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03 More than Monotonous: Partnering with God’s Purpose, Plan, and Power

Wes McDonald



  • June 23, 2021
    2:15 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen to god's plan for the members of the church. What this god, what church members to do in addition to living good lives, in addition to pay, pray and returning times an offering to cetera. Do we as church members need to make any changes to our ideas of what the church needs to do for us? And what we need to do to help the church and its mission to save last humanity. Would we be candid enough to admit that it's very easy for us to choose which church we attend or what we do because of some benefit to ourselves. How many of you were mit? Maybe even this has been a factor for yourself or your family. And so we look to the church as supplying our needs and that's not entirely bad. But we fail to realize that as people who are already 7th day adventist, the world needs what we have, they, they need what we can give them as benefit. And so then the receiver becomes the giver. And this is where we fail. This is where we have failed. We've become very satisfied with listening every week to a messages that often we're already familiar with and maybe preached in a different week the way this sabbath then how it was presented when the previous pastor was there and so forth. And, but there's more for us to do, than just simply attend church. Go home, have potluck dinner, and to go to work. Just live good lives. Much, much more. We have an essential part as lay people in essential part to play in the spreading of 3 angels messages worldwide to even planting new churches in areas where we don't currently have one For many years as, as I think, you know, by now I worked in health Care and I was a nurse, a registered nurse to a lot of critical care, worked in about 13 different hospitals. Everything from walter reed army medical Center. I was there for about remember how many years anyway on contract on a contract basis to them. And the I see you during that time I took care of a king, walter eve, they treat foreign dignitaries. I had a lieutenant colonel who was soviet russian. Lieutenant colonel. I had everything from little old ladies to base. The old retired colonels to people who were just whatever now, because I had my job, I was able to connect with people that No minister would ever be able to even meet right. Likewise, and then I've done other jobs. I've been electrician, apprentice maintenance mechanic in a wire. Mill. Top ation is southern what's called the mad rush universe and now for a semester, what else have I done? All kinds of different things. You know, chief anyway, little of everything was never mastered any of it. But in every case, I was working with the churches target audience directly. I knew the people by name the minister in the area would never meet them So whose responsibility was to give them the message of truth whose was thank you. Thank you. It was mine. And if I didn't do that, who was going to do it? If not you, who you say and like where I'm staying, i'm staying down here at the max fields and it's, it's a nice hotel in town. And because I'm there, then I need to connect with the staff that work there. So last sabbath ministers and some of the presenters that they gave us a nice potluck lunch and they said what they needed. One like to have some take come. I thought it was so delicious. I wanted so well. They gave me all of the leftovers. It was way more than I could eat. I was eating leftovers even until yesterday, but I still have some more. But the night clerk there as well to try some of this. He said that was good, vague and ok, that was good. And so making friends with a staff and I have an ulterior motive because of a B, C. I was able to get some copies of this. I have a great controversy. You know, we need to think about these things when we attend a seminar or campaign or this that or the other never leave home without it. You're witnessing material, you stay in a hotel, you're meeting people that the minister will never meet. You need to think about your life on this earth in a different way. It is this type of thing that helps jesus return master. Today we want to talk about how lay people, normal people, regular guys, regular gals, condition stuff. I'm going to tell you what regular people have done. And I think we have a little bit of a ring and the sound system. Maybe I'll step back a little bit, maybe it'll help it. So anyway on, I'm going to go to spirit of prophecy. I'm going to tell you some personal experiences. Lord willing, i'll take you on the, on the web to a few sites, show you how to do stuff, how you can learn things, how you can get some late training. You know, I've heard of said over and over the pastors are supposed to train and equip but then after they train and equip you, they still need to stay with you the whole time and do what they've taught you how to do. It doesn't make sense. It's not a business doing things that way would go broke quickly, correct. You wouldn't run a business. You wouldn't run a business doing, you know, only without ever seeking new customers in areas where you didn't have stores. How did mcdonald's hamburgers get so rich? They set up small restaurants, which high School kids could run in every town across the US. The adventist church needs to use the McDonald's hamburgers method of spreading the acid, where we have small churches that are easy for lay people to manage. And they can get as big as late. People can manage, you want a beggar, you got to do it and put them on every corner and every city and every little spot in the road. Do you agree with this? Okay, and you can't expect all the sour administers to do that because there's just only so many of them. Right. And you remember our 1st night or 1st afternoon, excuse me, I keep saying neither. It's like a minute evangelism campaign. We mentioned that there are the people on planet earth, the