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How do you stay dry in the middle of an ocean?



  • September 20, 2021
    9:00 AM
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Imagine someone throwing you into the ocean and you gotta stay dry. How do you do it? I find out on this episode of inverse Coming to you from silverspring, maryland. Welcome to in a bible based conversation on like, sensible contemporary issues and thought provoking Just in can with in my friends. My name's justin kim and you are on in verse and in the studio with me or my friends, jonathan, sebastian and kelly. And we've been talking about biblical sexuality for the last 12 weeks, and today is the last episode on this topic. So we want to encourage you that if you haven't watch, go to hope t v dot org slash in verse and catch up binge watch and week. We with the highs and lows and we covered some funky stuff, funky topics and very, very good topics. And we know that you'll be, bless, also all go to inverse bible, the orgy where you can actually download bible study guides as well. This episode is episode 13, we're looking at the topic of purity, purity and we are currently working pure here. Any last, last 30 scottish is, are they? Well, if you're watching who's calling to let me know how my accent is and I recognize the accident. You can tell me where it's coming from. But I'm saying the word purity like it's still doesn't. All right, so let's go to dennis. This chapter 39 will cover looking at the topic of purity and we have a prayer, and you go jonathan, can you spray that? Was it while they were just thank you so much said we can laugh and we can have joy as we study a word. Lord, we want to invite you to bless our study to help us understand some of the principles of you've given us much of us, but also watching and studying with us as well. And thank you, lord, that you are the Lord of holy ass and purity and that you have a plan for all of us in this direction. When we come in, as i'll see you now and invite you in jesus name, amen. The man him and especially what are some, some highlights that you remember from this season as you look back in the last 4 weeks. Ah, well, I think definitely the song of solomon marital sexuality in one. This definitely sticks out sameness step sticks out difference. And also the episode we did on when things go wrong, we live in a world where that's very familiar. And so understanding not only got parameters for divorce, but the fact that you know, it's not always the only alternative. We have cover these really high ideals. But we also brought them pretty real down, down, bearable and seeing how they some ideas work well, some really don't. And we see how to how to live in that tension. Exactly. And scripture still needs to prevail, but sometimes it takes a little bit more time and little bit of what tenderness apart, right. I think we'll put it. Yes. So I think those were some highlights and, and overall, I think it's just great to have walked away with some really practical principles and economy exposed, different perversions and diversions away from like rhymed poets and diversion from the conversion According to introversion, versus him. Ok. So I think that that is so useful, impractical because in reality in 13 weeks you're not going to be able to address every question every, you know, dynamic in minute situation may emerge. But having some principles to really identify and kind of apply to your situation will kind of tease out some guidance here that I think will help people do some very complex situations that you know, as our world changes. Very good, very good. Depending on your constitution, you may be in a world where your sexuality is everywhere, you're bombarded with it than you're maybe here in an ocean of sexuality. Or you may be of a culture where you ever did. This is the 1st time you've ever encountered this. You can't believe that there is a bible show talking about sexuality, and this is a shock to him and we find that bible. The bible, scripture talks a lot about sexuality and it is part of the Human condition, especially on this side of heaven. And we want to look at some principles on how to navigate, especially in our tech, heavy and media saturated image saturated world. And with all these relationships that are around us, what are some practical is to bring to be a real practical episode on how to maintain your christian purity in your you guys are laughing, virginity, and your, your concepts of pure ness. Here we go. In this world like so I go to genesis 39 and go to verse of him. Genesis 39 or 7 and kelly. Can you read it for us? For 7. And it came to pass after these things that his master's life cast, longing eyes on joseph and she said lie with me. But he refused and said to his master's wife, look, my master does not know what is with me in the house. And he has committed all that he has to my hand. There is no one greater in this house than I, nor has he kept back anything from me, but you, because you are his wife. How then can I do this great wickedness and set against god? So it was as she spoke to joseph day by day that he did not heed her to lie with her or to be with her. But it happened about this time when joseph went into the house to do his work. And none of the men of the house was inside that she caught him by his garment saying, lie with me. But he left his garm in her hand and fled and ran outside. And so it was when she saw that he had left his guard and her hand and fled outside. That she called to the men of her house and spoke to them