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01 Righteousness by Faith Primer

Mark Howard Royce Snyman
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  • June 21, 2021
    1:30 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen father. Hello, how grateful we are for a day when we can come apart and meet together. And that is taken on a whole lot of new significance. We haven't been able to meet for 2 years. And now as we, as we share together from the word of god and look at the precious, most precious truth that has been given to your people for the world in these last days, we invite your holy spirit to be our teacher. And I pray that the words that I speak and ask for Mark speaks and we hear today will be the words that come from from the throne of heaven, drawing us to you and teaching us how to live in these last days in jesus name. While we are glad to be able to be together again after pandemic season, and to be able to share together some of you, how many of you happen to be able to attend or listen to any of the classes that I taught in the past camp meeting catch a few of those. Okay. The reason I mentioned that is because versus the next step and we are building on the history that we already studied and that you studied. There are a couple of books that I want to remind you of that are very important in setting the stage for what we're doing here. One of them is called on the return of the latter rain bob. Both books are by ron duffield and I want to make sure that you are aware of the importance of the history that we have and why it makes it clear that if we forget the way god has led us in the past, we will have difficulty non good, I'm emphasizing the negative, but she emphasizes the positive that if we don't forget how god is let us in the past, it will be a blessing to us and you want to be able to understand why god history, because it will help us in understanding the truth of the subject of rights, this by faith, the subject of writers is by faith is been pondered, has been studied. It has been dialogued about in and even argued about in the 7th day adventist church for a long time. And that may be not all bad because the fact of the matter is the devil does not want us to be united on a very basic and simple truth. At the end of the day, the subject will determine eternity for us. It's that important Especially in these last days as we're watching, the prophecies being fulfilled around us. We're recognizing just how important our connection with jesus is. And, and I really want to emphasize that this is not just about had knowledge the goose's of power. Our experience with our lord and savior, jesus christ. But our relationship with jesus is based upon information. That's why the bible is there. It is that which connects us with jesus. And ellen white says this to be able to put it into a direction for us upon the screen. You see the statement, it's in the end is near. We have not a moment to lose light is to shine forth from god's people in clear distinct rays bringing jesus before the churches and before the world. One interest will prevail. One subject will swallow up every other christ, our righteousness. And one time in the discussion 100 plus years ago in the adventist church, one christian 7th day adventists, christian leader, was hearing these messages of christ, our righteousness, and actually printed an article in the review and harold, entitled our righteousness. Not christ righteous. That how controversy all the experience had become and it's something we need to be reminded of and always will be. Christ are righteousness along with all the agitation and arguments have come a multiplicity of theories about rights and by faith. Often making a doctrine that really should be simple, awfully complicated. When we look back at the history and we see how god led his people from 1888 in the years that follow 4 principal, people come to my mind and there are others in terms of teaching, the word of god in simplicity. One was a T jones, one was the j wagner. Another was an allergy, white. And another one that I've come to really appreciate in my personal study is W. W. Prescott. In an our history time in a couple years ago and talking about this, we had a chance to be able look at with the messages. These individuals were sharing from a historical point of view. But what we want to do today, and then the days the follow pastor mark howard and myself, we teamed up together to be able to share the message of ration by faith in simplicity, trying not to make it complicated trying to make it straightforward. How many of you were able to listen to rather young ross's message last night? praise the Lord. You never know what another speaker is going to say. But you always know when the spirit of god is leading. Because the spirit of god is always saying the same thing. The spirit of god is not conflict. The spirit of god is consistent unified and he does that through his workers. 80 john's wagner. Why, ellen, why, why? prescott? They spoke the same message. Brother, john ross. I texted brother howard last night and I said, he's preaching our message and I'm saying hello, Yeah. Now there are times on. I'd say that's kind of scary because people will want to hear it twice by. We're going to look at it a little bit more in depth in the time that we meet here together. And we're going to look at some of these things as we shared the history from 18, as I've shared the history from 1888 and many other places. Other seminars have done it in similar ways. We're attempting simply to bring clarity by god's grace to this question. Are one of these questions? I'm going to leave you with some questions before I give the elder howard a chance to speak here. You see it's become apparent from the discussions that writers, by faith, really what is writers by faith, really, what does it amount