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07 Marital Sexuality: Sameness of Nature

Justin Kim Sebastien Braxton Jonathan Walter Callie Williams


God's intentions for humanity with respect to sexuality.



  • August 9, 2021
    9:00 AM
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After all, I'm just human. What does that mean on this episode of inverse the coming to you from silverspring, maryland. Welcome to in a bible based compensation on like, sensible, contemporary issues and thought provoking Just in can with in my name is Justin kim and you're watching in verse an industry you with me as john in this fashion and kelly and we are talking about biblical sexuality, it's a sensitive topic and we wanna encourage you to if you have minors in your area, to be mindful of the topic matter and to do where we got to do with them in the room. So we're going to talk about this topic is very important. We believe in the primacy of scripture and scripture talks about these principles of sexuality. And if you have not been with us in the past couple of weeks, we wanna encourage you to hope t, v dot orgy slash inverse and catch up on previous episodes. But also go to an inverse bible dot orgy and download our bible study guides, not just on biblical sexuality, but on daniel and all. The other books are the bible that we're planning to put up online. So let's go to genesis chapter 2, verse $18.00 to $25.00. And before we do so I'm going to ask kelly, can you refresh? Absolutely. Father in heaven. We thank you for the gift that it is to be here right now into study or we're together. We don't come to this topic, i'm confident in ourselves, but we come confident and who you are. Confident that you desire to teach us who your word confident that you desire to give us your spirit. And so we pray that you'd fill us with your spirit. Now guide us into all truth just as you promised, and I pray thee got our conversation, but it may be uplifted that it may be beneficial and that we all be drawn closer to you. Through the process we ask and pray all this in christ name. He met him and now we have been covering different topics from episode to episode. But there seems to be 5 principles that emerge when it comes to biblical, to ality. One is the goodness of sexuality, the difference of sexuality, the sameness, the oneness and the tunis. You take these 5 principles and you, you kind of combine them, you get really good, good parameter, good, good, good vicinity of what the bible is talking about. And for the optimal premium sexual experience that god has designed, you take one of these principles out, then you get into some, some other form of sexuality that, that at least in the, the new testament, those off, the not not condone. So today we're going to look at the principle of sameness in genesis, chapter 2, verse $18.00 to $25.00. And Johnson, can you read it? Sure. It says and the Lord God said it is not a dead man, should be alone. I will make him a helper, comparable to him. Out of the ground, the Lord God formed every piece of the field and every bird of the air and brought them to adam to see what he would call them. And whatever adam called each living creature that was its name. So adam gave names to all cattle to the birds, to the air and to every piece of the field. But for adam, there was not found help are comparable to him. And lord, God cost a deep sleep to fallen at him and he slept. And he took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh in its place. Then the rich, the Lord God had taken from the man he made into a woman. And he brought her to the man and adam said, this is now the bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh. She shall be called a woman because she was taken out of man. Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. And they were both naked men and his wife, and we're not ashamed. Alright, submissions share with us while the principle of sameness how can we mind that? How can we mind out of this passage here? Well, what we see is, god is bringing animals to got to, to, to adam. And as he's bringing these animals to adam, as adam is looking at these animals and naming them, he notices that they each have a comparable partner, right? So there's a monkey, and there's a, the rest, there's a lion, there's a lioness, right? There is an 8th there. Say monkey mackey monkey read monkey row. I just over. Ok. I was like I did something rest to webster's dictionary. OK, so each one had a corresponding partner and the bible says that adam noticed there was no one comparable to him. So what we, what we immediately see is that this marital relationship, that is the very context for which physical intimacy is supposed to exist in the ideal of god had nothing to do with the objects of creation had nothing to do with the animals of creation. This was simply to be shared between 2 human beings, right? One to whom adam looked at and said bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. She experiences reality in life. The same way that adam does on a physical level, on a spiritual level, on an intellectual level and on an emotional level, we're talking about this concept of sameness. What we're saying is, sexuality exists between 2 human beings. And that's the design that we see in god, and he purposely sees that naturally by naming the animals. That's your, your