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The Blue Print, Part 1

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • May 28, 2010
    10:30 AM
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or will we come before you again nor does asking that you and she says no more we've been prepared our minds have been massaged on your spirit our hearts Lord are waiting to catch on fire Jesus Lord is remaining in the what I would like to share with you this morning is a very practical ways the study with individuals who you meet now how can you have ever wanted that will be the first thing I give someone if someone actually said yes I like Bible study and have you thought about that will share what I gave them he mentioned a couple of things here on this is not again just setting the stage I have one particular study that I will gave on that I will start on my Bible study concepts many rephrase that I have a book enough you know Fishman the use different hooks for different note I have a hook and then once I get a person who values a single person hey give me one study that's all I'm asking and after that once that if you don't do that anymore I totally understand if not happen but I totally understand does anyone study and use of their life oh yeah okay one study no problem and how given that one study and after we went we get to the end of that one study at that point I was then fitted begin to explain to them what I will explain to you and him and basically share within this and there is so much more to learn argument example show host two of my favorite books which can be used really will you people that know Jesus or people that don't know Jesus okay two studies in particular am to start with I was studied and asked if someone was an atheist and nonbeliever a month-long Hindu or anything like that or maybe even a Christian who does someone who's starting but he doesn't know which religion to choose what part of thirty would you would you think of getting back into the person Daniel to their finasteride there Daniel to augment with a gentleman day before yesterday who now says hey I'm not been on policy Methodist but I'm not really and that is already like following Christianity because every startup into it just like the China disabled people we say because we say an innovative new reason why and plus this Hinduism Buddhism I know that how we know what is really true I said hey you know what I understand I came from a similar background I was brought up in the church as you know for me to have Susan Christianity logical mind and I was not going to change something just because somebody said the biggest money while my Christian because I'm united in America what if I lived over in Iraq I would be muzzled for the same reason because I was born in Stockton that didn't work for me I have to have something concrete I have something like to know without a shadow of a wireless accretion and he looked at me like okay well what is exactly young and dumb that will likely discover God 's challenge that Donna had a challenge to all the other gods and he's going not have the Germans on what is actually an accident Isaiah chapter forty one to forty two forty three forty four forty five who knows what those what was found in milliseconds calling your guys together and on the future and if you are not consulting the future that he be God and I thought you sold it and that is a good challenge because I know that anybody can get up and running the book down your neighbor behind you I mean that's no mean feat and I wasn't going to believe the Bible just because the Bible said be good end of your neighbor I have something more than that you understand the Quran says to a certain expand be good you know Buddhists believe be good so I don't want fast Christiania side has to be something more than the good supernatural element to it and what I when I look at all these other religions guess what they were all empty of prophecy users across the longest time promising in the Chiron underneath these thirtysomething years think about the prophecy of Daniel to cover the span of almost twenty five hundred years I thought having anything to this individual who by the way in a love history and I begin akin to the prophecy of Daniel to you should see his mouth dropping open as I'm sure with him okay now you know think about this one of Daniel prophesied the fall of Babylon I must be skeptical even in the time of Babylon he could have written it after it happened that in the skeptic that I am getting the skeptic on the left in the fitness by way you will follow the Roman Empire dino said after breeze on are after all on the other kingdoms on I know is after all it will lot did not own by the way was almost a thousand years after the time of day he's going now this is incredible this is unexplainable assets in business I told you twenty things that were going to happen and you do how Street twenty seven happened over the next five days and over the next five days you see you know the number one thing number two may number three number four number five number six number you want to begin to think after each thing happens just the way that I think are you want to also hold that you can pretty much shot at the other incident happened and he said yes well here's what you have read here I said the dog who knows the future life and I want to put my future in figures and win in the study he said okay so went on a study yeah okay so that was not well okay now they are many people who believe in Jesus who already live on Jesus Jesus Jesus Gareth on an unusually light is one of the Senate was supposed to use things that interest