to for us? And here's some of the questions you want to be asking yourself whether or not we can truly overcome sin and to what degree it seems as though that is the bottom line when it comes to this question. It seems that church has been working, walking around this question all over, but that really is the heart of the question whether we can attain to christian perfection and what that means exactly. Whether or not the overcoming and or perfection takes place before or after jesus comes, whether they will come a time when we will no longer need the righteousness of christ. And finally, how our understanding of these things affect our personal assurance of salvation. Those are questions, those are not the answers, are you with me. So that's what we're going to be looking at in the next 5 days to think answers to those questions with clarity and also by god's grace woodson was city. If not a chance in the world that we're going to cover everything in detail, but hopefully by god's grace enough to be able to give us a sure and, and direction of how god is leading his people. Remember, this is a subject for churches been struggling work for a century. And so we are working now to bring clarity to that message. But we do believe that we can provide enough of the common of the enough of the information that all of us No matter whether we have degrees or we are simply students of the bible. Which by the way, we all are only so the weekend, find the truth there and understand this plan. Foundational teaching. So are all our why don't you come in start to lead us into this? Give us some direction as we move into the the ology of christ are right. Right, well, thank you. Name in a couple things I want to bring out as we begin our name and had referenced the book returned to the latter rain. How many of you read that book by rhonda field? How many of you have seen that book by random feel? How many of you have been intimidated to read that book by randasia? Because it's like this. Dick. I'll tell you that I can't sign it. I never read the book cover to cover. I found the audio online and I've been driving back and forth the lansing from here for 2 years, working at the conference office. So it's great. You can cover all kinds of stuff. But if you want to get it free online to listen to or to download an electronic format, go to add vent, audio dot or g it. Well, I just want to say I said to both and then only told you one. The other one is worded in the house with his friends or my friends. Also if I run the field so, so I knew where you're going in. That book also is available, advent audio dot org. And it's available in audio format. One thing that I liked about listening is that ron duffield has done a phenomenal job with the history and he quotes a lot of the history. And it's extensive footnotes in the audio version. They read the footnotes in connection with the passages. Because you know, a lot of times you read the book is like footnote, i'll get to that later and you never do. And so anyway, those, that's a resource to get those, those book in electronic format or audio format. And then one other, I would recommend anytime anybody is studying the subject, it is. I don't want to say it's one of my favorite books on the subject. If not my favorite book. It's the little book by ellen, white color faith and we're, it's not one of these big bizarre of ages. Great. It's a little book. I talked to the a B, C. I hadn't heard response yet whether they were going to be able to bring some with them. But that book also is available for free on the l. A white app. And you can, you can read it there. If you're not into reading apps, you can get the hard cover. I just don't know how many they may have a copy of that you have some at the a, B, C, grab some faith and work back. They should have brought my coffee, but I'll bring one and you can see it, but it's just, it's about the steps to cry size, and it's a compilation of different things. When I say compilation like advent, adventist home is a compilation of paragraphs, but faith and work is a compilation of articles. And so you're just getting the full and it's just a phenomenal book question. Return of the latter rain and wounded in the house of his friends are wounded in the house of my friend that I see another hand. Ok. So I just want to say in this particular seminar, 1st of all, I don't know how many are aware of it, l royce name and how long have you been ministerial director here, royce has been here as well. I got here in Michigan in 2003 and royce has been here the whole time in different capacities. He has just retired. This is his swan song, this seminar, and I am so privileged to have been able to work with his brother and friend and to have been asked to help with his seminar. And so I know royce has been studying this, his whole life. And I have, it's a passion of my ministry, and neither of us would claim to be experts on it. We're going to try our best in this seminar to, to take things that as right, has said, have become in many ways, illogically, complicated, and try to simplify them. I wish that we could just present it without going into any of the logical terminology because it's loaded. But the problem is we have come to a point in our history of the church where you have to now talk in the thermal terminology we use and explain it so that you understand what the rest of the story is. And that's our title, isn't elders newman, practices? My faith, the rest of the story. Now today's presentation is called and former type of the title, right? This is I pay the primer. I don't know if they use the word primary more, but a primer was word. They used to use for a in fact, dictionary definition is an elementary textbook that serves as an introduction to a subject of study. And so what we're trying to understand this week is what the big deal is about