saying see, he has brought into us a hebrew to mocker. He came in to me to lie with me and I cried out with a loud voice. And it happened when he heard that I lifted my voice and cried out that he left his garment with me and fled and went outside. Okay, we'll stop there. And this is one of the joseph narrative is one of your favorite favorite partners, hampshire. This is want to kind of look on the crazy stories of a share share with share with us what's, what's going on in this passage. And we can take each line there and can preach a sermon on line there. Yeah. What's going on, john? That is definitely a difficult situation to be and if you're joseph joseph, you know, he was at this to, at this point in time, a slave in egypt. And he is serving the in part of her house. And he is on the authority of, you know, potiphar, his wife, other masters, whoever is willing and, and so he's in a situation in a foreign land with foreign customs, foreign religions, as a hebrew, who believes in the one true god, a god who you know, who presents all these principles that we already discussed in his previous couple episodes. And now he's faced with a difficult situation in many, many aspects. So many police. His wife is a, you know, the woman of the household and, and she is inviting him to, you know, to commit for cation and, and he has the decision to make, you know, what are you going to do? This could be beneficial to him. You know, in many aspects, but it could of course, also backfire and lead to his death. But he, he made a commitment. Pretty good possibility. Yeah. I mean, it's a slave's life is worth nothing. So that society. And so he makes a decision to stay faithful to his bound to God. We receive the anatomy temptation. This passage is a skeleton of how impatient happened. Yeah, every scenario. Yeah. I was going to just foster a little bit the beginning. So in verse 7, that's the initial time, right? Where she says live, we, we don't, we don't know when it was, but he has been presented with an opportunity. Yes. Very bad too. And he says no, and he gives very good reasons. Like this is why this is a bad idea and I love throughout here the whole time like and he said, so this master's wife came and talked to him and he said to his master's wife, yes. Like we don't, we don't even know like mom's name, master's white because I thought of for him with locally known as the point like the point of you being brought up is that you are not available for the interaction. You're part of his wife the whole time. He's not even dressing or by name or you're my master's wife and just yes, I'd like you to remind her of that like you are his wife. That's why we're not together. Just like the very interesting thing is verse 7 comes out of nowhere. Yeah. Yeah. Some cation does not come always. And when you have difficult time sometimes and everything is going well and the lord's blessing, blessing, blessing, bless you his, like a santana comes out, right? Yeah, also I love her 7 when it says his masters wife kath longing eyes on it. Look, I mr. Long eyelashes egyptian era And he's going so we have his initial interaction. Joseph says no, he will. He explains his reasons. Yes, but it doesn't really say what she says back in verse 9 because he just ends with this rhetorical question of like, how can I do this wickedness that makes no sense. Yes, but then versed her just as so it was as she spoke to joseph day by day. So for whatever reason she was like I hear you. I do not hear you. And then she continues to say a lie with me a lot day in and day, and that is, as you're saying, that's how the patient works. Often. There's the 1st time it hits us in a good time, a bad time of summer between time. But it's, it's not always like, oh you said no, okay, you will no longer be bothered by this the rest of your life, right? That it's like I hear you a good reasons. I will completely disregard it. Exactly. And I wanted to add the fact that the text says in verse 8 that but he refused and said to his masters wife. So his saying was not his refusal, right? It's just the certainly the fact that No, when we're dealing with a desire for purity, we have to give a very strong refusal. There has to be a very definitive no. But if we dilly dally with the stuff and we start to, you know, playing around with it, like exactly right you're, you're hanging around a tree or proverb. 7 says he was around her corner. Right? He was, she was taken out in the neighborhood. Like when we do that with him patients, it's letting you know that when it comes to sexual purity, you know, in a world in which things can escalate very quickly and can come from very unexpected places. Yes. Right. You could just be thinking we're hanging out. We've been friends since childhood. You had no idea and all the sudden this come right live. And it's like, wait a minute, and if you don't refuse it very strongly right up front, this thing could escalate very quickly and get you into a very, you know, dangerous place. I want to speak especially to my self conscious brothers and sisters. And that is, it can come from place that you like. There is no way that person will ever be attracted to me. Like he's literally us away from a foreign nation like, and it was an abomination to be with so many reasons why she wouldn't, but it's is it still happened and he was still in the, in the sound of mind to immediately say no, not like, excuse me, well, tell me more about what you're talking about, but sometimes we can get ourselves in very sticky sexual situations because we're like, there is no