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Surrender is Not

K'dee Elsen


K'dee Elsen

Clinical Psychologist, Co-Host of “The Brain People Podcast”



  • July 24, 2021
    10:00 AM
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It's such a privilege to be here and I'm so excited to share and no money, No matter how many times you share, you still get nervous. So please pray for me. And my hope is, you know, some one person once told me. If you think about the best sermons you've ever listened to, or if you think about the best evangelists, you don't really remember what the sermons were about. But you remember seeing and sensing the holy spirit in them. So my prayers that the holy spirit may just fill me and may be able to share with you a specific message to your hearts. Now, 3 years ago, I was asked to preach and get my testimony here, avenue hope. And it's funny how sometimes you can give a whole sermon on a specific topic, and people either hear a completely different message or sometimes they latch onto a specific phrase, or in this case, this older gentlemen latched onto one word that I sat. One word in the opening prayer, he didn't even hear the rest of the sermon. And he came up to me and I could just sense his sincerity. And he said, how do I surrender? Like, I did not talk about surrender. But he asked again, how do I surrender? You said in your opening prayer, help us surrender our will to you God. And I was calling kind of caught in my tracks as I thought about, we talk about surrender a lot. But how do I actually surrender? How do I explain that to someone I had experienced it? But how do I explain it basically, and practically to someone else? So I want you to take a 2nd to think about what would be your response to that man? What would you say? How do I surrender my guess as many of you've experienced it, but how would you explain it to somebody else who is longing to know? How do I surrender? So again, take a moment, think about it. Now the man laughed very content with my answer kind of skipping along. Really happy. Now do you want to hear my response? I don't remember seconds later, I don't remember what I said. And I think the purpose of that was one for me to recognize that the holy spirit gave him the answer, not myself and to I think god was impressing upon my own heart to seek that answer for myself. And it's been interesting because 3 years and I'm still learning about surrender. I grew up in the face and had a very strong faith all my life. But surrender to me was through the experiences that I had. But I didn't really know biblically, how I could explain it to someone else. And so today I want to share with you the lessons i've learned about surrender over the course of these past 3 years. And so I'll be sharing what surrender is why it's important. And again, with the purpose of explaining to someone else, not just experiencing it, but explaining it to someone else so that they too could have that experience. So before we begin though, i'd like to just have one more word of prayer. If you get your heads with me, dear gracious, heavenly father, god, we thank you so much that it's sabbath. I know that we take it for granted so often, but I'm excited to just spend a complete 24 hours with you concentrated with you, with your people and with your word. Lord, as we open up your word today and talk about our experiences, i just pray that your holy spirit may be sensed and seen in an obvious way. God, not just in my life, but in those here. God. And maybe somebody is listening to this prayer and already latched onto one word, or if it's one word. If it's a sermon, if it's a completely different subject, i just pray that you may speak to each person here, individually that they may leave here. Having the confidence that they've encountered you today, So please be with us now, lord and knight my lips. It is so humbling to be able to speak on your behalf. And lord, I just pray that I may be empty to self and be filled with you. We ask the things in jesus name a man. So again, how do I surrender? So think about your response. Now, what passages or texts would you go to? Right? Think about vividly. How would I respond to this man? Now if you think about the word surrender and you look for it in the bible, you're not going to find a passage that you're saying, okay, for sure this is where it talks about surrender. And these are the different steps. If you look for the word, it's only about 20 times in the bible, and most of it's in the old testament. And most of times it's in the context of literal surrender. You think about an army right that they surrendered, or even there are vs that talk about surrendering her animals. Really, that doesn't tell me much about the experience of the christian to surrender. And then in the new testament, the only time it's referred to literal surrender is actually when it says that jesus was surrender to the people. Right? When they let go of brothers. And jesus was surrender to the people. So you say, you know, where does it actually talk about surrender? And what that tells me is that god wants us to more have an experience of surrender than to just go to one techs and know the different steps. And so what we're going to do is we're going to be looking at several main passages to my favorite miracles, to learn about what is surrender and will be kind of building and developing what is surrender. So if you have your bibles, you're going to be using it a lot, so please take them out. The 1st story, the 1st passage is the paralytic man found in mark chapter 2. Mark, chapter 2. Not when I study god's miracle, they get super excited about tiny little details and I know I'm on a time limit, so I won't if I get carried a little way that you know, don't mind me. So mark chapter 2, and we're going to read verse by verse because it's, there's little details in these vs that are important. But as we read, i want you to think about what is this teaching us about surrender. Because often we read this and we're like, ok, it's just a miracle that's wonderful. But there's a lot more about surrender in these texts than what we recognize. So mark chapter 2 sturdy and verse one. And again he entered capernaum, he being jesus after some days and it was heard that he within the house. Now keep that in mind in the house. Immediately many gathered together so that there was no longer room to receive them, not even near the door. Now this is describing it, setting up the situation. Now when we read our bibles re