partner, comparable to you. But this is now the phone of my bones will look at the principle of different nes, next week. And a different has been there is a maleness and a femaleness briar. The principle of sameness, human and Human. And although that might seem very like and intuitive, we're entering into a world, but that's not so common sense any more. People can feel, feel, feel fulfilled with a animal companion or not even an animal, but maybe even mechanical or an object or technological companion. And it is, we are in the era of sexual exploration, they call it and we got to co go back to the original manual to see what god has originally intended kelly. And even though we look at this tax, we're like, okay, we're like reading into this too much. We're just bringing this principle out. But you know, verse 18, it's the only time the creation account that the Lord God sees. Nothing says it's not good. Yes. So this is before genesis 3, right? sin isn't here yet, so we can even blame sin. Is this the Lord God sees something incomplete that there isn't a help are comparable. And it's, it's so important that god, himself looks at creation and says this, this small thing is not good even though he is surrounded by the, the garden of pleasure. He surrounded by all these different animals, these fruits, the vegetables, whatever. It's still not good because he needs someone not as a helper, but a helper comparable to try it on a fundamental level. God, obviously god knows this, but he also helps adam realize yes, I need someone I, I was, I was created for companionship with someone who is like me. Yes, I have relationship with god. Yes, I have relationship with the animals with nature connection. But there is something missing, and God make sure that adam realizes his need before he gives him his his partner. But on the fundamental level, adam had to realize this and, and recognize that god always wanted him to have someone else because god created us in his image. And God is a social being in the same way we are. We were designed to, to connect on a deeper level with, with creatures that are like us, meaning humans. Yes, it's great to have a pet, you know, I have a cat, i love my cat, the people of the dogs, right? Kelly. But Right. If you cannot compare that, he said you can compare that to, to the connection you can have with another human being and it's kind of like, obviously, but god has put a lot of purpose and intention into to creation of humanity as a reflection for that little bit and I know a lot of this is common sense. I surmise that this will not become so common sense as time continues. Why, why, why is it important? I mean human to human interaction? What is it about the Human being the identity of the Human being? What is it about the definition of Human nature that differentiates itself from animal? Right? Joseph one, just one who is imagery created and yeah, genesis one. Good question to answer. Just Yeah. 26126. Yes. Then godsa, let us make man internet, but not let us make all the creatures in her. And then let's make the monkey with make the draft. Now, let us make man in our image, according to our likeness, dominion, and so on. The verse 27, so god created man in his own image and image of god. He created him, male and female. They created them. So there is something different. And you know, sometimes different people like to break down the barriers. They were literally just like the animals, we are just a different kind of animal that's it. But in the bible, the very 1st chapter guys like no, definitely not even the same thing at all. And you even have dominion over them. So I think when you, when you get into that kind of mixing, it's, it literally mars the character, mars the image of god that he created us to mimic you know, to build off of this on the other side of the coin. Is that adam not only existed with animals, right. But he also existed with the almighty. He had interaction with god. Yes. And yet god said there was a loneliness there. So we can even look on the other side that people are like, yeah, just me and jesus, right, which we understand in terms of singleness. It is a gift and it is something that you can be fulfilled. But in terms of god's ideal in creation, he recognized that there are, this is not going to yield perfect happiness according to my plan. And so even just having dialogue with jesus in relation with jesus was insufficient for what it's ideal was for adam. And so when you, when you look at the, the, the Human to human interaction on the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual level that you cannot share, you may be able to connect with an angel on a spiritual level. You may be able to connect with an, an animal on a physical level, but, and even with god on, on a completely other level. But as a human being, we are able to connect on every single dimension of who we are. And that's what god intended. Because that's the relationship he exists with in the trinity relationship, that unity, they connect on every single level and design of their existence. I can go somewhere else, but I wanna, I wanna probe that stable. You says wonderful statement and every level, what are some of those levels, sebastian in every area? What are those areas? Because often we don't define what it means to be a human, or we have a low estimate of what humanity really