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01 A God Ordained Truth: A Man-Made Method

Wes McDonald



  • June 21, 2021
    2:15 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen. When we think about the master of god being finished, we're talking about the preaching to the world. The 3 and 6 messages in our context. Finishing in the days when the voice of the 7 planes was beginning to sound. That's what we're talking about and I'm getting a little head of myself. So here we go. But in the days of the voice of the 7th angel when he shall began to sound, the mystery of god should be finished. Should be vantage. As clara to a service for property. Now it wasn't fulfilled at the appointed time. Why not? Well, it has to do with that little phrase should be finished. You know, it doesn't say will be finished. It says should be finished during that time. Now is processing the bible processing? Is it always finished at the appointed time? Yes or no. I'm going to just say yes. How many of you so I know how many of you say not sure. Well, did men of a burned to the ground in 40 days? Did that make jonah a liar? Now it's what's called conditional prophecy. It's called conditional prophecy. So it has to do with the word shut should be finishing that word in greek. There's what we call moos. Now great was a moody language. But you know, we have tenses and other things but greek actually hasn't moved. They call it that. And this is called the sub that junk to mood. Now you know what on earth is that what it means, the subjunctive mood estimate of possibility or potentiality. The action described may or may not occur depending on circumstances. So likewise, jonah, you know, if he wanted to go to spain and he got swallowed by a fish. And so he went over to men of a most the hated and he really the one to take about going over there. And then when they did then when they didn't burn up in 40 days, he got mad. But god wanted to spare them. And so that prophecy was a warning which would have been carried out, had they not reconnected from desire of ages. We're talking about conditional problems. We mentioned that from desire of ages, page $633.00, god has appointed a day and of which he will judge the world acts. 1731. Christ tells us when that they shall be ushered in. He does not say that all the world will be converted, but that this gospel, the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness under all nations. And then the end shall come. Then then shall come. By giving the gospel to the world, it is, it is in our power to hasten our lord's return. We are not only to look for but to hasten the coming of the day of the Lord. Second, peter, 3 verse 22, had the Church of christ done her appointed work. As the Lord ordained the whole world would before this have been worn and the Lord jesus christ would have come to our earth in power and great glory that Well, that is our major set was came out 898. So that this tells us that if the church had gotten its act together and warned the world, because that the $2414.00 has to be fulfilled. That's your condition. This gospel, the kingdom shall be preached and all the world and then them come and not until this. So when you compare revelation 17, it is conditioned by the fulfillment of matthew 2414. And ellen white tells us it is in the bible tells us it is in our power to hasten or to delay the return of jesus. And so we have to change some ways that we're doing a man. Is it clear that if we're 10100 and I'm just going to say 170 years, i'm not doing math right now. If we're that far post 844, can you see that there's something wrong in our method? In our heart, we can all agree on that. If not, I'm not speaking english. All right, here we go. One moment I'm going to make this little bit bigger again so I can see what I have then Let me know when that comes up. Because I will, I'm not going to pay attention up there. So now it is true that you know, god's will be preached but you know, we've been preaching as forever. We're been prejudiced for every, every, every so often you're visit one of our churches. This is what you'll hear, right? Jesus come and say they are ready. We're in the time of the judgment. You've heard this all your life. But the question is, who are we preaching it? To Thank you for way preaching it to now and these other countries, you know one time I made a mistake of saying we're pretty much into the choir and I think I think it was romanian. I think this was, of course you preach to the choir there in church, you're supposed to bridge to the choir. So I had to learn how to be very careful not to use expressions that are only useful in american english. Ok. So I had to change my whole way of thinking, my whole way of writing and everything. So I use something that would work in every place, I think except mongolia, literally the culture there, they don't knock on the door. You just talk to adam and they'll come out. Are we knocking on doors that are already opened? Or we were not going to come doors that are already open. You know, jesus tells me one second. Jesus tells us Oh my goodness, i'm going to faster. He says, behold, i stand at the door, knock revelation $320.00. If any man hear my voice and open unto me, I will come in with him and stuff with him. And he with me. But jesus does not knock on doors that are already open cuz he just walk right in. Now doesn't jesus never forces