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Go Forward

Ted N.C. Wilson


Ted N.C. Wilson

President of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists


  • July 3, 2010
    10:30 AM
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him and sisters in Christ good morning what a privilege it is to worship together today on this last Sabbath morning of the fifty nine General conference session young people older people women men children all together as God 's family were grateful for the many things that God has done in leaving his church this past week we give all the glory to him seventh in the church my brothers and sisters is on a seven erected journey and we are almost home I believe with all my heart that Jesus is coming soon we stand in every language you don't have yet again so this is Vietnam Vietnam the invasion is simple the zoo 's videos on the issue line on who John David for Nissan 's schooling the meeting will what you need new Sulu Jedi excludes vanity I got see Jesus I might not be none of me being high on the second on Yasuo 's bum and in so many other languages of the world I appreciate the wonderful spirit and the enthusiasm of our world why family of faith and while we are all proud of our respective nations and cultures I praise the Lord that there is at half price that finds us together and supersedes all others in that spirit I humbly ask for your prayers that the message I share today is heard clearly and that the messenger will not be lifted up to that end I'm kindly requested that if there is a point within the sermon with which you agree please respond with a heartfelt a man instead of a box in thank you for your help in keeping a message and not the messenger the center of our time together as we study God 's word signs of Christ's coming are increasing in frequency and intensity every day destructive events in nature the great confusion of world politics the pervasive than compromising activities of ecumenism the dramatic increase in influence of spiritualism the deterioration of world economies the disintegration of societal and family values the disbelief in the absolute authority of God 's word and the ten Commandments rampant crime and moral detail wars and rumors of wars and on and on and on all point unmistakably the climax of Earth 's history and the Lord 's return to take us on the final journey to heaven what a tremendous blessing to know that even omits the uncertainty of the world around us that we can rest absolute confidence on the on changing more at God for him throughout the course of human history and against women was seen attending God has preserved his holy word the Bible contains an accurate account of our origins a reliable record of our salvation beautifully expressed in that beautiful song a glorious glimpse of our soon coming deliverance as Seventh-day Adventists we accept the Bible as the foundation for all our beliefs CNN's in his pages are unique preventing identity and mission with the power of his fruit God has carved out that this chaotic world the Seventh-day Adventist church we are to be a deep Junior people God 's remnant people to live for Christ and his righteousness these three Angels messages of Revelation fourteen and is soon second coming as Bible believing Christians living in the last days of Earth 's history we are to be what the apostle Paul calls a chosen generation a royal priesthood a holy nation his own people that you may proclaim the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light as God 's remnant people identified in Revelation twelve seventeen as those who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ we have a unique message of hope and a mandate to proclaim God 's grace the world and the seventh volume of the testimonies we read Seventh-day Adventist have been chosen by God him through your separate from the world is Nathan 's representatives and has called them to be ambassadors for him in the last work of salvation one of the event characteristics of God 's last day people is the fact that the members of his church absent and believe all ten of God 's commandments including the fourth commandment which calls us to remember the Lords only Sabbath day the observance of the Sabbath is not only a sign of his creates hardship in the beginning but will be be sign of God 's people in the last days in contrast to those with the mark of the beast representing an attempt to keep holy a day which God has not set apart as holy the Sabbath and its significance relates to each of the three Angels messages in Revelation fourteen the first angel having the everlasting gospel a righteousness of Christ proclaims fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship him who made heaven and earth the sea and the springs of water God is the creator and is to be worshiped on his Sabbath day as a sign of loyalty to his word and creative power the second angel inversely proclaims that is fallen is fallen because she has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath fornication she has corrupted God 's commandments and instituted on him worship other than the seventh day Sabbath which is the only true mark of God 's creation the third angel announces in verses nine through twelve that if anyone worships the beast and his image he or she will be tormented nor destroyed with fire and brimstone if you worship the beast and his image you are rejecting the one side God has proclaimed at his death of allegiance the seven day that the third Angel closes his proclamation in verse twelve by identifying God 's people as those he