is like to say, oh, the dog and me, we're actually the same entity court evolutionary biology. So if God doesn't exist and God doesn't, there's no overarching ethic about how I should behave. What's so wrong with me in this case. Right. And that is where society does go in on some parts of perverse purpose. Yeah. So let me ask you, how do we, how, what are some of those areas? What are some of those levels? Well let's, let's start off with the fact that when god created man in genesis to earlier in the chapter, in verse 7, it says and the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils. The breath of life in men became a living being or Yes, all yes. So this automatically gives you that there is a physical and I mentioned to being human, right? The body, the anatomy physiology. Yeah. Then there's also a, a non physical component, right, which we may classify as the intellect, the emotion and on a spiritual level. Yes. So when you combine all of those, you have a human being yes. Right? And so you can imagine that having a human being that doesn't have a spiritual dimension is going to impact that intimacy and connection. Yes. And I saw this when I was in college and I was just on my way to giving my life to the Lord. I remember there was a young lady that I was interested in before I started studying the bible. And then finally when I surrender to baptism. And now I'm walking with the Lord. I met this girl again in on campus where I was baptized, and I was trying to invite her out to this evangelist series. And throughout this experience, she says I'm trying to invite her and she calls me on the phone and she says, sebastian is everything we talk about has to be about god. And I was shocked. And I was literally like, you know what this relationship can continue and so I terminated it because we couldn't connect on that level and hold that thought when we come back after the break, we're going to continue our discussion on defining human nature. So stay with us. In the black, do you have questions, comments or feedback? You'd like to lever? Find us on social media by searching in booth bible on Facebook, twitter, instagram, or youtube. While they're joining like us product sums up a handle again is inverse bible know faces. Now back to the discussion, ah, welcome back. We're in the middle of smash and story where he terminated where he didn't and she terminated relationship, where he terminated. Well, let's look at what he said. Well, 1st let's be clear. I terminated there. Anyway, now I've been don't, at least not one in mired of this spiritual focus relationship. It immediately became clear and sadly clear to me that she and I were not able to connect on something that had now become central to who I was. There was a part of my human nature and experience. It had been activated by the gospel. And now we weren't able to connect on that level. And so you realize that, Yeah, could we have physical intimacy? Could we intellectually connect on business or whatever we're studying at the time economics or could we have connected on an emotional level but because of that removal of the spiritual directly impacted god's ideal for marital sexuality? Yeah, and I think that's important because on as we compartment allies. Yeah, we could say like, well, so what maybe sebastian just wants to have an intellectual and sexual partner. Like why does he have to share spirituality? But it's because it's not like one 3rd of who he is or one fit. What I'd like it's who he is completely, and it's not that you were trying to talk to this person. You like, I want to like Sure, geez, all the time I just, I want to convert her, you like, that's just a natural outflow of who I am at this point. So she's getting that from you. It's clear you're not on the same wavelength anymore and, and so when we compartmentalize because sometimes trick ourselves. But at the end of the day when we're christians, we're christians completely. Yes. Yes. And kelly to your point, right. Imagine the reverse, right. What have we switched it and we said you are not able to connect with a person on a physical level. We think you should go to therapy, right? And say, why is that you guys can't be physically intimate, or you're not able to connect on an emotional level. He doesn't understand my needs, he doesn't listen, I need affection or attention. We'd say you need to go to therapy in counseling or show that's actually a relevant and it just goes to show you the world attitude towards god and his ideal and also what's being missing by that compartmentalization. And just saying, i'll take what I can get was very interesting is like the bible, although it reveals much about god and how about god saves humanity. It is also a definitional revelation of who we are. 100 percent, you have whoever god is. We are a reflection of him, so we discover more about who we are and whether, whether we have an intellectual side or not, whether we have a spiritual side or not, who we are as a physical person that's wrong. And in a relationship, if we just access, you know, as you say, I love that one 3rd or 2 3rd. In a sense, we're just using that person for their intelligence or their physical or whatever. Rather than expecting them accepting them, accepting them for their, for their interior to your essentially object to find. Yeah. Which is exactly what this principle