total population was $7.00 and $7.00 and a quarter 1000000000. Ok. And we mentioned that if you stretch him out 3 feet apart, it would go way past the man and way beyond maybe twice as for a long way out there. And it would take like a 100 days, whatever the number was a 1000 miles an hour, just passed by m wave adam. You do the math. It's right. And then we, as I told you, the number of so they administer the ministers both ordained and license, clergy and the entire world. And the adventist church and you run them 3 feet apart and it goes about 15 or 20 miles or something like that. What god has asked us to do is humanly impossible. We cannot do it without the power of the spirit. But when, when acts 201728, where paul is telling the elders from emphasis for the flock of god over the which the holy ghost has made you overseers, the holy ghost who is going to supply the power has expressly stated who he is going to supply the power to and through and in what situation. So when we follow those instructions and we send the ministers and make a better use of them by going into places like paula go where there's no churches. And then the elders of the local churches in the lay members handle back then the manifold spear of god is manifest through all it. Then the local church is run by the lay people when souls around them, right? And what, but with the power of the holy spirit, and the holy spirit can give you talents and abilities you do not possess. Now that you don't even know that you're him. Because why should the holy spirit give you power and ability when you're not able to use it? It's like a waste of talent. But when we obey god's will and we do things his way. He can make it possible for us to do things that we cannot do now and never even drink we could do. Now. Do you believe that You can't deny, you know it's true. It just makes sense. So let's look at some quotes now. Okay. The lord's been, it's us from reviewing harold june 25, 18. 95. The large vineyard is a more extensive one than the present working forces able properly to cultivate. Therefore, it is necessary that everyone should labor to the full extent of his ability. She didn't say that every pastor should labor, although she's inclusive of that she's talking about you and me as well. Ok. Who ever refuses to do this? Very careful, dishonors the Lord of the vineyard, and if it continues inactive, the Lord will dis own him. I don't like the way that sounds. I think I think I must kind of straighten, apply right name as the Human agent endeavors till neighbor. God works in him and by him you're not doing the work. You're just being used by god to do the work because god is working in you and he helps you to reform and he's working through you. Ok when the Lord sees that little real effort for the conversion of soul is put forth in regents beyond meaning areas where we don't have churches are people. You know, members, when he sees that golden opportunities are lost and that the spiritual physician ministers is devoting his energy and skill to those who are ho neglecting the maladies or the illnesses of those who are ready to die. He is not pleased is not well pleased. He cannot pronounced the well done upon such work. What's the, what is the alternative to receiving the well done? Yeah, the part. Now we're, we're talking serious stuff here. You don't want to receive the alternative to the well done. The Lord is, he's loving and he's kind, but he is strict and some things he cannot pronounce the well dawn upon such work for it is not hastening but hindering, hindering the progress of his cause. When rapid advancement is most necessary, time and energy and means are devoted to those who know the truth. Instead of being used to enlighten the ignorant, our churches are being chanted as well. They were sick lambs by those who should be seeking for the last. She is our people. Ok, now we're talking about you and me where the minister to other souls need their help. They would themselves be ministered onto by the chief shepherd. Do you want jesus as your pastor or do you want your pastor as your pastor? Your pastor probably wonderful, but just not as good as jesus. Trust me. We have wonderful ministers in this conference to believe that they are worthy of respect. They're doing good jobs. There's nothing really wrong with them, but they're not, not as good as the chief shepherd please. Understand it, and thousands would be rejoicing, and the folks who are now wandering in the desert instead of hovering over our table, let every soul go to work, to seek and to save the last. Let every soul labour, not in visiting among our churches. But in visiting the dark places of the earth where there are no churches and this is kind of a thought, just kind of hit me. What if instead of looking for a church to go to Looking for a place to move to where there is no church because of your efforts one day there will be a church When I remember I told you when I was a kid in Florida, i think I told you there's some called the dark county movement dark, you know, county didn't have church, it was dark county and it needed light. And they were trying to encourage families like people to move into those counties. Why not? If you're able to make a living and keep your faith strong, why is it necessary for you to settle next to a church? When you could go some place where the people need what you have to offer? Just food for thought you need. Perhaps you need to pray that the Lord and ask him if that's for you, it might not be for you. I think for some of you, it probably would be maybe more than what I would imagine in places where the standard of truth has never been lifted. More souls will be converted as a result of the same amount of work than ever before. The Lord jesus has all power in heaven and earth. He can make it happen. He just wants people who are willing to go along with him. And I just mentioned the dark county plant. Now let's talk about dark counties. You see that building there? You'll never guess