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03 Living Free: Freedom from Habits that Hurt

Vicki Griffin


Vicki Griffin

Author, Speaker, and Director of the Lifestyle Matters Health Intervention series



  • June 23, 2021
    2:15 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen father in heaven. Thank you lord for this time that we can have together. We have a common need, we have a common love for you, but we know that it must be deeper than it is. We want greater trust in you more loyalty, deeper insight, more fervor for your kingdom. But we also need more wisdom, more knowledge and more practical application. So please be with us today, enlarge our hearts and make our steps certain through the influence of your holy spirit. On each heart we pray in jesus' name, a man Probably one of my favorite bible stories is found in John chapter 5. And it's the story of the man at the pool of bethesda. How many years was he asked that pul, paralyzed from the neck down with no one to help him? How many years? 38 years paralyzed waiting for those waters waiting for his miracle. But somebody would climb over him and he was helpless. He was hopeless. He was worthless in his own eyes. We know from the context of the story that it was his own course in life that brought him to that place. And so he had the misery of self reproach, self hatred and guilt and shame. On top of it all, and I love the way the story starts because it says that jesus came and he saw him. And he saw that he had been there a long time. And that's really special, isn't it? Because some of these problems that we are dealing with were at the end of the genetic lime. And some of these challenges that we face might be through the environment that we were in were born in. We get a genetic deck that maybe we didn't choose. We've made choices when we were dead in trespasses. And since we have problems and sins that cling to us like lint and we don't seem to be able to get traction, you take a few steps up in a shale or sandy hill you take for back. And so a jesus saw that he had been there and he saw that this was a long time and he asks him a question. What question did he ask this man? Do you want to be made whole? And the man does not have the faith to grasp what jesus is asking him. And he says, sir, I have no one. And when the waters are stirred, i have no one to help me. Others step over me. First of all, I'm thankful today that salvation is not a competition, aren't you? He came not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance. And so jesus listens to him and he says, rise, take up your bed and walk. The interesting part of this story to me is in verse 14, when he later sees this man at the synagogue. And he says something interesting to him. He says, be, hold, you are made hole, go and sin no more or less. A worse thing come upon you and I remember my husband, dana and I were driving to some appointment and I was reading the evening worship. This was the story. And as I read that phrase from christ to this man, it really shocked me. It hit me and I looked at dane and I said, deign what could be worse than being paralyzed from the neck down with no one to help you. And he didn't even miss a beat. He said being paralyzed from the neck up and not wanting help. That's worse, that's worse, i never forgot that conversation and depression, and addictions and being dead in our own miserable life without christ is being paralyzed from the neck up. And jesus came to heal that paralysis. And we're seeing in this class and you, it's something that you already know is that these mind body systems work in concert to heal us of that paralysis. So not only is it a, a healing of spiritual paralysis, but there are body systems that also need to be healed of paralysis. And so today as we begin, we're going to be, I love wednesdays. You know, when I go to the staff meetings the 1st day of the meeting, it's, you know, rouse the rise up. Oh, church of god. And by the time we get to wednesday, it's if your hands on the plow hold on, hold on. So if you find workers today, tell them that you appreciate that you appreciate what, what they're doing for you. So what we want to do, I don't know why I told you that story, but it's true. So what I want to do before we get into our presentation on addictions, i know I told you, because wednesday I always tell us really cool story and that's in our program today because this is Wednesday, it's Wednesday for you also. And if can get to feel like kind of a long week, so I'm glad you're not getting class today. You're here, that's a good thing. So I want to talk to you, I want to do a little demo right now. We did one yesterday on. Concentrated refined carbohydrate and I think that that that was a good visual. I want to do another one today. Does anybody remember from yesterday how many grams in one spoon of sugar? Good for you'll never forget that because you are standing right here with me. And so in one tablespoon today we're talking about fat and f A T is not spelled B A D. That is so good, it's so important, but we need the right kind in the right ratios for it to, to, to reveal its benefits. So in, Oh, good, thank you sherry or Yes, thank you. So in a tablespoon, this is a tablespoon of fat, a cable