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The Blue Print, Part 3: Earth's Final Movie

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • May 29, 2010
    7:30 PM
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a will for her to burn for her well is the last use I pray for me thank you a nice sentiments my testimony testimony came from the states I my Jamaican accent was so a heavy and I would not speak his tendency to school we make fun of you so and so I didn't know this intense fear of public speaking and not have a sense of humor a man a and so on the house is January ten that I have nightmares and not now standing in front of audiences and I have nothing to say I like that are so interesting that is amazing and out there and diagnosed among the leading London like you know something think about one of talk about what's I do here website it is so I was in the back putting my notes together and I love putting my notes together for this meeting right now I just realized that in my notes printed so I ran over to the administration printed my note and now I can't find them who are so that's bringing in let's pray heavenly father we thank you so much for your your mercy and grace here trying to know we want to ask an Asian financial way there was being to your people we thank you Lord for hearing and sending this situation as a in Jesus precious name amen well I have to tell you that it's a good thing that I've seen the movie yet you again later on we are going to complete our study who put these here on the note we want to complete our study on the blueprints you seen that we have discussed in great detail what it means to present to your Bible study contact this meeting should a lot accomplished on a couple things about the history you number one in I want you to realize that you are not here by accident and I want to study as we complete the study not that I want to realize that you are not here by accident that God has chosen you like seriously being in this building right now God has chosen you to be here at the number two I want you to realize that God had a mission and purpose for your life you are not that God is an author did you know that you know that God has a script for your life and to have the script she has a plan for your life but the devil is also an author and he wants to take over your screen encouraging today do not let them will be on don't let him write your story about how messed up your story is daunting take your story and turn it into something incredible you know there a lot of times that God has to say cut will will will enjoy that's not what you're messing up the thread but I guarantee no matter how much you have messed up your scripts screens and the most beautiful story so Mike West sometimes this message 's final move you'll find out why in so to begin with recap we are taking our Bible study students through the theme of the great controversy where are we going to start we're going to start with the controversy it has been who was Lucifer according to Ezekiel chapter twenty eight and was a perverse workings of our is described as covering cherub and we understand that as we go to the book of Exodus chapter twenty five verse eighteen nineteen and the Bible describes the air to Angels that were found where in the most holy place and they were on either side on something called Watts the part of the company 's and they were called wants traveling showroom and writer in between them was found the mercy seat the Ark of the covenant and in particular this a trying on glory which then we understand is a blueprint showing us the model of ten you remember the sanctuary is a picture a minute sir now if you will all this was sanctuary and had we find that was read that story in the very presence of God and he was one on the guarding angels over one the law of God the Bible tells in Ezekiel twenty eight that is why Shane and according to the biblical definition of homeless and finished transgression of the law some I asked her tenacity and then there were two tables of stone in the underneath the throne of God I answer I don't know what I would venture to say that the law was actually summed up in one word and that was not and is not a reflection of the challenge of God and when I tell people you know the Angels all they needed was that were in love why you need the ten Commandments because all my happy console and my principles of this world I like to call the ten Commandments righteousness for dummy contact is out there is what love is not shall not commit adultery novels shall not get the picture someone had and it was summed up in one word but are not fine I got to ride it out so that we can understand in a very practical sense what blogging so Lucifer seemed he rebelled against the law of God and when we discovered the law of God then is the foundation God 's government God 's throne are you are you imagining this I will miss you as well how was it for the same one third of Angels how do they get in one part of angels to Baldwin and does Elizabeth say who would like to begin with me no wonder this argument of course Isaiah seven fourteen in the life what is the online good rises loving holy people White says that when Lucifer first began his rebellion she did not know what he was going she didn't know what he was getting himself into software downloads the first is totally evil but in the beginning is actually one I can need satellite and on without him telling me out doing I can do without some of dictating to me how to behold we find that principle on earth today yes and no was a call to sell one righteousness out of a God in order to be good I can be good all by myself what story comes to mind when you think of this rebellion one Old Testament story the rebellion of horrible is why your business on the will of the people don't you see that they are all one it was an argument based on righteousness if you would so the Angels one third of them will win