himself in either. It always involves a human choice. So ever in a world, august 2011. There was a constituency meeting in In ghana, in guyana, and they had the president, the president of the country speaking to him. Here's the honorable barbara john, male. And this is what he told the adventist in their constituency session. He said preaching to the converted once a week won't transform the community. Jesus, you tell us what jesus said and he's he's a buddhist or whatever is not a christian at all. So jesus live was characterized not just by prayer, but by service. So we need not just to pray and beautiful edifices, but we need to go to the communities where the people are. Look for a thing, the spirit of the Lord is upon me because he wanted me to preach the gospel to the poor. He sent me to heal the broken part, to preach deliverance to the captain's recovery of sight to the blind. The said at Liberty, them that are bruised, mark to 17 jesus, said the sheriff under them. They that are ho. Have no need of the physician. But they that are sick, I came not to call the righteous but centers to repentance do waste by jesus chasing after the people that already believed in. No great controversy. Page actually forfeit is 457458 in our version. So we have a great controversy, but it can any one of you tell me what the early precursor to the great controversy was spirit. Yeah. And saw the spirit of prophecy volume for ok. Now. Spirit, the spirit of prophecy volume for was published in 18. 841884. That's exactly how many years after 184440 years. Listen to what she says in the the book that preceded the great controversy and then she said it exactly. She was published exactly 40 years after 18. 44. The language here is painful. The history of ancient israel is a striking illustration of the past experience of the advent of body. God led his people in the advent movement even as he led the children of israel from egypt. Had they still trusted to the guiding hand that had been with them and their past experience, they would have seen the Salvation of god. And the great disappointment, their faith was tested as was that, as was that of the hebrews at the red sea. If all who had labored united lee in the work in 1844 had received the 3rd angels message it message and proclaimed it in the power of the holy spirit. The Lord would have wrought mightily with their efforts. You gotta have the power god working with your efforts. A lot of light would have been shared upon the world. Years ago. The inhabitants of the earth would have been warned. The closing work completed, christ would have come for the redemption of his people. Pardon me? That page in great contrast, its pages 457458. Now mrs. White was born i. If I remember correctly in 1827, I remember correctly. And so at this time she would have been, I think, 54 years, 57 years old. When a lady who was pushing 60 tells you that something would have happened hours ago as a long time. Now my 16 year old grandson, if I say, if he says something happened years ago, he's talking a report years. Somebody who's in their twenties is about 56 right years. But when you get into your fully adult years as I am, and I know some of you are when you talk about something happening years ago, it could be 40 years ago, right? So him, he was the and he would have come years ago, it was not the will of god that is should wander 40 years in the wilderness. He does are delayed them directly to the land of came and then established them. They are a happy holy people, but they could not enter and because of unbelief papers 319 because of their backsliding and apostasy, they perished in the desert. And others were raised up to enter the promised land. In like manner it was not the will of god that the coming of christ should be so long delayed and his people remained so many years in this world of sin and sorrow. But unbelief separated them from god as they refused to do the work which he had appointed them. Others were raised up to proclaim the message You let them go to sleep. Another generation comes and has their chance. If you're my age and you want to say jesus, come, you want to get out there and holler and scream as loud as you can in every corner they are In mercy till the world. Jesus delays is coming, that she may have an opportunity to hear the warning and find him a shelter before the wrath of god shall be poured out. Review on harold march 27, 1894. Paragraph 14. Why has the Lord show didn't so long delayed is coming. The whole host of heaven is waiting to fulfill the last work for this last world. And yet the work wait. It is because you profess to have oil of grace in their vessels with their lamps. Have not become burning and shining lights in the world. It's because missionaries are few evangelism page $696.00 for 40 years that on belief murmuring and rebellion shut out. Ancient israel from the land of canaan. The same sins have delayed the entrance of modern israel into the heaven retain him in neither case where the promises of god at all. It was the belief, the worldliness, the consecration. Strife among lord's got our best people fighting and board meetings that have kept us in this world of sand and saw so many years manuscript for 18. 