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Logo of Talking Points, 3rd Quarter 2021: Rest in Christ

04 The Cost of Rest

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • June 2, 2021
    2:57 PM
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Ah cameron's of asia and Mark howard, this is talking points. We are now in the 4th lesson of the 3rd quarter. All about rest in christ. The title of this week is the cost of rest. Pastor, how are you? Were putting together the talking points for this week and apparently it was a very seamless easy process. Wasn't that we won't go into all that. Ok, we'll say that as you and I were discussing it the lesson. I don't think the level less than ever. Clearly defined as the cost of rest or not only defined what the cost is, but to whom it cost. Yeah. Like who the cost for. So in other words, I made an assumption, you know, if our quarterly is written in this may be the right or the wrong assumption. But if our quarterly is rest in christ, resting christ really is talking about our salvation in our assurance that comes from salvation. What was the cost for that me? The cost was calvary. And so that's going to come into our talking point. But you are conjecturing that it could be talking about repentance. The lesson goes into repentance. Dave's, repentance is a thing or repentance is a cause. I don't like that contact with that concept because scripture says that repentance itself is a gift from god. So to say that I'm paying the price for myself, asian, it's kind of, you certainly want to get there. Yeah. So anyway, that's why I went with there might be some cost to you, but the real cost is to christ and that's what I didn't find in the lesson where it said you like the lesson opens is half of the afternoon and says there is a cost true rest has caused, but it doesn't necessarily bell out or I'm just looking right over it. So having said all that, Yes, why don't we pray? And then I will go into our talking points for this week. Okay, well we're going to head heavily, father again. Thank you for another week of life. Thank you for the opportunity to study these important things. But us now as in a few minutes together, we go over these lessons and help the sabbath school classes to be blessed by our preparations pre prayed in jesus name. Amen. Amen. Well, we've brought it before and I'll bring it up. I won't be labor, it, maybe this is be laboring it. But I can imagine that some of our teachers are having a trouble getting, you know, putting, drawing out, talking points again, it feels like like this whole week's lesson, it's about david's sin with Best she but in the aftermath. And so part of me is like, why don't we just talk about that and we can talk about rest and restlessness. And we're going to take, take this concept and we're going to try to back in, in a wedge into this story. It feels like well, the viewpoint though it is at least this week is a singular story. For the most part, it's the story of this. And so in it though, it's under the umbrella of this rest motif, you can assess. So I just want to be clear that it may not flow with my thinking as well as that. Like for some of you, maybe this is like, oh no, it goes great. So I'm not trying to trash talk anybody, but our purpose for talking points is to help especially savvy school teachers to know what to do with the lesson. And I want to revert back to what we've said before, that the scripture is always the lesson book. Absolutely for sabbath school and that's maybe why I have, I've been childs a little bit this quarter because the concept of rest and restless ness. While the concepts may the scriptural it's not in it. And I said jesus, an ex jesus. Rather, we're drawing it out and here's the concept and we defined it this way. It's more of a, this is how I read it and I'm going to put it back into the story, right? So having said all that, this is what I came away with. It was talking points based on this story of david and his experience. Number one, the cost of sin eggs is exorbitant and unbearable. No, no. The lesson is the cost of rest and starting out of the cost of sin and contracting. The cost of sin is exorbitant in unbearable. Okay. Number 2, the cost of rest is calvary. So there's a cost to sin and then there's the cost of rest. That's right. Okay. And again reading the rest is that resting christ salvation rest. The assurance that comes from that rest of you mentioned that number one came from sunday and Monday yes. Number 2 then comes from tuesday and Friday and she yeah, pairing. Yes. Ok. And then number 3 is after creation, we rest and I'll take a little explanation. But you'll see where I got from that comes from wednesday Thursday lesson. Ok. I think we got it. Let's go walking through our talking points. Number one, the cost of fin is exorbitant and unbearable. Ok. Well, again, our story is on david in his fall, in the sand with Best, but the adultery and then the subsequent murder of her husband. You're right on the front lines. And If christian, we think about fin, we think about or restlessness are ever gonna frame it. We think about the cost, the wages of sin is death. But beyond that we think of david sin and I guess even before I dive into it, one thing that struck me in this lesson because we're talking about rest, rest and christ. Is that the reason david fell into sin is because he was resting in. Okay. All right. So he was resting, but not by the time. I mean it starts the story with it was a time when the king's go out to war. What was david not out toward the king and where was he not going to