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The Four Grounds

Benjamin Ng
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  • July 9, 2021
    6:00 PM


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Father in heaven, thank you so much for this time that we can come and study together. Thank you lord, that we can. We can take this time to open your word. Thank you for watching over us in this past week. And we just pray that as we opened this new series together as we study the, the parables that a found in the scriptures, that you would please speak to our heart flawed lead and guide us. Oh father with your holy spirit. And help us to understand the words that we're about to look at for we pray in jesus' name, a man. Well, the 1st parable that we'll be looking at this evening is found in matthew 13. It is the parable of the fall grounds. So let's go there, shall we, matthew, chapter 13. And we're starting inverse 3. I'm going to read all the way through verse 9, matthew 13 verse 3. And he spake many things unto them in parable, saying, behold, a soul went forth to soul. And when he sewed, some seeds fell by the wayside, and the fowls came and devoured them up. Some fell upon stony places, where they had not much earth, and forthwith they sprung up because they had no deepness of earth. And when the sun was up, there was scorched because they had no roots, they withered away, and some fell among thorns, and the thorns sprung up and choked them. But other fell into good ground and brought forth fruit some a 100 fold, some 60 fold, some 30 fold, who have ears to hear, let him here. So this is the 1st parable that we'll be looking at this evening. And this is a probably one of the more common parables. It's a long parable. But it is certainly a very important parable for us to study here this evening and the disciples, you know, after jesus that he shares his parable. They come to ask jesus a question in matthew, 13 verse 10, the very next verse. The bible says and the disciples came and said to him, why speakers thou unto them in parables and look, this is a very good introduction into the series that we're starting here. The parables of jesus because you see this is the foundation as to why we must remember why jesus spake in parables. And he grew this reason les continue reading from 11 to 15 and he answered and sent to them because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. But to them, it is not given for who several half to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance. But whose will ever have not from him shall be taken away even that he hath, therefore speak to them in parables because they seeing see not and hearing they hear. Not neither do they understand, and in then is fulfilled the prophecy of a se, if which faith, by hearing ye shall hear and shall not understand. And seeing you shall see and shall not perceive. For this people's heart is wex growth and yours a dull of hearing and their eyes they have closed, less at any time they should see with their eyes and hear with it is and should understand with their hearts and should be converted. And I should heal them. Now look, this is quite a lengthy answer and there's a few reasons as to why jesus tells us he speaks in parables. But the 1st reason is to reveal the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. And obviously the disciple she was speaking of the disciples and he says to you, you will understand. And so, you know, jesus use natural earth objects all natural lesson that you can find here out a nature of things that occur naturally to illustrate his teachings about the kingdom of heaven, to each and every one of us. And it helps us to understand better these lessons so that we can remember every time we look upon these object lessons or every time we go there, it's easy for us to be reminded about the kingdom of heaven. So jesus speaks and parables to help us to, to understand his teachings. But there's a nother reason that he said as well, what was it? He said those that see, they cannot see. And those that really hear, they cannot hear. Neither do they what? Under stand. That's what jesus said and those verses before that we just read. So really what it, what was, was it all about? It was to keep the truth from the enemy. So only those that had spiritual discernment could understand. Now why would jesus want to keep the truth hidden from some people? I mean, wouldn't it be good for everybody to understand? Well, you see friends, there are many insincere people that are not seeking for truth. And so god allows only those that are sincere to understand. So that will become apparent who are the true followers of christ? You see spiritual things are spiritually discerned. Not everybody can understand these parables even though they read it. They understand the parable itself in terms of what jesus was referring to in this case was talking about the full grounds. So yeah, we see a person with seed. We see this and we see that we see the different objects, but they might not understand what it means you see. And so there was, for those that have spiritual to summit, they can understand. But those that don't, they're coming with the wrong motive, the wrong desires. Then god hides. He read the heart, he knows where what the condition of our hearts are. You see. So those are the 2 reasons that jesus gifts. And so look at this for grounds. The parable of the foregrounds, let's go back and have a look at it because we read through it. But let's just see what other things that are common that are running through this parables. Jesus gives the interpretations. So let's start 1st with the wayside. Matthew 13 and verse 19. When any one hearing the word of the kingdom and understand it