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Revelation 10 and Daniel's Little Book, Part 3

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed



  • May 29, 2010
    3:15 PM
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will I was playing in the living room of his home was actually building something with these blocks is playing with and while I was building his father into the living room and started talking really loudly little boy said was father 's and his father said nonchalantly my son says he and I was a good my son has learned a lesson that but he wanted to remember the lessons on said insight why shouldn't we the church someone said I see him I is I hope that's not the case this afternoon and is in the material those of you will register for this army camp you should have material in your hands were going to go through the material that says Morrison identity mission and message and basically understandable that this material page by page I've written it out quite extensively and if there's something that's not clearing your mind as we move along please saw raise your hand and I'll try to clarify however before we do let's just our heads up what will we thank you once again for the privilege of opening your holy Word we ask father for divine wisdom for human minds cannot grasp the great things from your word without defining so we asked Lord that he will help us to remain alert and awake that we might be in the grass awesome privilege that is to be no remnant church we thank you father for hearing our player arrested in Jesus name amen well yesterday we talked about the little book how many of you were not here yesterday well that's a few that were not here lots of you who were here what is this little book that is sealed until the time of year it's primarily Daniel eight to twelve what aspect of Daniel eight through twelve primarily the aspect that have to do with the twenty three hundred days and the judgment of the other succession of events in Daniel eight to twelve can be understood to a great degree but there's one aspect which is very which would be impossible to understand until the time of the end and that is the judgment aspect read Revelation chapter ten verses one through eleven so that we have a clear picture of what's going on in this chapter Revelation ten versus one to eleven women take a look at every detail of this chapter in this first session of the second session individual sessions that we have tomorrow morning I saw still another mighty angel coming down from heaven the clone the rainbow was on his hand this space was like a son and his feet like pillars of fire she had a little book open in his hand and he set his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land and crying with a loud voice as well and when norms when he cried out seven thunders uttered their voices now when the seven thunders other than voices I was about to write but I heard a voice from heaven saying to me seal up the things which the seven thunders uttered and do not like them the angel whom I saw standing on the sea and on the land raised up his hand to heaven 's will by him who lives forever and ever created heaven and the things that are in it the earth and the things that are in and the seed and the things that are imminent that there should be and I'm going to change the translation here looking James states liberties that are unwarranted our really did say that there should be time no longer but in that contain the same but in the days of the solving of the seventh angel when he is about to sound the mystery of God will be finished as he declared to his servants the prophets then the voice which I heard from heaven spoke to me again and set goal take the little book which is often in the hand of the angel who stands on the sea and on the earth so I went to the angel and said to him give me the little book at a second meet for any and it will make your stomach bitter but it will be as sweet as honey in your mouth then I took the little book being him a was sweet as honey in my mouth but when I didn't my spam became greater and he said to me you must prophesy again about many peoples nations comes and Kings that I was given a read like a measuring rod the angel stood saying why this measure the temple of God the altar and those who worship there this is the passage that wouldn't take a look at in the next sessions together now let's summarize what we just went so that the sequence is clear in our minds first of all a mighty angel comes down from heaven severe want it imagine having your mind mighty angel comes down from heaven your very first one his physical characteristics I described the physical characteristics of this angel and were told that this angel this mighty angel has an open scroll in his hand which means that the scroll must've been opened before he came now is when he arrives the scroll is already open many places one foot on dry land and the other on the sea the next thing he does it speak with the war on the lion most like seven cents then he raises his hand and he swears the ultimate creative stating the time will be no long then he gets the book to John for John to even after jockeys the book of course that sweet in his mouth and bitter as Valley and then he is told to prophesy again and is given the command to measure them and then alone is the place something that is earlier in the passage at the end because homework and find it chronologically Rabelais September seven is supposed to be placed at the end of this passage but there's a reason why it's place in Revelation chapter ten member seven but in terms of chronological sequence the mystery of God finished takes place after the command on or after the command to prophesy again and to measure the temple even though it textually comes before the effects now let's talk first of all about the messenger first of all the messengers called a mighty angel this is not a common ordinary angel this is a mighty angel secondly were told that his face is like the sun of people back in Revelation chapter one we find that Jesus appears in Revelation one and is spoken of as having spaced like sun begins the start getting the idea that this mighty angel is none other than Jesus and that is surrounded by a cloud in Scripture course surrounded by class always draw on his throne surrounded by clouds and his legs are like pillars of fire once again the same picture as in Revelation chapter one speaks of Jesus having legs like pillars of fire and says that he is like a lion in his life in Revelation Jesus is the land of the tribe of Judah and then it says that he has a rainbow over his head and I found this interesting quotation from Ellen White in education one fifteen were speaking about the rainfall she says as the ball in the clouds results from the union of sunshine is so so about God 's throne represents the union of his mercy and his justice to the Senate floor but repentant soul God says that allow I have found a ransom and so the rainbow about this and represents a combination of justice and mercy now not only to the characteristics show us that this mighty angel is none other than Jesus himself space like the sun his legs like pillars of fire his voice like the roaring of a lion all levels are indications that this speaking about Christ but Ellen White explicitly tells us this angel was Jesus a notice in the seventh Abbott Bible commentary volume seven page one seventy one she says the mighty Angel who instructed