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The Science of Faith

Derrick Williamson



  • July 10, 2010
    10:00 AM
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no morning is glad to be back here with you again have been held last time I was here was a different setting than this we were out at the Pine Springs Ranch they are having the Abell weekend retreat there and it was a good experience yes in preparation for the end times remember cuddling underneath all the clothes and sleeping bag that I had as it was forty degrees generated shaking my lord I speak tomorrow I'm getting about an hour so asleep and I just think God that he gives you strength when you need it amen and today as when you are probably sleeping or just getting been having breakfast on your way over here to be here on time we were making a mad dash Ali across from Glendale I was able to get the going out last night and coming to you at this moment from Simi Valley California and that's quite a drive but it's good to be here and you should've seen the way the relief that came upon Carlos 's faith of these only come in and in coordinating with him and he was not sure that the bill would make it today and it's good to be here with you as a dimension I teaches souls less it's a leadership and vandalism training institution of the Pacific Union and also during the summer time for you to be a part of one of our biggest evangelism thrust that we call the youth for Russian program is a matter of fact we have several students that I did knowledge on this from the Southern California conference Southeastern California conference you crush and I'm coming from the Southern California where we take and have the students that come from all over Southern California and the southeastern California and even other parts of the states and for ten weeks they go door-to-door leading literature with people especially books like the great controversy anybody fluid is not here I also was eleven hope and is very interesting and having some very particularly interesting experiences the great Sierra Leone I can recall just the last two weeks that we've got great cars used to I can remember a Catholic priests a person self-proclaimed neopagan I know what that is to several Protestant ministers of different types of denominations and to a Muslim lady here recently got a great car signaling that were Seventh-day Adventists and do a special experience for most coal porters we got great constitutes and Jehovah witnesses and informants that's good news is that makes a call quarter very happy and you know they are Kauai Garden holy rivals that we were again so you know when you get your message book into their hand this makes you really excited today's a day that I'm very excited for giving a talk about something that I love you know it's also a blessing to add this that in today's economy I get to do the work that I love I work to make a big impact in difference every day and guess what I get paid to do it how cool is that another work with young people and spread the truth that changed my life it years ago I had a experience rose saved racks and by the grace of God and Elizabeth steps to Christ that made the difference in my life and now for eight years and been a part of a measure that coordinates either myself or the hundreds of students underneath me passing out thousands of such a crisis every single summer and this is one other derrick outbid or read a book and become an active member in the seven banisters and become evangelists is worth it amen and they were bundled to the basics of our faith and that is actually look at what is faith and how is it was a look like in the life of a righteous person cause-and-effect his life for her life and before we do that in open forgot I want to add a short workfare for the Holy Spirit 's instructors is better hence gracious father in heaven we come to you this morning as sinners we have nothing by which we can approach your throw accept that you have been a mercy send your son to redeem us the moment sin came into existence and we were condemned to death at his training you'll step in here today Lauren and speak to those that need to hear this message some need to accept it and to be changed by others he did is be strengthened and encouraged what I don't know what that who they are and how to do that site is fully for you the all seeing and all-powerful and all-knowing God to step in and do that for us I asked for your Holy Spirit to be here in Jesus name amen why would we talk about what is safe and how does it affect a person a righteous person woke Jesus in Luke chapter eighteen ask a very interesting question the children within their live chapter eighteen Jesus has justice finishes speaking parabolic leaf about the unjust judge and the widowed woman and summary were not going to read this parable that he basically this woman comes to an unjust judge is that he neither fear God nor man and she pressed her addition to be advantage of her enemies to the judge and he said I'm not that I do it I'm not that I do it I'm not limited and finally as she continually pressed before the judge he says I'm going to a venture and less she worries me so what was the motivation for him taking action to do something it was not out of fear for God or for man to help someone who simply he was tired of being pestered by idols on and says that you shall not God verse seven of binge his own elect after him day and night so God elected to be crying out to him how often as an nice but he stands in verse eleven eight if you can I