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Creation and Evolution: A brief history

Tim Standish


  • July 1, 2010
    6:20 PM
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him I know I know that as I settled in and I believe is available in the Bible is in obviously there will always as a few as all of our wisdom was only all the wisdom I yield to these verses are doing these about that is is is is a little mysteries I was allowing really led me scratching my head is one scene one will as there is no law they had run to download all the less there is not enough in now I read on glasses or stories I remember any money NASA is an amazing problems he is a leader in the Old Testament and God 's will is saying is talking about you and your equipment is is very mystery is I know that even will will and will not was the creation of the unit of all things some people might say lonely newsman on Israel is something you always say in all but somehow I have used there was a passive in what they write because Iraqis is is will is was is not easily one of all is there is not who all is well here is what Jesus was all I want to go as I have an alternate creator apparently will him him how legal and Elaine Myers was visiting as is I will write models that we have laws no really is only as I believe in creating online and I will easily go in my is okay and you will is a Asian time people is claimed that there was no law who he will will and that I'll realize I actually comes from it even all places that will allow the philosophy names on the is about philosophy and a brief spotting is that there is no final liberation o you know I will love you in your lives they are as long as while in an honest about his velocity is primarily lonely I is and what will you have from this particular school alone he is criticizing and was home I knew what was going on in the awful wrong is when desire is as a business is a way will be made on his alone and I have is you is or is taught as diseases man knows a lot you will you as is and he is not as well now no I really will I unitedly mind as a friend is Nobel Prize winner is a Bulls were in the Muslim masses around Bethany I is changed about three thousand meters long as you will you will know more about William Mason was as busyness and related organizations reasonable price you know this is a baloney a lot of people in Missouri he is not in on all is and will remain with nothing is wrong I know you using them as you have a visual new has nine thousand nine Saint Anthony Wesson was a because of changes only in how come from no resolution in and was that he sounds are unchanging they are being paid off the only thing I changed and rearranged in a way of his life when it was possible of velocity is is is will he find school alone on a Chinese necessarily how notable is a set of behind alone of all baseline well is is was a very interesting and no everyone on name alone is probably as a whole was entirely negative Margaret is the really model will be I was on because I is he is not as hungry as I made my little as I is you know and I is is is a lot of is in cash and cash negative Murali has the blue as I will will e-mail you love the the is a little and I know nothing is the enemy is wrong and everything is one and meanwhile you will love the annual of letters in his knowledge and wisdom he leaves as NATO as I and you will know as long as there is a giant pain on the right please is there is what is something interesting and him alone I know you are is is all you are and how he'll do something like this is the infamous is only made in the is I know was only one the law is believed by these as I unable to alienate his room we will well I weigh a rigorous way the law is have pollinated in euros and as a resident was eighty was a very unique and he is will you and all of his rivals and velocity that he really known as energy oriented and you will themselves of the blue and because the what follows no materialism phospholipids are and that the policy was used in the Navy as needed I have a zero zero season is maybe not so remote as you will and will you know delete again and here is along as well as is the only reality role now and necessarily believe in the delete delete in line is all in the sprawling is the only reality reality is what is in a as a whole is more I had my little is as lays out all the things you have a face to face out in I sounded accurate as you will lose some years later there is the leader the naturalistic origin of life and love as however as he is the night is lazily in the race is heating holidays people I believe about getting my PC that you will rerun the zero was the last time it was the will and so I is is and I will love alone is amazing and brilliant as he is amazing in my way and something that obviously I was also smart as I is that reality was completely unchanging elements is not rearrange to these are rearranged there is anyone saying now is how will the reasons of bizarre and wheezing he is having had provided as is was there a solution to the list is only this is the lesson that you he said we are now believe that endless I is is is and will take place without administration will and human health or age of eighty one of the things that I have is the latter glory of God you will is that that happens the landlord over the irregularities the facsimile season on the Muslim I have a body or who know that all these is in a I want to see why it is that he said these beings do not have anything to do with me as of the last meeting who at the same time enjoying how it was a lot of it was housing that is how old anxieties and you and I will always and what is in is my one and one in and go and I know into irrelevance this is not an easy going on down the regime is the one I will dominate is a nationally most beautiful music that was in you will hear I is regularly a reader in mind me so you know is right with the material will these fans vent and is will log in international waves you okay so you know is an in the the Harris though that is where we might all have invariably riparian the end there is not the right of the original assassin and lower reason of when I will will will be randomly as writing without being often involves alone will will address all hundred dollars moves really well made on your relatives and Israelis there is my son and notables all wrong I will what is the only reality I will race this kind of the lease is the day because they hear what will I do that because they are and how I hope resolvable host Donald was one of the people this is what he says his only library in language I can't do you see how anyone will miss Christianity leads group but I guess I will anyway is a lively you trying to the way meeting away as soon as the low net do not believe this living with my row and wool as will my friends will leave a lasting and in this is a down the aisle and I will very and will you do and how the system is in the lead agency on the dog will I say there is is a you know he is is how I help you will hate through green he is a here is an interesting man this is a bylaw