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06 Finding Rest in Family Ties

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • July 21, 2021
    4:25 PM
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Ah, on camera debate teacher, and I'm mark howard, and this is talking voice. We are on the, on the 6th lesson of our rest in christ 3rd quarter lesson study. Finding rest in family ties. Sounds very placid and comforting. Is that, is that what we discovered in the past hours? Well, actually, I think the, the idea behind it is that a lot of families aren't placid and comforting. And sometimes we tend to think that the bible heroes families were oh, it must have been, they must have been heroes because they had everything good at home. And such is not the case is we're going to see this week, this week's lesson to the dive into the story of joseph. In fact, at the bottom of sabbath lesson, it says this week we turn to the story of joseph in his family ties in order to watch god at work, bringing, healing and emotional rest, despite dysfunctional family relationship, dysfunctional family relationships. Now that we hear that phrase tossed around a lot and I think we're going to find some relevant application point. Yeah, we don't really think a bit. I don't think too many people think of it in the bible so much then dysfunctional family. Although anybody can say bible, they start really pretty quickly there and it certainly hasn't changed that much over time. So that what they needed then we need today. That's right. And so we're going to press exactly in christ. But before we go through this week's lesson and go point by point, start with a word of prayer and let's begin. Heavenly father, thank you so much for the relevance of your word. We know it's true always, but we can find particular application in our lives today. Please bless our study now our time together as we review this lesson and bless those sabbath school classes as they get to have the opportunity of studying together in that local class. Please bless everyone involved and help us become more like jesus for pray in jesus name. Amen. Amen. Alright, points this week. Tell us talking point number one we drew from sunday through tuesday. There's a little overlap, but you're going to see the sunday through tuesday. True worth is determined by calvary ok in a dysfunctional situation or family people, you know, there tends to be a question, tend to be valuing in the mind of some, sometimes with the kids and what have you or even the parents. So we're going to talk about you were determined by calorie. That's point number one. Number 2 talking point is god is greater than your dysfunction, man. A man I think and that's taken from sunday monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That's the bulk of this week left at that point. Ok, Yes, yes it is. And then number 3 don't be mastered by your circumstances. Oftentimes, if, if you grew up in a dysfunctional family, you feel like that's all you get. You can never really be anything because you have these things these clogged way and you're down not so don't be masturbating circumstances that's taken primarily from thursday lesson. Okay, well let's go back and put number one and walk through this little bit to where it is determined by calvary. What are we talking about with worth and how people, okay, well, you know, so a little background less is start out sunday talking about this background. Joseph grew up with course. If you read the story of joseph, you know that he, his father, he had basically, his whole family was from 4 different mothers and one father, which created a lot of rivalry in the home. You add to that, that joseph was especially noted upon by his daddy with, you know, jacob had intended to marry only rachel and, and she couldn't have children at 1st. And finally, when she did, she had joseph and benjamin and joseph especially built upon. And that created rivalry more exacerbated that situation course than his brother sort of fell him into slavery has got to hurt the old self esteem. Well, the whole, the whole situation. I mean, I suppose the father doting on him can help, but then the brothers always on him. Yeah. The other way and then being sold of yeah, yeah. Between what had it picked on the other hand and then sold me another. Yes. Do we kill him or cell and well sell him? But the point says, furthermore, being sold by his brothers into slavery may have severely impacted joseph self work. And I would like you think, well, the reason I have may have is because of what we find happen in the story of joseph, where most people it would definitely have, have permanently impacted their self worth. But the quarterly brings out, and this is one of my favorite stories in the bible, actually that joseph in, if you read the count in patriots and profits is a piece of it on, on Monday you find that when joseph was leaving in that caravan taken off to be sold into slavery by the israelite traders, slave traders. He could see in the distance his father's tense. You know, the home. But it's too far to yell. Yeah, nobody can waiting off and you see that there's home in your mind. I'm never going to see that again. I'm never going to see my loved ones family and in Illinois says, and pictures from profits that joseph was terror stricken. You know, heart valve and all that. But in that experience, he came to a resolution. I want you to read that resolution. It tells about a little bit there and Sure. Where does that 3rd paragraph on Monday. Then his thoughts turned to his father's god. In his childhood he had been taught to love and fear him. Often in his father's