tell you that he got Mormons and speedily but the question that he brings to pass here nevertheless when the Son of Man comes will he find faith on the year if Jesus thought important that the question I think is important address and audio and I want to tell you that the most hopeful of us here today need to be careful and we must be very watchful because there are forces in play at this very moment ever increasing in number and strength to misplace this place and replace our faith in the Lord of God and the God of truth you can read about it and I'm crazy to do that go home and pick up a book called testimonies to ministers and gospel workers if the chapter section of the chapter entitled the sneers of Satan page I believe four seventy two where Satan out that the profit is given an opportunity to listen in on Satan 's devices and plan his counsel on how it says specifically to overthrow the fate of those calling attention to the Sabbath what is Satan concerned with people who are calling attention to the Sabbath and shingles on its head the reason why because the same language reveals the true biblical Sabbath reveals Christ the last work of man's redemption in the heavenly sanctuary and he wants to hold our minds are looking to that that's exactly what it says testimony diminishes gospel workers page four seventy two has a very interesting look with me here in Revelation chapter fourteen we read this verse in this Sabbath school class one of the defining characteristics of God 's faithful ruminants Revelation fourteen twelve is simply that says this here are they that Nuance keep the commandments of God have no faith of Jesus the Lamb of atheist today I've made a point here just recently and I've been studying this issue of faith to flee with God-given faith of Jesus I want to have a faith in Jesus amen think of it identifies right here in the revelation of Jesus Christ the last of the Bible that the people are going to be in the room that have made Jesus on the paper do you thought you so I think it would be good that we look at what we can look back and see how Jesus identified and entreated faith when you great let's go to Matthew chapter eights as you train there it's very interesting that if I were to do a survey asking the members in this audience or just a Christian audience in general what is faking it a slew of clichéd answers while faith is the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things unseen that through absolutely faith is knowing that God is the employee free whenever things against you is that true faith is innocent trusting that God is one gets you through this situation we might even Havana start recording some things and say you know that faith is taking God seriously and doing what he says are a reasonable on a wrong the problem is a not entirely true they don't have the fullness of the faith was an effective advocacy often have the definition statement sometimes I know myself until recently I didn't even grasp the full idea behind it so I said Lord teach me what is faith and I wanted to go see what Jesus had to say about Matthew chapter eights rotary to this rather quickly adverse viruses and when Jesus had entered into Capernaum there came unto him thus ensuring ECG hand and he said Lord my servant lies a homesick of pulsing grievously tormented NFL he says and these are steps in and says I will come and heal him I'm glad that Jesus is in the business of young people argue but notice what happens here to Centurion speaks up Amber Satan since I am not worthy that you should come underneath my roof but deluxe speak the Lord only and what my servant shall be healed for I am a man with authority having soldiers under me and I think this man go any goals of this man and he comes into this man do any benefits when Jesus heard this he marveled and said to them that followed him verily I say into you I have not found so great of faith not no not even in Israel can deceive God if he keeps statistics like we do with our football basketball and soccer players I would say that God keeps us his statistics on people 's faith and you can almost see this in Job chapter one work the son of God come together in a Council and Satan appears precise making some accusations about God and what is God saying Heidi considered my servant Job God has statistics on his servant Job he knew that he had great faith and hear this very faith of the centurion who is not even a part of Israel are God 's people displays what Christ is described and identified as great faith as sad to say that his very own people didn't display the around him so what is faith lets this break us apart quickly this in turn had a need he needed something to be done what was in that he needed to be done a feeling of his servants he comes to Christ and what is it that he expects and depends upon to accomplish the healing of his servants the word only PC that he is unwilling to come it was willing to be had to do it it is sad and make them are put on the eyes what is going to come in touch and do what you do but the centurions it says if you want to speak with in your word lies the very power to accomplish what it says that I know that what I walk back to my house I will meet my servant and he will be healed so unless summarizes say that faith is knowing that the word of God has the power to accomplish what it says and not only that it's depending and expecting upon that work only to do what it says I witnessed so far that is faith that is the principle that we understand and to teach what is safe to simply teach at that of the