not then comes the wicked one and catch us away that which was sown in his heart. This is he which receive seed by the wayside. So this is the wayside. Ok, now let's look at the stony ground. Matthew 1320 to 21. But he that received the seed into stony places. The same is he that hear the word and a non with joy, receive it. Yet has he not roots in himself, but do it for awhile? For when tribulation or persecution arises because of the word by and by she is offended that the interpretation the application that jesus is given to us in the stony ground. Now the thorny ground, the 3rd ground, matthew 13 verse $22.00. He also receive seed among the thorns as he that here are the word and the care of this world. And the deceitful ness of riches, choked the word, and he becometh unfruitful. And then lastly, verse 23, but he that receive seed into the good ground as he that hear the word and understand that which also bear fruit and bring forth some 100 fold, some 60 some 30. Now look, I know that have gone through these verses of the foreground very quickly. We are going to come back and look at them in detail in just a little while. But I wanted to run through that real quick because I wanted to ask you, what is the common thread that we are seeing in every single one of the grounds? What are the common things? Yes, yes, they are all grounds. The all represent us in some way, shape or form, right? But there's one thing that definitely happens to these fall grounds that we see all for no matter whether they're good or bad, is they all receive feed, they all receive what seed now look, what does the seed represent? There is no different quality of seed. The farmers going route, right? He just scaring the scene. It's all good seed. The problem is not the seed when it comes to the parable of the full grounds. I want you to run that. But what does the seed represents? Well, let's go over to luke chapter 8 and verse 11. Now the parable is this. The feed is the word of god. The seed is what? The word of god, and we saw that as we were reading through those 4 grounds, those 5 verses one had 2 verses, but we see that there as well, but the seed represents the word of god. So when you receive the word of god, what is happening to these grounds every single time it says they hear the word, they do what they hear the word of god. And so this is what is happening. This is the common thing that we see happen to every single one of the grounds. Now one thing important we have to understand in this sort of a background is look, this doesn't represent the whole world. Why? Because where do you hear the word of god? The seed is people hearing the word of god. So when I throw the seed out there, Yes, it seems to go everywhere. But it's people that are hearing the word. Now friends, does the whole world hear the word of god? Not necessarily. Do you share the would have got in the movie theaters know, do you hear the word of god in bars and pubs? No. Do you hear the word of god? him in shopping centers? No, I mean unless as a christian a store but no, you don't hear the word of god preached and shared. Right? So no, it doesn't represent the whole world. Friends. Where do you hear the word of god? We hear the word of god where in church. So the full grounds represent christians, ok. And these ground are all different. There's 3 bad. Says one good. But there's one thing that's happening throughout all foregrounds, they all receive the word. So it could be that as you're sitting here this evening listening to this, this, this message, this teaching, this sharing, you are hearing the word of god. But it doesn't necessarily mean that you are the 4th ground, the good ground. We could be one of the 3 bad grounds and friends, you know what happens when people hear the word of god. Let's go to another text. Romans chapter 10 and verse 17. So then face covered by hearing and hearing by the word of god. So can we at least assume this faith comes by, what hearing and all full grounds receive feed all 4 grounds or hearing the word of god? Can we safely assume that to some extent every single one of these grounds are growing in faith. Now look, friends. The bible is important. Hearing the word of god is very important. It's the foundation, this is where all begins here and what have god before any one has ever read the word of god or studied the word of god, or had in depth experience with jesus. The author with hearing right? But this parable seems to indicate that that's not all there is to it. The parable shows the differences between the types of christians who attend church, who apparently a listening to the word of god. But even though they're all listening to the bible, there are different results. Romans, 1017 is the starting point. We should begin there. That's where our faith experience can be. Palantir, that's where the sea can be planted in our hearts. But it's not enough just to hear the word of god as we already know, because 3 bad grounds all received the word of god. Right. So look, let's go into detail and have a look at these 4 grounds now. Starting with that 1st ground, let's go to matthew 13, go back there and verse 19. This is the interpretation of the 1st ground, which we call the wayside. When any one here with the word of the kingdom and understand if not, then comes the wicked one and catches away that which was sown in his heart. This is he which received seed by the wayside. So what is the problem with this 1st ground? They hear the word of god that they don't understand it. Okay, so look, you go to church, you listen to the preacher. You hear the word of god, but you don't understand what it means at all. And look, there are a number of reasons why people do not understand. First, it could be the fault