spoon, a fat if 15 grams how many gram 15 grams. So in $110.00 out a to 10 out steak. This is a high fiber steak because it's bad. But in 18 to 10 out steak, you're going to have 50 to 60 grams of fat. So this is 15. And now we have how much? 30. And now we have 45. And now we have 60, this is 60 grams of fat, but how many people do you know that just eat this and nothing else? We're going to have big potato with sour cream and butter. Maybe a white roll with butter. Maybe a little ice cream at the end to settle the stomach. And we're doing this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is a fast food breakfast and they give a, you know, they give it, give them these amazing names like be a lumberjack and take down the world breakfast. But this bread this, these breakfasts have night. Some of them have 93 grams of fat. And how much fiber do you think is in these breakfast? Just very, very little. Maybe one or 2? Pardon? Maybe. Yeah. So this is the amount of fat that you're going to get and various combinations of burgers and fries. It's the same amount of fat you're going to get in 4 slices of cheese pizza. It's the same amount of fat you're going to get in 6 handfuls of fritos. Now, This is the important thing about fat and cell structure. Your cell are made up of lippitt, liquids are fat. And they are called by lippard layers to double lippard, layers of fat. You could imagine them like double layers of ping pong balls in a jacuzzi, so they're constantly remodeling themselves. And that, and fats are important because not only are they carriers for fat soluble vitamins, they are also precursors to important hormones. And they make up the fact you eat, make up a large part of the structure of every cell in your body. Now here's what happens when you have a diet that is high in saturated fat, particularly animal saturated fat. So we're talking marble, me, chicken skin, butter hard cheeses, egg yolk, these are very concentrated forms of saturated fat. What happens to the cells is that they because we're talking about being what from the neck up paralyze. They make the cells of the body and the brain less flexible because these are stiff or fat, they're solid at room temperature. They become less flexible, they become less permeable, they become less fluid, so they're sluggish. There's more toxic waste and less electric, less conductive, less flexible, less fluid. So in other words, they become prone to cancerous change, and they also are directly there's a linear relationship with the ingestion of these kinds of fat, an increased risk for depression. Why would that be? What would be a reason? You're more sluggish, and the neurotransmitters can't communicate and you have inflammation causing more cell deaf in those key areas of the brain that are associated with mood also increased pain, proneness. Now, that is interesting, isn't it? Because when you have a stress reaction, your cells release factors that stimulate stress hormone production and also immune factors. And when you have a diet that is Rich in these kinds of fat, the immune factors and pain site pain signaling is much greater. So there's even a relationship with pain severity and also impulsivity. So fact is a very, very critical structure of ourselves and fat is important and we need fat. But we want to have the healthy kinds of facts that make the cells more what more flexible, more permeable, more electric, and more conductive. That means the neurotransmitters that regulate mood can actually travel from cell to cell and enter the cell and do their business to create a better mood. So there's a good reason for us besides weight, and besides heart disease or diabetes, to consider the types of fats that we eat. Now, what would be some of those healthier fat that we would want to start substituting? If these have been a major part of our diet, what would some of those fat be that would be really healthy? All because of a condos are a great source of mano, unsaturated fat. They're high in fiber and fido chemicals. So the packaging of these fat is amazing. What else nets are fantastic? nuts, any kind of nuts, just a handful a day is going to reduce your risk of a heart attack by about 50 percent walnut have about $1200.00 milligrams per serving, you know, a little handful of walnuts of omega 3 fatty acids which actually lower inflammation and actually boost h d L collector. All so your seeds, your nuts and nuts, by the way, are low in saturated fat and they are very high in mano, unsaturated fat. And as we age our brain need more of those moderate mano, unsaturated fat that we're going to find in. All of our condos nut sees i make waffles, and I put she a hamp and flag seeds in them. Plus the whole grains, the oats and they're really delicious. And so you know, they make you happy in spite of yourself. They're just really anti inflammatory. So when you're making breads or whatever you're doing cereals, you can add these fat extra virgin olive oil has $31.00 different anti oxidants, including hydroxy, tire salt, which softens arterial walls, soy and can No oil do have omega 3 fatty acids. They are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, so, you know, if you are going to bake something that is going to need a little bit of oil, that