commandments of God and the faith of Jesus we rely solely on Jesus and our relationship with him for our salvation we do not obtain salvation through works through the grace of Christ that we proclaim grace is the promise of God 's part the provision of God 's power justification configuration you cannot separate what Christ does for you justifying you daily as if you had not sin from what he does and you sanctifying you daily and you submit to him and allow the power of the Holy Spirit to change your life to become more and more like Jesus this is the ever lasting gospel spoken about in the first Angels message is righteousness by faith this is why Seventh-day Adventists should be the most powerful voices in proclaiming God 's grace is great controversy the is all about God 's grace to save sinners and through his power to transform him to his sons and daughters faithful witnesses proclaiming the three Angels messages with Holy Spirit seal through a living connection with Jesus the author and finisher of our faith the atoning blood of Jesus Christ on the cross and the Tony ministry of Jesus Christ in the heavenly sanctuary have but one the salvation of every repentant sinner bus through his atoning sacrifice and high priestly ministry we can come boldly to the throne of grace that we may find and obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of it is this marvelous powerful reconvene race we have been called to proclaim to us in six world furthermore only a genuine realization of the depth of God 's grace can remove ground for the opposite extremes of either self-indulgence or self reliance that marvelous book steps to Christ I hope each of you has a copy of that book and you read those thirteen beautiful chapters that will explain we have no ground for self exaltation our only ground of hope is in the righteousness of Christ imputed to us justification and that by his Spirit working in and through us sanctification read those wonderful pages surrounding this vocation a clear view of righteousness by faith now getting back to Revelation chapter twelve verse seventeen him distinguishing mark of God 's remnant we read that they won't have the testimony of Jesus Christ Revelation nineteen versus ten tells us that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy the same spirit that moved the holy men of old has again in these last days reasonably necessary for the Lord my brothers and sisters of the Seventh-day Adventist church the Lord has given us one of the greatest possible in the right seems on the spirit of prophecy just as the Bible is not outdated irrelevant neither is the testimony of God in time messenger God you know and what as a humble servant to provide inspired insight about Scripture prophecy help education relationships Michigan families and so many more top than this read the spirit of prophecy follow the spirit of prophecy and share the spirit of prophecy there are so many wonderful books to share being the one rule why indicated you wish to be distributed more than any other the great controversy thank the Lord for the religious freedom in this and other countries that allows us to share the spirit of prophecy is one of the identifying marks of God 's last name remnants people and is just as applicable today as ever before because it was given to us by heaven itself is God 's faithful remnant may we never made of none effect the precious life given us in the writings of Ellen G White when we use that term him us search for remnant people we must never use it in a self-centered exclusive manner we are to be the humblest people on earth recognizing our company need of our Savior Jesus Christ and praising him for calling us into this might be Adventist movement this Advent movement movement is made up of humble simple not simplistic but simple many of God 's people are educated discipline so but yet we are simple people our Savior spoke with an astonishingly astonishing authority yet was humble enough to be appealing to the worst of sinners this church is not just another denomination it is a unique having initiated movement with an everlasting evangelistic mission of salvation to the world that must continually going forward in the humility of Jesus the world needs to hear the message of Christ people who are Christ's Mike when we are transformed by his grace we will reach teach and witness to the straight message on the Bible and the spirit of prophecy in a humble loving win some manner when we get all the lien completely on the everlasting arms of our Lord he will work through us in a mighty way to get the final message of mercy to a dying world our success in finishing this work depends on our submissiveness of the word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit it depends on I believe ourselves before our Creator and denying self so that Jesus can control us and overcome sin depends on whether or not we are ready to humbling as revival Reformation in our lives personally and corporately at the church which will lead to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the latter rain sunlight records division in testimonies volume is entitled what might have been to Jean God wanted you to write things at the General conference session of nineteen oh one the first thing we organize the church structure which did happen giving as much of the structure that we have today and secondly the great second provision that God wished to provide to provide the help pouring of the Holy Spirit brothers and sisters did not happen because there was unbelief within the church and God leaders and the people did