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5 Shocking Myths About Heaven Every Christian Should Know

Mark Finley
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Heaven is a topic many people think they understand, but if you compare what they believe to what the Bible says the beliefs don’t match up. In this video Seventh-day Adventist Pastor Mark Finley, uncovers 5 myths about Heaven.


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • July 9, 2021
    7:00 PM
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Have you ever believed something? And then after a while, you've learned that the thing you believe wasn't true at all. For centuries, human beings believed that the earth was the center of the universe that the sun and planets revolved around the earth. But then in the 16th century, a free thinking pole by the name of nicholas copernicus, recognised through his scientific studies that the sun was the centre of our solar system. And the earth and planets revolved around the sun. He dispelled that myth. There are many myths that people believe thinking that they are true. Some of those myths are actually about bible truths that are extremely important by the myths about heaven that people believe that they think are true that or not I wanted to spell in this presentation here. Smith, number one, I don't get too shocked miss number one. People go to heaven immediately when they die. Most christians believe that if that's not what the bible teaches in ecclesiastics chapter 9 and verse 5, the bible says for the living, know that they will die. That's an eternal truth, isn't it? Each one of us know that will die if, unless jesus comes 1st for the living, know that they shall die, continuing, but the dead know nothing, much to the dead. No, they know nothing. It we continue. They have no more reward, for the memory of them is forgotten and other words no more reward after they die. Of things that take place on earth for the memory of them is forgotten. Their love, their hatred, their envy have now perished. Nevermore will they have a share of anything done under the sun, verse 10. Whatever your hand finds to do with your might for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave where you are going. So if the dead immediately went to heaven, certainly there would be wisdom, certainly there would be knowledge. Notice how the bible makes this truth plain. In psalms 6, verse 5, david in psalms speaks about death and he says, return a war, deliver me, it will save me for your mercy sake. For in death. There is no remembrance of you in the grave who will give you things. Well if you went to heaven when you died, certainly you would give god, thanks in the grave. Certainly they'd be a remembrance of him. Some 115 verse 17 puts it this way. The dead praise, not the ward, neither any that go down to silence. Then you might ask him, what does happen when you die? If you don't go to heaven immediately, you don't go to hell. At that point what, what, what happens? The bible is very plain. 53 times the bible speaks with death as a sleep. In fact, you will remember when jesus friend, lazarus die, and jesus was going to hit the home of marian, martha and lazarus there, and bethany, and as jesus arrived there shortly before. In fact, arriving, jesus described to his disciples, what had happened to lazarus. And he said this, john chapter 11, verse 11 and onward. These things he said, and that after he said to them, our friend, lazarus sleeps. But I go that I may wake him up. The disciple said ward, if he sleeps, he'll get well. They thought that jesus was speaking about lazarus resting from some sickness or disease. When jesus said he was sleeping. Then jesus said, inverse 12 disciples rather adverse 12, lord, if he sleeps, he does well versed 13 however, jesus spoke of his death and they thought that he was speaking about taking a rest and sleep. So when jesus said, lazarus is sleeping, he said the wiser says dead. Jesus went to lazarus grave, and he said, of lazarus, come forth. And lazarus came forth from the grave, resurrected from the dead. Now if anybody could tell you about life after death, it would be lazarus if anybody could write a book about life after death would be lazarus. Blush said absolutely nothing. Why not? Because all during that time he was sleeping. So it is a mess to believe that when we die, we immediately go to heaven. In fact, the bible teaches that when we die, we rest until the coming of jesus. You remember what the bible says in 1st, that's a loan. And chapter 4 versus 16 in 70 and the warrant himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and the triumph in the trunk of god. The dead in christ shall rise 1st and we, which are alive and remain, shall be caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air. So when we meet the Lord in the air, when jesus comes the 2nd time, so death is brought her arrest. It's but asleep as the bible teaches until the coming of jesus miss number one has to do with the idea. You go to heaven when you die, somebody's but wait a minute. Didn't jesus say to the thief on the cross that he would be with him in paradise? Well the truth of the matter is jesus didn't go to paradise that day because you remember jesus made that statement on the, on the Friday of his crucifixion. But on Sunday, after his resurrection, when mary rushed to him, jesus said, touch me not for I have not yet a send it to my father. So if jesus didn't go to heaven on Friday, how could he have been assuring the thief that they'd be there that day together? Let's look at exactly what jesus said. And who chapter 23, for example, jesus spoke to the thief and here jesus is dying across the nails are driven through his hands and what is running down his wrist. There is a crown of