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02 Righteousness by Faith and Justification

Mark Howard Royce Snyman
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  • June 22, 2021
    1:30 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen bothering heaven most and warble thing we can talk about it. Jesus was important. Person talk about was important subject who can talk about what he has done as we talked today right now. Right. Right. And may your holy spirit, once again, teach us and help us understand you. Thank you and jesus As this is a real all the whole issue, the real conundrums in the conundrum. My definition of conundrum is this so much you want to do so much you want to say, how do you say it all? And how do you accomplish it? All, you know, in camp meetings, after 1888, alan white jones and wagner went around preaching the gospel message, the most precious message. And as they went from camping to camp meeting they, they, you know, their camp meetings were on pants. You think, I don't mean in tense, but they were filled to capacity with the bible study and, and, and interaction. And we do that here, but I think were more relaxed here than those camp meetings probably were. And they were packing every message in every, every presentation with, with a gospel message. I mean, when wagner and jones and l Y would speak, made speak for an hour and an or 2 or whatever it was in and that message. And then the next one would continue on with that. And they continue on with that message all day long. And, and, and will, however long can meeting when and, you know, I think about all we'd like to say in some ways we're going the opposite direction. Instead of trying to overload, we are trying to synthesize, trying to simplify the message which has its problems. Because there are things that we are leaving out that we might be able to include. Somebody might say, well, you know, this is so much all we could be talking about. What about this part of the message and that part of the message? Absolutely. There's so much we could be talking about and over the last couple of years, as I said, when I started yesterday, when we started yesterday, we were talking about a the history of this presentation and the content. Some of that content is of the authors. Jones, wagner, prescott, ellen, white in the messages this year. And I feel i feel as though there's so much we want to talk about. And yet we want to make sure that the message is clear and simple. As a way of being able to say, all right, the message of writers by faith is not complicated. And as we said yesterday, we were just talking about a plumber or a primer. I think you say trimmer or that book that might be in a, in a classroom that was the beginning of Education. By that we need a primer to get the got whole messages out and full where it needs to be. We learned yesterday that righteous is the holiness rightness, goodness uprightness, correctness the thinking, ceiling and acting, perfect conformity to god's law. Among other things, righteousness is the essence of who god Is. God wants to see his character reproduced on his people And as such as we understand verse, we recognised that righteousness it originates from god is exclusive in the sense that god alone is righteous humanity. On the other hand, that to us Have a problem. We will have a shred of righteousness and yet without it, No one will enter heaven. So that's another conundrum problem. But there is good news is known as the gospel which is good news. A man that is a god offers is perfect righteousness to us from the person of his son jesus christ. And we put our trust in god and choose to accept the righteousness of christ in place of our sins. It becomes ours by faith. Yes. We are able to receive the righteous righteousness of god in the only way we can receive it. You can't pay for it With an only acceptable by Say in jesus christ. There's a reason why we talk about righteousness by faith. And we get in trouble when we start putting something else in there. And we try to say, well, they've got to have this part and got to have that part. It all is centered on faith because there's no other way for us to be able to receive and accept the righteousness of christ. But we want to understand more in depth about that. And so we're going to dig a little deeper as we start to look at those words, we hinted that yesterday computed on parted. So brother howard come and share with us, where are we had it? All right, morning everyone. Before I go into what I'm going to cover, i just like to ask the Lord for your guidance as we look at this topic. Heavenly father, we are just grateful to be here. Fellows shipping with one another. Being able to open your word and study together and having a confidence the spirit of truthful gratitude to offer. Or this is our warning, not just in the seminar, but over throughout the campground. We thank you for the messages we've already heard. As they have uplifted christ and we just prayed for more and more of the thing, we thank you for hearing an answer or you asking to name them. I like what the elder name of the thing there. I mean, the bottom line is righteousness by faith is simply righteousness, no other way. You can't get righteousness by work. You can't get righteousness by your, your birth, right? You can't get registered for an amount of money. The only way you can get it is by faith, it is the righteousness of god. And you alluded to this all the same and the gospel is good news for reason. And that reason we looked at yesterday in romans one, if you have your bibles, you can look at it again today. Very well known passage. Romans chapter one verse 16 actually 1617. The bible says, I am not ashamed of the gospel of christ, for it is the power of god, unto salivation for every one who. What believes for the do 1st and also for the greek. Because that word for means because this is why it's good news because in it the what the righteousness of god, that's the, that's the thing I need. That's the thing you need the righteousness of god. Where