of the preacher. He is a 1st time creature. He's a 1st time feature. You don't understand what he's saying. You're not understand what his teaching. And so look, it could be not the person's fault, but the preacher's fault. You go away from church more confused when you 1st got there. Or you've never heard about this parable and you leave and you still don't understand it because the preacher was not a good communicator. All right, so that's the 1st reason why maybe we don't understand. The 2nd reason could be that, you know, the person goes to church and while the preacher is preaching, guess what? They fall asleep and we see this all the time and churches. Every church has somebody there that's always falling asleep. Or you know, they say, well, just resting my eyes, but I was listening. No, they fall asleep, they lose consciousness. They don't understand a thing what the preacher is saying and they wake up at the closing fall. OK, so they get up there conscious again. But if you ask them what we talked about, they know the title, they know the text because it was read before they fell asleep. But they really don't understand the points of the summer and that the preacher was trying to preach. So that could be our personal fault, right? It's not the preacher thought this time. But let's go to a bible text here in matthew, chapter 13. This is a scriptural point of view as to why sometimes when the seed is thrown onto the ground, we still don't understand. Let's go to matthew 13 versus 13 to 15 and this is long. But let's go through it slowly. Therefore speak i unto them in parables because they seeing see not and hearing the hear. Not neither do they what understand of this group. They see they see what the script to say the here, the preachers preaching, but I don't understand it. Why was 14 and in then this will fill the prophecy of essays, which is idea which say if by hearing you shall not, you shall hear and shanna understand and see her see and shut off perceive why, for this people's heart is waxed gross and their ears a dull of hearing and their eyes, they have closed. So they intentionally close their eyes. Why, lest at any time they should see with their eyes and here with yours and what should understand with their heart, and should be what converted. And I should heal them. Friends, do you see there are just want to go back here at the very end? It says they have closed their eyes, right. What is this ais referring to? Is not literal eyes, friends, it's spiritual eyes. Self is spiritual eyesight. To help us to understand what, what's the problem less they should be converted. The reason why this group does not understand is because they are not converted. That's why the devil is able to reach into our heart and ripped the word of god out of their hearts. As soon as they walk out of church, you see, they are not converted. What does that mean? Many people, they go to church and they listen to sermons and it doesn't help them because they're not converted. What does it mean to be converted or I should say, what does it mean to be an converted to be not converted? france when the bible outlines what is sin? When the bible outlines what is good and it asks us to change our sinful ways, our wicked ways, like lying or stealing. But we continue to lie. We continue to steal. We don't surrender our life to jesus and allow him to changes and help us to overcome all these bad habits. But we know what is right, but we don't do it. We are living in sin. We are and converted. That's what the bible means. You see, we cannot be unconverted. If we don't know what is right, we are just not knowledgeable. We don't have a knowledge of the truth. You see. But when we already know what is right and we don't do it, then it become send to us. And we are in the state of unconverted. You cannot be converted to something when you don't know what to be converted to. Does that make sense? So there is a group of people in church that go to church. And the sermon and anything spiritual does not benefit them because they know what it's like already. But they're not doing it. That's the 1st group. Could that be you this evening? friends is there is, is there anything that you know is right? But you're not doing. Is there anything that you know from the scripture is right, but you're not applying. It may be that you are this 1st group this evening. But let's continue. Let's continue. The 2nd group, matthew chapter 13 versus 20 to 21. Those on the stony ground. But he that receive seed into stony places the same as he that hear the word and a non with joy received it. Yet has he not roots in himself, but durham for a while for when tribulation of persecution arises because of the word by and by he is offended friends. What is the problem with this 2nd group? It says they have no roots in themselves. They have no roots and a plant that grows up, you see that they understand the word of god. They walk out with joy, they understand the praising, gone, but they walk out and what happens persecution, tribulation arises. Trouble comes, temptations come and it sweeps us away. We don't have root trees with shallow roots, they're easy to fall when a typhoon head saw, or a hurricane hits or something, you know, strong wind blows, right? Or a tree with no roots. When the sun shines really hot and they're not able to draw the water from deep beneath all the surface, water is already dried up because of the sun. They wilts away and die as well. So there are different reasons for why it's important to have deep roots. And so this group, they understand the word of god. They, they, they walk out with joy in their hearts when they hear the message preach, they understand it. But what's the problem? They don't have a root