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05 Does This Actually Work Today? Where’s the Evidence, and Can It Work in North America?

Wes McDonald


In a few areas of the world, the church is doing God’s work using His Biblical methods, and the results are astonishing! This presentation will show the undeniable blessings that come from following God’s true methods.



  • June 25, 2021
    2:15 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen father in heaven. Thank you that we're here. It's been a good week. We've been blessed and I've been blessed and I asked that you'll be with us tonight so that we're blessed wants to can by your spirit touching our hearts by your information, which you have a private show or grant me the right words to say in the right way just give you honor and glory. Grant me wisdom, make it clear. I asked these things in jesus' name. Amen. So glad to see you folks again. Just a little heads up for you. If you want to gain access p d f x, moby access, that's the kind of file that works with a kimball app. And or if you have any russian friends, i've got a version of that on there. 22 ways you can do it. Actually 3. But if you want to go to, I think it's G, c dot youth ministries, dot org and then forward slash book. You can access there and that, that one that's free to the world. And so you can get a downloadable version, it's pdf or a movie. That's the 1st version that I ever had. That's the, that's version number one. There will be a PDF version available on the conference website of this particular version. I don't know when it's going to be, i've given it to them. They're probably the probably going to give it to the pastors are going to get a book sunday. Then I think probably after they read it, then they'll make it available to all the elders and probably al church members. So I guess there will be different ways to get electronic pdf or some version like that. Which would be nice because I relo i brought up from last books i had, I saved out about 10 or 12 or 13 of one, and my basic, my whole stocks over there and a few boxes. So I'm not really interested in printing a lot except some people. This is like a book holding you, ham. But I'll find that website for you and then there's other books there as well that I think that you would be blessed with. Let me find it for you real quick. When when you get to the side, you'll type in forward slash and then I think all you have to do is put books. Yeah. It should be resources books, but ill do that. This is a resource page for, for books. There are some other books that are free, pass it on, that's I, one of the youth leaders. There is one by dennis smith. He wrote a lot about righteousness by faith. And he wrote about a wrote more about the holy spirit, he's quite a writer on holy spirit. And his books have been for somebody is offered this, this one here is downloadable, and I've not read it. I haven't actually have a paper book. This is mine. That was the 1st version. That's what it looks like. Here's another one. It's free. It's by dennis smith, baptism of the holy spirit. A 10 day devotional study. Calling that when you pay for my choice, that's baptism study guides for kids. Steps to personal revival that is for free, downloaded by helmet, hobble a german man. That's a very popular book. Ok, i see it. I see a head nodding. Ok. Here's another one by am drip. Andras' peralta. Is one of the leaders. You can, you can score. You can thumb through that and again, the address is gc youth ministries dot org, forward slash books, or you can put forward slash recess, resources, slash books if you wish. I will show you one thing that will be nice. The Lord bless. Show me how to do this. I never really intended to ever print and it wasn't even on my mind. If you click here, I fell in my church, built this website for me for free, and then the belt, the 2nd one for for a few click on the 2nd chapter. Go down here to the reference links. And if it's on white quote, it pulls up the exact page and paragraph. It allows you to check my context. Make sure I didn't tell you wrong. If it's like an old pdf pdf from the archives, you know, stuff that was never reprinted, but you can only get through the gc archives. It pulls up the entire pdf of the issue. You can download it and read the whole article. And so it's good for those who the nice thing about this, if you have church members who are afraid, this is something weird, maybe a little off, shoot, take them here. It should help with that. Our topic, of course is, does it actually work? Where's the evidence and can it work in North America? And I think last night, when we heard from our gentlemen who the Lord just arranged that visit, it's very clear that it works. I'm in but it's useful to compare that can't that, that division world division with another division that has the same method as ours. But it's adjacent to it and has the same demographics the Lord blessed and I was able to do that. You know, I didn't know what I was doing when I barked on this thing, but I knew I had to write a book and at the most, the most difficult point in my life. I sat down to write this, the fact that anything ever came out of it, you can just thank the Lord, my west mcdonald. So anyway, examples from the US and abroad showing how god's true methods are actually working in a few areas of the world work. God is actually doing god's work using his biblical