can I find it in the golf was revealed notice from face to face. If you have faith in christ, the righteousness of god is revealed as accessible to you in me as we learned yesterday. Now, one of the challenges and eldest native mentioned this hat. Why it's, it's certainly as the conundrum when you're trying to present righteousness by faith. When you have millennia of the ology, you can't escape theological terms and too often theological terms really don't edify lady We in. And even if I dare say non theological terms, let's talk about imputed righteousness. The word imputed appears nowhere in the new international bible. Many of the theological biblical terms we use came when they all read king jane. And so now many people, i'd say the majority of christians don't read the king james. And yet we still have terms and people are totally unacquainted with what they mean. And you can't go to the bible to find what they mean because they're not there in the bible they computed where is that in the king james version in the context of the story of abraham where it's typically associated, well, specifically where it says abraham believed god and it was imputed to him for righteousness. You don't find that in Paul account enrollment. You have to go to the book of james, take your bible and go with me to james. Right after hebrews, you have the book of james james chapter 2, verse 23. Back we're going to open up here and we're going to close here today. James, Almost james to verse 23. Bible says and the scripture was so filled, which says abraham believed god. And I'm really going to New king james. This isn't it? With a counted him for righteousness, i'd have to be reading the king james to get the word imputed. Okay. Now in the new king james, i will find the word imputed in romans chapter 4, where talk otherwise about abraham. But in this particular ver, both here in james, when he quoted quoting genesis 156, when abraham came back, we're going to get into that. And ah, paul quotes in the same place in romans for polk. Well, I can't say, paul says it said that it was the faith of abraham with counted his righteousness and rooms for free, says he was accounted here. Both of them are using the same greek word and that greek word is the word we'll give them mine. I'm going to get into that in just a minute. But when we're talking about righteous suspect, a typically you'll hear words like imputed. I mean, if you heard the word imputed before the imputed righteousness. And with the other word reuse, imparted imputed in parted, and they're tied in with the concepts of justification and saying if occasion not going to get into glorification a whole lot right now. But these are the then the main term. Typically we talk about our justification and thank if case imputed in part. A justification is what happens when we 1st come to christ. Oftentimes it said to be the work of an instance or work of a moment when I except christ. In that instant, i stand before god justified, just as if I had never sin. And I think ross brought that up the other night from that point on begin the process of thanksgiving cation, which is the work of a ok. You've heard that before now and why it makes it a very great clarifying statement here in this is review and healed june for 895. She says the righteousness by which we are justified is imputed the righteousness by which we are. Thank the fight is imparted. The 1st is our title to heaven. The 2nd is our fitness for heaven. Though just to graphically illustrate this and I want you to notice something in fact take your bible. And we're going to delve into thanks cation in more detail. Not so much today, but I do want you to see this in the book of acts acts chapter 26. And we're going to start in verse 17. X 26, and birth 17. Now on our bible, this is in red letter, paul talking about his conversion experience and, and this is part of what jesus told him on the road to demand. He says, I will deliver you from the jewish people as well as from the gentiles to whom I now send you to open their eyes in order to turn them from darkness to light and from the power of fate to God that they may receive forgiveness of sins and in inheritance among those who are what thank fight, how by faith in meet, what kind of faith. I know that sounds kind of silly, but here's what I'm getting at the very same faith that justifies me. Thank 5. I don't choose a different kind of faith, i don't. So I'm going to give, i'm going to give this kind of faith now in this kind of a later I believe in the promises of god. And through that believe through that faith experience I receive justification through the intuitive righteousness of christ and the very same faith. Incidentally, that gives me my title to heaven in that moment I stand before god just as if I never said in the righteousness of christ and I am, I have my title to heaven despite the fact that I'm not fit for heaven. Despite the fact that I may not be living, the righteous life, righteousness of christ is credited to me by faith. That same faith brings to me thank if occasion through be imparted righteousness of christ which provides the fitness for heaven. All of it is the work of christ. All that comes through faith. And the title to heaven is the work of an instant apprentice for heaven is the work of a lifetime. That's basically that statement that we just read by ellen, right? Both of them are part of the experience of righteousness by faith. One can't exist without the other. It's been equated to justification when I 1st receive christ born again through the spirit. It's been equated to being born. Where thank if occasion has been created to staying alive, which one's more important? Kind of hard to figure that out. Right. And l Y commented on that sometimes people like to I'll just read the things you can read or with me. Now that's what I says here, she says many commit the error of trying to define minute li, the fine points of distinction between what justification and think of the case. Now there are points of distinction. She just mentioned points