way. There's no way the person will like me like that. There is no way to be attractive to me. And then you get then now you're in a terrible spot because your self consciousness or your low estimation of even just how you look just fooled you and also think about. Gotcha. Oh, hold on. Take a break. And it will come back to what happens with Mrs. Part of her and joseph after the break. Oh, have in the been a black. Do you have questions, comments or feedback? You'd like to lever? Find us on social media by searching in booth bible on Facebook, twitter, instagram, or youtube. While they're join like us hot us thumbs up a handle again is inverse bible know faces. Now back to the discussion. Ah, welcome back, sebastian. Yes. So the crazy thing also is he doesn't say I'm not attracted to you. That's not his explanation. It's not like, oh, well, if I was attracted to you that maybe we're having And I think this is important because like for like to kelly's point, you know, people are like, well, I could never see this person wanting to be attracted to me, but also our selves thinking that we don't want to put it past ourselves as well, because we can say, well, I'm not attracted that person, so I put myself in danger situation. Exactly. So I can just go ahead and linger around the nuance of the story. We don't know any details, you know how old she was. We know part of that was most likely older because he was further in his career right back then the longevity a females with, with birth child birth was not that long and he had the choice of the women of the land. So I don't, I will not that we're debating about the attractiveness mrs. Parker is of the text. But most likely she was it. This was a legitimate temptation. She was there and very beautiful. And keep in mind that joseph is in his early twenties here. And so like he is sexually, you know, like, ready to say like, there are things going on his body where he might feel more desire waited. Yes, exactly. Yes. I think we've seen him. Yes. It's important turned to what's the best thing to keep in mind that just, you know, it is normal to, you know, to feel attraction or sexual desire. We talked about this in another episode as well, right? So that is not the issue. The issue is how do we deal with that? Do we deal with the desire, etc, etc. And what context exactly, but what it's amazing is that joseph with, I mean he had the card stacked against him in so many ways. And his integrity was so strong because of his, his relationship with christ, that he was, as kelly was being able to say, know right away. Which is a huge inspiration really to the, to us young people here today. Yes, I love the the focus there and then the question is how then can I get this great wickedness and sin against god that he really knew whose calibrated on what god would see in his life and want to push forward and go to verse 11. There's the great, the, the B U T there, but it happened about this time and just went into the house and what happens there's, there's been this continual temptation, but now I feel like I don't go out on here. Yeah. Yeah, it's about it escalate and what I love about this verse is it says that she caught him by the garment saying, live with me. But he left his garment in her hand. This let's you know, Right, that in this very moment, we end up in situations because of garments we're not willing to leave. It's like, oh, if I refuse this advance from my boss, i'm affecting my career or my ability to star in this mood got through. And all the sudden it's like you need to leave your garment and potter 1st wife's hands like joseph does it walk on to say someone's going to ask you, where's your garment? Like they're going to accuse you of their job like know, like, keep the garment i'm out. Right. And I think this is so critical with how we get caught by the garments, by those things that may be treasury will represent our position or status and we're not willing to leave those things in order to escape the temptation. Wow. So sorry. Okay. All right, we can go back to The support for so long. Yeah. I'm so can I have one that's a super deep level? Like that's a does the power for salmon right. There are a blog post do here. May not credit you a Couple minutes because it's one of those a good those could potentially hold on for some of the void Leave you know, on it's not corona for the par with input for say yes, Or how do we, how do we salvage you're going to turn the best yet I am on do what he just can produce. Right. 3 semester. That was as incredibly, incredibly deep sally. I Do, did. You can ask me to follow up if you want and then kinda try this out if it'll throw. You've been talking and then are I can't what, what do you want? I don't know how to pitch it, the bash and keep talking. Does that look ok? Someone. Right? So that's I think if you can just say I could just tie it up again. A little bit. Ok, right. I do the thing we're like, you know, like I want you to unpack that more. Ok. Yeah. To especially a super deep so unpacked this will bit more. Ok. What's happening in the narrative here? So you're, you're seeing in the text that part of his wife is recognizing that joso would have to make a choice if she holds him by the garment. No witnesses. That's right. There's no witnesses. And she put them in a situation where there is a risk either way, right? If he resisted temptation, he risk being questioned or looking suspicious at Best and make it. And if he works it out, right, exactly. Hello, and how does she get your garment? So that it almost makes it look like