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04 Habits That Last: Situational Awareness

Vicki Griffin


Vicki Griffin

Author, Speaker, and Director of the Lifestyle Matters Health Intervention series



  • June 24, 2021
    2:15 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen father and haven't. Thank you for this time that we can spend together today. We just look forward to your presence with us. We invite you to just bless our hearts and give us hope and faith today courage. And to help us to see things the way you do because you are coming so soon and we want to meet you with joy in jesus name. Amen. I was thinking about this quote today, because really in, in luke chapter 21, we see that distress of nations with perplexity is increasing men's heart failing them for fear and a certain looking for of judgement. And jesus says, when you see these things begin to come to pass through what look up and lift up your head for your redemption draws nigh. And when we feel the very weakest, that's when his strength is near. And I love this, this is where is the state I was going to share this with you. Here it is. Look up not down. This is a commentary on. When peter jumped out of the boat, jesus told him to come and peter's face got him right out of that boat, didn't it? And then he was overwhelmed with fear, and he lost his focus. So we've got faith, fear, and focus. Fear is an emotion. Focus is a decision and faith is an attitude. And here's the comment. When their hearts were subdued, their unholy ambition quelled, and in humility they prayed for help. It was given, they were very upset that jesus was not crowned king. He would not allow the crowd to take him, they were murmuring, they did not leave when he told them to, to get in the boat and go to the other side. So a trial was awaiting and it says here it is your thought that your mistakes and transgressions have been so grievous that the Lord will not have respect onto your prayers. Have you ever felt that way and will bless and save. You look up, you who are tried tempted and discouraged. Look up. It is ever safe to look up. It is fatal to look down. If you look down the earth reels and waves beneath you, nothing is sure but heaven above you is calm and steady and there is divine aid for every climber. How many of your climbers in this room today? The hand of infinite, the hand of the infinite, is reaching over the battlements of heaven to grasp yours in it drawn embrace. The mighty helper is near to bless, lift up and encourage the most airing. The most sinful, if they will look to him by faith, but the center must look where up. We've got to look up when my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I'm going to share something with you. I carry with me in my bible, i was going to share it tomorrow, but I'm going to do it today. Do not pray for easy live, pray to be stronger. Men do not pray for tasks equal to your strength. Pray for tess strength equal for, for your task. Then the doing of your work will not be the miracle. You will be the miracle. How many of you want to be a miracle today? A man I do to now we've spent several days on and off talking about how diet has an amazing fact. Nutrition exercise have an amazing fact on the composition of gut micro biome which produce which produces compensatory neurotransmitters that affect the brain and calm the brain dopa mean 0, tonin gob, which has to do with impulse control. So what a blessing that the kind of food that we feed our bacteria determines the kind of bacteria that populate the got the kind of neurotransmitters that are produced, which lower anxiety. In fact, there was a really interesting japanese study that showed that higher serum levels of carrots annoyed. So when you think of a beta carotene, what's one thing that you think of, I think we think of carrot juice. But there are more than $500.00 keratin noise in the plant kingdom. So how amazing is that, that all of these different colorful fruits and vegetables have an effect. And when we can see more of these in our circulating serum or a component of blood that we see lower levels of sleeplessness and irritability. So do we need to pray for better sleep? And do we need to pray for less their ability. But just gotta have some tools to help us with that. Absolutely. So we can work against our prayer. So god has power. He has promises, but he also has a plan. And when we implement the plan, that's where the miracle takes place and it's not instant, it's a process. It's a process that requires time. So I was to show you what I do at least 3 or 4 times the week, some kind of combination of how I get some of that crunch factor into my life. And it's very, very easy. Lots and lots of fun. And so I make what I call super law. And so I thought that I would do this for you today. And some of the bags are a little bit empty because I've already been using this stuff. So you know, you can go into the store and get fabulous mixes. You can get terry ocoee mixes, kale mixes and different mixes of different combinations of vegetables. And I love this one. It has broccoli, green cabbage, kale, brussel, sprouts, peters, ready, t, O, cranberries. This is really cool, so I'm going to put some of this in my bolt here. And this last several days. Then broccoli thought, how many of you seen broccoli, law as a grocery store? The broccoli stem actually is in the broccoli. Stem actually is higher in calcium than the broccoli head. So this is good stuff, and it's delicious. And it also crunches. So I'm gonna put some of that in here and really colorful. Very nice. Do you see how this is already better than a regular sla? Okay, and so now I, I went to the store yesterday to the little market in town and apparently hordes of adventists have went through and, and bought all the green. They bought everything up so I got what I could find. So I found a really nice broccoli curate, cauliflower medley, and my kitchen helpers. The ladies in the kitchen helped me and the only greens i could find was the only greens i could find was partially. So I chopped up some partially. Normally I would have a cale salad or you know, some chopped kale or some chop spinach because I love something really green, but