of distinction. But notice where she says the dangerous into the definitions of these 2 terms. They often bring their own ideas and speculation. And so yeah, we understand there's justification. Thank you very well. Here's what you don't know about them. And all by scientific is it, and it gives an opportunity to confuse what should be simple. Why try to be more minute than is inspiration on the vital question of righteousness by faith. Notice how she finished his statement. He says, you are in danger of making a world out of an atom an an atom out of a world right over stressing some point. It shouldn't be stressed in minimizing points. That probably should so she cautioned her off that ground. There are the distinctions we're going to be talking about the distinctions this week, but today our subject is the imputed righteousness of christ. As I mentioned, the word imputed is a king james word my own and james, 223. It's found in some other translation, but it comes from the greek word law gives the mind. Now, this is an interesting word. The same word is translated reckoned and imputed in the king james. And other words, well, let me go on in classical greek in the pyre i and this is out of the bible commentary, their comment on this word, in the classical greek and in the pyrite, the term was used in connection with the keeping of accounts. Abraham's faith was set down on the credit side for righteousness. It's an accounting term, so it would be like you have a 0 balance in your checking account. If somebody imputed something to your account, suddenly you show that. And the thing that's imputed is righteousness, the righteousness of christ in the context of what we're talking about. Now, interest, let me show you one thing to take away from where other name is going to go here. If you go with me to the romans for. I want to show you just a few places where we, where we see this word, the greek word, you're not, you know, different revelations, translated, accounted, counted, reckoned, imputed, it cetera. Romans, chapter 4, verse 3, the bible says 4, what does it start with verse one? We might as well another same as good review, some of the think. What shall then shall we say that abraham our father is found according to the flesh for if abraham was justified by work, he has something to boast about. But not before god. What does the scripture say? abraham believed god and it was what account did anybody have a different than account that was reckoned right? reckon counted, accounted log into the mind that stored their imputed unto him for righteousness like a deposit that wasn't there before. That didn't come from him. It came from somebody else. Now diverse more now to him who works. The wages are not counted as grace, but as debt. But the him who does not work with believes on him who justifies the ungodly. His faith is a counted log into my for righteousness, just as david also describes the blessedness of the man. To whom god low gives him, I impute righteousness apart from work. So they are in the new king james, the word verse 10 says, well versed 9, does his blessedness come upon the circumcised only or upon the uncircumcised also for we say that faith was accounted elbow, gave them the same word and I just lost my place for right to abraham for righteousness, verse 10. How then was it lo give them I while he was circumcised. So you get the idea it appears in many different places. But here's what's interesting. In the course of scripture, i think I did write it down here in the king james version. This greek word appears 13 times 6 of those in the story of abraham 5 of them in chapter 4. So in other words, of all the places in scripture, this chapter, this, this concept of accounting righteous. The apostle paul uses this concept especially in the story of abraham. And the main takeaway here is that the history of abraham is the apostle paul chosen vehicle of thought to communicate in practical terms how a person is justified by faith. So we want to delve into this story of abraham paul saying this history, this story of abraham can give us a practical understanding of how we are made righteous by faith, how righteousness, the righteousness of christ is imputed to us. And eldest name is going to pick up on the story of abraham here in romans chapter 4. Amazing is the story of abraham. I mean, you look back at him. One thing I like about abraham. He was human But his mistakes are obvious. And yet the Lord is able to talk to us through his experience of the tremendous faith that he had to stop and think about it for a moment. Abraham is in this foreign gun, i mean, in his own country, and he's told by god, now I want you to go to a country. You've never been to. You have no idea where you're going. He had no, you know, he had no travel brochures to see where he was headed. He had no drawn thing, could fly over there and take a look at the country. He couldn't send anybody out there. He was just told go, just go, just go. Amazing that he would just and you know, it was he had to pick up is the whole family experience and go, you know, put them on camel, put them on horses, put them on doggies, whatever one is he was going to use. And off they marched, going to where he was now. I'm getting really ready to retire. I'm not as old as he was. When he was told to go and ask how he was starting his life. He was starting over again. I'm not ready to start over again. I'm ready to kind of settle down, but he was ready to go. God said, now I need you to go and to do that, this is just amazing to me how abraham was able to do this. And you know, god says abraham, i have found a beautiful retirement spot for you and your family, sarah, that we said, no, it was, I have a place for you to go in genesis to open to genesis because when look at another place. But I'm going to be reading from chapter 12 versus one to 3, and then you'll be able to slip over to 15, where we're going to go chapter 15 here in a moment. But he simply says in chapter 12 versus 123, get out of your country from your family and from your father's