not humble themselves for God the church missed the opportunity of receiving the latter rain it wasn't one hundred nine years ago let us not make God wait any longer to begin the latter rain so that Jesus can come we need to earnestly pray for that experience we've been doing that during the session and must continue to earnestly seek the Lord 's will in our lives after we leave Atlanta Ellen White makes clear that a revival of true godliness among us the latest what all our needs to see this should be our first work during a number of the business sessions of the General conference session you have been waiting for the revival and Reformation that is needed waiting for the Holy Spirit and the latter rain brothers and sisters in his time the more is coming to he wants to use his remnant church in a most powerful way the largest longing to reproduce in-house his own character this can happen as we surrender ourselves to him each day as Paul tells us in Philippians chapter two verse five what about Philippians is with this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus as we connect with Christ daily and allow them to work through us we will be used by the Holy Spirit to proclaim his grace to hasten the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ remember this is the movement are called people a remnant church people of destiny of people on a journey toward heaven as we proclaim God 's grace and the book price object lesson we read of Christ was for his people Christ is waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of himself with the character of Christ so perfectly reproduced in his people then he will come to clean them as his own it is the privilege of every Christian not only to look for life face in the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ for all who are hesitant to name bearing his glory how quickly the whole world would be so I see him play the last great artists would be right and Chrysler gather the precious right in the Old Testament God called me to hear people with a message and a dozen they were called to go on a journey of faith and by their trust in him to proclaim God 's grace to the world the children of Israel did in Egypt for four hundred and and not being slaves is I grew up in Egypt until I was about eight years old Cairo was my home I knew very little else about the world except the Middle East it is a wonderful place filled with wonderful people however it is time Israel when confronted through God 's miraculous use of Moses Aaron and Miriam Gottfried 's will for a journey for a mission to the world after the final and devastating sense play the children of Israel left on their journey heading south from you Exodus chapter fourteen verse twenty one says the Lord went before them by day in a you learn how the way and by night in a pillar of fire what a wonderful thought he will lead us day and night the Lord let them down the west side of the messy next the Egyptian desert we read in chapter fourteen verse two that God led them to a place before the Iraq between the dog and the city operated nails you shall care before and privacy I thought at almost sixteen years in the field he knows where this place is as it is described in the book HVR profit it is a place where God demonstrated his power against the Egyptians know some biblical scholars think the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea in a place where there was a waste the sea of reads of what value would that be for God to demonstrate his power absolutely no value at all in reality it was a very difficult place at the Everett 's alliance for progress in South they had the Egyptian desert to the West a mountain in front of them the Red Sea to the east and Egypt behind the chapter goes on to describe how Pharaoh changed his mind and marshaling his forces Israelites hungry choice Sirius and all the chariots of the first sentence says that when the Israelites heard Pharoah 's army coming they became terrified why is it that when God is leading we become afraid the Israelites at the demonstration of the cloud and the pillar of fire why not toss in the power that was leading them let's learn the lesson in the Seventh-day Adventist church the Israelites were so distraught they chided Moses University eleven saying because there were no graves in Egypt have you taken us away to die in the wilderness why do we act the same way at times we see God 's miraculous signs of guidance and mercy and then something goes wrong and we blame God then in verse thirteen Moses tells at a standstill and see the salvation of Lord which he will come for you today often we are attempting to act on our own impulses without allowing the Lord to guide our steps however the Lord asks us to go over under these direction thus Moses gave the powerful promise in verse fourteen that we should let this should be our promise as well the plane as we face the culmination of the great controversy between Christ and Satan the Lord will fight for you you don't hold brothers and sisters the Lord will fight for us he will open the way he will provide victory for his church but we must trust him and we must follow him we must humble ourselves to him and allow the leading and directing our way and then got proclaimed the children of Israel through Moses the same command again to his last day in the church today verse fifteen the players and the Lord said to Moses why do you cry me tell the children of Israel go forward when God says go forward we must go forward however the children of Israel Quincy the big picture they had forgotten how God led them