methods, not 100 percent, and I'll explain later, but very close to 100 percent compared to us. Okay. And the results are astonishing. And you know, I was going to see if there was a piano player and I was going to sing the song and everything. But let's just work at the words or we can sing it together and rescue the parish for the snatch them in a Way for their lift off of them up to us to, to rescue Her for that door. Jesus is merciful. Jesus will say all our down Though they are sliding is way thing, way up To the st. Louis. All screwed over All Those rules. Rose cuba parish thing due to the stress of all group rules. Back to Me room for long last your machine Do so says merced, june. Those rules I keep repeating the same thing, so that's not the refrain. Forgive me, man. Anyway, I thought of that I'm saying that allows me looking at the slides and thinking another thing, I'm not with it again, but anyway, the Lord has blessed us with that gentleman and as you read through those words is despite my singing You're reminded of some of the things they taught us how they would go to the neighbors and pray and then they would win their hearts. And then when somebody needed something, you know, or maybe there was a funeral, or maybe somebody died, they would call the neighbors. Not the pastor. That's powerful, isn't it? How many of you realize now that you can do this thing? You can do this thing. Now for us to accomplish the finishing our partner she has, we have the finishing of gods where the holy spirit has the power. If impossible for us to do it without the holy spirit's power right. Now, you'll remember these slides not takes known as roughly 240000 miles away. And it would take 10 days, a 1000 miles an hour to rigid. And the number of people living on the earth is 7 and a quarter 1000000000. And if they stood 3 feet apart, it would be a line of 4100000000 miles long. In a 1000 miles an hour, it would take $171.00 days and 10 hours to pass them all. That was astonishing to me the 1st time I actually did the math on that. But it, I can't imagine that there's that many people on this planet that if you stretch them out, you can do the math. You can do the math, that's what it is. And also the number of people dying on earth is 180, roughly 1000182 of excuse me, 1000000. And if you like, and if you laid them down 3 feet apart the mile the it will be 103403 miles long, a line of people, and at a 1000 miles an hour, it took 4 days and 8 hours to pass them all, we also learned that there's $28955.00 7th day adventist ministers, including both ordained and licensed at 3 feet apart. The line of advent of ministers is about 16 and a half miles long. We're doing some review tonight, but we're going to bring out some things. And if the advent of ministers are 16 and a half miles long, which at 60 miles an hour you can do about 15 minutes, 16 half minutes. But just the dying folks on planet earth would take quite a long time to fly by a 1000 miles an hour. You see that only with the power of the holy spirit. Can we do it? But the holy spirit demands, the holy spirit, is here with all the power. And he tells us how to access that power. And we've talked about our unwillingness or in many cases ignorance in, on not really knowing how to go about this little bit of review here tonight. We're going to draw some things together. And so we looked also at the north American division rates of growth and members, and we compared them from 1863 until 900. 32 men from 930 to 2017. I believe it was and we'd learned why we did that was 18 in 1932. It's because up to that point, the church had no official church, many men church manual or using a book written by law pearl. And it was kind of an unofficial manual manual. But along the way from 1863 when we formed as a denomination that the people in the minister started to go back to a standard model of ministry like the other protestant churches. The minister started hanging around the churches that had been established a little too long. It's easy thing to do and started church can't hang around too long, but the more you hang around, the more dependent the people get, the less they study for themselves. And since you're the one with all the sole winning ability, then they figure they're going to leave it up to you. And so you end up with a weaker church, spiritually. One that doesn't grow. And as our friend from and bob pointed out, you have more use the state with a church. If you have a church where you don't see the pastor, often it's counter intuitive for those of us in America who didn't know about this. Because our default is if our church is failing, we want an evangelist pastor. If our, if we don't have any youth in our church, we want to young pastor. And if our church did so just you know, start turning in enough time and we have more average more than average members. Then we want to pastors. And the more you do that, the weaker the church gets. You get to where you have people that pay praying obey. So from $932.00 onwards, we had the official church manual for the 1st time. Now the ministers and the members were already settled into this. They were already kind of locked in. But at that point, the new church manual probably because of the influence of everything that was going on. Leading up to that point, it officially stated the ministers duties kind of like we have now. And then around 1900, we sent missionaries abroad and