doesn't mean we use a lot of free fat but would small amounts of a better oil plant oil be an okay thing for most people. Okay, don't answer your freight answer. But that is, you know, that is the, that is the conventional wisdom. Not. You have some skinny little kid you're going to make, you're going to make some toast form and give him a little earth balance on his toast as a good thing. But the problem is, we're eating too much of the wrong kinds of facts. Are you with me on that? All right, so I went to an oil chemist society meeting several years ago. 2000 biochemist converged to discuss lippitt science and I really wanted to go, I did go to b as I want to go to the olive oil seminar and I want it to go to the omega 3 fatty acid seminar and I signed up for an S D A awards banquet, i thought wow, it was a breakfast. I felt what have act and it's done in live in science. I'm going to pay the $25.00. And I'm going to go to this f d A awards breakfast and find out what we have done in the, in science and I, I signed up, I went to the breakfast and I walked in and the room was full of platters of sausage and eggs. And coffee and all this stuff and I thought what has happened to us as a people, I just don't even get it. And I found out that s D A stands for southern detergent association also. So I had so I had signed up for the says in detergent association awards, and actually I learned a lot about detergent that morning. But I will tell you it was a good thing to sit through because healthy facts really do have a solvent affair. They have a cleansing detergent effect in the body. Wonderful. So don't be afraid of that, but we don't want to fill up on refined facts of any kind. Are there any questions before I get into my powerpoint? Of who said that. Ok. So coconut oil is actually higher in saturated fat than lard. It is counted to be a healthy weight loss method because it has some medium chain fatty acids in it, but actually the ratio or the proportion of medium chain fatty acids is very, very low. And so here again, if you have someone getting off lard and they want to make a pie crust a couple of times a year. Sure. But is it a healthy fat? Is it a health fat? No. Is it one that is a replacement for other kinds of facts, like extra virgin olive oil? Nope. But it can be handy for that. Occasional treat that you're baking. It's better than lar, just because it's not an animal fat. And here's the thing also about pre formed fatty acids. You've probably heard that, that fish, oil, or fish is superior to the plant omega 3. Have you heard that, that, that it's just, you're not getting the e P A and the D. H A because the penton oak acid, that the cost of hex a know acid in the seeds are in the nut. You're just getting alpha little lini lit little acid, which is the 1st part of the omega 3 chain. Once you take in a fat, if it d saturates any longer and it becomes other fatty acids by d H A and E P A. Here's the thing, plant fat do not bypass metabolic controls and that's a good thing. So in the days before the fast food restaurants were in japan, the japanese a very, very large amounts of fish which are very high and not only the initial omega 3, but also the e P A N D ha. And they have a problem with hemorrhagic stroke. The blood was too thin and they were stroking out from bleeding. And so the beautiful thing about plant fat is that they cycle, your body becomes more efficient. It's a cleaner fuel. It does, they do not bypass metabolic control, so your body will produce the e P A N D H A that you need. Is that good news today? Yes. Or You know, it's just like any other or some of these oils are very expensive, they go rancid easily. So I, you know, I'm just from an old fashioned italian family. We just use a little bit of all of extra virgin and I have to tell you this and I even know what's going on take. But the biggest food fraud in Europe is extra virgin olive oil. It's adulterated, 7585 percent of it is actually not what they say and that makes me shed and I'm sorry, so I by california, extra virgin olive oil because I want the real thing. So that's what I have to say about that. I wish it wasn't true, but it is all right, habits. We're talking about habits today. Tomorrow we're going to talk about habits that last and situational awareness. That is a really key piece. So habits are our friends, if they are what good ones, habits are the great economize or of energy that's really cool thing about the way our brains are designed by god is that we are engineered by god to form habits. And that pushes the behavior down to the sub cortical level, to free up headspace for solving problems, creativity, thinking, exploring learning. And so the addicted brain is an absolute opposite hierarchy. They only have one thing. They're thinking about one motive, one driving behavior, and they're not doing that addiction to feel good. They're doing it to keep from feeling bad. So part of the break breaking of the power of addiction is restoring the joy of just life. So habits are routines that help us repeat safe and effective behaviors and build consistency and security into our lives. Abraham lincoln said this certain habits of men are like luxurious fines. They destroy the trees that they decorate. It's like that