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04 Righteousness by Faith and the Heavenly Sanctuary, Part 1

Mark Howard Royce Snyman
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  • June 24, 2021
    1:30 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen. Father evan as way. Once again continue our study. We're asking for your help. We begin each day by turning our attention to you and turning our lives over to you. We take this class and we turn it over to you and ask for your holy spirit to impress upon our hearts. The truth of your word that we might be encouraged that we might also be able to represent jesus as he wants us to the Lord. Thank you for hearing our prayer in jesus name. Last time for us to review once again what we've been talking about up to this point. As I mentioned, it is Thursday. We have been studying since Monday and we've had a couple 3 days of making some presentations. And yesterday, we continued our study of the imputed righteousness of christ. We learned that when god declares a person righteous, he makes them righteous by the creative power of the word. These are not just subtle semantic differences. They are fundamental to the truth of the word of god and to our understanding of the message of righteousness by faith. We live in a world that can be very confusing. That's why we need to study the word of god ourselves. We need to know what is in god's word for ourselves. When you have someone who can say to you, why, what you're teaching is catholic doctrine. And when you don't know that it's not, you can be confused. So we need to know what is biblical doctrine? What is the teaching of the word of god? And then we need to be able to live by that as god intends for us to be able to by his creative word. Jesus wants to work in our hearts and lives the statement from anthro, be what they value by. I was trying to say that having jesus, having made us righteous through imputed righteousness of christ, god pronounces us just and treats us as just he looks upon us as his dear children. We also studied how the righteousness of christ is a living righteousness. We receive it by receiving him Because it is in him. Those who say christ and his true character and receive him into the heart have everlasting life. It is through the spirit that christ dwells in US, and the spirit of god received into the heart by faith is the beginning of the life eternal desire of ages 388. As we work through our understanding of what the word of god is saying to us, we recognize that it is in receiving him into the heart that it is the beginning of life eternal. So today we want to continue our journey in our study. The righteousness of christ as we have presented. It is composed of imputed righteousness and in parted righteousness for that's what the bible tells us. And the spirit of prophecy in regard harold of June for of 98895. Not 1985 that would been interesting. L Y said the righteousness by which we are justified is imputed the righteousness by which we are sanctified is imparted. Now you're getting some repetition. But you know what? repetition as a teacher begins to bring it into our minds and help it to how helps us to become aware of what is being communicated. The righteousness by which we are sanctify is in parted, justified, imputed sanctified. In parted, the 1st she says as our title they haven't, the 2nd is our fitness for heaven. Both justification and sanctified sanctification imputed and imparted righteousness are by faith. Jesus said to the apostle paul in acts chapter 26. You have your bibles acts, chapter 26. We want to look at versus 17 and 18. X 26. 17 and 18. Are you thankful for the bible? I was reading a story. Wonderful miracles of her god works and now and then went into town to preach and they were lots of people. They wanted to hear the word of god, but they were only had to bibles. And in some way, by the Grace of god, they found a 3rd one, but they were much, many, many more people than that for you all have a bible grateful are we for that this is what jesus said to paul, i will deliver you from the jewish shoe on the right place. Now. Here acts 2617. Get it right here. There we go. I will deliver you from the jewish people, as well as from the gentiles to whom I now send you there's 18 to open their eyes in order to turn them from darkness to light and from the power of satan to God that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who are what sanctified by in. Absolutely, jesus made it clear when we get it from him. True, paul. He makes it clear to us a saying if a cation is by faith in jesus, ellen white was clear about this one. She said, both are title to heaven and our fitness for it are found in the righteousness of christ. And that the desire of age is $300.00. And then in selected messages, she makes this statement. Then there is yet another work to be accomplished beyond justification. And that is of a progressive nature. So we're seeking today to try to understand what the bible is seeking to tell us here. And what ellen white is communicating about this wonderful message of righteous by faith as it relates to the experience of the imputed righteousness and the imparted righteousness of christ. Continuing on, she says, the soul is to be thank 5 through the truth. And this also is accomplished through faith. So we're never going to get to a point. We don't want to get to a point. We can't get to a point where we say it was imputed to us. The righteousness was imputed to us. It was given to us, but now we're on our own, and now we're going to do it ourselves. It started with faith, but now it's our works is not biblical right. It is faith all the way from beginning to end the faith in christ jesus. Continuing, she says, and this also is accomplished through faith for it is only by the Grace of christ, which we receive through faith that the character can be transformed. Boy, there's a lot right all in all of us. But I want you to note that ellen white not only does she clarify both justification and sanctification, are part of the righteous of christ and both come