we sent them with the wrong model of ministry. This is why the whole world is infected with our areas. I mean without, with our errors, excuse me. And in other parts of the world, they grow a lot, they grow faster because we have no money to pay ministers. But they always look to the US. They want to be likes the US or greatest goal is to be like us. Their greatest goal is often to have more minister, so they can be like us and have one every church. That's their goal. If they had enough money that do it. So we started the mess up. We need the start the straight now man. And what better place to begin is one of the primary, early advent centers of Michigan. You know, so much of our denomination, early, denominational, early denominational history was right here, right there. And we can't really deny that and it's so anyway, during the 1st 69 years from 863 to 932. The number of churches in North America grew by 18.3 times started in 1900. 63125. In 1932, there was 1932 churches mark. She's me. There was 2285 churches. But that's only 2 data points. A beginning and ending number. If we were to track all the data points along the curve, you would see earlier when we were more obedient, the curve would be sharply upward. But then it would kind of level off more. You see what I'm saying? The more data points you had, the more accuracy and seen what actually occurred during the meantime. But really, for our purposes, for what we're trying to prove those 69 years, those 2 data points get the idea across ok. And with what's written from ellen white and from all the other things, we can just see what happens. Her writings fill in the data points for us. So 18.3 times the churches grew or increase the number of churches. But now In the next 85 years from 1932 to 2017, more years. But the number of churches in North America group, i own a 2.4 times 2.4. And and if you, again, if you looked at that curve multiple data points, you would again see a sharper curve, upward and flattening out toward the end. When my father in law was in the ministry, they still held campaigns to in to 939, entered the ministry and they were still do campaigns with 2 people or teams. They know no one ever did a solo campaign. And when they went into a town, they would, they would set up what's called a tabernacle, a tabernacle was kind of, would be, it was made out of wood, but it was the equivalent of a butler building or a metal building today was a temporary structure. And the campaigns were longer, they weren't 234 weeks. If you go back far enough, there were some evangelists that have campaign 6 months long. Yeah. And so what would happen when the evangelist finally did leave town? Those people were well indoctrinated and they had a temporary church until they can build one themselves. You see how much the thought process has changed. Ok. And it would have been unthinkable to hold a campaign by yourself. That wasn't where it was. So even from 1939 until now. Things have not been the way they are now. And so, Oh, this graduate changed everything. So now what about the membership in North America during the 1st 69 years from 863 to 900. 32, the number of members in North America went from 350-213-5830 7. That was an increase of $38.00 times. That's a sharp rise, isn't it? But again, again, if we had all the data points, you would see a curve that would be flat, you know, not a sharp tor dan. From all that we see and why it's writing, she fails in the data points. Ok. So now from 932 onwards. Some of this is review. Some of you may be here for the 1st night, 1st after management. But during the next 85 years from 932 to 2017. The number of members in North America went up by only 9.2 times 9.2 time. 1000000, 249715 from the other figure that's not so much. And again, filling in the data points it would flatten off. I supplied a lot of those data points with the history of what happened between them. Not going to know that one, why it wasn't alive at that time, but I had enough history from my father in law. Other things that have been written nomination, authors and so forth that we filled in those data points and which is pretty flat. Now it is so flat, so flat, so flat that I'm going to show you something that is going to be startling, the notes, and let's just see here. You remember that We showed you some data showing you how the accession are. Baptism and professions of accession rates dropped when you added more ministers. Ok, and you can see here I won't tell you what conferences is because I don't want to embarrass people. I don't want any conference to think that I am embarrassing anybody, even though this is freely available. You can look at it yourself. But I'm simply reporting the situation north America wide. So I have information on a union and I have information on, you know, and I'm not going to tell you what union it is either. That's not my purpose. But here you will see, and from the left it's 2009 all the way to the right. 