righteousness. Why we need it, where to obtain it, how to obtain it. Practically, how do I get righteousness by faith? And why is it So complicated? I'm going to tell you that that today and tomorrow for me, are important to me where you ground work. But wednesday, Thursday, Friday, i'm not telling you to skip the rest of today or tomorrow by any means. But wednesday and Thursday and Friday to me is where the rubber meets the road, especially in our church today. Because I really think that in some avenues we as a church, i don't want to say with a church officially, but there are a lot of voices. Whether among lay people, pastors scholars in the seminary that I feel are going down a road that is leading us away from the truth. God wants us to know in these last day, I can't say more than that yet. We'll get into that through the rest of the week. So hope you can hang in for that. I'm going to transition now on elders name and it's going to tell us about the big deal about what is righteousness. And we're going to just tag team through this thing and, and see how it rolls out his name. And we're going to talk a little bit about what is righteous. That seems very basic. But if we don't understand what righteousness is, how can we really have a conversation about christ, our righteousness. And the truth is that there is a lot of argument over how that all fits into the christian life today. And that's what we, why we want to be able to talk about. There are some words that we have to discuss the years. Talk about justify. Justifications, sanctify sanctification, all of those kinds of things that we will look more at along the way. One of the words that's important here is the word deny you're seeing, say name, sorry, my greeks, a little rusty. And at any rate you didn't want to know all the greek anyway. You just want to know what the word means and how that fits in a year and according to a strong can coordinate, integrity, virtue purity of life, rightness, correctness of thinking, feeling and acting. That is what righteousness is. Righteousness is the thing. What does that look like? Now when we begin to understand this whole topic, what is the root of the word righteousness? You know what I mean when I say rude? Every word has, I mean I should say most wars have a, a root, right? So what's the root of righteous? Right? Very good, right? Right. Versus wrong, right, versus doing what is correct versus what is not. What god wants us to do at the very core of the word righteousness is the word, right? It's not according to your idea or my idea. But according to the word of god, it god's idea. We see in the book of isaiah for example, in isaiah chapter 45 verse 19 I the Lord speak righteousness. You have your bible, that's a good place to be right. So Right. So go to isaiah, and let's work our way through some of these bible text for a moment. Just to keep an eye our focus on scripture. Isaiah 45 verse 19. Someone read that verse for me here. I'm that I have a hard time juggling my bible in my notes here at the same time. So if you will read it for us, will be great. Just speak it out loud and I know the recording all wish that they had it, but we'll, we'll pick it up are ok. Ok someone read it please. So we're looking at what god has to say to us. Is god going to speak to us wrong things. So god is only going to speak to us right things. And at the core of what he is speaking is righteous nor you know, I, as, as I look back I've, I've been in ministry for 44 years and as slight correction to my brother, brother howard, i am not yet retired. I retired june 30. So I'm still full time gospel minister paid by the conference for at least what 9 more days or so at any rate in those 44 years is I have looked at this message. I've gotten some conflicting thoughts from people out there that I sat around. And, and, and just said, I just don't know where to go with this. And so, you know, want to basically did, I'm just confession basically one nowhere with it. And then all of a sudden, and I will not going to go into all that I've told a little bit about that before. As I, as the spirit of god began to work, not only in my heart but us here in the michigan council, the life started to come on. That's the spirit of god, right? The light started come on, then I started as I read the bible is that it's been here all along and it's not complicated. It's straightforward. A, you know, you see the word righteousness in places you never saw before. And then you look at it carefully and you say this or hard and the bible says it very clearly. Now I'm getting off track a little bit so I want to keep going. Christ, god is speaking to us righteousness. How does he define right and wrong? Someone read saw him look up some 119170 to one person who were who all of that versa. For me, you don't have to read it yet, just find it. So I'm 190172. Ok. Someone redo to automate 6. 24. 25. Somebody else do on me? 6. $24.00 to $25.00. Ok. All right, good. Let's go to saw 19119. I'm sorry 172. First please. Sole commandment are righteousness. So the bible defines it in terms of the law, doesn't it? righteousness and law connected with each other. Very clear to us. Are I due to automate chapter 6 versus 24 and 25 please. So the connection is with the law. Thank you both for reading. The connection is and the definition of righteousness is connected to law. However, there is more god's law than just a list of do's and don'ts, right. The commandments fall short of revealing god's righteousness to us in the same way that a picture falls short of revealing a person. A picture of my family is not my family. The picture come short of reality. Paul speaks of it this way. Romans chapter 7, verse 14. If you would, romans chapter 7, verse 14, someone read that verse was Paul tells us that the law is spiritual. A lot of people want to say the law is done away