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The Biblical creation is central to the local church

Stan Hudson


  • June 27, 2010
    6:20 PM
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I wonder how you would be interested in this kind of the subject and years ago is my son would say back in the day right down back in the day I was a geology major UC Riverside never lost my interest in science and it's amazing to me and it's amazing how the Lord leads many years later I find myself dealing with the things that actually caused me to lose some interest in some enthusiasm about science way back when the same issues I'm looking at a little differently now and how interesting to be in a church where these sorts of things are shall we say critical and key and so it is fun to be here to talk about these things today I'm going to share with you first of all when I talk to are some people have been a talk about the local church as well it central to the worldwide church and I guess that is true and so let's think about our mission in terms of being a local branch of a worldwide movement let's take a look and a verse that Seventh-day Adventists are long identified with and understood to be their mission in this world today and give you a little bit of a twist perhaps in ways you haven't seen this first before three Angels messages of course Revelation fourteen then I saw another angel flying in the midst of having having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on earth the everlasting Gospel we have a tendency to correctly say it is the central theme of all Christianity Jesus died for our sins and so forth body goes on to say saying with a loud voice what that everlasting Gospel in our particular present truth mode shall we say it is and since saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour misjudgment has come and worship him who made heaven and earth the sea and the springs of waters obviously we focus a lot on fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment has common we think about the investigative judgment and we think of those kinds of things correctly being his significant part of this message and I like to suggest to you that is this judgment our message also has some connotations as it has to do with Genesis and let's take a look at some of the references now in this verse and it says and worship him who made heaven and earth and the sea now where's that from where those phrases found in that same army it's in the fourth commandment corrected in the fourth commandment those three phrases together and has Seventh-day Adventist seventh day Adventist we rightly assume that's a reference to an intention to shall we say proclaim the significance of the fourth commandment the Sabbath commandment come back to God and worship him but understand it's in the context of the judgment our message and again I can see the think well let's just stick with investigative judgment and leave it there like to suggest you that there's more to a judgment our message than simply that and that is a reference shall we say to last phrase and you probably haven't heard talk too much about and that is and the springs of waters worship him who made heaven and earth the sea and the springs of waters now what is the Springs of water are referenced and why not have something totally different like Jay made the heaven and earth the CNN kitty cats or something else it just the throw in there and make a nice run for why the reference to the springs of water springs of water is a reference to the flat now think about the springs of water fountains of water how everyone interpreted languages is a reference to the fly and if it is a reference to the flood it makes total sense then eight I judgment our message we go forth with a loud voice about jet ready to meet God fear him and give him glory get your act together come to be reunited with Dan and have everything made right with this guy I roommate everything who has previously judged things in a worldwide judge judgment reviews that are worldwide judgment he may well do it again I think about the ramifications for this if we have a tendency to go with an mythical understanding of the flood or some kind a local floater rising of the Greek or something in a rack or something like that think about the how it loses significance in terms of it being at an illustration of a worldwide judgment are worldwide exit executive judgments or another words got coming to step in Earth 's history the idea here is therefore take God seriously because he's done it before he's about ready to do it again it's a judgment our message so take it seriously doubt that the call to worship the God of Genesis that's not just the creator but also the judge the God who created the God who judged well then let's think about this if this is a message of the worldwide church it should certainly be part of the work in the mission of the local church and some of us out there in the field event kind of complaining and griping and you know trying to motivate denominational leaders to get more information because frankly I think we need to have better educational local church level for pastors in the end for ministries for lay leaders so they can share with people in the community with other Christians with people who are secular in mind that there is good evidence for a God who created in a God who judged now we in Moscow Idaho and has been mentioned in an academic community University of Idaho is right there across the street from the University of Idaho we had a an origins seminar series of talks seven lectures and we were able to attract two hundred people there to this series of meetings they stayed for all seven lectures most of them were visitors I like to suggest you that the world is very curious about the subject of origins right now it is prime time and I don't mean just with the two hundredth anniversary of Darwin 's birth and and all those things going on there's constantly being discoveries in science new things found that her been purported to be now supportive this finally settles evolution but not really can take a look at the data and people still have questions in the United States and in other parts of the world are still significant number of people who have questions about the popular view of evolution so let's let's see so what is present through present truth and always day we might say that the gospel in Noah's day was basically something like this God is about ready to judge the world it's a judgment our message and God is providing an arc you should all get into the art that was a present to the present truth that's the gospel in Noah's day it was good news God 's benefits what is broken in the world he's got to take care of the corruption easy to take care of the violence to fill the world both in the animal and in the human world and the good news is he's got a way out for you be sure to take advantage of that get on the art that was the present and present true for that day we might set the sale K light of revelation fourteen what's the present truth for us today Jesus said there's some similarities as it was in the days of Noah so what is what is the present truth for today immediate is prepare yourself to me prepare yourself for a judgment it's about ready to frankly and the world and just like water into the world before God is not many use the second cleansing agent of fire to clean the world shall we say and take care of what is broken so what is a present truth respond to the gospel the good news of God is about ready to finish this planet and that's good no state about all the things that we see on the news is about ready have you known to be a fading memory it sounds good to me oil spills terrorism disease everything is not really knowing that better is part of the everlasting gospel or good news of this judgment our message is about ready to fix what is broken cell respond to it if you think about it really what we're talking about today in terms of the great worldviews that are often talked about in