into a Bible study and it is a Bible study on the rapture very simple I study to this are very simple error to dispel the wraps really do this all the rats without one most of the one hundred days of Noah so some of these the days of the Son of Man I want something what shaking as the other that is asking what happened to those who were on board shaking values on page you want to be taken anyone in the home I will for sure yes I read the readme and the Yahoo read the verse again and look what happens in those who were taken and they read and the flood them out and then they go all out to all those that were taken in the time of and they go in on the strife it was her second goal no was there a second opportunity in the home they were all destroyed and does when they come to that realization they then asked the question what else do I believe that is an error okay so these two studies these displays the rapture and Daniel to undecideds will usually use the simply somebody to get them interested in committing to a long-term spec that make sense I'm getting them assigned on the raptor 's face had not decided to give us again the rest of the autonomy to give a study on Daniel to anything I wanted is called the kingdom not for me was the first kingdom of Daniel second and third and fourth and then divided wrong to listen when I became in minutes the only thing I knew was Daniel two I memorized that say everybody on and let the second answer him sorrow in your Bible you see what you have to understand is that Babylon is the first and that's all I will series leaving will wireless through self-improvement attitude I went out I will join in an accident and life well let's wait a while him to God okay but you have to start somewhere and the more you do Bible studies the easier it becomes for you to give it in and take so on now unfortunately when I been able to study in Holland when I went into hiding again the raptor we have plenty of material that can teach you how to do a study on the raptor on the second Daniel to part away doing here is it putting in a short period of time when the mint how is I can learn this end McCain is in the study for myself okay so really the working study done not here but when you go okay so having said that not I have my person with my particular site and using the menu to present you my sanity is a totally different book for this person based on our conversation you find about them and then begins the series of Bible studies not the nasty something how many of you if I would ask you in the next five minutes to write down the entire theme of the great controversy from the beginning to the end putting it in your own words I'm particularly consort of okay the needs on why it is important with a look at this you have this in your ROM in your workbooks none of the reasons why I believe believe it is critically important to be able to summarize young into something advantages in here when you get to take thirty carats right and you and Susan sounds alike one copyright two thousand and you use for your young ninja concentrating okay do you know how to concentrate and the great controversy because and you can concentrate a great controversy that you can get it down in your mind in the company is inherited share with somebody else than asking if I were asked to stand in here right now and explain to me the great controversy following the rebellion in heaven down the entire Bible to the end of time and the restoration of above all you know all things being good in all this is due in fifteen minutes would you be able to okay on how many of you ever watch the movie okay now I know that we are saints now I'm not talking about not coming out sometime in your life have you ever watched the movie that you really really like it if Schilling arrived if I ask you to come up there and explained a movie that you really really like how many would be able to explain how movies were not wrong okay not you understood the storyline is not right there was a story line in the movie you were able to follow the storyline from beginning to end now did not movie is using the more that you watched it in real life only cover a two-hour period of time no and may have covered one years and years and years maybe hundreds of years maybe I'll move them years to become a great time but things so how while two hours and you are able to get the theme it right something unexplained it was so less simpletons that the analogy I'm making here most Christians do not understand the storyline of the Bible may have pieces but they don't know how to want putting together it I also you got certain piece of the puzzle and you may have it connected wanted to think of drinking is there and two pieces there but as far as bringing the whole picture together I don't see how this problem makes sense most Christians do not understand cannot put together the pieces of the problem they don't understand the storyline of the Bible that's where you come in at the Seventh-day Adventists you are you above all people should understand the storyline of the Bible and why should you love all people understand the storyline of the Bible I will come back to that in a moment it is it would want to do very quickly with an oath to the storyline of the whole great controversy are you ready it's in your things she understood arenas quickly because this is not emphasis another focus on this so much and often able to focus on the first three points on the read on the assault and take you through an actual study and would give to someone to present to them the entire theme of all the great controversy were in a war with the Middle East right now with