this is going to be delicious. So they make the ladies cut up some of the that's doable mentally for me and some fresh parsley. And I'm adding that is looking good already. I want you to see what you're looking at here. What I'm looking at for uniform really delicious. Now you'll notice that this doesn't actually have, let us in it, so it's going to laugh. And if you are just one or 2 people, you're getting a wonderful variety in this because you're buying little packages of mix divers vegetables. Some of these packages come with things like this is a package of pumpkin c, sunflower, seeds and cranberries that you can add to it. I actually have some walnuts that I purchased at the store before all those people came in and bottom bottom all up. So I'm going to put some, some really healthy fatty acids in here with gorgeous, 20 walnuts and I love to put a protein source in here. So I've chosen, you may have seen this in the grocery where, where the tell flu is in myers. This is a bake terry ocoee sofa firm. It's chewy. It's delicious. And my kitchen helpers have already cut it up for me so perfectly in Little cube. And I'm putting this in my salad. This is what people, this is really going to be good and I'm sorry, but I'm not sharing it with you. I so fantastic. All right. So now I have a wonderful protein source in here. What is some other protein sources i could use in here? If I didn't have to chick page any kind of beans, then that's are a great protein source. There are just lots of wonderful variety of foods that you can put in there. So having good crunch good color, you want to get about 15 grams of fiber, about 15 grams of protein at every meal. And this is certainly going to fill the bill. Now I'm going to, now this is something that I like to purchase. You can buy it in the frozen food section where the juices are. This is just pure lemon juice. And because I travel, sometimes you, you go to bi limits and they're hard and there's not much juice in them. This is the juice of 7 lemons. It's just pure lemons. You delicious, easy to use, you could keep it in the fraser, and then just pull it out when you want it to thought and use it. So beautiful thing about lemon is that as you put this in your salad, it is going to increase iron absorption. And so it's just wonderful, a great source of vitamin c. You got all kinds of vitamins and trace minerals that improve brain health. So I'm going to put some lemon juice in here to hold your hand, just wrote. So that is delicious. Now sometimes I will drizzle a little sesame to haney or put a few flakes and for the salt i'll use a little bit of brags and minos, here's my extra virgin olive oil. I'm going to put some of that in here. And it's going to be gorgeous. 31 different anti oxidants, including hydroxy tire salt, which softens our serial wall. Beautiful. Mamma mia. Ok. And now I'm going to put, I just put this together because I'm traveling and it's a season salt with garlic and onion powder. And just a few herbs. So it's a mystery. I don't know, but I think it will be good for me to put a little of that in here. What are some other fresh things we could put in here that be absolutely fabulous that are missing? Well, you could put some rosemary, you could put an earth, how about some red pepper? You could put tomatoes in it, out of cato. You could put some cucumber in it. You could put some scallions of green onion. So you see, you can dress this up or down, but do you see how easy this is? I just use packaged thing. Now I'm going to I'm going to toss it. And if I'm going to snow it, it's incredible. I cannot wait. Ok, i'm so sorry. I don't mean to make you jealous or anything, but really gorgeous. It is absolutely gorgeous. I just want you to see the color is a beauty. It holds up for days for several days. And the way that I like to eat it, I called the delivery system. I like to get a nice whole wheat tortilla, or a peter pocket. Or I'll put it over brown. Right. So you want to have a good, whole grain. You're got back, terry. A love, whole grain and so I'll take a whole grain like this a wrap. Put it in the microwave for 30 seconds stuff. My burrito with the salad and I've got a complete meal in a brito and all the 2 of them. And they're just fabulous. Now I do want to tell you that not only is nutrient content important meal spacing, timing, all of that is very important, but also how fast we eat. Okay, so we had when we had our own ministry in North Carolina, we had a lady come and help us several times a week. And she, she was a lovely woman that she was very slow. She, she was very methodical. She spoke slowly, she thought slowly, she deliberated over things. She ate slowly and I will fix lunch for all of us. And one day I noticed that and I'm not saying this was bad about her, but this was one of her quality. And jane and I were fast, we did everything fast all the time. And so were sitting at the table eating and she was so frustrated. And finally she said, eating with you people is like eating with wolves and a feed. Uh huh. And, you know, she was trying to be subtle, It didn't come across through subtle. But she was right. I was belching, bloated is your food. Your 1st phase of hunger is the salik phase. You see food, and then you know the light paces in the mouth, begin to break it down and then your stomach begins to work on it. And the major side of digestion, of course, is a small intestine. But there are processes to get you to that play. So how many of you would like to make a commitment with me that when you're eating these crunchy food, don't wolf them down? How many of you going to put your hand up right now? Just put your hand up, I'm just telling you, put your hands On that this is truly, truly, truly delicious. And I'm so thankful that they were out of kale because I think it's going to be fabulous with the chopped parsley. And it's going to have all those micro nutrients that are going to keep me cheerful. When I'm talking to you. There are also some wonderful kerry, aki mixes that are just fabulous. They steam up in about 2 minutes. In a pan you can have them over brown rice, so you don't have to love being a chef in order to have amazing good food. Yes. A little Should I should or