with, right? That's really unfortunate, isn't it? Because the bible tells the law spiritual and God wants us to be spiritual beings, correct. He wants us to be connected with him. Write this one down just to save a little bit of time here in psalm 119 verse 96. So 119 verse 96, david says your commandment is exceedingly broad at the point is that jesus is trying to help us to understand the depth of the law. That's why when he was teaching the people. And he said to them, that hating someone is equivalent to murder or last thing after someone is the equivalent to adultery. As in matthew chapter 5 and, and the sermon on the mount there, it was with jesus trying to say, it's deeper than just a do or don't. It's the condition of the heart is the condition of the experience. This is what makes a real difference for us where the saw 119 verse 96 was the 1st one and then matthew chapter 5. For what jesus is saying on the sermon on the mount, where he's speaking about hate and murder and last, and adultery. Matthew 52122, and Matthew 527 to 28th. The writing says god is outlined in the commandments and reaches beyond the surface into the heart. That's why isaiah says, hearken ye that No righteousness you people in whose heart is my law. That's isaiah 51 verse. Isaiah 51 or 7. The new testament word for righteousness. Righteousness is the greek word, dia, cassini, which is defined in the strong lexicon as what we put up on the screen just a moment ago. And ellen white says this in signs of the times, not, not signs of 5 t, i'm sorry. And she serves the thoughts and feelings combined make up the moral character. You see strong said it is correctness of thinking, feeling and acting. Ellen white says is the thoughts and feelings combined up that make up the moral car character. Righteousness then, to put it simply is in essence the character of god. When we look at the 1st selected messages on the screen page $198.00, ellen white says the righteousness of god is absolute. The righteousness characterizes all is works. All his laws. Righteousness is in essence, the character of god. He goes on to and should say and says in the amount of blessing going on says righteousness is holiness, likeness, to God, and God is love. It is conformity to the law of god. For all my commandments are righteousness and love is the full filling of the law. Righteousness is what? righteousness is love and love is the light and the life of god. Before we can talk about writers by faith, we have to understand what righteousness use. One of the challenges of courses as we define righteousness it begins to be overwhelming because I don't know if you realize that or not we don't have right, right. I don't have righteousness of myself. The multiple definitions of righteousness lead us to an ultimate conclusion. Righteousness is wholly in US, it is likeness to God. It is conformity or compliance or obedience to the law of god. It is love, it is the light and life of god. This righteousness is the requirement of all who will enter heaven. The unrighteousness of the world will not enter into heaven because the bible tells us the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of god. First corinthians 6 verse 9, 1st, corinthian 6, verse 9. Someone else read 2nd peter, 3 verse 13 2nd. Peter, 3 verse 13. How many of you want to go to heaven and be with all those sinners that have murdered and killed? And I, you know, whatever up or fuel as it goes, it goes on and stolen and a few other things. How many of you like to go to heaven and find all those people all there? Ah, you are listening. You are listening as good. You want them to be there, but not the same way they were on earth, right? You don't want the unrighteous to be there. You want the ones who have learned to be submitted to jesus christ and his righteousness. You want to be there because that is where god is and sin cannot. Matthew chapter 5 or 21 last verse here that I want us to read. Matthew 5, her story was quite a statement for jesus. And he was trying to help them to understand that it wasn't a list of do's and don'ts. That the therapies sadducees, the develop, it was gonna lead to the king and he said it must exceed that. Of course, that was matthew 520, matthew 520. So on the screen, ellen white said in gender 211886 from the reviewer. And harold, why cannot those who claim to understand the scriptures see that god's requirement under grace is just the same. He made an eden perfect obedience to his law. In the judgment, god will ask those who profess to be christians. Why did you claim to believe in my son and continue to try and because of my law? The gospel of the new testament is not the old testament standard lowered to meet the sinner and save him in his sins. God requires of all his subjects, obedience, entire obedience to all his commandments. He demands now as ever perfect righteousness as the only title to heaven. So elder, our come and tell us how much of that righteousness we really have. That's a sobering, sobering thought, and I have to tell you it's going to get worse before it gets better, but it will get better. How many of you, when you really think a little bit about this concept of righteousness are a little overwhelm? We should be somebody that I'm not overwhelmed so I believe in jesus. Even then, daniel, you know, daniel, the prophet who nobody could find anything wrong in his life when they went through it with a fine tooth comb except for how he worshipped his god. And yet when he came in the presence of god, he said, all my comeliness asserted me integration and I retain no strength. Perfect righteousness is a requirement this, this perfect character of god, rightness in thinking and feeling and acting. I think about that passage of jesus where he says the right your righteousness, if you're going to enter to heaven, it's got exceed described in the pharisees