cut, divide with that can grow 12 inches a day in the South. Have you seen that? How it goes over telephone poles and houses if you stand still too long, you know, So classic addiction. We've always thought of it as alcohol nicotine, drugs. But we know now howard schaefer from the harvard division of addiction medicine drug use is not a necessary and sufficient cause of addiction. It is in fact improper to consider drugs as the necessary precondition for addiction. How many of you've been seeing all these ads? everywhere for the new gambling, the online gambling site gaming breaks my heart to see it? It stand. Now this is Bryan newton from stanford university. It stands to reason that if you can be range, what brains circuits with drugs, you can do it with natural rewards as well. And this is a very interesting statement by mark gold from the mcknight brain institute university of Florida. What's the difference between someone who has done what lost control over alcohol and someone who's what launch control over good food, not meaning healthy, that good food meaning had in this take, you know, that bliss factor like in that milk shape picture i showed you the other day when you look at their brains and their brain responses, the differences are not very significant. We've taken the position that over eating is in part due to food becoming more refined, more palatable, more head donek. What is head donek mean? Like it's a bliss factor. If it's a, it's a bliss reaction. Food might be the substance in a substance abuse disorder that we see today as obesity. Dirt, this is Dr. John ready speaking now during abnormal behavior such as compulsive over eating, what's happening to the neurons. They actually get stuck in a rut of abnormal patterns of activity, becoming underactive or over active or just non performing it being either too easy or too hard for them to fire. Now this is a very, very important and interesting statement, because as I said, we look at our addictions and we look at these challenges as a spiritual issue. We started this thing out of curiosity or comfort, but now we've gravitated into a condition. When the architecture of the brain changes, we now have a condition when the metabolism has changed when the way the genes are turning on or off. When inflammation is present, when immune factors are present in the brain, amplifying the signal inflammation. Now you're not dealing with just a spiritual problem anymore. You're dealing with a condition that needs to be treated. I think that is a powerful weapon of knowledge so that we can work understandingly and compassionately with each other when we have these challenges, a man. Now the interesting thing is, even the cheapest computers have backup systems and God has built so many backup systems with in US. And I'm just so grateful for that because if this was the end of the program, I would say let's just give it up and go to chuck e cheese right now. And then we're just be no hope for almost any of us in this room. But the good news is, is that all 50 of the neurotransmitters which we associate with mood and memory are made stored. Ansley, created by the mobile cells of the immune system. The cells of the respiratory track and the cells of the g. I tracked in fact 95 percent of serotonin which has to do with mood, wellbeing, and Learning is produced in the gut. Not the brain, half of dope amine, which is a reward at pleasure transmitter gaba, which has to do with impulse control. So when we start to feed our bacteria high fiber, diverse colorful foods, the, the composition of the bacteria begins to change. They begin to generate by products which stimulate the production of those neurotransmitters which assist mental health. That's good news today, isn't it? And the other thing is, is we in addiction medicine, they talk a lot about a lot about tolerance. You build a tolerance, someone was telling me yesterday they can drink. So much of a caffeinated beverage and then just go right to sleep. I worked with a lady in California that was drinking 10 mountain views, a day leaders. And she would start a fight with her husband to go out and get this stuff and she could sleep after using this. So that's called tolerance, where your receptors in your brain, they can't regenerate fast enough, they can't pick up all the neurotransmitters that are being stimulated, the dopamine in the pleasure circuits of the brain. And, and so now you need more and more and more of that excitement that pleasure that hit that bliss and it doesn't work right. Some of us have experience that the good news is today is that in your brain are not only dope amine, d 2 receptors, but in the higher parts of the brain there's dope, amine, d 34, and 5. Their backup systems that stimulate doping. Mean, when you do the right thing, when you delay gratification. When you stay home from that party and work on that paper, when you mow that long, when you don't feel like it, when you go for that walk and it doesn't feel good because you're withdrawing from that addictive substance. Remember, it's not making the good choices. That's making you feel bad, that addiction is not your friend, but every time you go ahead and push through and do the dopamine in the other parts of the brain are stimulating. And