read them quickly, but I want you to experience it. Imagine yourself there. It's crowd it. Imagine this place absolutely crowded, not even room near the door. A lot of people and this is a house and he preached the word to them 1st 3. Then they came to him, bringing a paralytic, who was carried by how many men for men, and when they could not come near him again explaining it is packed because of the crowd. They uncovered the roof where he was, they are very persistent. I liked their persistence, and when they had broken through, they led down the bed on which the paralytic was lying. When jesus saw their face, he said to the paralytic son, your sins are forgiven you. But some of the scribes were sitting there and reasoning in their hearts said, why does this man speak blasphemies like this? Who can forgive sins but god alone? And immediately when jesus received perceived in his spirit that they reasoned thus within themselves, he said to them, why do you reason about these things in your hearts which is easier to say to the paralytic? Your sins are forgiven you or to say arise, take up your bed and walk, but that you may know that the son of man has power on earth to forgive sins. He said to the paralytic, i say to you, a rise, take up your bed and go to your house. And immediately he arose, took up his bed and went out in the presence of all so that all were amazed and glorify god saying we never saw anything like this. Now I read that a little bit quickly because of the fact that that's typically how we read, but we need to digest it a little bit. And what's really important for bible study when you're setting your bible is curiosity. Now when I read this, I was curious, why in the world would he ask him to take up his bed? Like if I were you, I'd leave that bed there, right? I've been on that bed for a long time. I'm a paralytic. It's probably been on that for years. Why take up his bet and realize they said it twice, right? Any commands him arise. Take up your bed and walk in the 2nd time it says and go your way to your house. So why take up your bed? Why not just say arise and walk right miracle, and it whenever you have a question, either you look within the text to see if it's answered or you try to find other places in the bible that also mentioned the same thing. Now is there any other place in the bible that uses that exact same phrase arise? Take up your bed and walk. Anyone know The pool the best? Let's turn to John chapter 5. The bible is amazing. And that it is one comprehensive book. We often isolate these stories, but they build upon another. So john, chapter 5, this is a story about the man healed at the pool of bethesda. So we're going to quickly read through it as well. But now I want you to listen for the things that are similar and the things that are different. And again, we're trying to learn about surrender. So john chapter 5, after this there was a feast of the jews, and jesus went up to jerusalem. Now there are no random details in the bible if you think, but if you had to write a book and you had limited space, even over the course of thousands of years, do you think you'd include random details? No. So why do we think that there are random details in the bible? There's always something to be told. And so verse one is expressing similarly to the store. We just read that it was pack, there's a feast and fees, draw people and not just any fees, but here in jerusalem. So again, a lot of people verse to now there is interest by the shiki, a pool, which is called in hebrew, bethesda having 5 porches. Whenever there's a name in the bible, you want to look into what's the meaning of that name. But that's the mean, the house of grace or the house of mercy. So here again, we see a house. So comparing and contrasting these 2, there is a house, and in this house worth 3, lay a great multitude of sick people. Again, packed blind lane, paralyzed, waiting for the moving of the water. For an angel went down at a certain time into the pool and stirred up the water. Then whoever stepped in 1st, after the stirring of the water was made well of whatever disease he had. Now burst by a certain man was there who had an infirmity for how long 38 years now. Is that a short or long time so many of your long time, right? Very long. Some of you are not even 38 years old yet. It's a long time. Verse 6 is this versus beautiful. When jesus saw him again, think about it's packed. There's so many sick people and yet jesus sees him. Says jesus saw him lying there and knew that he had already had been in that condition a long time and he said to him, do you want to be made? Well, let's pause again. We read that. But what are your reactions? My reaction was really jesus kind of an obvious question. Right? I was going to say a dumb question, but they know dumb questions when it comes to jesus. Jesus has a purpose behind everything that he says and does he ask them? Do you want to be made? Well, now before we read on what do you think you might respond? ya. Right, dot maybe. But he doesn't respond in the way that I would expect. Let's read verse 7. The sick man answered him, sir. I have no man to put me into the pool when the water stirred up. But why I'm coming another steps down before me. So he doesn't say yes I do. Yes, please. Can you give me that? Can you take me to the pool? He instead responds with an excuse, excuse me, why he can't be healed. Now again, now anticipate, well what do you think jesus respond to him. Jesus responds verse, 8th rise. Take up your bed and walk. Right jesus plagiarizing his own words here. Why would he say the exact same phrase? There is some importance and meaning behind rise. Take up your bed and walk. And we see here in verse 9, assume a response immediately. The man was made well, what did he do? He took up his bed and walked and then it ends with this kind of seemingly random phrase. And it was the sabbath day. Like ok, but we see that that's important for what comes next. The jews therefore said to him who is cured, it's the sabbath. It is not lawful for you to carry your bed. So imagine again, this man is walking and he's carrying his bed. And then somebody comes it. Don't, you know, sabbath, you can, you bet you have to be carrying your bed. This starts giving us an understanding of the importance of the bed. He answered that verse 11. He who made me well said to me, take up your bed and walk verse 12. Then they asked him, who is a man who said to you, take up your bed and walk, you see this repetition of his bed? The bed is