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03 The Root of Restlessness

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • June 2, 2021
    2:57 PM
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Ah, camera debate teacher, and I'm mark howard, and this is talking points. We are now on the 3rd lesson of this 3rd quarter, all about rest in price. And this week's title is the root of restlessness in pastor our and I'm, and I'm seeing this word rest or rest lesson or restful. A lot of there's so many references to rest and rest less, smith and whatnot. And different manifestations, iterations of the term, you would think the bible would be just soaked through with this word and we're really taking but it comes across, well, you and I were discussing this before. We even started a day that this word restlessness is kind of a kind of a broad, squishy, vague term. This. Yeah it's, it's hard to find it. Exactly. So specific line is scripture. Yeah. What was the word you were using ice? Jesus, it comes across or could come across and such a, well we've, we've, we've taken a word, it's not that it's not a scriptural concept, but then again it's used so nebulous lee, even in our 1st lesson we looked at the bible use, is the word rest in many different ways and then we come away with restlessness that we never really defined which one of those definitions and, and then we try to back that into every bible story. So it's like, I feel like we're going, we're driving on the freeway and reverse straight back into everything. And yeah, and then taking that concept of rest or restlessness in putting it into the stories and not that there isn't an element in there, but I can imagine where some of our savage school teachers were just there. You are going to do one or 2 things are going to have a real problem trying to figure out how to get any kind of linear tenuous train of thought. Yeah. Or it lends itself to what we've constantly talked about against in the sabbath school. And that is just like, ok, sunday, last Monday lesson. And everything is kind of a whole new topic anyway. And so you don't really have to have an order here is going to be our open ended discussion on Sunday. And here's going to be are open Monday. And so, but if you're a teacher who's really trying to come through with a linear thought and come away with a conclusion, it could be a challenge. Yes. But however, challenge accepted at least for you and I, we like to think in these a to be there for the kind of lines and, and if you totally like love love like this is the best quarterly you ever have ever a privilege or. Yeah, that's great. But as we go through our talking point, good man, and we're trying to do that more linear, like drawing out a continuous spot. So having said that, I want to go through this week's lesson and then our talking points to go with it. But why don't you start as with a word of prayer? Absolutely, and then we'll dive and let's pray. Heavenly father, we are so thankful for the privilege we have of knowing you and jesus christ whom you have sent and being able to have that rest. That comes only through that relationship, we just pray. Now you guys are talking points presentation that it would be a benefit to those savvy school teachers and students, lord, as we're all students of the word to help us grow closer to christ. We ask him his name and a man. Okay, let me very quickly walk through what I saw in this week's lesson and to show you how we got to talking points out of it. First of all, sound that new has a great illustration about the aspen trees that you see on the surface are actually the smaller part of the organism which the network of routes underneath as much longer, much older. And similarly in our lives, we see surface restlessness and symptoms, but there's a deeper underlying thing. So that's going to be a big fan like an iceberg. Only the roof, they spread a whole bigger thing underneath. The purpose of this week's lesson title, the roots of breath was this, try to get the underlying causes like that was sunday then said jesus brings division. And then thursday says up rooting restlessness and it says overcoming restlessness. Always begins with jesus. So the cure and the address of the problem is found really on Sunday and Thursday. And then it was only monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the to get the actual underlying causes which are selfishness ambition and hypocrisy. Ok. So with all that being said, how i've reorganized are talking points as well. The introduction says this week or less than examined some underlying cause of the spiritual restlessness, namely selfishness, ambition and hypocrisy. Sounds extend to me. He is going to, it's a lot like going. Furthermore, we'll see that the cure for those. Those afflictions is found only in jesus. Ok. So number one, restlessness is a symptom of deeper disease. Again, primarily from sabot afternoon, okay, where it gives us that illustration. So that's interesting, that's a 1st kind of I think for a primary point from separately from, I'm delighted and we did add a text in there that we'll get to in a minute. But the rest of this folks, this is a ground quarter of beginning. We had for talking points last in our last rotation, and now we're turning afternoon and yet you came away with the talking part from self afternoon and kept it to 3 talking points. Beautiful, beautiful. Number 2, we're number selfishness is the root cause of wrestling, no pun intended, right? And trees roots and the root cause, go ahead, he goes to get there, the theme magically, if nice is it, is pun intended, gave the root cause, the restlessness is selfish. This is going to come from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we look at selfishness, ambition, and hypocrisy. Finally, time number 3, only cries, can treat our true spiritual disease. Those root causes resolutions like anything else we do is going to be putting a band aid on things that healing the problem. So we're going to learn that. Let's go back