it compensates isn't that just a beautiful picture of our savior? Who does not want us to needlessly suffer? Oh, I will never teach another anti stress seminar with this equipment used to be you go, you go in with a piece of chalk and it's a chalkboard, and it was so easy. You don't need to hear my private problems right now. I just don't like equipment. All right. I had to get a new phone and the guy that I had to talk to about it was doing the in internal i roll your comes this old woman asking too many questions. I said listen, young man, I can saddle horse and that a sweater. You don't know everything, the wise guy the. All right, let's get back to the topic that was poor impulse control. But it's Wednesday. All right, so you know what, this feels like because we wouldn't be sitting here as christians if we weren't wiped out at one time. That's why we're here, right? We need god. Addiction includes persistent, compulsive behavior that is harmful or destructive, characterized by an inability to stop. You make that pledge you make that value, suffer through it. You do that addiction even when you're feeling sick. And you know that you have been hijacked, your brain has been hijacked, other examples, pornography, gambling, gaming shopping addiction. There's a really interesting book by dr. Norman deutsch, called the brain, that changes itself. And if you have a challenge with pornography, there's a very interesting chapter on pornography and how our brains compete for real Estate. So for instance, a person that blind, the real estate of the brain that is dedicated to vision is not operational. So other areas take over that real estate hearing, touch, smell, the other senses take over that real Estate. And so to give you an example of how this works with pornography, because it's a, it's a very hidden, a very big problem, a very hidden problem. My husband had a very wonderful uncle. His name was odd, he was a very, very old man. When dad was a little boy and he had his his wife found la they were in there ninety's. And ought this really impressed him because he would, he would point to his wife film and he'd say, isn't she just the most beautiful woman you've ever seen? And jane would, you know, I don't see it. But here's, here's what happens when we are focused on that one person who the changes of life, that becomes the definition in your brain of what love looks like. So they may lose a limb, they may get sick, they may, whatever transitions they go through in life. The aging process, that's what love looks like, but pornography confuses the real estate of the brain that is dedicated to love. So now it's confused. What does level look like? It does it. So the real estate gets captured. So it's a very interesting discussion on how that real estate needs to be brought back to that single focus. And if you're a single person addicted to pornography, remember the love of your life is god and it needs to be redefined. The name of the book is the brain that changes itself by norman deutsche d O I D G E. It's a, it's a very, very, it's the most interesting chapter that I have read on pornography of the only chapter. I've read on pornography but it's very, very, very good from a clinical standpoint. From a branch standpoint. If you think you have an addiction, it's important to work closely with your health Care provider. Now that doesn't mean that we don't need god and that change happens, of course. But do you see how when we enter the school of christ, do our bodies and brains need to be healed? And does that take time to recover? lost ground? God wants to. To restore everything that sin has broken and taken away from us. Where's my purse? Let me just hear. Let me just share something I read this morning from the sabbath school lesson. If I can grab my phone real quick. I want you to hear this at this point because some people really struggle with this with this addiction Hold on. Since we're way off course. Be not discouraged because your heart seems heart. Every obstacle, every internal foe only increases your need of christ. He came to take away the heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh, look to him for special grace to overcome your peculiar fault, cried the dear savior for help to sacrifice every idol and put away every darling sin. Let the eye of faith see jesus standing before the father's throne presenting his wounded hands as he pleads for you. Believe that strength comes to you through your precious savior, man. But we also have to understand the process of change and growth. And if we don't understand the process, we're going to get discouraged when there's a setback or if there's a setback or how hard it can be. Just because it's hard doesn't mean god isn't in it. A man. He's developing perseverance. Work with your health Care provider is 75 to 85 percent of the cases of addiction. There are co morbid or co existing conditions that need to be addressed, including mental health issues. Paul said it this way, I do not understand my own actions for what For I do not do what I want, but I do. The thing I hate god is in the business of showing us these weaknesses, these things that are hidden in our hearts that we don't even know are there. And our job is to contract with god to continue