war? Yeah, and so because david was resting in jerusalem, it got him into all this trouble. So I made a note that there is a different scene resting from christ and resting in christ. OK, so he was resting from duty if he should have been doing and following christ the way should have and it is own resting. He actually experienced the restlessness that since get into that. Yeah, exactly. So I put at some point here, incidentally, this was the time when david should have been working, resting in the wrong way, leads to restlessness. That's a lot of people like the rest of them, right? There Yeah, a lot of people like to talk about rest today, but are we resting the way god intended? God has a rest in a way. You could even take time off. We're going to vacation on your own ways and still be ref last way. You're digging into last week's lesson, right? The core of all restlessness, right? In selfishness. Right. And if I'm just living for myself, I rare may not be me about a boat amount on the boat. The lake is not that both things are rarely evil. But if I'm just living for me, everything about me and my rest is all about me. You're never going to truly satisfy people on my yoke upon you and you'll find a love at this. Okay, so anyway, kind of going into the story now. David sim, when you think about the cost of sin, i'm talking about the cost of sin being exorbitant and unbearable. Nobody can pay the cost of sin. Well only one. Jesus is we're getting into. So but beyond the wages of sin is death. Think about what david sin cost 1st himself in just here's his reputation, his resolve. Look at the effect. If you read the story of david, literally to the 4th generation, when you look at the, what god had said, the sin would lead to the effect that had on how he disciplined or didn't discipline his children and everything. The, the, the cost again to his own thought processes, his reputation, his resolve, the cost to best sheba and her reputation, the cost, the loss of her child, the loss of her husband, to think about the aftermath of that, you know, just living through that and then there's the cost of your riot. There's the cost of the, the soldiers in the field. The davids reputation is the leader to the whole kingdom. I mean, the ripple effects of this aren't just david and basheba and euro. I mean, it just goes on. We talk about in the church today, you know, we try to reach this generation of the 30 somethings in the 20, you know, in this black hole of church attendance, the young adult, the group. But I think, and I think we should. But there's a reason, I think we see more older people and that's because, you know, the church, the people in the church come in later years because the cost of sin become more evident to start taking a company like david in bad. He but even in their, their, their, with their adultery and they're young and everything as they live on, you know, and I'm sure it wasn't easy for bessie to lose her husband, but it was so discouraging that she didn't jump back with David and get married, ready come into the palace and everything else. You see that in our world where people go into these wrong decisions. But the cost they like to add up angel exponential, they keep increasing costs. David caught the bit, of course the cost to you, riot, the cost jo. Ab being led to compromise and being helpless of david, the cost of the people of israel. You think of, you know, the loss of their king and his resolve the whole absalom aftermath. I mean, just the cost. The consequences of sin are incredible. Even though david, as we're going into this lesson, went to the Lord, received genuine forgiveness from god. It did not erase the cost. Was the principal that paul talk about romans 14. Right. And yes, that and said, for none of us lives to himself and no one dies to himself. So our lights are influencing this world is not, we're not self contained little bubbles. We connect how many times you hear somebody say, hey, why you push that on me? Let me live my own life my way. Why nobody lives his or her own life, their own way. Everything affects somebody else, he mercy. And a lot of times we ask, why do you, why do you Good people die? So the consequences of sin because other people sit in and you know, no such thing sitting. If a guy goes out and gets drunk and drives his car, there is a consequence for that. Even on the innocent, when you think about the reverberating consequences, the stand just in the story of david here. And I went from him to the, to the basheba in our atlanta whole. Yeah. Now that's just one man thin. Well, basheba had her own sphere of influence. The overlap that had unique outlook, and then everyone had said, so we live in a world. But if everyone is thinners and spinning, and all of those have consequences, no wonder there's such tumult and upheaval in our society in a world we can't find rest because we're all living not only with our own standing, but the result, you know, tangentially of other people's it's quite a mess. That's right. Well that leads us into the talking point. Number 2, I mean, what? So how do we do with that exorbitant cost? I mean high, nobody can pay, but christ paid it. And so talk more number to the cost of rest. How do we have rest after all that not just the initial sin, the added sin, the consequences of that. And the kids did the downhill rolling. You know, I think the snowball just thinking, well, how do we get out of that? Well, how do we come into experience rest? The cost of that rest was calvary, i mean, jesus, and I think of the might the text my mom went to was 53. You have