83. That's where that was taken from. But there were about it's easy to read and vandalism, 696 manuscript releases volume 10 pages 277272. So we may have to remain here in this world because of an subordination many more years as the children of israel. But for christ's sake, his people should not ad sim to sin by charging god where the consequence of their own wrong course of action. It was god's will to come long before now we just now have men who claim to believe the word of god learn their lesson. That obedience is better than sacrifice. Wow, wait, we're not then tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. We're going to show you how we got to this. What god's plan has forced today to pull ourselves back out so that we and the pastors and all can be doing exactly what he wants us in the way that he wants us. Because he has a specific particular method and way and when we, oh baby, the holy spirit. When we obey god instruction as to how to do it, then he gives power because we're obeying. And he adds his immense power to make our work possible or possible. Yes ok, broadside to January 31, 940 man. It's a little pamphlet per paragraph 13. I saw that the 1849 now. She writes, i saw that the time for jesus to be in the most home replaced was nearly finished. All my and that time can last but a very little longer. First elected messages, page 67. It is true that time has continued longer than we expected. In the early days of this message, our savior did not appear as soon as we had hoped. But has the word of the Lord failed? Never. It should be remembered that the promises and threat things of god are alike conditional conditional. So now here's a question for you. Think about your church. Ok. Suppose you know your pastor got sick. Ok. And it was like really sick and he couldn't, you know, think about you're baptized members. Now we're talking about the baptize. So I'd rather just sit in the pews every week. Ok. Now, but your pastor gets sick and he's sick a long time like a mother takes a while to get over it. Now how many those baptized, 7th day adventist christians, who know out all this truth sitting on those 2. How many am I going to lose their way? They last forever. Burn like fire because your pastor got sick from Now one right? Not for that reason. The last round was got to be for some other reason, but not for that reason. Well now let's just say that he's really sick, he's got to go to rehab for 6 months. Same question. How many of those baptized st would be lost for that reason? Somebody else that preach might have to be a deacon or an elder or a kid? Actually the kids do quite well not want. I want my last try. Well, how about let's just say that the politics got really bad. You know, there was a time in russia a long time ago, and now they had 200 pastors in the whole country. And 198 were in jail. I was told that when I was over there, one man still remembers the day when he was in cars extend. The authorities came to get his dad a pastor and they never saw him again. But suppose all the pastors are locked up for, for 5 years, for daring to preach our message. How many of those baptized sites are in your cues every week would be lost for that reason? Not one But how many people out there in areas of the world or even your own conference, these vast areas where there is no one assign The outside the churches or no one sided vash holes and all these conferences around it or somebody, you know, how many of those have been lost and will be lost. Would be lost during that time because ministers are taking care of the people every way that already know jesus. If it was your mother, would you give up some of these things? She thought you were. You were privileged that you should have. That was your mother's sake. It changed. All of us were General conference bulletin, april 12th, 19 o. One, paragraph 1221. The work of a minister is to minister. Our ministers are to work on the gospel plan, administering it has been presented to me that all through america there are barren fields. How many do we say men? We have barren fields in North America. Yeah. And the, you know, if you were to ask me over conferences if they currently have a strategic plan in place for how and where they're going to reach and open up that field. Many of them I there. So I don't have a strategic plan in place at this moment. There are concerned with trying to take care of you and me. And by the way, I'm not a paid salary printer. Ok. I have been for a little while, but I was a little bit of a missed that I just wanted to just wanted to plant churches and evangelize, but they didn't have any budget for that. So I had to go back to my old profession, which was nursing, and I could go anywhere and get a job. I could be with all the last God blessed by the way they're buried fields everywhere as I trail. And she wrote this while she was an australia, this was during her australian years, some of her best writing on this topic was when, when she had been sent away, just as I traveled through the South on my way to the conference. I saw city after city that was on work. What is the matter? The ministers are harboring over the churches which know the truth. What browser are perishing out of christ. If the proper instructions were given, that the proper methods were followed, every church member would do his work as a member of the body christ. He would do christian missionary work, but the churches are dying and they want to minister to preach to ma'am. They should be taught to bring a faithful type to God that he may strengthen and bless them. They should be brought into