this argument essay after all visitors staying in that they are unaware as to righteousness on it and what God has said right one part of the Angels are cast out of heaven of the results there was war in heaven one convenient sarcasm why doesn't God judge the will you all the vital principle one controversy arises between two parties there must be a third-party one person we have to is six verse one also know you not that I think will do what is so God created humanity among other reasons for art was as absurd as a jewelry that don't understand that he go out of any pizza than anything okay he said in the jar is the just and on the doo-wop on Roger and what he believes is a do you want to be I think you said to the angels are you getting this the more we've already in the comments but you might assault on decency you gone without while on their easy as a result just like Adam I just like Satan was put out of the garden so adamant he will start Josephson was put out of heaven so I need as a result or whether out of the barn exactly on the same principle without the need by the way where did rebellion begin where you are stretched thin place and had wife Elizabeth that I will sit upon the mount of Congress the congregation of who Angels one thirty the Angels 's first short split occurred and had to cut it in the double brought about sin in the church in heaven how much more can he bring about and insurance on our right in what is it about Mister Mueller came another thing I refuse worth it came simply says they are unaware as to what I would and would not have fit God be happy I believe I'm giving you something united with that out of the barn asked for one thing and they said why I believe I'm giving you some be happy at the beginning when they you must not set in the hot weather seven Day the only reason I'm giving you a day and even how you want but at least I'm giving you with at least something with it same spirit of K which is the spirit of those so I can send as a result God comes into the garden you tell the name of God but don't worry I'm instituting the plan of salvation so therefore we understand and by the way what what are the criteria for absorber he must be what law-abiding citizen a man got treated adamantly with the law written on their hearts they must be able to do one discern between good and evil and they must not be swayed by what public opinion the devil comes out of outcomes even the barn and says the one of the one you will be you can be like God the Hebrew word for God Elohim also signifies judges you want to be a good shots he even mistreated and I don't really know the difference between good and evil each industry and what happened see who is our ability to discern between good and evil don't be so quick to say I was anything wrong with maybe even get out of it so I don't claim that there is nothing wrong there is no visiting that enable window that you make yourself on the found your self comes along and he promises that the Navy is not promising them on the coming Messiah and we understand that the Messiah will send is that you restock that I didn't even want down shoulder law-abiding it was different to discern between good and evil unswayed by public opinion your Bible study content should now feel nine what a privilege and honor to be viewed as he shall armor on behalf of God loving you have a mission if we go no further in this message is gone and called you and your you know what someone told me fifteen years ago with modular law is not one of smoking can sell yourself you must be a jar like all the Jews usually don't know if you enjoyed there can be no walk no child on Missouri if you something about them the next time you feel about the artistry is a rocket the next time you see some guy in jail was just like what someone don't think but I think that this guy when this girl doesn't even know him then the accident and ended in the news wanted to their true identity away from the cell we know that the plan of salvation is to restore mankind to being while sound jurors we fast for the we get to the book of Exodus and we find we skipped also limited history but we find that God has commented with Abraham has been just as he commented that I have and will arise out a special people filled lives while the Messiah would come and what is God-given and does not get the children of Israel something special something binary important to the history or the future of mankind and what is is the blueprints the sanctuary and are inside a sanctuary there are one by a there is an vital information for the redemption of mankind so now imagine with me here is the PR people of Israel and say how vital information and sharing information in their possession one of the adversary going to try to do he wants to destroy the people and destroy the one who is still as you call and you begin to read the Old Testament what you find is that the Old Testament is really the story of God trying to get his people to understand and to protect the Constitution or this blueprint to understand for themselves so that when I saw you I'll will soon take the gospel where all the world not the blueprint that saw us of the blueprint when we see happen here also sacrifice which is in the out-of-court this is where Jesus died to you all reasonably while the labor this is where the priest was wash their hands and feet and the tables so that always one of the labor representative on one of the also represent what is Tim O'Sullivan represent the word of God but I know that Nassau not live by bread alone one of the altar of incense represent prayer how do we know that Revelation chapter eight speaking of them the prayers of the saints rising with the incense very good online me on seven branched candlestick was seven thousand represent witnessing how do we know that Jesus and your lifestyle assignment name may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven and then you have the most holy place which