really important. But the one who healed, who was healed, did not know who it was for. Jesus had withdrawn a multitude being in that place. First 14 afterwards jesus found him in the temple and said to him, see you have been made well, sin no more. We see this similarity with the 2 stories of this infirmity and sending sin no more less the worst thing come upon you. The man departed and told the jews that it was jesus who had made him well. So we start seeing a little bit more about what the bed represents, the 1st passage of the paralytic man. We see just you just talks about the bed. He takes up his bed and he walks in the presence of all. But now we see that there's something more to the bed that it calls attention to the healing. Right? But there's yet another passage. And again this was that my journey of learning about surrender. That teaches us more about what this bed is. So if you can turn with me to matthew, chapter 16 When I read this, I was astonished. I had known about this verse separately. But when god brought to light this verse in the context of these 2 parables and tooth miracles, rather i had learned more about what surrender was matthew chapter 16 versus 24. Will read to maybe 26. Then jesus said to his disciples, if any one desire to come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me. Those 3 steps are the same exact steps as arise. Take up your bed and walk. So again, arise, take up your bed and walk, deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me. This is really important because often we separate these 2 passages, we think, oh, this is a spiritual application and the other one is a physical healing. But what if there is more to surrender than just the spiritual and it continues for whoever desires to save his life will lose it. And whoever loses his life for my sake, will find it. For what is a man profited if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul, or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? So I'm going to share with you 7 me lessons that I learned. The 1st lesson i learn is surrender is not easy. It's giving up the bad the since we cherish the denying of yourself. So when I had gone from last year to Long Island and started attending, ivan hope I started to learn about giving up the bath. Right. And you can think about what that bad or the sins might indicate might be for you. For me, it was love for music and movies and sports and entertainment. And I knew that those things were getting in the really getting in the way of my relationship with god. So for a moment I want you to think about what is it for you surrender the 1st step of giving up the bad the sins in our lives. But the 2nd lesson that I learned is that surrender is not just giving up the bad. So let's turn to matthew chapter 10 Versus 34 to 39. So again, we're building what is surrender. We see that surrender is giving up the bad or giving up our sins, which is typically what we think about taking up our cross. But it's more than that. It's also giving up the good matthew 10 versus 34 through 39 reads. Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter in law against her mother in law, and a man. Those will be those of his own household. He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of the anti who he who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. And he who does not take his cross and follow after me is not worthy of me. He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life forsake for my sake, will find it. So you see that these different verses are, it'll give you some idea of surrender, but it'll add something else. So it still talks about the importance of denying yourself taking up your cross and falling me. But then I add this interesting thing about mother father, daughter, brother. So during my experience, after coming to melinda, was god asked me to leave my family. So I think was mentioned earlier on that I now live in Northern California. I'm a so called girl, i've lived here all my life. And so when god called me to northern California, i was a bit upset. Will say to the lease upset because at this time my brother just moved to mumble and I'm super close with my family. And he was living him and his wife lived about 2 miles to my left. And my sister about 1.6 miles to my right very, very close. And I my nice and and then god called me and I realize that it was not surrender was not just giving up the bad. It was also giving up the good. I had loved my family more than wanting to feel fulfilled, god's colleague. And so 2nd lesson is surrender is not just giving up the bad. It's also yielding up the good. So think about the good in your lives. What? What's your mother, father, brother, sister, represent in your life. Maybe it's family, maybe it's friends. Maybe it's your studies, right? Maybe it's even ministry. Wait, what ministry? Sometimes we can even put ministry above serving god. I heard some little reactions there. But what is the good in your life that's getting in the way your relationship with god? So surrender is not just giving up the bad. It's not just giving up the good. It's also lesson number 3 is surrender is not just a one time spiritual event. It's a daily, let's turn to luke chapter 9, verse $23.00. So I told you you'd be using your bibles a lot. And again, this is another verse that says the same exact thing, but it adds something. The bible is a comprehensive book, teaching us about surrender. So luke chapter 9 verse 23 says the exact same thing if any one desires to come after me, let him deny himself. Take up his cross and follow me. Anyone paying attention? What does it say, adds one little word, what's the word? daily? So surrender is not just a one time or several big events in your life. It's a daily process. So I was actually speaking at a women's retreat recently. This was after I had moved to northern California, and as I was reading this birth, god convicted me. He said, katy here, you think that you gave up your family to move here. And yet you still talk to your family when you have a big decision before you come, pray to me like, or you rather face time with your families far away then read your word, read god's word. And I realize that that moment I thought surrender was his big events. Right? Oh, this big move to northern California. But god here is saying it's a daily surrender. It's a moment to moment surrender. I had not fully surrendered my family as I thought. So surrender is not just the one time spiritual event, not just your baptism. It's