the name of the town it's in. It's in Pennsylvania, but it's in the little town called me more. My wife and I lived in that county. She was working at the review in harold and I was working sometimes down in Washington at walter reed army hospital, or the admin is hospital here or the another hospital there worked several hospitals and there, you know, there and there was no can. There was no church in that county, we were going to church. And the next conference to stay away. It was only about 15 or 20 miles to the states arranged. But we were, we were living up there. Well, there were a number of employees on there and now they don't always lived on the same straight. And we decided to be a church there. There was not church there from the native b. And there was a church for sale and need more made more. So you know the name of that church, what was it all together now? Me more the 7th day adventist church. Ok. Ok. And so there was no minister involved in planting just the slight people that church is still strong today. I talked to the, to the fellow who served, you know, kind of lay pasturing it here not too long ago. And in the past 2 years, they've baptized like 10 or 15. Now you want to know what the population that made more at that time was less than a 1000, I think might have been 1200 or something or a few 100. The whole county maybe 203-0000 sam stick a town called need more. The Lord keep give mor bang for the buck then it can could in places where everyone was already settled. So friends, do you see how that the holy spirit can use you as people who've never printed before? Never vendor. You know, college to get your, you know, religion degree god, to give you stuff. You don't already possess. You say from that you'll remember that church made more watching you can't forget it. The bible tells us this gospel, this gospel, and the kingdom shall be preached and all the world for a witness and all nations, and then shall the end come. Now from Medical ministry it says page 315 upon all who believe you believe god has placed the burden of raising up churches. If your believer, he is placed upon you, the burden raising up churches for the express purpose of educating men and women to use their entrusted capabilities for the benefit of the world. Employing the means, your pocket. He has left for his glory. He has made human beings, his steward gladly and generously. They are to use the means in their possession for the advancement of righteousness and truth. They are to employ his trusted talents in building up his work enlarging his kingdom. Now when to show you something else, lay people were used by god to do this is a church in Pennsylvania and a little dirty little cold town where the buildings are covered. Sometimes some i'm with cold us in a little cold town called shim oaken. Used to joke and say no smoking and smoking anyway, but my wife and I were there and we had a core group 7 people, 2 of which were not 7th day adventists, yet they weren't baptized. So my wife and I 3 people and to her were weren't baptized yet. That was our court church planting grain. Not too big is so anyway, we needed a place to hold worship services. So I know some pastors around town of other nations. Couple of they were okay with it, but their congregations weren't. I guess they didn't want to them advents in there. I don't know. But but so one of the members, one of the guys in our little group, they noticed that the jewish synagogue wasn't being used every week. It was kind of empty vacant. And one of the guys knew a man who was a member of the congregation, went to go see him. His his name was mr. Laska width that that town was polish, and italian and its background. The way I went to go see him and he was turns out he was the jewish treasurer for the congregation. He and as he was about maybe 80 years old, looked younger because of a good jewish dot. He and his wife ran a jewelry store in town, so he took him across, you know, to, to see the building, put on his yamato, went inside and, and, and showed him the building. And then our 2 fellows that went to go visit with him. They said, well, what do you want to do? Do you want to rent it or do you want to sell it? And by the way, we don't have a lot of money. And frank, one of the guys who said, wish He said, just make an offer. They didn't make an offer they want they went home to pray and just be sure it was god's well a couple of days later, mr. Lac with the jewish treasure called back and he said that they had been praying about it and they were going to make us an offer You know, and you know, tell you so good, right. A $1000.00 for the building and everything inside of it to buy The stone structure. Stanford structure. Frank told us that the front door set would cost $20.00 grand to buy. So we met with 2 jewish attorneys signed the papers, you know, there was some legal fees, of course, you know, those documents, whatever. And the building was ours. It was in perfect condition. However, it could use a new boiler. So one of the men in our congregation was a physician and he either loaned or he gave about 20 grand for the boiler. And so you want to see the restaurant he go. That's as you come in the door and have these 2 staircases that went up stairs like this up into a mezzanine level and then up into the up into the sanctuary. So here you are. They said that doorstep was worth about 20 grand. Now. Downstairs course, that was the fellowship pole you got to have taught like an adventist church. It's one of the 20 is 29 fund, a mental belief now shelf And being a jewish synagogue and had to stows, you know, they have to have one for the milk and one for me. You didn't know that. But, and of course, this was our 1st sabbath, the pi at the potluck, the 1st sabbath was a high day, as you can well imagine. And there is no sabbath school class downstairs. Now we're going up the stairs suspense, his building now. Okay. There's the other side, beautiful window there in the front of that building, isn't