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  • July 21, 2021
    2:58 PM
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Ah, camera innovation and Mark howard, and this is talking points better, howard. We are now on the 5th lesson of arrest in christ 3rd quarter study. And this one is entitled come to me, taken from matthew chapter 11, some incredibly well known statements of jesus have brought peace and comfort to many, many people. And essentially, this entire week's lesson is breaking down one or 2 sentences of jesus men to a microscopic study. So we have a very, sometimes we tried to take multiple chapters. This time we're looking at just a couple of verses. And so we've got our work cut out 1st in that tight little space, but right, going to be a blue, you pulled all the talking points out of a couple vers. Well, that's exactly what happened. Well, the reality is the, the way that this was formatted this week, you see, even on Saturday afternoon. Yes, it didn't just give an introductory, it's a come to me. That's the 1st phrase in the passages. So we actually have, rather than an intro on sabbath, we actually begin the lesson and that, Yes, that's exactly right. And today it takes one phrase from that. And what the challenge i found this week was taking something that had come to me. I will give you rest burden is like what each of those can be, its own topic, and we can have 7 talking points, but we're not going to get we're still gonna have 3. So we're trying to tie them together the magically and make a logical flow still. So all right, well take us through it. We will do that. I'll tell you what, why don't you give us a word of prayer, and then we'll go through our lead time re fatherhood, and we are so thankful for the promises in your word and the invitations as the one we're looking at this week. We pray the holy spirit would guide us and our viewers lowered that you would help us to gain a rich experience through your word that we may be a blessing to others and help them to find rest in jesus. We ask it in his, in a man that given the nature of the study this week, you have matthew 11 open already. Is that correct? Can you read for us versus 28 to 30? This give us context. What we're looking at this week. The bible says, come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest, which I believe are memory versus that verse. Yes. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am gentle only and hard and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. When you can see why in a quarter dealing with rest and cries, this passage would be so central. And so what we're going to do is kind of break down into at least attempt here 3 sections of what jesus is conveying here. And I'm the one talking number one. Come to me is an invitation to surrender. Ok the command, it's a call. It's an invitation. And it's not just, he's going to add some things. Your life is going to lay down some things he talks about. It's heavy burden and we're gonna look at what it means to come to jesus in this. Okay, okay. And that's taken from saturday afternoon and Sunday talking about number 2, taking christ to yoke means joining him in service. Now that might be counterintuitive. Some people use like I thought it was coming for rest in the yoke, they were going to look at that, but yolk with christ as joining human service and and again that was Monday and Wednesday. And finally from tuesday and Thursdays less and we draw talking point number 3 in christ. The burden of obedience is light. Okay, so it doesn't remove the law, but it gives us power and strength. We'll dive in and out and talking with the 3. All right, sounds great. All right, so let's look at number one. Come to me is an invitation to surrender. So let's look at the passage again where jesus says in verse 28, you want to reverse 20 points. You can come to me. All you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Know it's a bit of a trick question, but is this call to come to me just to anybody who wills? Well, in a sense, Yes, but what does the parent say you want to answer? Yes. Yeah, I think because we know that the invitation to salvation is to all. Absolutely. And it says all but then it all who what? Who labor and are heavy laden. Right? So that means you have to have an appreciation for your labor and heavy lateness outside of christ to see a need of coming to christ. So just to clarify, this is not, this is not saying that the imitation still isn't to all sure where jesus is, narrowing it on here is that there has to be a sense of need that draws the person to come. So why would become that if I don't feel the exhaustion that he's talking about the weariness, why am I coming exactly. So yes, the invitations for everyone, but only those who are going to appreciate it are those who recognize they're even going to $55.00 and says how everyone who thirsts come and drink. Well, why am I going to come and drink if I'm not thirsty? Well in the lesson brings us out on paragraph 5 sundays. Lesson says most of us will not come to christ unless we have recognized our true condition. Jesus is invitation is need based and that makes sense. It's not just, in fact you don't, you wouldn't even have to respond as universal that since he would give you the rest, but he's inviting you to recognize your needs and come to him for so you, you touched on this and this is so important. The reason for all this and that we're talking about less than highlighting it, is that as much as salvation is free, it is ineffective to the person who does. In other words, jesus has the ability to save all. But that can't happen unless i'm willing to surrender to him unless I sense a need. So as much as you have this broad