through faith in christ. But she also makes it clear that sanctification is a progressive work, an ongoing world through which the character is transformed. So today, our title of our presentation is the imported righteousness of christ our into the need of our presentation, to a man. Warning everyone. I'd like to pause again before we're prayer that you had to say do so, father and heaven. Oh father, these topics are at the heart of our experience as followers of jesus. And we need to be taught by the holy spirit, not just intellectually but but practically lord. And we pray that the spirit of god, the spirit of truth will guide us in this study this morning for we ask it in jesus name. I was just thinking even why elder, well elders name was we're sharing that going back to this statement here that the righteousness by which we are justified is imputed. And the righteousness by which we are saying divided in part of the 1st is our title. To have in the 2nd our fitness for having the 1st imputed righteousness. Justification is our title, not our fitness. Why isn't justification, we look at it in scripture. Justification is christ speaks his word in it transforms the life and the presence of christ comes into the believer. Why wouldn't that be called our fitness for heaven? Also? If we thought about it, Because when the righteousness of christ is imputed to us, when you 1st accepted jesus at that moment you stood in the perfect righteousness of christ. But was it completely your choice to follow christ all the time? If you're honest with yourself, you'll say, well no I I how many of you ever stumbled to you except christ? Why you didn't choose christ all the time. There's something that needs to happen when we received the righteousness of christ and that gets into this, this work of the, in part of the righteousness of christ that we're talking about today. Now, yesterday we studied imputed and we study that that's from the greek word law, give them I, whether it's translated imputed or counted or are counted or reckoned, and others do those different ways. It's interesting and I had never realized this is fully until just going through this presentation. I like to build it on the biblical foundation. But when it comes to in parted righteousness, you will not find that term in any mainline translation. You will not find in parted righteousness in the bible, you'll find the word in part in the bible. The word impart, i believe appears, and I didn't have the exact at 3 or 4 times in the king james. And none of it has to do directly with righteousness the idea, the word literally means to him, part of is still something as a gift to somebody in romans, 111 paul long's to impart spiritual gifts to his audience. In ephesians for 29, he councils believers that they use their speech to impart grace to those listening. And finally, and 1st testimonies to 18, the apostle shares how glad he is to have been able to impart the gospel. Now this is to say that imparted righteousness is not a biblical concept, but it's not a biblical phrase. Are you are you with me so far? It's not a biblical expression, the word thank to buy however, thank by thank divide. Thank the vacation and similar words appear in the king james version 137 time. And they're derived from the greek word hod. Hog yog, though a word, that means to set something apart from that which is common. Now I think a good verse that explains that is in John 17. If you turn in your bibles with me to John 17, the idea of sanctify a setting something apart. Sometimes we say think if I means to make wholly and that's true in a sense of setting something apart from what is common setting apart as holy. But look at what jesus says and he prays to his father in John 17. I want you to think this through with because it's going to be important in our study today. John 17. 17. Jesus said. Sanctify them by your truth, your what. Your word is. Truth. Sanctify them by your word. In essence, right? Thing to fire or set them apart from common by your word. I'm just breaking it down. So here's my question to you. How does the word of god set one person apart from another? My friend been here, let's say, how the word of god set me apart from ben. Okay. Somebody says how much you take in the library bed taken taken care is subjective. Yeah, because I can take in a lot, but I don't necessarily want to follow it, but listen to me carefully. The only way the word of god is setting me apart from him is if I'm following what it says here. Right. How else is the word fitting a person to part so when jesus is sprang. Thank by then, what he's letting us know is the processes think if a cation comes through obedience to the word, sanctify them by your truth. Your word is truth, set them apart. By your word, notice commenting on this ellen white makes this point. She says, well, we look at that one. That's not the one. Jesus prayed that his disciples might be sanctify through the truth and added thy word is true. Think vacation is not an instantaneous but a progressive work as obedience is continuous. Now I want to flash this out a little bit more as we go. Okay, it is so important. I'm going to tell you something, talking about justification. The masses love talking about justification because just the case of the work of what alone it is then I believe in christ. I'm justified a stand before god just as if I'd never said, that's fantastic. We get into thing. Dedication, that's where most of our discussions and arguments come from. Because thank you. The cation is a work then involves me. It involves my choices. It reflects on how I live and we walk away many 70 am and walk away with the idea that justification is what god does and think that the cation is what god and me do Because I have a part in it. Oh mercy. I'm just trying to think time wise, I didn't have the, I'm going to refer you to a couple passages that have been transformative to me. One is in 1st chronicles 29. When david offers sacrifice up to God in the, in, on the plane, a born in and, and in the angel of god appeared this when david numbered israel