should I should or could? Yeah, I know. You know, the really I was, I was expecting a little handful of people for these classes and I even had a friend made feel i had a friend make 50 of her amazing cheer crackers. But I said, just give them to me because there's everybody else She's keeping, i'm keeping them. Yeah. When you say, You know, I do because you see these are cru different vegetables and so they actually will a little bit. It doesn't matter if you do or don't, but for, for to now this is a little larger than I would usually make just for myself that this will be very nice for 3 days. It's love it. Definitely pete of pocket. Fabulous. And there are some frozen vegetarian choices. Now the one product q U or an at myers they have in the freezer section. There's a legal form and, and a vegetarian. And they're both very, very delicious and pockets with, with these mixes. But I want you to start thinking, what can I eat every day? That's really crunchy and colorful, and it just makes it very big difference. Yes. Ready? Yeah, it's shred it so it escaped notice. Monitor at myers it were all the bad. Salazar, you can get these incredible mixes with these fabulous vegetables and I just love it. Anybody else? Question comment? Yes sir. Now that's a great question now in our book food for thought, we have a section called 3 cheers for salad ra, ra ra. And so there are people, there are foodies that think that raw food is superior. The more you can go toward ra, everything raw, the better, and that is actually not correct. Cooked food is also has some premium advantages. So when we cook our grains well and our being cook vegetables actually increase iron absorption, protein absorption and carrots annoyed absorption. So raw is wonderful, but cooked is amazing as well. So we don't want to just shut out a whole category of food preparation. So enjoy these great foods and all that. That's a great question. I appreciate you asking it anyone else before we move forward? Yes, line is wonderful. It's the vitamin c that will increase the iron absorption. It's just, it's lovely. It changes the flavor. Just a little bit, but it's the same idea. So using these natural compounds and substances, it's amazing when you go to the fast food restaurants and you get these little tiny square containers of dressing. You could have 25300 calories in, in just a tiny icky ranch. She kinda gooey thing to put on her salad. So I don't encourage that. I beg your pardon. You know, we do have an after school detention around here. Yeah. Okay. So, you know, so here's the thing regarding plant fat regarding the beautiful, the extra virgin olive oil, or the omega 6 fatty acids that you would find if you're baking something and you use a canola oil. The problem in the American diet is that we're getting a 20 to one ratio of omega fixes to a mega 3 and it should be about 4 to one. So do you see that the modest use of a small amount of plant fat in the form of an oil is not damaging? It's what we're doing with all these processed foods and over consumption of omega 6 fat that's causing a burden of disease that astonishing and these food heal the brain. So we want you to enjoy these gorgeous food start increasing what you already like. And just adding a little more variety, yes. Yes. Wow. Rainbow chart. And here I am with this package. The well, that's great, that's great, but you see how there are so many ways to add value to your life, to add value, if you this was a regular coke law, it would just be this nasty white cabbage with, with men a and vinegar, and sugar. It yeah, Yeah, No, No, no. Does that mean if you're in, if you, if you're traveling, you're at a restaurant, you're going to put up a ruckus, you think you're going to die? No, you'll be ok. You know, you'll get through a meal. So we're not going to be that way, but for our every day choices, do we want to make the best choices that we can? Okay. All right. Yeah, no, nope. Yeah, you have to go to a different seminar for that one. Note burn. It burns the lining of the stomach. Yeah. It's one step past the stage of purification of y. Mm. So, and I grew up with wine vinegar. I grew up with it lemon. It's superior. Let me put it that way. Okay, but you're not going to die if you have a salad out once in a while. That's the other part of it. Okay, anybody else? We need to go on to our program. Any questions before I move on? No, either you learned everything or nothing. How many of you just feel inspired to start getting some more crunch factor and color into your meal? You see how easy it is. All right, so we're talking today about habits that last, that last and situational awareness. And let me put my remote in here and let's see if this works. All right, wonderful promise of jesus christ to you and I today that jesus came, that we might have what life and have it how more abundantly. That doesn't mean that everybody gets their full di, you know, it wouldn't be sin if it didn't hurt innocent people. I think one of the most rewarding kinds of experiences that I've had are when people come to classes like this, who know that they are terminal. But they come because god wants to add value to every day of your life, whether you're going to live 2 weeks, 2 months or 20 years. It's all about the value that your life is in god. And if you are in a battle, my dear and precious colleague, evelyn kissinger, who has a genetic disorder that has manifested and she is in a fight for that. Do you think she's sorry that she has lived with healthy lifestyle choices in the face of this genetic disorder? No, it will help her to fight smart, and it will help her to fight long, and it will help her to fight bright with strong mental and emotional reserves. And so every time you make a good choice today, there's a guest waiting for you tomorrow, and it's not always about outcome. I remember one lady coming to my classes who had terminal rectal cancer. She knew that she was going to die, but she loved the fellowship, the people, the faith, the, the healthy choices that can help her to, to, to keep on with self care her as long as possible. What a joy it was to minister to this lady. So not everyone get their bull's eye, but can you agree with me that we bring a