in the past let us never forget how God is that this had been movement in the past and how he will lead to victory in the future the glory of his name vindication plan of salvation for the whole human him great controversy and God says so forward but one for the children of Israel to do they felt by the desert today right the mountain ahead of them the rent seeking enough in the approaching army of Egypt behind them they failed to put their trust in the power of God only he were the carriers I don't know what barriers you are facing today I don't know what barriers you think the church is facing in whatever they are God as a way through for each of us personally and for the church as we proclaim God 's grace what barriers are you facing the Sabbath are you facing mountains of secular dollars in the Bible I see a liberal interpretation of the word of God our needs and spiritual confusion God says we are a holy nation in a peculiar people go forward are you confronted with mountains of financial difficulty she and her family and national conflicts sources of negative social change the Lord says will forward you are my chosen people surrounded by mountains of miscommunication see of unrest confusion at home work at church in society forces of emotional conflict in this God says go forward regardless of your circumstances God has a way forward duration and patriarchs and prophets Elvis God in his problem brought the Hebrews into the mountains in fact this is before the seat that he might manifest as our in their deliverance and be humble the pride of their oppressor him I say then in any other way is this method in order to test their faith and strengthen their trust in him it was then that God were one of his mighty miracles just as well today verses nineteen and twenty in Exodus fourteen say that the protect cloud of God moved from before the Israelites to behind them put them from the Egyptian army to the Israelites the cloud was an illuminated by the likes engines it was a wall darkness verse twenty one said that Moses stretched out his hand over the Red Sea and God created great red sea highway McLeod health exemptions while the Israelites went forward in late across the Red Sea can you imagine the excitement of more than a million people walking down to the sea on dry road demands in the middle as children's office so any noted in the query and again patriarchs and prophets the pen of inspiration describe the setting and powerful language great lesson here is for all time often the Christian life is beset by dangers and duty seems hard to perform the imagination pictures impending ruin before funding for death behind yet the voice of God speaks clearly go forward with the latest demand even though our eyes cannot penetrate darkness you look cold waves about our the obstacles that hinder our progress will never disappear for a multi- galaxy spirit brothers and sisters to the Almighty God who can take you through anything you will face in the future you him your full confidence and trust in him always obey his command go forward after the Israelites and completed there have been directed at him walking through the Red Sea the Egyptians then were allowed to pursue them it was all according to God 's plan God has a plan for your life for the start never doubt the destiny of this mighty advents movement it is God it is in God 's hand God has given us prophetic instructions you know the culmination of the great controversy is that they don't versus forty three to thirty describe the incredible sight of the Egyptian army pursuing the Israelites we do have the Lord miraculously remove their chariot wheels and then caused the mighty men seem to swallow up the entire Army for complete victory you see what happens when we stand still and see the salvation of the Lord verse thirty one record Israel saw the great work which the Lord had done in Egypt for the people fear the Lord and believe the Lord and his servant Moses Exodus chapter fifteen records the great resolve sung by Moses and the children of Israel he has triumphed gloriously the horse and rider is thrown into the sea the Lord is my strength and song he has become my salvation he is my God and I will praise him my father 's God and I really felt brothers and sisters of the other we are on a tremendous journey not only to God for your immigrants the messenger of the Lord declares that him I believe the way they lies through the desert or the season but it is a safe of course you can rest assure that whatever direction God calls you Satan tends you to go the other way whenever God says go forward the devil has a step backwards for you to take my friends as we stand on the edge of our eternal home the same God commanded the Israelites to go forward in the promised land and not backwards into regions today calling you to go forward and not back go forward and not back do not succumb to the mistaken idea gaining support even in the Seventh-day Adventist church of accepting worship or even engine was the outreach methods merely because they are new and trendy we must be vigilant to test all things according to the supreme authority of God 's word and the Council with which we have been blessed in the rankings of energy one don't reach out to movements or mega churches centers outside the Seventh-day Adventist church promised to spiritual success based on faulty theology stay away from nonbiblical spiritual disciplines or methods of spiritual formation that are rooted in mysticism such as contemplative prayer centering prayer in the emerging church movement in which they are promoted look