invitation, there is a, the recognition of need is essential. It's the essential. We'll talk with everything we talked about home, how god, you know, wants to loves and let's say, the sinner which true. But that could lead to the idea of universalism, right? Like why isn't everybody said then, Well, I want to favor put this in the notes, but I had, I worked with a senior pastor one time and you have that experience, man, it was great godly man. He said, you know, you gotta get a lot before you get them saved, you know, and the idea of being that we talk about salvation when people don't even know what they're being saved from their, their need of it. And there's no appreciation in no surrender to it if they don't even see that they've got something to give up. And so we said we need to preach more about how long people are before we can get them. Say they recognize that need, like the bible says jeremiah, you seek me a search for me and find me when you, when you're seek me with all your heart, we're not going to seek with all your heart if you don't sense a need there. So that in several past, due to scripture, it's not the, it's not, we're not talking about god inability, but we are talking about mans willingness to be saved is predicated on his recognition. Well, even need salvation. We would reject universalism for several reasons. But think about the great controversy motif, right? He does, he wants us to be moral agents who choose thing, not just to experience things passively for no, I want you to be in recognition. He'd come to me and I'm going to give you all that you need, but come to me all who are heavy laden, do you see your heavy late need to see christ? Now you would think that ok, once I recognise boy, I do need a savior. I am burdened within that, that would be we would spring forth and surrender to christ. But once you look up, romans 87, sure. And I'm a look a 1st corinthians to 14 and Paul apostle paul here. And both of these passages speak to something that we have to recognize as a reality in our surrender to christ. First went in to 14 says, but the natural man does not receive the things of the spirit of god for their foolishness to him. Nor can he know them because they are spiritually discerned. Alright, room of the 7 says because the carnal mind is enmity against god for it is not subject to the law of god, nor indeed can be. So maybe I don't want to see this paradox here, but jesus saying, come to me, all you are burdened with sin. But the people who are burden within are the ones who in their sin don't recognize their need or they are, it seems to be a witness or they don't want to. It's boring to them. Necessary. It is, as it is, surrender to christ is foreign to be to the natural, sinful heart. So if we're waiting for that moment where it's like, now I feel like coming to christ, you need to make the decision regardless of how you feel or so inclined. You have to recognize the effect of a need and step out in faith, where you have element to where the bible talks about repentance being a gift from god as well as forgiveness. So acts chapter 5 or $30.00 to $32.00 in that area. So the Lord himself has to work in US that sense of need and he does it through many different ways. A lot of it is life disappointments, you know, and it's, it's interesting as you start to see, as people get older, there tends to be, you know, your church age, attendance, age tends to be older. I think in part because the longer you live more and more like all these hopes and dreams and all this world was going to offer me all the goods and the grammar. It doesn't happen the way even even when it does happen. It doesn't happen like people who have everything, it's like me hit well and the quarterly brings us out on Sundays, less than paragraph 6. This is coming to g. This is not a natural direction. In fact, for most people, surrender is the toughest part of the christian life. And the reality is, if we truly do have a simple vent away from christ nature, then that making a choice to come outside of that is really difficult. But mrs. White, right, and you want to read 1st review and harold? October 9, 1894. Yes, you rate. The 1st step in the path of obedience is sir, is to surrender the will to God. This may seem a difficult thing to do for satan will present every possible objection and will manufacture difficulties and magnify perplexities before the mind is fastening. So it makes it look like this, you know, why would you but take the 1st step and the next step on the ladder of progress will be easier. The path of faith and self denial is an upward path, its way is heavenward, and as you advance, the misleading clouds of doubt and evil will be left by incredible. You can imagine christ knowing our condition says come to me. All. You are heavy laden with the like, I know you may not feel so inclined, but come anyway, take that 1st step. I'm going to help you and it's going to get better the way. Now when we walk toward jesus, this comes our next point here, is that coming to jesus mean surrendering everything and gaining more. So as we do this, coming to jesus, the surrendering to him, we will walk away from certain things and that's one of the perplexity. Satan can put in our path to think, or you don't want to give up this. You don't want to, you lose this and you're going to cost you all this over here. You know, I think of the call to the disciples repeated. I have these in the notes here, but in luke chapter 5, march after one mark chapter 10. So many times, whether they're working at nets or working at a tax collectors box, they would just they just all they literally for the box that they left all this, they just dropped everything, follow christ. And now there is probably a strong