lot of unnecessary suffering on ourselves by breaking principles. And that's what I want to encourage every day, make the best choices and tomorrow there's a gift waiting for you and little choices make a big difference. Just a 7 degree difference in the nose of a plane is get from l. A is going to get you to either new York or washington d. C. So those little choices really, really make a different one thought at a time. One word time went to action at a time, one choice at a time. We can be so focused on every mistake we made and discourage ourselves out of the arms of christ. But I want to celebrate the small positive steps. How many of you are going to make a commitment with me right now that you're going to celebrate small victory? That's usually the form that come in. So let's talk about relapse prevention and recovery. Yesterday we talked about the addicted and Learning brain and in our society today, addiction has become a lifestyle. People have multiple addictions and the addicted brain is not doing their addiction to feel good. They're doing it to keep from feeling bad. And so here's what we need to do. We need to remember our reasons. It's very interesting to me. This brought me to tears i. We have a 10 session, quit nicotine, living free, quit nicotine program that you can hold in your home, or in your neighborhood or in your church. We also have a 6 session living free program, but I was a speaker at one of our living free quit nicotine series. And a lady came, i did, I tell you the story already because I just came from Pennsylvania. Okay. You know, even a lot of blueberries don't keep everything straight so you know, he will help. So anyway, this precious lady, she was in her forties. She had been in the hospital multiple times for lung disease, pneumonia. She was on oxygen heavy smoker. She had the machine that you pull with you to get the oxygen and we went around the table and as a person that is a health presenter, not a coach type personality. I thought, I know the reasons why people come, they come because those kinds of situations. But you coaching training, i've learned to ask more questions instead of making assumptions. And we went around the table and I asked this lady what her reason was for coming to a quick nicotine program to me. It was obvious. She was dying and she couldn't breathe. She got tears in her eyes. 45 years old, she and she has grandchildren already. And she said, my grandchildren pick up crayons and put them in their mouth and pretend that they're smoking. And it broke her heart. That was her reason. She didn't have enough self love, self value, self respect for it to be about her own well being and health. She didn't have value in her own mind, but what she was doing in terms of examples to her grandchildren drove her to that meeting. And I asked her another question, I said, do you think that as you go to these meetings, that you will come up with more reason? What do you think when, when you became a follower of christ, you had a reason when you gave your heart to God it was you had a reason, but have those reasons increased over time. And that's the way god work. We work on the plan of edition and he works on the plan of multiplication. He says, great, be multiplied to you, a man, you add, he multiplies, remember your reasons, and remove those triggers. One of the worst things that I have seen happen, i've worked with crack addicts and different kinds of addictions eating disorder folks. And one of the worst thing is when they say, you know, I'm, I am so excited about this. I'm going to go back into my old environment with my old friends, and I'm going to help them Know you're not. I'm taking your bicycle away. So we, we've got to remove triggers. We've got to stop telling ourselves that we're going to get a different result from an old behavior. We got to stop telling ourselves that that addiction is our friend because it's not. And when you start to move away from those old habits and changing eating habits is how is hard. We have this old habits, you know, somebody was telling me about fatty liver disease as a young person developing fatty liver disease and started naming the, you know, the, the twixt and the snickers and the soda pops. And I think so getting just do you think it was just simple to quit all that know it's hard, but just because it's hard, doesn't mean that god isn't in it. And it doesn't mean that there isn't a reward for it because we've got to actually recognize, you know, there are some areas of the grocery store that it's like dodge, you got to get out of town. What are you doing there? If chips are your problem, why are you straying get out of there? You know, I don't hang around birthday cakes after 20 years of believe me, I mean, I just don't go there. So and here's the other thing. If you have something in the house and you can't stop thinking about it, you know, how much is in the package, and you get mad at your spouse if they eat the last one, you know, bad something you don't bring that into the house. If your idea of a serving of ice cream is when the spoon hits the bottom of the container, that's not something you bring. You know, you've told yourself a 100 times that you're only going to eat 2 of those cookies. You eat the whole sleep, know you've got to practice extinction, get that stuff out of town. And it's going to be different for different people, isn't it? We have different weaknesses. My chip and things like that. Don't appeal to me at all. My colleague, evelyn, who actually doesn't even like dessert, have you ever had to travel with somebody like that? She but she, she will count how many chips, joe, allow herself for mexican restaurant. That's her thing that she has to watch. So remove those triggers replaced with positive alternatives. There. All kinds of creative ways to remind your brain of what that next choice is going to be. And here's such a big piece recapture the joy of purpose filled choices. Children are so creative, they love to paint the finger paint, they love play Doh, they find in light and little things. And a lot of addiction recovery therapy has to do with painting and art and building and just doing things that are going to re engage the creative my