and God sent judgments, and David fees and Angel with a sword over jerusalem. Do you remember this? Any realizes he's send any very goes and he pleads to God and he chooses to make sacrifice. And I guess orn, and saw the angel with a sword too. He knew something was up and so he goes to dave and he says, look, i'll give you everything you need to sacrifice the recall this story. What david said already, do you remember? I'm not going to sacrifice to God something that cost me nothing. And when he goes to God, any praise and he offers all these things, he says ford, what is it that I'm giving you? And then he says, these words, all things come from you and of your own. We have given you ellen white shared that in the little book, faith and works, and it clicked for me. We talk about, well, we can't say, but don't work too hard because you know, if you get too much effort in there, it's going to be, you are not god. What do you have to give god? Do I have effort? I can give to God that didn't come from him. What strength of body do I have? What strength of intellect do I have that I can give to God that he's like? where'd you get that from your fan and saying it ought to be the foundation of our christian faith. If I have nothing to offer god, that's why I accepted christ. So if subsequently, once i've re accepted christ, jesus says, now you need to obey him. I got it. Well, I'm not going to do that. That would be of me. Wait a minute. I have nothing. Any obedience we give to God comes from you. Comes from him, comes from his strength in his power that he give. This one, the new testament paul says, what do you have that you did not receive? If indeed you did receive it, where's the boasting? We can't give to God anything that he hasn't already given up. That's why we don't pay ties to God return. It has never all that's another topic. So jesus prays, she says, think this case is not an instantaneous, but a progressive work. It doesn't happen in an instant. It happens over time. And and for many, 7 day avenue is the time takes longer than we wanted it to. Right. You're struggling with something in your life and you're like, lord, why don't I have victory yet? Maybe I'll never, ever tree. Maybe god forsaken me. Maybe we get all these negative, maybe I'm not doing good enough progress. It doesn't give a time limit. It's got a time limit, not years. So if you're not very yet, that's not for you to worry about whose job is to get you from point A to point B. If stores job quit worrying about it, it's a progressive work. As obedience is continuous, we continue to grow just as long as fate and urges his impatience upon us how long they're going to be. Until he's gone. The battle for self conquest will have to be fought over and over again, but by obedience the truth will sanctify the soul. That's what jesus was saying. And John as her comment on that, thank by them. By truth, a word is true in romans chapter one that great gospel passage, winery. Look there quickly. Romans one verse 16 for I am not ashamed of the gospel of christ for it is the power of god to salvation for every one who believes for the due 1st and also for the greek for in it. What the righteousness of god is revealed from face to face. Anybody ever given thought to that? I'm sure some of you have from face to face. What does that mean? What does that imply right away? There's a little bit of a journey there. From one stage a face to another, to stage of growth and notice from face to face as it is written. And he's he substantiates what he's saying by the script. Teresa as it written, the just shall live by faith. And he said, that's the reason we know it's from face to face. Now live with an action word. What paul's telling us is that just are the justified person now begins to live by faith. Right? I am crucified with christ. I no longer live for the life that I now live. I live by faith in the son of god who love me gave him. So for me, paul T as in galatians. So it's been said, we've said it here that while justification is like being born. Think of occasions like thing alive. Justification is when we receive a new nature and are born again. Thank the vacation is living the new life. One is the work of an instant. The other is the work of a lifetime. The bible says the just shall live by faith. Live is an action word once a person has been justified, that person begins living a new life in christ by faith. That's that life of sanctification. And in that new life it is through studying and following the word that we grow. Turn to me term with me to 1st peter chapter 2 and verse 2. First peter chapter 2 in verse to after hebrew to have james and he come to 1st peter 1st peter chapter 2 inverse to peter tells us as new born baby we're newborns. We've been born again, right as newborn babes desire the pure milk of what. Okay, why does a baby drink milk to grow? You need to desire the peer milk of the word that you may grow thereby. So he makes that spiritual application and is the word study of the word, the application of the word, just reading the word and not doing that word doesn't do anything. I won't say it doesn't do anything, but if the application it changes We grow by the study of the word. Notice this statement by ellen white. This is found in the bible commentary. This is her statement, bible think if occasion is to know the requirements of god and obey them. Now you can almost read that and say, well it just sounds super legalistic, like just obey. But it's predicated on justification which we're going to talk about in a minute. Again, from actually apostles 560 thank you. Cation is the result of lifelong obedience. So the point me, we need to understand is the process. A Thank vacation, includes obedience. It has to have obedience or obedience, is in there, that, that's the thing. If a cation process, having said that, it must be clear that even though sanctification involves our obedience, it is still entirely the work of god. This because I make choices, it's not my righteousness plus his righteousness. That would, that would be you know, it's like in math, i