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From Crisis to Victory

Siegfried Roeske



  • July 17, 2010
    10:00 AM
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thank you for the phone number for him there for me on this because I want to I have only at Gonzales will couple dozen times and humans the building but I didn't teach on the third floor spent a lot of time up there the last two quarters so I feel no means building is a beautiful place to me and there's one of aluminum always happy healthy and holy people 's faces is wanting and enjoy cyber school right March it always got to get us ready for the divine mercy of our sometime ago I attended a civic function that he was a luncheon featuring Michael Josephson in the name who gave obvious off work as an attorney so this business and is crisscrossing America meaning that seventy years according workshops on character education on to say that I was amazed as saying that civic leaders in our country are so concerned about this is the subject this topic morality and character not the sentiment felt that the church had laws that fail in getting the job done and yet given up on the church and now he's going to the civic leaders the mayors presidents of universities this was associated with Lincoln Nebraska University and goes directly to seventy meters and auto talk to them about morality and character development in young people and in the community that's amazing to me about the disappointing the scary evident in the gospel many churches has lost its power of these eval is weakened self pleasing it doesn't change people 's eyes exchanges and are not a hard and other life in any significant way you and second Timothy three one two five two thousand seventy apply today to be another text well going to begin this morning by reality check negative as we get started I ran and we all find as God 's word I will get a lingerie and a Mont Blanc while dogs learn to his people but suddenly the three logos versus is also known in those states jar however the Council as it amended the notice of those times in Germany is just fine I gave always been in but do not torment shall be dollars out the own selves gizmos as schemas does you need to do errands unthankful unholy without natural affection out of Lebanon Sabbath school at no charge yet some of these exhibits from another reference without natural affection was preggers false accusers incontinent fierce despisers of those that are good that's a terrible thing was it quite a bit ridiculing making fun of those of the Lord traitors heady high-minded lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God and then he comes in the one having a farm like a dog 's rings on its hinges during what appears to be in some areas you know going along with what the church teaches and yet in the heart it's not fair more than numbers of God now a learn all these things I was reminded off my textile ventures version of the iPod in college by a gentleman called James means and often did this affect thousands volume century and he has checked out if you are false by the major polling companies federal cabinet amended by the rides like this neopaganism this thing was itself on the all time by its baptism in the church during the dark ages the dark ages began with good intentions trying to bring in paganism and try to make it a block against it and mark outright paganism convert of the charge the judge didn't manage to convert the culture lifestyle innumerable professing Christians there was but little from the private banking is about culture savvy size and culture check it all got a reality check indeed in most cases a lifestyle is indistinguishable from that of the unregenerate more than forty million Americans claim that born again experience yet it's difficult to imagine a time and so many professions of faith have produced so little evidence of transformation and spiritual vitality and daily lives and then he goes to the porting and it only draws those pretty much not altogether all the time but I think it was a pretty regularly sent to Gallup poll on this paradox religion is growing in importance among Americans that sounds like good news modality is losing ground the same poll found very little differences in the being of the charged and on judge on a wide range of including Diane keyname and Alvarez and sometime ago decided by the Roper organization show little difference in the mall being a born-again Christians before and after the conversion experiences from the Barna research group and other surveillance or surveys demonstrated there is virtually no difference in the lifestyle of the average American and a born again Christian more born-again Christians read Penthouse then watched the top-rated Christian TV shows and it goes on and on and tacit these people have not altered the lifestyle one bit since accepting Christ and acceptance of Christianity has cost them nothing now that's on the way to sunshine on a subdomain was in Russia on a subdomain is in some audio summaries of the positive world when you become a Christian is no cost to everything not a time of moral decay and compromise is coronary his people to stand like Daniel to stand up and encoded and so this morning I thought it would be great I enjoyed studying as you know I think the Lord that the Muse from Yasmin abridgments a while and DeGeneres once a while and I should a lot and makes me start showering every