temptation to like modulating. I'll keep some of this and know he said, come, follow me walking away this way. You have to leave this behind to come with me. And that's interesting. You bring that up. When I think of luke in, luke fell 5. When peter is called, it wasn't the 1st encounter, he have a jesus or the 1st time he had been with jesus mom. And so it's a transition part. So like you're saying there had to be the temptation a whole on some things. And that evidently was the case with cyprus for a while before they were decipher. But then there came that point where he said, follow me. And when they forsook all, that's when they became decided actually, right? So other than that, they might have been interested observer. I curious whatever, but they were not part time followers until they followed. It was very simple and going back to the perplexities thing, especially if our sinful nature is to retain and stay in this dark area, it's going to be so tempting to put off or push away or view surrender to christ as detrimental, even to our happiness. But this is some steps or cries, page 46, god does not require to give up anything that is for our best interest to retain. Now we mccardle heart wants to put a pair that I want to give up anything new, but nothing is our best interest retain with all who have not chosen christ might realize that he has something vastly better to offer them and they are seeking for themselves. So from the cardinal, how to make the foolishness and detrimental, but christ has just come to me and you're going to see it better. Whether this is a little bit getting you to the next point. But the whole concept of taking when jesus says, and I was thinking, even when I read the passage, take my yoke upon you. I should have read it this way. Take my yoke upon you. Because the implication is we have a yoke neck. It's just our choosing, it's so this if I'm going to take his yoke, are going to take the one I put on me and I call exact whatever i've invested myself in and that kind of thing. And I think that rolls into it very much that it makes me think of you're talking about the things, the statement here. God does not require to give up anything. Is your best interest to retain? I still remember a young couple that came come into the church and the wife would just limit, you know, we used to before we became christians, we were, we did this and we did this and we had to give this up. We had to give this up, we had and one day her husband just kind of got tired of it. He said, honey, seriously, what did we give up? Would we give up me getting drunk all the time? He coming home and getting physically been abusive with you because I don't know is in like what did we give up and lose to become christians? You know, sometimes we talk about men. What are the things that in essence, we really are losing out on? Yeah, nothing that was good for us. That's the soldier. So true. Well and let's segue to that 2nd point. Taking christ means joining him in service and the 1st appointed surrender to christ is not passive. Now we might think I'm going to give up smoke entering and then I'm just that are killing me, right. And then I'm just going to quote the rest in christ and that just in people have a picture rest is like right, I'm done with bad. It is either boring or relaxing, but it's not work. But it's so interesting that christ use the metaphor of a yoke. He's like, if you're tired, come to me. I'll put a yoke on your neck and that's right. But as we give up our own pursuits, we are to join in god's labor. We put down our yoke and take up. His lesson goes into this and in you get a statement coming up. But for, for those who don't understand the yoke is an implement of Labor, it goes over the neck of 2 animals. And they don't, they only where it, when they're working, arresting. And so jesus is using an illustration of something that is only used for work exactly m. So when he says, take my yoke, he's implying you've got to work with me. Well and quarterly you write brings it out mondays, less than paragraphs. $12.00, and $3.00 says while the yoke is a symbol of submission, it is also a metaphor illustrating united purpose. We submit to his yoke and accept the task he gives us to bless those around us, being yolk to jesus emphasizes obedience and commitment to follow in his footsteps and to participate in his mission. So any graph, exactly, he didn't choose that arbitrarily had a purpose, and that is like, I want you to work for me and that's where your rest will be found. I think of the strange scriptural dichotomies like we die in order to live through. We lose in order to gain. Yes. And now we labor in order to rep, well he who should be back, but christ. You know, I imagine jesus standing there trying to explain the principal kingdom to people who are completely carnal minded. Everything at the office and he's like, let me start. So you're always saying like this is like this and he uses these metaphors to help us break out of these thinking. But in practical terms, think about it. When you just take have you ever gone on vacation and got to that point? It's like okay, I'm done, I'm vacation out. Like there's only so much time you can just sit and do nothing. I don't recall the last time I had that it would tell me about but in any time where you just sit, yeah. And not do nothing really just kind of indulged. So yeah. It isn't bad. Yeah. You think this is just going to be so relaxing? Is going to make me so happy. I'm not saying you're rock period if I'm in the restless don't you? Yes. Yes. Every i've done that you ever have like a Sunday like had a big weekend or something like that. You eat too late or something like I'm just going to sleep and I'm not going to