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The Broken Net

John Chung
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John Chung

Dermatologist in Dalton, GA



  • July 17, 2021
    3:30 PM
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Good morning, everyone This morning though is broken. Net broken. That Was several years ago. I was embarrassed to speak in the Philippines and my friends. When you go there, I should really go not, not going You know us is that it was one of the most beautiful and clear waters. But I hated know going. Why? Because I have a very for vision. So even with god, you know, when I put goggles on I take off my glasses, i can see a thing, you know, so I really didn't enjoy being on thing. I see this is run into things and run to roxanne For he said, you know, you can get a prescription goggles So lord, a prescription goggle And what a difference that made I went to this post co ill, a needle palo on philippines and I know I'm sure, so here color surprised i G norco grade, but With that prescription and I realize they really were fish in the sea. Beautiful fish. I had a wonderful, wonderful experience. So what made the difference? It was the prescription gulf This morning. New 5. On the 6 it says I'm not going to read everything, but it says one jesus has stopped speaking. He said to simon peter launched into the deep and that done your net for the catch. But simon answered and said to him, master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing. Nevertheless, it's your word. I will let down the net And when they had done this, they call it a great number of fish. And their net was breaking. Now all was in that like breaking Was it because there are too many fish Or was not strong enough For the amount of fish? Well we know at this time there was a loop 5 at the at that time We know that peter was not a convert in man. You can see and loop 20 to 31 and 32 says the Lord simon simon. Behold, satan had desired to have you say he may sift you as weak, but I have pray for the that I fail that I faith fail not. And when now are converted, strengthen die. So jesus that you're not converted yet. But when you convert, it shows in the bothering And what it is is also says say he says I have pray for the God, cause the unconverted and pray for them to be converted. So they can minister to others. Well, jesus is prayer, we have absolutely no chance. There is a very, if you look it. Revelation 824. Says is another angel having a golden sensor came in at the altar. He was given much. It's as much incense, not just live. It was much incense to he should offer it with the prayers of all the same upon the golden altar which was before the throne and the smoke of the incense with the prayers of the same ascended before god from the angels, hand Auto of incense, The purpose was r A foul smelling prayer Is mixed with the sweet smelling incense of jesus. His prayer aren't you glad that she says, prays for. And what does His praying for you right now? And when we pray, he prays with us. Because we are prayers That are hurt. They don't really smell that good. Had to be mixed with incense With christ, crescent incense. You know, there was a, there was a concert, a master pianist was coming to perform. The entire auditorium was filled on the front roll, a mother. And her 5 year old son, The curtain opened. Tannel sat in the middle to the mother's horror. For 5 year old son went up the stairs and set on the piano bench And started to play. Twinkle, twinkle little star, Other tune. As the bear's mother ran up to retrieve her son, The master canada stopped there And said to stay down. And her son is still playing, tried to play The master went To the piano And he said to this child, keep plenty kipling And what the master did was as this child was playing this, he over the child and put it both hands on the key up and down And he started to harmonize With the chas playing with his great skill That twinkle, twinkle little star became a symphony Because master had it his skill. That's what happens when we pray. Love to know that a lot of times we praise fuels like it doesn't go anywhere. You know, it just hits the ceiling. Comes right down, right. But you have to understand when you, when every time you pray, jesus prays with you. It becomes something that is beautiful, A concert, a symphony. Now, he does continue to pray for his disciples. You will have to do in a half years what jesus. Peter was still not converted But what converted him? And when you look at peter, we will know what converse us also. And John chapter 3 gives us the answer. And cher and John chapter 3 is jesus is experience or his talk with the good he missed The could he miss was a pharisee a ruler of the jews. He came by night And you know, I know you know the stories They could the mr. Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher from god for no one can do the sign that you do. Unless god is with him, he's is answered and said to him, most sure, surely i say to you. Unless one is, you guys all know what form. Again, He cannot see the kingdom of god. So If you're not converted, this is G is talking. You cannot see the kingdom of god. And further that he says. And as moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness. Okay. Remember the story about the serpent and I'm not going to go to all that as he, as moses lifted up the serpent, it wasn't even so much the son of man that she just lifted up. That is jesus on the cross. The who ever believe in him should not perish, but have eternal life for god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. So he says you have to be born again. How is through the holy spirit or of the water and a spirit, right? But what is the tool the holy spirit uses to convert us in this chapter, this clear is the cross of christ. Thus what the holy spirit uses to convert of the cross of christ desire wages. As nicodemus was being drawn to christ, as a savy faint to him, concerned a new bird, he longed to had this change wrought himself. But by what mean could it be accomplished? Jesus answered the unspoken question. As moses lifted up the serpent in the wooden us, even so much the son of man be lifted up so who so ever believe in him shall not perish, but have eternal life. Does that all? Jesus go 70. That's all part of the cross experience is started actually on Thursday night and get somebody will need all the sense of the world Around. If I told you this story, but maybe I did, i'd like to repeat things and I forget that I repeated it. So You know, every says when the child is born there they are. So cute and everything. You know, I actually absolutely disagree. When the child is born. I don't think they're cute at all. In fact, I think they're ugly. You know, when my daughter was born, I was expecting does this the most beautiful child ever born in the history of mankind? When she came out, I was so disappointed. I go here, this cone head and You know, I now, you know what I do is I say, you know, if, if anybody says a child abort, child is born, is cute. I know there are liar. But for me, you know, You know, I never really got to my daughter at the beginning and so not by purpose because I to work I was in residency. And so during that time, my wife to care my daughter 247 all the time. And she was a few months old. This was Friday. I remember very distinctly, she said to me, my wife says I need to go to the church and practice for special music. She was playing in a groove. She was kind of violent and or other instruments. So I had to go and practice with these people. Do you mind watching shauna or daughter? I said sure, no problem. Yeah, it was the very 1st time I was there. First time. And as soon as my wife loved, She started crying. No, not crying wally. So loudly it was, she was crying and crying and I was getting frustrated. I was trying to feed her and change the diaper shoe and stuff And I put her in the car with the car seat. And I started driving because a lot, lot of times you know, we had it before where she stopped crying when she's in the car supper in the car. And I started driving just driving anywhere, just a stopper from crime. Human thought I drove and drove and drove probably about 8000 miles. She wouldn't stop. I mean it was our so frustrated. I said, I can't take this. I cut her a ticket. I took her to the church. She was my wife. I still practicing. I said, I can't do this. Take your daughter At that time I realized something Here. There is this little little girl was only a few months old. She was separated from her mother for the 1st time in a life of the few months. But this but this but cause experience Because sin because jesus took upon our sins, right? sin separates us from god because jesus can't became a sense for us God, the father was being separated from his son for the 1st time. Not in few months. But the 1st time in the history of the universe, 1st time in the history. And what did jesus pray? What did he say? My God. Why have you forsaken me? Why Have you? Why have you been separate? Why you've been separated from me? You know. There was his greatest agony being separated from his father. They had never, they had never, ever in the history of the universe for eternity past the 1st time separated You know, Here was Taking the sense of the world things separated from his father. And this time of intense agony and on imaginable suffering. Peter denied christ 3 times. Just as jesus predict Says and deserves. 712 he says was degrading old for fresh upon peter's lips. And the shrill calling of the car was still ringing in his years. The savior turned from the frowning judges and looked full upon his 4 disciples. At the same time, peter's eyes were drawn to his master. In that gentle countenance, he read deep pity and sorrow. But there was, there was no anger there. Imagine that to be denied by his His beloved disciple, yet passing no anger there. It says in that pale, suffering face those quivering lips. The look of compassion and forgiveness pierced, pierced peter's heart like an arrow. Once more, he looked at his master and saw a psychologist and rates smite him in the face. Unable longer to endure the scene, he rushed heartbroken from the hall. Here is his peter. He pressed on in solitude and darkness. He knew not and cared not where at last he found himself in guest so many the scene of a few hours before came beverly to his mind. The suffering face of his lord feigned with bloody sweat and come both with anguish rose before him. It was torture to his bleeding heart to know that he had added the heaviest bird to the sea. Yours humiliation and grief. Here it is right here on the very thought word. Jesus had poured out his soul in agony to his father. Peter fell upon his face and wish wish that he might die. That is he wanted to die to self. He didn't like his old self. When he exterior christ He wanted to die And become new. Born again. Just as peter was convert to the great and the love of god, we will likewise be converted to the Grace and love of god seen on cry, cry cross experience. Thus the only thing to can reach convert is the holy spirit. Now want you all turn to John 21 versus 1011. This is after peter was converted. This is after the cross experience John 211011 says she just said