day and a third random I know I have a always larger my aggregator it will that was my intention when I was as young as students come from Germany I said I don't know but I will make it or not I would like to be administered to save my soul that Jesus saved my soul can remain to table was sold by faceless all in the what is the heart is a wonderful thing that's why you enjoy survey medicine measurement mistakes than inside the school but this applies to grace this additionally Jesus this is Jesus favorite place on the morning Don and overlies the choice of Santa Rosa barrio on personality always sorry neurotic to start already know the news stories in order to allot tendosynovitis out the tripod is very about it gently to get started and what the current anymore dies while Kelly Obama time because it died that same thing that lies inside in good vote of eighty and ninety years delighted him sound within a wonderful experience every Sabbath www. yell in the third year for me for those long enough to eight designs year of the reign of George and King of Judah King Nebuchadnezzar King about one hundred euros lemon disease that had a rocket from the Argentine July James Joyner Kim King of Judah into the hands of the king as part of the vessels of the house of God the Lord this allowed this to happen bridging to the land of shine unto the house of his God and you brought the vessels into the treasure house of his God was designing very interesting out with just infringing on here one God is losing out Navigon is getting it all 's going the wrong way and some of the offenders were like Iran God is waiting right now and making space on to as below as the mouse of the units in the next that he should bring sent another John Griswold and C and up the princes that was a smart move children and was known to have a as well favorite and skillful in all wisdom and training and knowledge and understanding science and scientists at ability and understandings as and whom they might teach the learning and the time of the companies that are romantic and making a point invalidating provision of the king 's name to go that means games food and other wine but sure he drank the game so nourishing than three years at the end are often like to stand before the king not among these were the children are dying out how to Michele and Azariah and the gotten names hoping that it will buy it insistent on doing the brains of the United Nations for a gain on the downhill the name of the chapter about Shadrach on the ratio shock and Azariah Abbott Abbott and though the venues of the text bogged down your progress in his heart that he would not define himself as a portion of the king 's meat not of the wine which he drank therefore he requested of the Prince of the units that he might not defile himself now you know the rest the story all what when I was wondering the whole segment were discounted at the setting all the book of Daniel is a fantastic book and I believe it has version obligations are things were going through the story of value that you wanted to three exalted have began zero nine hundred percent of the foot of the golden image will understand the days of Dora but have the biggest and interview about Donald Audrey sent from God the five furnaces should be there the death sentences could be there is on to be a replay of what were studying the Bible 's and the stars are recorded flour learning that we might not well I by the way and on and then get educated socially phenomenon Dino was educated on his mother 's case here is almost always on God 's love and find another target in the slide down your did not decide and out on that he was a God beside that long long time ago and is now his home in the worship time and witnessing time and incentive for God 's own funds as losing your boys also dog I is adapting books because it has so many wonderful prophecies in the eye of Jupiter in the history of the world from the time of our regular Marianne can be found on seventy nine from the Chicago theological foundational to submit on this charge the sanctuary service trades at a prophecy continuous identity and actually give instruction assumed and visible at the end but not today want to focus on the importance of moral character what's moral character standing up for God angels but it costs you something as easy to set up lunch was that all zero bloggers and grouping all cherries is able to send out a system for starting our own blood on the world around us always now difficult marriage and the standalone and phase of their moral character is based on the fact that I'm standing for God that it costs me something to start the settings about six hundred years BC King Nebuchadnezzar has been changed and conquered Jerusalem is to run everything was lost many other population got to know one another long drink from Longmont to cross the desert from Long Island in your new country about on the slaves however that a law and I'm not alone emotional all the way from Jerusalem to Babylon mandating tray as they were and why this was happening to them there must be a reason why is God allowing us to become slaves Stephen King does God love chat on the day he then originally his name is the ball is only sending this tableau is what showed now these all dragons are saying that God defeated their God original was defeated please destroy because we ransacked Jerusalem were destroyed that there is a washer where O'Sullivan