working order that the breath of god may come to them. They should be taught that unless they can stand alone without a minister. They need to be converted and baptized and they're gonna need to be born again. I can remember till ministers. You want to get your baptism Says they need to be baptized As a good way to get the more baptisms in your church. These are strong words from the prophet. She doesn't hold back anything. She does, what a profit is supposed to be. Wars profit supposed to do. They're supposed to get on to us, right? Well, I got my like and now here is one that that when I read this, I thought, oh my goodness, this is from australasian union conference recorder, august 1902, paragraph 7. Listen very carefully or your message. Our ministers are not to hover over the churches regarding the churches in some particular place as their special care Did you catch Not to regard the churches in some particular area as their special care. That means no districts, as we know them, Did the apostle paul, what did he do? He started church and then what, what do you do it, turn it over to who to take care of it. The local leaders, the elders, will get to that moment. And then she writes this and our churches should not feel jealous and neglected. If they do not receive ministerial labor, they themselves should take up the burden and labour most honestly for souls. Now I know that somewhere in this room as would be in any crowd, you may not set before. When the conference didn't send you a minister right away, would anyone say, man, come on the on families you thought that even thought of in the past. How many you don't want to raise your hands right now? Oh my goodness. It testimony 65, page starting line 6. Instead of keeping the minister's at work for the churches that already know the truth, let the members of these churches say to these labors. This is what you're supposed to tell your pastor. She says, so she says this, not me. Now my words go work for cells that are perishing in darkness. We are a sales will carry forward that the services of the church. We will keep up the meetings and by abiding and christ will maintain spiritual life. We will work for souls about us and we will send our prayers and our gift to sustain wonderful labors in more needy and desperate to feel that is the proper christian spirit. You're a thought. Now you get one minister and then purchase. Another company he preaches to, you again, purchase a little different, but it's the same stuff. You know, if you've been in the church 25 years and you haven't got it by now, you're hopeless. Right? I mean, after a while you got to get it and you know this just the way it in and less than I am one of you. Ok. I'm served different ways i've learned to serve, you know, on the payroll market. So it's like paul. And then for a very short while, I learned to serve when jesus sent out the 70, when no shoes, no extra clothes, no money. And the target audience was going to take care of him. That happened to my wife and I one time in the target audience took care of the gospel workers page 15 foremost among those called the preach, the gospel of christ and the apostle paul, to every minister, an example of loyalty, devotion and untiring efforts. His experiences and his instruction regarding the sacredness of the minister's work are a source of help and inspiration to those engaged in the gospel ministry romans 15 verse 20 ne. So I have strive to preach the gospel, not where christ was name. Last, I should build upon another man's foundation, but as it is written to whom he was not spoken, they shall see. And those that have not heard shall understand for which because also i've been much hindered from coming to you. I just, I'm so sorry I haven't been able to combine. So you lately, but I've been too busy for each of the people and never heard of jesus for her. So ever shall call upon the name of the Lord, shall we have checked shelven. How then shall by calling him and whom they've not believe and how shall they believe in him? I may have not heard. And how shall bake year without a preacher? How they go here? How and how shall they preach unless they be sent not retained as it was written? How beautiful are the fate of them at bridge, but gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things. But they've not obey the gospel for Isaiah said lord, who have believed our report, dilation, story. And the scripture for saying that god, what justifies even through faith, preached before the gospel and the abraham saying, and they shall all nations be blessed. All under each area shall be bless all areas where there is no adventist church is even m A even. And the nation or even parts of state shall be blessed. We've learned about this and sabbath school lately. We're talking basic covenant responsibilities. And the way it all nations are blessed through abraham is now through us where descendants of abraham Now here's god's plan and acts the 20th chapter versus 17 and 28th. And verse 17 paul is coming and he's going back to jerusalem to meet with the the saint. And we kind of our 7 chain a rated with if you have your bible and for mail, it says he stops and millicat. He sent to emphasis and called the elders of the church. So now where it was It was a military and who did a call from emphasis? The elders of the church. Remember that now go to verse $28.00. Now I'm reading from the king