the Al Qaeda and the next hours and all the things all confusing it is I tell someone that were in a war but we don't know the reason our in the war in Vietnam most Christians know that we're in a one morning but shall you want no more is over there does not like what you have no idea what the principal noninvolvement is what you want to really know what's out there fighting for they don't understand the principles that are involved in a war okay so many did you hear and understand reviews not really at all to see here are number one distrusting in the great controversy timeline nothing is the controversy begins and further covering cherub rebelled against God and his law he and his angels war and broadcast out of having your father pretty simple right to GRE is selected to serve as judges against the that Jerry is will and humanity shapes and succeeds in driving the jury dog intervenes promising upcoming assignment and giving humanity a second sense what are we talking about here the fall of humanity and word of God promise consultations as of three fifteen get car loan I'd also like to humanity to serve as judges in our universe and the law of the face will do what jobs angels okay so we have a redundant heaven we've got all humanity to serve out the judges but Satan drives humanity okay you have to fall on Gaza is a simplified appointment three through a promise made to Abraham Don secures Israel as his people and give them the blueprint of the plan of salvation a replica will sanctuary in heaven and on right here the reason why I think this should know more than anybody else the storyline is because I think this how the blueprints what is appropriate in the sanctuary the sanctuary is God explanation on the entire plan of salvation the century reveals the plan of salvation it reveals what happened in ahead and do you know about the war that took place in heaven is actually explained in the sanctuary and also limit the mankind in his future on his feuds are always with God throughout eternity on this is revealed in the sanctuary of God is as real a blue-green on this planet salvation in the sanctuary this blueprint contains vital information and instruction for further invention of all mankind please can you okay so therefore pointless what processes are given concerning sanctions more against God 's people in his effort to capture and destroy the blueprint sanctuary okay did you audit give mankind the battle plans for victory therefore all the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation really revolve around one principle one concept should try to destroy the blueprint and the people who possess that Daniel to Daniel seven Daniel eight Daniel nine eleven twelve well it is always prudent to call my things around the world economic and then destroy maneuvering units I get somewhere without a map I don't know what you're going you end up loss the devil is simply tried to destroy God 's GPS so identified Messiah Jesus the Messiah appears ministers and his crucified Israel rejected the Messiah therefore in new Israel is burned the temple is replaced by one they had in the Temple and we see here it's as though literal Israel dropped the ball so God raises up spiritual Israel with the sanctuary now where in half that number six the gospel DC DC and how we just move through the entire Old Testament moving through once they were not at the time of Jesus Jesus has died and gone to heaven and not happened the gospel commission is given as whole as the spread of the gospel stars throwable the literal Israel and thorough visit of our own and finally roll spiritual role that time Re: right now spiritual role were talking about what time in our timeline the Middle Ages the dark ages the twelve hundred and sixty years the gospel is half down by obscuring that Sharon does not want heavenly sanctuary error prevails that would have driven our to or I foretold how long this prevailing dogmas would laugh how long twenty three hundred years and what it's like you have to stay onto twenty three hundred days there shall a lot sanctuary in the class or restore its rightful place on you with me I think you are hearing today is what happens on this room was that had been lost during the dark ages are restored and then this gospel I think no one want like emphasizing this gospel because I was among the gospel being preached when during the dark ages the true gospel with a few are but in eighteen forty four in gospel all the world through the preaching I want the three angels message needs number seven and twenty candidate century choose most of the dark ages all restored God lastly people going take the gospel to all the world is a warning to find safety in the art of what the company almost people didn't be argued in the art getting the art guest of the message of God lastly people getting VI notes in the art the sentiment on Sunday while excellent Portland comeback at the moment it is a message to prepare people for the coming of Christ and a preparation for Chari duty in the Supreme Court of having when we got your ability in a while during the one thousand years and at that time pointing Jesus returns the one thousand year millennium doesn't begin the week and I got arthritis in heaven the one thousand years and the disruption of the wicked John sees a new heaven and a new earth there is no more see outside Europe and no more see in the new heavens and earth all things are restored and the controversy amended so here's what we just did we just went through my mind like a movie can you we just lay out the entire storyline will libel from Texas Revolution reaches the family as they were just selfish