with in the Seventh-day Adventist church to humble pastors evangelists Bible scholars leaders and departmental directors can provide evangelistic methods and programs that are based on solid biblical principles and the great controversy theme him for another use is liable to worship and music practices in certain services while we understand that search services worship services and cultures Harry throughout the world and we respect that don't go backwards into confusing pagan setting where music and worship become so focused on the motion and experience that you know the central focus on the word of God is however complex should do one thing and one thing only lived up Christ and put down so I appreciate your enthusiasm and remember please a amen him and worship meant to live the performance and sells the week was with a simple and sweet religion of England sends a biblical approach to define it as closely as possible but when you read the Scripture when you read of the holiness of God 's presence the Holy Spirit will help you know what is right and wrong so far were not back stand for truth though the heavens fall sitcom to fund the article or loose theology that rests God 's word from the pillars of biblical truth and the landmarks beliefs of Seventh-day Adventist church don't be swayed when every little whim of new theology or complicated time chart purporting to carefully explain unusual or obscure concepts that have little to do with our overall theology and Mission the historic at this church will not remove him little foundation will stand secure to the end of time listen to what we are told and selected messages of one pages two hundred seven hundred eight what influence is that when the men at this stage of our history to work in the underhand powerful way to tear down the face the foundation of our faith the foundation was laid at the beginning of our work by prayer the the word and by revelation we continuing to vote we are God 's commandment keeping people every phase of heresy has been brought to bear upon us cloud our minds regarding the teaching of whom were especially concerning the administration of Christ in the heavenly sanctuary and the message of heaven for these last days as given by the Angels of the fourteenth chapter of Revelation messages and I'm still voting messages of every order and kind of been urged upon Seventh-day Adventist to take the place of the truth which point my point has been sought out by prayer he testified to by the miracle working power of the Lord but the waiting marks which have made this what we are reserved and they will be preserved as God has signified through his Word and the testimony of the Spirit he calls upon us to hold firmly with the thing to the fundamental principles that are things that one unquestionable authority tonight going forward not backward stand firm for God 's word as it is literally read and him for us we must always humbly recognize that we are finite fallen creatures observing the works of an infinite omnipotent God there are things in both the thoughts to great books of nature and Scripture that we do not fully comprehend in fact we are told that the sacrifice of Jesus will be the science and the song of the redeemed throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity but that which the Lord in his mercy has given to us in clear language to be taken as fact simply because he said so not be shrouded don't go backwards to misinterpret the first eleven chapters of Genesis or other areas of Scripture as allegorical or merely symbolic as just this week we have once again affirmed in an overwhelming manner the Seventh-day Adventist church both teachers and believes in the biblical record of creation which took place recently in six literal consecutive continuous twenty hour days seven the Seventh-day Adventist church will never change its stand on the lease and foundational not if God did not create this world in six literal days and then bless the Sabbath day why are we worshiping him today on the seventh day Sabbath as seven days to misunderstand or to misinterpret this doctrine is denied God 's word and to deny the very purpose of the Seventh-day Adventist movement as the remnant church of God called to proclaim the three Angels messages with Holy Spirit power don't go backwards delete yesterday for the big evolution go forward to the prophetic understanding that loyalty to God the Creator and Redeemer will be seen in the observance this is the distinguishing characteristic of God 's people in the very end of time Seventh-day Adventists Church members hold your leaders pastors local churches educators institutions and administrative organization accountable to the highest standards of belief based on a literal understanding of Scripture utilized the wonderful resources produced in the Seventh-day Adventist church such is the biblical research Institute 's new book on hermeneutics that helps us know the correct way to interpret Scripture again we read and selected messages of one on page one seventy we must be careful lest we misinterpreted the strictures the plain teachings of the Lord our God God I'm not so spiritualized away spiritualizing the reality is lost sight of you not overstrained the meaning of sentences in the Bible in an effort to bring forth something odd in order to please the fancy getting the Scriptures as they read I pray the Lord that Nancy and I were both raised by godly parents and neither of our homes in we ever ever once here a disparaging or negative word about the Bible or the spirit of prophecy we were both product to fear the Lord