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05 Righteousness by Faith and the Heavenly Sanctuary, Part 2

Mark Howard Royce Snyman
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  • June 25, 2021
    1:30 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen father and heaven. How grateful we are that we can look to heaven. Whence comes our help, david said, and saw it come to you this morning looking for your guidance in your direction through your spirit, knowing that you promised to provide well, we cannot provide that you can lead us into that experience that you want for us. Naval christ are righteousness be lifted up to day in jesus Before I get into the direction I want to go, I want to make this one comment and a real privilege for me to be able to work together with my brother, mark. And howard. I've learned over the last years that we've worked together has been given a special gift. He's able to remember a tremendous amount of the spirit of prophecy. I don't know if he has a photographic memory, but I've noticed that he doesn't seem to be short on any particular reference or quote, and that's a wonderful gift. Doesn't have to be a gift that I have. But both of us have been blessed to study. This is topic. I hate to use that word because it's a gospel gossip is not a topic living experience over the years of our ministry and it's been a real privilege for me to be able to work with elder howard. I want to is to give credit where credit is due as for a tremendous amount of effort into the material that we're working with here together today. And I'm retiring as most of you know, and I'm so grateful that elder howard and the rest of the team who's been studying this wonderful most precious message will continue to lift up jesus. Here in the michigan conference. I'll be praying for you from tennessee. You pray for me in Tennessee and don't worry about the weather. God will take care of that. Just pray that we can all keep our eyes on jesus. Do. I'd like to begin going into a brief review today. Yesterday we were talking about the in parted righteousness of christ and its connection with st. If occasion or we were talking about sanctification added connection with him. Parted, righteous, the bright. However, you want to phrase that sense. We learned the sanctification, like justification, is also by you all are good students. I really appreciate this. Ellen white nights this comment, the soul is to be sanctified through the truth. And this also is accomplished through for it is only by the Grace of christ, which we receive through character can be transformed, work of christ as to transform our lives. That is, is work we learned in our effort is an essential part of the sanctification process that will fall in nature's that must be baffled against you. And I get up in the morning. We surrender our lives to christ. We surrender our lives to christ because we have a fight to fight that day. I'm not talking about this kind, but it might help if the devil could show up. And we had to do this with him because we really, really understand what it's all about. We have fallen natures that we have to fight against, as we see to maintain our connection with christ. Again, looking at mount of blessing, page $141.00 we looked at yesterday. God alone can give us the victory. He desires us to have a mastery over ourselves. Our own will and ways, but he cannot work in US without our consent and cooperation. The divine spirit works through the faculties and power is given to man. Our energies are required to cooperate with god. Not a blessing. Page 141, by the way, we are going to post these materials for the Mark. So if some of you say man, I didn't get that part is going to be audio. There's going to be video and there's going to be printed documentation as well. Available to you on line so way that we'll get that word out through whatever mechanisms that we can. Obviously the most logical place is go to Mr. Oregon and it will be present there. We also learned yesterday that even though we put forth effort, it's not our own strength. This is an area that it can be very confusing to people. And we all struggle understand what that means, but is not in our strength. That this effort gains any ground in the strength of christ is where that effort gains ground. It is god who sanctify us and not we ourselves again, instead of christ. Ellen white said, our growth in grace our joy, our usefulness all depend upon our union with christ. It is by communion with him, daily hourly, by abiding in him that we are to grow in grace. He is not only the author, but the furniture of our IT is christ 1st and last always don't think of continued on a capital catch up with us. He is to be with us not only at the beginning and the end of the course, but at every step of the way. And finally, we learned yesterday That we'll all end in utter defeat. Spring. Sure, you are awake in her victory. That's the good news. The gospel is good news because jesus was victorious and we are walking with him and he brings to us victory. You know, when you think about the walk with christ, i want to digress just a moment here before we go into our topic for today. When you think of walking with christ, we talked about walking, you know, walking with the Lord yesterday. Right? Think also of Chloe opus and his friend is they were walking along the road to a man is that jesus literally walking literally as and they could see him. They just didn't see him as they were walking together on that road. And pastor howard and I were talking last night and I made this comment. It came to my mind. I just have find it hard to think that you could be walking along with jesus. And you could say in a lot of ways to stop here and rob the bank real quick, I just like to get a little extra money. And I'd like to take care of that. Lord, there's a bar up ahead. Can we stop and get a drink? You know, it's something about walking with jesus literally walking with jesus, could you find it easy to digress off some other direction into some thing we know that jesus would not accept. So what is it about the christian life where the new testament makes it clear that we are to walk as he walked at what we are told walk as he walked. So he walked with father, we walk with him. And you know what, when you're walking with jesus, he's going with you side by side. And he's promised to guide us and every step. Today we want to direct our attention, heaven word literally and talk about our connection with the heavenly sanctuary. And that how the heavenly sanctuary connects with rice and by faith. One might ask, how does it connect? What does it have to do with the subject of righteousness by faith? The simple answer begins with a letter, the letter e. Every it is everything to us and understanding when you think about faith, you can't just think of faith in relationship to while I