mean 0 times anything, right? Is 0. It's god's right to. Once you put mine in there, guess what? It is 0. Confused ideas of sanctification, have led many to a hopeless outlook in their christian life. They've been taught or assumed that justification is what god does for us. But the thing if occasion is what we do for ourselves. That justification gives us a title to heaven. But if I am unable to make myself fit for heaven to think that occasion i'll be lost. I know as a pastor, that's a reality a here all the time. People get the idea like ok, thank if occasion that just and when you talk, when you pray, when, if I preach a sermon about being more faithful people come up after i'm discouraged now, because you talked about even, I can't be that faithful. It's not about you, It's about keeping that focus on jesus. Notice l white comments on this. She says many have an idea that they must do some part of the work. What now, what if I took a loan out? Is that true? We do have to do some part of the work. Why is that? If I had to do none of the work, let me ask your question. Would god be infringing on my choice folk? If I didn't have to do anything, then that would be god forcing me, which we always say in the great controversy won't do. I mean, he's going to hell do everything but choose. But my choice involves my response. Many have an idea that it must be some part of the work alone and they've trusted in christ for the forgiveness of sin, but now they seek by their own efforts to live or right. But every such effort, what must fail must fail. Jesus says without me, you can do nothing, our growth and grace, our joy, our usefulness all depend upon our union with christ. It is by communing with him daily hourly, by abiding in him that we are to grow in grace. He is not only the author, but the what that's a fan to a fan to in course he's commenting on hebrew 12. Jesus is not just the author. There are a lot of christians who treat jesus like he's just the author of our faith. And now you go and be faithful. He is the finish or it is christ 1st. And last and always what does that mean? Where does that put him in the process all the way through. He is to be with us not only at the beginning and the end of the course, but at every step of the way. So to illustrate for a lot of 70 avenue, this is what it looks like when I accept christ conversion. Justification covers the things that are best. But now I'm on my own from here for justification is then that's my past and it's done away and it's covered up by christ and all my girls are from now on. Thank you for cation is all on me, l Y just clearly reviewed that, the bible refute that. This is what it looks like. Justification, as we learned yesterday, is when we receive christ and he begins to live in US. A pastor asked me this question once he said, how is it in the investigative judgment? You know, the bible says that when we are forgiven our sins are cast into the depths of the sea. God forgive them, right? So how is it in the judgement that if we, if we don't pass judgment, our sins come on us and we gotta pay him at the end of time. Like if I accept the crisis supposed to be in the depth and nobody can find it. Let me be very clear, this is it and I took this is what I told that pastor, and this is what we need to understand when I accept jesus, why are my sins forgiven jesus? cover them. We have all these cliches and say, what does that mean? I don't know what I mean. The reason I'm forgiven is because I'm gone. Like if, if you've got a guy in the court could, did the, the judge says he is worthy of death and the death penalty is paid and he is gone. What more claim to the law i have on him. When I accept christ, i cease to exist now paul says, I am crucified with christ. I'm dead with christ. I'm going. The old me is buried and know what. Now what is seen? christ lived in me. Well, what does the law have the condemned me of nothing. Because now the life I live as a life of christ, past, present and future. I have the person of christ. I have the righteousness of christ. That's what makes me righteous, and that's why I can go forward through the process. I think the vacation, because now I'm a partaker of the divine nature. Without that I could never go forward in obedience. But because I'm going forward in a be that doesn't mean I lost justification. I know scholars me evidence to say, well, you believe that you've got to obey and be thing divide. That means you don't think you need the righteousness of christ anymore. But how am I go by? The idea of justification is that receiving christ receiving the righteousness of christ in the person of christ. Does that make sense? So this is what this is how it works right here. Justification is the receiving of the indwelling, christ by faith. That's what jesus meant when he told me you must be born again or to the spirit. What paul meant when he said, I'm crucified with christ. Christ lives in me. Sanctification is predicated on the experience of justification. And when you realize that say here's the important part. Ours. When we talk about justification, we're talking about are standing with god. When we're justified, god sees us has he sees his son for too many 7th day adventists. We have put that on. Think of occasion. I are you, do you have confidence in it? I don't know. Are you going to make it? I hope I'm going to make it. I sure I'm not sure because I'm still growing. You know, there's this mindset that if I don't do good enough, now guy won't accept me. God already accepted, you bracket just a vacation that's are standing with god, the process. The thing to vacation is not about our standing with god. It's about our growth with god. You understand, and that makes a huge difference if you're doing it on your own, that's discouraging. But when christ is there by your side, giving you the strength and taking you along, it's a whole different story. And that's the biblical concept of sanctification. Ellen white says it is the work of conversion and thanks to vacation, to reconcile men to God by bringing them into accord with the principles