vicious and juicy and when you solicit when you get when you concentrated on your ammo to get any online is that much easier for you to get by without someone knowing where I the rapturously thing about defending in the big city understanding of the state again sitting in the big screen of the changing of the commands of God and in the benzene in other words if you rightly give your Bible studies are giving your Bible studies while such a contact should be able to finish your sentences one why because he's understanding the theme understanding why this can't be true because of this virtual will gain out about on starting currently with a Baptist pastor and his job is not number one man in the church and I've taken them through this this study and you should see they're going through and there's an event in going so that you can know there how could Jesus come back for the Saints if there already and having hot bitch be in heaven campaign you said about me I noticed that until you see this playing out they see the big picture when you begin to put in the pages they know okay so this piece goes here and this piece goes here this is an and what you have been out there now understand the Scripture in a thematic way not appear spontaneously I'll suggest you don't have Bible studies doesn't get out of talk about the rest I let a white recovered I mean that's good that's fine but I believe that it would be way more effective if you presented it to be feature okay so that's how we have remaining here's what to do let's go to the bar here you can see this is the study that I would do someone may want to write these verses down the price if you cannot see him there is on activists twenty eight twelve to sixteen teams twenty five or state Hebrews eight one two five and nine one two six and then confessed the twenty five eighteen and twenty two somewhere marketing this one doesn't unlock fate again I'm dedicated to the study is among the most dishonest legal right are you ready we want to show our cost for the restaurant is on seventy seven thirteen says what the highway all God is where in the sanctuary I share with the person on spending would listen do you realize that it is an possible to understand the Gospel and the story will understand the sanctuary and sanctuary and using the responses sanctuary what is not a good thing if you know the sanctuary so make sure you know the sanctuary of Eden explained to them so that we know there came a wonderful sanctuary not intend to share with them I said okay here's Winona Dufresne a go-ahead and went on to add the rebellion is commonly done and handed and how understanding of the sanctuary actually helps to reveal to us not the whole controversy is over talking Ezekiel twenty eight Ezekiel twenty eight beginning with verse twelve if you killed Chapter twenty eight verse twelve cinematic and the lamentation upon the King of Pirates sales and not save the Lord God now feels a profound wisdom and perfect in beauty so we see here first of all we know we're speaking about an angel to come to be the inverse fourteen the Bible says thou are the anointed one Sarah born Angel that cover was speaking here of August Angel Lucifer the Bible tells us that elusive for a while when he was created nose of a nurse working knowledge the anointed showroom with an eye have to be so right there right there in that verse that person 's soul reach you visit after housing which exists as the anointed Angell Sarah back cover well I like the Mike Mike Martinson contacted out what this term means another none of it means but covering cherub what do you think that would in auditor of his writings against Jonathan Angel good but what is up harboring child and I will not fit into Exodus twenty five teslas twenty I say what I shall let them that I had given Israel the sun through this blueprint were talking about and what you want to the boot in a moment but for now I want to share with you that and find that sanctuary of the place called the mall playing at insight that most holy place in a little box called the Ark of the covenant had never heard an article that nobility yes something like Brett is a Mozart can't but now he had yet again on the continent and was in turn and I will eventually share with them that are sold and where and where all innocence we were told that the ark of the covenant contained one the ten Commandments okay you relentlessly farmers ain't no success on the five verse eight says at this twenty five negative recruitment exercise fibers a first offense and let them make me a sanctuary five megawatt is one among the knots and I would reimburse eighteen breathtaking Psalm eighty two shot my bombs and upbeat in Warsaw bonding them in the zoo and bone marrow cc and make one cherub on the one hand and the other sharp on the other end is not all the messy sheets shut mercy seat shall be made to the charter bonds on the two ends thereof and the child on the south stretch forth their wings on high rain no mercy C wings and their spacious on the one to another one to another one the mercy seat shall let shallow faces of the children of the wrestling what about some no mercy seat on top of hardware art in the art mouse up will we I will give me better I will meet with the tribal community from about the mercy seat from between the two cherubim which are partly on the testimony of all the things which I will give the commandments of the children of Israel so your question within chair in the sanctuary was gone as it were see all of God 's throne his mercy seat the others come in all the throne of grace I can have God 's mercy seat but his massive fee on top of lots they are on the