to say yes, that's the most simple theology. I know, but if you stick to that, the ology god will continue to change you a man. God has designed the Human brain even in adulthood with a powerful capacity to reshape itself, learn and grow new connections, praise god for that. How many of you can just say hello lou? Yes. Dr. John brady experiences thought actions and emotions actually change the structure of the brain. So the father's name is written in the forehead. You're going to have a more beautiful brain than when you were a runaway believe mac, or a drug addict, or a porn addict, or violent tempered person. How many of you would like to have a more beautiful brain under imaging? It's going to get better looking because the brain is the hardware of the soul. A man treats your brain good. So the freedom keys for long term success, creating an environment, your internal environment of your Outlook, which we are really going to dig into on Friday. It's my favorite topic, your external environment of your surroundings. We're going to take a deep look at situational awareness tomorrow, and habit formation, creating a lifestyle, creating connections with god, and with others. I want to tell you the story of my friend, jerry. She'll a number of years ago when our living free book came out and I would encourage you to go to the book center and see our books there on sale. Living free is on sale there and also food for thought and simple solutions, but he drove up with a bus load of canadians a number of years ago and he walked into my class. I was doing a 16 or 15 hour training in the living free theories because we have a 6 session living free program also hope television every wednesday night. At 930 is a 13 segment program called living free, and it has amazing testimonies. You can go to our website and find the links to sir, to programs that you've missed. They are made for anybody to watch and be encouraged. So I want to draw your attention to that. But anyway, jerry drives up with these commit canadians, and he comes into my class and that's what he had on that was the picture of the classroom there. And he said, I, my name's jerry. She a, you know, the canadian flare in the language. He said, I would like to share in your class today. You know? Sure. I, you know, I don't know this guy. I don't know if he thinks he's in alien, i don't know anything about him. You know? And so I just sort of soft pedaled a little bit and I said, well, you know, it's a pretty tight schedule. We might be able to squeeze in a minute a minute for you today. But I'll have to step in just under no hard feelings. But we have an agenda today. Anyway, so yeah, you are fine. So he stood up, he started to share and when he started to share his story, i said take the class, just take it, take the rest of the class. And I believe that god had me honestly, I'm telling i believe that one of the reasons god had me put all these materials together. For him. He did not follow any my instructions in class. He runs all kinds of living 3 programs in Canada every month as 30 people coming people from other denominations coming. He does not do what I tell him to do, but I believe that god has really raised up this man. He was as a little ad dennis boy, he had 80 d and his 1st crime was stealing money out of the offering plate. It's kind of a violent home. He was told, his teacher told his parents in front of him as a little boy, that he was backward and he couldn't be expected to learn much in life. Now that affected him and at that young age as a little boy, he made the decision that the only way he could make it is to crime. And so he's very brilliant, by the way. Ah, and so he grew up. He got in a lot of trouble. He was incarcerated. Numerous times, he was using he, in his own words, he was addicted to everything. He went to California, he was a male model. He developed software for elite athlete themes, a massage therapist. He was partying in hollywood. And finally, finally, finally got sick and tired of it. And I had just been recently up in pugwash nova scotia did year. Can you imagine a name like that? That's where I was it pugwash nova scotia holding a living free training. And that's the box right there. And a little bit after that, jerry decided to go back home. He went to the conference president and he had given his heart back to God, but he knew he needed to stay free. So I want god, I want to live, right. How do I do this? And the conference president had this box, I left it with them and he gave jerry the box and he said, if you do what's in this box, you'll be free. Well, you know, that's not the way the box is designed to be used. It's a 6 session seminar, but jerry went home, he went through the box, he did everything and he got free. He was just praising god for that. And he started working. That's the book that you can get. We have it discounted, but he went to work in construction and this homeless guy right here said jerry, you really love god and you have such a way with people you really ought to be administered. So jerry started holding living free programs in his home, and people were getting free. They were staying free, his homes became a haven for people that were really challenged. Well, in this journey he met