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  • August 23, 2021
    9:00 AM
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Tension where some people think that we're all disconnected and we're all by ourselves and even within ourselves is different multiple places and different people. And there's other people that think we're all connected and all one and hunky dory, which of where should the 2 are? We will find out on this episode of inverse coming to you from silverspring, maryland. Welcome to enter the bible based conversation on my sensible, contemporary issues, and thought provoking perspective. Just in can with in franklin, it's Justin. You're watching inverse and in the inverse studio ad hope channel. We have israel, c crew and kelly. And we are talking about the topic of biblical sexuality. We are an episode 9 entitled interconnected, and we're looking at all the different aspects of the Human identity that has really holistic picture. As we've seen the last episode of god's image, we are talking about some sensitive material. So if you have material, we have minors, i should say that you want to be mindful of them and can be monitoring the situation. We're going to matthew chapter 7, the verses one through 5 by cali, before we scripts, or if you prefer us. Absolutely. Father and heaven. We thank you for the opportunity we have right now to study your work together. We thank you How you guided us and weeks passed and we trust that you will continue to guide us even as we delve into this lesson, open our eyes that we may see what you want us to see in your word. And then we come to a more balanced and a more biblical understanding of sexuality because of our study and our conversation today. We asked this in jesus name amendment, she q, matthew chapter 7 versus one through 5, please. Okay. It is judge, not that you be not judged for with what judgment you judge, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you. And why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye, but do not consider the plank in your own? I. Well, how can you say to rather let me remove the speck from your eye and look, a plank is in your own. I hypocrite. First, remove the plan from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye. All right, so we have been looking at different aspects of biblical sexuality in the last episodes or so. We wanna encourage you to go to help t v dot org slash in verse, and you can see past episodes and catch up to where we are. This is a really a composite picture of biblical sexuality can also go to inverse bible orgy and can download the bible study guides on biblical sexuality and also other topics and, and hang out with us. And israel, what are some things that you have? Remember for the past episodes thus far, the thing that I remember the most as the foundation that we've laid out, really stuck with me. The fact that you have to sort of the fact that we come to the topic just like we come to any other topic with certain scripts and the scripts ultimately impact our perception. Not just on how we meals like kelly were. But also how we, how we relate to the topic of sexual intimacy. So that came to mind. I enjoyed the previous episode that I was on, but I was listening to the topic of same sex attraction and all these other elements that kind of creepy and in many times the church doesn't talk about yes. And I appreciate the way you guys addressed that topic. So we've talked about what real sex should look like within the context of the bible, what is inappropriate and so forth and so on. Yes, in this world with a diversity of ideas, we need to present what scripture has to say and how scripture interact. So some of these difficult not so cut and dry scenarios and in issues. So I'm see cool let's, let's talk about matthew chapter 7 and we're looking at this concept of being interconnected. Sure. More about how, what matthew talks about there. For me, this relates directly to what we talked about the previous episode, talking about. So we have this ideal picture of the local sexuality, but south struggle with that picture in our own lives. And then a lot of times sometimes you know, we can be judge mental of other people struggles with that picture. Particularly when we discuss homosexuality, that becomes a big one. Or all the l G b T q plus you know, definitions and we, especially in christianity, those things can become so demonized that it's always the worst thing, right? And what matthew chapter 7 talks about is about how do we interact with one another when you are seeing that somebody else has something that is not right in their lives that doesn't accord with the standard that the bible has. But how we supposed to relate to one another. And the principle that's brought out here in matthew chapter 7 is in as much as yes, they may be something that's off in someone else's life. But be careful when you're pointing fingers, because when you're pointing one finger, 3 are pointing back at you, right? The ones putting up the god rif on that one. There is true. There are double standards that we find in society in a church where, hey, if you're, if you're of this, if you're a sexual deviant as some people say that, that is the worst thing. How could you be doing it? But this person who has a mistress on the side, well, you know, you got to understand this person has had a bad life and you understand the pressure. So that will just kind of sweep the under log and rug. And then if you're lucky and then if