have faith, faith and what I just have faith, faith and who. Oh, I just have faith. Faith has to have something to look at. Right. Faith, i have an object You can't just have faith and our faith is not just sprayed. It's faith in some one jesus christ. And then and if we were able to go where jesus re is right now, where would we go? Where would we go? We would go to they have any sanctuary. And let me get the word up specific, where 11 the sanctuary would we go to the most holy places? Exactly where we would go? And we want to be able to understand this in the context of this verse and hebrews chapter 12 turned a. Bruce fleece might be good for you to keep your finger in here today. The thought the only place will go, but hebrews is certainly is an important part of what we're going to be talking about. Hebrews chapter 12 and look at verse 2112 verse one. All says, therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight and the sin which so easily and snares us and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us looking verse to unto jesus the author and finisher of our faith contact book of hebrews is the focus on the sanctuary. Isn't it? So when paul tells us to look to jesus, he's telling us to look to jesus in the sanctuary in the most holy place of the sanctuary. And chapter 3, not going to read the all chapter, but you can just look over there as I make this comment in hebrews chapter 3. The apostle urges us to consider jesus in 2 distinct roles. The 1st roll is that of a partial, not one which we often think of in relationship with christ. But I mention a little bit more about that in a moment here. And the 2nd is as christ, as high priest. We understand the high priest, the role in connection with a sanctuary. That's not confusing to us in the sense that we've heard that a lot. But we don't often think about jesus as the apostle, but it is a term that clearly references. Jesus, apostle means saint john chapter 3, verse 16. What did god do? He sent his only son to us. And interestingly enough, allan wide uses this expression, often in speaking of jesus in I don't desire of ages, page 168. He says, he no doubt had could not doubt that jesus of nazareth was sent of god context john 3 and especially in that whole experience there. And alan, why change speaks of jesus as sant in relationship? Do certainly ministry honored and 2 times sent into our world to save sinners like you and me. Paul wanted his readers to consider jesus or ministry, but he didn't stop there. So 1st of all, he refers to jesus as the apostle and his earthly ministry refers to that, and then he directs us to him. It is high priestly ministry which is directing us to the sanctuary. Take a look at the statement from genesis, genesis great controversy. Page $488.00, the subject of the sanctuary. And the investigative judgment should be clearly understood by the people of god. Are you the people of god? Then you should clearly understand it all, need a knowledge for themselves of the position and work of their great. I priest, otherwise it will be impossible for them to exercise the faith which is essential at this time or to occupy the position which god designs them to fill. The sanctuary in heaven is the very center of christ work in behalf of men. If it's a center, it's the focus is where we should be looking, isn't it? We should understand what is being spoken of there it concerns every soul living on the earth. It opens the View to view the plan of redemption brings us down to the very close of time and revealing the triumphant issue of a contest between righteousness and fin. It is of the utmost importance that all should thoroughly investigate the subjects and be able to give an answer to everyone that asks them a reason of the hope that is in them. And then she says, the intercession of christ in man's behalf in the sanctuary above is as in is essential to the plan of salvation as was his death upon the cross. Do you understand why satan has repeatedly attract the sanctuary message, especially in the 7th day of the church? You don't have to attack it and other denominations, god bless them, but they don't have an understanding of the sanctuary. It's not a focus for them. But he comes and concentrate faden does his efforts in the 7th day of the church to undermine the work of christ and the sanctuary. Hence, we've had the Ford heresies and the other kinds of things that have come down over the years. Trying to undermine the work of christ in the heavenly sanctuary. Because it's the sensual to the plan of salvation, just as essential as the death of christ on the cross. That's why many denominations who believe that the cross was all of it and it's done. And you crazy and this have got this idea of christ in the sanctuary having something to do that there's a work beyond the cross is an attack of say I his dad, he began that work was you after his resurrection. He ascended to complete in heaven. This work christ in the heavenly sanctuary is our focus or study to day because it's that the heart of the 3rd angels message over howard or cannot express you over did it elders name words cannot express how privilege i feel to have worked with this gentleman and he's been an inspiration and I'm glad that we were able to do this seminar. It is a passion, both of us, as I believe it is of each one of you. That's why you're here should be the passionate, every 7th avenue. This subject is going to swallow up every other we're told we showed you a quote like that. But I want to get into this, ah, oh, what a topic and so much we could say I want to 0 in Well, before I do, let's just pray. Pray with you bothering heaven. I do want to just ask that your holy spirit with god, my thoughts and our understandings. Lord, I know that I'm not going to say it just. Exactly right, but I trust your holy spirit will convert to our hearts and minds, right. Our dependence is on you and the spirit of truth who leads us into true. So father bless us, not just in a theoretical way, but in a practical way and the remainder of time we have today or ask this in jesus name. And I want to go back and look at a couple of things in this particular quote, because elders have to, it brought this out. We got attacked outside the church and sometimes even inside the church, when we talk about the thanks we're in fact, it's ironic to me that a lot of evidence say the thanks where you're so unsettling and it makes me so uncertain in it. And it robs me of my assurance, and it's designed to be exactly the opposite. And, and for the non 7th avenue state, they talk all about being christ centered, but don't miss it. Where is jesus? I evidence did not make this up. We can go and look at the book of hebrews and Paul is very clear. In fact, the priestly ministry of christ. Where does jesus priestly ministry take place? If you go to hebrews 8, the apostle paul says, if he were