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The Blue Print, Part 2

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • May 28, 2010
    3:15 PM
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over and everyone okay so you know can you design a line where you are in size this goal in a were going to live in take out where we left off this morning on our study of by this raises a greater controversy the Solon while the losses you little time for everyone to get settled moving in and out and then we'll pray will review and edit it absolutely my notes are in the binder here so let's delivered in review and I'm not going to pray you were going to review and then once offset a low grade and continue on with the presentation so on we are looking at a study of the great controversy between and we noted that we we wanted to tell our students so our students that it is impossible to understand the Bible and totality until we understand what Elian in the government blew trained and what is the blueprints the blueprints is a sanctuary okay Sagan the plan of salvation the blueprint revealed the entire plan of salvation and so on one of the first things that we did in our study was so that Lucifer was called a watt a conquering Sarah or on the bottle and we went to the limit is twenty five to see just what a covering scarab was one of the covering seven an angel who stood where in the and in the very presence of God he was one of two angels that covered one the mercy seat and what was beneath the mercy seat the logon so what conclusions did we come to that the law of God is the foundation of God 's throne and all government must be based on founded upon what one law any government that is not founded upon the law in the government in which you will have chaos and anarchy that something very easy and very simple for someone who study the Bible to understand so he we have a we have the word of God telling us that Lucifer was the coverage of and that this covering Sarah 's in the very presence of God stood over the law of God the Bible says that this was perfect in his ways and on-field lot iniquity was found in him one of iniquity is saying and what is the definition of sin according to the Bible 's transgression of the law therefore we understand that the very all that Lucifer shot have been standing over gardening protecting he begins to do what to turn against that law not out of Lucifer deceived one third of holy intelligence Angels does he think of them that will be able know he bases an argument he for him this weekend we live long we don't mean while on law to dictate to us what righteousness is not with the argument and how to fill the argument knowledge on for slaves were freed by the way you remember coroners revalue number that started my poor civilian net was course argument similarly why do you thought of among all the people don't you see that we are all a lot holy horrors of the onion is a snapshot of the rebellion at the place and had it was not exactly it was Lucifer same we are already holy we don't even know dictating to us what righteousness is do we get a argument today yes we do see all non-Christians saying we don't need along we don't need God in order to be holy we can be good without God and we find Christians using the same argument we don't get along to be like Jesus we can be like Jesus without some law telling us how do that were not under the law were under great money doing as you as you take your Bible study student through this process you're preparing them to receive all the shows of the word of God yes send them off in one study to get all the principles that enable that they will need so that when you discuss all the other subjects the rapture the second coming the state of the dead help on your on the millennium they will already have the fees are on the that shows the principle of the theme necessary to understand what you're saying when you share it seventy cents while Don does the angel is modeled on the newsletter and one third of the angels were cast out why didn't God just the Angels immediately Manuela Wetterling to you whenever controversy lies between two parties there must be a third-party and it had been there was no third party it was God and his angels versus the devil as using additional dog creates a third party who was a third-party who was then sure we headed to John's Lucifer and his angels humanity we are the king with his family I believed before kings we are looking that God would use the third-party how do we know that frustrating chapter six verses one to three tell us know you not the Saints will do what Johnson Angel solos and covers all when it are these the ones that are to judge me well that's my plan what's his plan on going to want bride the jewelry how to do that he comes to them with the same argument he did for the Angels in heaven do you want to be more like God you can be more like God without obeying what God said same argument not to use that argument anyway I was in the something that that visit or use a good designer to leave the evil life is out of Anita had no natural tendencies to sin and then they shall have to use something good she will be more like God is one of the while only one in July Don you can really knew I die if he does the industry he is a good desire to produce an evil result okay so as a result of this dog comes to the barn and job he gives at a minimum promise what is that that while welfare is what we know that at that time without any sin on the result was that they would want God in the Bible tells the waves of sand is what you and Shay is transgression of the also the same thing that was written in heaven we can smidgen so that Adam and Eve did in the barn as a result they are put out on the garden just as Lucifer left calf out on having these the chickadees interconnects is that you want to make there for your contact Shane leads to separation from God what is said transcribed in on the law there for anyone you wanted to bring this point up to your contact