the golden vessels with reservoirs of the dogma that he was and was wrong on the go back to the old golden cups are going vessels you know that when they don't even go to bed but never that sounds under that something is saying Israel had lost its effectiveness as a witness to the resident was in the following on Jehovah God diagnostic gentleman exhibited a one-to-one business administration and I do believe that the major reason for asking those questions is a diagnostic mission when automation earning an average church is not something God has given us a shout to the world reminds or join the biggest charge Iran is a overhead get auto insurance is rhinoceros mission is those really no reason why King Nebuchadnezzar who want to learn about the God of the Jewish nation that has insufficient it's almost as he was with God Jerusalem and relies almost people will become his back on a Valentines driving the Lord about the own and contaminate was not going to be initially about the strategy ended in controversy all over was the true God and painful journey into downtown he was God somewhat unorthodox evangelistic strategy to bring salvation to the greatest empires in the known world and became betrayed the very list food and lodging and debate for the entire campaign and the number of consecutive stats infiltrated and undermined the power and authority of the false gods of Babylon and Imran Depp crowned King to his knees again ending up treating for mercy and pardon me for a powerful but not being an forgiving God who convinced and entitled the server no comprises to victory is amazing own crisis in their and it hasn't gone the other progress that's beyond what you are not understanding and I said whatever God is something innovative something great what a diverse creative crisis it appears that each time Daniel was notorious over one prizes he was promoted was great and elevated that was wonderful only freedom unbelievable prizes he was promoted to give uprisings causing past the first asked again in Tonawanda you are not a hard one and I signed an easy time and had a great impact on the biggest gain in his empire because the blessings were in direct proportion to the quantity of the crisis by the first rises in finding value one a.m. the first chapter here and I got your purpose it was hard not to desire install the king 's phone number the wine which he drank by the way today there's a great carelessness led in this area among God 's people well it's got a photo rising sun I'm more committed than some of his district even more dying at his three companions for privileged to showing the premises of Babylon and the University they had a three-year university program that would prepare them for leadership in Nebuchadnezzar 's empire and all the educational advantages the difference is a Bauman received and for that among other things including some of the following first learning and mastering the language they were journalists or personal Hebrew and all that the company language was with our romantic and limited on Donovan back home and he wrote well you probably do a manual is written this endowment he wrote the book of Daniel and Todd Anderson RMA the language that everybody was number two this study of the sciences literature and a broad spectrum of contents and related topics number three a special program of physical development particularly heating and what was considered the finest influence that which was available at the King 's table and the number four at the end of Israel problem deposit of final comprehensive quality of the remaining idea that is but I could write about I've been doing all oral I wrote five days eight hours on one hundred and sixty five pages I was the smartest people convinced on that end of the lesson but that's what they had to face in the Gothic chain and Virginia job than he wanted on the day best of the finest minds serving in his empire I'm going garbage 's enjoyment of food lots first editorializing through foods a condiment is eleven the IRS said that threaten much of the food must follow the idolatrous worship partaking of food would be regarded as offering all manage then all to the bottom problem and medical authorization of their alcoholic drinks under what the Lord wanted to do and unable to make it possible to do it because I find reasons why the service at a bit of Oregon's refusal to understand the pages with the same thing for you there is a hidden and is pretty much anyway it's interesting to note how food and drink has been a meeting of all the devil in order to turn God 's people and bring them down in history and began dominating and receiving a response from Bob dies to himself all the five senses God does not remember Karnataka minorities we need all of my senses are rising up a lot of points and the religion it has a wife I enjoy sharing that did not talk about many things and so is the relation of husband wife if possible on the five senses mooch into a bonding experience between husband and wife is really a wonderful Internet when I was out I is a alive but it can be a because I will dry emotions into the original as well as the intellect and everything about us anyway out of management and automation that was voting block is wrote in the wilderness vacations of their food wasn't an issue got out of photo that would convince over to add it and not overly excitable and thought it was gone so is helping to make people strong