and references were a few weeks ago I lost my precious marks preaching Bible will trap it was like losing a friend I still feel the loss him at five of I am sad not to have it with me today but I will tell you brothers and sisters even though I lost that physical Bible I praise the Lord that I have not lost the word of God you have not lost the word of God you have in your hand either in printed form or on your iPhone iPad or some other electronic device we must never take for granted the freedom we have to read and study God 's word Ellen White spoke poignantly about the Bible in nineteen oh nine in her last public appearance of the General conference session after speaking he left the platform and then came back and took hold of a large Bible and with trembling hands and held it out to the congregation and said brothers and sisters I commend unto you this book today my brothers and sisters of the Seventh-day Adventist church we must stand firm on the foundation of Scripture as God 's people of the book let us read the Bible and the Bible teach the Bible and preach the Bible at all power from on high note forward not backward little script servient 's own interpreter our church has long held to be historical biblical or historical grammatical method of understanding Scripture allowing the Bible to interpret itself line upon line precept upon precept however one of the most sinister attacks against the Bible from those who believe in the historical critical method is upon us this time biblical approach of higher criticism is a deadly enemy of our theology and Mission this approach with a scholar or individual about the plane approach of the Scriptures and gives an appropriate license to decide what your sleepers yes truth face on the resources and education of the credit staying in a way from this type of approach because it leads people to distrust God and his word and selected messages but one thing to seventeen and eighteen we read when men in their finite judgment find it necessary to go into an examination of scriptures define that which is inspired and that which is not that you have stepped before Jesus to show them a better way than he has led us met not a mind on hand he engaged in criticizing the Bible clinging to your Bible I'm quoting now playing through your Bible as he reads and stop your criticism is in regard to its validity and obeying the word and not one that you will be lots held forward not backward except the spirit of prophecy is one of the greatest gifts given for the Seventh-day Adventist church not just for the past but even more importantly for the future while the Bible is paramount in our estimation as the ultimate authority and final arbiter of truth the spirit of prophecy provide clear spider counsel to aid our application of Michael to it is a heaven sent guide to instruct the church and how to carry out its mission it is a reliable theological expositor of the Scriptures the spirit of prophecy is to be read when we apply promoted it is it is not the use of the club to beat people over the head but it is to be regarded and employed as a marvelous blessing direct at the last phase of her sister let me repeat a conviction not mine a personal conviction there is not antiquated or archaic about the spirit of prophecy it is far today and until Christ returns members of God 's remnants are God is telling us we come to the end I go forward go forward in the dipping of Christ and his righteousness in proclaiming God 's grace go forward in presenting the three Angels messages go forward in leading for revival and Reformation forward in following the Bible it reads forward to reading and adhering to the Council of the spirit of prophecy go forward in proclaiming to the world the good news of salvation and the imminent second coming of Jesus Christ God 's grace is leading people all over the world to go forward we must continually lift up the banner of public evangelism at all time as well as our personal with the proclamation of God 's grace and the three Angels messages are changing people everywhere the Holy Spirit is working on the hearts of those who hear this precious and Mrs. through your words and evangelistic witness your proclamation of God 's grace we need to integrate evangelism into every aspect of life such as many places have done throughout the world including the great South American division where invigorated evangelism is simply a way of life one example of this comes to us from the Euro Asia division a few years ago the SEC was a police officer in Moldova he became convicted about Michael and his precious Adventist and wanted I is the Seventh-day Adventists when he told his family about his newfound faith his father and mother said they would disown him his brother said he would no longer consider him to be a brother his wife Galina said she would divorce and had his police commander said he would never give him Sabbath off the CBI denies with God praying that he would give them a direct answer prayer through simply opening is vital to select text I will recommend that the method by the data what you do you'll wind as possible and by God 's grace his eyes caught the words of Matt ten thirty five and thirty eight where Jesus explains how family can be our enemies and says that if you love father and mother more than Christ you are not worthy of Christ Masini felt led to heed God 's command to take up his cross and follow him by God he made his decision he went to the Seventh-day Adventist church and was baptized he told his wife that even baptized she said she already had divorce papers writing