peers may have no other weevil and he said at this point but you wanted one against your contact to understand this whatever happens we know one thing seen reads you away from God also know that if the reasons of sin looks good and evil the results is not working will lead you from the end what is sin by the students extract version of the law they will tell me thought since I think the visit if someone tries to convince you at the moment document and await what you've been missing out my Bible students this is our first study now remember the same as allowing testing this summer what I tell you yeah we need the law of God but we do things that sometimes I wish I had a record you know remember asking a member that point because that is not to be crucial these is what the controversy is over it is over and some common weaknesses along after the controversy is over the foundation of God government and what are they understand that to me the longer why I cut all government must be based upon law right okay so so we then understand that not being that the plan of salvation God comes upon anything on the defendant I met in the purpose of the Masonic jewelry store on to me a lot sound sure right now in your contact is sitting there and done I guess the message started already and I haven't free so let's pray while writing and the father please give us understanding as we continue to study a word in Jesus name we pray amen so Jesus comes to restore us to being what sound drivers the law abiding jurors jurors that are able to discern between what right and wrong and jurors who will not be swayed by public opinion you want to you want to put upon your students the V incredible sense of honor service is sure in the Supreme Court of also one of them understand this and other sure that you will disqualify yourself if you sell I also use mollify yourself if you say what everyone differs between good and evil and you disqualify yourself if you claim that the very foundation of God 's throne is not legitimate class what began against the Los Angeles thing the foundational gospel is not legitimate you are arguing on the double side remember the devil of a master politician on dizziness ringing in amino acid how many of you in here I know that we have no Republicans and Democrats in this room yes we're all Christians but I will want to ask you something do you see how the Republicans will argue one being the biggest note of their rights and the Democrats will argue another was a knock on enough that the way to run the government this is the way to run the government you see how divisive it can be on both sides claim to be doing what is right for the country I want you to realize that that's what's up with it was that kind of an argument is famous and then dominates the need with our two companies spent to ignore succotash what are you waiting and what his argument what government is being it shows in our lives we wish to be free we well we all getting into how we choose to run our lives I thought you can begin to understand how convincing an argument like that might sound so I think my contact list and I look to see one third of the intelligent agent right where it is a sentence and place in heaven where the news was that he wanted to set up on the mountain on the one congregation socialism does then one in the congregation when you think of our charts guess where the rebellion took place in a chart of science of Angels one third of a wholly intelligent Angels than explicitly the first short spring took place in heaven and the argument was one of self righteousness okay what I'm doing for you right now nothing in one month than what I'm doing for you right now is I'm trying to paint the movie if you will in your mind it is because if you can chose this out and give this to your siblings are helping him or her to see this controversy so that you work your way through the rest of your studies they are with you at every point they may even jump at the goal all yeah I know what I can be because remember the rebellion in heaven yet so I think that if you are training your student correctly patiently jumping ahead of you going all yet while so because if this were not so then that would get the picture okay so on the plan of salvation that is that Jesus has come to save his people from their what is said transmission of the law that Jesus has come to save us from doing the same things we did happen and what the newsman who inhabit he transgressed God 's law we get jumped on Revelation twenty two verse fourteen fifteen percent less than I may not do what his command they may have right to the tree of life so that we've done we started with inhabitant passed we just took a while studies student all the way to the book of Revelation showing that one consistent theme throughout the book see now here's what I didn't get to cover this this morning I want to notice but I so you hear a diagram of the sanctuary is navicular and was not injured this is very important for you to share with your Bible study students in this particular study you want to sell them the diagram on the sanctuary this diagram is the blueprints you want to see this picture you can get into the sanctuary and go online opinion of temblor sanctuary you can get a picture just download off the Internet I think this is included in your package isn't okay it is good and so what you see here and you are pretty familiar with this if you're not it's very easy to think of this like the missing hieroglyphics one of these symbols saying okay think of this as whole before someone was completed this is the first Bible this was the Bible before the marvelously written the Bible that expounded on the principles found in the Bible is needed I is sorry and I will Jones is concentrated okay so what we have here on you in front of him to have been gay that matter to the out-of-court article you have the altar on your offering okay happen here what we think some article is not about the cross of Christ okay it's how you shouldn't listen Jesus