of his law. Notice how she ties the conversion in there. You've got justification and think of occasions the followers of christ are to become like him, by the Grace of god, to form characters in harmony with the principles of its holy law. This is bible, think of occasion. Notice this work can be accomplished only through faith in christ by the power of the indwelling spirit of god. You're not on your own in your christian life and listen saying, I know you feel like it. That's why we walk by faith not by sight. I experience as a pastor those times when it feels like I'm working alone, it feels like I'm going backwards instead of forward. But by faith i look to jesus and I say he knows what he's doing. He knows what he's doing. And I can trust in that, that's where my comment if you, if you're watching your progress in the work, I think the vacation, you're going to be discouraged. You guys in the wrong place. And I challenge people, perhaps you've heard me challenge people before to say for example, I challenge you right now. You can go out, take this, take this to see this lovely tree over here out the window right up there on the hill. Take a chair this afternoon and go out and sit under that tree and see if you can watch it grow. And when and then come back tomorrow and tell me what you bound. Now I'm not talking about the leaves, but I want to say growth. Do you see growth in that tree? You're going to be like no, I didn't see anything. He just sat there. And my question to you is, is it growing? Listen to me. Just because you don't see growth, especially in yourself. You're the last person. How many times have you noticed that you're measuring your kids and every, periodically you go and you put them on it, you don't see it until you put the market. But your neighbors. Com or the aunt and uncle comes to the bag because they're seeing the difference over a period of time. My point is just because you don't see growth does not mean growth isn't taking place. It's a mistake to look at yourself and evaluate growth. You've got to look to jesus and trust him. Yes sir. It gives For heaven. Is all about us in our standing with the Lord. Thank you. Cation a bit more than that. How do you mean? Are thinking in 1st peter talks about when you are chosen race route to the 1st year to race. And I don't know, I just just look out, there's probably better example because your chosen rates are upgrade to the whole nation and people from home so that you may complain when you call them. So I think that we are representative of the key and let's have an honest Okay. Are saying creation are all that? Oh, absolutely. We'll, we'll touch on that a little tomorrow. And if we had another week man, we touch on all kinds of stuff. But that's, that's an excellent point. Yeah, the think occasion is not just for us, but we sure benefit from it. So anyway, she says that this work, and this is the point I want us to see this, that the work of thank indication is no different from justification. And that it has to be done by god. It's a work of god, not just a work of us, and I'm going to have to hold questions that will never get them. And I'll take this one and then we're going to be one Ready for Brother. Absolutely, absolutely good point. So in addition to this, let's not forget jones definition of faith that we looked at yesterday. Faith is expecting the word of god to do what it says. And the, depending upon that word to do what it feds. And the bible tells us that the will of god is are saying to occasion, among so many, many other places in a word, god has promised justification and things of ancient do we believe he can do it? expecting the word of god to do what it says now, this is where we get into a little bit of that. What's an important part and maybe a sticky part. And this is we're going to go to 1st timothy chapter 6. First timothy chapter 6, and I want you to notice the expression the apostle use here. You also use with elsewhere, but we're gonna pick it up from this place. He's talking to timothy, of course, 1st timothy chapter 6. Adverse will certain verse 11. First timothy chapter 6, verse 11, he says, but you Oh man of god, flee these thing and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, gentleness bite the good fight of faith. They hold on eternal life to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses, fight the good fight of faith. The life of faith is the fight of faith. I have met many christians who seem to get the idea that justification by faith means is no more bind. It's just going to be natural. You're just in fact feel even quote statements like ellen white, where she by the way, where she says things like when a person really realizes a love of christ and then they're gonna, they're going to produce good works like as, as easily as divine yields as tender clusters, and that's true. When you become a christian, god puts in your desire for spiritual things that was never there. I was not always a christian when I became a christian suddenly i had a love for righteousness. But there is a problem. We are born in this world with one nature, a sinful one, praise god. We can be born again with a new nature. But the new nature does not take away the old nature. And so now you have 2 natures and they fight. And you know, the fight, anybody who lives the christian life knows the fight. If the fight i was sharing, i think it was yesterday afternoon in our class, we're talking about, you know, when we can talk all about the ology. But I'm going to tell you the biggest test I know if somebody who works in personal ministries, you get up in front of the church and say you preach whatever routing sermon, the saints are all with your favorite afternoon. We're going to get together. We're going to go out reaching witness about jesus and all of a sudden crickets, right? Then you get 5 people in the afternoon because you're send me an easy chair at home or you're sitting around the table with your friends. You like, I don't know. I probably should go but, and there's a struggle And oh that it wouldn't be that we would always