and it's so funny because it seems that generally we say all the parents he's they were so overboard and the mindset is when we believe they were so overboard and we just need to relax are and I'm not talking about they were overboard on certain things. But there's this mindset that somehow we believe in jesus will be less faithful instead of more faithful. And so when jesus makes that statement, he's saying they didn't even come close. The righteousness that's required of heaven is very clearly as elders name and alluded to a righteousness we don't have. And I want to elaborate that on that a little bit more. When I talk a little bit about the law of god, how many of you have christian friends who think maybe you're a little knotty because of the sabbath? You know, people like that. They like, ok, you're those, you guys know the law has done away with, have you have, you are encountered that mindset. I shared yesterday we were talking in a class we did for manual training on the law on the sabbath. And I just want to share with you something that came to me a little while ago. There just as fast as you know, your son. If you have friends from other denominations, christian friends who believe the law is done away with. They don't believe in law. They don't believe in the sabbath like we do, but they do believe in justification. They'll talk about justification. All christians, a believe in justification, were justified by jesus. I want you to think about something with me and that's what I told them yesterday. I'm going to take janice here and I'm going to say that janice and I, let's say we're having this discussion and you walk in and you don't need to know what the discussions about you walk in and you hear me say dennis, you're just trying to justify yourself what do you know that janice is trying to do? At least i'm telling her she's trying to have you heard that expression before you're trying to justify yourself? How many of you heard that before? How many of you have tried to justify yourself before? OK, so when I say you're trying to justify yourself, I'm think she's trying to read ok. She's trying to show that she is right. And, and perhaps she is right. You know, just by maybe she is right in justifying herself. But the point is to justify is to show one to be right or correct. Right. And I asked you, have you tried to justify yourself before you said many of you said Yes. When did you try to do that? Think of an instant when you felt you needed to justify yourself. When was it? When you were acute and listening carefully, the only time anybody thinks justification is when there is accusation. When there is an accusation, right? If the accusation, i don't need to justify myself, it's when the accusation comes that justification is needed in the christian life when we talk about justification. Where is the accusation coming from? And be careful. Don't say the devil. Because everybody says which is the devil's and accuser of the brethren. The bible tells us that. But I want you to go to your bible to romans chapter 3. And let's see what the word says about where the accusation comes from. Romans chapter 3, and we're going to pick up in verse 19. We're going to do a little bit here in romans 3. There's a lot of great stuff, enrollment 3. Actually I love the book around the whole thing is fantastic. Now notice romans $319.00 it says now we know that whatever, what, whatever the law says it says to those who are under the law that how many mouth every mouth may be stopped and all the world may become guilty before god. What is it the declares the world guilty before god in the context? Where does the accusation come from the law? The law condemns us as sinners sin as the transgression of law. Do you follow that thinking? So let me ask you this question. What is justification to a person who doesn't believe belongs, if there is no need for justification? If there's not the condemnation of law, if there is no law, there is no transgression that there is no law. I don't need justification. I don't need a favor. I don't be great. I'm going to tell your christian friends don't process this through. But the concept of justification itself necessitates law. And the bible says the law of god condemns all humanity under sin. Right? verse 20 therefore, by the deeds of the law, no flesh will be justified in his sight. For by the law is the knowledge of sin. Now we could talk about, I could give you a number of reasons why the law can't justify, but I'm going to go with paul's reason right here. Paul says, therefore by the deeds of the law, what is the word therefore, mean? Have you heard the expression? Whenever you read the word, therefore you need to go back and find out what is therefore you ever that. Therefore, the concluding statement therefore means for this reason. So when you're reading something like this, therefore, for this reason, by the deed that we will hold on a minute, what was the reason I'm going to go back and find out what is therefore what does it say in verse 19, what does the law already done? Already condemn me as a sinner. So how in the world am I going to go to the same law there just condemn me as a thinner or justification of being innocent? That's paul's reasoning, like the law already condemned me. How am I going to expect right to righteousness out of the law? And it's already said, I'm a sinner. I said other reasons could be given. But if a judge sentences you and convicts, you have a criminal. How in the world are you going to go back to the same judge and get him to declare you innocent who just declared you guilty? You're not. Therefore, by the deeds of the law, no flesh we justify. We can also say if the law has condemned us, I could say, well yeah, but from now and I'm going to be good. Ever heard people do that reason that through you imagine a guy, the judge sentences him to 