God created us and its image happening. Now here's the beautiful thing and this is why the mind body spirit relationship is so very important. What does it mean to be created in god's image while we pray for wisdom don't. When god created light, he said let there be light and he saw the light and then he commented on it. What did he say? It is good. He said the light is good. So he has made us to be creatures of judgment. This is good. This is bad, this is true, this is false. I like this. I don't like this, this is pretty, this is ugly. So it's not just choosing between good and evil. It's just the beauty of enjoying the vast array of choices that are available to us. So having the ability to practice insight, we have been created with the ability to practice insight. The bible says this end. If you lack wisdom, let him ask of god that gives to all men liberally, an upgrade, if not, and it will be given. But insight is the ability to know what to do in any given situation. Do we need to pray for that insight? He has also given us the ability to practice oversight, oversight. We're going to talk about that in situational awareness today. Oversight is the part of you that monitors yourself. Then there's for psych, what is for psych predicting a consequence. Ok if I go get a job at duncan, don't it? It will not be well with me. Okay, that's for psych and then there's hindsight, what is it learning from our mistakes? And now here's the interesting thing. All of these are brain functions that are viewable under imaging. So our choices are going to strengthen or weaken these brain faculty should we pray for these things? Yes. Can we pray for them violate the, the laws that build those brain faculties and still have that parent or? No, I mean, god bless is our ignorance. He really does, he is, he's a miracle. Wonderful god. But what, what we know to do, we must do because the brain is the hardware of the soul. A golden key to overcoming addictions is actively subtracting those addictive substances and addictive thinking and addictive relationships and addictive emotions and practicing what positive practice doesn't just make permanent practice makes progress. How many of you want to make progress? So intentional positive choices. Restore your brain and your body. Oh, I need a timekeeper today. Yeah, because I have to go to another class after this, so seriously. I have to be on time. So let's look at some growth building blocks. Get your goals in order. Number 2, let's say together, internalize ban practice mindset map that's tomorrow, that's my favorite topic because what we need most we preach best, right? So mindset matters and number 4, connections with god and others. And today we're also going to look at situational awareness. So let's look at getting goals and order a list. Now, a list we have listed. Are there any list? Take lists makers in this room. Oh wow. Why you got here on time today? So list, you're good. You're good. Have you ever put a grody picture on the refrigerator, or is this list on the mirror to remind you of what you are telling yourself to do? How long does it take? Until you actually don't see it? How many days? People test everything. About 12 days, you're not even going to see it. So a list is good though. Lists are good starting points. They help us to create a template for growth and change. They help us to organize our choices and priorities for daily practice. But is your list has your to do lists become a tyrant. A list isn't the same thing as a life. So even the best list can become a burden until it becomes what a part of your dna until it's just automatic. It's part of you. You don't have to consult your feelings. I don't have to grab a table leg and pray for strength to brush my teeth in the morning. You know, on a good day, I brush my teeth on a very bad day. Guess what? I brush and so do you. So the more that we can push down that list to the automatic levels, that's a good thing. And ellen white says that god, thoughts can become our impulses, which is an amazing thing. So these habits and the great thing is, yeah, you may have to make a decision. You all want to do this is Chuck e cheese. Ok. And it may be a little struggle and that's okay. You'll get through it. But you'll get to the place where when you don't have these wonderful things, when you don't get that walk, you don't get that exercise or that devotion or that crunched out. You'll miss it. Even though it's a discipline, you Miss it because it feels good and it's right. So with time and practice, it can actually become a joy instead of a job to build these life building principles. How many of you have experience that joy of just learning A new Choice and it's getting you free? It's god's will that you be set free, that you walk free. You live free and you stay free. A man. It takes time. Paul said this way for this I toil striving with all the energy which he mightily inspires within me. God has an amazing lending library and he will loan you whatever you need. If you don't have a smile, how long you his, if you don't have courage help loan you and they say that ownership or possession is 90 percent of ownership. You keep borrowing enough and what's going to happen. It's going to become your Here is a really interesting concept that I learn how many of you've heard of james clear. He's an author who wrote a book called atomic habits. James clear was a young high School student who was an incredible athlete. He was an elite category baseball expert or whatever, professional, whatever you want to call it. And he was on his way to the big leagues. Well, in an accident on the baseball field, he was hit in the face with a baseball bat, crushed his face. He lost complete mobility. Sinking. His brain was crushed, his face was crushed and he was in the hospital. I think for several months he had to learn to walk, to talk, to feed himself, to function again. And after this ordeal he threw little, tiny, why do you think the book is called a comic habit? adams are little, aren't they? He actually went to college. He became an all around athlete after this incredible life changing set back. And he actually became an overall top notch award winning athlete at the college level. And