you're, if you're a liar, well that's ok. We all that we struggled. We, you, you, you watch that on internet. Well we're, why, why, why do we do that? Where does that come from israel? That's the Human nature and what jesus is saying here, so powerful in the sense that the send that we see and other people is designed to show what the sinfulness of our own heart, which is sometimes what we fail to actually accomplish right many times. And this is what has always really bother me about myself and about just the Human race that as a struggle issues with the Human race as a whole range of Human human. I have a problem with the whole world. And the challenge that we face is that I know what it means, the struggle in life, right, struggle woodson. And if anything this, the struggle that I have in my life should give me compassion towards others who have similar struggles. But what jesus is portraying here is a fact that being that kind of an individual human being who is struggling with sin, you see sin and other people. And your natural inclination and condition is to not just even treat them equally the way you are hard on yourself, but actually to treat them worse than you are. And what I've tried to do in applying this passage to my own life is to reflect on the fact that any thing that I see in another individual shows the fact that actually my son is greater than their son every time. And it's easy for us to think about the grow sense of other people and think to ourselves, all you know, I'm, I'm filled with wrath what you know towards these individuals. But that wrapped in itself is symptomatic of the fact that I have a deeper in my own life, which is on christ's likeness. And I think this is what christ is trying to portray. The act of judgment on another person is the greatest of all sin. He received evidence in social psychology that those issues that you have deep within you, that you don't want to acknowledge and you're on a subconscious level, you know, I don't you knowledge, but the minute you've seen somebody else, it just all comes out in a warped way or you're blind to it yourself, but you see when I will, how dare you, whereas it's your own reflections. So that's a very, it's a very telling thanks scenario. Just to expand on the point of this is human nature of. It requires a lot of humility and self reflection and desire for growth. All things that are unnatural us, but to judge someone and to be hard on someone another kind of feel powerful. Like it's easier to feel angry at someone than to feel hurt at the same realm of, you know, talking about that and as even the day it's even just an inconsistent standard because like a spec and a plank, very different. But you can see how like you have something, you have something all over your face, but it's, it's inconsistency. So even there, it's not even, it's so obvious to everyone else how on biblical it is. And if you want to think about how jesus handled these kinds of situations, jesus never sinned. And yet he has compassion for the lowest of society. Those who everyone says, oh, they have the worse. And I talked earlier about john chapter 4, and that's the woman after. Well, I mean, she's a woman with many husbands as a person she lives with isn't even her husband. And that person, jesus decides to share the gospel in a very explicit way. And so that's how jesus interacts with people who do the worst. And that's how we should interact with kelly. I want to underscore something that you said that was, was very powerful. You said that people who do this, they do this because they feel powerful. The pointing out of sins and into, into laying out narratives and into saying, hey, this is right, this is wrong. And, and, and pushing your, you feel, writers it's, it's all really a struggle of power and the day. Yeah. Now I need it. Yeah, that's very fast. Jesus comes into the scenario and he's, he's also calling out things but now from a position of power structure and whatever, but, but healing and, and helping overcome from a very humble and it, because if he pointed stuff out in a power structure way, think about how he could destroy or even just in the way he calls them out. He like writes in the sand. And he just like parables that are kind of vague. You can interpret different ways, but it's like if I was jesus, i had all that information and I would like everyone hear you hear you hear the send the fair. Yes. But that that's not the policies like jesus. Like, how can I reveal their struggles in their sense to them without adding embarrassment and in the most when some way possible. So jesus is like, how can I do this in the most humble way? How can I cause the least amount of damage to their souls by showing them their, their condition versus like how can I cause the most damage and the shortest amount of time is still does show the sin. Yes. But it's the method of which is just such a, such a just massive. So when someone loving about it, I want to point out, I can assist gears from only talking about with love, but inverse 5, you are in the 77, which is a hypocrite, right? bidding says 1st remove the plan from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the spec from your brother's eye. And I think that the, the, the 1st part of the discussion i think sometimes is wait and I like honey, always out dashing like are you Yeah. For you to judge somebody else's life like them live, how they want to live. Like you're not in the bedroom, like that's not your business. But what this is showing