to number one. Restlessness is a symptom of deeper disease, right? In the church and probably in our lives, even apart from the church we, we tend to have this thing. We have a problem, we might have a headache or we might have a, some other symptom physically or emotionally or socially. And we try to put a finger right on that when the real issue might be something much larger, like some disease process or 2 or something underneath. Right? That's what I've written here, that we often treat restlessness or similarly negative conditions like anxiety, fear, or discouragement as a problem to be addressed itself when they're merely symptoms of greater spirit from beneath. And the analogy given here in the lesson there about the african tree. And it was interesting that talks about how in the 2nd paragraph, their individual african trees can live up to 150 years. That the larger organism below the ground can live for thousands of years. Very and so it's very large, it's very long. And likewise in our lives we might have little symptoms of sin like restlessness or whatever pop up and be an agitation life. But there's a significant problem underneath it. Very well, develop root system. So let's look it up. Once you read this, the sabbath, paragraph, 3 quote that we have there in the lesson. Or there are many things that can prevent us from trying to rest and use some of these are of youth and don't require much attention. Others may be less obvious to us as with the huge aspen organism seen beneath the ground. We may not always be conscious of the attitudes and actions that separate us from our savior. Interesting attitudes and actions that do what separates us from our labor. And that if, if you know, I'm not even any rate, but it didn't take long to come up with a chapter for the whole book of isaiah. And this was right. And the same phrasings are found there and it outlines where we're heading next. Right? I say 59 versus one into why you go ahead and read that. What are you there? Where you're close to close and then when you get there, There is a man. Behold, the lord's hand is not short and that it cannot save nor his ear heavy that it cannot hear. But your iniquities have separated you from your god and your sins have hidden his face from you so that he will not hear. Ah, so the separation that the lesson calls attitudes and actions that separate us. Will the bible calls those transgressions, iniquities or sins? Well desperate just to be clear about this weed in our former lessons. And this is my take away, I hope of taking away this properly. And our former lessons, it appears that we're using restlessness as a way to describe the effects of sin and humanity. And so it's just this big term that she is, that it's current, whether it be anxiety or fear, as you said, or just desire for something else that I don't know what that something else is. And so you would expect that the roof of restlessness then, or the cause of restlessness as it is, is sin. Yeah. So sin is the underlying cause. So they kind of this whole less than, again, it's called the root of restlessness, and it's going to be found in that sin problem. And then in this root idea is far more extensive than often recognize it to be right. It's not just a one off, i've just got discouragement or anxiousness. So you've got a sim problem that leads to all these little manifestations, which is what develops in talking point. Number 2, really exactly go this is that linear thought then. So if the restlessness we experience when you called the effects of saying that we noticed on the surface are actually rooted in this deeper stand problem. Now we're ready to start happening then. What is the sinfulness inside of us that spring up into these? Well, specifically the acts of thin, what are the, what are the types of things that will feed into the lesson? Does a good process here, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday not only of randomly, and I don't know if this is intentional, but I thought was very nice. How the selfishness addressed on Monday. Yeah. Leaves to the ambition on Tuesday, which lead necessitate some hypocrisy if you can accomplish. So there's a linear flow here and talking point number 2, but selfishness as the root cause of restlessness. Now the quarterly monday paragraph one says, as is the case of the aspen, and it's the larger underground system, selfishness as part of the a huge underground system called sin, which keeps us from finding true rest in christ. I love that I would only tweak it a little bit when it says, selfishness is part of the huge underground system called sister white has in many, $53.00, this fascinating statement. All thin is selfishness. All thin, selfishness. Satan's 1st sin was selfishness. He sought to grasp power and to exalt self. Ok. So we can use another statement where ellen white talks about how when she sees the ledger books of heaven as it were, that every other sin came under general heading so so clearly and repeatedly mrs. White as you brought out strips away, all of our could mean this could be that she's like the root cause the singular root cause out of which everything else flows is the thin of selfishness ok. Now and look 12 jesus. It gives this parable a warning and you are probably familiar with. We don't have to read and dive into the parable. I think the important take away from this is we, especially as christians, you tend to want to define c N as murder and adultery and theft and things that we, you know, some christians fall into. But as rules, christians, we don't clearly avoid versus selfishness which we all have and would lend to this idea of this Almost imperceptible, extensive root system, right? Well assisted, we all have ingrained in now that we're not obviously we weren't created with not just a bad evil people, right. Meet everybody at all and the new testament all have sinned, right? This all or unrighteous. And it's that selfish desire that any referring to this parable. Luke chapter 12 jesus and let them brings us out and I think