the city didn't get agitated or angry but he told Galina he loved her believing that they would support her objections Galena company proceeded to tell his parents the news of his baptism by two percent rise by seeing these parents and brother accepted his decision without objection by Celine explained to his commanding police officer with a letter of resignation explaining that he and Linda dominoes that one is that taken away and take off one week to think about things well the city knows absolutely different methods of the week off anyway and after one week as he returned and again offered his resignation instead of accepting it him officer from Mt. Hessische silly when you have a five half about this time the sea wife Helena developed a serious problem in our work were human the cashier the total for the day didn't end up in the company said she owed the money in desperation she asked to see to pray for her and he invited her to pray with him about the problem the next day Alina found the accounting error for the exact amount of money the city invited her to give her heart to God for answering their prayer that times you refuse later Galina 's mother got cancer and the CV and Galena visited her and prayed for God 's intervention and prevention he was healed Galina 's heart was softened and she went straight to the Seventh-day Adventist church and was baptized I'm so happy to report to you today that the CD got into is now the treasurer of the Multnomah Union and by God 's grace I see Angelina are present with us today wherever you are when you send VRC by Suzanne Calvino how version six through the power of the Holy Spirit this on thorium is full of all those experiences praise God for the saving power in the spring my brothers and sisters here in the Georgia Dome and around the world through the power of the Holy Spirit proclaim God 's grace and the three angels message and we are a beautifully diverse at the price in this precious little message we are an international family from every corner of the below proclaiming God 's grace as we go forward united by the Holy Spirit in our foundational beliefs in the Bible what a precious message for this last day at the moment to carry for the world the proclamation of the first second and third Angels messages to call people back to the train and biblical worship of God what a creator what a Redeemer what a high priest what an advocate what a friend what if God Jesus is coming soon to we will see in the eastern sky a small dark cloud about half the size of a man's this it will get larger and larger and brighter and brighter all of heaven poured out for this climax of Earth 's history everyone will see him at the same time through a numerical of heaven and their season in the middle of millions of a will be the one we have waited for not the humble broken man not administering my dreams but the King of kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ our Redeemer will come and say this is the God we had waited for an price will look down and say well done good and faithful servants enter into the joy of your lord and we will rise to meet the Lord in the air to go home to be with him beautiful coffee journey about businesses here in the dome watching and charges where ever you may be if the Lord 's wonderful plan of salvation is wonderful love for us is triumphant rates has touched your heart and you would like to renew your commitment to him and the Seventh-day Adventist mission as you return home to proclaim his grace you want to ask for revival and Reformation in your life in the church you want the presence of the Holy Spirit and the latter rain role-playing God 's grace you want to proclaim the three Angels messages to others and you want to waste your life and personal witness in the hands of our almighty demon high priest and coming King to face the judgment through his blood his merits there's mercy and his grace you wish to humbly ask the Lord to take control of your life and help you proclaim God 's grace in these last days of others history you quietly stand your right I invite you to accept Christ's marvelous grace in your life to renew your commitment to him and is great at the movement proclaimed God 's grace and to ask the Lord to help this churchgoing before singing our themes on which after the blunder will introduce to us in a few moments and then our final benediction C got together for just a moment I invite you to remain send Ensign now turn to the person next to you or behind you just one person and in heartfelt humble prayer plead with the Lord for revival and Reformation so the Holy Spirit can leave God 's remnant church as we go forward proclaiming God 's grace and the three angels message right now please pray together and remain standing and I will finish with a now Lord we come to you asking that you will CLR commitments that you will help us to look to Jesus on the more our salvation that you will help us to lift up Christ in all that we do Lord we ask your blessing upon us and upon each of us may the latter rain fall as we submit ourselves to you now may the ten Commandments be above you to shield you made a beatitude be within you to ennoble you made the golden rule be beside you I made the three angels be before you focus you made the spirit of prophecy be behind you to enlighten you made the righteousness of Christ wrap around you to secure you made the Holy Spirit be up on you to empower you and underneath you may there ever be the everlasting arms in Jesus name we ask it a man please remains that


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