not just giving up the bad and say OK, i put that you know, under the water and I'm, you know, a new creature in christ. It's not, yes. But it's also giving up the good. It's also giving up things daily. Now, if you think about this in from a mental health perspective, so I'm a psychologist and it's hard for me to read the bible without a mental health lens. If you think about the good or the bad that we give up, that's like our behaviors. Things that we do when we think about giving up the daily that has to do with our thoughts. So if you turn with me to 2nd corinthians, this is one of my, the verses that I use with my clients. The most 2nd corinthians chapter 10, verse 5. Now this is really important because why a lot of people struggle, whether with their mental health, addictions, you name It, is we have this idea that surrender is a one time event. God, I prayed, and I asked for deliverance over my diction. And how come god you haven't given the victory? Is because surrender is daily. Second corinthians chapter 10 versus foreign 5 says for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal. But mighty and God for pulling down strongholds. Right. So we're in a spiritual battle. This is not just something mental health issues. It's not just mental health. It's also in the scheme of a spiritual battle over our minds. First 5 says casting down arguments and every high thing that exalt itself against the knowledge of god, bringing every thought into captivity to the beauty of christ. Doesn't say keep some thoughts at the end of the day. It says keep every single thought captivity. Surrender is surrendering even your thoughts. God, I'm having the thought right now. Is it true? God, I'm having this thought right now. The sensation. Right, we talked about david earlier in sabbath school, where david had opportunity to say no to temptation. Are we keeping every thought captive to the billions of christ? lot of times from a spiritual perspective, we talk about surrender, surrendering mean, pray, write, reading our devotionals. That's important, like from a mental health perspective, you're feeding your mind with truth. So when you have those thoughts about yourself that are lies, you have the ability to combat that with those truths, right? When you says you shall know the truth and the true set you free. Knowing the truth is also knowing the truth about yourself, about others, about the world. So surrender is not just a one time or several time big events. It's about the daily. And I really want to emphasize this point because if you're struggling with anything, if you take the perspective, i'm going to surrender my thoughts daily. That's going to help with giving you victory. Keeping every thought captive. So we have behaviors is good to change our behaviors. But then it's also important to surrender. Our thoughts deserve ages to await says the son of god was surrendered to the father's will and dependent upon his power. So utterly was christ, n V to so that he made no plans for himself. He accepted god's plans for him and day by day the father unfolded his plans. You would think that jesus of all people would have certain plans which you know ahead of time, but no d. Li god, the father revealed his plans to him. So should we depend upon god that our lives may be the simple outworking of his will? Are we surrendering daily? So think about the, the bad that you may struggle with, or the good that you may be struggling with. Are you surrounding both things? daily moment by moment. So that time that I want to reach out to my family after surrender, then say god, I want to turn to you before I turn to my family. My family is not bad. If I'm placing them above or before god right, then that is not true. Surrender the next lesson. The 4th lesson is surrender is not what we do, but giving up who we are. So in the concept of mental health, we have our behaviors. We have our thoughts and actually when we change those, our motions are also change. But there's this other thing that often when people stop therapy, what makes them return is because they haven't address the last piece and not the core beliefs. I don't know how many of you have heard of core beliefs before, but it's basically how we view ourselves, how we view others, the world, and even god. So you may change your thoughts on a daily basis, but if you still believe a core belief about yourself or others, it will keep on popping up. So surrender is not just surrendering what we do. The who we are. We see the robins, 121, right, present yourself as a living sacrifice. So let's go back to John chapter 5. The pool, the man at the pool. Bethesda, what is this bed? We talked about bed often we interpret it as the cross of just are bad things that we have to give up. It's also the good But there's something else here About the bat. John chapter 5. Now thinking about this man was on this bad most likely for 38 years. Right. And some people believe it's more like a map, but either way I would think like know, please leave it there. It probably smells like, I remember I had surgery and I had to stay laying down on the couch for a long time. And like, you know, I'm not going to go into the details that you have a lot of pain. You can get pinched nerves, right? And like, I despise that couch for the longest time ever. I do not want to go back to that couch right now for this man. I would imagine that he would want to have left that matt bear that bed there. Right? It's the symbol of his past, of his infirmity of his time 38 years of being of having this infirmity. So in essence, this bed is also a symbol of his identity, his identity as the man who had an infirmity of 38 years. So surrender is not just about giving up what we do, but it's also giving up who we are now with Core believes to go back for a 2nd core beliefs. For example, a lot of times we tell herself things like identify i am depressed, not I have depression, i am depressed. That is a sense of identity, which therefore often people say, well, I will never get better. Right? Then they struggle, god, why haven't you made me better? Is because I A den, a fi with my illness. That's why a lot of times if you're in medical field, you don't want to say any more of that person's diabetic. You want to say they have diabetes because they're more than their diabetes. We no longer say that person skits are phrenic, they have good. So for anyone, i am depressed versus i have depression. Some of you have the core belief, i'm a failure. So no matter what I