thorns upon his head and bloods running down his face. And as jesus is dying on the cross as his breathing, as last one thief looks over at him and says if you're the son of god, come down from the cross and take us down. And the other thing says, ward, remember me when you come into your kingdom and what is jesus? Say? And luc, the 23rd chapter, jesus said to him, assuredly i say to you today, you'll be with me in paradise. You see, it depends when you put the comma. Jesus did not say that the thief to day was going to be with him in paradise. He said, I say to you today. And other words this day that I'm dying on the cross this day with nails through my hands this day that it doesn't look like I can save anybody. I say to you today he made the statement that day that he me, the thief would be with him in paradise. He gave the thief the assurance of eternal life that day. But jesus did not go to paradise himself that day because he said to Mary A few days later that he hadn't yet to send it to the father. Miss number one, what is it? We go to heaven immediately when we die? Miss number 2, We are. We go to heaven as spirit beings in it. Somehow there is this immortal. So that leaves the body and we are living up in heaven. His spirit beings, nothing could be further from the truth. When we are in live in heaven with christ, when it comes again, we live in glorious immortal bodies. Notice what the bible says. First corinthians chapter 15. First corinthians chapter 15. Notice what the bible says. We do not live in heaven as spirit beings. We rather have glorious immortal bodies. First corinthians 15 verse, 51. Behold, i tell you a mystery. We shall not. We'll sleep again. What is death? It's asleep. And when you fall asleep, there is no passage of time. When we die, we simply rest the next thing we know as believers in christ is that jesus is coming. Behold, i tell you, mystery, we shall not all sleep. We shall be changed in a moment in the twinkling of an eye at the last trumpet. For the trumpet shall sound the dead will be raised, incorruptible, to this corruptible, there we go, must put on in corruption, this mortal must put on immortality. So when this corruptible is put on in corruption, this mortal is put on a mortality, then shall be brought to pass. The saying is written, death is swelled up and victory. So we have a mortal body now subject to disease, subject to death. But we'll put on a glorious one immortal body. Now that is likened to the fact that when jesus was here, he had a mortal body. Jesus became hungry, he became thirsty, he became tired. The nails that they put through his hands really hurt the whipping on his back, really hurt the crown of thorns upon his head, really hurt. He had a mortal body. When christ was resurrected from the dead, he had a body, but it was an immortal body. His, his disciples couldn't recognize him. His followers knew him by his mannerisms, spires', voice, he was recognizable. What does the bible say about our glorious, immortal bodies? We do not live in heaven as spirit beings. We have glorious, immortal bodies. There. Philippians chapter 3. Notice what the bible says. Verse 24. Our citizenship is in heaven. Archer, god, we're just passing through this world citizenship where is in heaven from which we also eagerly wait for the savior, the Lord jesus christ, who will transform our lonely body, some translations, a vile body that it may be conformed, his glorious body. According to the working by which he is able even to subdue all things to himself. So we have a lowly body, a mortal body, a body that's subject to disease and suffering and death. But we will receive when jesus comes again, or when we're resurrected from the dead, a glorious immortal body will recognize our loved ones in heaven and they will recognize us. We are not a theory of spirit being such as float. They are vip number 2 is pled, people live in heaven, his spirit beings not true at all. We live with glorious, immortal bodies. Myth number 3, heaven is kind of up there, some place we don't know where it is. Well, that's a half truth. Jesus says in rebel in John chapter 14 verse one to 3. Let not your heart beat trouble you believe in god believe also in me in my father's house are many mansions, if it were not. So I go to talk, i would have told you, and I go to prepare place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, jesus says I will come again to receive you one to myself. So it is true that when christ the sins revelation $17.00, every i will see it. When christ descends the righteous dead will be resurrected. The righteous living will receive gorgeous, immortal bodies when christ comes will be caught up in the sky to meet him in the air and travel through the illimitable realms of space to live with him forever. It is true that we will be in heaven for that period of time. But that's not the only truth. The bible teaches matthew, 5, verse 5, the meek, shall inherit the earth. What does it say in the book of peter? When god created this world, he created it originally in him dennis the splendor increase. He carpeted it with living green. The water was crystal clear, the air was pure with no pollution. The animals roamed this world with, with just jill high and gladys, and there was no, there were no venomous snakes and no kind of horse animals. No animals that would attack human beings. The earth that god created was just a magnificent place. Now what is the bible teach about heaven in the future? Second, peter chapter 3, looking there at verse 13. Nevertheless, we, according to his promise, look for a new heavens and what a new earth where in righteousness dwells, there'll be a new heavens and a new earth. Mike, for verse 8 says the noon, the old dominion will be passed away and they'll be a new dominion