house to a land that I will show you. How will make you a great nation. I will bless you and make your name great. And you shall be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you. I will curse him or curses you. And in all the families of the earth in you, all the families of the earth shall be blessed. Now that, that's quite a promise, right? Here's the, here's the good news. God comes to him and says, hey abraham, i want you abram. I want you to leave everything behind. But god doesn't do that and just say, just go. He just give him a promise. He gives him an assurance. He says roofers what I'm going to do for you. And this is how I am going to use you. Ellen white says in patriarchs and proffer, abraham unquestioning obedience, is one of the most striking evidence of faith to be found in all the bible. Now we know the story of abraham, we know along the way that there were some challenges for him as he was trying to process all of this can years pass from when he is called to go and goes And 10 years go by. And this promise that god has given still has no evidence of being fulfill. He's gone from this luxurious environment and for all the way to the promised land that is anything but looking like promise, bland. And he gets there. And one of the things he's promised is that all the earth is going to be blessed by him, and he is going to be the father of great nation. And guess why do you have any kids? So there's a real process having to go on in his mind, I'm sure How is god going to fulfill his promise? This is what abraham is having the process. But I want you to notice that god, never thank you, but you want to notice that god, abraham never is questioning god's promise A knows that god's going to fulfill it. He's just asking, you know, how is this going to happen? I think there's a good evidence here of us minds of that I think it's okay to ask how, but we have to be careful what we come to what conclusions we come to when we start thinking about. Because as he started the process that he started to come up with solutions and when we tar start to get out ahead of god, we come up with a wrong solution. And that's part of what happened to him. God had not yet fulfill the promise correct? 10 years later, no son, no evidence at this point of how he's going to fulfill the promise. Look at genesis chapter 15 versus one. And following their genesis chapter 15 versus one and follow, this is what abraham abram actually says that make sure we're talking about abram and not yet abraham. All right, in the one god, birth one, chapter 15, genesis after these things, the word of the Lord came to abram in a vision saying, do not be afraid. April. I am your heal your exceedingly great reward. But abraham said, lord, what will you give me seeing i go childless, and the air of my house is L, either of damascus. I don't even have my own child. How is this happening here? lord, is it, is it l easier? I mean, I'm just trying to understand The neighbor and said look, you've given me no offspring. Indeed one born in my house is my air and behold, the word of the Lord came to him saying, this one shall not be your air, but one new will come from your own body, shop the your air. Then he brought him outside and said, look now toward heaven and count the stars. If you are able to number them. And he said to him, so shall your descendants be And then birth This is what we want to center on, burson and he did what he believed in the Lord. And he accounted it to him for righteousness, or it was imputed to him for righteousness. It was credited to him. I don't get the idea. As we're talking about this, that we've got a ledger going on up and have it. In one side, god puts his credit and the other side we get our credit or whatever. We're, we're not balance ging, balancing the ledger here, right. We have 0 credit. We never are going to have any credit. We've got nothing. We can put you in to credit. And abraham who are struggling with this process. And it's evidence of faith in his experience by what began to happen. The interesting to note that in genesis, it says abraham believed in the Lord. That expression believed in. We want to be careful, we understand how that really fits together. In the new testament, both james and romans james chapter 2, verse 23. And romans chapter 4, verse 3 says, abraham believed god noticed the slight apparent difference, but it's making the point. Abraham didn't just believe in god as in believed in these existence. James makes it clear that even the devil of believe right, and james teaches us, that's not the kind of believe we need. That's not the kind of belief that abraham had. Abraham had the kind of belief that recognised that god was a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. As paul says and hebrews chapter 11 verses and imperfect important lesson in the story of abraham is not just that he had faith, but he had a certain quality of faith. If we can put it that way. And it was said, and only it was and is only this quality of faith that will bring the blessing of justification through the imputed righteousness of christ. If that were not true, then the devil would be credited with righteousness is the devil credited with righteousness. So we know that that kind of belief is not the kind of faith that abraham had or that we need. So we want to understand a little bit better about the quality of that faith. So we're going to put up on the screen here. Some of the quality elements in bullet point for bullet point form of abraham faith. And we're looking at It roman lawyer looking over romans chapter 4. So slipped out over back to romans where we have been a few moments ago. And we're going to look at versus 16 through 24 K roman, 16416224. This is what it says and wrong all meeting. He's referring back to the experience of abraham abram or abraham. As we have seen it in genesis. And this is Paul looking at that experience and helping us to understand the faith that leads to righteousness. Verse 16. Therefore, it is of faith that it might be according to grace. Know so that