is I guess in terms of like the interconnectedness is how to relate to when we see that in other people's lives recognizing our own faults. But the reason poor for having this pasta is so that you can help somebody else, right. And it's a 1st 1st and looked herself with god deal with you so that then you can help them remove that spec from someone else's way. Yeah. And that's, that's the purpose of it. And it reminds me of some 51 if you could go there. Tom's at one minute. This is, you know, david's prayer of repentance, you know, after he had had a sexual fall. Yeah. You know with that cba and he's, he's repenting and he's 7 per me with his 1st a make me here. Joy was 9. Hide your face from my son's blood out my iniquities. And the famous verse 10 created me a clean heart. Oh God, renew a steadfast spirit within me. One attempt to verse 13, all of these things, his praying that god would cleanse and the god would give him a new experience in him. And then he said and was 13. Then I will teach, transgresses your ways and soonest i'll be converted to you, please like I need this personal experience. I need you to take the plan out of my I so that I can be a blessing to somebody else who can help somebody else who may be struggling in school. Hold on, thought we come after the break. When to see what sequence to teach us centers more of the long ways. So stay with us. Have in this been a black? Do you have questions, comments, or feedback? You'd like to lever? Find us on social media by searching in booth bible on Facebook, twitter, instagram, or youtube. While they're joining like us, hot us sums up a handle again, is in both bible know faces. Now back to the discussion, ah, we do live in a society where we like to compartmentalize, we're like to separate and the more we separate we can distance and we distance we can judge and point out and sometimes make ourselves feel better. Maybe a power struggle, like we talked about in the 1st half to show and secret you're mentioning really in psalms 51. Why? What is the, what is, what is, what is David getting it at the end here. His whole repentance and confession is to help other precisely ok, it strikes me or strikes me that out of the 19 versus that, that deal with the sin of david that the majority, the vast majority of them are dealing with themselves. And there's that one versus says, then when I teach transgressors, i ways, i think the, the challenge that we have in our human experience is that we want, you know, the 18 versus to be about others. And that one verse to be about ourselves. And what this teaches us is the fact that in many cases we would be able to help more people if we were more aware of our own sins. And if we were more aware of our own weaknesses, that would then give us the ability to have compassion on others. What kelly was saying regarding the power of god. And you said, you know, think about the impact that we have on the pharisees. I think to myself, think about the impact i would have on my life, right? If, if, if jesus came down on me the way I come down on others, the impact that I would have on my life. The fact that the god of the universe who has no sin would come down on me and that way there would be no hope for humanity and as gross and I and I don't want to be misunderstood here. I think grow sins need to be addressed. Even even small things need to be addressed, right. But when we think about the tenant the, the impact especially of sexual since they need to be addressed, but they always should be addressed with salvation and view. You look at, see when you see the old testament, sometimes god does come hard on, on israel, right? But you also see the context of children of his children and also children of children of israel. But you also see the stubbornness and the, the, the blindness and like the stupidity really of not being able not a self awareness. And so god, almost in his mercy has to be sharp with them to get them to reveal to understand their future condition. Whereas when jesus comes, he has a different mobiles, he says face to face. And with some of the pharisees, he's also just as sharp as there's an escalation, like in the way that god deals with the tone of israel. There's an escalate, like I can send my profits and he says the profits day and night and they're not listening. And then as I ok, i'm going to send somebody to come and take you into kept it. He doesn't start out like yelling, you know? And he, it's a gentle approach and it's because of the hardness of their hearts. Because of the stubbornness you have to go to extreme measures. And even when jesus was dealing with a ferris's, he doesn't start out calling them whitewash. Several cars, you know, couple of dry bones. That's not how he's done yet. But there's an escalation because you're not hearing me. You know, and you know, phyllis about kid like, ok, come here. Come here. I said come, did you hear me? I think it, but you don't stop by yelling out all the neighbors can hear you it's. It's because of the response that you're getting. Yeah. That would be the ideal While. So I have a thought about on 51. Okay. Yes. And that is this, the only thing that david himself does is he acknowledge his transgression. Everything else is just begging god to do something. He's asking god to create not saying like god, you know what and messed up. I will create myself a clean heart. I will purge myself with his up. I will do all those things. He's begging god for that clarity that he no, he can't do. And