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Revelation 2 Pergamos and Thyatira

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)


  • February 28, 2009
    11:33 AM
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okay we're going to begin but God has for prayer will start our father in heaven I asked you bless us consider this book a revelation to help us to understand what is true and right and I ask in the name of Jesus and turn in your Bibles to Revelation chapter three I teach a class and revelation of the college and application of the semester the result is that I am a little fuzzy on which things that share their expensive shared here have I shared with you a little bit about Revelation three seventeen about being wretched miserable poor blind and naked it was here not here according to patches are quite often so I'm going to think that probably that we have to so turn your mouse relations after three and verse fourteen where talking today about the last church age before that I was not in Sardis Philadelphia I believe you can look at verse one demolition three verse one and on and all the charges Sardis write these things saith he that hath the seven spirits of God and the seven stars I know your works that you have the name of the element this and our debt following the darkness of the Middle Ages as that darkness was subsiding God indicated that there would be something that on dear member in the end of chapter two about how most of the over comers and five Ira that wasn't enough for the church age he promised the MorningStar now when you see the MorningStar what's coming soon the morning this comment exactly at the MorningStar 's indication the morning is coming and that's what John Wyclif was the Middle Ages humor that Harold is something better was coming that light was dawning on the word of God and not become the Sardis this is at least that username juicy in verse one they have a name that they lived but they are not on assist you with that name is the name Protestant called a stent is a living name I mean it's a name that represented the breaking away from the darkness of the Middle Ages the Protestants stood on a couple principles that is they would base any of them believed on the word of God and that none could not earn any points would have been by good works that we were justified by faith alone those were the foundations that overthrew the Catholic apostasy and you see an end of verse one day to having the right set of ideas wasn't all that was required look at verse two be watchful and strengthen the things which remain that are ready to die for I have not found your works perfect before God you're just talking like that the watchful should watch and pray that you enter not into temptation and reap what you might think that was just the disciples that what he said is what I sent to you I say unto all watch I want to look from what it means to watch for in your Bibles to stay there kind of chapter two chapter two we want to look at what it means to launch back to looking at verse one I will stand up on my wall that is on my position in the lot out I will stand up on my wives and sets me up on the tower and listen carefully and I will watch to see what he will say to me and what I shall answer whether there reproved wasn't me the metaphor poems from this passage is about it needs to be undergone in your car or that one to see you as a watch to see what is going to be sure you are and you will have a rough something about that is what you want me to live how you're going to answer is that you are is beyond our kindergarten your own heart make sure you don't respond inappropriately when he is that's the idea is the relationship is Berlin had her three remember therefore how you have received and heard an old that have three Muslims on the likelihood of your and I is a is a no move is the last part of Sabbath reading but I will say he is in you is was a connection is made we have an old man is that some backsliding has been going on and that is a and is followed by a series of is a is a is remember is you is in and through an old or over as long as you all you need to lead us to change her position as ignorant as the lead is a help or we will write a song only works so just in viruses are yours you have an even as sorry as a nation along the line they are murder and are working of your government is the first year is over one inverse for Mercer and ninety one as far as I you have over a essentially will you like and what is over and your birthday is in unit over as you will and I will not blot out his name is a will select location how might someone have a lot of a local life as a as you say is you is defined as by losing in the back of a cell that is a long law and law now in a satisfied that his name before my father in years Jesus the Reformation and the adjustment is a you will a Angels I live in is whether or not you you know in a you will and is a sure revelation is looking versa will from this today is the first in Philadelphia Ron these things saith he that is holy and he is he is a you and you open shot in no manner of Scott C six Thursday says that as hard as he is you want to be aware of and used as a you are you are shopping one university Revelation one verse eighteen he is one that can behold I am alive forever more and I have say that he is a and that is Jesus is alive and has us all over hell and back is as diverse as so as he is a will is for people in a will is will will will show as fair as you are going okay I is the Verizon is that I've will and all enclosed in a will is a is a is I set before you open the door and no man is three percent is as fast as your homework you are in a solid or hollow when I got here is the door will assure a flow and work to another part is all for a is is is is is is is is is is the church of Philadelphia is is a July seventy a little while any sign of any and additional made by Valley that this shall be how is silent about one that is a all in class and it is about as far as I went to the church was prescient article in the Microsoft or not Jesus went back to see is a muscle I will then all is as a the R&R program is that that is a is is is is a you a you have a big was that there was a bad first love and he said to me thou must prophesy I have is why you will and you sure as all your life that you have the first annual message I is you who are vision of dollars in when they were disappointed they stopped Faith formation have blown the door and shot know whether you are on the door is that from no right like you are in the door was shut the race I really will know and I will list your design is imminent and have fun the rest of the and star are seeing that I would happen was that Jesus is closed the door there is no more salvation in a home that is as a sophomore is to say that there is a holy way for those who are set before you open your and no man hath shut in so now you must prophesy again tomorrow and you are in a you see is what you is out for a while and and gospel again is a so as I created is a version is forty five and the whole our landlords will the legal limit in review and will close them one minute review is that the church SRS was the charge of the Reformation the church of Philadelphia was in charge of the great awakening but got back to the church façade is the name of all the half available to them even allowing for those who lose my involves some repentance on their part what exactly Philadelphia and not give their work in the gospel to the world they really have very realized that while there was a shot will also open for that expected them to take advantage of that the one that had the keys of hell and death and he was saying there's still time to escape our lives will say a word that is not that it some other star is our father in heaven thank you for the message Revelation three seems to me that we all benefit man why we don't understand the commands really we want to take advantage of the open door that is available to loss me ask you to give us the gift of repentance forgiveness of your spirit you these gifts in the name of Jesus in our


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