represents one the law of God now remember what are these things on either side of your company is Sharon get the Internet when we went off Lucifer send you a half hour of the presence of God now here okay when mankind thing cast out of the presence of God he's not here the sanctuary is the GPS and someone gave me what that means me God 's prophetic system for so this is the guy back to the presence of God is the so imagined then here's across right and often nobody the devil does not want you to get across nothing so I think the double unions are difficult to guess what the devil is going to have online unlike Cheney demons China stop you from getting to the prompt in my day so when you are there partying living on doing your own thing you like on the menswear is to not let this young man get the wrong something happens you come to our message to you here are some things I would like to anything and I can you have broken through that barrier of the praise God and you know the demon said the demon sent on will arrive united and they're not grandparents outbreaks are you no one because they were attending the Islamists out here they are here twenty reinforcement that I is now actually taking the next step in the plan of salvation and the lot that I wanted to know that but by the grace of God you break down barriers in your back if they were twenty demons here yesterday right here on CNN when he learned that I than an ordinary life of Christ Albright is the violently assault on the past and new employee yes I will so what we see is that families allow their dealings on Monday in your Christian walk under here for fifteen minutes here are two things here on everything in the air like a million demons here whenever shopping do not many that to the secret police of the most not have to share this with your my contact needs asking Oscar is one of them starts I want to be right here right okay so we're not pointed him in there and point of the time and so we are starting to his refund from Canton has we can't and will estimate and not we get to the prophetic portions of the Bible the book of Daniel in particular and Daniels first policy not in our sequence in terms of the chapters of the book but the first property is one promising not to send in the we prophecy I am not prophecy fixup from when four fifty seven where the Angel gives the beginning of the from the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem don't get confused on that noble thing I remember you're not have work to do yourself a manner so that it is starting to form you want to just follow me as best you can remember above all I fill in the blank and maintenance being your own okay so I so we will begin counting the means I think how we can but there are a few which conclude demonstrates always in which certain things happen Molyneux and I happen not basically said there was family property by the way I was told I have as much and I want to so please allow nobody in ten minutes okay so I'm not as young so this is the prophecy is not basically saying to Israel Israel you have no outside lives and dignity is certainly we should get together you are totally not amending according to the Blu-ray you're not the things you're not living up to the light on giving you you have to do is to get together because who is coming the Messiah and eight human you that want to the right to read this blueprint in the world why because Jesus is the very center on them and so what happened to seventy weeks Jesus comes up on the thing and whether Israel do they reject the massage the van of the Temple the earthly temple was one made until signifying off at the sanctuary is of no use the only thing to worry man's intention is not to be focused on a heavenly sanctuary and Israel the nation was no longer the people of God now that was a lot spiritual Israel in other words God takes the blueprint on the handle be the will will him in the spiritual newsroom spiritual Israel you are commissioned to take this gospel to the world here's something interest interest that sentiment office and business cycles when Jesus came upon the scene they were so excited when Jesus was here wanting she does as much I is a fulfillment of the prophecy is not a thought that Jesus was coming to set up a kingdom where are you are an Amazon Kindle sighted and I am going and I and one other their assignment in their excitement to overlook things in the policy anybody with me as someone is even now and everybody started laughing of the Bible on you are presenting false prophecy the disciples experienced a great disappointment a few days later Jesus comes back on the scene he speaks of them the five hundred votes in these and their hearts burn because they realize when anything Jesus was coming to set up his kingdom on earth he was coming to guide our things and the rest will soon enter a new sanctuary in the enough people around and suddenly started one arising Jesus is risen he's risen from the great although also that your explanation of the great disappointment him when they are all used in some heaven is worried now that nobody can see so great face-saving keep in mind that seventy weeks prophecy is the first part of a much larger policy twenty three hundred the policies which would end in when aging forty four but when I'm going to solve afternoon is also seeing the next time privacy is while the five of the twelve hundred and sixty prophecies and during this time it is prophesied that not all spiritual home who is that that would be the painlessly what I tend to Arafat who spiritual Israel and also attack the scenarios that the above Blu-ray on the spiritual sanctuary which is where in heaven how do we know that what Christ can we think of athletes about spiritual role attacking the heavenly sanctuary Daniel chapter one chapter eight verse twelve through fourteen with these other than along passing down the truth in the wrong and also the place sanctuary being while cast down so