james, please forgive me. On my book, i stay with the king james, because that's probably the most common version that was used on the days on white. So, you know, and it's kind of universally acceptable. Although some people struggle with it, when he says the 1st 28, take heed, therefore under yourself and to all the flock he's talking to the elders. Now correct. Take he therefore under yourself and to all the flock. The churches ok over the which the holy ghost hath made you oversee yours to feed the flock of god, which he has purchased with his own blood. Now the holy spirit has designated who to be the overseer over the law, who the elders, the holy spirit himself, has stated and has given the job of oversight over the flock, got to the elders. Now is it wise for us to try to do something a little different than what the holy spirit tells us? If you disobey the holy spirit, scripture has some strong warnings. Does it not? Now we got to find out what that word overseers means now. Ok, well, scripture to scripture and so forth. There we go. First, peter 5 and horse 2 gives us the same, same basic idea, fade the flock of god, which is among you taking great oversight, not by constraint, but willingly, not for filthy lucre but of already mine. And so we're talking about the elders being the overseers over the churches. Now some people say, well, wait a minute when I'm out of asians for we're supposed to have pastors in the churches. Well, let's rate of asians for and again some to be a powerful and some profits and some evangelist and some pastors and teachers for the perfecting of the science under the work of ministering under the building of the body of christ. That word pastor, their innovations is the only place in the new testament where you find that work not found anywhere else. And the word in greek is point main us. Why main us? That's a, that's a fancy greek word, which means a herdsman especially shepherd. It also means the overseers over christian assemblies. So the elders Is the same thing as pastors in a think. Are you going to put 2 and 2 together? How many of you are an elder and you don't want to hear this? I don't fight against the holy spirit here. Re re forgive me. I'm going to tell you straight whether you like it or not. You didn't come to can't meeting just to sing songs and, and not learn anything. Move. Go. Review and harold, june 25 or say thing 95, her graphs 6. If our people would minister to others who need their help, they themselves will be ministered onto by the chief shepherd and 1000 would be rejoicing on the phone who are now wandering in the desert. Would you rather let jude just be on shepherd? Or you want to build your own plane. We're worried about it is going to take care of you and you take a take to look and after somebody else, she, you know, you can help when you get up in the morning. You need a price like lord, let it make some divine appointments for me to day. Let it be that by the end of this day, at least one or more persons and or one or more entities could be the city government, whatever is somehow better or somehow i'm are headed for him. So now I help, there are some help, whatever, because I'm on this planet. No, they be wasted. Do you think god will not answer for like that? I started praying that way years ago and every single day, by the end of the day I could see where god had changed. My course told me to turn a different direction and I wonder why and I would get there just as somebody was coming out of the door at walmart or whatever and they needed to talk to them. You will find that god will answer prayer like that because you're asking to be used by god to help other people you think it's cool, so no, I don't think so. No, yes ma'am. You want divine appointments and by the end of the day, you want it to be so that at least one or more persons and or one or more entities a somehow better off, more harmony where this will help there. I don't know whatever warned, at least because you're on the planet that you're alive, let no day be wasted. God take care of that prayer for you. I know for a fact that Well, I've experienced it. Now sayings planned to delay christ coming in, danville, pennsylvania. She is shamikan, pennsylvania little little coleridge in town, houses all have called us on mostly polish, and italian. Interesting people. But we were planting a church in that town. It was an on entered church and the fellow who had been my head taken when I was still on the payroll of the conference. He was, she was where there were 5 of us. 7 I was planning to weren't baptized yet. My wife and myself and 3 others and 2 mom baptized members. That was our core group. And I was asking frank, he had a business. He had a cabinet shop in town and his brother. And he had grown up as a catholic, alter boards as frank. I said, you know, how did we ever end up this way and this in this, you know, when we get the idea that pastors are supposed to just take care of people who already are christian. He said somehow I think it must be something catholic. So I had a CD rom, you remember the C D roms, they had catholic and so I could be on it. So I looked up the word pastor. Oh you don't know. You don't want to know what I found. Ok. In the days of martin luther you know the catholics became a little bit worried because they were losing a lot of their members. Ok. Now. All right, here we go. You asked for you came to camp