15 years anything. But just don't. I'm never going to, I'm not no more assault and battery for me in the future. The jug me what? All that, that that counts his time served? No, it's not going to work. Please see we have a problem and the problem is the law has already condemned us as sinners. Therefore, by the de the law, no flesh will be justified all praise lord ruth $21.00. Now the righteousness of god. Apart from the laws revealed being witnessed by the law and the prophets, even the righteousness of god. Verse $23.00 for all have sinned and come short of the glory of god. Now do you remember jesus conversation with Nick edema in John chapter 3. Let's look at it quickly. John chapter 3. Course jesus there and John chapter 3, verse 3 1st and they deem is most sure. They said you unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of god. But if you jump down to verse 16 over 16, the most well known verse in scripture for god, so loved the world. And for good reason, the most well known verse and scripture for god, so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. That whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Now keep reading. For god did not send his son into the world to condemn the world. Can you say amen to that bull on? He did not send his son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved. He who believes in him is not condemned, but he who does not believe is Why didn't god send to sign into world to condemn the world. Worlds already condemned? Not that was where we come and do anyway. But where is the house the world already condemn? The law god has constrained. All understand if can if it's pronounced the sentence, the wages of sin is death. All humanity offend all. Fan and fall short of the glory of god. That's them both, that humanity is in and so the law that condemns us isn't going to justify us. I can't promise. Even if I could be perfect from here on out, say OK, there's still my past that had to to, to answer for and even beyond this humanity is so corrupt That there is nothing in US. This is why paul says in ephesians to that by grace you are saved, you faith, not of yourselves. It is the gift of god. Are you familiar with this verse? Not of works lest any man should boast, no less to think. Not of yourselves is not the same as not of work. What does not have yourself. That means in your own righteousness has to do with your works, not yourself, if not because of your linea. Just not because of your birthright is not because you are born into influencing well influential family, a wealthy family and notable family. It's not because of who you're related to. It's not because you're the famous evidence creature. It's not because, you know, there's not, there's no, there's no thing you can count on because of your connections that's going to save you and then not of work. Why can't our work save us? Well, we gave one reason that we're already condemned by the law. But the bible tells us, as elders name It is read, the law is spiritual, but I am going to carnal person. Keep a spiritual law. No, that's paul's whole point. And you read through roman 7, you find out what happens when a carnal person tries to keep a spiritual law. So we fall into that situation. How will the but the bible does not change the requirement for her perfect righteous unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom god we have already shared. But how much of that righteousness do we have somebody look up? isaiah 646 well known passage. Isaiah 646, and then were here in romans, we're going to look at something there in Rome and then I'm going to have somebody else look up roman 7 for me. Verse 18. I. They are 646. Who has that? Go ahead and read that nice and my 4th Ok. How? How much of a righteous this is roosevelt the reg? All of them. There is no hope for righteousness coming out of me. Who has roman 7. Let me go ahead and read for roman 7 verse. 18. Ok in my flesh. Well, how much good we'd like to talk? Well, good. I hear people all the time. So I'm a pretty good person. They not in fact I don't want tell. Let me, let me ask you, what honestly do people, even non christian people do good thing. Now do some people do good things from bad motive? But do people do good things from good motive, even non christians. Now listen to me carefully in the book steps of christ and I have the reference here, l Y says every right impulse comes from crack. Ok there's if you do, if somebody's doing a good thing, it's not because anything in you. In other words, paul says, in my flesh he's talking about in any of us, there's nothing good if it's good, it comes from god. And this is the message of scripture that all are righteousness. There is filthy rags. Righteousness is required of heaven. Righteousness is the essence of who god is not who we are in. We have according to scripture, none of it. Look at this statement here. This is fascinating. L Y, it says it's like a message by wants just speaking of even our religious services. She says a religious services the prayers, the praise, the penitent confession of fin, A thin from true believers as incense to the heavenly sanctuary about passing through the corrupt channels of humanity. They are so defiled that unless purified by the by blood they can never be of value with god. We're just so selfish at the core. I don't know if you've ever this is a confession of sorts. I suppose. Not that I, I want to think this way, but have you ever gone to church and shared something and savage school or you're singing the song and thinking I sound good to day. I should sound better than the Brother over me. I can or, you know, the way we just are so full of ourselves. And if you think you're not, let me just give you a practical example. You ever see a picture, a group photo in a group photo. Hey, it's a group photo that you were in. Whereas the 1st person