nature of the word of God you know about this Norvasc in this fast but Psalms verse Chapter thirty three let's is taking a little closer look here at the nature of the work done songs chapter thirty three and verse six and nine the auto quote this binary says by the wife's war of the Lord what took place in the heavens were made in all the holes in them by the breath of his mouth verse nine for he did what he spake and was gone he commanded and steadfast PC this Genesis chapter one God is looking upon the earth without what was without form and void anything he says and let there be lights and what is not said what let there be light and there was light and I wanted to distinguish between the light in the darkness he called the evening in the morning day and night and I wanted to create land separate from the waters and so God spoke the lands and the oceans into existence in the waters you can read about a decision simply got spoken what took place what he said to place because within what he says is the power to accomplish what he wants to do a map now this is a very interesting thing you understand the dilemma that that is forgotten we go outside and look up and this guy was in the sky is blue and God were here he said the sky is pink is for the sky 's not to be a follower looking right now is Lewis and his God speaks guess what happens a little inlet blue is my BP that right if you're driving down the road in a Honda and God says what cars this season is a Honda Civic and that his knowledge it's a Ford Pinto yes what are you driving that is the nature of God 's word he cannot lie because when he speaks there is the creative and the buying power and energy within his spoken word to accomplish what he said and visited his estate hats because he can take what God said and just adjust and adapt a little bit and presented to humanity and we start to think all yeah sounds almost as critical to disclose the truth that sounds right and justice three we see that that's what brought sin into existence God cannot lie it's the difference between God 's word and man's word if I tell you what to do something to make a deal with you I have do something I love what I have said to accomplish it and the people the right if God makes a deal with you all he has to do is make a deal with you and say it's and it will happen these events the first principle of faith is to understand and to know that within the spoken word of God which has been recorded in all Bibles here that it contains a very power to do what it says amen to that is a beautiful thing about faith what is another aspect of faith let's turn our Bibles were discussed him this Genesis chapters fifteen through twenty one we actually referring to this end Samsung class loader this morning Genesis chapters fifteen through twenty one we read about the covenant and the promise which God makes with a brown at the time his name was Abram that he was going to do what's bless his seat in Macon the father of many nations and blessed the world through him right and sold it says in verse six of chapter fifteen Genesis fifteen hundred six and he believed in the Lord after what God has said he believed in the Lord and he got counted to him for what around such that the moments I teach in the same thread I can't help but add century to about everything that talk about now that promised it seems coming first let's identify what's going on here Abram is given the promise of God and it says that he did what he believed and that belief was counted to Abraham as what righteousness so for a time this second I had given to Abraham had not come through and his wife gets a little frustrated that Jesus can have a child with Abraham and are getting older in years things are looking more gloomy and word is helpful for them to have a child which he will be open to bless them with as he's promised and the woman comes up with a great idea while to take unlike his maidservant and go on to her and make a child with her and then we'll have see by which we can be blessed through the blessing of God and Abraham thought about it and he took the advice and guess what that place we have the descendents of additional today and you go on you read through this and you know God this almost doesn't really deal with it for a while but then they comes up again here in chapter seventeen God visits Abraham again at his old years and he says I'm still going to keep my promise with you I'm going to bless your seat and Abrahams like inverse eighteen oh God that Ishmael might live before you Abraham is still trying to trust in man's devices here to fulfill God 's promise and God says I've heard your prayer for Ishmael and I've got a promise and I've got something went deep for him because I'm still going to fulfill my promise to you and I was at an later on visit Sarah and she conceives and they have their son Isaac through which God has blessed in the world and created the nations which he promised amen nonresident fishing ban takes place in Genesis chapter twenty two this e-mail finally takes place Latin America marigold when all went when Sarah 's loan and an Abraham 's ability to reproduce is bad God makes his miracle take place and now Abraham is given the command from God and Jesus went to to take it back son which is a miracle and the promise of the blessing of God and do what go sacrifice them as often as worship to God DC of Abraham doubted and didn't do what God said or did he view what God said this time you can read about in Hebrews and James a says that he took that God was able to take them that were