when you have happening here are your following the Islamic storyline so what you policy have found the sanctuary is basically another way of saying that during this time the discharge would direct their attention from this rules all the heavenly sanctuary to the things on okay I want to notice here to go back to arts arts and go back to the sanctuary and Dom top about this for a moment first of all how did the papacy hack the heavenly sanctuary what does this article of furniture stand for the props was across represent for us Christ's sacrifice is one one-time sacrifice on our mapping and governments are sorry that you started to change that through the human race Christ could be held or sacrifice of her and all are again not abilities but what they were basically saying below the one child sacrifice of Christ is not enough you must transcend all kinds of other things in order to be safe you can just like come into the yet to be just so much that it's not not not not think they had taken religion of the officer will love this initiative is what everyone is and how much I sent away natural strangling is that I want summer that he is recommending that anything they say everything I well so it was strangling himself as a way to ensure that you are present and surely not here she must make a lot consciousness-raising not only did they take away that not everything away on on on the want of Christ but they also exports of the way the ten or so read how they knew that was represent the wind I know you have a Bible that is upon us you can understand the word of God for yourself that this is not history in the history you can attend one the modeled results and by the way tradition is just as important if not no important then the Lord God what above the altar of incense no use at all pray that God for yourself you've got to come through the priests zero marry and say you don't have direct access to God what are you crazy in fact you'll remember that we talked about this remember the sanctuary the holy place and most holy Place want to roll the money my carton here is the presence of God and here was the presence of that what has led ninety set up a two compartment model will attract between Carl of confessional who with the crazy sitting in the place all hearing the confessions of man as for the seven branched candlestick witnessing your solid witness between us or be burned fire will will finally get into the most holy Place is what you have one in the minutes of the book to chat about this time of the Army God himself is interesting that they have a Mac they had concerns and they call holy father and was along God is concerned we know that starts as we are the ones that had power to do what exchange the command the second raven images and the fourth is that the people you sell what we have here is not the little horn does the same thing that I did in heaven we aren't even all the government needs a reform the Bible says that the little horn with half down the sanctuary but were told that the twenty three hundred day period would bring about a tall all while information on stroke it would bring about a total restoration of truth twenty three hundred days ended when eighteen forty four the conference four seven BC twenty three hundred years thank you Don for the year eighteen forty four knowledge is selling something which is also the mind blowing as part of this unlimited credits of my dear friends and the little brother taught Buddhism is that a candidate excited for you now will you stop him and all I want you to notice is this incredible that time would begin to restore the site to ensure those way before eighteen forty four so you have here in your science in your books he had one concern here with me and almost unnoticed towards the end of your book you have a science that says it should say this gospel eighteen forty four this is not easy it is important for this gospel I want to know is living in the thirteen hundreds in the when anyone acting on no other man by the name of John my click and I know that is the MorningStar of the Reformation by Eagle he translated the Bible into the common language of the people question what article of furniture that he restore begin to restore in nineteen hundred the fabulous overhead wow thirteen hundred when this is in the fourteenth a few hundred on the maximum upon the scene and handmade in my nosedive was Martin Luther the founder of military you know what involvement in the fourteen hundreds guess what I would be on your mind does not have Martin Luther build up on the screen of the Bible and the Bible only what you also start this will buy you on the fly result would be someone on the things using re- jingles try in the Indian hundreds on a Mac on the theme handmade as John Calvin John Hollinger found on the Presbytery tablets focus is prayer defendants on what is one the most prolific authors on praying what are you friends with a guy here the author obtained very good in the sixteen hundreds literally doing when we start thirteen hundred forty hundred fifteen hundred and sixty hundred jobs on the Baptist 's sexiest reason enough on the back this movement and guess what shows that a restore baptism by immersion or while using the articles being restored will N/A the beginning of the narrow United is cheating in the strategy and taken away my fight back in the seventeen hundreds on monovalent side when it comes up with the ideas of hunger although none that it is any his mission is in the hands of his changing of the hospital into the world as a missionary societies and so long as he replaced the seven branched candlestick now what thirteen hundred fourteen hundred fifteen hundred sixty nine euros seventeen hundredth Watson Wyatt where are we now commented a eighteen hundred is a him while I didn't soon be restored before the sanctuary is once again in his right leg someone who thank you enough in this new are you for me you can be anywhere in the world