the promise might be there of all to all the seed, not only to those who are of the law, but also to those who are of the faith of abraham, who is the father of us all over 17. As it is written, i have made you a father of many nations in the presence of him whom he believed. Now the next expression i'm in the new king james version begins with, believe god, and then someone read the last part. If you had the new king james, what does it say? Who what? he'd going read to the end of that pair. That verse Ok. Yeah, go back the read the whole thing there. Who gives what? An Ok. So was one of those aspects of the quality of face that abraham had. So let's take a look at that for a moment. He believed that god could get a life to the dead and create something from nothing. This is evidence of his faith as he grew at the time we get to his biggest test which he passed because of his faith verse was key and the key element and Paul is referring to that he's helping us to understand that he believed god could give life to the dead and create something from nothing. We had a worship with our staff this morning. The pastor was referring to the gave us worship, was referring to genesis chapter one, and he said, all our fundamental beliefs are summarized in genesis chapter one. I never thought about it quite that way, but that was really quite amazing. I have he, god created something out of nothing. Right. That's amazing. Well, Are you talking about the general? I mean, actually, I mean, roland. Yeah. Ramos for verse. 17. And we're reading from romans for 16 through 24. So I want to keep going, and we'll pick up a few more points in verse 18 who contrary to hope and hope believed so that he became the father of many nations according to what was spoken. So shall your descendant be verse 19 and not being weak and faith he did not consider his own body already did. Since he was about 100 years old and the deadness of sarah's room and did not waver the promise of god through unbelief. That was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God, and being fully convinced that what he had promised he was also able to perform. So let's pick up a few more aspects of the quality of the face of abraham. Here he believed what god said, according to what was spoken, a korean, as we see and verse 18, knew the pot. So shall your descendants, the god made the statement. Abraham believed it. He was able to believe and to except what god had said. He believed it You know, as, as jones wagner and ellen white were preaching the message of righteous by se in the years following 1888 and 1888 as well. They often spoke of the power that is available in one jesus And one of those expressions that was often referred to our speaker, i think it was last night now the night before referred to as well, the experience of the centurion and how he his child with you that tremendous power in the message of god. It's not just the power to heal physically, but it's the power to heal spiritual. I will one all get too far off on that. He also in the verses, we just read abraham refuse to consider his own weaknesses or use his circumstances as an excuse. Have you ever wanted to use your experience and your weaknesses as an excuse. You know, while that's just the way I am, well, you know, my father was like that and that's the way I am. I got to tell you, I'm get as I get older, i go, I see more and more of my father. And it's not always the good trace, because my father had good traits and he had bad traits. Any of you have good trade from bad trade. So it's a human condition, right? All right, so I'm not speaking out of turn that my father had both. And so I see some of those things and I, and you know, you want to blame those weaknesses on, on genetics. Abraham didn't go to genetics. He didn't go to any weaknesses. He didn't say, lord, I, I, you know, this isn't going to work out because I just don't say I can't be, I mean, look, I'm a 100 years old. This isn't, isn't going to happen. And, you know, sarah, she, you know, she's way past childbearing age. That he refused to consider his own weaknesses or use his circumstances. An excuse. He believed that whatever god promised, he was fully able to accomplish. Look at verse as 20 to 24 and there it was, accounted to him for righteousness. Now it was not written for his sake alone that it was imputed to him, but also for us that it shall be imputed to us who believe in him, who raised up jesus, our lord from the dead. You see what, what paul is seeking to do? He is going back to that experience abraham, a very practical human event and challenge that abraham experience. But he uses abraham's experience as a way of saying to us that faith is a living faith, dealing with these kinds of experiences and trust god, even though humanity says it doesn't seem to be possible. Paul concludes here by telling his readers that therefore it was accounted to him for righteousness. It was not written for his sake alone, but it was written for us how a lawyer that when we're looking at the story, and we're looking at what paul saying, paul wants us to know that story is something for us to grasp on to as a way of understanding what faith is. In other words, when we excess exercise the same quality of faith that abraham ad, we will receive the same righteousness. Righteousness occurs included to our account that abraham at imputed to his. Abraham was spoken of as a righteous man. Look at all the evidence is along the way except for the last test. And you would wonder how he could be counted his righteous. But it is the quality of his say, another word. It was the faith that didn't just believe that god existed. But that because of his relationship with christ, with his connection with christ, he was fully understanding that god could give life to the dead. He could understand that god, who had spoken something could be believed that he could understand that, that his weakness was not the problem. Where was god's power? That was the solution. He could understand that he and believe that whatever god promised he was able to perform as verse $21.00. 