just delight to do the right thing. But the fact of the matter is, is a part of us who wants to do the wrong thing. And this is what the apostle paul means in roman 7. When he talks about the struggle good that I want to do, I'm not doing now. It gives a solution in romans 8 life in the spirit. And I think to many avenue pitch there, tense and roman 7, I never get it wrong with a experience because christ is greater than that. But there is a struggle. The reason that ford's, the ology was so popular, the reason he came up with it, the reason the evangelical pop, the reason for the, the justification declaration only we talked about yesterday. The reason it takes off is because it offers christians in avenue to say, you know what? I'm so sinful a week. I'm never going to be anything but what I am for praise. God, I can stand, i'm saved. Come now I'm saved in jesus and I don't have to wrestle in my christian life. That's really the reality of I, when I talk about in fact, I know 7 day and have a hard time. And listen to me carefully. Because of their understanding of what they think is righteousness by faith. They have a hard time with ellen whites writing because he thought he had all these do's and don'ts. And how can you, in some of them, try to explain it away by saying, well, she changed the ology after 1888, and so that early stuff in the testimony says, no, she wasn't focused. Man, if you got to start doing that with inspired writings, maybe you ought to question your interpretation of righteousness by faith. I don't have to do that with inspired writings, with my understanding of writers, as I paid, I understand what she meant. And if you go back to her earliest writings and she talks about striving and fighting, you'll never find or talking about doing it apart from christ. You'll never find it. It's always to the Grace of christ. There is a strike, a battle that goes on notice. The statement from actually apostles 531 element says day by day god labors for man. Think if occasion did you know that who's working for your thanks. If occasion, day by day thought is a man and man is to cooperate with him putting forth what kind of effort, persevering efforts in the cultivation of right habit. Well, if you had a lifetime or wrong habits, they don't go away in a day to day. But here's the good news and I think I shared maybe with this class, maybe another class that I preach, and evangelist series and I had a dear old thing come out to that. But she, this lady was not, she had not been a christian actually came to the meetings, she'd been smoking for 61 years. 11 years old. Did I tell you the story? And after 61 years and, and, and we had a stop smoking class. And she came to the 1st night and stop coming. And I thought I was so discouraged, i thought, you know, I would love to see her get the victory over 71 years old. 72 years old smoking since she was 11. I visit her a few days later after how it was gone. I said, yeah, so the class didn't work out for you. She said, no, she says, all I need to do is go the 1st one I knew needed quit and I'm done to that and smokes in. I said, have you not tried before? She said, I tried a lot of times before, but she said when I realized that something gonna be to do, he gave me the strength to do it. And she never smoked again. I mean that day by day guys working. Yes, we put fort Pierce very efforts, but they're not fruitless. How many of you have heard the term burnout? job burn out and probably have experienced it to some level. I want to make something clear to you about burn out. A lot of people don't realize burnout does not come from overwork or you where that burnout comes from lack of result. When you are getting the results you want, have you been working hard at a project, but it's coming out the way you want to. What does that do? motivates you right? burn out doesn't come because you work hard. Burner comes because you're not the result. Lot of christian think they have burn out with reality. Is your persevering efforts maybe get going nowhere because you're, you're laboring in the wrong way. Not looking to entrusting in the righteousness of christ, but looking at how far you think you've come and then you discourage. But she says very clearly there need to be persevering effort. Notice she describes paul of all people, the apostle paul, right. Who wrote all this wonderful thought about justification. What was the experience like? She says paul sanctification was a result of a constant conflict with elf. I die daily. He said, well, he did say that in his will and his desires every day come lifted with duty in the will of god, duty not even good word anymore. Do these like all that's all you, but notice there was a sense of duty, but his will conflict it. What did he do? Instead of following inclination, you know, what incarnation it didn't calling me saline is what you lean towards was comfortable with easy. Instead of falling inclination, he did god's will, however, crucifying to his own nature. Does that sound like doing god's will was easy for Paul. It was a fight. But he gained the victory in that fight and we can gain the victory in that fight. It's the fight, a faith, l Y, it says here who you who determines to enter the spiritual kingdom, will find that all the powers and passions of an unregenerate, unconverted nature. Our old nature, back by the forces of the king of the darkness, as if it's not bad enough that I've got a fallen nature that bite me the devil of angel or both bill boosting up that pole in nature. And he who determined to enter the spirits of cane was going to find all that against him. All that against him. Selfishness and pride will make a stand against anything that would show themselves to be showed them to be sinful. We can not of our selves, conquer the evil desires and habits that strive for the mastery. We cannot overcome the mighty foe who holds us in his thrall, gone alone can give us the victory He desires us to have the mastery over ourselves. Now folk, if God desires us to be victors, then we will be rector's. It doesn't matter what the Outlook is