tent, he had listened to the story of the vision that jacob saw the fly from his home and exile and the fugitive. Now all these precious lessons came vividly before him. Joseph believed that the god of his fathers would be his god. He then and there gave himself fully to the Lord, and he prayed that he, that the keeper of israel would be with him in the land of his exile, who tower for faith. And we know that's true with the experience of joseph and so obviously that decision impacted. You know, all the other. We're going to go through the story of joseph and apparently I think, I think this week's lesson and next week's lesson are you doing? It must have been to just curl up in that discouragement and depression and just wall yourself off and but in that moment of crisis, noticed also that those stories that had always been like kind of like maybe in the background noise or interesting, most mythology, forklift forklift but yes, now I'm the guy who's the future very, i think that's very true and I don't even think it's inappropriate to say like mythology or folk, or obviously we're not saying the bible, but that we aren't able is to avenue young people grew up in the church ever the old people until you accept price. That's all it is this vocal right. It becomes real only in christ. And so perhaps it will even in god's providence, obviously we look back in with 2020 hindsight say, oh I see how god let it. But from joseph's perspective, he doesn't know the outcome yet, but he knows now I'm in this situation. I have a choice to make him I going to make this god experience real for me and he makes the right choice. And that so Tuesday lesson talks about finding self worth, but the finding self worth was impacted by this decision of joseph. Because when you look at calvary, you find out what your value is. If you listen to your dysfunctional family, whether be aunts and uncles, parents, step parents, you know, brother, sisters river, you know trash talking, you and everything else. That's not your value, your boss or anybody. Your values determined by and I've always tell people that the, the price of anything, the value of anything is determined by the price. Somebody is willing to pick yes. And a price paid for us on calvary is infinite. And joseph realized when he saw that he realized, and you'll see throughout his situation and circumstances, he regarded himself as god regarded them. Tuesday lesson on in paragraph 3 makes this point. It says we need to find our self worth in. What god thinks of us, how he sees us and not in the roles that we currently have be at a slave. You know, I'm just a slave. Know your child of god and that's our josephson cell. So my number one to worth is determined by calvary, in fact is a great statement from out of blessings. I always think of when I think of value. And of course in the context of joseph in a trial he's going to, we could have said, well, god wouldn't, I must not be worth much to God. I wouldn't go through this read, but it says there amount of blessings paged in the trials of life. Are god's workmen to remove the impurities and roughness from our character. Upon no useless material, does the master bestow such careful, thorough work? Only his precious stones are polished after the similitude a palace. So when you basically take away from this, that when you find yourself, you know, 12 metaphorically sold into slavery or in some sort of like, challenging thing that would be overwhelming. Otherwise, it might be tempting to think clearly, god has discarded me yet that there is no hope here that I am in a terrible to. But why bring that the point that like if you're going through a rough time, that's the same thing that the, the polish your stones does those rough elements, like you put them in the grinder and, but it added shizzle. Yeah. If you're trying to smooth out a stone, you don't wipe it, got a unit even have or is it chisel it and you know, square it up and while it may think, but he had to see something of value in the rock itself in order to have been the time to hurt it to clean it up. And so in joseph situation he could, he could just say, well, it was me and it be done. But he said no, no, I'm going to double down. There is a guy here, trauma me, me through and I'm going to be stick with him. And number one to worth is determined by calvary number 2 as we see in the story as well. God is greater than your dysfunction. Yes. Joseph headed dysfunctional situation, and I found a statement that I thought was interesting that it goes a little bit before joseph with his father, jacob jacob, had made some very poor choices and what have you. But l might makes a statement of patriots and prophets, and it wasn't the lesson, but it was a chapter that dealt with joseph patriot from prophets. Here. His jacob had chosen the inheritance of faith. He had endeavoured to obtain it by craft treachery and falsehood. So he made the right choice guy here is a good thing, but how you get there, come on. But anyway, it says, but god had permitted his sin to work out its correction. So it's interesting that they think about that. Yes, that those, yes, jacob, sometimes we say I've made all these mistakes now god having to do with me not. So sometimes we make mistakes in foolish decisions, but the ultimate decision is we want to serve god, we don't know how to do it, right. We try to do it in our own way and we have you, but even situations like that, god can take and turn around for good. So even the choices that we've made that have been out of harmony with his will that have been actually not what he would have to do. Yes, but we still intend, like I know, I eventually want