dead and bring something out then that was alive could raise all what God had not done yet someone who is from from death to life that's righteousness that state believing in God it is his reward is able to contradict itself in awake and still with both thinkers got a set great faith is ability take God 's word against God 's word and be faithful and believe God will accomplish whatever his promise either way a man not interesting here as we close into the last part this is the major Parliament talk about today Romans chapter four let's do a quick reviews you're searching for Romans chapter four first thing is we recognize that faith is a principal concern of our inner knee and others to overthrow the faith of those calling light orchids into the status of the true God of heaven and earth amen and Satan 's concern is because that light will reveal Christ in this heavenly sanctuary performing the last work of redemption for mankind and he does not want to admit this you are calling though the tension at the what do the typical Sabbath to have the faith and that because it will only bring light upon what Christ is doing now and that is essential to a part of our salvation the great day of atonement is going on but Jesus interceding for us in the most holy place before the great throne of God in heaven and we've identified that Jesus is interested in our faith and he has identified what great faith is and what is it it is taking and believing that in the power and guys were there the power to do what it says and then not only to believe that in all that but it is to act upon its independent expect that only the world I will accomplish what the world got has set and now here we read in Romans chapter four verse five says but to him that work is not but believes on him that justifies the ungodly his faith is counted for what righteousness by faith I found something very interesting as I've been studying whether resources I've been using to learn more about faith is simply booked called lessons on faith I recommend that you take a look at it and Mary here from page eighteen in this book because I just really like how this was stated and this is the leaders into that sinks for aspect of righteousness by faith listen carefully says he spake analyzed before you spoke there was no world this is referring to them by the warlord war the heavens and earth forms after he spoke the world for their thus the word of God spoken by who Jesus Christ is able to cause that do exist which has no existence before and whence except for the word never could have existed club in the hot they're basically saying that the says Jesus spoke the words of God to create nothing into existence which is the world we have today is the same word which Christ declares today and says it is the same way we precisely see it in man's life and man's life there is no righteousness in man there is no right system which righteousness can appear in his life but God has set forth Christ to declare to be what to declare righteousness unto and upon man Christ has spoken the Lord only and in the darkened void of man's life there is righteousness righteousness to everyone who will receive this where before the word is received there was neither righteousness nor anything which could produce righteousness after the word is received there is perfect righteousness and the very fountain from which it springs the water got received by faith that is the word of God expected to do what the word says and depended upon to do what it says it produces righteousness one of the produces righteousness and a man of faith in God 's word God has declared righteousness are about to read this and it is as it is accessible and upon all who believe but the belief is in faith in the word of God that only because the war had not spoken as a power there to create it that I can be righteous and it's when that word of faith is received into the heart that in the man's life there is righteousness and there's even the fountain or the spring from which righteousness Lois what is that necessary and more of God has the power to do what it says the Cialis is recycles and goes through itself over and over this is faith one last thing I'll adhere in the manner in the life where there never was any righteous before in original creation the Wharton operates the world 's weather never wore any world before he has spoken it and sell to everyone that believes that is to everyone that receives it the word itself produces it how is Abraham justified and considered righteous first you see the promise he believed in the word of God has come up for him for righteousness then he fell away anyway to man's devices to create the promise of the blessing of God once he was not able to have any offspring himself an additional is put aside and they wait again for the promise of the Lord and numbers only the expectation at the Wharton guy could possibly do what it says then it comes in and a ramble even the word of God and was considered and counted to him for righteousness this is righteousness by faith why this important to you and I Jesus speaks many things about faith in the Bible and you look at the entire Word of God and is only so little to ask he talks about having faith but there is all a lot more talk about cultivating faith why is that Romans twelve or three says something that is quite important for us Silver Street says the last part of the verse is according as God has dealt to every man to what him and major of faith I was at the time to take you back to Genesis chapter three verse fifteen where the