experience. Friends. What does it mean to have this root experience? Well, let's go to collections. Chapter 2, verses 6 and 7. As ye have therefore received christ the christ jesus is the Lord. So walk ye in him rooted and built up in him and stablished in the faith as he has been taught. Abounding therein with thanksgiving friends, what do we have to have our roots in? We have to be rooted and built up on jesus christ. We must be established in the faith. That means we have too much or in the faith. That means we have to have something more than just a surface level experience with jesus. Friends, when you 1st the thought dating you have of surface level experience with someone. Right? But jesus wants us to progress from that. He wants to get married to us. He wants to have a deeper experience with us while friends, how do we walk by faith? What does that mean? Well, let's go to romans chapter 10 for 17. It comes through what? hearing of the word of god, there is no other way. If we wanted to be rooted in jesus christ, we must have a deeper experience with his word. That's how we discover and learn more about jesus. We must have deep roots. We must have a deep study in the word of god. Let's keep going though. Ephesians chapter 3 verse 17. Look at us. That christ lane dwell in your hearts by faith that ye being rooted and grounded in what? In love, friends, it means we got to love jesus. And the only way to love jesus whom we don't see is to study his word, which tells us about him. You see friends, this group, they go to church, they know about jesus, but they don't have personal experience with jesus. Do you see that they don't have personal experience in his would. They have 2nd hand information from other people from the preacher, from the teacher. People that they listen to when they go to church and that's about it. But throughout the week, the not walking with jesus throughout the week. They're not doing personal devotions throughout the week. They're not opening the bible to read and study. They are just being spoon fed, their eating baby food, their eating 2nd hand information about the word of god. They do not have 1st hand experience for themselves. They are not deeply rooted in their experience with jesus christ. And so when the, when the, the pressures of life come, it sweeps them away, they're not able to handle it. Their faith is shallow and shaky. And so friends, you know, there are many people that go to church, but they never do that personal devotions then ever spend time throughout the week. Learning about jesus having a deeper experience with him. So friends, could it be that you are one of them this evening and is just the reason why you're still in churches because nothing serious has happened to you yet. You know, we have many reasons as to why we leave jesus all, you know, my love one passed away. My daughter passed away, my son passed away my my father passed so we, I lost my job. You know, I'm for, I don't have this experience, but all I and 2 rich Got too many toys to play with. Keeps people away, right? But you know that, that in a sense is a 3rd group that we'll look at in a minute. But you know, when bad things happen to us, we walk away from christ and we have so many excuses and we tell the passer and people to try to comfort us all you don't understand. You know, you've never been in my position, but friends, i don't need to be in a position to know that. The reason why you have been away is not because of any situation. Look job. He lost his 10 children, all his wealth, but you still faithful to God? Why? Because he was rooted in christ jesus. He was rooted in his work. He knew jesus by personal experience. And many of us we don't have that personal experience with jesus. You see this is the 2nd ground. This is a reason why the word doesn't take effect when the hear it. Because they just hear it once a week and it's not enough to satisfy and strengthen them throughout the week. They're not feeding on the word of god daily. But now let's come to the 3rd ground shelly loop, chapter 18. So different passage to matthew, but it's the same thing. Same passage in terms of same parable. Part of me look 814. And that which fell among thorns of they which when they have heard, go forth and choked with cares and riches, and pleasures of this life and bring no fruit to perfection. What happens to this group? They choked they are what they are choked to death. The thorns shall got all the good nutrients from them to give them No sunlight. They are choked by the cares and the riches, and the pleasures of this world. And, you know, friends, can you see this pattern cares, riches, and pleasures. Do you know that when you 1st come out of school, all you have his calf are gonna make a living or go to buy a car or go to buy motorbike? I'll go to buy a house of the stablish myself, and I just can't have fun. Yeah, go out to eat, but you know, it's just stress, stress, stress, stress, stress, go to build up my fortune. Second, group riches. After you work so hard, you don't to worry about paying your, your, your mobile phone bill any more, you have to worry about paying electricity. You know, so stress about these monthly expenses, you recover them and suddenly you have a little bit more to invest. You have riches, silbert, stressful, but you have more than the average person out there who just surviving, you know, hand to mouth every week, every month. Not having to spending all their paycheck, but now you have a little bit extra. You're investing, you're saving. And then pleasure, us, all of a sudden after all your years of hard work, it's all paid off. You have all this extra money you can enjoy life and you know what? friends at every stage, people get choked with a cas. What so