right now you can be part of some crazy new you know what more evidence do you need that God not you and me on the theme in the eighteen hundreds to focus on the final part of the Reformation seven three you have a chart on your page rank there is from Wikipedia souls you this is a hands-on wife upon their souls you all the rest of them from the fourteen hundred on with looking at for yourself I'm not making enough at the end of this twenty three hundred a prophecy about the way many many put upon her here and explains you what what I'm doing you're not giving your Bible study contact us everything I told you this is over a period of months of privacy you get what I'm saying I'm giving you my three months in three meetings okay so it is your job you are giving your system this study it is your job to bring you what you part like that and you continue on with your moving in a sequential order your painting a picture for an authoritative so that when they hear you know it was so beautiful I'll spend my Baptist Baptist friends and I was given in this particular study I felt well enough to imagine what fun is and is I would be and they were so happy to announce as a recombinant seventeen hundreds that I would be amended is that we were present July because August is when they'll that shows that you are than him and them yes what what would be the to restore the final piece of the puzzle so you want no argument not a conflict or I'm getting on I can designate against all because I is not invented them you have anything you don't get anything for the online have anything all I think my because he saw the big picture with me and by the way when we know at the end of twenty three hundred days it was just a wrong end of twenty three hundred days there was a group of people that also would say that is as I verify they miss a couple of things on the end up with a great disappointment and it turns out that the very thing that was concealed the movement which is not always the actual intellectual is moving the very children that was to kill the movement became the cornerstone of the yak cheese as I is racing he is vulnerable what does what the very disappointment that was supposed to be the end of the applicant 's Econ the very cornerstone take away that disappointment and take away the purpose of armed only Jesus is coming to our key goals on holy place I good or I met some nice face leaving one if I ever heard one is meant by guys hot is an understanding that happened and unfortunately we all yeah right Jesus has offend all that's a good one nothing in all Yankees is moved from a holy place a most holy place OEM that's a good one and you know what the people that rejected the truth that Jesus had entered into the heavenly sanctuary in some him or not the people of God in the same way the people that reject the truth that Jesus had moved from holy some most holy were now call Babylon to see this movie unfolding in your life will be this is our faith in humanity on what to get as much in the first honor in his meeting and what is the blueprint from doing what at all until I get you anything for you and I is I that he will make his life and will be gone you don't apply when you are being because I like what happened in crunch time to get too uppity but it might very well and without it you aren't applying all there is in the final scene history and will call you a sense of time space and some not so now as this one like also great Jamaal Mall of the AIDS is in now when coming down to the final scenes and God is like he is the blueprint the restored blueprint for the last eight people and he says this gospel is not going to all the world not the gospel of egg were saved by you know doesn't matter what you do choose not to know the gospel Desert Storm possible it's about all the world and the three Angels messages him their last name now is the context the three Angels messages why before the final harvest of the earth when I thought the three Angels messages on the final messages to prepare man I don't want to answer this way shall allow for jury duty and him and him and do you know what that means eighteen forty four simply when dad jewelry selection this is one all right John is one of the article and would like a new plunger and why God is telling us to preach a message that insurers have to keep the commands of God why they can these genres the government is going to be the basis on the times when in doubt and had an estimated heaven like this is your in one thousand years and were talking about the devil and known them in this easy hand in the back well wait a minute now are we being admitted to harden the devil had taken there will be no devils advocate in handing him in a severe doubt about it now please really going to believe that God is a short rest who will be selected and by the way only jewelries will be saved as related in obligor on law shotgun is not to go into all the world and preach against him what will they hand what is the past and once again I made an error is called in Indonesia this is the first Angels message and I'm sure Sharon is now with your friends and they can understand the context of the Angels because they feared him though I be each one first Angels message I wanted the apartment according to the clothing were they to understand and navigate down to my funny on the first angle message for us yet again with just one aside in the solvent under the law what is important and you like it why was important you wonder why because most of the time and didn't feel an instant monster cock and now they can begin to understand when you show in the second letter is how about all my friends leaned on Babylon represents Babylon represents any charge that is long gone and done away with any certainties of the solvent has been changed as a second look at your leisure was better than resort to more subtle thing that came in during the dark ages in particular private tour with the twenty oh seven