is trying to address. You can have that intimacy with the physical object or screen yes. For a dall manic, and all of that looks like the perfect woman that you want and say, well, at the re, the reality is, whatever that guy's doing with that doll is the same thing that he's doing with the Human being. If he doesn't embrace the full part of who that person, it's just an objectification. Yes, it's just jotting. Yeah, I really like, but I'm been listening. I've been really both of it. When he said kelly about the compartment, the last thing we do to all the time constantly constantly whatever it is. But it is so true to every aspect. Everything that makes us human is connected to everything else we are. That's what we are. We are not just, you know, little particles that put we are, we are what we are the whole thing together. And another aspect that makes us human is the purpose that god has for us. If we can go to isaiah real quick. Isaiah 434043 here are 743 verse 7 said here he got his speaking every one who is called by my name, whom I have created for my glory. I have formed him. Yes, I have made him. God is here saying that the purpose that I have created humanity for is to glorify me. What does that mean? That means to he wants humanity to reveal and and reciprocate the love that god has the love that god is really So there is a purpose that comes with being human and that is to glorify god to reveal who god is to others. And in the context of relationships, we see that only in, in when, when a man human man and a human female are in and in the marriage covenant. And of course with christ center to relationship, they are able to, to reveal god in that relationship. So we are glorifying, got kind of what we talk about in a previous lesson about the flame of yob, where we talked about god's gods, glory, god's presence golf, character being revealed relationship. So god has a purpose for humanity. Has a purpose for couples to reveal who he is and that can only happen between 2 human beings, between man and woman. And that will not happen if you know with your relationship with your pet or relationship with your, you know, artificial intelligence on your phone. To be fair to your point, jonathan. I remember reading the story about a man who discovered that his daughter had been engaging and explicit sexual content. And it was the 1st time that they were having a conversation about it. And his words came through his tears and he said, you know, you are the most beautiful thing in my life. And the idea that you could be subject to something like this broke his heart. Wow. And it just goes to show you that some of the sexual expressions that exist in society, what that does to the heart of god. Because of the beauty like I created you from my glory. Yeah. And so when you come part to mental eyes and say we want physical intimacy with no emotional connex, right? Right. You're literally breaking his heart like that father is just the glimmer of that to say you are the most beautiful thing in my life, right? That's the most beautiful stuff ever created. The crown of my glory on earth in creation and for you to allow yourself to go through. This sort of degrading experience is just baffling to God. And that's where I think the, the purpose of god informing our sexuality and intimacy is so critical. And that's why I feel like this principle, while it may seem simple, brings the most profound commentary on society as it exists right now. I want to go to maybe something quite obvious, but, but probably for me pretty, pretty profound, especially johnson mentioned isaiah 437. We are created for god's glory. Yes. If you can go to psalm chapter each chance psalms chapter 8, verse $33.00, chapter 8, verse 3. The bible says, when I consider your heavens the work of your fingers, the moon, the stars which you have ordained what is man that you are mindful of him? And the son of man that you visit him for you have made him a little lower than the angels, and you have crowned him with glory and honor. You have made him to have dominion over the works of your hands. You put all things under his feet, all the sheep and oxen in the beasts of the field, the birds of the air, the fish of the sea that pass through the pads of the seas. Oh lord, our god, how excellent is your name in all the earth? It is. It's very interesting that the Human beings were made a little lower than the angels. And we too often we said, well, I'm only human and we use that. And they're connotation as well. We're very low and expect you shouldn't expect so much. What I'm we can only do so much, but the reality is, god made us very high is so much to the fact that we can do something that the angels cannot. Angels cannot reproduce. They were not given the ability for, for sexual intimacy, least that we know of from current revelation, right. Maybe I don't know. Let's not speculate, but they're not in rebel lee. And genesis one, everything else in the unit, not. I mean, everything on earth in a world is reproducing grass, right? grass bugs more, both counts more cows much, much, and angels ain't make it more angel. But human beings have been given that capacity that god has. Right. And so human to human interaction is just for procreate, a symbol procreation. And as a call, does that sound we did talk about the sexuality is, includes pleasure and that's, that's