hard? No time for church, nor time for jesus. While this group is going to church, but they are working so hard 1816 hour days. They have no time to do bible study. To study for themselves. Should they not might not be doing anything wicked. But they have no time to jesus living, cho, britches pursuing after the riches and the glitter of this. Well, the pleasure of enjoying the world because you have all this excess traveling and going here and there spending your money, having a good time, a jolly time going to this hotel and going to that country and flying 1st class. And you know, you're not doing anything wicked, but you don't have time for jesus. This group there, choked they set their affections on the world. The glitter of the world has gotten the better of them. And they forgotten why they are a child of the kingdom. Oh friends, could it be that this evening that all you have in your mind is pursuit of this world, your korea money trying to earn and make a living that you forget all about? Jesus? Don't have time. Oh, you're not living an immoral life. You not weaken you living a wicked life. You're not stealing and cheating and lying. You're just neglectful. Your child friends. Let's finally have a look at the good ground, shall we? luke chapter 8 and bus 15. And there's good reason why I come here and not staying in matthew, but that on the good ground of a, which an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience. This ground is opposite to all the other ground. It's a good ground, after all, it brings forth fruit. But you see, what is the main characteristic in this ground as to why it brings forth fruit? Why it's able to produce and grow to full maturity, right? So that's a good ground, right? Why? What is the reason? Did you see it? Did you see it right here and look 815. What is it that the bible says this ground it says having heard the word, they do what they keep it. And you know, I want you to re look at this differently as to how we normally interpret the, you know, jesus says, if you love me, keep my comments. That's john 1415. If you love me, keep my commandments. I want you to apply. And that's the typical understanding that we have of this 4th ground. You heard it, keep it. That's it. You know, but the 10 commandments. Keep the think about. You know, about the help of keep the tunnel, the health loss part of me. I want you to apply that what you learn, but you know, this is not it. Maybe it's partly it. But how I liked and to put it is they keep it, they hold onto it. They don't lose it. They treasure it. It's like when you buy a really nice watch or a really nice object, like your phone, you keep it, you take care of it, you know where it is at all times. You make sure that you hold onto it and you don't lose it. It's priced above everything else. It is valuable to you. It is important to you. And so god says, if you hear the word of god, make sure you hold onto it. Make sure you don't forget it. Make sure you don't lose it. And we find it in other parts of scripture, in psalms 119 birth 11. Look what the bible says. Vi word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against you. Does the what have gotten hit in their hearts, they are keeping it there, they're making sure they don't lose it. They're hiding it there from everyone else. This is their 1st priority. If we would make the word of god, our number one priority, if we would make the, what of god the most precious jewel above all else, It will change us completely. Yes. Will change a priorities? Yes, it will change your life. It will change everything about us. If we will just hold on and not forget the word of god. Let's go to another text. First, john, 39. Who silver is born of god doth not commit sin. Why? For his seed? Remember what the fetus friends. If the word of god for his seed remaineth in him and he cannot sin because he is born of god. You see friends, the seed remains. It does not just disappear after you walk out of church. And the only way for the see to remain is because you are spending time it on a consistent basis. The only way to remember the word of god and keep it there is so that either you memorize the bible, but in order to memorize the bible, you have to spend so much time in it and with it, right? So the way to keep it there to remember it is a constant exercise of it, which means constant reading of his word constant walking with jesus constantly, we are spending time in his word learning about the word of god. Understanding what the would have got is to us remembering the lessons that we learned from, from, from the weekend when we went to church and going throughout the week to make sure we hold on. Here's another text. Psalms one verse 2, but his delight is in the law of the Lord and in his law he doth meditate. How often day and night friends the bless and man he meditates on the law, the blessing woman, she meditate on the law. How often day and night it is the constant theme of their meditation. No, they're not reading the bible non stop, but they're thinking about it nonstop. It's in their minds throughout the day, even when they go to work. The word of god is there before them. And yes, some of us, oh, the only way to change us is when you go to work and you walk in front of a monitor or, or a screen, put the word of god's ticket there. Or carry us a note in your pocket and remind yourself whatever it is that we can do to keep the word of god before us constantly. So that we can bit and allow it to bear fruit and grow up to be a plant that has all the fruits of the christian hanging off of it front. And so that means we have to order our lives in such a way in which we can keep the word of god with us. And with that some of us we might need to change our jobs. Change