company saw a asthma medicine content was any one of us about God 's throne in heaven that is the foundation of God 's throne in heaven you tell me that it all on God okay they understand he got sits on the mercy seat and the Matthew C sent on the demo so I asked my contact what is the foundation of God 's throne in heaven you know don't answer me one hundred percent of the time without fail the law once they answer the law you have a Seventh-day Adventist he is pretty advantageous but if the Spirit of God is watching you you have someone you have not given them the beginning and the end of story juice okay they say the law the foundation of God 's throne is his law could point I asked him not core the two angels on either side of this law one of the all I will say covering Sartre was about whose throat was and what his role and had one in other words reaction means the fence here to defend so what was his role in the looking in the fail to defend the law he was still at a coloring they say defense over the foundation of Goss he was well that's interesting he actually still in the very presence of God in the very and in the management of Barry Dolan the very law and then things begin to click because we go back to Ezekiel twenty eight notice what it says here go back into Ezekiel twenty eight I want to notice verse fifteen dollars profit in my ways from the day that I was created at all lots of delinquency was found in the weather that we send one person than about the next short forest fires John three births one who set up and everything chastises the want on fourth and is not transgress and on the law so I asked my contact lenses were going to happen don't tell me he said I think meaning one he transgressed the law him very long that he was supposed to be covering so that I asked my contact what was the rebellion over in handy in August Sydney the law of God I said nothing about the Sabbath I haven't even mentioned the ten Commandments artists they had just told me the controversy in heaven began because Lucifer was against the law of God uses Jews the whole group do you realize the whole controversy is still over that city but you're showing them how when you shall not when they see a big everything else begins to fit in place so I question what is it that Lucifer was what they wanted was to be aware of this philosophy this is one third of the angels are the possibilities of this evening and one third of these angels last Revelation one twelve verse four and verse line right he was evidently in Isaiah fourteen Isaiah chapter fourteen Isaiah fourteen the first well you are familiar with the verse Isaiah fourteen verse twelve the Bible tells us here how about form from heaven the Lucifer son of the morning how I got cut down to the ground which dates begin the nations I said in my heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation in the five thousand dollars I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be one of the most time will confirm like the most high is my study and analysis on the one of the most high like if I ask you anyways and God is light what won't do is want to show the know God is love right God is long-suffering God 's time these merciful he is right so this is one musical was saying is that his argument his argument but it was this I can be just like God righteous loving time merciful with our obeying his loan in the reconstituted cell right have you heard anyone think of it out on you God in order to be good hey I pay my taxes I pay here my keys I don't need God in order to be good this is the very same philosophy the velocity that we named autumn bargaining in other words those of us are originally in heaven was not an angel who wants a meeting with me and about as subtle and not not imagine if he was Lucifer as a master politician she simply say this in God government need some reform if we are really free when you allow dictating to us what to do and a lot of funny rights of all I'm saying is that there has always been a righteous than following dogs hunting the undersigned were doing well by the psychotic worship I was so not only brings in all the times as necessary to fill when we begin to get into the ends of the season they already know that will not suggest that all and I know I'm not what happened in heaven so anything that reads about I may not know what happened in heaven I'm not going to pastor when we know that way when we know that the word is that very principle it comes right into the charge that some segments must account I do not know I mean you may even hurt and the First Amendment and is and I'll take you and even hurt maybe even some Christians say we don't need to belong not never liked for me will you add up why that's crazy I mean that is why when we were only be on the side of the argument that we don't need along in order to be good and I guarantee you that you are in and you know the commandments and in Venezuela they wear the bracelet I thought about another ability to say no I have heard it on real estate yet I have heard it on I guess that's crazy what are we going we're giving them everything they will need so that in our following studies and it was a strong writing the police not only present the ten Commandments they are gone it's not that they are argument it's what happened and what this is why this is so okay so how many founders of the unit okay anything that you could present this okay so at this point by God 's grace a net on by this point to press for an additional price that tell us that even the Angels what Saindon had an episode for that part God spared not the Angels that what is in which means found the same