you look like, how did I look to have something in my teeth, right? You got to make sure you looked good and then you will get everybody else. And if they are, some of the people get a better in the picture, were just inherently selfish. So the bible requires this rightness of being as the essence of the car god, that we have none of. And so the question is, where do we get this perfect, right, just think about the words of jesus. You remember the rich, wrong young ruler came to him and he said good teacher and you remember what jesus said? Why do you call me good? There is one who is good. God I that's the essence of it. Like god alone is righteous. So if I'm going to get righteousness anywhere, it's required. I have to have it. If I'm going to get to heaven, where do I go to get? Really one place? God. Which is why somebody woke up jeremiah 23 verse 6. Jeremiah tells us this and 236 and 33. 16 will look at china. Jeremiah 23 verse 6. Speaking prophetically of the messiah. What can be called the Lord, our righteousness. Why only place to get righteous. Now notice with me very quickly romeus chapter one. Verse 16. The great gospel text romans, one verse 16. The apostle says, I'm not ashamed of the gospel of christ. The good news for it is the power of god to salvation for everyone who believes for the do 1st and also for the greek. Because in it what the righteousness of what other righteousness is there. Like the point here is the bible tells us we need the righteousness of god. That's the only way we're getting into heaven. And that should be awful discouraging, until you come to a verse like this. This is off the gospel, the good news is salvation through jesus christ. Is that in it, the righteousness of god is revealed to the believer. Same thing, enrollments, chapter 3. Look at romance, chapter 3. We just read it verse 21. After it just says that No flash can be justified by the diesel law. The law of condemned all verse $21.00 says now the righteousness to God. Apart from the law is revealed. Being witnessed by the law in harmony with a law at the law can give it if the righteousness of god. And it's revealed. Verse $22.00, even the righteousness of god through faith in jesus christ to all to all, all who believe there is no difference. All have sin and Paul short of the glory of god. And I want to go to romans 10. I'm going to do this quickly and try to leave. Eldest name was going to give some concluding remarks, but this passage is as fascinating to me. We're talking about the fact that righteousness is the essence of who god is perfection of thought and character to the essence of rightness. And that's required of anybody who live in heaven. Otherwise we'll turn heaven into a place like this sinful world. But we don't have any of that righteousness the only way we can get it is through god, but god offers it through the gospel in his son jesus christ, romans 10 verse one says brethren, my heart's desire and prayer for god, for israel is that they may be saved bribe bear witness that they have a zeal for god, but not according to knowledge. That's a fascinating i could do a whole sermon on that. There's a lot of christians, i know they're a passionate for something, but not according to scripture. Not according to a knowledge of scripture or teaching of scripture, you can be excited about all kinds of things. Re animated about it. And evidently the jews really animated about some things also, but their understanding is according to scripture, verse 3 for being ignorant of god's righteousness, which is the only kind there it and seeking to establish their own righteousness. They've not submitted to the righteousness of god where we find the righteousness of god outline in the law of god. You know, in the context, watch where he go. Let me ask you a question. Did they use it? Paul saw the dues in christ day any day in paul's day. Did they submit to the 10 command law of god? Not like elder's name was describing from the heart. Jesus tried to point that out. What were they not submitting to jesus like I except the law, but I don't accept jesus. Now notice paul's conclusion here. They being ignorant of god's righteousness, a thing to establish their own righteousness have not submitted to the righteousness of god for christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believe now we were that word in are christian friends like to have fun with that, but you heard the phrase, the end justifies the means, right. What does that mean? The end justifies the means. That's like saying, you know, if I have a certain outcome, the end is the outcome. And if I have to lie, cheat and steal to get there, as long as the outcome is good, the end is good. That justifies all the means. I used to get there. Okay, any word that word end means the outcome. That's how it's used here. Different newer translations actually don't use that, that expression, some of them do. Some of no christ is the outcome. Christ is the end, the end goal of the law for righteousness. Now let me ask you what the purpose of the law is according to scripture. Galatians $324.00 says the laws are schoolmaster to lead us onto christ. To God give the law to justify us. What did he give the law for? The romans chapter 3 verse 20 by the law is the knowledge of soon all the law can do is tell me how to harmony. I am with the candidate fix me know where do I go to get fixed? The law is the end of christ, is the end of the law for righteousness. The laws pointing me to jesus like here you are out of harmony and the role of the last appointment of jesus for righteousness. So I can go back and be in harmony with the walk through the righteousness of christ. No, no watch were pulled out here. I've got to do this quickly, but he says verse 5 for moses writes about the righteousness, which is of the law, the man who does these things shall live by them. But