we know that? Well, in matthew chapter 20 versus one to 2, this is what the bible says for the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man. That is an householder which went out early in the morning to hire labourers into his vineyard. And when he had agreed with the labourers for a penny a day, he sent them into his vineyard. So we know that one penny is worth about one day's wage. 300 pennies, 300 days of work. And today, $300.00 days of work really is more than what we work in a year. But for the sake of calculation, let's just take it as a days wage. Ok, 300 pennies. Is $300.00 days work, which is about one years of work. And if we convert that, how much is that worth in our time to day? Well, how much is the person earn in one year while approximately here and laser? It's about, i'd say 3 to 4000 ring get less, stay on the high end, and maybe in other parts of the world. It's about the same, but just the same dollar value. That is about $50000.00 a year. This perfume was worth one years salary, about 50000 that she gave to christ just like that. And so this is how much marry loved jesus. That's how much she was willing to sacrifice for the savior that the one who had helped her. Her sister, her brother, her family, so much, she showed such great devotion. She gave up one year of what she earned back to christ. But upon seeing this, how does simon the pharisee react? Let's go back to luke chapter 7 and now read verse 39. Now when the pharisee which had bitten him for it, he speak with himself saying this man, if he were a prophet, would have known who and what manner of woman this is that touches him for she is a sinner. Now look, mary was famous. She was infamous. She was famous for all the wrong reasons. Everybody knew her past, it was out in the public. She had been dragged out on the streets publicly. You know, she was famous for all the wrong things. And she was famous of being a sinner. And so this fair as he looks at this woman, and you know she's disgusted that even jesus, who is meant to be someone more than just the normal human being, that jesus would allow this woman to touch him. And to the extent that he says in himself, what if jesus really was a prophet and you know, that's the amazing thing. You know, this pharisee did not even think as jesus more than a prophet. He didn't even look at him as the messiah. He had that little faith in christ. He said, if jesus really was a prophet, he would know what sort of woman it is that touching him. But you see he, he, he's just throwing this party for just for show. It seems, i mean he, obviously he's invited jesus to his house. Jesus at this time is very famous, right. And so he's so glad that jesus would come to his house. And so he must be feeling pretty proud about this. But he's saying to himself, all these bad thoughts about mary and even about christ. And we'll come back to this in a 2nd. But let's continue. It's Luke chapter 7 now and verse 40 and jesus answering 7 to him. Simon. I have somewhat the same to the and he say if master say on and so jesus being god, being the messiah reads the thoughts of his hearts. And now he's about to give him this object less than this little parable to teach him about the thoughts of his own heart. Let's continue. Luc. 741. There was a certain creditor which had to debtors. The one owed 500 pence and the other 50. And when they had nothing to pay, he frankly forgave them both. Tell me therefore, which of them will love him most, simon answered and said, I suppose that he to whom he forgave most. And he said to him, thou hast rightly judged so jesus tells this little parable. It's about people to people who owe a sum of money. One person owed how much 50 the other owed. 501 owed 10 times more than the other. But the master forgives them both, and jesus asked a very simple question, which I'm sure would all answered the same thing. Who would love the master the most? Obviously, the one that owed the most right. The one that owed $500.00, she is the one that would love the master the most because he was the greatest in depth. And so simon, he gives the correct answer. There is no trick question behind it is a very straightforward parable. Very logical and Human reason and logic would follow this. But why is he telling us, what do these 2 characters represents in this parable? Well, let's continue. Look 744 to 46, and he turned to the woman and said to simon, seest thou this woman i entered into thy house? thou gave us me no water for my feet. But she had washed my feet with tears, and wiped them with the hairs of her head. Thou gave us me no kiss, but this woman, since the time I came in, has not ceased to kiss my feet. My head thou with oil, thou didst not a 9th, but this woman had anointed my feet with ointments, the 2 debtors in the parable. Who did they represent? They represent mary and simon, and the way that jesus is explaining this parable and the application that he's making after it. It seems pretty clear that what mary owed $500.00 and simon owed 50. It seems pretty obvious right, that mary owes more than simon and then jesus concludes it this way. Luke 747. Wherefore i say unto thee her sins, which are many a forgiven for she loved much, but to whom little is forgiven. The same love a little you know as a result of being forgiven much, mary loved much, and jesus pointed out why we know how mary loved jesus so much. She washed jesus feet. She kissed his feet. She showed great devotion and love to christ. Her love was evident by the works that she did. She got this month and not only did she just give it to christ poured on him, she used her hair and her tears and her lips to kiss his feet and to wash his feet. It showed how much she really loved christ. But simon, he didn't even wash jesus feet nor give him a kiss when he entered into his