do any work. I'm just really lay on the couch. And you get mid morning. Like, I'm not working, but I'm also not like really relaxed here. It's not. You know, the other thing that I thought about was, remember the story jesus told man had cleaned out the demons and it's right. And it helps us clean and empty, swept clean. And then just that there's like, you know, what's gonna happen is that was going to come back and we 7 with a we are going to be able to have got to fill the void people who clean out their music. Right. And just like now not listening to anything, you know, you know, good things and there's like christ offers a better yoke than the yoke. The right look at the statement you read. This seems to be just 329. The yoke is an instrument of service. Cattle are yoked for labor, and the yoke is essential that they may labour effectually by this illustration, christ teaches us that we are called to service as long as life shall last. We are to take upon us his yoke that we may be co workers with him, of course doing so we learn of him. Yeah. And we find spirits arrest. Exactly right. And speaking, which I know the sabbath isn't in here, but how many 7 to have it. We even make jokes about the lay ministries right. We looked at sabbath as a day of merely physical rest. We'll go to church, have a big meal and sleep all afternoon. And we think that that's resting, that's not the rest of that christ. You look at how well this app, but it was active, right? If you read it in the greek and says, you'll find rest onto your soul, su k, which is you have to do the psyche spirit. Mind. It's a spiritual rest. You know, you can have physical rest and be in turmoil. Yeah. You can be laying in bed and tossing and turning at night because you have things going on that are restless in your mind. So this is talking about arrest, gives you that sense of peace. Even though you may be physically laboring intensively, right? You have a piece about you this exactly. So christ recipe for spiritual piece actually involves spiritual service. I think bethany and finally been in christ. The burden of obedience is light. This comes from tuesday and Thursday view in the bible. Another yoke is used as a metaphor, but this time is the law of god. And a lot of our even jelic of friends and dare say to many 70 amis friends. Look at the rest, christ offers as a rest from the law and saying, oh the law was burdensome. The law was heavy, the law was taxing, and in christ he kept the law for me. So I just have to rest again passively and him. When that isn't actually, what christ would be clear apart from christ, the law is a burden, an unbearable burden. We have a sinful nature. As we've already mentioned, the carnal mind is enmity against god. It cannot be the cannot keep the law of god. We've already highlighted that I think of act chapter 15 when they were discussing circumcision and they said it was a burden that we can't bear. Galatians chapter 5 refers to the law. I don't know if you're, if you're there or, you know, I was thinking of a different passage, but just the whole idea of the law when you read about it. And I'm not, I'm not getting to the passage that I was thinking of. But when it talks about the joke being a burden, some being a lot, being a burden to me. Ok. It's talking in the context of people who were using the law as a means of justification, right. In other words, i've got to be good enough at keeping the law in order to gain acceptance and right standing with god. Well, when you use the law that way it's birth. Well because you're never going to nature that cannot keep the law right. And then you say, I can't do it, but I have to do it and I'm going to struggle of never accomplishing your task. And that's, that's, that's disheartening to say the least. Well in, you know, to go back, you even delicate will say, well, you guys, you have to say you have to do it. We do have to do it, but not in order to gain favor with god. We do it by the Grace of god in response to god's saving. Grace was luxury relations 51 sure. And then I'll read not a relations 5. 1 says stand fast therefore in the liberty by which christ has made us free and do not be entangled again. With the yoke of bondage and people say there it is right? And they were free and christ away from that yoke which was the law. But if you go to 1st john chapter 5, we read this passage, verse 2 and 3. By this we know that we love the children of god when we love god and keep his commandments. Well, wait a minute, I thought the commandments were burdensome, right? Well, it goes on to say for this is the love of god that we keep his commandments, and his commandments are not burdensome. Right? So the same bible that refers to the law as a yoke then says it's not a burden. So which is right, and then james chapter 2, verse 12, so speak, and so do as those who will be judged by the law of liberty. And he's talking about the 10 commandment law talking about that law in christ. Exactly. And so the difference is the freedom that christ offers us. The rest in jesus that we find is not rest from the burden of the law. It's a rest in the power of christ to keep the law. And in being comes in US a new experience, its life right? You want me to really read this faith and work statement, faith, march, 38, and 39 says there may be no ecstasy of feeling, but there is an abiding peaceful trust. We may say rest, every burden is light for the yoke which christ imposes is easy. Duty becomes a delight. Notice the duty still there, but it's a different attitude. Let's write a sacrifice and sacrifice becomes a pleasure. The path that before seem to shrouded in darkness becomes bright with the beams from the sun of righteousness is the same pat. It's just a