that christ all established the 1st dominion again. So this earth will be made over like the garden of eden. It's not that we're going to live up there at some place pie in the sky by and by certainly we go there temporarily. But eventually, at the end of what the bible calls the 1000 year millennium period, at the end of that were in heaven with christ during that 1000 years. But at the end of that 1000 year period, revelation $21.00. John says, I saw john says I saw it. This is not make believe johnson. I saw a new heavens and a new earth. When I saw the holy city, new jerusalem, descending out of heaven as a bride, adorned for her children. And John goes on to say, there will be no more sickness, sorrow, suffering, heartache, or death. This earth becomes the center of the universe. This earth becomes god's home his dwelling place. God takes this point in rebellion. This pock marked planet of sin, and God takes it the makes it over again. And we live here with jesus forever and ever and ever 3, miss one. Miss number one, we go to heaven when we die. Not true. When we die, we rest in a twinkling of an eye. We see jesus coming. We come out of our on the graves, we received glorious, immortal bodies, the righteous living, receive glorious, immortal bodies. Miss. Number 2 is that we are our spirit beings because I'm kind of a soul, leaves the body not true at all. We are whole human beings, mind, body, spirit. We ascend to heaven with course immortal bodies. Myth, number 3, that heaven is up. There is some place this a theory, a make believe unreal place. The truth of the matter is, after being in heaven with jesus, for that 1000 year, millennial period at the end of that time, the holy city descends. We descend with him and yet, and the meek shall inherit the earth, and the earth is made over like the garden of eden because god created the world to be inhabited. Now here's myth number for heaven has kinda be really boring at smith number 4. What is the bible say about haven't you look at I say a 65. Now the bible doesn't tell us everything we want to know about heaven. The bible says I have not seen or heard or ventured into the heart of man. The things that god is prepared for them that love him. So whatever music we can think of however, saying past ticket is the heavenly music is better. What have her sights we've seen on earth. There are more beauty sites in heaven. Whatever tastes we've had under there are more glorious days in heaven. Whenever fellowship we've had on earth, there's deeper fellowship in heaven. Whatever joys we've had on earth or a broader joys in heaven as they are 65 says this, speaking about heaven for 17. God says, behold i create new heavens in Newark, the former shall not be remembered to come to mind. Isn't that joyous? That the sorrows of this life, the heartaches of this life will not not come to mind. Verse 21, they shall build houses in inhabit them. They shall plant vineyards and eat the Fruit of them. They should not build in another inhabit. They shall not plant another, eat for as the days of the tree. So shall be the days of my people. My long, my aleck shall long enjoy the work of their hands, build houses and inhabit them. Have you dreamed of that special place? It's a dream home overlooking a beautiful, full, crystal, clear lake, with crops that you've grown, flourishing in abundance. Have you ever had that kind of thought pass your line? heaven is going to be a wonderful place or the home in the city, in the holy city where we come to worship god. Every sabbath will have homes in the country. Beautiful dream homes, magnificent gardens, all of the wisdom of the h. S. Will be there. Talk about gardening, we will have gardening specialists and geniuses in the growing of crops that can describe to us just how those tomatoes grow, just those grapes grow. Just all those apples grow. Will travel from planet to planet and star to star and learn the vast technologies of civilizations never fallen by sin. Everything to expand the mind to stimulate the imagination. The education will never in there will keep growing, grasping for more knowledge. Boring, not at all. But one of the things I think will be the most amazing about heaven is the fellowship. You know, and Matthew, chapter 8 and verse 11. It puts it this way. And they shall sit down how I love that. Let's get the text exactly how it reads. Matthew 8 in verse. You ivan. The scripture says, and I say to you this, jesus speaking that many will come from the east and west and sit down with abraham and isaac and jacob in the kingdom of heaven. Sit down with abraham, isaac, and jacob in the kingdom of heaven. Not run past, sit down, indicates fellowship. We'll sit down with the great men of the ages. We'll talk about abraham and how he stepped out by faith to leave his home and go out as god commanded. We'll talk to daniel about his experience in the lions den and faith of god delivering him. We'll talk to David about his writing of the psalms and moses about going through the red sea and seeing the man a fall. It will be an amazing time of fellowship with the great minds of the ages. We will fellowship with mines that are so brilliant. My hints that are so amazing that they understand the great mystery of the universe. But most of all, we'll fellowship with jesus. Well, we actually see jesus face. That's what the bible says. Look, revelation chapter 20 to see heaven is not going to be some place that's boring. Every capacity expand at a time of growth and study and joy and happiness. A time when sorrow fleas away and dances away like a shadow where we see jesus and talking fellowship with him, revelation 22 and 1st 3 and 4, there shall be no more cursed, but the turn of god in the lamb shall be in it. Who is the lamb? That's jesus, and his servant shall