it? No, I was actually going to look up. Another text is probably well known enough, we're talking about yes, the of our peace was upon him. Yeah. And he was laid on him the iniquity of chastisement for our peace. What's that thing? His chastisement was necessary to bring me peace or rest the N I. V says the punishment that brings us peace was upon him. And so what is the cost for us having that rest from sin from guilt that freedom, that assurance calvary, for jesus. When you see, even before, I mean cobra was a physical manifestation, but the sin itself in the garden to get 70 was laid on him. Right. He jesus explains how my soul is sorrowful. Even one of daphne's wedding, great drops of blood before him. That this weight of sin that reached this combination in the depth on calvary was literally squeezing out the life of christ in a way. We are so glad you brought that up because I wanted to bring that up. The cost of sin being exorbitant and unbearable. The reality is we talk about our guilt when we talk about our shame, we don't bear the full guilt and shame versus social, and we don't really, people don't realize that god shields us from burying the full way. The only one who bore the full weight is christ and it crushed. It's like out of a bible even talks about how an angel had to come and support christ in this. Because even in his humanity couldn't bear the way he had to be propped up. Even to get to calvary because the way to say it's incredible. So you've got the cost of rest is calvary, the chastisement for our peace was upon him. It's interesting and I don't think it's coincidence that david's sin initially cost him the death of his 1st born. I think there was a lesson in that just like for abraham when he was asked to offer up, isaac, you know, and he and they abram. Right? So he didn't kill, but there was no angels hand to say that sort of justice on calvary. And so I think there was an object lesson for David about that cost. And that realization moved david to repentance. And much of the lesson talks about the repentance of david and there's something I want to see. You have something you want to. Yeah. Cuz I know we were looking at david's attitude about his repentance and it's how deep it is. Right? Well, start with verse for and we'll, we'll move around in there. But 1st, for the lesson highlights in, it sounds so crazy in light of what we just talked about, the cost of everybody, but then david declares, and some 51 for speaking to God against you. You only have I sinned and done the evil in your site. That you may be found just when you speak blameless. When you judge you how to sell, well, it would have been so bad. I mean from human perspective against you have. I said like his true, he went on one of the people, he said, but he said you, you only yeah. He's like, you are the ultimate, the aggrieved party here that I have against the like, well, you're right within the. Yeah, but he says, and that's not to diminish again anything against your I of course because that's a reality to but, but david recognizes the root of his problem is not just the consequence of a sin and not just the effects of it on the surface, but going paid for last week's lesson. He was a spiritual problem between him and God. That was because all other effects. I think if we backtrack a little bit and look at verse 3, david says for I acknowledge my transgressions. And my sin has always before me and it was my, my brother jim actually brought this point up at some point and I'd, I'd never really given it this thought before. I acknowledge my transgressions. You know, a lot of times when people do wrong, when we fin, we want to say, we want to make it appear not so bad. Say, you know, I probably should, you know, I know that I know the church doesn't agree with that. I know my parents don't agree, you know, and then it's almost like we did, we really, we didn't. I mean, when I did wasn't terrible but a were like that. Right. And so when david says, I acknowledge my transgressions. What he's saying, if I acknowledge my sin to actually be sinful, like he was owning like what I did was morally wrong. And this is, this is what he's trying to get out when he says against you and you only have, I sin, it wasn't best. She was law, he broke. It wasn't joe at law. You're right. As brought it was gone with you. Girls are all norm that made him right. It was, it was a divine injunction that he violated. So he wasn't trying to lessen the responsibility of culpability with the other individuals. But he was doing something that he ate the part and parcel true repentance, and that it, he was acknowledging what he did cost the life of christ. And we don't do that often. Well, you know, I probably should have done that, but, but we cost the david so true. Repentance acknowledges the cost of rest. There's a statement there from paychecks and profits. It's taken from Monday, it's quarterly as well. But if you would read it, have it all wrong done to others, reaches back from the injured one to God. David had committed a grievous sin toward both you're right. And beth cheaper and he keenly felt this, but infinitely greater was his sin against god. So he keenly felt the sin towards your best. He was trying to was disrupting it that way. But he realized that he had violated the and not just the law of god, but he loved god. Yeah. And he, he thought he rebel against the god he love, even through this whole thing. He didn't realize it till nathan pointed it out. So he, he felt like he was good with god. And he realized what he had done to the heart of god and immersing broke