do, look, see I failed, i'm a failure. Many times it's adopted from your childhood experiences of somebody told you over and over again. Your failure or you're stupid. I'll never get better. If you think about this man, right? How did he respond when jesus asked him to be if he wanted to be made? Well, he didn't say yes please. I can't. We have excuses. I can't get better. We have this belief that my future is hopeless. Now this also talks about the importance of we have core beliefs of others. There are many resentments, and I can guarantee that there are many people here that have resentments, of people who have hurt them in the past. Surrender also includes surrendering pass, resentments. The people that hurt you. Thank God, I bring that to you right past resentment. Maybe even resentment toward yourself. A lot of self blame. I should have done x, i should have done why, but surrender is also surrendering who we are and how we perceive others. Now I, I, this, i've experienced and seen the power of surrender in my client's lives. And I was like sifting through all the stories. And it's a little tricky too because the mental health you want to share too much information. So I have changed details to protect the confidentiality, my clients, but I wanted to share One of the stories that was really impactful for me to see this individual. Older gentlemen had just, I can't even repeat the details because it's so heartbreaking and too much to hear. But this individual had a long history of sexual abuse. And from both male female people, he knew strangers is just extensive. And he came to our to our office because he had heard this whispering his boy in his ear, you are condemned. You are too far from god. And he had already converted years prior to advent ism, but from that voice on he completely deserted the church, the faith, because he truly believed he was condemned. And, you know, he had many core beliefs. The 11 of the most prominent core beliefs was, I'm dirty, i'm dirty. I don't deserve to be loved. And that's very common for those who have been sexually abused. They are confused. They think that it was their fault, and it's so sad to see children, right. Who are innocent, sir, believing that it was their fault. So here he has his voice, i'm condemned. I'm dirty, i'm not good enough. And it was a struggle because he believed the so strongly and then for him to hear that voice. I one point he thought well maybe I'm daemon possess right because why and I'm hearing these voices and to I feel too far from god and nothing I could do can bring me back to God. Now our treatment was yes, we started with behaviors to help with his pornography addiction to help with his sexual addiction. It helped right then the next step was working on the thoughts every thought captive to christ. It was sad because he had believe this for so many years, let's say 50 plus years of your life, believing these lies that we have to really like every session, just wrestle with these thoughts. And he started changing his thoughts. We do this thing called a cognitive thought record where you write down your thoughts and you start looking at what's true, right? What's evidence not what you think is true, but what is evidence? And we start using scripture to battle his thoughts. Well, if you say that you're too far from god's grace, right, my grace is sufficient for thee, right? If you say that I'm invaluable while look at the birds of the air, right? If God can support them, how much of more value do you have? And we started going through each and every thought. And by god's grace this man, you could see the stronghold that satan had on his life. But by surrendering these core beliefs, he was able to find peace. And I know that there are people here without a doubt. The majority of people, the have core beliefs about themselves, about others or even about god that need to be surrendered. Now, surrender 5th lessons renders, not just what you give up. It's about what you gave. Now if you look at this man, pull that as if he focused so much on while have to give up the comfort of laying here. This is my home. I've been around these people for 38 years now. He didn't focus on that. And yet it's interesting because often when we surrender, we're like god, I really have to give that up, right? We focus on what is last versus we should be focusing on what is gained. I love this call, it says I was reading on line. It says you aren't giving up, you aren't giving up as a defeated hero. But as a refugee from this world escaping a life of slavery, starvation and abuse, we surrender not for fear or threat, but in a hope that the one to whom we surrender has a better life for us. And that hope doesn't disappoint. It's interesting because when my clients are actually going through this transformation, they go through a grieving face. They grieve their identity as a depressed person, as an anxious person because they've, that's all they've known for so long. And sometimes we hold onto it. I've seen my clients is like wrestling with them, like give me that core belief. I don't want you to live that way anymore, but it's all that they know it's comfort, even in despair. But it's not about what you're giving up. It's what you gain. God has something better when I had given up my family right to move to northern California. I was, you know, 1st couple weeks or so and you're in a new environment, you're trying to make friends. It was hard is really, really hard. And I was focusing on what I had lost the months later, I could be able to focus on what I gained to be able to work in a place. It's not just work but ministry to be able to have family, new family that I call family. God has something in store for you. Sometimes you don't see it, but it's faith knowing that he has something of worth and gained to you. Last the events, 65 says never will the Human heart. No happiness. OK, so never will the Human heart, no happiness until it is submitted to be moulded by the spirit of god. You want happiness. Surrender is the only possibility for happiness. Surrender is not just what you give up or lose. It's what you gain. Number 6, surrender is not focused on us. It's focused on him. Now this is an interesting lesson for me to learn because I had always thought of focused on me were very typical. It's about me, it's what I surrender. It's about the things I have to give up, but surrender is focused on him. And this is really the key to surrender. So if you look at again, we're son john chapter 5. The pull the festa. Jesus