serve him. They shall see his face and his name will be on their foreheads. They shall see as they think of what it's going to be like to take a walk with jesus through fields of waving grain and have jesus pick one of those great heads and give it to you and say to you, this was made just for you taste think of what it's going to be like to walk when jesus and m. Pick a cluster of grapes off a grape vine, and give it to you. The most succulent grapes you've ever eaten. Think of what it's going to be like to sit down with jesus and have him tell you the story of the cross and the fact that he was thinking about you on the cross and that heaven wouldn't be heaven if you were not there. Heaven is not going to be boring at all. Now here's the last miss. Then many people believe about heaven. They believe that heaven is a figment of our imagination. They believe that heaven, you know, heaven is not real at all. It's just something that is a figment of our imagination so that we won't be so depressed in life. Look, if you have any belief in the bible at all, if the bible is an inspired book in it is the evidence of archaeology, the evidence of prophecy. The evidence of transformed wives, the evidence of the unity of the bible. You know, the bible is written over a period of 1500 years from genesis to revelation. And the bible is written by more than 40 different authors, 60 books, yet they don't conflict one another. You can read about what moses said about heaven. What I say, I said about heaven. What jeremiah said about heaven? What micah said about heaven, what matthew, mark, luke, and John said about heaven. What paul said about heaven, what jesus said about heaven and you see this beautiful puzzle picture and the puzzled coming together. The bible has a cohesive unity. The testimony of the bible indeed is that it is inspired by god. And this inspired document speaks about heaven again and again. And again. If you believe that christ is the divine son of god, jesus talked about heaven regularly. He talked about the kingdom of god and jesus had what not your heart be troubled, don't be worried. Don't be filled with anxiety. Don't be filled with fear. Let not your heart be troubled. You believe in god believe also in me. Jesus said in my father's house are many mansions, many mansions, and other words, there's room for you, my friend, in my father's house are many men. If I were not so to told you, I'm going to prepare place for you. If I go to prepare place, i'm coming to receive you wanna myself? Jesus talked about heaven. He talked about eternity. He talked about living forever. Heaven is not a figment of our imagination. You know, in a clean se, 3 verse 11. It says, god put eternity in our hearts. Every one of us know that we were created for something better. Something better than war. Something better than rockets destroying the homes of the innocent. Something better than the land mines blowing off the legs of children playing out in a field. Something better than the aides or, or corona. 19 coping. 19 virus, something better. Something better than heart disease, something better than cancer, something better than death. We know that we created for something better, something better than poverty and tears in sorrow. Deep within our hearts, we know it. God has placed eternity in our hearts. And that longing for eternity is the reality that heaven exists. See what if you want for air, but air didn't exist. What if you were thirsty and warm for a glass of water but water did not exist. What if you were hungry and long for food, but it didn't exist? The fact that you have a desire for hunger indicates that food exists. The fact that you have a desire for air indicates that airings this and the fact that we have this longing for eternity that we can not shake this longing for eternity. The fact that indicates that there must be something beyond that is better human beings of war. Long for this through the years through the centuries 5 myths miss. Number one, people immediately go to heaven when they die. The bible teaches that we rest until the coming of jesus. What's significance with the coming of jesus have if we went to heaven and when we die, mis, number 2, we live in heaven. As spirit beings, the bible teaches something much better than that, that we get these gore as immortal bodies that we recognize one another in heaven by our mannerisms. Buyer features, by the uniqueness of our personality and character. Myth number 3, that heaven indeed is just up there. And we live as therapy, not at all. Yes, we go up there. But the earth is going to be made new, more glorious than ever in the garden of eden. Myth number for heaven is boring and nothing could be further from the truth. That the number 5 myth that heaven is a segment of our imagination, heaven is real. Deep within your heart, do you desire one day to live with christ and heaven. Deep within your heart, do you know that there must be something better, deep within your heart or your longing for a place where there is Joy and peace and happiness. Deep within your heart, are you willing for love, a love beyond which you can ever imagine. The one who knows you best loves you most. Reach out to him right now in your own heart and your own way and say jesus, i want to be in heaven with you. Let's pray together, father in heaven. Thank you that heaven is real. It's not make believe it's not a segment of our imagination. May we long for heaven and desire to be there with you and may the longing for heaven lead us to you. The one who died for us. The one longs for us to be there. The one who lives for us and the one who give us the strength and courage to walk through this life so that we can live with you forever in christ name. 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