not the angels when a woman whose inverse concept that while we don't need on all in order to be to be good okay at this point we know that the devil and his angels were want half hour of had our monopsony content by keeping God and destroy the Angels immediately want you and Antioch just kind and he doesn't judge them right then and there I is going on ask the question on the why while we did and this is where I'm going to bring in the importance of that individual studying with something Deuteronomy nineteen versus June nineteen at constantly what it says in nineteen procedures and sixty to nineteen laying on a principle of optimal was instantly tells Moses he says whenever controversy arises between two parties there must be a a witness or a third party a group of people that will discern between the two parties it would be unfair for our controversies arise between two parties and wireless parties Sarabeth Johnson over the other party that makes it even today you and I have a controversy here on the court and on the judge of that a few million hundred Yahoo is right and we need a third party I'm sorry if you will so when we can't take us back to what happened in heaven heaven was polarized into one chose not so God Navy auxiliary second single twenty eight uniforms as a means for it since I was a him for this I want to guess who seems within that God would create to serve as majority costs humanity not as an high calling us only what you may want to serve as judges of verse Corinthians states one three no not that the one that the saints will judge angels shall not want I begins to feel the importance of giving God has called me to be a part of the jointly yeah yeah and his was the new unibody wonder when Satan songs opening when when things fall out of any creating and that God had given him dominion decent support these must be the king that God is going to maybe before this must be and adjust me while I tell you what I know that if you were living under the influence I checked a lot I think your reading because if there is no jarring there can be no trial by the way what are the requirements for Jordan Angel alert number one I know they like to pick jurors who people who have very little knowledge about the comedy where there were no message was humanity when thinking about you we weren't even there number two HR is supposed to be a new law abiding six hundred on I am writing this number three one zero is supposed to be able to discern the difference between right and wrong and he is not to be swayed by public opinion so you know what happens the devil comes in a Cessna Avenue K you can be like God like God is not offended he said to the angels in heaven you don't need to obey God in order to me a lot in question is how do you want to be able to do in the light god of way okay not to meet with business many types on the subsequent River the word God 's you should be like God is the Hebrew word Elohim which actually can be translated as studies you want to be real the judge it from the street got called to be just as you want to be a really good at it from the street they eat from the tree and what happens they lose their ability to discern between right and wrong they are no longer law-abiding citizens God comes along and says on the put enmity between you and one between nineteen and earthy so what do we understand our cinema contact the very purpose of the gospel is for Jesus to restore our as sound law-abiding jurors do you want to be involved by for now we share our meeting to share things like Dallas seven twenty five so that in this particular study often I would otherwise want with as little horn is another one and one child in the little horn things that she is not and I get it all how shall this meadowlark wyvern is is trying to do the same thing that is driving and having so you want to make sure that no matter who tells you what you know that the Commandments of God cannot be one and FHA not going your good and down to the revelation twenty two verse fourteen is what blessed are the that do his commandments that they may have walked right to the tree of life so what is it that gets us back into heaven goals that do what she commandments what is it about those advocated out people what is it that gets upset we keep I just took them through the entire Bible the end time with the right okay so what would I do in our next study I will probably do this on our and my workshop at three o'clock today with Tom's workshop spirit clock today we're going to look at the storyline of the time prophecies in the book of Daniel and Revelation the twelve hundred sixty years to twenty three hundred years the four hundred and ninety years would want to see what is the storyline to those prophecies and how do they fit in to the big picture that we just painting all right did you follow me into hot briny are you him that he is somewhat all right praise God praise God has placed heavenly father we thank you for giving us as I'm going to go to your word father we ask you would please just give us wisdom and understanding of how to present the blueprint the nose was seeking and yet not knowing where they are going to speak to us in Jesus name we pray amen I produced a handgun price range of financial power and of the Lamb of God and you experience a victorious Christian living meets on our multimedia resources in curries on speaking engagements please log on to our website at any daddy got our mail .com nine www. however the hand of the Lord and in need on my two six eight zero eight zero nine eight oh nine she and I are here thank you all for the


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