different perspective. This is waking, this is walking, walking in the light as christ is in the light. So I like tell you notice we have burdens, we have duty, we have sacrifice, but the burden is light. That duty is lighter, sacrifice become pleasure. So those things that to the carnal mind would in fact be a yoke of bondage and berg unbearable in christ. Now becomes a whole new experience, so he doesn't change law, he changes me, praise the Lord. And that's, that's the key over christian life, right? Remember, and some of our watches may remember when ellen white and 1st of all the test most tells her conversion story, talks about going by a construction site and every worker she herbs praising god, where they weren't praising god they were. But she'd be talked about how she heard the bird singing more beautiful. Everything was a whole different perspective on thing. And so it is with that. Well, the other point that the less than I thought a handily brought out was to surrender to christ includes being part of the body of christ. The church and the Church, of course, is one of the main tasks of the church is to lift each other up and to carry one another's burdens. It brought up the old testament example at exit chapter 18. Jethro when moses would stand before the people from morning till night and all the things he was doing. And jethro says, what you're doing is why you got this whole group of people organize them in groups and leaders and in hundreds fifties and tens and, and basically small groups and accountability and, and his methods to moses was they will be able to bear the burden with you and you can go in peace, right? You see the same thing in the new testament, paul in galatians 6 1st corinthians 12 in other places refers to the church as the body of christ. And in that way we lift one another's burden. He says how that when one person, sorrows, we all star when it's Joy, we all the church. If we find rest in jesus, well the, the body of jesus is the church. Then we should find our rest in the brotherhood, the sisterhood, the body of faith. And I don't know about your experience past our, but for me it has been such a touch of blessing to know that when we do have trials and difficulties which we do have trials and difficult it. And it's like that we're not just isolated and connected to a jesus who is very real, but invisible that there's a visible body of christ. And we can talk to each other. We can comfort one or that we can find that people can cook and help out and check in and lift each other up in prayer. Our family went through a very difficult time this last week and it was and even in times previous, i know that when, for instance, when edward was sick we, we consent. We had people emailing as a texting, as intact calling. As I'm telling you, we're praying for you and just to know that people care enough to think about you and pray for you and to look for ways to help. That is a mechanism that god is created to lift each other's burden. And it's a blessing. And incredible blessing. Well in addition was fascinating to me about all this. Everything here is same work where we're even within the church, you're laboring to help others. You're burying the burden. You're not just sitting and sipping, eliminate somewhere. That's right. And so it would appear that our, this is the 1st of all, this is the Avenue, the bible gives us to rest. So it would appear that our working is not the cause of our perplexity Because we're still working, but we're finding rest. It's what we're doing with our time. Yeah. It's not necessarily. It's the yoke we've taken and off and the pleasure seeking. We're doing an alert. It's really our yoke versus his yoke. And he's taking a ref. Yeah, he's looking at this is like, you know, it can be so much better. Why and of course the ultimate goal of all the following of jesus. The energy is a come to jesus is by god's grace to become like jesus, right? Jesus in that passage, matthew 112090 talk to me. It talks and he says, for I am gentle and lowly deemed come to me. And if I'm, let me learn of me, that means you can become like this to 2nd for these 3. 18 is the famous passage where by essentially by beholding we become changed, right. And when I 355 is looking at jesus, we obtain brighter and more distinct views of god and by the holding, we become changed. Goodness love for our fellow men, becomes our natural instinct. We develop a character which is the counterpart of the divine character. That's what it is to learn of me will become like him. I really enjoyed this week's lesson. The concluding thought I thought was very helpful here on Friday and it's from child guidance, page 267. When you find your work hard, when you complain of difficulties and trials, when you say that you have no strength to a standard taishan, you cannot overcome patience and that the christian life is uphill. Work. Be sure that you are not burying the oak across. You are bare in the yoke of another master friends. The yoke of christ is light. It's easy and he changes us to become more like him in what a powerful promise and Mark can give us a word press. We close desperate father in heaven. Oh father, we thank you for this invitation from jesus. It is an invitation to all but lord, it will be responded to only by those who sense their need. And I pray that you would help us to be aware of our constant need for jesus, or need to be more like him, a need for us to emulate him in character, to help bear one another's burdens. And so full fill the law of christ father be with us now this week. And may we put these things we've learned into practice and help others to find rest in jesus as well things in his Ah.


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