just as we're talking about the grossness of so many different sense sexual and otherwise, I think still sometimes we, we go in this transition where might might be like, okay, they're not that bad. Okay. Now they are that bad. I need to fix this. But it's like you can't look at how bad they are and then rely upon yourself because you're just going to be either disillusion or depressed. And you need to keep going and say, yes, this is terrible. And this needs to be rectified and so turned to God acknowledge and then ask god to do the cleansing and changing. And I can just think of so many different times of my life where I actually use on 51 against myself. And I just use it, I focused on these are all these things david saying I need to say all these things, but it wasn't, i wasn't, my posture wasn't towards god. It wasn't like god, person with heads up was like, I need personal. His up is not for him because I want trust that god I need to clean heart with the bible says I need to create a clean heart. But who's doing the creating cali? Well, I don't think about that just way to clean heart. And so when, when we approach these with, with, we need to approach with a posture of david and that is god, I see all these terrible things and you are the only one with a strength and the Grace to change them. So we don't want to stop there, we want to go all the way simply in our, in our sinful condition. Humanity likes to sever likes to crack likes to disconnect in what areas and the script of the bible. The scripture is really trying to connect really connect the Human identity connects, can expect to God connect even in human human society together. What are the areas where regarding the topic of biblical sexuality that the bible really needs to connect in our minds? We need to get it in our minds and ask the Lord to help us with in connecting i did, I do not know what the the, we've talked about in the past episodes. We like to look at human nature in different areas, right. We look at that, you see that it's just my physical self or my emotional self, or my cell or diety, or like, you know, you're, that, I'm this, right or, and it comes to the cosmic see, you know, different levels. God, you're out there. We're just down here and so we're, we naturally gravitate towards fractures ation. But the by was always trying to unite everything, bring together and in the area of biblical sexuality, what, where it is, can what connections need to take place. Ok. Now I have an answer now I don't. Part of it is one thing we compartment allies away from sexuality is we take out the emotional aspect to someone who can say sex and sexual is a physical act, right? Like it's very that way. And so it's like, clearly that's all it is, is are we get things like hook up culture like I'm just here to satisfy physical need, need, know your name. I don't even know anything about your life. There's no, there's no connections or intimacy. And when in the bible sexuality is a combination of so many things, but it includes an emotional closeness and that intimacy is required for holistic intimacy. Because sex isn't just a physical act. It's also a lot of things. But including emotional from this, a holistic picture of what you're talking about. If you engage in sexual out sex, sex, sexual acts as, as just on the physical level, there is long term emotional damage, long term spiritual damage, long term social damage of which we are not aware of because I continue to think in a fracture i state and I've also found to I've been read a couple different articles about the hook up culture that is our current in age. And sometimes they usually hold to 2 things. One is either like, there is no emotional damage. Everyone does this are kick you guys are discard with same culture. It's everything's fine, get over yourself. And the other side is like, oh, I have these 5000 and witnesses. I disagree with that research. That sounds nice and you call it archaic. All people are have the ramifications in their life, and I can totally get why people want to take that away and pretend it's not there and be like, it's not a big deal. You're being archaic, hook up culture is fine. I can get where that comes from. Cuz that requires you to acknowledge the bible is real and there's like all those ramifications. But if you look at just the Human experience you, you can only say that because you want it to be true. You can't look at actual human relationships and say everything is fine because what the rise of mental health issues like you just can't be honest and actually come to that conclusion. Most mental illness is the, the disease of our age, 100 percent. Yeah. What's interesting to me is when you look at the especially beginning parts of actually throughout all the scripture that that phrase is used when adam and eve had their 1st intimate encounter was that adam knew his wife. And we going back to this whole idea of compartmentalization. It was never god's purpose for 2 individuals just to have sex, right? But rather this was a tool or this is supposed to be a tool by which there is an in quaintness with the other individual. And so the sexual encounter should, with, within the marital context should be for, for the purpose of knowing the other person knowing the other person in ways that you can not know them otherwise. And when, when we think about knowledge or when we think about knowing something in our minds, this is already compartmentalized, right? To know, does not knowing something doesn't