on earth, he could not be a priest. Because he was of the wrong tribe, was of the tribe of judah in the earth. The priest had to be of his argument. The point is jesus high priestly ministry, if it couldn't be on the earth, had to be in heaven. And so if you're not teaching that heavenly thanks, where are you cut out this huge portion of christ work and then you're going to call yourself christ centered. How can you venture on christ if you're not centering on the center of where christ is the work that he is doing in the heavenlies. And I want you to notice something else that I think is fascinating here in please don't misunderstand me. But ellen white says the subject of the sanctuary and the investigation gave judgment should be clearly understood all the knowledge for themselves of the design of the tabernacle. The 10 stakes the curtain of the colors. I'm going to tell you we do so much on the thanks for the 7 AM in his church about the structure, but I will challenge you if you look into ellen white's writings. When she talks about the sanctuary, she spends very, very, very little talking about the structure. What she talks about is the position and work of the high priest what jesus doing there. What does that have to do with me in my experience? I want to share with you a statement i don't have on the screen. I wish I did, but it's in the book education on page 15, illinois tells us here to restore in May on the image of his maker to bring him back to the perfection in which he was created to promote the development of body, mind and soul that the divine purpose in his creation might be realized. This was to be the work of redemption. This is the object of Education, the great object of life. Did you follow that? Okay, good. Cuz I'm going to test you on it. What was the work of redemption? To restore a man into the image of god, what sense would it make benefit? gospel didn't restore man into the image of god. This is what the gospels about we're talking about righteousness by faith. We're talking about the good news of the gospel, and the good news of the gospel is to restore man into the image of god. This is the work of jesus as a high priest, when we talk about his high priest, the work in the birth Date of judgment. And we get, the idea is I'm going to go on to a little bit further in this presentation that jesus is up there. Just checking off names, we get the wrong idea of what's happening. Jesus work is to restore in humanity. The image of god. Righteousness by faith is the essence of the 3rd angels message. I think we looked at this the other day from the book, From a review and harold article of April, 1890 l Y says several have written to me inquiring if the message of justification by faith is the 3rd angel message. And I have answered it is the 3rd angels message in verity and truth and reality. The 3rd angel message, she says is the message of justification by faith, if that so and if the 3rd angel himself. Oh, I didn't show you that one yet. I missed it. Skipped over this slide. Oh, do not have them. Did it move on me. Ok. I have him out here to notice this in early writing zone, early writings ellen white, these vision, the vision that John saw. I did that on purpose because I put it up there. Then you're going to read ahead and you're going to hear the intro. So you know, I set the statement up, I want you to understand what's happening here. And what I saw, I believe what john the revelator saw, john saw 3, was flying in the midst of heaven, and he saw the angels giving them messages. Now we read about the angels giving the messages, but we don't see what they were doing. But ellen white saw something that the 3rd angel did when he gave his message. Check this out. The 3rd angels mess the 3rd angel closes his message thus, or in this way, here is the patience of the things. Here are they that keep the commands of god in the faith of jesus? As he repeated these words, he pointed where to the heavenly sanctuary. Here are those who keep the commandments of god and have the faith of jesus. And then he put what's that have to do with anything. What it's telling. What it's telling us is the anchor of god's people's faith is, is what jesus is doing. And you understand your ever get discouraged in your christian walk and feel like you're alone. I've told people before, in fact I remember a brand new church member, my very 1st church and she was talking about some people would argue and say, well, you know, I have is don't get it because they say that, you know, there's to, thanks for in heaven but it was all done at the cross And I said if everything was done to the cross on last, because I still got problems and who's going to take care of them. Now I know somebody here could tell me about, you know, but by faith we do in there's not my point. The point is that right now we have a savior who at the moment we're even sitting here at the moment. You're still struggling with things that I don't know, but you know, and the Lord knows. And the Lord right now is helping you. He's there to intercede for you at this very moment. We haven't ever present help in time of need. You have even to this moment is working in our behalf and the angel repeats these words. He points to the heavenly thanks where, where jesus is doing that work Is the 3rd angels messages justification by faith in the 3rd angel himself pointed believers to christ's work in heavenly sanctuary. As he gave that message, the 3rd in the message, the message of justification by faith, it would follow that the experience of justification by faith is tied closely to the work of christ and a heavenly thanks. Very. Right. Going to do it again. As I am not sure you are with me, if the 3rd angels message is justification by faith and verity, and if the 3rd angel himself pointed to the heavenly sanctuary if he repeated that message, it would follow that the experience of justification by faith is tied closely to christ's work as a high priest in heavenly sanctuary. And that the true assurance of the believer in jesus comes from understanding and cooperating with him in network. That's why ellen white said, Not that that's why I said all meeting knowledge for themselves of the position in work of their great pry, priest, otherwise known, if it will be impossible for them to exercise the faith, which is which is essential at this time or to occupy the position which god designs that they would fill. Now I'm going to divert for a little bit, but you're going to, we're going to come around here. I want you to take your bibles and go to the book of revelation. And I want you to see something here that we really need to understand. Revelation chapter 13 right there. At the end, we'll start for 16. And revelation 13 verse 16. We're looking at the final contest on earth prior to the coming of jesus. The final test of faith over the Mark of the beast issue. And