it's a good one to look at. Jesus tells the parable about the dangers of and a warning selfishness and how it springs up. So naturally started with verse 16 others the introductory before, but the heart of it is turning verse 16 once you read versus 16 through what are we going to go through here? 21 I believe. Ok then he spoke a parables to them saying the ground of a certain richman yielded plentifully and he thought within himself saying what shall i do since I have no room to store my crops? So he said I will do this. I will pull down my barnes and build greater and there are there. I will store all my crops and my goods. And I will say to my soul, so you have many good laid up for many years. Take your ease, eat, drink, and be merry. But god said to him, fool, this knight, your soul will be required of you then whose will those things be which you have provided? So as he who lays up treasure for himself and is not rich toward god, I don't know why chocolate this, but he's like, I had this great thing and I said to myself, But what is his thinking? Hey, there's some opportunity here. And his initial thought is, how can I keep it for myself? Yeah, going to keep more from them. Are going to build bigger barnes. When that was supposed to be an opportunity, that excess an opportunity to be self less turns into a symptom of selfishness and build the bigger barn. Yes, there could be an entire lesson on, there could be an entire lesson, and jesus actually calls this man. What a fool is, that is foolishness. And it's that again, the root cause of all these other issues. Now what I'd like to highlight instead of just always been negative the bible, both in the older new testament points out examples of some fear, followers of jesus who when they have the opportunity to give to others, actually do it. So why don't you look up the new testament acts, chapter 2, and after just real quickly, and I'll show you the exit chapter 16. The old testament exist 16. We've already looked that in the covenant lesson last time about how the Lord was establishing his people and his ways in one of the ways was the gift of manner. Right. And there's this interesting statement about when the man was 1st port out in verse 18 of exodus 16 were said. So when they measured it by omers, he who had gathered much, had nothing left over. And he who gathered little had no lack. Every man gathered each according to each one's need. Now in the new testament and patriotism prophets, and if you'd ever like to look this up at the pictures from prophets, page 295 and the apostle paul's interpretation of the story. And 2nd corinthians chapter 8 versus 13 to 15. But essentially the way that this worked out is that because you could read it and think like wait a minute, somebody gathered a lot and they had just barely had what they needed. And the others didn't gather enough, but also that miracle, somebody was miraculous, miraculously more hungry last time. But they just got when the reality is, those who had gathered more repulsive. Yeah, good. Second grade, his champion, 8 verse 13 says for I do not mean that others should be eastern new burden, but by inequality that now at this time your abundance may supply their lack that their abundance may also may supply your lack that there may be equality as it is written, he who gathered much had nothing left over and he who gather little had no lack. That's exactly right. And again, such a white talks about the way that this works. It wasn't some it just says a miracle of the manner that everyone just accidentally got there. When you said, look, some people gathered a lot realize they had more. So they gave to those who hadn't got nothing. And that was the spirit of these people when they wanted to follow jesus, which was a miracle rag. If you see the same thing in the new testament and say, well less now you and for that versus their 444445. Now, all who believed were together and had all things in common and sold their possessions and goods and divided them among all as anyone had need. Same exact thing when the message was to get an extra after 4 or 432. Now the multitude of those who believe were of one heart and one soul, neither did any one say that any of the things he possessed was his own, but they had all things in common. Now I think that is fascinating, that both the old and the new testament, the people who are sincerely desirous of following jesus immediately recognise their obligation to of in manifest self lesson. Exactly. And so the change of heart exhibit that route issue is moses. I should say. Now the lesson went beyond selfishness. This was covered in Monday to tuesday, talking about ambition. Now, there isn't an actual like definition of been there, but I just basically assume that we all agree that ambition is the desire for self promotion. Not only do I want my 1st interest to be me, but I want to climb the ladder of society. He can nor for myself. Exactly. So I want bigger than others. I want better, I want higher, i want more. Essentially, that's ambition. And it's the natural manifestation of the symptom because of selfishness the root cause. So if I am selfish, as the born issue showed, then if I have an opportunity for more, i'm going to take it right. And that's the manifestation of selfishness, is ambition. And we don't have to go through each one of these texts, but I thought it was fascinating that scripture repeatedly here, the apostle paul connex, linguistically, the terms selfish and ambition. He calls it self admission, right? It's selfish as a modifier for ambition, that there is no ambition that mud. Now, perhaps there is an ambition and God leave, you know, you're supposed to be in a position, but here is its equated with selfishness. The manifestation of its 2nd carinthia is 1220. Galatians 520 philippians 116th libby as 23 and 4. He use the phrase selfish ambition. Now all of that has a history deep before even man came into existence, right? This was the when she said, remember that statement. All fin satan's 1st sin was selfish