died for our sins this is where the animals were saying and they usually get the amount of that so you are the one I got this represents the place were designed across a lot of bases in the wash basin when you and many necessary to Zimbabwe you can find all this in Exodus chapter forty the exact outline layout of the sanctuary so the wash basin is where the prison washed their hands and feet and wants to symbolize the word of God a represents cleansing or baptism very good so we've got the costly baptismal potatoes children get a settlement represents the word of God what about the altar of incense now all this is found in the where when the holy place so the altar of incense what is what is that represent a very good young doctors actually and then the seven branched candlestick that represent okay it represents the Holy Spirit are outlandish the Bible says that your HS saw a finish on a hill cannot be nodded and then lying about it and put it under a bushel too many Muslims say on your good works Simon and you see your good works and glorify your father in heaven so the seven branched candlestick represented our weakness to the world it innocent monocle magazine of your solemnly all Christian and the mostly place and when you have their being on the company wind into honoring Sharon okay so you want to do with my with my mind sitting on how to do so the missing is that this is the blueprint is so amazing this business chart assault rates possible information I will show them for example that if you want to look at that outline all the articles of furniture it even does draw a line around this thing what would you have been held across an amazing yes I'm convinced in and out if you want to look at the places of these articles of furniture where they were placed you will notice that Jesus was born in in one of those places in other words in any place of the article of furniture is James receivable so if you would consider this is phase that have crown of thorns Jesus died of a broken heart and you know what the priesthood here when blood or just the web was on hand available on wash your hands you have wanted mingled with blood gets the family when they appears in his side water and blood comes flowing out of the sun we begin to feed the sanctuary of the blueprint what you're trying to do is get your Bible student to trust what the blueprint because the blueprint will not belong right at hand and what I saw that God saves his people through necessary process so concerned with me if you will the nation of Israel we remember the first thing so Israel to do will any one installment in the CLA and then dwelling the youngest on this Psalm sought out thereof sacrifice the next they put a lot of both and they don't think they were not using the button what are you in Egypt will get angry changes his mind and comes chasing after them and they cross through the one everyone directly at this time Bible students eyes are beginning to line up while because was that these represent that it may cross the Red Sea and what distressing that God does because it limits the United States the heat of what he raised down the man that what about the ten sovereign in the last chapter lives at the sentencing rate action which one is when God declares his real tipping his hat on the nation 's Royal people that represent the seven branched candlestick you are my witnesses to the world I am now declaring you my writing on nation Marley priesthood and the bad Santa anxiety the children are eighteen or nineteen notice how the children of Israel God is about to come out I want to spend thirty days preparing our hearts alter of incense and I be talking access twenty anybody anybody needs an anti- him him for our PC that you're trying to get you're still at confidence in this blueprint on Jesus was the born is also sacrifice represents exactly one Jesus come into this represents the average human representatives what coming to guide our things we might say that Jesus was born on the altar of sacrifice he was born and raised in fact he was born where in a manger surrounded by as I am also and we know that Jesus came to die for our sins and authority Jesus is one that I asked these backsides the Bible says he has led where into the wilderness where you spent and how many times when the first temptation turned to Stalin in July to know you will indentation so I sat down and caught up to God he was thinking presumptuous prayer presentation the I know you want to seven branched candlestick I know you want you have to die for your people doesn't happen larceny unarmed did you your people you have to die and Jesus overcomes all enables them to him on the previous the long God combined with his mercy so it was just done humans are scanning your Bible student confident that they can shut his mouth why couldn't they shame the way gone wild offerings this is how God face people in Minnesota medicine in our again I this is our blueprint you must do I you wanted to say what you have to do you have the excess Jesus Christ across the net is outlined at all I'm a nasty something inherently someone's as you listen I have to go in that sentence even if I knew everything is all right when you think about that and a look at me under but that's not to know that's wrong actually while using a strong tendency because that teaching eliminates all of the PC you're leaving your students to learn how to read the blueprints for him or herself so that that was not without a sound album that can be true because the goal of the gentleness also arrested in okay so personable who access tries is a just everything is not done anything up not anything have to be baptized actually what are they doing out there filling in the blanks for me I am assuming you are the teacher also the main entrée teacher there is a case of a presence is often in the wind itself tries to mean that I am asking a mother doesn't know no good and I believe that's one only has to study the word of God unto Christian will will him or not nothing you got