but they weren't yearning for danger on the things they had learned either number three Diana 's friends and outline phase of food issue again in existing about Jesus and the woman is a temptation can so that the location and out and got Eskimos out message at partial with religious event IL message deals with eating and drinking at the control of the Holy Spirit in our minds subjecting our taste buds and the service of another into leadership now we understand that the issue here was not limited to the food itself of course not there were bigger issues of faith obedience self denial Kassebaum and commitment to God that appears a God that something special down your inverse fifteen it's at end at the end of ten days account incipient vera got on to all the children in the portion of the Kingsley another member eyes and his help barnyard smells risks eyes to accommodate down notice when evidently that it was such a nice person so kind so sincere so Shaw he impresses to win and pays the confidence in him and said look at the tie down your you are precious gentlemen we love your lady that is really Holy Spirit working through him and a wonderful way implementing and personalized for him that was wonderful and at the end of which they came out much Bob I believe it was God 's blessing that God made these four boys come also good up to ten days of crash diets are available that uses a database highlighted was always that way I was headed that way so I don't think it is apparent on the ten days I think it will bring the money held his darling bride are the gender is probably out of the cause but I think even the special blessing and thinking about ways all the other moguls the second crisis all we find in diameter was monitored in the second year of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzar dreamed a dream whether this purpose trouble and is seeing break from the German of the dream well I was Carbonite there were probably forgot what anybody knowing there was Gary I do know why I had a nightmare last night I had no news I think is because I was focusing too much in the fiery furnace I thought they killed last night for a wider gas land and I is I got advisability with godly shot me I thought we are known and hurt by the body until I would've done in a few minutes again I never have nightmares I can never get nightmare au naturel as I was let in light of the Messiah but the morning and evening and wanted to know what it means they are going to strange that God would care of such a heavy piece of theology to a bigotry I think it was because financial losses screen God dammit and the Gentiles now the Jerusalem Council again strange ways God has been very effective they can gather on his licentious areas normally good job and Randy Roman historian so that King threatens to destroy everybody otherwise and including God of his friends and that your moment out of those before McCain that was dangerous to even just the beginning that's the scary house for trying to the king that keywords shortly came to dream and interpretation down at a lot of things God then I was not presumptuous given his job and another Scotsman resume on his login so you know think about it everything got so granted is something I have wanted to be done that is being done in prayer and supplication and commitment to God and Sarah is no relationship with them because I have gathered his friends and that a private meeting pleading for Bob's nausea information on what they had in mind wasn't on the bottom of the own glory and bargaining in the dream and vision by night that's a problem I'm not a problem solving measurement range and was reselling my regarding the attack shuttle as it was written before I prevented him from overture notice how he and his friends joins an appraisal meeting so many guys would get the same when he's on so many one of these positive things walk away our house lies we should thank them and sending them this morning thousands of the people get the testimonies about the godliness visions with our smudges we can thank God he's on so for us he's on July twenty everyday I think God into good piece for this little German refugees of the knapsack on his back in on a cattle train heading west not knowing where he was going no food no he doesn't in December in the boxcars go home God was their daughter and a wonderful way posits a drug that sent me the name of God however for reason tonight on his valuables before the King and tell us a dream novel by Don Williams on contacting the world Jean Charles the whole-grain is nothing out he didn't get that watered-down version game eleven and give it to him and anything that was anyways I departed in wanting a job in a visual way to make it more appealing to the world so everyone find any resist Sharon and I wanted on frame the genus impressed by the adult vanity that is not coming back he couldn't remember him him down the toilet you know his mind was jogging even-numbered graphics after what I saw and a genus of drastic defaults on his face downhill and begins to worship God will bring offerings and sweet smelling the law said obligations and so on was forty seven overtures your God is God of gods and Lord of genes over the University grants that McCain made down your great mandate of many garrets made a murmur of the whole problems about a long and cheap not although all of the Wiseman Babylon he raised them up and they don't hand them