it now or on the mezzanine level? I don't know if that's right term. I'm calling it that. You know, I'm not expert in agriculture. I mean architectures and now the sanctuary. And there were, there were $1212.00 windows 6 on each side in each with one of the tribes. You say yeah. And that's the balcony. Okay. That's what it looks like from above. Downstairs there's one of the Windows that have the symbol of the one of the tribes and that's the congress. That's the people that came for the 1st meeting. Now obviously there's more than 7 people there, but you know, this was a big deal and people come out to help us celebrate the 1st sabbath. And I won't tell you the whole story of how it came to be, but I wanted to have a special speaker. Okay. You'll never guess it was you know, this ma'am. Right now don schneider, when he was president of the, in a day he was our 1st sabbath speaker. Yeah. My wife used to work for martin schneider when she was with mattie. And she did a lot of graphic design for them. And so I just called their house, and they, marty answered, and she says, don and I have to compare calendars. So they came up and you know, all I can tell you it was an incredible story. It shows who it gives confidence to people who have never thought of planting a church. It gives you confidence to know that it can happen and God will bless. She says, when we make efforts and places where there's never been the work, god makes greater things happen. You know, and so all I know is it was a big event. It was even bigger that sabbath and that was the 1st and that church continues to do well. I spoke with the valid services lay pastor now and I think last year they baptized maybe 10 last year too. So it's just a small church stuck out a little tiny town where they used to mind coal. A lot of it and it's a town filled with alcohol. The bare trucks used to take up the traffic as they were delivered to the homes. Sometimes people would have a bar in their homes for the neighborhood. A neighboring town about 20000 at one time had 300 bars. So you know, liquor float in the straight and, and this is the church just a moment here where just a 2nd here. Ok. If the ministers would get out of the way, if they would go forth and to New fields, the members would be obliged to bear responsibilities in their capabilities would increase by use. We've talked about that before. Now this is what happened, but this is where, you know, yesterday it was 215 and I, I went ahead and told you a little bit of the story of the people that got to do this is Robbie and his wife and his aunt and their little 5 year old boy, this is the one that he and his aunt were over at our neighbors house and they were talking there talking bible topics, you know? And they were talking about the so do cheese. Other there were there were, you know, they were talking about the pharisees and the duties and, and I said I talk, what are they talking of as the bible? What are the severe cheese right here where they're talking bible, but you see they were catholic background and they really read the bible. Net italian background. So when they saw the word sad to say they call him the duties what else? What an italian guy, who knows nothing about the bible, call it and you know, god used that young man to preach. He directed him in the middle of his sermon with the holy spirit, to change his sermon. And a lutheran lady who was present that day at potluck told my wife when robbie said this, it was as it was meant just for me, their friends today. If God and I told you this yesterday, but I'm going to repeat it. If God can use a young man who has very little education because of the fair station sadducees, the fair, the pharisees, and the duties if they can use him through the power of the holy spirit. Direct him during the sermon to change it to touch a woman's life. Can you doubt that he can use use similar similarly or even better? This is important for us to realize. This shows you what god can do through you. And he didn't have special training. It wasn't trying to quit the Lord kind of a grip. This is their son vaughan. We were taking them home one day after church. Am yvonne said on the way home. I think we should go knock, go door to door and tell people about jesus. 5 year old out of the mouth of babes. Ok, vaughan is now in the military. He's a big boy out. And like like like his dad. He's started preaching. Ok. Now I want to share with you something that you can do. Ok yourself. I have a friend from one of the african countries. His name is reginald. And reginald was, he wasn't ordained. He was hired as a pastor, but he wasn't doing an over in South africa. The emotion division the, the past or assignments are on the basis of geographic territory. Every inch of that of their territories covered with some pastor is not church based assignment. They're not responsible specifically for a group of churches are specifically responsible for the entire area and their geography. So anyway, reginald, he's got 3 churches in this territory. Vast territory, there's only 3 churches and he tried to work with one church. They wouldn't work with him. He tried another one pilot, one of the churches, was willing to work with him on a bible study plan like a small group plan. What he did was he would teach them how to give small group bible studies and whatever it was, each of the attendees of the study was somehow able to then give that study to a group of there's the method they were using, allowed them to do that. And then that group could give it to theirs. And by the time he would come around to do a campaign, not only the 1st group he was working with was ready for baptism. But the groups that these non adventists with work with their friends were ready, and you'd have these waves of people because of the method. The only way that I don't, I don't know exactly how to do it, but I do know one way that you can do it. It's through what's, what's called bible marketing plan. Now what this means, I want to show