a skeleton and I know if the okay how do I keep doing okay all I have to do is not ASAP Jesus draws the eye and study the whatnot on and know how long you get the picture you also have to watch your every you got a weakness and nothing ultimately where was God Johnson he has back to write into his print as able to know what some people want the presence of God but when they find out what the foundational bestowing his essay on no thank you to see what this chart does is eight inches your Bible study contact it's helped him unequivocally introducing the entire plan of salvation this is what I must do it financially and otherwise you die when you're focused on a single gone such as a space off of my knowledge you know there are people who haven't come to his knowledge you know they may have just gotten here and print out and I didn't have time to get baptized God judges you based on on the Judiciary on what you know and do you follow much you know I think some people I can thought you're saying this is all I need and nothing else matters among all right and not have that person is able you obviously have ceased to follow God 's will okay so let me see if I can do this in the roof in the time remaining Ashley the longest recap in the world sorry on so much last year is the entire plan of salvation the theme layout from beginning him through the rest of your studies here you are going to begin to unfold the very thing that she began to speak about in your first study found that Continental is not your second study I'm going to combine and want to lay out for you the pitcher of what you want to present you for yours contact to the rest of your studies you got to get the whole picture in your mind we just gave our contact like you know from the small of Lucifer often we focus upon that fall to the fall of Adam and Eve on earth and while what the controversy is over it's all over the law of God as the one that mentoring is not so now when we get to the prophecies of the book of Daniel and Dom you have a senior in fact I think I have a few here we go the output back into the job losses are they in the Bible really I'll tell you there maybe three significant while exhibiting confused about the time prophecies in the Bible I mean you know what they are but it's like okay that thoughts and what is really in one of this year what with the storyline in the problem themselves the reason why many of us are fearful of the logical study on the time prophecies is the cosmological one point in his life really really really really been improving I want to share with you in the concept of our ongoing controversy theme of my name on the blueprint all these hypotheses have to do with the blueprints so there are three dozen times in the Bible they are the seventy weeks prophecy from four fifty seven so when thirty four A.D. when the husband is very talked about and Jesus Elwood the Messiah but a prophecy okay but not half as will start a song as part of a much bigger policy which is the one twenty three hundred eight prophecy was anything where eighteen forty four there is a non-toxic comments what is your policy that begins in five thirty eight and the and when not being a geek so if you are to offer promising is that they are all in the time span of four fifty seven eighteen forty four okay my visit one hundred twelve ninety one twelve ninety and in seventeen ninety eight he might say what about the thirteen thirty five the prophecy that and in eighteen forty four so recently all these prophecies culminate with one of these very things that make sense these are the three basic processes found in the book of Daniel Breen this time prophesied in the event so that we continue the theme the storyline if you did if I may in the short time I have remaining salt the seventy weeks prophecy videos with free things number one the rejection of the blueprint of the Messiah by literal Israel Museum so wants a story that the impact God on his throne Lucifer the covering Sarah says against God and his law he has cast doubt that the defendant without many that don't want to be jurors but they did against God they're not alone God says do not worry on Senegal Messiah that's going to regain you in the meantime God 's hands James to humanity no one no blueprint that will explain to them the entire plan of salvation he doesn't and in particular to a nation may answer you shall not and you have the blueprint and then moving down the field if you will supposed to be preparing will that's solid values not the prophecy in simplicity you don't get it together and sadly we are taking this medicine out on your bass with ascending prophecies about me getting one hundred and seventy weeks in the veil in the Temple is mentioned to this means the earthly sanctuary has no more lot significant Jesus the Messiah is rejected which means that Israel has rejected the blue and the very one the Globe reported to console the family we described the transition from the literal Israel to spiritual Israel and the Temple so an example not to stop my dear you get a significant amount of the war we began all the way down to the seventy weeks prophecy which brings on the time of Jesus easy that is a juice for you you know my grandson is an okay good solid cell phone that is plaguing me know the gospel commission to all the wise Arabs of Israel not my temple in heaven and on their high priest and never looked at and write that the next promising to come the policy on the one twelve sixty and what happened during that time spiritual role now the enemy on spiritual Israel says hey don't look at a heavenly sanctuary not to hot and ASAP United States or how to perform enrolled in my mantra that segment of thymol and sensuality under our own tube compartment room with a little curtain dividing all will know what is good the authors begin this column for all wet when you want your savings are all one thought comes alive in other words during the twelve hundred and sixty year prophecy you have the right as I said on the heavenly Temple