back in then I write it down for a while and then our cricket out later that night on his face another crisis down the road nylon to seeing zero one one Ms. above-noted Wiseman MSN Danube and saving the lives that would have been gone it was done as God is in the lives God loves the sinner doesn't matter who they are he was one of the Puritans eleven known Pentagon have his way but one other thing but God raising to honor to remember your friends chosen ground that all enterprises I do know don't forget me if you got watermarked their I do not forget he knows it is really about on these as you know what my good friends behind the ear is using the Crimson fundraiser that do charming to add brief man that I can as always always and the friends were promoting as well okay that led to the guys number three number three in chapter three do what a fantastic story the goal and that makes the fiery furnace tomorrow is about God Red Cross or something phrases that NPR hit most of us are young enough that we may stand in the brains of the array again someday soon Nebuchadnezzar had just purchased at back down on the short memory here was praising the God of Hell now I want about things that are yet happen not completely blocks out was learning to read up on his previous testimony to know God is a bottom-up daughter-in-law the more the bottom bonds Sonali Mrs. Golden is where we got picked up on the prophecy that dreaming and solubility in one of the island their goal and I got borage but I don't know what I should be smoking is involved in the antivirus silver bronze and iron the example that I think I like to go to last forever suite makes a golden image not a big units arrived it looks like about ninety feet in each six kilos why did you notice about what happened in the nineteen Y and was a pupil was a just live agent to go in the way the article and article he may disclose anything before I took the idea that any other inferior metals were followed tenets of father Hayes then invited that any officers from his entire around the scene from other countries and nations to come and enjoy the education of his great image while denouncing the whole world that lead is on the whole world blogging United Nations is in recognizing up how I'm sorry about the long and especially between who's and probably all it was fun congregation gathered that day in the dreams and your job is reversed through this reason I'd like the rich and the famous the phrase is all gained all the colonists came on acceptance came on the charges perpetrators the counselors the Sheriff 's lawyers and maybe the parties and all the rumors on the provinces not to decide over here by the initial to faraway was a smoking fiery furnace and when he gets it just in case they found the individualist might be tempted to go his own way and not cooperated the king 's command to fall to his knees then the music begins music in the two nothing is left out it's all there the music dryer and follows his worshipers Florida faces in taught English accent three young boys and teenagers with their attorneys in there somewhere and taking command of the furnace to be heated seven times hotter and I was as one sentence by a chance of another and also sometimes not know when they knew how reality temperature got seven guys on it but it was pretty warm him and they turn to these young man called annual summary reported that the three human voice some criticize that divine authority bring them over here I saw this three boys and a prominent voice I think the lovable they were God 's children and I couldn't see the conversation boys is that misunderstanding is something we have made quite clear now remember by now DC voice and high positions in his bar and bar positions of trust you know this is what usually appreciation voice I savored you I put you there not too disappointed of the yesterday forget the relevant on different again just logon it is said that no big deal now that's the reason we're okay I need two boys boys so wanted to Bakken and an economic duress of the eye is something I'd add very persuasive and respecting of chapter three it says and how it can be ready that and what time you hear the sound of the continent into the hot sun but sultry dolls of all kinds of music gene found on abortion a major not made well but if you wish and not he shall because the same hour and minutes of the burning fiery furnace and who is at God that shall be remembered you out of my hands they came to know that these voice on organizations that were in God 's hands you are not high and lose all available drives out of areas that are not as larger and finer gods and a lot of need a little ray I so in God 's hands so I will give you a second chance by these boys were pretty replied Jane Goodall is a list because you respect you I would really want to the antagonistic popular music Janice all minds have been made obnoxious about it on our minds have ended up back in Jerusalem I still wish Audrey will serve as our seventh nothing is going to change in verse seventeen God is able to deliver us and he will never ask that you do not disseminate or from HR five Davis cup from the I know you can but if not thy will be done these boys prayed this prayer all God is able-bodied he will not deliver a dream I remember you ready to die and give our lives on the altar as you like on the author how to bring a sacrifice to the altar should try and spend your underlay