listen. Wanted to take as I say, a 4th well in right after that satan's 1st thing with selfishness, he sought to grasp power as ambition. Exactly right? And so right and in, and then she says to grass power comma to exalt, felt exactly selfishness leads to self exaltation, which is where that emission comes in. We're going to me to look at what all, I say it's chapter 14. What say what I'm already there? Sure. So one or 12. But look at how these con concepts play so naturally into each other. When the prophet, i say, is lamenting the fall of say, and he says, how inverse 12 or 14, how you are falling from heaven. A lucifer sunday morning. How you were cut down to the ground. You who we can the nations for you have said in your heart of other ways that in your heart phrase the little tag on that we're going to come back and revisit just a minute. There's a reason it was in his heart. But for you said in your heart, i will extend ascend to happen. I will exalt my throne above the stars of god. I will also sit on the mount of the congregation before this either. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds. I will be like the most high. So not only was he selfish, everything's eye, but what does it lead him to do? Once more from that of lift, offend, arrives all those kind of regardless how high he was. Where was he? The highest of all created beings. Exactly. He was a very right hand of god. According to scripture, he was the ordained ministry, was the chamber when I reached a certain pinnacle in this world, i won't be selfish. You know, it's not true. We ever think about that in money? Oh, go ahead. We've been going to it's, it's often those who have the most that just keep clamoring for more like a rich man with his bar. Exactly. And you look at some of the and I'm not going to name names, but there's public figures who are worth not just millions, but literally billions of dollars. And you would say like at what point we, you know, what, I'm good, I'm going to retire. I'm gonna pass on about you could pass on to 10 generations worth of wealth and still old because book. But they're like acquiring this strategy. It's almost like it's beyond money. It's not even what money can buy for you. It's just the, it's a disease disease. It's incredible. Now, we talked about forget selfishness which leads to selfish ambition, right? But in order to know this is where I thought was particularly fascinating was wednesday's highlight hypocrisy is this where you're going to say lucifer said in his heart, read exactly this. Now, the reason her policy, I think, and this is just my surmising, but it's pretty good. So I'm sure you hypocrisy ever here is a necessary accessory to selfish ambition. So if you're going to be selfish and you're going to try to climb the ladder, amongst other people, ironically because nobody likes a selfish person, right? Even though everybody is. So if I were to be selfish and like I want for me and then me mark, you know, so and so ironically what we are all inherently selfish due to our fall in nature. We did the selfishness of others like disgusting that growth. So in order to accomplish our and we recognize enough of that to realize, I don't want to look that way. Exactly. And the whole it takes want to know one another about it and me. And so hypocrisy. If you're going to be selfishly ambitious, isn't necessary accessory like I have to cover it. Well, what is the lesson call hypocrisy? Look at that definition. There from paragraph 3 says, according to jesus, we are hypocrite, i'm sorry, paragraph one. 0, I'm sorry. Hypocrite. If somebody who play x, who wants to appear to be somebody, he or she is not. So why would it be important for a selfish ambitious person to play act? Just go straight for the thing you want because we liked herself, right? And so when we go back to isaiah for you have said in your heart, easy kill, does the same thing, you know, you in your, you are filled with violent violence within, right? You would all within the think about this. If things were to go around the court lucifer at this point, go to the courts of heaven saying, saying to things we read my say a 14 out loud, i'm going to, it's an i'm like what? So you have to like glossy little coating of like piety and humility. Supposed humility. And that's exactly what the when jesus rebuked the hypocrisy, especially the religious leaders. That was the issue. It's not that they were inherently selfish because everybody ran right. It was the publicans, the prostitutes. Everybody was naughty and bad selfish. But they were in positions now right? The o. T. U scribes and pharisees hypocrite. Right. Because they were looked to as the opposite of that and Yeah. Were using their position as a cover for their selfish ambition. Yet it's important to note that because when we read the scripture, when we see the pharisees, we see them to the lens of scripture which pulls off their disguise yet god gather. But if we lived in those days, they would have been the people that appeared to be the most pious spirit. And that's what even those type of when they were like what, how can we get in if a, if it not even them, it's like are what did you say in the summer that your, your righteous writing, even the scribes and pharisees, then that was the height of all right? Yes. And he's like, you know, this is all fake, right? So there's a natural, what I was trying to draw here is that selfishness is the root cause, which leads to the manifestation in ambition. Yes. Which then has to be covered with hypocrisy in christ and his ministry was trying to strip away all those things and point to the root, which is where hypocrisy can appear to be the height of righteousness. As he mentioned, the pharisees, there is a height of all right, and that's move this into point number 3, love it. Only christ can treat our true spiritual disease, right? We can address epoxy and ambition and even selfishness on our own. But it's only going to be a band aid, it's only going to be touching the surface. The true issue is the need for christ. Ok, let's look at a few texts here. Hebrews chapter 4. First 12 and I'll read matthew. 