roger. Roger was a retired air for royal air Force pilot down and out, depressed family had abandoned him. This was roger's apartment, full of gin bottles. Jerry met roger and he said, roger, would you like to be free? And roger said Yes. And jerry said, well I have this box at my house. And if I bring this box to your house and we go through this box together, you'll be free. I think he spent, it's like that. And so roger said, yeah, I want to be free. This is his house, this is what he did with his life of royal air Force pilot in this condition. So they started to clean up. They started to get rid of all the stuff, the media, and the booze, and all of that. There's the box. And they started going through it together, each session one by one. There is my precious colleague, evelyn, talking about dietary fiber and how many grams in the box is a serial. And so they would stop the tape. Roger wanted to stop the tape, they go through the cupboards, know the check, the, the captain crunch is gone. We're going to bring in, you know, great nuts. And so they would, they would go through this process and by the way, the tablets are back there for evelyn. If you want to write a love note that we missed her love her wishing her to get well. She has a genetic, a genetic condition she's having to address right now. That's very serious. So she would love to hear from you, the tablets are back there. So anyway, they started to go through this. And remember we talked about creating an environment, internal and external. This was his 1st decision, this was his 1st attempt at creating an external environment that would call him in a right direction, creating something that would remind his brain of what his new choices were, bears. Roger, look at rogers, look at his home, look at the back counter and the table creates. He was resurrected from the dead by just following the simple practices. Jerry stayed with him, they worked on it together and this was a years long process. And there were, there were several times they were friends for years. There were several times when jerry would stop by and roger would not invite him in. And jerry didn't push. And so he had a couple of stumbles along the way. Several years ago, roger passed away from a heart condition that was probably alcohol related from the years of abuse. But I'm here to tell you he died clean, he died free. He died christian. He died a new man by god's grace jerry walked with him in his journey. Here is Jerry having. He's also still working with this man, but here's roger and jerry having fellowship together. And it's really funny because jerry has a little bit of dyslexia, so he's nervous about the powerpoints. And I've just sent him to our new succession, living free series. And what he does, when people come to his house for the programs, he has the people that are there, read them, they take turns reading the slides. So he's not going to let something that makes him nervous. Keep him from reaching out. And they love it. He has to finally make them go home and he has the social events and he loves people. And they know they feel it. When our living free pray program came on. He had a couple of ex junkies and some guys on probation there watching. And when I was in Canada doing a camp meeting up there, he was driving me around showing me the various jails he had been really fun. It's not like a tour i've ever had. So here is that a bible study got connected with the bible now after a year of being free from alcohol. This is the taxi that roger used to take to get his gin. And now he, this what he said after here, he said, I need a job, i'm ready, my body, my mind there, back and after 2 years of abstinence the dry weight of the brain recovers because the brain does shrink under the influence of all that alcohol drugs whatever the addiction is, anyway, he got a job driving that taxi that same taxi, and he was taking people, the bible studies in the taxi. So creating an environment, overcoming negativity, cultivating thankfulness. That's your internal environment, that's what we're going to deal with on Friday. It's a major key to success. It's not just about lifestyle, it's about a whole remaking. Because as the mind thinks, the mouth speaks and the man moves, and your thoughts are the raw materials for your actions. And that's why we need to walk alongside people as we aren't you learning to think differently as you read the bible. And it helps you to interpret your past, your present and your future in a new way. So we have to refuse, self pity, focus on solutions, practice, new attitudes. Practice doesn't just make perfect practice, makes progress a mess and we have to focus on progress. Otherwise we won't have joy in the journey. We're going to learn that tomorrow, when we talk about establishing long term habits. Make sure that your surroundings are helping you not hurting you. You might have to throw some stuff out of your house, get rid of that smoking jacket. Put your computer in a central location, whatever it is that's drawing you and pulling you in the wrong direction. You gotta get rid of it, replace it with positive practice, practice, practice those new behaviors. And you will start to grow a new brain and a new life, positive lifestyle choices, protect