the righteousness of faith speaks in this way. And incidentally, he's quoting moses here too. And fascinatingly, he's quoting moses, i wish time permitted me to do it. You go back to do to ron of me. And moses is talking to the children of israel about their disobedience. And he's telling them that the day will come when you'll be repentant. And you'll call out to God, and in that day he is going to bring you back to this land and all the courage pronouncing the blessings and cursing of the law. He says, you know, if you don't go live country to law, if you don't live according law, god, your country, you're going to be receiving the curses and you're going to be taken captive, etc, etc. But when you return to God, god will bring you back into the land and he'll circumcise your heart and he'll fill your heart with a delight to do his will to talking about conversion, right? And in that context he says, don't say in your heart, and this is verse 6. Don't say in your heart who will ascend into heaven now in deuteronomy, he's talking about to bring this law down to us or who will go across the sea to bring it to us. And again, I apologize just don't have time to get into it. But the point and I want you to get is, is when he, when moses is talking to the people in deuteronomy and he's talking in the contact for their failed obedience to God. They have come to a point where in their mind it is just on attainment ok. You don't need to know everything else, but you know what I just said now. You just feel like I'm never going to get there. It's unattainable. How am I, who's going to bring this down to me? You're get me to, I can't get from here to there. Paul takes that connection with the law and brings it in to the experience of righteousness by faith in christ noticing verse 6. But the righteousness of faith speaks this way. Do not say in your heart who will offend in heaven to bring christ down from above or who will descend into the bill to bring christ up from the dead. But what does it say? The word is near you in your mouth and in your heart, that is the word of faith that we preach. Now what do you thing here is when you feel like the righteousness of christ is so unattainable and how do I get it? Do I go over a year at or I go over there and how many? He says the word of faith brings it to you. When you, as he goes on, if you confess with your mouth, the Lord jesus m believe in your heart, god raised him from the dead. You will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness. Now I believe it is new american standard says with the heart one believes resulting in righteousness. So this righteousness that so an attainable that we're reading it as like, I can't get it pulses. If you believe in the promise of god through jesus christ, you don't have to make some far journey. You confessed the Lord jesus in the righteousness of christ, comes to you. Now we're going to talk about more about how this works tomorrow. And notice what he said, verse 10 again with the heart one believes under righteousness and with the mouth, compression has made the Salvation for the scripture says whoever believes on what will not be put to shane, you know, you feel like I'm going to fail. There's no way I'm going to make it pulses, listen, if not unattainable, righteousness of god is not unattainable to you. It's available through jesus christ. When you confess, the Lord jesus, his righteousness comes to you and you're not going to be brought to shame. Because the right price will be a free gift to you that make sense. I'm going to bring out a statement up to, sorry, i'll say when I were over time and I'm blaming you now because We're all the old saying that's right. We are all say of here we're all guilty. That's why we need jesus less. But let's keep it simple. Not complicate. We're talking about righteousness. The real thing. Real rights, the bible definition of righteousness that comes from god available to us in only one way In use. It's just that simple. We've made it comparable. The paul keeps it simple, even though it's complicated. Sometimes the still look at the statement. Ellen, while she says righteousness is holdings, likeness, to God, and God is love. It is conformity to the law gone for all like man, it's righteousness and love is the filling of the law. Righteousness is love, love is the light and the life of god rises from god as embodied in christ. We receive righteous by receiving him. So we want to talk as we continue on in our study in the next few days. There are some words I get passed around imputed in part or what is the connection with a sanctuary? sanction or sanctuary is a precious truth that god has given to God people. It can next to the message of writers by say, in a tremendously powerful way. That's what we're headed for the next 4 days. And by god's grace you and I, pastor mark will understand this whole concept even better. But it's simple. Christ is like one thing and that's pretty good bothering heaven. What an amazing blessing is, the righteousness of christ, completely and wholly undeserved father, and yet given so generously. I pray, father, that throughout this week not just in this meeting, but across this camp. That we would clearly understand how to appropriate the righteousness of christ. How to exercise faith in jesus and leave this camp ground as new creatures in christ bother. We thank you for your love and your mercy. We pray for your continued the guidance of your spirit throughout this day and all of the different seminars and classes. We pray for our adult class, we prefer young people that we would all come closer just a little closer today to react in previous things and his name To listen to more of these presentations, you may visit the audio archives at M, I S T A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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