to end up where you are. Lord, and I'm sorry for the way i've got about it and mistakes i've made a mother so the Lord doesn't remove those mistakes. Or even the consequence doesn't be used as the cause winces as a, as a redemptive measure to correct our airing way and bring us where we should have been. A lot of times we wonder about consequences and why god didn't just take them away. But the consequences, like how bad would st appear if we never felt the thing, how bad is a burn? If I put my hand to fire and I'm going to keep you from feeling that I'm never going to realize that that can murder me. So what does hurt me is also use the tool of god to improve me. Well, so you know, even going back and forth so far as to jacob and in some of the dysfunction, god allowed some of these things to work out their purposes because it and so the point being the greater point is, god is greater than your dysfunction. There is no situation so dysfunctional that god isn't greater than that. Joseph, despite his hereditary inheritance and inheritances in also the the circumstance he grew up in god overruled those things so that even when he faced that temptation and wednesdays lesson brings up the temptation of a part of his wife. Even a fierce temptation like that. We could easily said, look, joseph, i mean the proclivities he has, his dad with multiple wives and brothers. Sterling either. Yeah, I mean, you know, it would be understandable for him just to fall into that temptation. I mean, who wouldn't, he is a good looking guy, not married and make excuses for it. But despite all of the dysfunction, Joseph was able to resist in the Grace of god and then a great quote that is on Friday. His lesson, i've actually shared part of it here and just part of it later. But if you want to read this from St policy buying one page, 132. Here is an example to all generations who should live upon the earth. Although they may be exposed to temptations, yet they should ever realize that there is a defense at hand, and it will be their own fault if they are not preserved. Mercy may not be a popular idea, but god has given the out. So well. The point is that god is never to blame me if you fall and temptations go well where with god is not where with god got there and he's made away exactly those. If he's giving you the out, it's your choice to continue. God will be a present help and his spirit a shield. Although surrounded with the severest sensations, there is a source of strength to which they can apply and resist them. Absolutely. So again, your dysfunction is not something that's like god's not looking at why I don't know what to do with that. And I think that's important because I don't know that there's much that isn't dysfunctional on this planet at the time in her history. You know, to some degree, is it possible of accent, new light on the whole idea of, you know, romans, 828. All things work together for good to those who or cold raises for the ideas it like doesn't mean all things are going to go smooth? No, it doesn't say all things are good. Yeah. Things work together for there were getting together, but working something out is by step and challenges, but the end result is gonna be so god uses circumstances use a consequence to use all these things as tools. But if we continue to rely on him like following step by step, we can correct these things and get to where we need to go. Absolutely. Now the lesson brought out on Sunday and I included the question here because I thought it needed to be we needed to address it. The question was asked, why do you think abraham isaac and jacob are listed as faith heroes in hebrews? 111-7222. When you consider their messy family relationships, read this dysfunction. How can they be called heroes? Now the 1st, the 1st couple points i made there. Obviously ac 1730 got talks about how god overlooks the times we're ignoring ok. And also 2nd corinthians, 812 talks about how god judges us according to what one has not according to. In other words, he just doesn't judge according to what you don't know. Capacity is right under consideration to he does according to our knowledge and abilities. But to me, the greater point there is that, you know, the question is, how could god call these dysfunctional people? heroes Is there, is there a hero in the bible? It wasn't, didn't have central tendencies. In other words, the hero of the bible is god name a and a lot of times we try to make these, we try to do it a river humanistic. And dealing with the bible, here's like, well, you know, in fact we talk about the, one of the ways that we know the bible is inspired is because it doesn't gloss over the falls where typically history from a non biblical standpoint, we want to gloss over the fall to even make up stories. George washington, the cherry tree. You never had, but you know, we want to. So going back to that mythology thing. But you know, you think about hebrew chapter 11 into the hall of faith. Yeah. The hall of fame. Right. It's not the idea that these men were inherently so good and they worked it out. The whole point of that chapter is they weren't good to be good and through, by faith, they did by faith, they did. So it's faith in whom the guy who has the power to stay in and that's the hero. That's abraham moses. Know all these guys were i'm praise the Lord for their example. But then apple was not there works. It was them relying and christ. And through that christ as the hero. Yes, in spite of them Yeah. And so when we get to looking at the disciples and the the heater arrival, ero, know he was a fisherman who had lord way up here. Then it discourages us from what you know, I'm never