I've met too many 7 day avenue to think that as long as they know the right day to worship on their good. Because when the pressure comes in, they say you need to worship on the 1st day of the week, I'll say no, no, no, I know better than that. And because I know what up here, I'm going to be safe. I want you to see something here in revelation 13 verse 16. The bible says he is speaking of the 2 horned beast and the last faith causes all Speaking of the 1st piece, pardon me, in revelation the credits, because is all both small and great, rich and poor, 3 in slave to receive a mark on their right hand on their what flores and notice that no 1 may buy or sell except one who has the Mark or the name of the bees or the number of his name here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast where it is the number of a man. His number is 666, keep reading. The bible kept going. There weren't original chapter breaks. John. The, the theme has changed him books to another place. Then I looked and behold, all a, I'm standing out on mount zion and with him, 144000 having one. It says his father's name or if you're reading in a new translator, his name and his father's name, where in the forehead. So here's what I want you to know from this. If the end of time is not one mark, there's 2 marks. Now the market to be is in forehead or in the hand, but both marks appear in the forehead and both contain a name. And that's very significant in the scripture name often refers to character ok. You may recall that jacob's name meant the names meant something right? When, when abraham finally have the child of promise, what they name in isaac, the child promised abraham and sarah isaac, right? Why the name or my sick? What does isaac mean? Does anybody know means laughter? Why did the name and laughter? Because when god came to them, in the old days you said you're going to have a kid. They laugh at god. And so the name was significant, something when you come to jacob jacob was named jacob, which means deceiver you, sir, purse a planter because he grabbed his brother he on the way out, the bible says, and later on, deceived his brother out of the birthright. But he didn't carry the name jacob, his whole life ditty because he had an encounter with christ. And after his encounter with christ, would it christ do? He changed his name and he changed his name to israel, which meant a prince with god. Names were significant of characteristics and we could go on about that, but I want you to go to the book of exodus with me chapter 33. Exodus 33 and we're going to get begin in verse 18. Exit a 33 verse 18. Moses asked the Lord a question, it would do us well to ask him on a regular basis. The Lord says you have not because you have james says you have not because you have not used that ask that you may receive mother sadie. Please show me your glory and the Lord said I will make all my one. He didn't say glory did. He said goodness, what that tells us is that goodness is another way of saying, glory. What's another way of saying goodness, what a person's goodness! Hold onto the thought, i'll make my goodness pass before you and I will, I will proclaim the name of the Lord. So there is another way of saying is that the bible is giving us here, is that glory and goodness, the name are synonymous. Now we're going to fast forward here, and we're going to come in to chapter 34 where the Lord actually comes before moses and he proclaims the commandments again. And moses brings tables of stone. Then the bible says, and in chapter $34.00, verse 5. Now the Lord descended in a cloud and stood with him there and proclaimed what the name of the Lord and the Lord passed before him and proclaimed the Lord the Lord God. Merciful and gracious, long suffering, and abounding in goodness and truth, keeping mercy for thousands. Forgiving iniquity and transgression and fin, what's he? What's he giving here? characteristics? The point I want you to get is when god proclaimed his name, he was proclaiming his character. Name in the bible, offering 1st a character. Glory refers to character, fear god, and give glory to him. There is a character element. We're going to see the final test in revelation with the Mark has to do with the character you have. Not with what you know. And so there are a lot of 7 AM to say, I know saturdays the right day just like peter knew that to deny christ was the wrong answer. And because he had the right answer, he said, no, I'll never did die for you lore. But peter didn't know his character and he didn't realize that his character would default him to the wrong choice. Even though he knew the right answer, the test at the end of time as a test of character and my friends. To me this, everything we've been covering this week, this is the devil false teachings of righteousness by faith. Convince people that they don't have a personal work to do with christ to allow him to work his character out in them. They say I believe in jesus and I'll never overcome. And you're going to see this in some statement as we go on. And the devil loves it because he knows that when the final test comes, they're not going to have the character they need. Jesus himself gave that that caught back clearly in a parable of 10 bridesmaid. How many remember the parable? The 10 virgins in matthew, 25. Now if you've done extensive study, you know, and not even necessarily extensive, but the idea of being virgins means they had a pure faith. OK, so in other words, in our white's words, you said these were not hypocrites. You didn't have the good guys and bad guys. They all had the right intentions. They all had a pure faith in matthew 25. What happens is they had oil and they had lamps, and their lamps were on. But something happened while they were waiting for the bridegroom to come. Incidentally, the coming of the bride grew. Who's the bridegroom? Jesus is coming represented ultimately a 2nd coming. And so as they're waiting there, something happened to them. What was it now I really like this because if you read it in the book of matthew, it says they slumbered and slept. How many of you remember that terminology? Is anybody like me and you're like, why didn't you say this? Let why they have the slumbering sleep. Why do you have some words and just say they slept well, here's why, you don't say a word because the word slumber is not the same asleep. And the word translated, slumbered literally means to nod. You know to me, if the nod pastors know that you know what it means to not when we, when we get less and interesting Right now. So the idea is to not off slumbered and flap nodding off. And I like to ask people, what is the difference between nodding off and going to bed? You plan to go to bed. But nobody plans to not all. And every one of the faithful virgins not at all. They didn't attend to. And when they awoke, one group realised that they had