he wrote this book, atomic habits. And in this book he identifies 2 different kinds of 2 different ways of achieving goals. So there's, there's an outcome based goal. So the outcome bay person says, I know that it's good to read a book a month. I hate reading, but I'm going to read a book a month if it kills me. Or I need to lose 50 pounds. And so I'm going to set my heart to lose that 50 pounds, and I am not going to quit until I get there. Now. Can outcome based goal setting be rewarded? Can it be transformational? There's one girl that lived in Pennsylvania. She was a jogger and she moved into the city for her work, and she would jog every morning, buy a past a shelter. And in the morning the men were out side the Shelter having their cigarettes and she got friendly with them as she would run. And after a period of time, she asked them if they would like to start jogging with her. Well, it began with them just running to the end of the block, then to block, then 3, then it became a morning routine. Then she went to flex door and got gym clothes for these donated for these men. And they started a little team and they trained for a 5 k. And for some of these men, just working on that one goal with transformational they had never achieved or finished anything. Some of these men in their whole life, they got apartments jobs, and it was transformational. Most of the time with that kind of goal setting, what we do is we set a goal and like a goal 410000 steps a day. And today you just got 3000, so you failed. Tomorrow you got 4000. So you fail. 2000 is a mile. So you fail and fail once in a while. Ok, i got my 10000. And so you labor and labor and labor and labor. This happened to a pastor's wife, she had 80 pounds to lose and she just hated every minute of it. And she worked and worked and worked and worked and work until she reached your goal. And she was still miserable. She gained all the way back because she was so miserable. And so that so, so outcome based goal is, is not the most productive way for permanent change because the joy of the journey is what gives us the motivation to keep going on. Are you with me? So the process is my plan how I'm going to get there. And as I said before, people that come to a meeting, if we have an obesity program or whatever, they'll say, you know, that's it. 6 peeled, frozen grapes for dessert, that, that good exercise 4 hours a day. I'm not going to ever have a cookie as long as I live. You know, they come, they say things like this. You know, that they're only going to make it out of the parking lot and to the store. So. So the process, you want to have a plan that really reasonable that accommodates little successful steps or big steps. Because sometimes the big steps can be very transformation because you feel a big result. So it's going to vary with people, but you want to match the reality of what's actually going to work for you. He identifies the most effective change, and that is identity based change. Identity based change is a new heart. It's a new attitude. It's a new identity. So instead of saying, I am going to lose 80 pounds that's, that's a good goal to have. If you need to lose 80 pounds, but a better way to, to approach that long term goal is I'm going to become fit. Every day I'm going to work on sit or for the reader. I want to read, i have a goal of reading a book, a month and every day I am going to become a reader. I'm going to enjoy learning to become a reader. So that today you only read a half a chapter, but you have added to your identity as a reader. I have a steps goal for myself every day, but when I fall short of that goal, i have still added to my identity as a person. That is a walker. Are you with me? So instead of failing, failing, failing, okay, here's the success that fail, fail, sale fail, and I finally reach it and I'm miserable. I am actually achieving success as I add to my identity as a fit person, as a walker. As a reader, you see the difference doesn't god wants you to have joy in the journey of improving. And if all we can do is crucify ourselves because we don't reach our daily goal. Are we really going to learn anything? Which type of learner is going to be more likely to give up if they have, if they have a septic or are you with me on the? So the, the new heart concept is more biblical. As positive choices become a part of you. They are going to become automatic. So you may not have written a bicycle for a year. But if you've got on a bike right now, you know how to write it. And if that Mike fell over, you know how to get up and you know how to go again. And that's a beautiful thing about working on habits and a new identity as a fit person, as a child of god as a valued child of god. You keep, you keep adding to your identity in christ. So these habits, these choices are going to become automatic. They become core values, not just believed. And friends, we have testing true that we need to know, not just believe. We're told that many of us in the at and time are going to be brought before court to give a reason for the things that we believe under persecution. And will realize for the 1st time that we really don't know what we believe. So being in agreement is not the same thing as knowing. And so I want you to commit with me that you are going to commit to deeply know the truth that create this beautiful picture of god. A god worth dying for a god worth standing for. A god worth living for. If you haven't read s. N haskell in a while. The cross and shadow or is a serious pat most are daniel. The profit if you haven't ready. Right. Smith. Daniel, in the revelation in a while, I suggest and strongly urge you to pick it up, dusted off, and dig in. For me, my motivation for helpful choices has nothing to do with living a long time. I come from a very abusive background. My mind is wired to be worried, and I'm, I'm thank God that I'm as cheerful as I am right now through lots of practice and being positive and optimistic through lots of practice. Some people have harder balance the self to fight, right? But I'm here to tell you that those truth are pictures of god. They're pictures of god, they're not just doctrine. And my goal in live in living for him with lifestyle, is not