like. It doesn't matter, but I don't see the progress i want to see today. God wants me to be a victor and I will be by faith. I've got to focus on that. But he cannot work in US without our consent and cooperation. He's not gonna force. So that's all it's telling us. Like the person who said all over come appetite, when god takes a cookie out of my hand, no god's going to give you a strength to not get into the back and cookies. The divine spirit works through the faculties and powers given to man. Our energies are required to cooperate with god, but they're not meritorious. This is not about my standing with christ. He's already accepted me. I'm already on his team and now he's with me working out his righteousness in me and make no mistake. When I say working out his righteousness in me is still will always be his righteousness is like, I know it's worked out in me and now it's my righteousness. It's always he's teaching me how to yield to it all the time. Instead of part of the time, that's mental blessing page 141 for ministry healing l Y says day by day and year by year we shall conquer self and grow into noble heroism. Notice that it's a process, it takes time. And if you get hung up on is taken too long, it's going to discourage you. Don't worry about how it's it just keep on when jesus and day by day working with him. I read a statement just recently about the life of jacob, and it was fascinating to me in patriarchs and prophets. Ellen white says, you know, jacob didn't make all the right decision, but he trusted in the Lord. And l Y makes a statement. She says, god allowed jacobs sin to work its own correction. And I thought so hear him blindly done the wrong thing because here's what we owe. We say OK, i'm in the think of occasion process. I'm choosing that sometimes I don't choose apologies is going to do the wrong thing and then he gives up on me for sure. Does me. And so that statement, i thought god saw jacob was making the wrong decision, but he knew his heart was right. He knew his intention to follow him and he allowed those consequences. Have you ever had the consequences worked themselves out in your life and teach us? The point is this god is with the recall on your side in this process, you're not alone. And jesus is the author and finisher of our faith day by day and year by year. We shall conquer self and grow into over here with him. This is our a lot of task, but it can't be accomplished without help from jesus resolute decision. Unwavering purpose, continue watchfulness, an unceasing prayer. Each one has what kind of battle or a personal battle to fight, nobody else can fight your battle. I mean, the Lord will be with you in your battle by the size of your choice, north, not even god can make our characters noble or our lives useful unless we become co workers with him in this last sentence, those who decline the struggle lose the what the strength and joy, a victory. You can't win the game from the sidelines. Now you can fit norie on the sidelines. They, I can't, I'm not going to get in the game because I'm afraid i'll never win and you'll never gain the experience victory. God says get in the game struggle fight, and I'll let, i'll lead you to a victory. A man that is the promise of god to you. And me. Elder royce is going to come up and talk about victory in jesus. I told him he gets the fun part, he gets to be in the nice guy at the end. And I appreciate that Brother for the Mark. Thank you so much. You know, this can be overwhelming as we're trying to process all of this and sort out the confusion that seems to be there. But the bible again is clear. I think of enoch and the expression he walk with gone. You know, you, you think about his daily experience walking day after day with god. You know, you can't help but become friends with someone that you keep walking with and talking with and hiking if there's somebody you've never had a connection with, but you go on a backpacking trip with them and you hike through the appalachian mountains or, or you know, something like that and you and you're out there for several weeks. You're going to know more about that person than you did before. You started that journey. And with jesus, if you're walking with him every day, He is the one who is ministering to you all along the way. 3 and a half years, the disciples walked with jesus literally walk with jesus. And still, peter had some trouble along the way to me because part of the correction experience was and hadn't done his work yet. And along with the journey, jesus was patient. He was patient with peter is patient with us along the way. We make mistakes and he does a little bit of correction here. And there, part of our challenge is that we're used to failure and not to victory. And we focus on that failure. Instead of realizing that with jesus, he wants us to have mastery. He wants us to have the victory, and he wants us to be able to focus on what he wants to provide for us. Want to leave you to day with 2 quotations, one from wagner, and one from jones. As you look at these, these are individuals who are sinking to put into words that, that personal journey. Hopefully these will be of help to you. The 1st one is from wagner in that u. K. Version that referred to yesterday or day before the book prov, the version of the magazine, the present truth, november 5, 891. The I got to change it so you can see it. There it is, right, this is what he said. Thank you more. Some folks look with dread upon the thought of having to wage a continual warfare with self and worldly loss. That is because they do not yet know anything but the joy about the joy of victory. They have experienced only defeat. But it isn't so doleful a thing what? But it isn't so doleful a thing to battle constantly when there is a continual victory. Listen to he's thinking. And his word. He goes on, he says, the all veteran of a 100 battles who has been victorious in every fight long to be at the scene of conflict. Alexander soldiers, who under his command never knew to feed, we're always impatient to be led into the fray. Each victory increase