them and they become like Anderson Hernandez that do not unify reject augmenting the door to the fire I see it may start a fight and sacrifice that they made on the burning authors to speak because this buyer furnished to interview all the block of making watched with great interest as he saw them then you know they can get the house on the river kept tabs on the Browns are living abroad and is wrapped I will throw that we on the closing of nicely and we landed on our right announcing that Byblos maybe not today but not enough to the filename multiannual again and he looked in a Saudi smartphone of fire walking around freely and counted one two three four these of backing up data files one thousand five one outside the son of God what do you know what the God has given every human being image of a face to recognize the voice of God who speaks the end of the excuse for anyone thinking about it and were Sunday saying I thought you know you saw me I revealed myself to you in some way into recognizing that you rejected me again is on the outside the can you imagine our verse twenty seven it says all the princes forgot one of the captains are the treasures of the councils and obviously before the model image knowledge of a five furnace they want to get in on the excitement of father Vernice who does a lot of damage was all over as a team cause to these men backing them shot right there is a result all dollars I found a listing evangelist Don is imagination beyond this power the only ones to add visiting soldiers this strongest man in this realm had fallen over that godfather Burns sin and sinners by this freedom and glory to the ones dressed and asbestos all sizes this is what a wonderful form of experience and Nebuchadnezzar was overwhelmed the statement said all that sent me that got shot I wish that another golf course and is Angel delivers on the Sunday news and Angels I want avoided somehow you become a lot of good things no dollars Michael the Archangel in verse twenty nine it says I will make a decree that no money as a writing is wrong it was apparent that he was right it was really strong to give it all you had I thought it was all outline any degree that is ramping about an Asian language thinks anything amiss against the virus challenge of the lamentable job he currently uses the houses be burned for comment document thumbnails because IE is no other God than it can deliver a copy of this sort didn't occasionally I know turned into the dedication of God the God of heaven and the follows of Jehovah the news on this tremendous marigold was carried to the far corners of the earth to many countries and many nations by the people have been invited to government worship of the golden idol now that is sorry to tell of the real purpose of the experience underpins Endura date to go home and say you won't believe what happened out on you one milligram ability I mean totally devastated him him him himself as an autonomous Jewish boys and Danielle had seven an endless life to the God of heaven what might effect in faithful witness of these for use out on the entire than the world and what information is brought to God 's people through all the ages not long ago changed names but not the characters what a fantastic story at all what a fantastic God to serve in eyes of the synagogue they got down there John Rodney Jordan and many the liaison I do not see any of you I was mainly on those Manhattan Marlowe character are standing up for God that had cost them something you allow it God wants us to send to him even if the cost is something what unclear is whether us what I've dared to be a child on a journey into the site array turned in the one of the greatest inventors it contains all of all time the dogs out of an abundance around the God of Israel has conquered the king eventually surrendered his life to the control of the King of the universe because of the faithfulness and courage of the items friends Nebuchadnezzar explains the power and the saving grace of King Jesus one adventure someday soon Netanyahu and his three companions are running through Thomas happens predicates and someone behind them clotting that are shattered we jog about about what you not I'm coming the turnaround was all him him him him as he is on you God is God all five of them mod seasons is prior litigation together singing the praises of the base of the love of God why not and they are the University removed from cars sorrows and tears indentations I wonder you someone sitting business you would buy the leader or you were invited me here as well how many are there is someone saying brother sister it was new who invited me that they are experienced that his friend a loving father and have an incentive for the prizes were presented for those fantastic stories of that great sentiment in the Bible fostered a food visitor is a commonly known on the golden image is being built right now longer Santa Fe's of your pendulum have to make a decision which God was so the notes can be challenging is to be in own power understand that they put in a velocity in the Lord and to open the hearts and pray for thy grace for that of the nurse of the goodness to us and use us and make us an instrument of the greatest honors and in all cells develop moral character and will be willing to stand with God for grace and truth even if the cost of something we pray in Jesus name amen


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