about living a long time. It's about being able to have the mental stuff to be able to study deeply every night. We've got to work the friends of ours, or we will become flatlined in our ability to really grapple with problem. So it's mental exercise a man. But the right time. So they become core values, not belief. If you fall, you know how to get up and try again. That's so important, isn't it? life is a series of trials. God will put you in circumstances that show you things that are hidden in your heart that you didn't even know were there. And so we have to have a firm understanding of god love for us and how he grows us. Your values have become a life, not a list. Let's remember something that gifts are given, but fruit is grown and I carry a seed packet in my bible. My 1st major was bought me and how many of you ever bought last year? See packet. There are 75 percent off. Why? Because they're 75 percent dead. That's why now the bible says the Fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentlemen. Meekness, faith. What else? Oh yeah, that's right. This isn't just a list of stuff that we're given to do. These are character traits of god and they do not grow in that in the soil of the natural heart. They just don't. That's why god gives us a new heart. He says of his fullness you have received. You have been given a whole packet, full of amazing stuff, but it's in the form of. See your job as a new christian is to grow it. You've got to grow the see that he plants in the new heart or it'll die. So internalize in practice when morning went out went out night. That's right. Now I just showed you a demo of leafy greens, colorful fruits, whole grain beans of a cargo nuts and see this. This is the brain fuel for success and water, trusting god, and doing what, practicing the keys to victory will help you to recover lost ground, stay the course, and sing a new song in life growing in what strength, what else? obedience, and that is persevering. As you move forward turning, set facts into, come back, how many of you love to see a set back turned into a come back? You know, don't you love those programs where they these rotten looking houses are made. Beautiful and fit for picture dwelling. Let's what god wants to do with you and me were just rotten to the core. I told somebody today I'm a former no goodness. Ok. And he takes all of that and he gets us piece by piece room by room. And then he restores us. So that we can be a habit taishan for his holy spirit, his beautiful character. You will need, determination, prayer and a plan, but your body as well as your brain will daily respond to what healthy lifestyle changes. I don't worship health, i worship god. But he's the god of Health. A man. What about that mindset tomorrow? That's going to be the topic don't let yesterday. The reason become today's excuse. You may have had a dark path, but you can have a bright future. You may have gotten into a terrible, slimy pit and it's the nature of a pit that there is no normal way out. You've got to use every tool in the box. There is a way that appears to be what, right, but in the end it leads to death. Choose your path and you do choose your destiny. But we don't understand sometimes that our path is made up a very small choices. So recognize those negative attitudes, thoughts and feelings replace with positive promises from god's word. If you don't have the devotional our father care, that is a very nurturing devotional, it's one that is very healing to my brain. And to my mind, it's where my thought I need to settle into certain types of thinking and it's been very helpful to me. So if you are a person that is crucified yourself every time you make a mistake, i would really recommend our father cares. And I have noticed this about people that suffer from addiction, that often they are perfectionistic people. They don't have a recipe for solving problems. They don't know how to get through. You know, the only way out is through winston churchill said, if you're going through hell, keep going, keep going. But we don't know how to keep going. We don't know how to get past, but the only way out is through. We have to be able to learn how to endure and face down pain, obstacles, and difficulties. And the unhappy if people in the entire planet are the ones that need to be happy every minute. They're the ones that are miserable, so replaced with positive promises from god's word. I have a, a marked bible. I have a bible marking plan, and I have, I marked it with colored pencils. I have about 13 different topics that I mark and one of them is a promises of course, thousands of them in the bible. And then there's another one I have special colors for works. We're working on that. We're really working on that because their speech thoughts and words of the unsaved and speech thought and words of the said yes sir. 05 minutes. Oh, I thought it was waving the OK. We got to get to situational awareness and refuse to dwell on past mistakes or future fears. Connection, i'm a companion of all sure you and those who keep your commandment. One attic told me, knowledge is half the battle, but it's only what. It's only half knowledge in parts information, but not the power to execute. If you ever had somebody download so much information use to crushed, you just gotta go get some cake or something just to recover from there seminar. So god gives us a new heart. He'll take away our stubbornness, spiritual recovery, recognize the need of a power outside of yourself, reach out to God in prayer, received god's purpose and power for living by spending time in his words. It's a joyful thing to learn to do that, isn't it? Or not in an amnesty with sod anymore. I want to talk about situational awareness in our last 5 minutes. Situational awareness is being alert to your surroundings and what you don't see, as well as what's right in front of you. This is huge for people who suffer from relapse and addictions, etc, etc. So to give you an example, you're driving in your car at night. It's raining, all of a sudden. You notice that cars are turning around and going the other way. You're headed toward a bridge, you see a sign, and it says, bridge out ahead. Do you see a bridge out? But do the