2019, it's total 11 data points. What you're talking 10 years of data. You'll notice that the accession rate 20092010 so forth. It goes from little over 3 percent, 2 point one percent 2.77 percent, 2.12 percent, and 1.92 percent. And then immediately, immediately it drops down to 1.2 percent, but the year before that there was a sharp increase in the number of ministers that particular conference had. The must have had little extra money or something. So they hired more ministers. But the number of churches did not increase during that time. If you add more ministers to the existing churches, the growth rate will decline, period and it may not ever increase to what it was before was she lose ministers and, and then it kind of settles out. And it's sad, but this is actually the, the real live truth. Yes sir. I was recently a member of the I will missouri conference for 2 years and the fastest church in that entire conference has no pastor. Every other churches doesn't go compared to that one church was in class or so there's, there's evidence there. Thank you for that information. You know that you're going to find that there's a lot of that. Now I want to show you what it looks like on a bar graph though. This is the same conference i'm talking about online. You'll also see bar graphs. Look at the bar graph. You can see the year that the at that the ministers were added, things really went and started to go down. But the year afterward, the ministers were in place probably a whole year. At that point, it dropped down to a negative number you say, Or it's striking. And 2019 as pathetic is and now, now when we look at, we're going to look a little bit now that was enough of that for now. Okay? Now this is what we've been talking about, comparing adjacent division in South africa, excuse me. South america. The past oral assignments are not based upon specific churches, like here in America. Like if I were to ask a pastor, what's your district? He'll say, I have this church, the church, this church, that's the basis of assignment is specific. Church is one pastor, we've got to work with one and there you go. And south america is by geographic territory, regardless of whatever. However, many churches is or no churches, whatever they take seriously covering every square meter or every square foot of their geographic territory because their god hold them responsible for every nook and cranny. That they, that where they are as he does with all of us, right? We're going to all the world, which means all the little towns in the big town scattered. Ok. So there, but now inter american division, that's central america, mexico, stuff like that. They assign their ministers based upon specific churches. However, they give their ministers 10 or 20 or 30 and up here we just give them one or 2 or 3. Well, the churches grow faster down there the, the late people have to do more because they rarely see their pastor. But their pastor is still checking on churches all the time. And so his ability then to be free from that responsibility and go into areas where the church members don't live is more limited. So, but those 2 divisions, i mean that division, the demographics are the same. Central america and south america have identical demographics. You talk to somebody from South south america or enter america, they will, they'll confirm that same kind of politics and kind of culture saying language, just same types of economies. All of these things are very, very close. And so that was important because when I compare north America with central america, the conversation ends after 30 seconds because the demographics are so different. So the Lord bless me with finding this. So what you'll find here on this graph, If you'll look at the total accessions during the, I did a 12 year data set, we have inter america with about o 2. And the 3rd 1000000 we have south american division, about 2700000. Now the when we look at the number of minister salaries, they are higher in the South american division. But when we look at the number of church plants in the 12 year period, can you see that there's not that much difference between the number and a stereo salaries to account for $36.00 or $700.00 additional church plants. When you do the math, actually figure out all the math, but that, that speaks for itself. And so the number of minister salaries, preaching a congregation added was 4.6 and south america. And it was 6.6 and enter america. So it takes, you know, roughly, well, it's not fully $1.00 times, one point some odd times more ministerial staff to start a church, a new church in central america. And the only variable that we're looking at is a method of ministry because the demographics are all identical, the culture, even the landscape, all those things. In fact, it could be said, it's probably a heart little harder because on the southern port portion of South america, you don't have bomb whether you're around, it's coal there, close to antarctica. So this in the star, it works. Now when we go across the ocean and our friends last night and pinion my g, I love to say his name, I like to practice course. But, but he, they confirmed a lot of this last night. Okay. Lot of this last night. Now here we find that when we compare south africa and the notion of it, which has territory based assignments and we compare east central african, i've been there many times tomorrow. If you kenya, i worked, i was the 1st acting project director for address somalia in 9293. It was an exciting place to be. I'll leave it at that. It was, it was school. You didn't even have a passport when you landed you could take anything away from them. Think there was no government period. So you will see there that the total number of accessions a central africa was, was like here instead of one or 2 or 3 churches is 10 or 20 or 30. So it's church based in the central africa. Ok. I was aware