their lamps were flickering. They'll realize their lives were flickering, but one group had brought extra oil In one group didn't. Right. And so when they went to trim their lamps, the group that didn't have enough oil, went to their friends and they said, will you give us some of that oil? And I don't know if you like me read that story at some point and thought because that what you remember what they said to their friend, though we can give you enough oil. We won't have enough oil. And I said, what kind of chris, are you right? No, we thing in sabbath school and cradle roll. I have $2.00 and you have none. I'll share my dollar because I love you because that's what jesus wants me to do. Why you're not going to share. That's not christian. You understand what I'm saying? Until you realize the imagery there, now the oil, let's start with a lamp. I word is a lamp under my feet in a light under my path. The lamp represents the word of god. What does the oil represent? The holy spirit put them together in what it conveying it, conveying the work of the spirit as we looked at it in thank of occasions we apply ourselves to following the word. The spirit of god develops in a, a character in harmony with the word, the oil and a lamp, or character. Can you give character to somebody else? No character, something comes from experience. And so it dawned on me. Wow. But it wasn't that they were being selfish. No matter how much you want to. You can give somebody character, character isn't formed in a moment. Nobody can come up to the end of time and develop character a character for heaven. And the devil know that he is going to keep us busy think and it's not important until we get right up there. And they say, oh well too bad and it will be too late in the parable. What happened? They came to that wedding and the door was shut and they were on the outside, i replied. But why didn't they didn't, they won't have enough for what is that like that It is just conveying the idea that you can't transfer it. You can't, you can't give character somebody else. Now notice this statement here, elena, white and credit started. Lessons makes this point the light of his glory. And then she explains his what character is to shine forth in. He is believers. This statement in Education, i'm giving you a piece of it. I encourage you to go and read this whole passage in Education is phenomenal. But notice what ellen white says here in Education. The harvest of life is what character and it is this that determines destiny. Both for this life and for the life to come up. The harvest is a reproduction of the the phone, every feed yields fruit after its kind. So it is with the traits of character we cherish. I mean, we hold on to them. Selfishness, self love, self esteem, self indulgence reproduce themselves in the end is wretchedness and ruin the harvest of life is character. I want to talk to you briefly about how character is form to go to romans with me, chapter 5. How many of you are parents here? How many of you, parents, as parents have ever said these words to your kids, but it forms character. Then you know where I'm going. You know what, the things that form character for our kids also form character for us. Why, why right there comes that the whole thing on the romans 5 notice verse one. Now therefore having been justified by faith, we have peace with god. You are lord jesus christ. How aloof, through whom also we have access by faith, into this grace in which we stand. And notice we rejoice in the hope. Let's pause there. What is the person hope for? I'm not talking about a specific thing. What he doesn't have, right? You don't hope for what you have you hope for what you don't have. We're rejoicing in the hope of something we don't yet have. What is it? A glory of god, what's glory? We just looked at it. Christ promises his character to his followers. We rejoice in the hope of that in this experience, this is where we are now. Now notice what he says in the next verse, and not only that, but we also glory in tribulations. Knowing that tribulation produces perseverance. Patience in the king james and perseverance character and the king james says, experience which is interesting to me because character and experience go together. But I want you to understand the standard process. Here be lation, produces perseverance and perseverance, character and character. Hope and hope does not disappoint, because the love of god has been poured out in a hearts by the holy spirit. Who has given to us as a guarantee he says elsewhere. Understand how this work. Tribulation produces, perseverance. What kind of things do you persevere at? Let's say you want an all expense paid trip to hawaii. Are you going to persevere to do that? Probably not. I'm not think of perseverance when I'm talking about oh, how about going down to get some ice cream? Let's go get some ice cream, but persevere on that cone, right? Are you going to persevere that were you think? You know you're thinking about? I gotta clean out the attic. I gotta clean out the garage. I gotta go, dig a ditch right. You persevere as things that are what stressful, difficult, whatever, ok, tribulation, hardships, it's in the face of hardship that you have to persevere. And so the apostle says, tribulation works, perseverance. It puts you in a situation where you have to push through an obstacle, but pushing through the obstacle does what. How many of you, I don't want to know what obstacle, how many of you have pushed through obstacles in your life? What does it do for you? Do you like it while it's happening? How many of you can look back though and say, I'm glad for the experience because it's made me a stronger person. That's the development of character and friends, listen to me. There are things that you and I go through in this life oftentimes with little thought that guys are using it to develop character. Somebody was telling me yesterday they struggle with their temper and then I don't understand why it is long doing the situation though a whole, i lose my temper again. Let me give you a little news flash. Oftentimes, god leads you right into a place where you will lose your temper. So you can see your need for him and I'll tell you something else. Sometimes we feel like I have this temper problem in all the time. I just fly off the handle or you don't realize that you're not flying off the handle. The same as you used to, God is just bringing you into more and more trying experiences to go deeper and deeper. To develop that character. If you have your eyes on yourself, you're going to get discouraged. Like looking at 3 grow, i mentioned the other day. You need to keep your eyes on jesus jesus know what he's doing. He sure does. And what the apostle says it's amazing. Tribulation, worse, perseverance, perseverance, character and character were tope because we can see you've heard it said I