going to make it, but praise the Lord that he used people with the same with like passions. The bible says the book of james that share in our weaknesses so that we can see what god can do. Absolute and God is greater than your dysfunction, hey man, man. And the final point number 3 and it goes right along with that is don't be mastered by your circumstances. So I love that. No, I think of the story of joseph and ok. So you're, you're, you grew up in a homeless dysfunctional, your brothers. So you as a slave, i just think to myself what attitude, what I have, I'm sold as a slave. Forget this, I'm not working hard. Go ahead, i'll get the lash and I'll work. I'll do the bare minimum to try to get by, but I'm not going to, I'm going to do my best. You know, I can tend to be embittered about the situation and then you don't talk about selling and slavery. The whole life of joseph. He gets sold into slavery, but because he doesn't because he decides he's going to not act like a slave, not being bitter, but because he's going to give it his all. He's noticed by part of her and put in charge of all the house. But then part of his wife comes along and joseph is faithful to God. And what is his reward of faith? went back into proof. Yeah, you know, and you could very easily get embittered and have an attitude, but you'd never see it because you hear it. We hear from people sounds like, well, I would be my life would be in advance of this. I'd be a better person if this hadn't happened. If this hadn't happened. And if I were to wait a better my, my family were more if I didn't come from a dysfunctional family or we had more money or they could have paid for me to go to college. Or, you know, all of these, if, if, if, if, circumstantial things joseph had so many circumstances say I could have been a great man if you know how many good things in our life now do we chalk up to circumstance with a lot lack of the goods yeah, I mean, I wish it, I just don't have to, I don't have the money and you got to understand my family's like this. And if you knew what I was the over and over and we start not living the life that even we want much less what the life that god wants. And we start talking circumstances as though they are the single determinant factor of all things that happen or a life. And the bible praise, the Lord paints a different picture that doesn't downplay the fact that we are all in different places and different. But there's something greater than that god in his will. And we can choose to be in harmony with that. Yeah, absolutely. It makes me think of, you know, there's a lesson highlights ephesians 6 and ask the question, what is the big picture perspective on relationships that paul presents and if he isn't fixed with god's view of relationships. But it brings this out in ephesians 6 versus starting with verse by that says, bond, servants be obedient to those who are your masters according to the flesh with fear and trembling insincerity of heart as to christ. Not with eyes service as men pleases, but as bond service of christ doing the will of god from the heart with good will doing service as to the Lord. Not to man so 3 times there as to christ as to christ as to the Lord God. So the idea, I think of that with joseph joseph did the will of god from heart with goodwill, doing service as to the Lord, not to man. He didn't work in his mind. He saw his value in god. He saw himself as a servant of god and he was faithful to God. So he didn't allow circumstances to change that perspective for him. I think about even he, even in the temptation with part of his wife. Right. How can I do such a great thing and sin against you think he didn't like partner against god. What did david say against you and you all the yes. Like they had this idea that my number one perspective, not the other people don't exist and we shouldn't consider them. My number one prior in life is does this harmonize with my true lord, which is jesus christ. And from that perspective, it changes how we view our circumstances, right. Think of moses he endured as one who seeing the invisible light. They've been a different realm and a different reality, like david, like joseph. They lived in a constant consciousness of the presence of god. I love this passage, you have it in the notes there. First corinthians chapter 7, verse 22. Think about the mindset, especially with joseph in his slavery. He was really late, right? That for he was called him lord, while a slave is the lord's freed man. Likewise, he was called, while free is christ slave. But the idea being that though you might be in a liberal bondage of some sort, now art, slavery may not be changed. David might financial or financial or whatever the issue is education, you name it and it be so tempting to say, well, I can't because I'm stuck. Right? But if you have that mindset that No, no, I'm the child king. I've been calling for a higher purpose. I'm going to act in that way that god's going to honor that fidelity. And you can be free, you the lord's free man, no matter where you go. I notice this statement from testimony by him to page 571 a L might as counseling a person here who is doing like we are just saying, well, if I didn't have this happen to me, they didn't have this circumstance. It is then, then I would be better off and she says, you are constantly, i'm sorry, you are continually finding fault with circumstances, which is nothing less than finding fault with providence is off the providence is something that god brings about or allow is it possible that circumstance about providence is got those are the obstacle god is allowed to be there to help you out and you're just