their strength, which was born only of courage and correspondingly diminished, that of the vanquished foe. How often does a soldier who is beaten down, beaten down, beaten down, want to continue the fight. But how often does a soldier want to fight when they experience nothing but victory? Now let's not get into the, the bloody fighting of war that we have in this day and age. But let's think of the fact that the old as we go through this, And when it is decided and constantly main, well, I think it jumped on me. The soldiers of alexander were reckoned invincible. Why was it because they were naturally strong and more courageous than all their enemies? No, but because they were led by alexander the general knew how to fight the battle against the enemy in such a way as to gain victory all the time. Jesus knows how to gain the victory all the time. So when you, when you're walking with the one who has never failed, you know that victory is assured. But you can't just sit there and say, now jesus do it. I'm, I'm out of here. It's all right now he, he is walking with you in the journey there, how joy and watching somebody else do all the work And let me understand what I mean by that. Not the works of salvation, but experiencing what god wants us to. Jones puts its way and lessons on faith in the chapter entitled sinful flesh. And this is what he says. And when it is decided To jump me again when it is decided and constantly maintain, that the flesh of the converted person is still sinful flesh and only sent for flesh. They are so thoroughly convinced that in his flesh dwells no good thing, that he will never allow a shadow of confidence in the flesh. And this being show he has sold dependence is upon something other than the flesh, even upon the holy spirit of god. His source of strength and hope is altogether exclusive of the flesh, even in jesus christ only, and being everlastingly watchful suspicions and thoroughly distrustful of the flesh he can ever be and can expect any good thing from that source. That's a good thing. There isn't any good thing coming out of the flesh. It's all coming from the spirit of god, right? And so is prepared by the power of god to be back and crushed down without mercy, every impulse or suggestion that may arise from it. And so does not fail, does not become discouraged, but goes on from what victory to victory and from strength to strength. Conversion then you see does not put new flesh upon the old spirit, but a new spirit within the old flesh. He does not propose to bring new flesh to the old mine, but I knew mind to the old flesh, conversion, deliverance and victory are not gained by having the Human nature taken away. But by receiving the divine nature to subdue and have dominion over the Human. Not by the taking away of the sinful flesh, but by the the sending in of the thin la spirit to conquer and condemn sin in the flesh. Ok, i'm pushing this thing and it's resisting me and I'm not sure why. There we go. Do not they discourage at sight of sinfulness at sight of sinfulness in the way. It is only in the light of the spirit of god and by the discernment of the mind of christ that you can see so much sinfulness in your flesh. And the more sinfulness you see in your flesh, the more the spirit of god. You certainly have. This is a sure test yet cause her. We come to christ. The more we hate seeing the flesh in ourselves, the more we hate. What we see in the world around us is more of the evidence that the spirit of god is working with us and building that enmity, that god promised. In genesis chapter 3, verse 15 into us that he wants to stay and this is all good news. When you are feeling the worst is when you're beginning to realize that you do have a problem. But you have a solution in jesus because he's helping you to know there is a problem, but he doesn't leave you discourage there. He wants you to have the courage that he wants to give you. When sinfulness abounds, grace much more abound in order that as The thing is misbehaving on me, is it me or is it? Is it am I right blaze? Then when you see symbol is abundant, you thank the Lord that you have so much of the spirit god, that you can see so much of the sinful sinfulness and know of a surety that when sinfulness abounds grace much more abound in order that as thin hath rein unto death, even so my grace might grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life by jesus christ, our lord ellen white. When she's talking about the last days she's talking about that time when we are having to go through jacob's trouble experience. She makes it clear to us that because we've surrendered to jesus, we do not have to fear. But during that time, it feels like will have nothing to give. And satan is pressing in upon us that we are nothing but sinners. And jesus can't say. But our hope in that time is the fact that we have confessed arsons and jesus and it's all in is in. And then he takes us through the when we see it being the worst One, jesus was revealing us to us. What we really are, remember are you standing right by your side in line and saying you can, but I have and you will, and you are experiencing by feeling, by faith, the victory that he has promised. Tomorrow we're going to go into the last phase of this that connects us with the sanctuary, the role of the sanctuary and the work of jesus christ. And what he wants us to understand about this life that we're living in now today go out, don't look at your failures. Look at jesus, your source of victory. But brain father and heaven. How grateful for the message of righteousness, not by works, but by faith. In christ arthritis because jesus gained the victory, our victory is assure not because we suddenly become victorious. That because we become more dependent on him who is through. As we go from here to day, help us to focus focus on jesus, the source of our victory, in whose name we pray. And then to listen to more of these presentations, you may visit the audio archives at M. I S T A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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