of that. And so the total accessions baptisms, professions of faith in each one was about 2 and 2.3 minute point $3000000.00. That's a lot of baptism says ok. And the number of congregations this close the roughly about 6000 piece. So you're saying, well, what are you trying to look at the number of salaries, though? Now the way we calculated salaries here was if you have 100 ministers on staff this year, that's 100 minister years. One minister for one year is one minister year. So if you have $200.00 in a year, that's 200 minister years. So what you're looking at the ministerial salaries, the minister years for south africa and the ocean division, the $16856.00 and that 12 year dataset. But noticed that in South east central africa, it was 25504. That is nearly $9000.00 salaries difference to accomplish the same work. How many of you think that's a big deal? You know, sometimes when you're dealing with bible truth, people often don't have faith to go forward with something that's risky, professionally. Please understand it. But if you candidly look at these figures and again, lord taught me how to do this. You know, I'm not a math genius. I was good in math in school, but this, this, the Lord blessed me and, and doing this. So that's not about now the members per accession. The number of members it would take to to you know, per, every accession was close. It was, you know, about 13 a piece. So that's, that's a measure of member involvement. So like in North America, if you had $100.00 members in a church and you had you had to baptism that years to baptism that year, that would be 50 members per accession. OK, so that's not so that's not so unusual here in America. So that's to show you the comparison. And now one thing though I want to, I want to ask you something From his description last night. Ok. And in these situations a minister is assigned to a territory. Ok. And they even do have some, some interaction with the churches and some bob way in South africa and in the vision. But like, for instance, i was told by pass more, more lumber. He was the, the he is the minister of director for the division. And he said an ongoing and one man's territory there 90 churches. And what he does is he meets with just the board members. Every 2 months is like a camp meeting for board members. That's what you'd have to do something like that. Now with what I just said, is that model 100 percent biblical? Think about scription, is that a 100 percent legal? A 100 percent? I'm ask another question. If it were a 100 percent biblical with a power holy spirit, or would it have exploded off the math? Been grub yes. Yeah. But in what way is it not 100 percent? Not, you know, and america is not biblical. Ok. You go to answer america and it's not as bad as here. It's still not biblical, but it works better because there's not pastors. If you go to South america, south africa, it's more biblical, but not totally yet. So what, what 2 things, 2 things. According to our guest yesterday, they tend to idolize the pastors in the upper works. That may be what it was. And that's one of the problems that seems to be a problem where, you know, as he was saying some things I thought to myself, there's one thing I hadn't planned to bring out, but I'm going to. The Lord gave me stuff all night long last night. And I gotta get it through best. We only have 2019 minutes or something like that. Now, from testimonies volume 719220. Our ministers are not to spend their time labouring for those who already accepted the truth. With christ's love burning in their hearts, they are to go forth to him, sinners to the savior beside all waters. They are to so the So the truth place after place is to be visited church after churches to be raised up. Those who take their stand for the truth or to be organized in the churches and then the ministers to pass on to other equally important fields. Did the apostle paul, except for a rare occasion when he would stop back by on a train? Did he weekly meet with people? He wrote him a letter once in a blue man, but today there's no excuse. We have cell phones. When I, when I went to school, when I was in 1st grade, they would ask if you had a phone. But now we feel like we're lost without it, you call where cross country. So you've seen this picture. We're kind of like that, right? Right. You say what you have is you go, you know, the heart of the pastor is dress like a in Australia. They called it a nanny uniform, but anyway, and I have a little video on that. You can, you can see that video on that website. That's on, there's a little video, but the 1st thing you see is the pastor. The next thing you say is adult children look like little children and they have 1940 leg you see on the ground. They've been drinking smell, but often the distances she, there's vast field and only a couple of laborers. The son is going down, the storm clouds are coming. You can't harvest wet grain and it'll be lost. That's what's going on. The harvest is past the summer's ended and we are not saved or am I 20? That will be the crab. The last people are being lost every day because of these issues. But now let's look at some text. This, if that's one area, they still haven't broken away to that point. To that point where the ministers only rarely come by, it's not every couple weeks. I mean, they're still involved more than what they need to be to be totally biblical. Perhaps there's ignorance