1 last thought that we wanted to have hear from ellen white, abraham believed god and it was counted under him for righteousness. Righteousness is obedience to the law. Law demands righteousness and this the sinner owes to the law. But he is incapable of rendering altogether with us now. Right? We can do it. This is Ellen while we can do it. The only way in which he can attain to righteousness is true. What is true is throw you All we all her amplifying. I don't think we can because the bible were spending its time. That's what paul is speaking of roman. She goes on by faith. He can bring to God the merits of christ and the Lord places the beatings of the sun to the sinners account. That is good news. We have 0 account, it will stay 0, but we come to christ and we surrender to him. We confess our sins to him and by faith he says, you've got 100 percent in your account. Anything you want. You've got it right. Systems by fake all are christ righteousness is ours. That even makes sense. We'll be studying brother powered, reminds me frequently returning. While wait, I can comprehend it. You can comprehend it either. This is the promise of continuing on air. Christ righteousness accepted in place of man failure. God receives pardon, justifies the vengeance. Leaving soul treats him as though he were righteous and loved him as he loved his son. This is say, is a counsel righteous. Amazing. The gospel is so full, but it more worse, in the sense of understanding how the christian life develops. What does james have to say about the issue of imputed righteousness? Our common showables. Pick up on that in a moment. I want to look back at roman for when you look at the story of abraham. It's interesting again that you know, initially you paul picking this up for righteousness by faith. Or when you get the story of abraham, it was a promise that he would have lots of defendant. Now of course it was more than that and we could go into that the logically. But the reason I'm saying that is when you look at what paul is saying back in verse 11 romans 411. It says, and he received the sign of circumcision a thiel of the righteousness by faith, which he had well, ill uncircumcised. Notice the next part that he might be what the father of what all who believe in the point is in all of the policy is you know, it's not a direct parable parallel in every aspect of abraham life. But what paul is trying to do is show us what it means to believe abraham, the father of those who believe, what does it mean for me to believe. Now listen said I have, I have said come to me all the time and say, I don't know I sometimes I just wonder if I'm going to make it abraham. Where's our slide? I got to go back. But I want to go. Abraham believe what god said. Right? He's going to be a great nation. It says he believed it according to what was spoken there in verse 18. Notice something else. It says verse 19. He was not weaken faith 1st. Number 20, he did not waver. And I used to really take issue with that and, and say, you know what about lying about his wife and his sister? What about this? What about that? What about hagar in the whole situation? What arrested my attention is a statement. Ellen white made clarifying that and her point was, abraham never doubted that god would do what he said. He question how he was going to do what he said. And there's a big difference. He never question that god wasn't going to make a great nation out of him. But how is he going to do it all? Maybe is going to do this way. Oh, maybe I need to do the thing with hagar. Oh maybe you know, he's broke to my wife and gave her this idea, but he never questioned that god would do it. It's ok for us to question how guys going to make us righteous. But not that he makes us right. I may not be able to explain all the math of it, but god said it, he promised that it abraham's quality of faith was god can do it. God can do anything because when god speaks, it becomes a reality. And, and we say things like, but sometimes I don't where to get it. I don't feel that way. If I felt that way all the time did it wouldn't be righteousness by faith. It would be righteousness by my feeling. The righteousness by my emotions would be right to buy my fight. Why does the apostle paul make such a strong distinction? We walk by faith not by sight. The contrast to this is Paul whole point. When he says abraham didn't look at his own. He didn't consider his own body. Incidentally, what it says in scripture is heated not, not being weak in faith. He did not consider his own body. In other words, o saying a person who considered his own body, i eat his own fleshly weaknesses is weakened. But abraham was not weakened for if he didn't consider it might even say, yeah, when I got all these weaknesses, i got his elders name, it says all these tendencies, all the traits incidentally, all my good traits come from my mom, mom here. Right mom, i'm a good traits come from mom. Dad. On the other hand, i'm being a little a thesis, but all the abraham didn't, didn't consider those thing. God was bigger than his circumstances. The deadness affairs will that could have sunk him. We get it. It's just impossible, was it impossible? Listen folks, it was doubly impossible. You have a woman who is sterile after miss gauze. I could. She could have children every day. That's why the bible says against hope. Abraham believed in hope because god had said it. And when it came down to it, he believe whatever god promised god could do. Is that the kind of faith you have, then are you accounted righteous? And this is where you say, why don't know and then you're being weakened. Right? Because what the bible god tells us right here. Again in berth 23. Now it was not written for his sake alone that it was imputed to him, but also for who, for who? For us, it shall be imputed to us who believe in him, who raised up these if we believe the abraham believe we have the righteousness just like abraham, did you believe that god can give life to the dead? Do you believe he can create something from nothing? You