word of God had created perfect bond of peace and trust between how many of his creation and God the creator Satan appears on the scene and he twists and distorts God 's word and Adam and Eve but their stock in that and there's a bond is broken of peace and faith between God and man and God steps in and promises the promise of a saber but before he does that what is he saying I will put enmity between her seed and your seat entity basically being the hatred of evil and a longing for deliverance from it that God has dealt up into the heart of every man so the idea is not that we do not have faith naturally the ideas are we going to cultivate its I would like to take what we've been given and grow and expand it as Jesus asked their colleagues on and presents a pair was sent the woman that presses herself continually before the judge even when he doesn't answer she continually prices before the judge because she has stated that at some point you can answer and do something and it says that God will avenge his own elect to cry after him and I are you crying out to God in faith day and night he may have the faith that the war of God has the power to accomplish what the word of God says before we can cry out to God in faith we must first believe that he is the rewarder of them that diligently seek after him amen very interesting as I have read this to bring up this point here Romans chapter three verse twenty three 's were going to close up Romans chapter stream start verse twenty two this says even the righteousness of God which is what we buy faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe for there is no difference here and says for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God as something Romans for his five day weekend that doesn't work but believes and he that justify them godly are you ungodly today I'm ungodly this is your all have been ungodly verse twenty four being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus verse twenty five whom God has set forth to be a assist propitiation but if you look up in a better translation that means a emergency seat a what's worse is taking us back to the sanctuary a mercy seat there what and has blood to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are passed through the forbearance of God to declare I say at this time his righteousness that he might be just and the justifier of him which believes in Jesus today we live in the great and that will be in atonement where Christ has entered into the heavenly sanctuary and has moved from the holy place into the most holy and will is interceding doing his high priestly intercession for God 's people and what is so essential is that we've got I have faced to see him there and believe in what he's doing the work God says it do you believe it's maybe because the very fact that God has said but that's what Christ is doing now that that's what you doing you believe it they are you willing to live your life depending and expecting upon the world not only that just as they are doing that let's only be made righteous it's very interesting because it says that God has sent Christ to declare his righteousness noticed this picture it is any last night about two a.m. as I was unable to sleep God is looking at Christ's Christ is looking at God and he's presenting his blessing my blood my blood my blood Christ speaks and does the will of the father Christ the field will the father on earth in and spoke the words of father on earth right so Christ is now entered into the heavenly sanctuary and is pleading his sacrifice for God 's people so what is happening God is hearing his words through the son saying my blood my blood my blood if God 's word says that Jesus blood is sufficient to forgive all men other unrighteous in sin and God he cannot lie and Ghana sitting there going it's enough he will have completed the demand and penalty of the law and your word that you are declining my righteousness makes them righteous Jesus and his high priestly prayer on earth and Janet John seventeen where seventeen says father sanctified and by thy truth by word is truth Ephesians chapter five I be the first twenty four said that Christ was to wash his church with the what the washing of the war daily may present to himself a church without spot or wrinkle what is it that's doing the watching and listening to find the word of God thy word have I hid in my heart Psalms one nineteen and I'm what is the first nine tumors as I've says where with also young man cleanse his way by taking heed thereto according to what the word of God the problem is that they even are all ranks the devil has done such a great job of destroying and misplacing and replacing our faith in the word of God as being all sufficient all-powerful accomplish what it says it will do safe and works you can a lot and in James chapter two where James at the world Council had to sell this issue of faith and works simply points out that Abraham 's righteousness was accounted to him simply because of his faith is belief in the water got the Eagles also do what Abraham do he ordered his life it has household in order to the belief that he had so I would say that faith is not only knowing that there is power in the world got to do what it says not only expecting upon the ward to do it and depending only on the word too should I would say faith is obedience to the word of God because many believe that the word of God has the power to do what it says when it brings the judgments that are to come upon the world you might want have faith in warrior life in the way that