may not be where I want to be, but not where I used to be. I see things god has done in my life. Well, what does that mean? What does that work? Jesus started in you, he's going to finish. That's what it says. And he has 16. He was begun a good work and you did even start a work is like on tired of this. I'm going to go, he's going to finish what he started. Is he not ellen, right? Tell the in Review and harold, april 8, while crisis cleansing the thanks, rary, the worshippers on earth should carefully review their life and compare their what character with the standard of righteousness as they see their defect. Question, how do I see my d back? Only through the holy spirit. You read it in the book steps to christ. Ellen white says that when we see our sinfulness, we can know things. Delusion is broken. Was that tell us he doesn't want you to see your sinfulness. I always say, satan has a plan, a plan b plan a if he doesn't want you to see your sinfulness, because what might you do when you see your sentiment? You might think of going to jesus, he doesn't want that. But once he's lost that battle in the holy spirit is convicted, you ever simple and then comes plan being like, ok, they see the simple as I'm going to tell your so simple. Don't even bother going to jesus. Don't listen to him. If the spirit of guy who showed your sinfulness, not satan in the spirit of god showed you because he is going to do something with it. And so, as elder jones said, we read this yesterday. When you see simplest, your flesh rejoice, but you must have so much of the spirit of god that you can see it. Trust that the guy, that gods going to do something about it as they see their defects. They should seek the 8 of the spirit of god to enable them to have moral strength to resist the temptation of satan and to reach the perfection of the standard. They may be victors, over the very temptations, what seems too strong for humanity to bear, for the divine power will be combined with their human effort and fate and cannot overcome. Oh, how are you? Well, I'm going to have it skipped over some stuff. But I want to make sure the point is clear now. See when we talk about jesus in the heavenly, thanks for the high priest. I know that for some 70 avenue, just what they see, what they visualize is jesus standing in front of a bunch of ledger books and he's going page after page and he's like, nope, nope, scratch this. All of this is it. That's not what jesus is doing. As our high priest, his work as a very dynamic work, it's an interactive work. I've had discussions with people who, who have told me, and I'm not going to totally disagree with this. They say, you know, what we really need to just focus on is our devotional life of jesus. Don't focus on striving. Those things that be said us and everything. Well, that's not scriptural, but it kind of is. This is what I mean. I have a devotional life of jesus, i spend time with jesus, but there's never time. I spend time with jesus where he's not telling me stuff. Right. Any time I have devotional time, I'm reading in the script here and always britt taps me on the shoulder and says, what about that there? Yeah, I'm not really like that. If I read something about how I should be more kind and patient, It's not just like, oh yeah, I bet you understand what I'm saying. This is the dining, like as our heavenly high priest, jesus walks us in the situation with any reveals to where those areas of weakness are. And then he says, I want to give you a strength there, but he won't force himself willy. He says, will you let me give you strength there? I'm going to say something that may upset you and I guess I can deal with it later. We love words like like, let and like surrender and like yield and like give over there all past him. I can't do, I'm going to sit down. I'm going to let go. But let's be very clear about something. What does it practically mean for me to surrender to jesus? Will? I'm going to give you the word that we don't like. Oh bay. That that's what is obedient. It means instead of going with my will, I'll do your will that surrender if a soldiers fighting in a battle any surrender to the opposing army. That means instead of taking orders from booth captain, the thinking order, smith captain, are you following on saying? No, I'm talking about my own gusto, my own strength, but I'm talking about, I'm not going to have time for it. I may take it in a minute, but I'm talking about this is, this is this dynamic work. As we continue to walk with jesus, jesus reveals things that need work. This is not about our standing with god. This is not jesus saying do this and then I will accept you where a lot of people like I just never average because I'm not good enough and he does know he's already accepted. You. You're already in the Play and you're in the program. He's not showing you stuff because he's saying, look at this and this, this is why not letting you in. He's saying now that you're in this and this is what I'm going to do for you and get you all the way through. In that perspective, changes everything. I want to turn our attention to this statement here. I gotta jump past, it's another one. Notice what it says, great. Contrary, it says those who hide an excuse their false could see how satan exult over them, kind of rejoices and gets all puffed up about it. How he turns christ in holy angels with their course like these are your followers. So these are people who love you. She says if we can, if those who high, the excuse their fault could see that They would may have to confess their sins and put them away. Notice this piece here. Now, through what d facts in the character st works to gain control of the whole mind. And he knows that if these defects are cherished, he will succeed. Not if we have them, we all have them. We all have defects. And so jesus wants to get those effects out because that's fatal vantage ground said. Noted if he can get you to chairs him, hold on to him. No, I'm not going to let you have this. When jesus, he knows he's going to succeed. Therefore no. Notice how's he going to with his angle here. Therefore, he is constantly seeking to deceive the followers of christ with his what kind of soft mystery fatal soft history that it is impossible for them to overcome. Oh saints, i hear this in the church all that I can't, I'm just I have the sin and I'm never going to totally be able to overcome that. Satan cradle office 3 to keep you holding on to that character defect where he has that advantage. The advantage ground, but jesus please in their behalf, his wounded hands his bruised body, and he declares to all who would follow him. My grace is sufficient for thee. Take my yoke upon you alerted me for. I am weak, lowly and hard, and you shall find rest for your souls for my yoke as easy, my burden is light. Let none then regard their defects. I think curable, god will