you, This is like an example. You might like a topic. What does the bible say? And you might, you know, talk about, you know, last time we saw the loving character of god, the logical question then comes wise, so much suffering. And then you have the origin of evil and well then what you do in the back of your bible. You will take, for instance, like you'll see there, the origin of a votes, number 3, and the line. You will see that in the back of your bible, you will write a code. The number one text. I mean, that's the number one text or excuse me is, is god ok. And the number one text for god is your code for what? Excuse me. What I'm looking at evil. Ok. The code is number one. Evil. So that's your 1st text for your discussion on evil. In other words, the origin of April, the 1st text you would go to the revelation 12 or 79. Ok. Now when you get to revelation 12 or 7 and 8, your right to evil here, it's to scripture, whatever. And then you're right, the next text. Then you go to the next text. You write a code for the 3rd text she like right here. We are number 3, then you go from this text to number 3, so forth and so on. Ok. And so you would do this and keep going through the, the text like that. And I'm going to keep moving on. And then when you get to the end, you would write number 3 able end. Now doing that, doing that, that way. You have just not only given a bible study to a small group of like 3 or 4. Ok, 5 whatever, 6. But you've also given them a tool whereby they can share every text and every thought that you gave me, even though they've never studied the bible before. And as they repeat that with their neighbor, their friend or wife, or anyone else, as long as they're writing it down as they go under bible, they can then do the same thing with others. Now, doing things in such a simple way so that people can duplicate what your effort is. Can you see how quickly the message of truth can go? And it costs nothing to do that. And not a tremendous amount of training. There are some things you can learn about how to work with people. Now there is A pastor in Australia that I'm acquainted with. He used to be a conference president in New north south wales conference. That's where avondale is. They invited me there to do a camp meeting seminar, kinda like this in the can't mean. And he had a bible marking plan that he developed worked up and, and it gives instructions on exactly how to do it. It gives you all the text, all the questions, all the everything, and it's downloadable for free. So what you do, what do you do when you want to find something? gone, you go on the web and you Google it. Ok? So what you do is you go, go in there, you see up there just and mom and bible marking. Put that in your Google search. Ok. Then you'll see all it's listed. And it says via a marking guide, lawman advantage book center, but it's spelled with a C, E, N, T R E. So its british english, its australian book and bible house. But, but if you scroll down like here, you'll notice that there is a PDF of it available for free. You want to book and bible house, he developed a little more, turned it into a book. So I saw that, but this is available for free. You can download it just that simple match an A 4 paper format, the port type of paper size. There is not 8 and a half by 11. It's something close to that, but it's a different paper size. So if you try to print it at is as it is, you might have some trouble, but you could kind of copy and paste it onto an 8 half by 11 and then print it. But anyway, this is what it looks like after you download it. And if there is one of the studies i plan to have that up, let me see if I can pull that whole thing up real quick without upsetting the Apple cart here. Let's just see I'm not sure if I can well, anyway, you've got the idea. This is well worth your time and 2 minutes to download and have a look at a highly recommended. And so you yourself can be giving bible studies that will allow others to give bible studies that will allow others to give bible study. Ok. Now let's kind of move on here. Well, here's one believe the scriptures. Can you see how it's put together? He's got the text on the left there, number one, so for number 2, for and so forth. And the question you would ask to introduce that quote, that topic when you go to the text, it's all there for you know, the Spanish no quest on our is free. Ok. Now small group participants can repeated the study immediately. Now, small groups, any of you ever participated in a small group thing like this? Some of you have I want to tell you what in our house. It wasn't me that started at 1st, but my wife, but my daughter and my wife. My daughter led out and they said they started getting these ladies coming in there. And I think a large percentage of them were non and I'd be trying to go ben, get some sleep, and they'd be out there giggle and having the best time of their life. I'm so I'll tell you what it likes and hands catlin. They were great. It was a time when they could bond to be friends and they would chuckle and they would laugh this matter in the study of the bible. They were drawing close to people personally. While they were giving out bible knowledge. You have to touch people. You have to draw close to them, you have to become their friends. And how many of us even know our neighbors bomb a 1st name basis? You know, you live next door to somebody 20 years and you feel awkward saying hello or knocking on the door. Unfortunately, this is to com and this type of thing you may not that may not apply to you, but you know exactly what I'm talking about. Yeah. Now if, if we were in central america wouldn't happen. There are different cultures. You know, they're, they're really open and friendly with everybody up here we're more reserved. Some countries are more reserved from that. You go to your german cultures. My goodness, they're very reserved. We live in a german community. In german and catholic. I don't know which they're more of but but the town is Christine, it's