meeting. All right pastor, this is definition. Ok. The term pastor, they notes a priest who has the cure of soul cure on the merriam that and who is bound by virtue of his spite of his office to book to promote the spiritual wealth for the welfare of the faithful. By preaching. Okay, you're supposed to promote the spiritual welfare of the place by preaching, if they're so faithful, why do they have to have their spiritual welfare promoted? Now? Number 2, the council of trent session $24.00. That was one of the last councils of trenton ok shows to me to be the mind of a church that dial ceases, should be whenever possible be divided in the canonical parishes. Well, a diocese is like a conference and a canonical parish is like of is like a church district. Ok. And then and then it says pastors besides having rights also have obligations. They must preach and take care of the religious instruction of the faithful. There is nothing there in their evangelist. There is nothing in there. A warning about the return of christ. There's nothing in there, the command to go into all the world and preach the gospel and then in shall come. It's all about keeping the frozen, chosen, and views reveal harold john, the 111895 paragraph for the cities in America in this country and in other countries. She was an australia here to I think in 1895. I may be wrong on that. Or not worked as they should be. And yet we are admonished to be labors with god instead of this many churches collectively. And the visually have been so far removed from god so separated from his spirit. But they have not souls to perish all around them. While they have been calling for labours to workers to labor in the church, at hurts this labor has been granted them and the pants and the sinner have been robbed of the messages which the Lord would have given to them. Answered bentley, i've got handouts for all of you, the 15 pages of the hottest quotes you've ever read your life. I assembled this many years ago and we did out the redundant ones cuz sometimes they're repeat it and then read it all in one setting. And I was never able to like of the church in the same way again, ever of ministry that changed my life completely there years for the when we leave now the distance to the man as a little under 240000 miles. We're coming to a close now, and if you were in a capsule going to 1000 miles an hour, it take about 10 days to reach the moon. Now the number of people living on earth is about 7 and a quarter 1000000000. If you were to stand those people 3 feet apart in a line, There'll be a line of people about twice as almost twice as far as well. 411000 miles versus 238. So it's way farther away than the moon. And at a 1000 miles an hour, it would take $117.00 days and 10 hours to patch them all and just wave out them. That's how many people live on this planet. If you stretch them out, it would go way farther than the moon. Sol, Can you say the rest of light in the world is an impossible task without god's power? Okay. We've tried everything over and over and over every year it come out with a new plan. We're going to do this plan and it's just a variation of what's happened the year before the year before the year before, just variations on a theme to use a musical term. Well, again, the business to the man is about to, you know, a quarter 1000000 miles about a quarter 1000000 miles takes about 10 days of 1000 miles an hour to get there. But the number of people dying on the earth annually is about 182000000. If you lay them down, 3 feet apart in a line line would be a 103000 miles long. And at a 1000 miles an hour, it would take 4 days and 8 hours to pass by to pay your respect. Right. Now, this is sobering. And now, 2019. You can get this off the Atlanta stark eyes. Look at what they call the annual statistical report. Is the 2021, but it looks at 2019 statistics and 29 chain. They adventist ministers, license ministers and ordained ministers. Combine ok. They were on the payroll. There was 28955. If you spread them 3 feet apart, the line of advantage ministers would be 16 and a half miles long. And yet, just keep up with the bed. It takes how many days and a 1000 miles now about 10 days or so, whatever it was, I don't remember the number down A 1000 miles an hour. I could get on a bicycle and ride past amendment. You know the ministers in an hour and a half. Can you see that we need to use all of our resources, which includes you and me. And our pastors in the very best way which god has ordained that he is spelled out that he is listed notated in the scriptures 1st to do what and why? Because god knows best. And if we want to have the blessings of the holy spirit, we need to simply just be quiet and obey god garage to him fully and completely trusting him for the forgiveness of our sin. Righteousness by faith so that we can have joy in the holy spirit. Knowing that, that we bear that sin, no more praise lord praise lord, oh my soul. But we're gonna have to change some things. Both ministers and lay people. We've all got to change and we've got to read the scriptures to know the best methods which are god's method is methods are the only methods he's going to give us his blessing. Why should he bless this obedience and finish the work rapidly? If we're not what I'm told by we don't have the heart of christ has chrysler. And he wants to give us a chance to because guess what? If you and I are not willing to