give faith and grace to overcome them, elders name, and Let's realize that we have so much to talk about. And there's so little time, I'm just watching the clock and that's just running ahead. This is the essence of what we need for today. We're 7th day adventists who've been blessed with a wonderful sanctuary message. But we have not only been blessed by the sanctuary message. We've been blessed by wonderful bible trues and then from 1844 and on god's people were kind before that they were constantly being led back to the bible. R, doctoral trues are essential to us because they are part of that connection with jesus along the way. They are not legalistic requirements, they are personal connections with jesus. The sabbath is not a requirement of the law. Yes it is. But it's a requirement of a relationship with jesus. Jesus wants us to spend time with him. Why do we want to spend time with him? Because we love him, and we want to be committed to him. And the sabbath is that, that essence. But it may be that there are times when we keep the sabbath and it's going to cost or something. How many times of our young men in the army given up literally their lives, if not at least their freedom and all to stand for the truth of the sabbath and say I can't do that. I can't do that because that would offend my God. It would damage my relationship with jesus and God is on them for their faith. These things, these truth build our connection, our relationship with jesus. We're not talking about majoring in miners as some people like to say, but we're recognizing that are more distinctive doctrines. Are there to develop our relationship with jesus? These doctrines affect our connection with christ, and our character is developed by working with him along the way. Allan wide and desire of ages says it is through both theories and traditions that fatal gains. His power over the mind by directing men to fall standards immersed shapes the character through the scriptures. The holy spirit speaks to the mind and impresses truth upon the heart. Thus he exposes error and expels it from the soul. It is by the spirit of truth working through the word of god that christ subdued his chosen people to himself. Through truth, he is leading us into that connection with him and we become subdued to jesus. Look at matthew chapter 22. There is a whole sermon here. But matthew, chapter 22 is that wonderful parable of the of the wedding garment. There are parallels in other places and scriptures Jesus himself speaking of the garment. Revelation also connects us with that. In matthew chapter $22.00 and looking at verse one, jesus spoke verse and said they spoke to them again and parables and said the kingdom of heaven is like a certain king range of marriage for his son. And they were invited to the wedding, right. This experience of going to the wedding and coming to the wedding was an invitation to salvation. Everybody who came to the wedding was invited to come. They all accepted the invitation to salvation. Yes. They came there and many of them had on bro, but there was one person who chose not to put the robe on the road was freely given. And when you look at how this man reacted to the question of the king, the king said, how did you get in here like this? And the man didn't say why I didn't know I was supposed to have a robot. Did he say that? No, he had an excuse, he had purposely chosen not to accept the ro It was freely given to him, but he chose not to accept it. Notice what ellen white says christ was obedient to every requirement. The law he said himself, i delight to do that. I will oh my God, yea thy laws within my heart. When on earth he said to his disciples, i've kept my father's commandments. By his perfect obedience, he has made it possible for every human being to obey god's commandments. When we submit ourselves to christ, the heart is united with his heart. The will is merge and is Will the mind becomes one with his mind? The thoughts are brought into captivity. To him, we live in life that connection with christ. She goes on, that is what it means to be clothed with the garment of his righteousness. Then as the Lord looks upon us, he is not a fig leaf garment. Not the nakedness and deformity of sin, but his own robe of righteousness, which is perfect obedience to the law of jehovah. There are mood, lindsey, within the 7th day adventist church. They want to downplay the doctrines of the church that want to downplay our need for being obedient to christ and that all we need is jesus. Listen, you can't hang around jesus and be disobedient to his command. It can't be done. I'm telling you you can walk along with jesus and pull out your, your I pad and be looking at pornography. You can't be doing those kinds of things. Could you know? Jesus doesn't want that in your life and you closer you draw him. Those things are become not, you know, they're offensive to him, but they become offensive to you because you realize how they affect jesus and how jesus, i'm thinking to change your life. There are those in the book of revelation chapter 7, verse 14, mark this down because we don't have time to turn to it right now. Revelation 7. 14. There are those who will watch their own. What do they watch? The robes in the blood of jesus, and those are a given white robes. In revelation chapter 6 for sullivan. But where did they get those roles? They get those rugs from jesus. All robes are the result of the Grace of christ. But we must have the ro I'm going to be brief here, but not brief enough for 1030. You will grant liberty is the last day of camp meeting. Something else same and set. First of all that, that whole wedding garment parallel that parable. Rather, i want you to understand what's happening in that parable. There's a man who's there, who's accepted salvation. But when the king asked him about the garment, when he asked him why he doesn't have the character that he's supposed to have. The bible says he's speechless, speechless because and I told all the same as him to have asked somebody say, you know, why didn't you wear the green shirt? I told you about today. You would look at me and say, wait a minute, you never told me about a green shirt. Right. But this man, he doesn't have an excuse. He's speechless because he knows full well. He fat, perhaps in a can't meaning seminar where he heard that it was important to have a Thank defied character, but for some reason somebody convinced him it wasn't important as long as he just showed up and said I accept jesus and they're here until the king comes in and investigate and he realizes to wait, he's not ready. The work of jesus right now is to help us have that fitness for heaven. Those characters were having in his work, not my work, but I got to cooperate with him in that work. And friends, i want to tell you, I'm not standing here in front of you as somebody who has no defects of