his heart. So now, despite the enormity of the cost I have here at the bottom, this particular page of note, despite the enormity of the cost, the rest purchase on calvary is freely offered to all who receive what we've talked about, how the costs. Nobody can pay it, but jesus, jesus freely paid that an offers that rest to all who will receive it. The lesson highlights john 637 where jesus says he who comes to me our no mice. If anyone comes to me, I will no wise cast him out and then fridays, quarterly, the 3rd and 4th paragraph of that quote from paychecks and profits, you want to read that those last 2 paragraphs. Are we starting with this passage? Yes. This passage in david's history is one of the most forcible illustrations given us of the struggles and temptations of humanity and of genuine repentance. Through all the ages, fall into the children of god who have been betrayed into saying have remembered david's sincere repentance and confession. And they also have taken courage to repent and try again to walk in the way of god's commandments. Whoever will humble the soul with confession and repentance, as did, david may be sure that there is Hope for him. The Lord will never cast away one truly repentant soul. So powerful statement. So if david was an adult, her david was a murderer, there are times that person can't be forgiven. And, and what ellen white says here is all through the age of this story model. And you know, if it were a history book, they were left that out. David the hero, and you don't want to paint your heroes up to be in that light. So people wonder why it's one of the evidences of the, of the divine regime scripture. But because god intent with the scripture isn't just to tell a story or even a history that could be accurate, he wants to get to the spiritual root of the issues. And I need to highlight this because it needs to be a template for your repair. That's exactly right. And so this, this story of david gives that put a stamp on god's willingness to forgive. Whoever comes in. So are there talking point is after creation, we rest and I'm actually what got me thinking about this was on Wednesdays lesson to be clear whenever I, where we read this from, like don't you mean after event where did creation coming from? So when there is a lesson, if you go to the last paragraph on Wednesday, part way through that paragraph, it makes this point. It says we need his rest. A divine act of recreation creation arrest is not far from forgiveness. And then david, because david created me clean heart, which is my reverse this week. Oh God renew, right. Your spirit within me use is creation terminology. In the old testament, only god can create and once we have been recreated, we can rest. So I thought, well that's an interesting so just like god, obviously you work before you rest it, but it was the worst creation. The lesson makes the point that similarly we find our rest in christ after christ we come to christ. And he, he recreates us in his image and of course we can talk about the ongoing process of work that christ does. And we're not talking about the totality gauge issue. There are the 2 great works of christ, essentially the work of creation in which he thinks they signify that with sabbath rest and is the work of recreation of redemption. And of course he, after he died only last he rests, but also we find our rest in his work of recreation. That's right. So it's no coincidence that david longing for the rest that comes from the assurance of sins forgiven. After this, this experience prayed create in mute, clean heart and renew, right spirit. He understood that connection that the rest would come after god created. And notice it just say, like tweak or modify or improve. It has to start from scratch. Give me something brand new. Well, in that 50 for saw me, he mentioned purging with his up now what, what was his have about what was the thank you eric tool. It was a part of the process for cleansing, of rich ceremonial cleansing, of thin and the thanks for a process. And so here, david's applying that to himself. So what's interesting is he, you know, we think sometimes a lot of times when people asked and I said people, I should say people when me ask for forgiveness. When I asked for forgiveness, i might just be asking because I got caught or because of the consequences, i don't like the consequences so much. But am I really asking for cleansing, for, for, I don't want to do that again, kind of, I don't want to in there is an option, and it's interesting christianity large, it's a lot of the gospel. Good news is, oh, God forgives. And that's, you know, that's what we, that's our focus. He just, he declares his righteous in it. That's good enough. But that's never good enough for person who loads their sin. You think of an alcohol? Can I bring up an alcohol? Any one of us has bad habits, you could say, you know what you're forgiven and God winks. It's your ignorance, whatever else. Course the commanders to repent. We know, but study, but happy with just calling me good and say, hey, you're fine. It's like, yeah, I'm glad you helped me. It's fine, but I still have this thing in this problem. I don't want to problems in a lead us to do things that we are ashamed of, you know, whether it be using drugs or womanizing or any other kind of like, I don't want to keep doing that. Yeah. David is like david, look, you're forgiven. You're probably going to committed bathsheba, come back to me again. It's like no, no, I don't want I don't want to be another bessie but exactly. And so that's what's powerful to me when he says per