obey christ, are we ready to face the in my last I checked my last I checked brown. Jesus wants to say your name. He wants to save us all the bible says, therefore said he, under them, the harvest truly is great. But the labours are few pray you. Therefore, the Lord of the harvest that he will send forth labors into his harvest. That is a command from christ for you and me to pray to the Lord the send forth labors into the harvest. And they, they have to be sent away from you. But do you have your work to be close by? Yes, it is incumbent upon you to win souls around you close to you. But those who get a paycheck, they can go anywhere because they're so me and they can go where you can't go. It takes and follow that takes a balanced approach. And we have to come in balance. I mean, look, it's been, you know, between 150 and 200 years, we're still stuck on the planet. But it could have happened. It could have happened when the angel was beginning to sound the 7th trumpet. The word could have been finished and with you and I never would have been born You and I never would have been born So the harvest is past the summer is ended and where not say this is the cry of love. But I want you to look at, I say are 6 and verse As they are 6 verse As and 6 verse like, you know, and I was a child bad, something called the dark county program. I grew up in Florida as a little boy, this is back in the sixty's. I guess I heard of this. The idea was if I counted didn't have a church, it was a dark county. And they were appealing to advent spammers to go move to that dark county and bring light to little to that dark county and bring light. So there is something, not only must adventist ministers go into the dark areas, but those who have the ability to move from where you are and move, maybe you should consider it. Do we really need adventist mecca With all we need administer are willing to go establish a presence one way or the other. By god's help. Do you believe that god will give you abilities to reach the last, but you do not have now? Because a bless you with talent, you don't have now because you're willing to be used by him at his command. Do you believe that? Of course you do your some say evans and I 06 versus 8. And also also I heard the voice of the Lord saying, shall i sin and who for will go for it. Then I said, here am I Said to me, how many new like, like me would say, lord, here my santa may He may help. You may only said around the blog, but that's okay. You're probably maybe neighbors that live a block away that you've never met. Why are you on the street where you live just to have a nice house? No, he doesn't work for you to do on your own block. So he may said you next door Or he may send you to a dark county. And for those who may be in the ministry, i don't know if we're having a ministers here or not today. I don't know all the all the brethren in this conference. Wonderful man, i've been impressed with what I've seen here. He may ask us to change our methods. So fran would you stand and we can pray together, that the Lord will use us to his honor and glory. Our father in heaven. Thank you for your love to us. Thank you for your gift to us of salivation, which we access through state salvation by grace through faith. Thank you that we can realize that we're free and we bear it No more. If you took it upon yourself. But lord, there is a world out there that does not have that they do not have that they do not know that jesus is coming. They do not know that their case may even be judged right now as we speak. Because when you come in, the clouds of glory, the decisions have already been made. They're made while we're living. People are living out there and they could be losing it forever right now. And we have not reached them yet. Lord, send me, send us, send our pastors, may read the news, the plans which you have ordain which you have given him. The bible, which you have given through the prophet of ellen white. Those principles which we have forgotten, which we have disobeyed, which we have aired. But lord, you're now calling us to repentance. You're now calling us to go forward. You are now calling us to be the people you want us to be. Lord, may we learn what it is to pray, learn what it is to have that discussion with you every morning early. Get up early and spend time with you before the day begins. May we learn to pray and ask you to make appointments for the divine appointments things which cannot be explained, but you, you prepare the way with people so that we can give them just the right words and season may be by the end of every day that at least one or more persons and or one or more entities might be the city government might be anything. But that's more stable, more holy more haven't word bound or more was more worn. Maybe they, well, maybe not the last, but they would have been warned. And that's our job is to warn or that they will be healthier or that they will become missionaries for you and the some family church help. There are something all this we ask that you do for us, but you use us this way because we're on this or we're on the service today. We need to work today and today and today, but no day be wasted. And jesus name, I am going To listen to more of these presentations. You may visit the audio archives at M. I S T A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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