necessarily have to have some kind of a call to action on my part. I can know something that is vital to the survival of people and I can still say, even though I know that I'm not going to act on it. Whereas when the bible talks about knowing when god, when, when it talks about god, knowing us and us knowing god, it means that there is an entire commitment of the individual to the other individual that there are trying to know. And so in this way, I think god speaks to connect the knowledge of the other person along with sexual intimacy. Another thing that I think of that is a disease of our age that that is parallel to, to mental illness. Is that you know, god is god in genesis one, everything was connected. Yeah. God, hannah moles, human beings, male female, you know, the angels were all connected. And, and now even within ourselves, we knew who we were. And now we're and toys separate. It's separate and 70 separating. And there's this, the, our generation is such in a 1st connect. Yeah, we want to connect connect, and it's as if technology is this replacement or that which god has originally intended for humanity. And it's a horrible reply back. We need our, our phones, we need that. Why fi connection? We need our social media by the way, you want to connect with Best Buy. We can do that. But to plug it in, it's a, it's not a substitute. It's a wonderful tool, but not a substitute. And that we think that supplants our, all of our inner most deepest needs of the Human being, which totally does not suffice. Well, because in biblical terms, it's a broken sister. It doesn't hold a water that quenches our thirst. So even by disconnecting from Social media and obviously we don't disconnect all social media because he, once you got the numbers. But this idea like when I take a step back from certain social media platforms, or at the very least severely reduced my time, I connect with humanity so much better. So it's literally the opposite of what it promises. And I think that's hard because they have all these promises for like, man, maybe, and we think like maybe just me, maybe I'm just bad at this again. Just crazy because like, no, no, it's actually everyone that social media, it does afford some connection, but it's not close to real connection. This discussion is very abstract. We're talking about these, these disconnection and people are like, worry or did he marry nets? And now all these like strings everywhere. Well, you know, what are some practical takeaways that you can share with, with our brothers and sisters out there? Ah, how do we connect whether it's within ourselves with other people with god? Yeah, read the bible. Yeah. Pray, but really on a, on an organic level and with all the, the sexual damage that's occurred in society. How do we, how do we go through this kind of remedying kelly on I go through. I want to do the introspection, one of my favorite. So interest section is, is a, is a practice and it, you have to the 1st raise, the 1st of all. Well, the very 1st thing is you need to be able to sit quietly with your thoughts and with god, we have so much noise, social media music, good things. But we have to be able to sit in quietness with nothing in our ears and read the bible. Pray journal, however you do that, but be honest because it's crazy how loud the holy spirit is. We have nothing drowning him out of the very 1st step in being introspective is to take apart quiet time and say, god, please search me and know my heart, right. So I'm 139 and show me these things. And I think we can all be surprised by how loud he speak. I love that principle of quiet i maybe I can add to it also time. Yeah, 100. Right? Not just quite like, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. But sometimes requires time and sometimes meet. Nothing may happen, it requires the over and over, over and over again. And the length of time is also any other minute left on the clock. I mean, another practical thing is community to make that we need to engage community and as difficult as it can be. And it's housing as it is to make a decision that I will, will become part of a community that could potentially hurt me. Social media, can I use grades but also in better real, better And israel, and I think it has gone for goals in relationships that are not sexual in nature. And I think that's important as well. Well, you heard it, there are, these are the takeaways that we can get from this topic on interconnected, on the arc of biblical sexuality. If I haven't mentioned already, we want to encourage you to go to an inverse bible dot or g. We can download the bible study guides or go to hope t v dot org slash universe and you can catch up on these episodes. This has been a very powerful and per and practical and therapeutic episode for me. These are principals that I like to implement in my life, and hopefully for all of you is our prayer when to be praying for you guys. When you're asked to continue the conversation on social media in a healthy way, under the handles of inverse bible next week when continue the topic of biblical sexuality. So you won't want to Miss it. Join us here on the in the I I, you've been listening to invoice a bible based conversation tele, rodeo ro. Jonathan was the fashion braxton dachelle. Justin can the inverse is brought to you by the whole chapel television that change his life more by episode in hope to Find us on social media. Inverts bible until next time. This is invoice.


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