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Brief Thoughts on the Final Test

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • May 11, 2010
    6:45 AM

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you are father in heaven I have to join us here this morning to help us understand your holy Bible I asked for this gift in the name of Jesus I have written is good news right in the Willows in relation class I have prepared this morning a one eighty three you are in the market these you will not know a you got right and in her and the more thoughtful about some things on his way for worship then tomorrow God willing if I can find successful I will have a one-page review on the judgment and make it else that pattern will this help you in this week to process things done in your Bible to Deuteronomy Deuteronomy chapter six hundred and those you whoever teaches like this is if you have worship the morning finals if you don't do something like this you might have low attendance and you Deuteronomy chapter six looking at verse six and these words which I command thee this day what is now when you hear that song we invite our I will remind you of Mount Matthew twelve year out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks hello I you will not learn the words that you hear God commands us God commands are to be a part that is manifested BNR let's is going versa is you number seven and also teach them diligently unto thy children docile talk of them when thou sentenced in the house when the law is by the way when the alliance down and when now realizes the connection member sixty seven note commands of God are to be in our hearts by lender in our heart they are to be in our mad cylinder seven wiki 's and diligently toward children look at verse eight and also bind them for a sign upon thine hand and they shall be as well let us between nine but here's the nut of war that makes felt so apparent in the book of Revelation a metaphor the commands of God being as if they're in our hand or is there enough for you we could ask the question why in the fourth and while there might be more than one finance are likely to Exodus thirty one of this chapter is looking at verse nine Exodus thirteen is a and it shall be for a sign unto the upon thine hand and for a memorial between thine eyes that the Lord 's law maybe work was the same now for with a strong hand the Lord brought you out of Egypt so I remember the first thing something different says right now never have you so I'm glad we got the point we did from that Deuteronomy six because I expected to be your next is thirteen which probably isn't some other burst nearby is the reason the law of God is as a memorial between our eyes is so that we can teach it the purpose of sharing exactly you cannot find a reason parent meeting your Bible to Jeremiah Jeremiah chapter three looking at verse three first on the verse reminds me that were under a flood watch again today not that we get as much rain today as we got last week the ground is already full the conscious runs off Jeremiah three verse three there are the showers have been withholding and there have been no latter rain and thou hast able to say a Morris born at you refused to be ashamed so the craft of these Old Testament verses there is a verse that speaks for the metaphorical dust the heart but the laws in the heart of the DNR now we want to be sharing with the people who need to know by way of contrast no more hard-core and is hard and in that represents is the pressure provided problem for your item distribution or violation of the law you have in one hand a class are teaching the law on the other hand when you are refusing to be ashamed for you will and revelation these show up again there is a whore and she has been written for a and are the servants of God and the seal of God in therefore looking for sin first Samuel chapter sixteen first Samuel sixteen and looking at the but the Lord said understanding well look not on this account for on the height of his stature because I refuse to the Lord sees not as man sees for man looks on the what to say the outward appearance but the Lord looks on the heart when we read about the Mark of the beast in Revelation thirteen that is forced by law so that those who will not work you buy or sell messenger that is enforced by human laws have to be something that can be observed by you that is the Martin B must be some outward and what is it that God is looking for God is looking at the back in Revelation law people can choose to submit to the market of these God who does writing of zeal I moreover Angel is not that I feel like a Rosenstein God is the one who sent his angel to put the CON report God prices law on the inside man their very best to write your law outside they know their turn in your Bibles to revelation Revelation chapter fourteen Revelation chapter fourteen in looking at herself the message that goes to the whole world is saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is an worship him that made heaven and earth to you and the fountains of water here is a message that comes to the whole world and is saying worship God as creator your friend 's list simplify everything right now is there are not many churches were thinking gospel to the world on a communal one even the options in this window count because they're not taking the gospel to the world with only one organization taking the gospel to the world in the gospel including this idea on a three is the comfort you somewhat think that you're in the church is doing now is Peter chapter three verse three Peter chapter three verse three looks to be a very related to the first single message knowingness bars that there shall come in the last days offers walking after their own lives so here in the end of time when we have a message length of the world we help also I thought people rising up or making light of something or sloppy something with this file is and saying where is the promise of his hunting for the fathers fell asleep all continue as they were in the beginning of one year people and knowledge the idea of what they don't know the idea of something change in the end something by four different honey price look at verse five for this pair willingly ignorant that the word of God there were a whole and the first and the health of the lobster man in the locker numbers for and operation members by dating a higher creation happens by the word of God by God just speaking and is being done versus expert by the world that then was beautiful to moderate their one hundred and nine he is the idea of a expatriation the idea of a little role-play line and I see you soon on the basis of judgment one of them are presented does it make sense to you that if there is a class of people taking this message to the world adjustment is your worship God as creator that is that message is not accepted by a one would rise up against in those the right against it wouldn't make light of maximum limit wife I do not create the world in six days that there was a roll why there's a special judgment these are the two classes in Revelation that are split down the middle and there's an irony that is so deep and so why very many of the mainline Christian churches today following the lead of Catholicism have adopted the idea of theistic evolution that is that God used evolution to slowly three eighths and higher forms from the lawless levels of single celled life and what has the Pope had to say about that he said that is a fine doctrine as long as the very end you say that God is the one who put this all into the highest level and that is what that's the Roman it doesn't honor God in my honor God is one reason what is say that's right to have the courtesy and all that in them is in our words not yesterday evolution summary of all the reset this morning alone and you issue your relation class is the issue over the mark and seal isn't just an issue over internalizing this issue over a message going to work in there is a message that goes the world and when it's rejected rejection of that message is a further corruption about Islam is not the message that people are getting in the fourth two thousand and Nora will now have to savor we be here when when the message from the world the four thousand word in masonry a resident of being a spiritual voice a man so there is Babylon the great mother I sure are many of her daughter and he is in a and not predicted the rise is evolution human RNA predicted that as early as a our father in heaven I want to thank you for a law that can be and are now that we can represent you to a world that doesn't understand prepare us for the exam coming this week but more particularly for the exam this coming beyond this world we aim the past that point yes the gift of your spirit in the name of Jesus


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