clean, it's, you know, it's spotless, it's a german culture. And they're very much on time. If you're one minute late, you are late and you might be reminded of it later and safe. But even in that german community, the latest can get together and just go and have a good time. And so we guys, we finally started one and, and best thing ever, the best thing over a fella, just down the road. I go walk in and I used to see him at the gym. I had no clue that he was spiritually minded. There was a lady that I knew that went down the gym and I asked her, she says, I'm not interested, but john is oh. So they used to be boyfriend and girlfriend. So that's how she knew. So I talked to John and he is searching. He is searching, so I started want amazing facts lessons. Ok, you know, and then he starts coming to our group. He's almost through with those lessons and he is soaking up what he's learning in our little group. We're studying. Not necessarily topics, but we're going through a book of the bible. Sometimes we get to vs. Before we quit our study in 45 minutes or 2 in there. You know, because here little there, little everyone bringing out something, get a few verses. And so I, I encourage you to do this type of thing. Is natural for some people know, but after you start giggling ladies, it's ok. Now I want to tell you something about local leadership training. It is impossible for us to finish god's work right without his help. And when we obey, then he pours out his spirit upon us. And we only have so many salary pastors. The numbers are rather few compared to the population of the earth. And as many churches are being planted, lay people be involved in much of it. They're spread thinner, aren't right. And then under the power of the holy spirit, then we get explosive, explosive grove. And it won't even be possible for the pastors even get around to baptize our buddy. There was a time in russia when they had 200 pastors and 190. 8 of them were in jail. I was told that when I was over and one fella still remembers the day that his father was taken off to prison and they never saw him again. But god's church does not fall with the absence of pastors that continues all. But I'm going to tell you something about the adventist church and how it works. You need to understand that we in our own church, have already set up ways that empowers elders as needed. Ok. Everything and the address church is as far as leadership is, but it has to do with being an elder. There's 2 kinds of elders. How many of you remember the day when you called your minister elder? Ok, some of us are our age where that's common. And now they call a pastor. Well, but the proper title in North America is elder. You've never heard the term pastor of the gospel have you? You heard the term minister of the gospel, but not past the gospel. Okay, I'm going to get going all over the place here. But there's 2 kinds of elders, there's ones that are ordained by the church, by the conference. And they have authority worldwide. They can be appointed to go take care of this. Whether there is a church or not, and to any church, they can minister period, they have that kind of range of of abilities. Then there is the local elder of the church that local elder of the church can only operate when he's elected, you know, on a yearly basis, whatever at that church. Ok. And so there's a difference. Okay. But did you know, did you know that already built into our church manual things like that? Did you know that an elder can serve and worth more than one church? As long as the other church, if they need melbourne, they don't have one install long as they ask him and they elect him. And the conference president is okay with it. That can happen. So do you see that a good elder, a good man, a trusted man of Sterling character can serve in a district of churches. Do you understand what I'm saying? Okay, it's possible. Now you're not going to say that too often because we have so many pastors as and, and to few churches. But as we grow and as the pastors are sent into areas, plant new churches. And as the light people really get together and they start to work, it will then be necessary for us to be able to manage churches in a different way. Ok. It's already built into the system. Did you know that in the 7th day adventist church it's already been built into the manual that elders can baptize with conference permission. Ok. Yeah. Now and I'm not going to go into all this. I was like, also built into the manual is when a license pastor serving in a church, he has to be elected as a local elder to be able to do certain functions. Because if the local church, if a man does not have ordination as a full minister, then it requires a local elder to serve communion, does it not? So if this man who is not ordained that way, but he's serving as a license pastor, but he's not ordained yet. He has to in order to do those things, he has to be elected as an elder. When I got into ministry, my father in law told me, he said, the 1st thing you need to do is you need to get all your churches to elect as an elder. And there's reasons for that. They're all good reasons. Ok. But remember this, you don't need to take that away today, but just know that in our church manual, god and wisdom has guided the decisions for the general conference and producing these things. So that when we grow and the need is there, the church will not fall apart if there's not enough ministers taking care of the churches. The church will blossom, god loves his church and he will not leave it without care. He wants us to cooperate in obey. Okay. The biggest thing you need to learn is say, yes lord obeys. Here my lord sent me here, my lord sent me. We made to realize these things are exceedingly important. Now I'm going to tell you also some other things. What you can do if you want the church manual, if you want to rated, i encourage you over one of you to read it. You need to know these things. You Google it. There you go. Adventist church manual