own house. And this really was the work of the host to welcome the people. And when they came in with dusty feet, they were to wash his feet, but jesus had not been shown any such courtesy. It was a way of well, have got welcoming. Guess he should have given jesus a kiss, but not once. Did he do that? And especially jesus being so famous at that time, simon was strong the party for him right. Yet he did not even welcomed christ in the right way, being especially his esteemed guest. And so jesus, he makes a separation and he makes it very clear. Mary was the one that owed how much? $500.00 and simon was the one that only owed 50. But now let's think a bit deeper into simon, shall we less a look, look a little bit deeper at the life of simon. We already know that he's a pharisee and you know, of course to us today. That doesn't look very good. But what else do we know about simon? Let's go to another passage and the bible parallel to the story. Same story. Mark 14 and verse 3. And being in bethany in the house of simon who, the leper as he sat at meet there came a woman having in alabaster box appointment of spike nod very precious. And she break the box and put it on his head. Now here we get a little bit more detail as to who is simon. What was he before? He was a leper and I'm saying this in the past tense, simon must have been a leper in the past because if he was still a leper presently, guess what if he had thrown a feast, no one would have come except the other lepers around him. You see a leper was an outcast, they could not live with their family. They could not join society in normal. They had to live outside of the city. And everywhere they went, they had to cry, unclean, unclean, to warn people that they were coming through because they had a contagious disease that had no cure at that time. They were outcasts of society. And if simon was still a leper, even the prostitute would not have come. Mary, who was of course, an ex prostitute. She even. And even if she was a current prostitute, she would not have come. No one would have come. Yes, jesus would have come because he healed lepers, but no one else would have been there. It would not have been possible for simon to throw a feast for jesus. You see that? So he must have been an ex leper. And the reason why he's throwing this big party is probably because jesus was the one that healed him. And so he's so thankful he so grateful. But I want to come back to the picture of Mary and simon, remember, it's very clear. One owed 500, the other owed 50. Right. And now we know that the simon versus mary, it's what an ex leper versus an x prostitute. Now look, I want you to choose ok. And so if you need to pause the video or whatever it is that you need to do, take a moment, just 10 seconds. I want you to make a choice because I want to see your thinking about this and you can type of them take but type it there in the chat or right if you had to choose and you only had 2 choices and I know, look, I don't wish this upon anybody. If you only had 2 choices in the world, which would you choose to be, would you choose to be a leper? Or would you choose to be a prostitute? What I'm trying to figure out is in your mind what you think is worse, do you think being a leper is worth? Or do you think being a prostitute is worse and look, look at it from what? Which ever angle you want to. Okay. And then I want you to type it out. What would you choose to be? Would you choose to be a leper? Or would you choose to be a prostitute? All right, just take a few seconds. And I want you to think about this. I want you to consider it, make a choice, you have to make a choice. All right? Some, i'm expected to see many responses out there. What would you choose to be? I would choose to be a prostitute. Why? Because I can stop choosing to be a prostitute. If I want to, I can put on modest clothing take of ticket, think of all my fancy stockings and my high heels and everything and, and no one would know my past life. You know, I can choose to stop being that, but if I was a leper, i don't have a choice. I can't get up one day and go. I don't want to be a leper anymore. I would rather be a prostitute and change if a leper he changes in his heart. He still can't change and stop from being a leper. Do you see that as a leper? I have no choice. I am sick until someone heels, me. And so for me, I think being a leper is much worse. Look both the outcasts of society. They, there was a stigma on the prostitute and there still is today. And even the leper back then. Right. And remember, simon is a ex leper jesus must have healed him. Mary is an ex prostitutes. Jesus forgave her. And I believe that if you, you take a step back and look at the situation right about this parable bar 550 to me. To me and my heart simon owed 500 and mary owed 50, I believe in my heart that being a leper is much worse than being a prostitute. Alright, and look, the problem is what simon forgot about his past. He forgot what he used to be like and he looked at the past of everybody else. And really that was the problem of the pharisee. And with simon he forgot so much that he used to be a leper. That when he saw mary touching jesus, he treated mary's life light. She was a leper. Do you remember what he said in his heart? In luke 739? The bible says now when the pharisee which had bidden him for it. She spake within himself saying this man, if he were a prophet, would have known who and what manner of woman this is that touches him for she is a sinner. He couldn't believe that jesus was allowing mary to touch him as if jesus would get sick from mary's touch. Or as if jesus would become a sinner from this sinner. Touching him as if being a prostitute was being was having a contagious disease. Like what he used to have, simon put his own problem of the past on marry. And