by spiritual wrong you haven't say in fact the prophecy of Daniel 's in it which I found itself to the ground with practice and prosperity in the place of the sanctuary would be cast down that his spiritual role as town would turn the hospital maternity sanctuary to earthly sanctuary the distortion of truth by spiritual role under the children in sixty years in other words the dark ages here the smell process of fermentation the gains you nothing a slow process somewhat fermentation the twelve hundred and six year prophecy reveals the spiritual battle because spiritual role is trying to destroy the blueprint and the people of the blueprint is all adding up to an attempt to destroy spiritual Israel we know that the Dragon system woman's of the wilderness how long twelve hundred and sixty years and then we have the time when the book of Daniel would be unsealed that takes place at the end of the twelve hundred and fifty years so you have rebellion in heaven and a lot over the logon you have regarding coming down to our own right now how God you have God-given man machine that he needs the blueprint to explain the plan of salvation and how man is to be saved you have in getting into Israel and joined the consultant is gone by the form of the seventy weeks prophecy it is informed that will the spiritual Israel but the twelve hundred and sixty have probably think they were spiritual role spiritual Israel I attached the spiritual blueprints on Whitney sound than what the last policy were dealing with eighteen forty four the twenty three hundred year prophecy question what happened and on the twenty three hundred years the sanctuary is claims or restored the channels that had been lost jarring the dark ages Enrique and the three handles messages is now a preaching of the Marine game that shows off eighteen forty four cell phone the angel from the front testing for employment and configured in your prophecy down to the end of time is the preaching of the blueprint restore anybody's heart readiness so that you are giving regardless of incidents into your students your taking when you get to the twelve hundred sixty year that would be a good time to start studying over the next couple of weeks and months the spiritual counterfeits up again to come to the church how about this one yellow Daniel seven twenty five says he will think to change times do you know what the time you know that this is considered and this is considered signs of all our problems are considered times you know the Roman Catholic Church the patient says everybody is interpreting these times at a day for a year a day for year where I want to change the time from the him what is point the finger to us so to score the prophetic interpretation cannot want coffee as a result with all the prophecies into the future they are they not be for your unwanted call them once but all the problems in the past four days of antichrist that starts on her first child in the future the jungle imagine a way the papacy from the trauma and insincere in other words as you frame your Bible studies are not to talk about the three Angels messages until you get to that place in the time I have your Bible study didn't even get to talk about the millennium the beginning of your stay in our talk about it after you get past the forty four and when you get to the millennium and all yeah I'm sorry I is where we don't I've never seen the page like this before what this makes sense and timely doctrine everything didn't seem to fall into place in a particular place you how awesome will be the end of the movie first and then the movie last you want to sequential order correct the love and the best way to present the great controversy is presented in its order at recent years with someone four three months you are presented to them so that they get all the pieces are able to put together and see what anyone not being and when they see the big picture there is nothing in the world that will ever convince them that these is anything anything else this is not error this is not fallacy this must be true because truth is logical and shows this is a must pray heavenly father we thank you for speaking to us for opening your word nor we thank you for giving us other people the blueprints I normally know that even to this day the devil is warming against the blueprint why he does not want God 's people to understand the power of presenting the blueprint father you have Jews the possible forms and put it in that divine blueprints help us Lord to present that blue-green so that people want Moss and looking for direct may find their way back to you in Jesus precious name we pray the maximum working here one more thing where do we argue the Angels that pour out the seven last plagues come from you read Revelation fifteen five and six the Angels come out on the most holy place why why think we may cool is it cool if it met the players are than to be poured out upon those who rejected what was found in the place that they're coming out of the known object in life that is what the play will will receive the place on those who reject in the long from the place which these gains are coming from in fact Psalm ninety one to him while in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the sun got everything up as a multi- antenna most holy place that's why I think Anthony Hart and then she said that no I won't come near them I will watch the problem not one message into the yard before the plagues begin to fall in this creating the father thanking for selling the beautiful symmetry option nor may we ran this on minds of our history that we may with burning heart presenting some goals along the season amen yeah his ministry to help your man Jesus Christ I explained to potential our dilemma thank you the experience of victorious Christian living for more information on our multimedia resources or very on time please log on to our website and WW can not our plan that WW and even then remember land for the


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