involved, and in some cases maybe people are struggling with trusting the Lord to fulfill his word. Lead can versus one here. After these things florida pointed other 70 also and sent them to and to Ok, and the average before his place and every city in place, whether he himself would come. Therefore he said unto them the harvest truly as great, but the labours are few praying, therefore, the Lord of the harvest that he will send forth labors into his harvest. If the labours are so few, why did he send them to and to their bob? Why did they send them to and you know, to, to go to one place if it's got so few seems like it spread them out. Right? That's the way we would thing. Right? But He says he, the Lord himself and these things, the Lord appointed 70, other also and sent them to, to before a slice of the ever city in place where the he himself would come. And he said the harvest truly is great, and labors are few pray, therefore, that the Lord of the harvest that he would send forth laborers into the harmon Because there are so few ali consented to Why does he still have to send to Yeah, you're on track there ok, you're on tracks or you said and to encourage others. Ok, that's true. And sorta pray to send forth labours into the harvest. Apparently there's more labors, but they're not in the harvest. It would suggest that ok, now manuscript release releases while I am 15 page, $59.00. Listen to this, the smell and white. Of course, I am instructed to say now when the prophet says I'm instructed to say you better listen, that where an effort is made to open the gospel work in a new field. There should not be less than 2 speakers to labour together in the ministry. When christ set forth his disciples on their missionary true, he sent them 2 and 2 by 2. This is the lord's plan. Now from evangelism, page $74.00, this was originally written and reveal, and harold july, 4th $198093.00 advantages of united labor. There is native 2 working together for one. Can your right brother encourage the other and they can counsel tre and search the bible together in this way, they make it a broader light upon the truth. The one will see one phase and the other. Another phase of truth if they are airing, they can correct one another in speech and attitude so that the truth may not be lightly esteem because of the defects of its advocates. If the workers are sent out alone, there is no one to see or correct their errors. And everyone, thanks to the right, even when they're wrong, right. And but when to go to gather and educating work may be carried on and each worker become what he should be a successful. So when are why not to day? This is the next paragraph. Why isn't that we have departed from the method of Labor which was instituted by the great teacher, jesus himself instituted that jesus knew more than we did. Houghton. Why is it that the labours of his cause today are not set forth to and to no wait suspense, now suspense. Ok. All you say we have not labors enough to occupy the field. And she says, then occupy less territory. If the lauren's in a hurry and he says ox violence territory means he wants it done right. The 1st time without errors because everyone thought they were right and they weren't. That's the way I would read it, send forth the labours into places where the way seems to be open and teach the precious truth for this time. Can we not see the wisdom of having to go together to preach the gospel? Wow. Then we get told us As the bible versus the Lord never changes. The Lord never changes. The Lord does not have a modern prophet, the disputes the previous prophets, correct. One of the test of a true profit is they have to be 100 percent in harmony where they all profits. Nothing changes, ecclesiastics, for verse 9 through 122 are better than one because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow, but won't him that is alone when a farm for half another man to help him again if to lie again or then they have he. But how can one be warm alone, and if one prevail against him to show, withstand him. And a 3 fold cord is not quickly broken against him too. Shall we stand him and the 3 for court is not quickly broken on why it says not less than 2. Not on that. Go along with the crazy asked to his good, but 3 is better. Right. Because that way you get it done right the 1st time. And the 2 who are out there. Grow spiritually because of each other. Now you'll notice what. When penny maggie said yesterday, they have mistakes, but they work together and they grow together in the absence of the minister in zimbabwe. But if they were to send them 2 by 2 after they educated them right the 1st time that the less errors for them to have to correct was churches would be stronger. They would be done right. The 1st time, the 1st way, stay long left to do job, right? center 3, whatever. And then the minister passes on because now he's done with that place. Then they have to come back every 2 weeks and have a board meeting for all the elders of 90 churches. Right. Ok. Malakai 364. I am the Lord. Repeat it with me. I change not. You know, I love this text for those who think the sabbath has been changed. I think it was under the old covenant movie. You know, they give you all that nonsense. Psalms 8934. My covenant will not break nor alter the thing that has got out of my lips. Were the 10 commandments spoken from outside from his lips? He never changes. Neither does it change the way