that was such a big issue. Can you believe that not only did he condemn her and look down on her, but she, he looked at her from the viewpoint of the disease that he used to have and not what she had at the current state or what she used to have. And look, I want to get from another angle ok. Because when jesus used the parable 550 right. When he talked about this parable, he was speaking in human terms. He wasn't speaking it from the terms of how god looked at it. Because you see to christ, sin is all on the same level. He doesn't categorize in one worse than the other, except maybe it's punishment of the end of time. But you know, sin it causes death. When adam, he ate the Fruit. He does of the die. All he did was eat the Fruit with acre. All he did was take of babylonian common and which of gold all sampson did was have his hair cut and to christ the prostitute, the leper, the murderer, the liar, they're all on the same level to him. It's all sin but when jesus talks about the 2 people that o different amounts, he speaking in human terms in human understanding for us to understand and you know, for us we categorize sin. We think in terms of, you know, level of badness of what is worse, right? I mean, for, for, for us what's worse, what do you think is worth a murderer or an adulterer? 10, maybe 9 times out of 10 would we would answer murderer. Right. What's worse, an adulterer, or a liar of cost to us. Many times, you know, there are, we had people who have different thinking out there but, and I'm calling you weird if you think this, but, you know, 9 times out of 10 we would think it is the adult for not the liar. How about breaking the sabbath versus stealing? Of course we would think stealing is worse than breaking the sabbath. Right. And we determine in our minds what is worse. We have degrees of sin. We have different levels of sin, summers worse, and some is not as bad, right. And we do this with our governance, right. A person who lives doesn't always go to prison, but a murderer does. It definitely does. Sometimes a given the death penalty drugs is much worse than someone who steals. They stay in prison, different lengths of time, right? So we do categorize sin. And so when, when jesus is talking about the 2 people, one who owed 501 who owed 50, he was speaking in human terms. And quite clearly, you know, when you go back and read loop chapter 7, quite clearly. We see there that jesus is explaining that mary owed 500 and simon 50, even though I'm telling you, Yes, I'm telling you that I believe in my heart of hearts when I look at the story, i believe simon owed 500 and mary 50. But why is it that jesus says, mary owes 500 and simon, 50 is not because I'm disagreeing with jesus. Ok. I know what christ said, but I really believe that the past of simon was worse than the past of Mary. And the problem is not that it's Mary really old. 500. You see in mary's mind, she owed 500. And that's all she saw in the mind of simon. He thought he owed 50 and mary owed 500. That's why mary was willing to spend a year salary on christ. That's why mary was willing to wipe his feet with her hair. This is why mary was willing to kiss the feet of jesus. But this also explains the reason why simon never gave him a kiss or never washed christ's feet at all. When he came to his house. You see, jesus was speaking in human tongue, not to the fact that simon really owed 50. And mary really owed 500, but how they viewed themselves. Do you see that the problem is, simon thought that he was better than marry. He didn't see himself as bad as her. He thought it himself, that she needed jesus more than I do. He had the typical pharisee mindset and what is that? What is that fair receive mindset? luke 1810th to 13, to men went up into the temple to pray. The one a pharisee and the other a publican. The pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself: god, I thank thee that I am not as other men are extortion is unjust, adulterers, or even as this publican. I fast twice in the week a give ties of all that I possess, and the publican standing afar off would not lift up so much as his eyes unto heaven, but smote upon his breast, saying, god, be merciful to me, a sinner. You see this publican, he was standing right there next to a fair sea and the fairest was both thing, but all his good works. I fast twice a week. I give ties of all that I possess and glad are not like this guy. This guy, this guy, and especially the one next to me, the public. And he looked at his own self and all his quote unquote good works. And they thought themselves the best of the bunch. And in doing that, they pushed everyone else down, extortionate, the harlots, and even the publican you see that they prided themselves on their quote unquote good works. And simon was probably thinking there, well, I just threw this feast for jesus. I am so much better than anyone else in this room, especially that woman who is washing the feet of jesus. But what did jesus say? How did he reply to simon's actions, so to speak? luc 747. Wherefore, i say unto thee her sins, which are many forgiven for she loved much, but to whom little is forgiven. The same lovers, little and it's not because jesus has to forgive simon as much. Remember, I believe that a leopard was a prostitute. But it's simon that thought he did not have to be forgiven much and as a result, he didn't love jesus as much as mary did. You see? The problem with us is so often we're too busy looking at other people and priding ourselves in our own good works. We think we think that because I got a better house that god bless me more because I was more faithful. You see that and where it was so pride so proud about our achievements and righteous things that we do other blessings that we accumulate from god. What's to caught up with our own lives, looking at