Gaza this is what you shall do to have eternal life I needed his clothes and say these things in a simple way the one hundred faith of Jesus do you want to be declared righteous and in this day stand a faultless before the guy because of Christ's righteousness and his Word which he speaks he declares upon all who will receive its it's time that we study the word of God and first we must know that there is the power in this very thing the Word of God spoken through Bush the righteousness testing indication even the salvation of our Wiccan souls the more the longer and in the ministry for years the more I learn the more I teach the more I preach and while and how we can IM and if I want to get to heaven at all it's good because of the word of God and Jesus declaring his righteousness upon me and then because I've got that word in my life this brings up the well which can produce righteousness is gone that works in you both to will to want and to do his good pleasure is not meeting but yet if I just say that sounds nice and I will live my life according to how I desire I am not living a life of faith righteous my feet my friends is not an argument or theological debate it is a way of life and thinking and it was given to our church and agent needed to prepare us to meet the Lord and he think that the devil is very serious about this message you think you want to put it on the bookshelves along with the century message in the book of Revelation and always think the point faith in the world God because he has a spell upon us that prevents us from having that relationship through his word in faith payment I won't have that that is my goal has went in here of the water prayer and a meter he will not think every woman thing posted as instructed me to do this okay this comes again because you are many teachers and influence the people who influence others around you right and is a skylight evidence mechanism of the electorate is an adamant whole and I believe when it talks about the issue of the Bible is the bemused state 's union held generate ten eighteen ninety nine Elliott writes this understanding how to exercise faith this is the sign ends of the gospel this is the gospel works this is what makes it function faith exercising faith and so we ought to be teaching how to have faith so here comes so there is not much set in the Scriptures about any necessity of our having faith while very very much is said about our cultivating the UN cultivate faith you want each other to cultivate faith then the knee this read here this last quotes says the teaching of faith I'm saying this because I believe you are to be influencers and teachers the teaching of faith isn't seeking that such is the nature of the word of God that has the power to do what it says will do the teaching people how to exercise faith is teaching them to expect the word of God to do what it says to depend upon it to do the thing which it is spoken and the cultivating of faith is by practice to cause to grow confidence in the power of God 's word itself to do what the Lord has said and to make dependence upon that word itself to accomplish what the word says we want to lead our people into the righteous by faith message it starts with us having a first for we cannot teach that to which we do not believe and I think God a he is in working this in my life is been making a tremendous change in my life and I go up there and work on the front lines of evangelism in the car and then come out the devil I'm realizing how much faith is so crucial to our victory and so eyes when I say please take a moment 's or to a day and plead with God study God 's word to give you that asked Vincent experience going to the strengthening because it's going to get worse and worse running all the faith in the help we can get enough that's my prayer for myself that's marriage prayer for you as my prayer for God 's people collectively and while we'd assumed our heads and close the water prayer heavenly father we come to you this morning we confess our weakness I think that Amanda had been assigned that had been possessed by an evil spirit for years soon that had come to the disciples and could not they could not cast out that double anything you need said Lord I believe help thou mine unbelief but we do have that major faith we do have some amount of belief but what I asked that he will help us to do away with our unbelief strengthen us give us that faith of Jesus which will not let go which believes completely that in the word of God there is power to do what it says and to order one's life and complete obedience to that word what I thank you for the opportunity to share this message because it makes a difference in our relationship with you because in Ephesians two percent says we're not we are saved by grace through faith which is the gift of God so Lord give us this gift of faith is the space of Jesus and finally Romans timber seventeen says Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God the father help us not to get distracted in our busy lives help us not to take the snares of Satan and Andis to treat your words so lightly and to read it so very very little but I pray that you will help us to eat your word as if it was our very existence as it is but I think again that we have the confidence in Jesus Christ and I was thinking that he declares righteousness upon all who will believe it's how we have to do is say we are ungodly and I believe in his spoken word to accomplish that this is our prayer we pray in Jesus name


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