sitting there for mouth and I'm all the time. Get up and use them for go. You had a great statement from avenue to 48. I love it says here many who do well under favorable circumstances seem to undergo a transformation of character under adversity and trial. They deteriorate in proportion to their troubles. God never designed that we should be the sport of circumstances. So adverse interest, so favourable circumstances versus unfavorable circumstances, like a certain care, the good. And so this idea sport of this is why uses that phrasing more than one occasion. And it's a really, I love that the, the imagery there because you think of something like a cat with a poor little mouse or just toying with just hoarding with it. Right. Or like a, a basketball player with a ball bouncing a shooting. And the ball has no choice now through and we think of our lives sometimes like, well I guess I'm going to buffet it by this way that and like a read blown in the wind. And she's like, you are never designed to live as, as the sport of circumstances. You should, you should plant your feet, make a choice and walk. And, and we think about it even spiritually. We talk about like, well, you know, have taishan and what about my hereditary, you know, where it come from and my cold i've, I've been doing it for so long. She's like those things may be real. But there opportunities to go past that that god can give you strikes to don't be the sport. So, you know, it's interesting. We talk about all the circumstances and often have to do with, with when we talk about circumstances and why I can't. What I'm really talking about is why I can't. My focus is on me and my weaknesses in this net. What we're talking about is with joseph, he focused on god's strength and weaknesses. And look at this statement from a testimony 6 page, 145. It says a, posing circumstances should create a firm determination to overcome the one barrier. Broken down will give greater ability and courage to go forward. Press in the right direction and make a change solidly intelligently then circumstances will be your helpers and not your hindrances. Make a beginning, the oak is any acorn. No good, you know, take you make a little step in god will make it powerful. That will be big. You know, be great, but you've got to don't let your circumstances hinder. You don't be master, but I think, but even in the smallest things a life i've used as illustration before, but so apropos, you know, my kids at a certain age. Now when you can, I give them this big project like clean your room and such a mess. Or something like that, and start focusing of all the reasons they can't like, I don't know where they go. I can't read. And I start with what you can do, what we can. And I love that idea of the oak is an acorn make, make a change, make choice, make as she says, make a beginning and then grow from there. Then god, god uses our circumstances such a way you may not be able to solve everything at once, but just make a choice on one issue. Cocker that step to the next one and he's going to work it out. Yes, and the story of just exemplifies this on Fridays lessons. The rest of that quote, well, I've, I've actually quoted a little bit beyond that. I believe I just took the quote from scooter prophecy volume one that is quoted on Friday lesson. Ellen with his joseph, suffered for his virtue and integrity speaking now again, the temptation with power for his wife gets thrown into prison. He suffered for his virtue and integrity for she who would lead him astray out of his way. Revenged herself upon the virtue that she could not subvert and by her influence caused him to be cast into prison by charging him with the foul wrong. Here joseph suffered because he would not yield his integrity. He had placed his reputation and interest in the hands of god. And although he was suffered to be afflicted for a time to prepare him to fill an important position so god allowed him because he had a greater purpose. Yet god safely guarded that reputation that was blackened by a wicked accuser and afterward in his own good time caused to shine god, even god, made even the prison, the way to his elevation, virtue will in time bring its own reward. Powerful statement is incredible, and I'm so glad that we again have the stories in scripture because I don't know exactly what it's like to be sold in the slavery or have this or that you know, trial or difficulty. But there are pieces and parts of this that every one of us can relate to. And the lessons that joseph needed to learn. We need to learn today Well to us and hear that god allowed this to happen to joseph in the prison. But he used that, that as a stepping stone for him, joseph trusted his reputation to the hands of god and God through all his still was able to bring him forth. Untarnished at the end of it is the prime minister, egypt. And because all of these things, so god is to hear of the bible. God can be your hero. You put your life in his hand, a man and he will bless you. Abundantly came in less pray, heavenly father. We want to thank you for this important lessons. They thank you for being a god who is bigger than our circumstances, who can in whom we can find our true identity and make clear steps even if we don't see the results immediately. Please lord, help us never to be the sport of circumstances, but help us be true free men in jesus christ. Lord bless the sabbath, who classes that are going to be taught this week. But every participant member in every leader and help each one of us to be blessed and be a blessing to another person this week for prayer and g. I.


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