at the end says sin no more. That's a tall order. How could he sin no more? You look at the chapter thus far, and we see the key is that jesus himself is the one who gives him the ability to arise. Take up his bed and walk. Many of us and I see this with my clients as well as we try so hard to surrender by ourselves so hard. Ok got, I just got to try harder and it's hard. I, you know, we have to empathize with one another for this because there's an element that also our job to collaborate with. God, right? The man have to rise, right? So there's a collaboration, but we have to take a look at. Am I relying on god or my relying on myself? Am I trying so hard to stop doing this or to give up this? Or am I focusing on christ? galatians to 20. This is a really good verse for for surrender. Galatians to 20 We see here that the focus is on christ. Galatians 220 It reads i have been crucified with christ. It is no longer i who live, but christ lives in me and the life which I now live in the flesh. I live by faith in the son of god who loved me and gave himself for me. The focus here is christ. It is no longer focused on me, the focus is on christ. So when you think about what is it that I need to surrender, think about not just what you will lose, what you'll gain and don't just focus on self focus on christ. Now this is really interesting, if you think about the concept to surrender, you know how it's typically used. Like in the battle, for example, you think about there's the winner, there's a loser, right? And the winner conquerors and the loser has to surrender. Now, if we think about it in application to our walk with god, it's quite interesting. You know, you think about surrendering, you know, waving the white flag. What conqueror? bless is the one that they conquer. When we give up things right, if not giving up, it's when we focus on christ. Christ wants to give us. He wants to bless the losers. Right? It's quite odd. It's doesn't quite match the wordly idea of surrender. When we surrender it with the purpose that god wants to bless us and that white flag, if you think about what we are gaining is deny, take up your cross and follow me. What we gain is christ righteousness, the white flag, the flag, white represent purity. When you surrender, what you ultimately gain is not just free of that addiction or free of what that good or bad? It's christ righteousness. That's the sin. No more it's putting on christ righteousness. Romans 837 says no. In all these things, we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. So although we are the one surrendering to the conqueror, god makes us conquers. I love this coat by martin luther. He says. So when the devil throws your sins in your face, and declares that you deserve death and health, tell him bis, i admit that I deserve death and help, right? I admit that there are things that I need to surrender their sins. Are things that are getting in the way I deserve death and hell. What of it kind of boldness here. What of it for I no one who suffered and made satisfaction on my behalf. His name is jesus christ, son of god, and where he is there, I shall be also. Your focus is not on your sins. Your focus is not on yourself and surrender. Your focus is on christ. So when devil comes yeah, I do deserve death and hell, what of it? But my focus is on christ. Sometimes we yield without knowing the result, right? Because we trust whatever god has for us. Hebrews $116.00 says he who comes to God must believe that he is and what that he is the reward or of those who diligently seek him. This is very important because when I, when I struggle or when I see my client struggle with surrender is because we don't truly know who god is. If this man did not believe that jesus could heal him at the paralytic, didn't believe you look at all the miracles. If they didn't see the compassion of christ, they wouldn't have been healed. Surrender is knowing who god is. So sometimes if God asked me so using example, my family, if, when god asked me that I knew that although I was fighting it, I knew who god was and I, he would give me something even beyond what I could imagine. I'll share another quick story when my clients, so this one was extremely challenging. I'm not sure how many are you are aware of borderline personality disorder. They say typically you don't want too many on your caseload because it can be quite challenging. And this was quite challenging to say the least. And so the way that I would describe without giving all the details her life was bit like a movie every. Sometimes I fear 3 times a week because it was so much going on so much constant crisis. So there was physical violence involved between her and her husband. There were restraining orders, there was her child custody case and the theme that she had to surrender. So she had faith in god. But her main problem and one of the key symptoms of borderline personality disorder is this fear of rejection or fear of abandonment. The causes like this anxious, desperate desire to be kind of to co dependent on others. So she was co dependent on her husband and on her children. Now imagine someone has co dependent on your husband, on your children, and then your force no longer to see them. She was forced, in some ways to surrender that. And she and the beginning did not want to. She was, you know, why is god doing this to me? Why is god, why did god take away my family? And we know that, you know, god is a giver of good gifts and perfect gifts. When the god right, the enemy was really attacking her. But it was interesting. She came at one point to session and she had this keys and I was like, what happened? You never know what's going to happen in between sessions. She came, she had this complete piece and I asked her as you know what has happened, she came to a place where she said, you know, god is enough. And I was like, whoa, this woman out of like concent desperation trying to, you know, clean her husband to her kids. I am not married or I don't have kids, but I can imagine coming to a place we're saying whatever happens to my, my family. She even said, you know, if I never see them again, god is enough. She had truly surrendered the bad, the good, the big, the little daily. She was surrendering because she was able to trust that god had some plan. She didn't see what's right now it's. She doesn't know the results of the restraint or that she's in court. She doesn't know the results. So sometimes we like, ok god, whatever you say after we know the results of