brain, the brain, body systems, making it easier to do. What cope with stress? Isn't that what life is a lot about it's about cope. Ellen white says life is a series of trials people, so it's not about escaping. Addictions are all about trying to escape pain, and americans are very high on the list of, of low pain tolerance of any kind. We just don't want pain. We want to be happy all the time, but the only way out is through. We need to press press, press, press into christ press through the trouble press on to victory. Those lifestyle habits that are going to support brain health. We've talked about hydrating, with water fresh fruits and vegetables rest. Daily exercise is like throwing miracle grow on the brain, connect with people. The heart health consequences of Social isolation are equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Worse for hard health and diabetes and obesity combined. So do you see how this pandemic has caused so much pain? Now, more than ever before, we need to connect with people, encourage positive choices, connect with people who are going to pull you in a positive. I will go to somebody that I knows know has really good thinking skills in a certain area and I'll ask them, how would you think about this? How, what would your thoughts be? How would you think about this? Do we need to learn better thinking skills and in some sense christianity is not caught, it's taught. We learn christian principles as we learn from one another. The bible says iron is refined by iron, and man is made better by contact with his neighbors. So we need those mentors, we need to stay accountable. People behave better when they're around each other. There's something called an exposure effect. The more people see you, even if they don't talk to you, they are going to assume that you are more likable. So don't stay away from that potluck or show up, show up. You may ruin it by opening your mouth, but at least it gives you a chance. Ok, you start out with some extra credit. So we're going to connect with god and he will forgive you a man and I love the fact that we're told that I was 755 left. Ok, not only does he forgive us, but he will give us comfort. He restores and he brings comfort to our remorse filled hearts a man. So let's not dishonor him by giving up. Let's not dishonor him, listen to this. By sin, we have been severed from the life of god. We could use the term paralyzed repair, eyes from the neck up. There are many who realize their helplessness, who long for that spiritual life which will bring them into harmony with god. How many, if you want to be in harmony with god today, you're just sick and tired of your own will. In your own way. Let these desponding struggling ones look up. The savior is bending over the purchase of his blood, saying with inexpressible tenderness and pity will you be made whole? He bid you arrive in health and peace, whatever may be the evil practice. The master passion which through long indulgence, binds both soul and body. Christ is able and long to deliver, he will impart life to the soul that is dead interest passes. He will set free the captive that is held by weakness and misfortune and the chains of sin, that genetic that's environment, that's choice. A man. So thankful for that, so he will forgive you. He will create a new desire in you. I will put amnesty, he says he will empower you, guide you, and he will save you that's a bless factor right there. Connect with god. And you're actually going to mature. He, you're going to actually grow. You will mature in character, conduct, and habits. You will soar to New height. You will walk in his love, grow in his wisdom, rejoice in his salvation, and learn from your mistakes. A man put all your hope in god, not looking to your reason for support in all your ways, give it to him and he will make straight paths for your feet. Do not be afraid, he says, for I am with you. Don't be dismayed for I am your god. I will strengthen you. I will help you. Successful people are not mistake free. They just refuse to give up how many of you want to make that commitment today, that when the Lord shows you something, he'll put you in a circumstance because he wants to. He wants to exchange your wishbone for backbone. So you signed up for this and we're just going to say, god, thank you for what you show me a man. We're going to let him heal us. Let stand for prayer. Father in heaven, we just thank you so much for your holy spirit, which has brought joy courage and also conviction to our hearts today. You are coming so very soon, and you have said the path of the justice is a shining light. That shines more and more lord, we want more and more of you. We want for our light to arise in darkness. You have compared your people to a sun rising over a mountain, and I just pray father that you'd work that strength into each one of us that our worst weaknesses and our greatest nightmare would become our greatest blessing and a weapon against hell. For we pray this for each and everyone in this room and all of our loved ones in jesus name, amen. To listen to more of these presentations, you may visit the audio archives at M. I S T A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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