our own cells and how good we are and look friends. If you search hard enough, you will always find someone worse than yourself. You know that if you look hard enough, you will always find someone uglier than you. You will always find someone dumber than you. You will always find someone poorer than you. You will always find someone that's made worse mistakes than you. If we look con enough and look out there will always find someone that isn't a worse condition than us to make ourselves feel better. It just depends on the purpose as to why you are looking out there. And simon, he looked at mary and he said in his heart, i am so glad I am not like this woman. In fact, I can't even believe that jesus is loving this woman touch him. He took it a step further and just judged her so critically. Friends, the problem is, simon didn't look at jesus. He looked at every one else except christ. Because if you looked at jesus for a minute, friends, you would realize how infinitely short you fall of god's standard. Not to give you a complex and put you into depression and make you sad and all depressed. No. But you will realize how much you need christ. And when you realize that, like Mary did, when she was at the rock bottom, when people held stones above their heads ready to stone her to death. It was in that instance, she realized that she owed everything to christ because christ was the one that eventually saved her. When we get to that point and we fix our eyes fully on jesus christ and nothing else. Then we have this humility of heart. Then we have this meekness of ourselves and look down upon other people as to why they are so bad and eventually pumping ourselves up, thinking that we are so good. But then we come to this clear realization that we all owe $500.00. We all are the chief of sinners, like paul declared that what mary realized is spelled that her sins were many and no one else's was as bad as was. But she in her own mind and estimation for it that way. I need jesus more than anybody else. On this world and as a result, her devotion for christ was strong. Her love for christ knew no abatement. She loved to the end. She was there at the very last till jesus took her last his last breath. She was there the worst on the sunday morning. Her love for christ was deep and broad because she saw herself as the cheapest of all sinners. If not because she actually owed 500 and some in 50. But simon thought, I don't need christ that much. Sure, he must, the healed me. That's why I'm giving him this party. But this should pay back my death. You see that? And so simon's mindset was very different. Simon's mindset wasn't about jesus. It was about him and looking at the world. How bad everyone else is out there and how good I am. You know, friends, there's one more twist to this story. Let's go over to John chapter 12 and verse one to 4. Then jesus, 6 days before the passover came to bethany, where lazarus was, which was had been dead, whom he raised from the dead there they made him a supper. And martha served. But lazarus was one of them that sat at the table with him. Then took mary A pound appointment of spike not very costly, and anointed the feet of jesus and wiped his feet with her hair. And the house was filled with an odor of the ointment. Then said one of his disciples, judas iscariot, simon's son, which should betray him. Who was the son of simon? What does the bible say that it was judas iscariot? He was just like his father. She was just like his dad. They were both judge mental. I mean, if any body should have been thankful and the most devoted and the most loving of the disciples, it should have been judas because jesus healed his dad gave him back his that healed him from leprosy. Judas should have been the most devoted of all the disciples. But yet he was just as judge, mental as is dead. You know, christ puts him in his place. You know, he, he, he defends mary in verse 5, he says, why was not this item and sold for 300 pence and given to the poor. Right. This was due to speaking this he said not that he cared for the poor, but because he was a thief and had the bag and bear what was put therein. Look at for 7, then said jesus, let her alone against the day by burying has she kept this for the poor? Always you have with you, but me, you have not always. Jesus defends mary and puts judith in his place. He reads his heart, he reads his intentions and he backs up mary and the act that she did. He commends her. But what happens? judas has wounded pride. He has self alive, and so what does he do after the whole feast is over in matthew $26.00 verse $14.00 to $16.00. Then one of the 12 called judas iscariot, went unto the chief priest and sent to them. What will you give me an idol and I will deliver him on to you, and they con, covenanted with him for 30 pieces of silver. And from that time, he sought opportunity to betray him. If you read the earlier part of matthew 26, you will see this story. And it was because of jesus putting judith in his place that g, judas, went out and covenant and made a promise with the pharisees to betray jesus into their hands. He goes out and instead of repenting, he makes the situation even worse. Why? Because all he was thinking was about his self. His own life. Like simon, he did not care for others. He just cared for the money that he could have used to spend on his own comforts and his own self. Judith, of all people should have been grateful, but it was the opposite. When he saw that money, all he, gold and perfume, all he could think about was that money that he could have had and instead of looking at jesus, he looked at everyone else and himself and found fault with Mary. That a good act from mary even became something that they could find fault with because of their own selfish hearts. You know, friends, i want to ask