believe his word? You believe he's greater than your weaknesses? He is greater than your circumstances and that whatever he promises he can perform, then are you righteous? You can say different if you believe that's what god said by faith in what a god got this and what's amazing to me as we come to jane. We're going to go to james to $23.00, to quote. In the passenger, jane is, is one that in christian history had, has, has caught a lot of black and said at one time that the apostle paul is not possible that the reformer martin luther thought that the book of james shouldn't even be canonized because he thought james was to work oriented and he was contradicting the got my, I don't know about all the details. I haven't gone into all the details studying that. I know there's some of that but, but this passage in james to we certain 1st 21 james to 21. I mean Right off the bat it sounds very contradictory. James, to 21 says was not abraham our father justified. Now, by what, why didn't he read roland? Think it was justified by works when he offered isaac his son on the altar. Do you see that faith was working together with his work and by workspace was made perfect. Now verse 21. Without abraham justify their work, when what time period is he applying to when he offered isaac. Now let's go to the past. We've looked at all morning. When abraham believed god and it was counted to him for righteousness. When was that in abraham? Why was that before isaac was born, or after either way before, right. So in other words, abraham had already been justified by faith. By the time we get to james's experience, james is not trying to contradict that. Abraham was justified by faith when he came out. You look at the stars and he didn't understand how, but he said, lord, you said it and he believed god and it was counting him for writer. James is taking us a step further and we get what he's saying. Clearly in verse 23, notice what he says. This is fascinating to me for 23 says and the scripture was what fulfilled, which says abraham believed god and it was accounted to him for righteousness and he was called the friend of god. What, what james is saying is when god spoke that to abraham, it was like a prophecy of righteousness. Like he spoke righteousness to that Well wait a minute. Abraham was not righteous. The gods spoken. What is righteousness? Why does god give righteousness anyway? We need it for what they get to have and why we don't have any of our own. What does it amount to go to roman, take with me real quick here, romans and we're going to see this as we continue through the week as well. But I just want you to get this understanding on the 1st 3, and I would love to go back at any time I do this. I want to go and let's go back to chapter 7 and start at the beginning. But we don't have time to run the 1st 3 is this poor one. The law could not do. And then it was week through what the Flash god did by sending its own son in the likenesses. Simple plus, now let me just say what the law couldn't do is make a person righteous. Right? Because of the Flash because there's nothing right to finish. There's no way to produce it. There's no way if I could keep the law perfectly in the words of boot around me, then it will be righteous for us if we can keep all these commandments, but we can. Ok. But what the law couldn't do notice god did by sending is own son in the likenesses sinful flesh on account of sin. He condemned sin in the flesh notice verse for that the righteous requirement of the law might be what? Who failed in US, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to this spirit, what does that look like? What does that mean? The righteous requirement of law fulfilled in me, fulfilled in you. That means we, what does it mean the rightness of the law fulfilled in US? means we keep it perfectly. Right. Why am I saying this? Who's going to be in heaven? Who doesn't people all perfectly? What would happen if one person and evan decided they were going to keep the law perfectly? It become this right now? Well, I'm not talking about, we're going to do this on our own. But the point is the reason god wants us to have righteousness is because righteousness is what fits us to live in heaven with heavenly being. So so in essence, what I'm saying is righteousness by faith makes a person obedience. And when you come to the end of abraham's life, now you've got to think this through 75 years of age. I'm not going to ask your name and Okay, he's going to tell us anyway, he's 68 and he's about to retire. You know, when you're going to retirement, like if you settle down, know at the time and I can't imagine that there was no part abraham. We wanted to be settled down. But god called him out right at 75. 0, you go through the whole journey of experience in the world. What was, what was the offer like, what was the thing that he was going to get for following god? I'm going to make you Great nation. Right. And I, great nation is going to come through your son. Right. And, and with son, because he had his meal, but it wasn't his meal. It was. So by the time he reached the end of his life, every last vestige of god's promise to him was in that one son, god to sacrifice doesn't give. It's not just like if you gave up all your money right now, you could still make it. There's nothing that I can think of that would that would that really communicates what god was asking abraham to give up in the like give up eternity every hope you have sacrifice your son. Listen, both that is, that is the, is the most the clearest example of obedience test of obedience. Like look, I'm glad to obey something. There are times, i'm a little more resistant joe bay, right. And the more it costs me the order in what james is saying is that when abraham comes to the point of offering his son, he says was not abraham our father justified by work. The scripture westphal filled what he's saying is in the offing of his son, we see that when god declares a man righteous, it makes that man righteous. It materially changes him so that he becomes a