online, and then you select where it says you can select pdf if you want or you can just go to the, the site and here's the site. So the interest church manual, that's the official, you know, site and then you can download it. There's all kinds of things that you can do online. You can go to the admin to the learning community and get courses for free on how to do this and how to do that and the serve. There's all kinds of things that you can access yourself and learn by yourself. There's other things you can get. Beacons, handbook you can get elders, digest elders handbook. You can get all kinds of resources to learn how to be a better sales school teacher. You can train and equip yourself What god wants most. What he wants really most Is people who are willing to go and do what he's asking them to do. It's nice if you already possess the qualifications. It's nice if you already have the knowledge and the ability and the experience, but that's not what god treasures the most. What he treasures is, the one who is willing and will obey and go and do. Because if it takes it, he can fill you in rather quickly with what you need to know, but the person with all the qualifications, but his doubting and not willing you can't get the same thing. God wants a willing heart. So my question to you today is do you have a willing heart Do you have a willing heart? How many of you would say, pray for me? I need to have oil in arg, i believe, fell my own body. Right? It's a battle for your heart, isn't it? And the devil doesn't want us to do these things. You're really bad. Now, we've been here for this is our 3rd day, isn't it? Ok. And please understand. I don't have all the answers. I don't even know if I even a few of them, but I'll let you ask a question or 2 and, and don't be surprised by tell you, I don't know, but I'm willing to try with god. So do you have any questions or comments about stuff that we've covered thus far? Or 1st of all has everything been pretty clear that's far. Okay. Do you have any thoughts or questions of it? Yes ma'am. Not a doctor. Ok, what is your 1st church so many? So that was should be your call. That's a good question. The question was a repeat it for the benefit of the of the taping. When you 1st go into an, an entered area and under community, what should be your 1st goal? Should it be to get a building so that you have a visible presence? I would say that should not be your 1st goal. That's something that you need as soon as you're able, that's not your 1st goal. Your 1st goal is to connect with the people. Let them know you have their best interest. You know, you can make, you can see people that make people off the cuff and wal mart at the grocery. I'll, you know, when I go through the grocery store, i'll see a mom with, with a little little child. So. Oh, that's cute. How dizzy, you know, you start that way and you say, you know, you know how to make them live real long. Just have him eat more like adam and even leave less out of a barnyard and more out of the garden and they'll chuckle us and that's right. You know, and you begin to warm up, you know, on it. And one thing leads to the next. And then you pray for me, right? And I'll, you know, I'll one a where this is. And then you go your way. What you do is every, the 1st thing you do every day, as you say, lord, make the divine connections for me today. Let it be that by the end of this day, one or more persons and, or one or more entities could be said, a government, whatever is somehow better off, somehow healthy or safer. More in harmony with your will. Learning more of you and your ways and truth and godliness and the coming missionaries with us. Ok. Because I'm on the surf. Let not one day go waste a. Do you think that god is not going to answer that? I've been praying that way. Literally every day. For a number of years now, not one day can I remember that god did not answer that prayer. When I look back through the day, I can see Oh, I live in a very our churches in the regional conference, even though we're a white church, long story there don't. I won't answer all the thanks, but god does whatever he has to do to get the job done. But here we are. We're down in this german white catholic community and I'm going to walmart and I see an african man coming up not african american and african man. I know he's african until by looking from is from kenya. Ok. How about in China? You're from. Can kenyans look like dante ok. Anyway, so I see him come out of the store. Where are you from? And he's got these children as wives, were the 3 love children and, and you know where we are in that part of indiana. You know, to see a person of color from another country, a foreigner is an unusual experience. So I talk to, you know, I got a welcome into town or something and come to find out where he's from. He's from the very town where I preached campaign number of years ago. He's not adventist he's baptist, but I say, well, do you know andrew matter, tim? I know him. Do you know krista from a saw your president, one of the conferences. I know him. Do you know talking to her, he was a bible work for for me over in that one of the campuses. I know him. Have you ever been out to maxwell academy? Yes, I have been there. And then I take him around town because he's brand new in town. He's also a registered nurse like me. And he also worked in somalia for a humanitarian agency just like me Now was that just kind of one of those random thanks to sort of happy or was that an answer to my prayer? That's a divine moment. And so I take him around, show me a few things, and I take him to a park, we have loved parks and jasper, good places to exercise. And it's like walking distance from his house. I didn't know that. I just want to take him, take him there says, hey, you know, as why center, she works with the local catholic hospital and he was studying for his exam here because he has to retake his nursing exam. But that's just one example. And that's, that's not an isolated instance of that