to them, bring some of the fish for you have just caught simon. Peter, what, I've been dragged, the net to land full of large fish, 153. Although there were so many This time it says the net was not broken Before his conversion is not broke. As the conversion has not did not break I believe that the net represents the condition of peter's and everyone else is here. Christian experience. Broken net, a non converted not broken net, be converted one Member. The conversion can only be experience To the holy spirit. Through the cross of christ Do you know how many times we have to we have to be converted One time, 2 times, 18 times, 100 times 4 says I die. What? ideally we have to be converted, davy is not this one type thing. All is converted in 1980 for July. 19th that $947.00. No, this is a daily experience. You know, peter was from a fisherman For a truly a fissure of men. You know, When we are converted, We want to follow the example of christ Is a natural thing. This is not something that is the somebody has to force us to do. The conversion to the cross is a naturally, is a natural. We naturally act We follow the example of This to this story that I want to tell you. I don't know if it's true or not. I don't know, but I heard it from somebody. But this is what I heard. They say it was in many years ago in South korea, There was a missionary couple was driving their car And it was winter time snowing as they're driving. They saw a strange figure on the side of the road. So they went out and saw it. And this, there was a totally frozen dead naked woman. And they thought this is strange. Cold snowing while with this person take off all their clothes. And then as they were looking at this, they heard something She was holding all of her clothes and the middle of the clothes, there was a baby Still alive. So this couple got the baby. And there was so touched, they adopted the child. And when the child, those old enough they told the child exactly what the mother did. Did you know your mother saved you by covering you up with everything that she had. Everything. So you can live The child was so touch It was one time it was snowing. He told me This has adopt the TANF. Can you show me can or and take me to where my mother is buried. And so they took him there And it was freezing, cold For the mother was buried, there was a barrier sight The mother gave her life so he can live What did he do? This voice started taking off all his clothes on by worn And here he is shivering because he was totally naked. This part id to tissues. You know this house? No tissue. Ok, i was crying To tell Mom Mom because he was sitting there cold He said mom Had to say mom many, many times so they can get thank you. Tissue somebody. Handkerchief This is mom Who was call was in it Was cold. When you save me, just like I'm feeling how I'm getting Here was cold When a person is converted and they see the love They want to act like they want to experience what the savior one to They follow the example of the savior. This child, one of the experience, what his mother went through to save the true followers of christ. Whoa. Act like christ. Don't experience The things that christ 6 to When you see the cross of christ, when you see christ suffering for our sins. Up on the cross for you for each one of us. Hi, can we not follow him? You know that cowardly peter. Before the conversion, after the conversion He became a totally different person. He was bold. He was wanting to die for christ. You know how peter died, right? He's on the cross upside down. You know, Just says the prescription goggles completely changed. My experience was snow going. High cross of christ will change all of us. I could read this statement. This is my favorite all time favorite statement from spirit prophecy is found in 5 testimony on page 740 It says if the heart of remember this is, this is very carefully. All, all that means everything, right? All the paternal love, which has come down from generation to generation, the channel of Human hearts. All the springs of tenderness which have opened in the souls a man. I mean that is all the love that we have for our children. Combine from adam order down to the last person. If you compare that Have to read again. All the paternal love, which has come down from generation tears into the channels of Human hearts. All the spring of springs of tenderness which have opened in the souls of men, but as a tiny, real, nice, tiny stream to the boundless ocean. One compared with the infinite exhaust, las love of god. Tongue cannot other it can cannot portray it. He may med, may meditate upon it every day of your life. You may 3rd, the scriptures diligently in order to understand it. You may summon every power and capability that god has given you in the endeavor to comprehend and love and compassion of the heavenly father. And yet, there is in and then the beyond You may study that a love for ages. Yet you can never fully comprehend the length and the breath, and the depth, and the height of the love of god, and giving his son to die for the world. Eternity itself can never fully reveal. Imagine that we're going to study about god's love for eternity. Yet as we study the, I mean eternity itself. It can, can never fully reveal. It was a tale, but god love. If we cannot understand god's love, even in eternity, yet as we yet as we study the bible and meditate upon the life of christ and the plan of redemption in the great be open to our understanding in this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. Or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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