righteous, obedient man, by the righteousness of christ. James just takes us full circle and comes to that conclusion that the righteousness that god declares its will filled in the life of the believe by faith. And that whether you feel it or not, then we should be able to leave the meeting today, leave this camp ground with a full confidence that we have the righteousness of christ. And thus we refuse to believe like abraham believe. Gonna finish with a statement. Abraham says, I says abraham believed god and it was counted done to him for righteousness. She then elaborates righteousness is obedience to the law. The law demands righteousness and dis, the thinner owes the law, but he is incapable of rendering it. The only way in which he can attain to righteousness is through faith is not everything we've been studying. Cameron debater, i work with passer cameron. A lot of, you know, pastor cameron, i do, but you know, sometimes i'll get into the study and I've been a come to some, you know, you, you know, in the light bulb comes on, you said, wow, I did. That's an amazing thing. And then you go and you're reading something by ellen, right. And there it is. Written 150 years ago, right? cameras like it's, it's kind of like a journey when you know where you're climbing up some mountain or something, you're gone around the rock and everything and you're sweating and you're thinking, you're not going to make it. You finally get to the top. And there's always been a roxanne what took so long. Anyway, abraham believed god, she says it was counter. Well the scripture says and then she says, righteousness is obedience to the law. The law demands righteousness and disc, the sinner owes to the law. But he is incapable of rendering the only way in which he can attain to righteousness if through faith, by faith, he can bring to God the merits of christ. That is the goodness, the righteousness, the doing, the obedience of christ. And the Lord places the obedience of his son to the sinners. Allah louis a crisis. Righteousness if accepted in the place of man's failure and God receives pardon, justifies the repenting. Believing so treats him as though he were righteous and loved him as he loves his son. This is our faith is accounted righteousness, but while god can be just and yet justify the center through the merits of christ, no man can cover his soul with the garments of christ righteous while practicing no thin or neglecting known duty. God requires the entire surrender of the heart before justification can take place. Now do you think I'm being picky? You know why that is? And we'll look at the statement. We had it the other day and we'll look at it again tomorrow. But l white said we received righteousness by receiving him too many people make the mistake of separating the righteousness of christ from the person of christ. We received the righteousness of christ by receiving christ christ in you the hope of glory. I am crucified with christ. I no longer live, but christ live in me. And in that I received the righteousness. So if I don't make an entire surrender, what is christ's going to come and dwell in your heart along with your sin? I'm going to do it. It's one of the other, so she's not gonna try to be nit picky, but we've got to be willing to either have christ swelling us or no. God requires the entire surrender of the heart before justification can take place. And in order for man to retain justification, there must be, continue, will be in your active living faith. That's simply the thing I gotta keep saying. Yes to do this is a bang. We're going to library this week. Doesn't mean you're not going to stumble. And then you're kicked out like a pastor friend of mine used to say god doesn't, could gather shower because you drop so. Okay, but I don't get the wrong idea. But at the same time, let me finish the statement. There must be continued meetings through active living faith that works by love and purifies the soul. James writes of abraham and says was not abraham. Our father justified my work when he had offered isaac his son upon the altar in order for men to be justified by faith, faith, faith must reach a point where it will control the fractions and impulses of the heart. That's not your work, that's god's work. God is the one who develops the faith. But we and you see that in the history of the lifetime of abraham. And it came to that point. Faith must reach a point where control the affections and impulses of the heart and. And it is by obedience that faith itself is made per you have to keep thing. Yes, the Lord nor will do for us, but we can't do for ourselves. Men. As I said, if you have that faith of abraham, you can right now say I have the righteous christ. Scripture tells us that righteousness of christ to be godfathers imputed to us and guys, these in US, the purity to righteousness you'll be of his own men. Is that great news? Great news of the gospel, the righteous of god, revealed to us from faith to. Let's pray, father in heaven, we do thank you for the testimony of your word and lord you are speaking through clay these, these, these concepts are so wonderful, so beautiful. And I feel very limited in trying to communicate them, but I know and I trust, lord, not by feeling but by faith, that the spirit of truth is present to speak to our hearts in our minds to help us to lay hold of this precious truth. This precious message of the righteousness of christ imputed to the spinners account by the father. We thank you so much for your blessings to us and your mercy to us all undeserved. Your amazing grief. I pray for you continued blessing throughout this camp meeting day. I pray that each one year they go to different seminars and the interact and fellowship with brothers and sisters, lord that we would all grow closer and closer to g. And long more and more for him. We ask the previous things, his name or To listen to more of these presentations. You may visit the audio archives at M O. S. D A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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