me with his of creating a clean heart. This is what he was asking for me once you read that, that a quote here from again fridays. The quarterly lesson is a 1st paragraph there. And if the best course patriots, and probably 725, david's repentance was sincere and deep. There was no effort to palate, his crime, reports me to excuse or to anesthetize the race, no desire to escape the judgment threatened, inspired his prayer. He saw the defilement of his soul. He loathed his then. It was not for pardon only that he prayed, but for purity of heart. In the promises of god to repentance sinners, he saw the evidence of his pardon and acceptance. The sacrifices of god are a broken spirit and a conch and a broken, a broken in a contract heart. Oh God, now will not despise. So david longed, every sinner does in true repentance purity of heart security of light. And you'll notice this statement is got, it's got to lift you all the way through it. So I encourage you to read that chapter in pictures and probably hit the full force, you know. Fantastic. Not just a few, but if my, by my count, there are 10 different set of all of these all through. This is a lot, well I've done it in our notes a lot of times just to fit something in those statements. Right? There's, there's richness, we just can't fit onto a page. So and then of course, after this experience of david, i found this fascinating the, you know, in one of my, it's one of my favorite passages on 511213 where he says restore to me the joy of your salvation. And he goes on to say, then I will teach transgresses your ways. So he puts a connecting link between teaching transgressors, the ways and sinners being converted like witnessing is predicated on us having the joy of salvation. When you excite about something, you share something and David was praying for that joy and salvation. And he understood that that. And when I put his david, recognize that true rest in christ formed the basis of his effect of witnesses. Right. And you can imagine of david recognize the enormity of a standard transgression. He was broken in part of it. And then the Lord does what he says, create them in a new heart. He gives them a fresh start and he gives them a power to overcome. Yes, that's the talk about and, and so he's like, man, if that happens, i'm going to go out and tell everybody about it and has some good examples of that on Thursday. Just talking about how did you go through his, his several of his phrases there in the 51st saw me talk about how he will, you know, deliver me from inverse 14 the guilt of my bloodshed. Oh God, god, my salvation in my tongue shall sing aloud of your righteousness. Open my lips and my mouth shall show forth you pray everything. So I was like, I want to speak, i'm going to speak for you and proclaim your name and your praises, and glorify you and witness for you. But it's built on this experience of knowing he has resting christ, his sense of forgiven is he's been cleansed and purged, and the Lord has restored a funding of your heart, the mouth speak. That's right, right. So if he's filled up with his new life of christ, there's a, there's a well in him that he's like, I'm going to tell everybody. And that should be our experiences. Lab zullie. I've concluded with a statement, actually the comments on david's, this portion of teaching centers your way of teaching, trans guesses, the joy of salvation, etc. It's around in the review, and harold of June, 24, 1884 in our notes that says we need to open our hearts to the influence of the spirit of god and to experience its transforming power. As we've been talking about. The reason that you do not receive more of the saving help of god is because the channel of communication between heaven and your own soul is clogged by worldliness. Love of display and desire for supremacy that kind of builds back to last week's lesson. While some are conforming more and more to the world's customs in maxims, we should be moulding our lives after the divine model. And our covenant keeping god will restore unto us the joint examination and uphold us by his free spirit. And then she quotes, then, will I teach, transgresses thy ways and sooner shall be converted unto thee than nearer we live to God, the more we shall be able to accomplish for our fellow men, for the Lord will work with our efforts, a man what a promise not only will we have a desire to go when souls that tell people about it, but as we live close to God that he will empower us. Not only victory over sin, but victory in witnessing to, we're going to work more effectively through this cleared handle. It's part of that clean heart that he's giving a powerful stuff. So I really do, I know that might be a struggle to line up the lesson points everything. But when you do, there are some very strong themes about the nature of sin and the nature of the power of god to convert it to convict us of our son and to cleanse us and to create an as an A matic life experience. So blessings for you and your sabbath school classes this week. And as we closed, let's do so with prayer. Heavenly father, again, we thank you for the opportunity to be not only alive for the time being here in this world, but we want more than this world has to offer. Want the eternal life to can start. Now, as we experienced true freedom, the christ gives us help us to find rest in jesus genuine, deep life changing rest. And from that spring, lord help us to be witnesses for you. So bless all the sabbath classes and bless each one of us individually for prayer in jesus. Ah.


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