he was seeking the temptation as well. So the question comes to my mind is how many people have, have lost their lives, have lost their reputation, have lost their, their relationship with the Lord. Just the have their dignity, dignity. That's exactly right. And to save you a little little loin cloth on his high. Yeah. That's, that's and your purity should be worse. Yes. What joseph was trying to really communicate in that moment in the narrative is that you and I have to see as joseph in his youth, my purity is worth it. I would rather be pure, maintaining my internal integrity, then worry about the external fallout, the misconceptions, the accusations that are going to come simply because I decided to be faithful to God. Ok. Johnson and I agree with you totally. But he says, you know, how can I describe weakness and sin against god like you that shows that his he want to keep his purity but he also wants his relationship with god not to be severed. At this point, joseph has gone through quite some trauma and he, but he has experienced the hand of god and all of this. You know, we see glimpses of his story, but I'm sure there's much more than we did. We don't know enough joseph's life. So when you have a relationship with christ, where you are generally in love with him, you don't want to hurt. You don't want to destroy his plan for you. So joseph had this, had this, had this connection that is really, you know, has to be, you know, nourished as you walk with christ. And so if, if you struggle with, with him with, with these kind of lost and with those kind of issues, strengthen your relationship with christ. Let the motivation be that you don't want to hurt your best friend. Witness, you know, jesus. So I just think it's beautiful, it's very interesting that he's been separated from his father, but he still knows that he's the god become a slave. But he knows he's still with god. Yes, he's now he's in prison. He knows he's still with god. And then the bible says the Lord was with him, the Lord. But then he's also like if I have, if I sleep with her, I know disconnection will be separate. And he's mindful of that connection in the top. It's very good. I just want to bring up 2 details here. The 1st is that it's clear even from his initial refusal, that he had already decided where he stood on that kind of an issue to it might not have ever occurred to him to daniel. He from exactly like a daniel, one a thing and so for us ourselves, it wasn't like he came in and he'd like to tell me more about this opportunity to lie with you Mrs. Like he just smell of the condition. I know, but sometimes we're like, I'll wait till the moment happens and then I'll figure it out. But if you are trusting yourself to fire, and so the 1st part is just, he had purposed he really a purpose in his heart ahead of time what he would want to do and what he wants to do. The 2nd thing I want to bring up there. Sorry. Second point. Yes. Is that this time he did not talk to Mrs. Potter for. Yeah, he did not relay his well, let me review the, the reasons with you Mrs. Part of this with you, right. He ran and so sometimes we, we, we fallen in patient because we just want to talk too much. We want to think about it too much. You want to go. Let me explain it again because it wasn't clear, like at this point, you just need to remove yourself as quickly as possible. And you can look bad. Like joe said, you can look like a coward. You can look like a jerk. You can look like all these things, but at kind of like what the bash was saying, like what is your priority, what have you already purpose to do? Yeah. Really, that's fine. Well, that's what I think it's, it's beautiful to see that he, he made a decision long before and that is, that is crucial because the reality is if you want to wait until the situation happens, you're most likely going to fail you. If you don't have that connection with christ, you're most likely going to feel it doesn't mean that there is no escape. God can help you if you really trust him. But generally it is hard to resist. When you, when you don't make a choice to resist long and let's, and let's be clear, right to kelly's point about dialogue. Joseph speaks in the beginning more words than she spoke to him. He's like, live, live with me and he gives us huge long explanation after that station. Why was recently published on Amazon. So you realize afterwards she speaking, he doesn't know, he just let his actions speak for themselves. And I've always believed that in temptation for some reason, people would rather risk being misunderstood than being rude. When in actuality, if you're going to try to preserve your purity, you have to risk being rude rather than being misunderstood. And in this sense, joseph is like, listen, I don't owe you an explanation. I don't owe you a conversation. I'm just going to walk away and I think so many times we give up power in the situation because we feel like we have to explain and rationalize they need to understand lab exam, right this to work. And it's like, you know, that you cannot reason with the unreasonable and that to me is a critical and joseph, in this situation, I mean, he's willing to die because he knows this is going to have to work because she's not going to be like I tried to sleep with him. No, no. Obviously, he was willing to die for, for this to stanford, for jesus and died. And mean that's powerful about. He was willing to go through all of that. He could have had an easy way out, you know, but he didn't know I'm going the I'm, I'm going to stand with him. Ok, let's take this to the story. And so project forward. Tell me your 1st current in 1st grade. In chapter 6, it will go to verse 15 on words and where my many bible scholar said this is alluding back to genesis 39. And paul's getting this from that joseph. To do that kind of verse 15 kelly. Can you read verse 15? First corinthians after 615. Yes. If you're busy talking, you reverse. Ok. Do you not know that your bodies are members of christ? shall i then take? shall i then take the members of christ and make them members of a harlot? Certainly not. Or do you not know that he was joined to a harley? Is one body with her for the 2 he says shall become one flesh. But he who has joined the Lord is one spirit with him flee sexual morality every send that a man does is outside the body, but he commits sexual morality sins against his own body. Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the holy spirit? Who is in you who you have from god and you are not your own for you are bought at a price, therefore glorify god in your body and in your spirit, which are gods. Paul is talking about a weird scenario that's up in the corinthian church where there's that verse scene there at the sexual morality. He could easily said, hey, don't be sexually immoral, but use that word. Flea. Where are they getting that narrative from back from genesis 39. Where as you said, he's running away and he could have gone back to get his one class. I don't know, it's a long cloth in my mind, but it is in some garment. Right? lows or something that's all those children's books. She knows bible's books and he's got and says, please. So let's take this 6 very practical. You guys mentioned wonderful principles and principles and purity. What are practical application that we can make today? How do we flee from sexual immortality today in our interpret morality, morality mortality, mortality, morality. Read roughly speaking. Yeah. I think I just think of in my dating relationship with my husband of just certain parameters. We had certain things like not being alone with no witnesses after dark, just don't put yourself in that position. Yes. That can be inside outside, whatever. But you just, we know that kind of what that kind of context gives us opportunity to do. And so I think one thing that happens, we don't flee because part of it is we kind of want to do something like, well, we won't, we won't, but that part of the way that you will, you will go and I won't. But if you don't give an opportunity, it really won't happen. So how many christian leaders deanna like, hey, come over, I how come my house and 2 of us will just watch a movie to late at night and just just the chillax and how is that a proper leader or form and all these crazy things happen. You know, don't place yourself in that situation to begin with. One of my, one of my mentors used to say, sebastian, if you don't want something to happen, you have to make it impossible for it to happen. And this is why when people talk about, you know, not getting pregnant, i mean, absent is the guaranteed way, right? That's all you abstain, you will not get pregnant. And I think this is the same mindset. We have to take towards temptation in sexual purity, which is I need to make this thing impossible to happen. And even if you have a fall and a slip make it impossible not to happen again, learn from the situation. Yes and say, how could i've made this impossible to happen? And I think that's a great principle to you in jonathan to those who may have slipped and may have watched that movie with that person. Mattered a night and something has happened or slipped in. And something was made possible what, what council finish with I want to take it from a text yet can since you are inverse, if you go to verse 19, yes. You know, paul says, do you know to do body to temple of the holy spirit immediately add to think here of when jesus went into the temple and saw all this stuff going on, that shouldn't be going on in length. The temple that tells us that jesus has the ability to cleanse you from that sin from that issue that happened and clean make it clean fact in verse 11. If you can go there real quick us. It says, you know, he talks about adulterous and, and all the stuff that you know, the sexual fence and he says for it's 11 such with some of you, but you were washed, but you were thank the fight, but you were justified nail or jesus. And by the spirit of god, paul, he makes it a Triple assurance that if you turn to jesus, he can cleanse you justify you. Sanctify you, make you new. He can give you virginity spiritual agenda. He can auto merely a physical stay exactly or sure state and not only for females, but also for males as a christian virtue that one of the holy spirit can give. So hopefully this episode has been very, very, very encouraging to all of you. Whether you have fallen or wherever, what are the, whether you have not, this is something a gift that god can give all of us. And that's our prayer for ourselves. And also for all of you, hopefully this entire 13 week season on biblical sexuality has been a blessing to you. I know it has been for me and also my friends, god bless you. We'll see you next week here in verse. You have been listening to invoice, a bible based conversation. Tell you where to draw. The jonathan was the fashion. Braxton dachelle justin kim. The invoice is brought to you by the whole channel. Television that change his life more by episode in hope to Find us on social media invoice 5 until next time. This is invoice.


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