Donna Burns people struggling and almost they become part on that on the one of Babylon anybody is more anybody drinking on that better put it down praise God that there are people today the administration who gives a crime Henry and I was once upon what I put down and I know I'm not longer drink your eye down the one about on my lady nor the one of Babylon is you know in problems anyways very quickly power is twenty three Proverbs twenty three Proverbs twenty three sorry Proverbs thirty one the net part thirty one I want to notice his first three games I strive on to win it on Friday I will have won the spiritual with me it is okay with me where the book of Revelation talk about winning the charges right doesn't give not thy strength unto women I wasted that was destroyed of change is not for kings own annual it is not for kings to drink while I are for princes strong drain why they drink and why Florida can not allow room who visited what does the wine of Babylon one of the wine of this woman called routines and the people of the earth to do a causes them to forget what God said to remember a causes them to foreign check what God said to me that what I don't think to remember the Sabbath day that's why we shouldn't drink no one will so that's something to say what I and the thirty message if any man receive the money and here we begin to understand we all understand the markings we understand that it is a sign of rebellion against God where is democracy it's received in the four head wife it was the fourth because it is a counterfeit on the theme of God which is also received in the fourth and what is going on a lot of those sealed the law on my mind if I will seldom know about written in the forehead marked under these is an interesting version of the law of God received beforehand on remember who who on the most deceived by the smart if the market is a child of the seal of God these formals and say I want a smart deceived Christians deceived Christian the time is coming where the next hill you will think that they are doing what God and the whole history of you know what happened the last payment of all in all the time of Solomon although is fast for lunatic then again down at a time when Jesus comes again and become informed who is a common form is coming for years John Burns you him while he recommends you to want to be taken away would you like to enter the Supreme Court has happened not a sound you're a law-abiding I'm sure that is not swayed by public you know in the Old Testament sanctuary at the end of the day of atonement the high priest would come on a sanctuary anywhere they hand him the scapegoat others out what I symbolize that he was putting the things of all on you guys understand how that works treatment even expensive very many did an illustration that will help you get rid around also just been with on-again illustration that you will never forget our explains you how the sensory works you know the one of her presence saying that they would opt made there have been headed animal out the sacrifice and the blood was taken into the sanctuary whether it was the all altar outside or the altar in the sanctuary itself and it was sprinkled upon that often what was happening things were being transferred from me so what do that I am so the blood the blood taken and put in the sanctuary the things were not being place where in the sanctuary and accident when I was I clean after I did that with a sense of relief from the was not forgiven yes it was the same gong where was his sanctuary so just imagine a day after day after these things are piling up in the century okay one year increase in common was called the day of atonement and on that day the high priestly clan has been five sanctuary will him while recording their thing I'll send you would take them and put them on the head on the human and half on the schedule and some people wear out into the women given illustration every day you guys put garbage in your kitchen in your trash can right you clean up the house you put garbage in the trashcan is possibly your signing is about so with you but your house is going to do that while he taken and you put it outside in a world of August days after the Ukraine your house and you take the garbage and you put it up on the side is her house clean but as a trash filled with not one the height of the week will and I one day out of the week you know that he pinch-hit some of your Thursday new you know what happened right you think to yourself you must remember so much of garbage UK in August on the environment I probably UK dons of frontline because the God of the gray diamond shock is going to come in a ten garbage and you know and if you don't put it out right you're done with that dark pool or what a few the garbage truck columns him him out into a pass on this way will burn in Smith's and operates the same way we so with the identity no as you have a size where we are and we are cleaning the fan is actually still there you know what casino is an argument that's an what the time is coming when God begins to remove all the will enable told me that depends on how we believe that making forty four and now we read in Revelation twenty fifth angel appears in the Bible says he is whole the breed is the Manhattan on the old Peter and all the restaurants in accordance with a warrant and hold your senior lady had one much transfer policy is being we on the end where is he sent into the will God 's people at the same time prepare for jury duty for one thousand years we enjoy the glories of heaven but also must be involved in the work of the final one is a the end of the one thousand years God and his people to send the wicked are raised up and beloved this is where Earth 's final movie takes place him close and reading the great controversy page six sixty seven asks all the books of records are open and I and Jesus looked upon the wicked they are conscious of everything which they are ever coming they