type of thing that's, that's probably the most striking and unusual. But when you pray that way, ma'am, that should be the 1st thing you do is to connect with the people. Let them know you love them, you care about them. You have their best interest. You ask for lord to send you people that you can help them somewhere. Well, I'll tell you. Another thing to this is, this is, this is a big one. And your time and your offerings, i'm going to go beyond 1st of all time on the gross, not the net, but we can save that for another time. But in addition to your times and your offerings take a 2nd time. Bible talks about a 2nd. Israelites doesn't it, and put it in a separate bank account, let it build up. And that way, when you hear some neighbor or some poor lady, you know you get some lady that or that her husband left or for some sweet young thanks. She got 3 mill children are about to cut off or lights. You just go down to the power company, pay that woman's light bill and you walk out feeling like a king or queen because you just made her day. You set aside some money whereby you can make a difference for people who have needs you will win their heart and you need to live the health message. And you need to be able to share it as the right arm of the gospel. When you do these things, this is just examples. You pray and you'll learn more examples. But god will give you power and ability in a way to their heart. And when you've got their heart in your hands, the listen to you right now. Yes sir. I don't want to get your oh ok. Right now I'm retired from direct patient care because I just feel like I don't have the rapid capacity to work. I see you anymore. And I think it's better for some people who are younger than me, but I still enjoy teaching people how to stay out of where I used to work. And I do that in the grocery store. But bob, to forget my own god On my graces. Don't say anything about my age, but yeah. Oh it was it. It was a real good one. Anyway, what's your thought Okay, so Yeah, area on how much like Google. Oh, that's an excellent question. How much church approval do you need? Well, here's what you do. First of all, you need to let your local church know what you're doing. And it's nice if they kind of say yes that we'd like to see you do that. It's also very wise. If you communicate with a conference, what you're doing, they're responsible for the entire field. So when they know something is going on, but kind of keep an eye on it, you don't want to just go out and just do your own thing without any knowledge of the church. And you'll, you know, do that ok, connect so that they know what's going on. They can give you help, they can direct you, they can caution you. But do it in cooperation with them. Always. Ok. So you would, you would just call the conference. You'd ask to speak to the president of the secretary, or whoever, you know, personal minister's director. That would be a good one. And, but you don't want to neglect for your church where your membership is to know what you're doing because they are actually in charge of you as a member. I mean they have responsibility for you. So that's what I would say. Let's say the area to is like maybe 3 or 4 hours from our mobile. We just lot of other kind of what you're saying that there's no response for Well see you have a local church membership somewhere. You are there member ok. That you may have moved out of town someplace. I may never see you for the next 10 years, but you need to communicate with them from time to time. Because suppose the people know you, you know, move or something. Then they say your name on the books, they've never heard from you. They may drop us missing no ill intent. So you always want to remain connected in some way with your local church and with the conference. I mean, your local membership for your membership is even if it's 4 hours away or whatever. So that is just everything decently. And on order it was, did that answering the different passions, maybe the local church or passion for which You switch your membership to our church then? Yes ma'am. Yes. What would you do differently or that they were trying to know when the links are? Oh okay. Well, and you know, there's a lot of that. Okay. First thing you need to do is get your official membership list from the conference and you need to, with your elders, your pastor, whatever visit every person on that list. You'll find people that have been on the books for 25 years. No one's ever visited them. They're not even administered more, but you might be able to reclaim them. When god sees that you're responsible when the shift that he has already given you, even though you may not have been responsible as a group in the last 25 years, then he sees he can entrust you with more souls. First thing you do, you're still responsible for him. There are you members, even though you haven't seen him forever? Or you may have never seen him ever because they may have come on board before you became a member. But that's the 1st thing you do. Where at 314, and I don't want to run over like I did yesterday. So I don't want to cut off any questions, but I must respect the fact that more are going to come. So would it be okay with you if I just call it quits at 3? 14 and brian, well, let's do that fall and haven't. Thank you that we could be together today. Thank you for what you've taught us. Thank you for everything you've done for us. And lord, we pray that you'll make us effective ministers for you, effective people who will reach out to people in unanswered areas and even local areas, even around our local church, that there's areas on our neighborhood that have been entered because we haven't befriended our neighbors. This lord, make us effective in that may when many souls we hasten jesus coming in jesus name. I asked him in to listen to more of these presentations. You may visit the audio archives at M. I S T A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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