that was written by SSRI and he had a as your velocity and is dialogue and runs a little about me as you will in all and it is an advantage during velocity speeding these is a is the energy resume for all arrest is also a flawless little while is made by nature and how he is instructed and that he had a presentation was lengthy to all people home without you will is so easy that Angel will create in creating and I have created will allow you will offer the policy and all his without the aid of some intelligence is in the unity as I is over and that they may do so the way these for his wife made our life will bring house presuppositions of the people alone they are not in United in all God 's people legally will pay and have yet based on the bowl on Sunday this is what they believe I have a long line right now always lose I believe now that will be mostly they are having a page I have immediately the easier it is Adams is what is so timely and was the design of the house is all available online and I is you have upheld as low as in many ways carried alone by the right-wing role in times of the presence for this reason is that these are all three files in my head is on holidays and my son is led and is rated I is a reason for living raises in mind easy as while it is in my philosophies that will remain in the low and high in vitamin C as I went relaying up with lines in as well one was stoic philosophy and the was an earlier velocity these loans will always en masse this was will will is will is will is will enable the novelty of it was really good not only God could be as you always reason that you will know that we will be intimately involved in an in a very flat out why no one there was only issues that will make you will is there a formula here is the same model as I will do is not a possibility in the design in the United and then you while I agree you and I don't like everything else in this is will he going to and I is you I is as bad as they will also arrange lazy in more recent times no one desires I is all how long a time nature is only slowly revived as I on the whole organization and in design and will I always slowly losing the fine as long as I love you will is very light on in his you I will always as easy as you will you is nonsense and in my life finally it will only be as a nonviolent way in my heart times you being the Epicureans I was doing anything is they invoke divinity and add infant and was very useful to monitor dollars as fine as long as I alone as long as you as you as you and I is an opportunity to all is not through because it has one usually have a finite probability evening I went to Bible will know in six zero run with a the island you will revise and it is not as is our millions is run by how he sounds like a theory is decided by you and will and in the past anything is possible will in our so this is not Israeli race I is is is the last dollars in glass houses and all the same as thoroughly ideas there is an is not a quantitative and qualitative is what lifestyle is remotely maximize function and the last time geology mines and policies area as well as an animal 's right eye is Aristotle made alternation of these analyses is moving out of the line mentality is playing in all my cells to arrange themselves in different ways require you to will is will is and will and will and will and will will and you and I will I will examine only his love of download is in the London old letters on you as a whole win in the beginning was the law is and what will does was with God and the letter is long gone and the Sean just behind me and I don't want to others I have maybe getting Sean was so friends Nell is not known in my life is that that is going on now I went to the origin of the Ivy League laws and I believe that the apostles what is is a you know they will because we know you know is they will not be enormous penal and will not engage in also in a way as unusual as well you will not only reduce whole and they made these brilliant and so why I was in response to this one is why I have made an ally and is these men say I will I is the only inmate today this is what the apostles is an on the basis of solid ones as well a 9/11 is over able all invoices will creation as well as in rooms one hundred and the invisible things of him from the creation of the world you see the understood why that is not made in his hometown and said they are without excuse is an angel as well it is not as bad as I is not cellular rereview is now using and talking that God created it is phase me inspirations and tell us about how we really bus so and I have over the design and creation is all I hold in my view the letter and what is at the same cause you remember when he is an eight hundred euros the laws of the next seventeen only now is there will not have remains a only it is all a call on one horse is the change that always losing your mind off time I will reason is hanging from an Iron Age is is is is is a is a violation of the rings is now in and is is a lot of prisons is not horizontal lines of will he allow so is led by the visual alone is the way while there is the money is the ones on the island of what he does here as long as one one that is beginning to as an is will is is and is not related as we that is beginning as we had was we has seen with our eyes we won't does I have an old all over my years in an is your area is as while I spirit as islands who witness is not an old is not a holiday that everyone will want I see my him hello I was now we see is there an and show you that is not a land with little was manifested unto us as we see in time as you then you will is and really is little is Jesus I is really a because listening I was I was calling you and and experiences with our senses and you glory on as a I believe eyewitnesses and all the shot is all I saw those difficulties and confusion and modeling right along the resolution and online we never thought about the war runs in a really based on a new with you snowing in which you can read that Apollo is the Christians will be used in the ideas and I is an camera not only and is winless in creating off to be honest in your and changing of you all laugh as I the enormous writing is is is you is beautiful without visible willow excelling as well as bad him anyway is below the video link so I is about all of also known as sparrow all my way lately to yet it is not this body I is that we will be doing what we did was create all use on the rare audio houses because all will will is not created because the need is is is all you need to do so will I personal and how is not as accurate as you will will will and his religions evolve as you use and will will and testament in June than the in well measured time I will be in on the surprises is saying is strain on his we do not neglect to all the clause of the line we do not and do while it is in the house we bought outright as long as our and will I must have an need you really I believe in it really is your all witnesses who will win in himself when he came to love and said I will always as an


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