see just where their feet their marriage from the path of purity and holiness just how far pride and rebellion act having them in the violation of the law the seductive temptations which they encouraged by indulgences in the blessings provided the messengers of God despise the warnings rejecting the way is beaten back by the stubborn unrepentant heart I appear as if written in letters of fire then above the throne is review the crops a panoramic view but on this is our final movie theater everyone will be at a panoramic view all of humanity from the time of going down to the end will watch this about the field lacrosse and like you upstairs the will will will will at the grand final salvation the thing is really worth it the simplicity of obedience to baptism in the Jordan the fast and the temptation in the wilderness is the mystery unfolding to Manhattan's most precious blessing I tried with deeds of love and mercy the Knights of prayer and watching in the solitude of the mountains the plot involved in the hay and it was which was repaired and the awful mysterious island nation has seventy dinghy when a defendant of Caldwell 's betrayal into my hands on the murderous mob the fear of the things on that night upon the economy and prisoner forsaken by his disciples mood in the apartment in the streets of Jerusalem is not alternately displayed before the rain and high priest in the judgment upon the filing before how any an cruel and mom is tortured and condensed and not all are vividly portraying our sign anonymous he went on seeing the do you want to weaken singling you saw the movie and you didn't tell me am I living anyone actually will I already cannot that's able to will you tell me about the now before the slain multitude are revealed in the final scene is the patient suffered shutting the path to Calvary the printout had been happening upon the cross don't want increase in the jeering rabble deriving his expiring agony the supernatural darkness heating our governments marking the moment when the world 's Redeemer yielded up his life the awful spectacle and there is just one Satan and his angels and his subjects had no power to turn from the picture on their own work each because the part which he performed de jure then you are not in a real design movie is called apartments he performed in whose leaders and children that plan but he might destroy the king of Israel that they are just one who's guilty so the blood of John the Baptist week starting five that the mocking soldiers the priests and rulers on the Matt McDonald tried to the children will be hauled in Normandy on D and they mainly seek to hide from the divine majesty of his countenance outshining the globe in the sun while the redeemed them I understand you speak explain the key I is for me than one mold will you please in this move will in this anonymous never too late to switch roles you can always say you know I kind a like this moron playing bad guy tough guys don't like Jesus I can do my own dating site editor will see the he will be glad to oblige with a new one in the discussion is this will be an appeal that may be very difficult to understand and to receive money might be one person in this room today and you realize that your role is done against you was like to be cut out of the use make the cut you know I know you and you want to be one of the weekend I do not make the cut I want to play a part in that more and where there is no shame no one no one will know what I love it you may be in a whole is something that is remaining in the game and you're saying tonight though I want to switch model I wanted to enroll please let you know what I'm asking is oh well one who will put in one printer evident in God he and he has called you as part among creators he got greater evidence to give you that you are not here this evening by now that was selling the devil is in his ones that will discuss that is not a fan and I see them upon my scams in nineteen eleven why I will uniquely noble enemy has provided me a new one another this is tonight you have seen the morals important move ever the world is waiting there anonymously on the big screen Hollywood is not initially take her and so the responsibility with you know this on or on the agency is sharing with the world in darkness I want to appeal one might praise God for those who were standing and there is one any way you don't know what button is going on right now the knowledge and of line and you know one day and you will and we once see I will be as long as you and you are you integrated you will see that you write something in the Angels back and that's when our eyes will be open to the things which we cannot now see you and ask you cry out for God same guy that doubts from my mind can help me angels to get me to revise my feet because I can't blame him I have a heavenly father nor even now I seems that there is intense what a for some of your young people are here and they are being learned down a mold sense but North eighth heard on this tonight that is during their hearts and they are wrestling though I played and not even have enough strength to pray I weigh under the half north side angels that will give you from that captivity and the content is gone even now cause I'm going to make a decision for you now I found when you have granted us the defined the Lord help us to fulfill the mission will begin at austerity price of admission alone you have called to take that blueprint in the world the Lord help us to know him at all father Guido forward files no-no and not of the destruction of the wiki windows and credits roll showing the and of this old are at the beginning of the new kingdom or overlord may we as actors in this most solemn and incredible job be found with you as an author and finisher of our area in Jesus precious made to pray for us heartburn and a Jesus name we pray amen I is in a very new to learn that in a


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