the results are good. Ok got I trust you. She was able to say no matter what happens, god is not. This reminds me of when we quote to my grace is sufficient for you. We often caught it because it sounds nice, but we forget the context. The context is Paul praise 3 times for a thorn to be removed from him. I like to use this in when my clients say, you know all times we pray, god take this from you. Take this from me and we expect that god is just a god that you know that things away. But how does god respond? Does he say okay, I'll take the Florida away. He says, my grace is sufficient. That the very same thing that you don't want to give up, or the very same thing that you want god to take from you. You may not take, but he's saying I am enough. And even in that, the pol response by saying therefore most gladly will I boast, she was able to see that god is enough. And I wonder if your experience, you are able to say that the things you love, the most, the things you cherish enough most. Are you able to say if all that was taken from me, god is enough. That is a key to surrender. Knowing who god is and because he's a rewarder because he's all knowing because he's good. I can trust him, no matter what happens when of my favorite songs is, god wants to hear you sing. If you haven't heard it, just write it down, jotted down, and listen to it later. The song talks about how we often seeing and praise god during good times. With the times that god wants you to, to seen is actually during the bad times that god wants to hear you sing when the ways are crushing or around you. When the fiery darts surround you, when despair is all you see, god wants to hear you see, that is a indicator of true surrender. Now the 7th and last lesson i learned with surrender is not just a personal act. Surrender is a public declaration. And the reason why I emphasize this is often we, you know, in my bedroom alone, god, I surrender these things to you. And then sometimes maybe we'll have an appeal and we say, who wants to surrender, and we all stand up. I may do that later, may not, but we either have these extremes of I surrender quietly, the things in a direct way. These are the things god. Or I just say that I surrender in public. But let's go back to John chapter 5. John chapter 5 tells us that surrender is not just a personal act. It's a public declaration. John chapter 5, we see that this man is healed. And remember, a constant theme and these different verses are arise. Take up your bed and walk. It doesn't say a rise and walk. Good for you. You're healed. That's it. God wants the blessings to continue surrender. The power surrender is not limited to you. So what do we see? Again? verse 9. It was a sabbath day. And then he starts carrying his bed on the sabbath and it calls attention, right. What are you doing? Why are you carrying that bet? Now let me ask you this. If he didn't carry that bed, would they have known he was healed? No, there were sometimes in the bible where a bed was not necessary because they knew already that this band had been blind for so long or they knew. But in this case, because he was in the multitude of of those who are sick, no one would have no, he would have left there and no one would have known. But that bed was a public declaration that he had surrendered his infirmity. He had surrendered his identity as an infirm man and that he was now a new and changed man. Surrender is not just a personal act. If a public declaration, we see this also with the paralytic, the paralytic, and Mark chapter 2. It says that arise, take up your bed and walk in a 2nd time. It says, and he walked in the presence of all. Now that word that freeze, right there is really important. If you look at the story of the hemorrhaging woman, it says that she comes to jesus raises the woman that had been bleeding for 12 years. She comes and she touches jesus garment and what happens it says that immediately the blood was dried up. Now if you pay attention closely if you continue to read juice and says basically no, you can't leave and house or come back, right? Or house or not leave, keeps her there. And it says that in the presence of all she shared the whole truth is not over. Don't say amen quite yet. After she shares it says and then jesus healed and then she was healed. And that healed that word for healing is the soto before her and her blood was dried up, but she was not completely healed. What was the prerequisite for her complete, holistic healing, sharing in the presence of all sharing her full whole truth. If you surrender on your own, that's great, it's beautiful. But if your surrender is not public is not a public declaration, and I don't mean that you have to come to the front and you know everyone's going to come here afterward and say, I want to share. But it's taking up your bed and walking, showing to people not oh, look, I surrendered the things, but look at christ. In me. I was giving a seminar, a mental health theories in Pennsylvania. And I was going through cbt, cognitive behavioral therapy. And my last presentation it was on core beliefs, but right before the last presentation, this woman came up to me and I will never forget this experience. She came up to me and she 30 showing me a sketchbook. Oh, why this sketchbook was of all her sexual abuses and yeah, is very, very graphic. And she was sharing it to me to say like, these are the images that I see in my head all the time. And it's so heartbreaking. And she caught me right before my next, you know, like 5 minutes in the water break and she's like, and she was about 6070 years old. I've never seen that. I seen so many therapist and I've never found healing. And I was like, and what can I do in 2 minutes? Oh God, I said, you know, this next presentation talks about the power of surrendering your core beliefs. Because she had the belief, i'm dirty, right? I'm useless, i'm trash. I said, you know, just come to me after the presentation we can talk, we have, you know, I have a lot of time, we'll just sit and talk. So at the end of that presentation, what I do for core beliefs is I have people come up and to say out loud because of the hemorrhaging woman that taught me the importance of sharing in the presence of all. So she came up the presence of all and she said, I had these beliefs about myself. But she said today I'm giving that to God. I will no longer believe that about myself. She, she dropped, we had the symbol of the like of a ball that you dropping sam leaving it here. And I didn't. She didn't stay