you this evening. How much do you love jesus? How much the love him? Have you focused your eyes so much on the world that you forgot to look at jesus to learn from him by sitting at his feet. And sometimes is not just the pleasures of the world and the riches of the world that you desire. But sometimes we look at the world so much in what we focus on the faults and the acts of others that we talk about it so much that they pre occupy our minds to the degree that you know what they do and what they say and how they dress, etc, that we forget to meditate on god's word and fix our eyes firmly upon him. You know, we forget that christ in the process because we forget christ in the process because we're too busy looking at everyone else around. Friends, have you forgotten to spend time with jesus this past week? Have you forgotten to meditate on his word? More? Have you forgotten her? Has the cares and the riches of this world, and even the faults of other people. And we get up caught up with gossiping and talking about everyone else and pointing out their faults, that we forget that as we look at jesus, we will see how infinitely short we fall of his righteousness and his character, that we will have no time to focus on the faults of others. Yes, some of us are in the position of being a leader or being a boss and we have to, to train and we have to help people come up higher and we have to, to, you know, talk about their faults. But in a constructive way, not in a derogatory way to make ourselves feel better. Oh, I'm so glad or not like this person or that person. I'm so glad or not like Mary. Do you know her pass and what she did and she, you know, she was caught in the very act. I can't believe that. You know, that we thought gossiping about other people and their faults and their problems. Oh, I can't believe that this person's a deacon or a deaconess in the church. Does the pastor know their, their, their past? Did the church know the history? Well, let me go and talk to them, you know, as if people have no 2nd chance in life. We get to caught up looking at the world that we forget to look at ourselves and friends. This is where I am thankful for the sabbath that we can refocus. You know, the sabbath is about stopping your work, isn't it? And sometimes we ask ourselves, what am I going to do? What am I gonna do on the sabbath? So boring. While some times, what we need to do is sit there and reflect on our weak on our life, on the direction that we're living. Because the other days we're so focused on self was so focused even in our free time on doing our hobbies and what we like to do that we crowd out christ. And we don't have a mirror to hold up to ourselves and see our self. And so sad that sometimes it becomes a drag of evil because you don't like to reflect on your life. We don't like to reflect on ourselves and figure out, hey, then you've got a problem. Got a problem with your life. Sometimes we just like to drown that away and with all the noise and the things and people around us, friends, i would encourage you on the sabbath day to take some time for yourself. Reflect on your life. The direction that you're going to, many of us were so busy, we fall asleep with a phone in our hands. We fall asleep at our tables. We fall asleep in front of our paper and writing away. We fall asleep without even a care of thought about what's going on with our own life. And we fall asleep focusing on everyone else except ourselves. On the sabbath time where god says, don't do any work. Don't make others work for you. Sit and meditate and ask god to help you to see your own life more clearly the direction that you're heading, the changes that he wants you to make and maybe see the face of jesus and how much he loves you. And as we spend time with him, I love will deepen. Our love will grow and grow deep and broad. A devotion to him will become deeper as well. And the love that we show him will eventually be revealed and works just like what married it. She took the years of her salary and gave it to the Lord. And to some of us, maybe god is not calling you to give up a year of salary. Maybe he's giving, calling you to give up a year of your life. He's asking you to at least start with one 7th of your time every week on the sabbath to others. It's 10 percent hiv then maybe 10 percent offering or maybe it's 20 percent offering. He's asking you son, daughter, do you love me? And if you don't, I want to just ask you to pause on this sabbath hours and come back to christ. Open your bible. Spend time with him. Ask god to shine his light back into your heart so that you can see yourself. And you can see jesus as we fix our eyes upon him. Everything else will grow strangely dim in the face of jesus. And so let's take that time this weekend. Let's take that time before we rush off into another new week. Or maybe you're listening to this in the midst of the week. But let's take the time to reset and recalibrate and come back to christ again. May god help us. So that and let's bow our heads forward, oppression we father and heaven. Lord, I thank you for the sabbath that we can just pause from our daily rush and routine and help us. Oh lord, help us to walk with you again. Help us grow deeper in devotion to you. Help us. Oh lord, to draw closer to father help us to see jesus and nothing and no one else that we might grow in love for thee though we won't focus on the faults of others that we won't judge others like the pharisees did. But that lord, we would have deeper devotion for you and for our brothers and sisters as well. So god is to that end. Ah, thank you, love being with us this evening. Bless us. Oh lord, we pray in jesus. In this media was brought to you by audio purse, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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