a beautiful gift that god has given. Right. But it's also to Pro, create one cannot with the Human and the machine cannot pro, create more know, you know, machine more side board i human and animal obviously not. Right. And so we see here with that with children, with the ability to create more children is also god's glory being reveal. When you look at god's glory and you the word study it's, it's really god's character. How do you see love? How do you see long suffering patience sacrifice? These are all abstract the you really can't see gas and one to draw a picture. And you can, you, we have a hard time even illustrating our bible study guides by which want to go to interest by will download bible said he got a hard time illustrating that shame. Yes. But we illustrate it's illustrated through people, through relationships, through the family, children, through parents for children. And that's just one reason why you see the whole aspect about the Human individual, but also for procreation reveal, reveals god glory. And yes, and consider the fact that as my kids age, i begin to appreciate the, the journey that I had watching them become independent autonomous beings. And so they're into know that my wife and I share that. And that's something that makes us smile to look at our kids at a very young age and think while they used to be that small. And now they're, you know, making their bed and having their devotion in the creasing is my oldest daughter. Came into my room this week and she said, you know papa had a question about this in the bible and it was like a random text in leviticus. And it was talking about how woman needs to be separated incleanse whatever. And she was saying how I made her feel that because she had to separate longer if she had a female child that she is a female child was more unclean than a male child. Wow. And she's like, I just don't understand and she's 8. Right. And so I'm like okay, 6 30 in the morning. Let me try to break this down from my daughter. And by the end of it, she's like, smiling. She's like, ok papa, that makes a lot of sense. Like I totally understand it now I see it and she's was going away and going to pray an overheard her right? praying and thinking god that she had a papa who could help her understand the bible better. Right. And I'm thinking of myself like, wow, like, and when I share that with my wife, like there's just that bonding connection right? That we are to humans who produced another human who is able to grow and be an agent in the world. Wow. And somehow bring glory to God, uniform so, so to me that's where if you violate that, like you can have that experience with a screen, you can have that experience with an object, right? You can only have that experience with another person, especially in christ. You know, one thing I like about the Human to human interaction that we seen genesis one is that we see god head in genesis one chapter chapter one verse 26. God says let us make man in our image. Yes, we see that god head is god the father god, the son. God. The spirit 3 equals and these 3 persons are love epitomize. Yeah. And as much love as there is with god and humanity. They're not equals, we are not on equal ground with god. Other on humanity, human beings, me think they are right. And we have a human to with human relationship that god allows that equality to. Yes. Obviously there abuses that happen in that equality that we'll talk about next week. And next week's episode, but equal to equal interaction is a prerequisite for sexual intimacy in a profit profound thought. And that's why I like being in the image of god as human as if we read the verse earlier, that is just when you really think it's profound and it, it will, it will elevate the standing of marriage in your mind if you, if you strongly america, think of what god has had in mind for you. That is a reflection of who he is, the father, son, holy spirit. You can experience a glimpse of that in marriage and what, how profound is marriage really when you think rather than being a constructive element, this is a very protective element. So we wanna encourage you to go to inverse bible dot orgy and really download these bible study guides and understand these principles of biblical sexuality. This is not casting judgment on the other, other 2 worlds out there and whatnot. But this is really looking at what has god intended and designed for human happiness and for optimal sexual experience. Over this discussion has been a blessing to you. We wanna encourage you to continue the conversation on social media through our social media handle of inverse bible and let us know what you think. Let us know of your questions and comments and share this episode, and previous episodes and future episodes with everyone that you may know join us next week. As we continue our discussion on biblical sexuality, especially as we look at the principle of different nis of maleness and femaleness and the genders here on inverse. God bless you guys. You've been listening to invoice a bible based conversation, telling Jonathan wall sebastian braxton c Q dock. And justin kim. The invoice is brought to you by the whole chat. Television that changes like morning by episode visit invoice. Hope to Find us on social media invoice by the next time. This is invoice.


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