character. And in my christian life, I work hard in my christian life. I sound so legalistic, i work, I give more energy. Let me tell you something, I was always a christian. God forbid, i'm going to give more energy to the life I live for the devil than the life I live for god. Now all that hard work I'm doing as a christian. Is it worth anything as far as mirror with god? Oh, it's miserable, pitiful. Thank God that my standing isn't based on that. But I'm not doing it to earn something I'm doing it because I love the Lord for what he's done for me. And I want him to be the Lord of my life and I've always got to keep my eyes fixed on jesus and his promises hebrews chapter 12 in the context of jesus being our high priest that we started with looking on to jesus, the author in the finish sure. What kind of faith do you have this morning? How many who believe the jesus is the author of your faith and how many men hold on all the way to the finish? The finisher? Jesus will do what he promised were to look on to him, were to keep our focus on him and believe that what he started in US, he will complete. I want to finish with one of my absolute favorite statements. From the book, great controversy. It's in the chapter on the investigative judgment, facing lives record. And I love this notice what my says while jesus is pleading for the subjects of his grace that you in me. Satan accuses them before god is transgressors. And it bothers me that he is so Right. Right. The devil? The wire. But not about that when he goes and tell god that mark howards the sinner. He's right. Jesus does not excuse their thin but shows their penitence and faith and claiming for them forgiveness. He lives his wounded hands before the father in the holy angel saying I know them by name. I have graven them on the palms of my hand. Christ will close his faithful ones with his own righteousness that he may present them to his father. A glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle, or any such thing. Their names stay and enrolled in the book of life and concerning them. It is written, they shall walk with me and white for they are worthy, worthy only in the righteousness of christ. O it were not done. It gets better, said men, his efforts to deceive and tempt our race, had thought to frustrate the divine plan in man's creation. You may have read that man was the crowning act of god's creation. And the devil came in and method you think god just sat back and said, I guess he messed that went up. Oh no, I said and thought he had it worked out. Notice now this is just phenomenal. But christ now asks, as I priest, as our representative bearing our humanity in the presence of his father bother, this is what I want christ. Now I ask that this plan be carried into effect as if man had never fallen. He asks for his people not only pardon and justification full and complete, but a share in his gory and a seat upon his throne and my brothers and sisters, jesus will get what he's asked the father for Where you exercise faith in that savior. In that high priest and keep your eyes focused on jesus. That's our desire. Elders name and Alright. I told him I wrestled, i had a very real long statement, but I compacted that has been very impactful to me. It's kind of, it's on topic that off top, but in, you know, $380.00 jones gave a sermon before the general conference session. Now it's been printed as what it means to be a church member. I don't know what the original title was. But in that sermon, jones is talking about the cleansing of the thanks. We're in the cleansing of god's people. Any makes this point. You know, the revelation 14 and the 3rd angels message says, here are they, they keep the commandments of god. Okay. Or in our vernacular here they are. When does the person say here they are? Oh, here they are. There we're looking for your car keys. You're looking for a glass. Oh, here they are. That's something you say when you're looking for something and time does not permit me to go through like enrollment a. When it says the whole creation is groaning and waiting for the revealing of the sons of god. Where are they? Where are the people who are going to bear god's glory? Where are the people who are going to look like? Here they are. Here are the ones who keep the command of god and faith of jesus. Here are the ones who give glory to God. Here are the ones to reflect the image of jesus. Here they are, that's what a thing and revelation here they are. We found them and 80 jones makes this point in that sermon. He says, you know, we can preach the gospel for 10000 years. So the whole world here, we can preach it everywhere so that everybody on the earth has heard the gospel, but he said it's not enough to preach the gospel everywhere. The point of the message is that when that message has been preached, there is a people ready to meet him. When he comes, they said, if we don't have that people, we can preach that thing for 10000 years and jesus will never come. We can sit here and come to carr meetings and talk about jesus coming. And we can see, arise and philosophize and be authorized about it. But until we take jesus at his word by faith And cooperate him in his work in US, we're not going to and John says, but if we can have such consecration such commitment to christ such faith, then we can see him come in this generation. Don't a man to fat because he preached that in 1903. And he never came in that generation. And we know from the pen of l Y, the holy spirit began to be poured out in lateral power then. And here we still are because we theorized lord jesus help us to have a living thing. So we can cooperate with you and you can come and dis generate. That's great bothering haven't. Oh father, you have spoken through clay. These are themes that we will be studying through eternity. Oh but lord, they warm our heart just as a warm hearts throughout the ages. And they all come back to jesus. His matchless charm. His incredible love for this last race. Even to the point of taking upon himself our humanity and then offending into heaven as our representative before your throne and claiming for us a seat on that throne with him. Father, we're undeserving. But what may we be as grateful as we should despite our weaknesses, lord, may we lay hold of your strength and in this generation be those people who show the character of jesus to the world and usher in his 2nd company. Bless us to this and lord, be with us to the remainder of this camp. Meaning your spirit is present and may we hear things that will not just stir our mines in our hearts, but motivate us to action. And we trust in you jesus the author of our faith that you will finish our faith as you promise. Thank you for we prayed us and you're holding a man to listen to more of these presentations. You may visit the audio archives at M. 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