these discussions one simply you can really boil it down to two basic worldviews one is that we are here from from intelligent design forces our God whatever you want to call it were not here by accident when I hear from random forces together is we are here from random forces are undirected means and this is what we are working with our purpose and without much of a future and really those two worldviews could not possibly be more in conflict with each other you might see a third pair of glasses here somewhere in the middle of people trying to reconcile these two different views to try to have a high view of popular science a high view of Scripture put them together it is extremely difficult to do and sadly for those people the ones that are in the middle probably catch it from both sides happy critique when you get a church that accepts Charles Darwin I think about the church of my family came from and that is a Church of England my great-grandfather was a very active member in London in London England back in the eighteen eighties and in eighteen ninety seven he came to his house with some messages about the local evangelistic series going on he became a charter member of the North London Seventh-day Adventist church back in the eighteen nineties but about eight years after Darwin was buried in the church that he worked Internet was Westminster Abbey now Darwin did not wish to be particularly buried in Westminster Abbey but some friends of his move the church to make it possible for him to be buried in Westminster Abbey and I like this against you today than any church that varies Darwin in its floor after allows Darwinian like this tends to be empty after a few years virtually every mainline denominational church that has accepted evolution as part of his understanding for margin has declined with the possible exception of the Roman Catholic Church of virtually every other denomination that has basically myths are made into a myth the Genesis account has seen over spiritual in a numerical decline this is absolutely unarguable and so to the extent that you know just like the public part he said that father begins the process preaches a sermon that no one hears no one comes near and that is the spiritual condition of the Church of England where my family is originally from and that I hope we can avoid some of the local church should be a place where we understand where we came from with a high view of the Bible and we will last be fulfilling our mission from God and hopefully not go down the route that other churches have gone however having said that we can anticipate problems it says scoffers will come in the last days walking according to their all unless saying where is the promise of his coming out are the scoffing at the scoffers in the last phase will be scoffing at people who talk about Jesus 's second coming and sounds to me like maybe directed toward administer at least people who haven't Adventist theology and that they are talking about any getting this critique that notice the argument against the idea of a second advent for since the fathers fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation of the suggestion is there sort of uniform at Terry and gradual basically and history of the planet that did not have an active God stepping into its history a godless history the planet and so they're joking at the idea that God would have a second coming AA judgment that where God would step into the history of the Klan so vividly and soulmate intensely like that he hadn't done it before they scoff at notice going on notice what second Peter says about this that enforce this they willfully forget the scoffers forget this that by the word of God the heavens were of old that is they stop they scoffed at the idea that God will step in future history they willfully forget the creation account and that the earth standing out of water and in the water by which the world that then existed perished being flooded with water so they willfully forget the flood as well so they ignore the evidence the word of God evidence and perhaps other evidence that the creation was literal they also scoff at the idea that the flight never took place and they will be aiming their scoffing at people who talk about the second Advent of Christ and incidentally to me it is a logical argument they make the logical argument if you don't believe God has stepped into the history of this planet as vividly as a worldwide flood in a judgment seem like that what would be the evidence that he would do it again however if he has done it before you can take more seriously the threat that is about to do it again I think that makes perfect sense to me so that is the issue for the church today the local church local church and the worldwide church as well to me these are the issues that were facing locally and as a world church locally I found in an University of Idaho community that people as I mentioned are very interested in the idea of origins I wish there were more materials but were working constantly and geoscience and other institutions are working to improve our materials I'm kind of personally a little worried that often our church members go outside of the church to look for materials from other sources that often don't have quite the same theological views we do this in the same understanding of the history of the universe let's say that we do and sometimes at monies shall we say our mission and our and our message remember that Revelation fourteen says that the message that the everlasting Gospel goes out with what kind of voice a loud voice and megaphone a allowed voice and so to me the Seventh-day Adventist churches been raised for just this time in this in this moment in history to talk about what we are the great truth of creation the great truths of the flied and with that with that as a central theme also talked about the Sabbath come back to God and honor him as a creator and most basic of relationships we have with God and that his creature to creator and once that is in place everything else tends to fall in place but when all of those things are put together in a complete message to be that is the message of the Seventh-day Adventist church in the last days we automate how to catch in terms of creation evolution issues in my opinion got up in the ones carrying the banner 's highest we should be the one speaking with the megaphone loud voice without any hesitations without any gray areas let's go for it and we will be fairly unique in the world fairly unique among the major denominations but hopefully we won't be seeing empty churches when Darwin comes to church so there seems to be that kind of connection anyway I think so hopefully we can continue to do that now in the local church are several things you can do there are videos out there there are programs that you can run and have a discussion groups afterwards trust me many in many places in many situations and origins oriented program will get people to come hear what you have to say don't necessarily do it in the church where you neutral venue often is a best place to do it from that you can go to prophecy and so forth because many things do happen on occasions Genesys all the things in the book of Genesis and/or you know how they turn out in Revelation we attended the people of the book of Revelation I'd like to see us and the people of the book of Genesis as well and them down and that's an interesting thing now Laodicea remember where all Laodicea write that in church history it's interesting that Jesus is identified as the creator in that introduction to the word of to that Laodicean church it were living in the only part only of the beliefs of the seven churches where the emphasis is on Jesus as greater as all that data ring for those of us leaving living in these last days Christ is to be central but the book of Revelation is about Jesus Christ and so we're calling people the world to take a look at Jesus as the great Creator he is the God who moved upon us and


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