signs tell you that you need to be alert and get out of there? Even though it hasn't happened yet, you don't see it yet. Situational awareness is antenna. To know what's coming and what you're getting yourself into. How many of you have heard of the granite mountain hot shot? granite mountain hot shots, granite, not in hot shots. This was led by eric marsh and the granite mountain. Hot shots were an elite team of firefighters. They were sent to the worst hot spot for the most dangerous fires. So there were how many of them, the 9th, 19 of them, while they were stationed in prescott, arizona, and in 2013. They've got a call at 5 in the morning that 300 acres were burning on a rich top in chaparral lan. Chaparral is what you see in the westerns with the campbell, wheat, and et cetera. So they ran to the fire line. This is a picture of it. They ran to the fire line, and marsh said his came to work, they scouted out the fire. He brought his head, he brought his men down to what is called the black. It's an island of black ash that had already burned out, so it was considered safe place to be in the min. In the meantime, the fire pivoted and disappeared behind the rich. It pivoted again. He had 2 choices. They could either go down in the Valley toward a group of home, or they could go in a different direction and escape marsh decided to leave the black in hopes of saving some of the homes. He couldn't have imagined that by heading for that town, he was leading his crew toward a series of increasing compromised circumstances, each more desperate than the less. Have you ever done that? You take one step and then you're in a mess and then it gets worse and then it gets worse and then you're really in the middle of a muddle. Well without his eyes on that fire and without paying attention to it pivoted, he brought his men into extreme danger. They descended an additional 500 feet through the thick chaparral, and they found themselves in a basin walled in on 3 sides with solid granite mountain. This was an extremely dangerous place because it offered no means of escape. Just then the worst happened. What they didn't see came to pass. The flames roared to life over the ridge line through the smoke. The fire was ripping toward them. They were trapped. And even though they went under their fire tents, the fire burned over them so quickly and with such intensity that the massive granite walls of the basin crack like egg shells. Here's a picture of them. Memorial to these men after the fire marty cole, a friend of eric march and the safety officer of the yarnell hill fire team stood among the charred bodies of these 19 victims and said this, eric was too good. A wild land firefighter to have led his team into this situation. And yet he did. And friends, we have a devil to fight, don't we? We have to take up the whole armor of god and we used to think of health as you have a bad body part. We're going to fix it or replace it. But now we know that brain body systems are, are like an ecosystem. They all affect one another and we can lose situational awareness very quickly and bring ourselves into danger through many different avenues. The bible says, take up the whole armor of god that you may be able to do what withstand in the evil day and having done all to to stand. So this isn't even talking about advancing and the armor of god is also a dynamic growth ecosystem. We think of as I'm going to put on the helmet, i'm going to say my prayers. I'm going to have my study. I'm going to hand out literature as all the different pieces of that armor, the boot with the gospel, but it is actually a growth program, a dynamic living organism, if you will. And so with up applying the spiritual principles, we will become watchful but not what fearful will become aware, but not alarm will become sensitive but not we will become dedicated but not demanding will become open but not we will become focused on christ. Not that is the armor of god in a growth pattern. That's what the learner mindset does. That's what understanding what identity base change is and what the armor of god is. What growth is and becoming more aware and growing into the image of god every single day. The bible says the Lord is faithful. He will strengthen and guard you from the evil one. As I said in another class, you know, we can be, we're only young once, but we can be immature for ever watch a little boy. He grows up and God wants us to grow up into him, grow in insight, grow in oversight, grow it foresight, and hindsight, and with his help and with his plan, we can do that is that your commitment today. Remember your past recognize old traps and triggers recalculate. Act on a new and better choice every day. Reach out in prayer and to others for strength to conquer, and he's inviting you right now to trust him with your daily life and your present situation to allow him to come and lead you. Spend time in his word to learn to trust him more and devote time to prayer. There's the recipe right there. He will give you courage for your journey with him for each day help when you stumble and joy in your healing power. What a package. A man that christ may dwell in your hearts by faith being rooted and grounded in love. So like that pine sapling that grow stronger, bigger and sturdy, or with each casting season in every circumstance of life. Every thing that he has to discover in you every step back will become a come back. You will gain strength of character as you walk through god, you every circumstance of life. Let's just stand and read this together. We'll have closing prayer. Do not be afraid for I am with you. Do not be dismayed. I am your god. I will strengthen you. I will help you a men tomorrow mindset and thank you. Power your father in heaven. Thank you for this time that we could have together. We ask your blessing that these gems of truth will cling to our hearts and give us hope, which is the twin sister of faith, that we will have courage for journey and celebrate every positive choice. We thank you in jesus name, amen. To listen to more of these presentations, you may visit the audio archives at M I S D A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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