10. Word of god is living and powerful and sharper than any 2 edged sword. Well now you don't even need to look it up. Now if you were to get a refresh myself. Ok? But yes, that's the point that the word of god has this sharp property to it that it cuts us Were you looking another you waiting? The if I was waiting for you? He said, yeah, I'm still hitting their dividing asunder, and I always the king j. I drop it in the king, james king james missing, james, they get mixed in between the 2. That's why in our outlines, i take all the quarterly stuff and put them in one version. If need to have different versions when you're trying to memorize those verses become what you just said, diverse piercing even to the division of dividing thunder from the king. James piercing even to the division of soul and spirit. Let me start again for the word of god of living and powerful and sharper than any 2 edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and as a discerner of the thoughts and intense of the heart. No, that's interesting. It's a sword, it's sharper than a sort, so it's not just to sort of something sharper than things that in their day we're next to impossible to get down to the bone marrow, the actual of the spiritual part of the matter. Right. And that's interesting that hebrew says that the word of god is the sword by the wake color. I mean whereas it ephesians 6 verse 17 calls the sort of the spirit, the word god. Right? It's right. That is the word of god who the purpose of it is to cut. And then jesus comes along and Matthew, chapter 10, verse of $34.00 to $39.00. With these words. Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword in the thought, hit me passer howard. How many preachers to day? Especially the big, popular mega church passenger most. All they want to do is preach piece. Like I want to have something that makes it, makes sounds good. It makes you feel good and coats all the symptoms. But jesus that I came here to be part of the root issue, right? To get in there. Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to being priest, but a sort for I have come to set a man against his father. Daughter gets his mother and a daughter in law against her mother in law and amends. Enemies will be those who don't household. He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me. You love, son or daughter more than me and that worthy of me. And he does not take his cross and thought, and he is not worthy of me. He who finds his life will lose it and he loses life for my sake, will find it. That is not to say that anything problem with family ties or natural affections, but returning with pride prior to exactly crisis come to cut away what we think are the best things for our root causes of thin and instead to give us the mind of christ, which philippians chapter 2 talks about let this mind being you, which was also in christ jesus, who being in the form guy did not consider robert of equal god, but made himself of no reputation taking the form of a bond service and coming in the likeness of men now think about this description compared to isaiah fourteen's lucifer description, where he wants for himself in himself himself. He or christ comes down that he humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross there or so because of that. Humility got also has highly exalted him. So there's nothing wrong with being lifted up as long as christ is the one who's doing the lifting and you find your identity yourself and he will left you exactly exactly the case. So I like the content of this week's lesson, though, i've reordered it in a way that works my linear but the, the theme of the root cause of all of our restlessness, the selfish sinful, ambitious, hypocritical life that's underneath us. All that is where we may so easily want to point to everywhere else as the reason my life isn't better. Exactly, it really is that root of selfishness that only jesus can heal so true now with a laugh, clothing minute here. Why don't re read are concluding because they had great statements on friday's lesson. What credit requests and 6760 says there can be no growth or fruitfulness in this life that is said in the life that is centered in self. If you have accepted christ as a personal savior, you are to forget yourself and try to help others as you receive the spirit of christ, the spirit of unselfish love and labour for others. You will grow and bring forth fruit. The graces of the spirit will wrap and your character, your faith, will increase your convictions, deepen your love, be made perfect. More and more. You will reflect the likeness of christ in all that is pure and noble and lovely. And we could've left it there. But there and that one statement from early writings page $119.00 and in the context is written to the church, but it applies across our whole experience of if pride and selfishness relate aside 5 minutes would remove most difficulties with impractical instruction to take away from a less than that's the one lay down the pride, selfishness aside, and let christ do his work in US and there are those tension so roughly would resolve. Yes. So there's great stuff in this week's lesson. I think there's a wonderful opportunity for some rich lesson studies. But it's time to close this episode down and pastor howard can give his order prayer. How to heaven again, we are just thankful for the testimony of your word. And lord, you know the depths of our sin deeper than and more thoroughly than we do. How extensive it is that lord, we want you to take those roots of sin out of our heart so that we can have that rest in peace and jesus, we want his selfless character instead of our selfish characters, lord, this is not something we can do for ourselves but we trust that you can and will do it for us. We thank you for the sacrifice of jesus and the ministry of jesus in our behalf. We ask jesus.


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