our course of study. I mean, I don't know any courses study that's really wicked, that causes you to forget the word of god. Maybe there is, I don't know. Maybe some of you are so consumed by a studies that you need a break from this that you can break away to just come and spend time with jesus jobs. There are jobs that make us forget the word of god. Friends, there is, there are some jobs that as christians who we should've a working you know, those, those ones where you're creating computer games to kill people and harm people and hurt people. Just commit again in general. Makes us forget the word of god. There are things that we shouldn't, we shouldn't be walking in bars or hearing all this bad, loud rock music. The call to forget about the what have gone, what have god come, remain friends if not just remaining but is consistent time in devotion. Some of you are working jobs that are high pain, but they're really demanding and it just squeezes the would have got out. The devil doesn't have to get you to do anything bad. All has to do is make sure you don't have time for the word of god and eventually you will do something bad. You see that we've got to be so careful. We got to be so careful which ground a you today friends. Which ground. Have you been spending time in the word of god consistently throughout this past week? Are you growing and faith is what you are doing in terms of spending time at church and even listening to the messages like this? Is it benefiting you throughout the week? It's not enough to just say, okay, I've kept the sabbath. Okay, I listen to a message. What friends do you take jesus with you into the new week? If he with you every day, do you ensure that he is with you by spending time in his word and praying consistently, day and night? Are you that good ground which holds on to the word of god for dear life to allow nothing to get in the way between you and your savior? This evening france, i'm not asking you to live a certain way except to start making priority. For the word of god throughout the week to make sure that you hold on to the word of god. And if that is just simply writing down all the bible techs that you hear from a sermon and review them every day to make sure you keep it in your mind. To make sure you remember it, to make sure that you can meditate on it. You can't meditate on something, you don't remember. Right? A person meditate on, on a piece of clothing because they remember what it looked like. And remember how, how, how the colors were, how the cut was, you know, guys, they, they meditate on, on what, on their, their, their gadgets and all of these things that they're thinking about it constantly because he heard reviews about it and they're looking at seeing how nice it is that we meditate on things that we remember and in order for us to meditate on the word of god, we got to keep it in here. We got to remember the words of the bible to allow jesus to write his loan, a hearts and minds. Friends, we've got to come back to the word. There really is only 2 grounds. 3 bad ones. The bad grounds and only one good. And the differentiating factor is not because they all, I mean they all heard the word of god. It wasn't just that. But as our interaction, beyond just listening to a son, that's the beginning what, what you're experiencing here this evening is the beginning of your face experience. Not the end, the beginning. You got to grow roots. You got a girl above all the, the thorns and the we've and then eventually got to produce fruit. And how's this whole achieved? We got to hold on to the word of god, friends this evening. I want to appeal to each and every one of you. We got to come back to the word is not enough just to go to church. We got to have a personal relationship with god and his word. Jesus christ. This evening. What better time than the sabbath to belle? To renew his covenant Tomorrow. We'll be starting the word of god again. But I pray that before you open the, the phone or the computer that you have had personal time with jesus. And then we start this evening. If you have not opened up the bible in a long time to read for yourself, you can do it now. I know that god will speak to you. The reason why his thoughts are not our fault is because we're not walking with him. The reason why his ways are not always is not all, it's not always going to be always if we had the luck of jesus, important enough. If we have his word guiding us. And that's what it's gotta be this evening, france, my God, put his would in a hearts. And may we do all the we can to keep it there as well. Let's pray, shall we father and heaven. Lord, I wanna thank you for your word. The word is powerful. It can transform the darkest and deepest of sin us lot. It can change every one of us only help us to hold onto it. Help us not to let go. Help us a lot to have a deeper experience in the word of god help us all to see the importance of spending time with you. Will you please lead us? Oh lord God, each of my brothers and sisters you know, the challenges that we face. You know, the temptations that we face, you know, the type of relationship that we have with you this evening. And lord, help us see that you just waiting here waiting for us to give you a chance to open the door to let you come in to sup with us to have a personal, intimate experience with each and every one of us a lot. Please help us help us put aside the distractions of this life in this world to day. That we can have this blessedly experience with god as to the end alone strength enough for every good will be praying. Jesus in this media was brought to you by audio purse, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org. I.


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