that he set up the church to run. How about the hebrews 13 night? Jesus christ the same yesterday. Come on reading and today and forever x 28th. We read this before x. 20 verse 28. Excuse me. This is the model. This is the proof. And this is proof that the holy spirit said it take heed, therefore under yourselves he's talking to the elders from millimeters. Paul was on his way back. And as he's passing by, he's gonna stop in for a few moments. Not, you know, going to all the churches and checking in on him every few weeks. It had been a blue man sensitive santa, long time. So he stops there, started emphasis. I mean, military calls to elders from emphasis. That's 417 of chapter 20. First verse 28. He says, to the speaking of elders, he says, take a therefore under yourself and to all the flock over which, over which the holy ghost has made you overseers to fate. The flock of god, which f purchased where there's on blood. When we studied out that word overseers, and we compared with text, a text here a little there. Little we discovered it means pastors. Elders were the pastors just as in some bob way. They even baptize. I serve technically as an elder. Well I passed. I serve as an elder. Everyone gets baptized. I do it and it's legal. So I know about this. It's nice but he said, I told you isn't a man. I live it. Now sometimes conference presents may be, you know, not willing to grant that permission because they're not too sure they don't want you get the big head or they don't want you to start some off shoot movement. There has to be a level of trust. And there also has to be a need and so forth. It's not just a blanket thing available to everybody. And we have so many pastors around. It's probably not going to happen routinely in here until awhile. Although you know, it needs to happen and can legally john 1426, but the comforter, which is the holy ghost. And the only thing about the holy ghost telling him that that was the holy ghost. That was the holy spirit. And the holy spirit, who has all the power we need to finish the work is telling us what to do so that he can port out and so that he can be permitted to pour out his blessings because he's not permitted to pour out his blessings on disobedience So so if the holy spirit said, I don't want to mess with the holy spirit west, i grieve the holy spirit. John 14 verse 26, but the comforter which is the holy ghost and the father will send in my name. He shall teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance whatsoever i have said. And so we find that the writings of paul, the holy ghost had descended upon the church by then we find him taken timothy along 2 and 2 by the way. Okay, we find him preaching the gospel, not where christ was named. Lest i should follow along in a meant another man's footsteps. It that's, that's west is modified version struggling for words right now. Lest i should building upon another man's foundation. That's also matthew 28 verse 18 to 20 and jesus came and spoken to them saying, all power is given unto you are given unto me in heaven and earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the father and son in the holy spirit, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever. I have commanded you. And lo, i am with you always able to the end of the world was jesus speaking to you and may or only salary pastors? Thank you, sir. All of us you are correct. Now, because of practicality, not all of us can move all over the earth. We have to hold our jobs, but we can certainly do this in the area that is surrounding our church. However many miles away you can stretch do it. But if you, if the holy spirit calls upon you to move somewhere, just go because of the holy spirit culture go somewhere. He will supply your need. I've had that happen. We've talked about this this way. The fact that you got 5 presentations is as proof that the holy spirit gave me something to tell you. Because when I left home, I only had one. I had to build one every day And I just prayed, lord, you've never let me down before You know, I was trying to do the best because so much was going on that will try to stop everything. And I had all these things going on. And I lost one or 2 days of work that I had done in preparation. Oh my goodness. And finally I left the house thursday and I had nothing but one method. And somehow the Lord has blessed me and you, we've all been blessed to this. You know what it did for me. It increased my faith, it increased my faith. You know, I've been through a lot. I haven't vandalism team member under kidnapped wrap. In the Philippines. I was in somalia 90 to 93. Everywhere i went, I had muslim body guards with, with military grade weapons. Somali muslim body guards were military weapons, protecting a christian worker. God works in mysterious ways and you would think I would have perfect faith. The Lord knows he's got a basket case on his hands, But it gave i have greater peace now and I the Lord knows i'm struggling so he's, he's making me struggle. John 21st 21 to 22. And jesus said to them again, peace the and you, I got peace, right? You guys as my father sent me even so sent by you. And when he had said this, a brain on them and said, under them, receive you the holy ghost. To listen to more of these presentations, you may visit the audio archives at M. I S T A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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