afterwards. I had, I didn't know what had happened a year later, she contacted somebody that works there and says, I just want to share with you that I've been completely healed of my tron. They might use and it was so powerful to, to be a part of that because it taught me that surrender is not a personal act. It's a public declaration. Take up your bed and walk. So do to just summarize 7 main points that I've learned about. Surrender. Surrender is not easy. It's giving up. The bad surrender is not just about giving up the bad. It's also about giving up the good surrender, not just a one time spiritual event. It's a daily holistic experience. Surrender is not just what we do. It's surrendering who we are. Surrender is not just what we give up. But it's focused on what we gain. And it's not just focused on us. It's focused on him. And surrender is not just a personal act, but a public declaration. Now to close, i want to share a story with you that many of you probably heard before, but it's so powerful that I want to share it again. The story of having about, you know, 150 plus years ago when a, there's a great revival in wales, england. And this revival resulted in a lot of missionaries wanting to go from england to northeast india. And these missionaries came and they came to these very primitive tribes, very aggressive known for killing many, many individuals, including missionaries. And there is one family, one welsh missionary who, you know, after so many failed attempts, finally was able to convert a family, a man called knock saying his wife and 2 children. And this meant this family that was converted, started to then evangelize in their own village. And as a result of this, many villagers started to believe in jesus. Now the chief was infuriated, right? These, this family was converting many people. And so to, to make an example of them, he brought the family to the circle, the Village brought all the villagers surrounding them. And he asked his arrow bearers to points the arrows at the family. And he looks to the man and he says, basically asking him to give up his face to recant his face to renounce his faith and moved by the holy spirit. Right. What do you think? He responded, they 1st point to the his 2 kids, his 2 children says, if you don't renounce your kids will be shot. His kids were shot timmy li again the ass, will you renounce your faith? And he's saying sold to the holy spirit. I have decided to follow jesus no turning back. Now, of course, this angered the chief and the chief again order his arteries, but now to point the arrows to his wife. Will you deny your faith? You've lost both of your children. Will you lose your wife too? But the man replied again, singing, though none go with me, still I will follow, no turning back. So his wife then shot and killed as well. And now he's asked for the last time. Will you recount? Will you renounce your face? I'll give you one more opportunity. And in the face of death, the man saying the cross before me, the world behind me no turning back, no turning back. He was also shot dead, like the rest of his family. But the miracle happens of the public declaration where the chief saw his face and he declared, how could somebody give up their lives for a man who lived so long ago. And that, that chief then also was converted and gave his life to christ. He spontaneously in a spontaneous confession of faith, he declared i to belong to jesus. So my appeal to you all is Will you decide to deny yourself to take up your cross and to follow jesus? Will you arrive, take up your bed and walk? Not just rendering the bad as we think, surrender is typically not just surrendering the good, but surrendering everything. What we cherish most like this man who chairs his family. He gave up because he focused on the cross, the cross before him, the world behind him. He focused on the eternal gain of salvation. Choosing not just as render. Also what we do. Right? Not just focusing on surrendering your thoughts, your feelings, but also surrendering our core beliefs. Some of you here today, How those beliefs, i'm not good enough, i'm invaluable. I don't deserve to be happy. I'm a failure. Will you decide to make a public declaration? If you desire for this experience? Not because I'm asking. Right, we often just respond to whatever the preacher is saying. Not because people are going to start standing around you. But because you are standing to declare today whatever's on your mind of what you need to surrender today, I give that to jesus today. I want christ righteousness in my own life because you desire turn it he with him. So if that's your desire, i encourage you to stand with me. As we sing, i have decided to follow jesus. Let's pray. Dear gracious, heavenly father, god, there is so much that we need to surrender. Lord, I know that you're impressing upon each her here the different things that we need to personally surrender to you. Lord, maybe it's things of our past. Maybe it's things that we're struggling with currently god. But we pray that it may not just be today that we surrender, but a daily giving those things up because we know that you desire so much more for us or to pray that those things that are on our hearts god that today as we stand, lord we may have the confidence that you, who's started that work in US will complete it. Lord, we pray that it may not just be words or standing lord as a product or declaration to others. But in our own hearts, god, knowing that you will heal us as you healed the man with infirmity of 38 years, the hemorrhaging woman of 12 years of all the different individuals in the bible. We can have the confidence that you too will give us the healing that we desire. And lord, I pray that we may share this with others because others are longing for that healing longing for the answer. How do I surrender? And lord, ultimately may we always focus on you because we know that whatever you ask of us, lord is because you desire our ultimate benefit. God, I pray that the story of this individual who surrendered all for you. I pray that we may have those experiences day by day and that others may see our lives seeing you and, and glorify you and have him to please be with us the rest of his day and made us these words continue to ring true in our hearts in this media was brought to you by audio person, a website dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. Or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org. I.


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