John was no less a personage than Jesus Christ and in volume seven pages nine fifty three nine fifty four C says the instruction to be communicated to John was so important that Christ came from heaven to give it to his servant telling him to send it to the churches very clearly this mighty angel that comes from heaven with this mighty message is none other than Jesus Christ himself he did not commit this to any ordinary angel not even think in real but it is Jesus who is the main protagonist of this chapter now for those who were not able to be here yesterday we want to say a few things about the little book or article into all the details of the next section deals with little book you'll not expect them to chapter twelve verse four were told shut up the words and seal the book until the time of the many shall run to and fro and always sell increasingly enormous that I put here in parentheses knowledge of the book shall increase not that he which is in brackets are my words not the words of the text but that's actually what is meant by business basically what God is saying to Daniel is saying clause about the seal about until the time of the end times but when the time of the outcomes the book is going to be what the book is going to be all and end knowledge of what is contained in the judgment aspect of the book is going to want is going to increase not know that we many times user to speak about the great increase in technology and certainly technology has made it easier for the methods of Daniel to proliferate but within its context it means that knowledge of the contents of the little book particularly the judgment aspect was going to increase in the last days now let's hope that this material and identify this book attempts of the verve this is a very important point attend suburban revelation ten verse two necessity comes down with a book open I doesn't really capture what the Greeks says in an great it says it comes down with the book having been open which means that before this book was opened it must've been what it must've been closed saw potential in the tense of the verb is the book having been opened it's not the book that he comes down with a book open and it was always open no having been opened it's what is called a perfect and it's now in other words it was close and that was opened immediately before the angel came down to the earth and swarthy old the time would be no longer the little book of Daniel for as we started yesterday is was sealed when the document our message is proclaimed between seventeen ninety eight and eighteen four daylight now this is important Daniel eight fourteen provides the judgment chronology that means when the judgment would begin while Revelation fourteen six and seven provides that judgment our message someone is going away party gives you what and Revelation fourteen six and seven thousand the message that is given when the Auerbach judgment of violence now I'm not that Arabi statements again because we went in yesterday there are actually three of them here are the little book of course contains the judgment our message I got some things in this little book be understood autonomy and went up for example good bit people understand seventy weeks shock are good people understand many parts of Daniel eleven are sure the parts that have to do with her time with reason and with no and all that early church fathers understood quite a bit about that could they understand about the random illegal absolutely no personal aspects that could be understood but as we read these things from elements he says that there is a succession of events that lead finding to the judge the succession of events could be understood but what those events would lead to could not be understood before the moment of the judgment not with the climax could not be understood in fact she gives impression that the reason why you have all the sequence of events presented in Daniel is for the specific purpose of giving us the exact context of when that judgment will begin in other words everything a company for a really reference points to let us know when and where I was going to be our answer another question what was this little book will open it says that it was not to be open at the time of the month the question is what is the time of the row I have a statement from the spirit of prophecy and is corroborated by what we find in Daniel twelve you leave the time periods and Daniel chapter twelve is very clear that Ellen White is basing her comments on what we contain what is contained in Scripture and great mercy three fifty six seats she gives gives us an explicit date when this little book was opened she says not sex message which is the judgment our message has ever been given in past ages Paul as we have seen but not great good pulp rates beyond his judgment is come why not think of your hard drive has been done yet she continues setting he pointed his brethren into the van far distant future for the coming of the Lord the reformers did not proclaim Martin Luther placement place the judgment about three hundred years in the future from his day now here comes the divorce but since seventeen ninety eight the book of Daniel has been conceived so one was a little book unsealed in seventeen ninety eight she says that since nineteen seventy seventeen ninety eight the book of Daniel has been unsealed knowledge of the processes has increased and notice what particular aspects year emphasizes and Manny have proclaimed the solemn message on the document name once again what is the specific aspect that once people are preaching after seventy ninety eight it is the hour of God 's what is our goal is John some will has to do primarily with the aspect that has to do with the judgment and according to what we just notice that little is open in seventeen ninety eight that's when the message of the judgment can begin to be proclaimed now this message was to be a global extension the angel with the book tells us that this message was going to vote the earth and to see now it's interesting that this global message is presented symbolically at the beginning of the chapter because he places his feet on the sea and on the land evidence presented literally at the end of the chapter where he's told that he must prophesy again to people nations constantly saw the beginning of a prophecy again less symbolic depiction you know which is placing one foot on the land and one foot on the sea that means that the global worldwide message that went the chapter ends it speaks this in literal language because it says you must prophesy again to what two peoples nations tongues and cheeks nonetheless and selected messages volume two page one oh seven one oh eight Ellen White speaks about the meaning of one foot on the sea and one foot on the land she says the message of Revelation fourteen proclaiming that the hour plus judgment is come is given in the time of the end and the Angel of Revelation ten is represented as having one foot on the sea and one foot on the land Charlene that the message will be carried to distant lands your son will be crossed and the islands of the sea will hear the proclamation of will message is a warning to our world someone was one foot on the land in one foot on the sea means that this is a business to be a good role message some have also seen the possibility and I want to argue with them that one foot on the land and one foot on the sea would represent the fact that the message was going to go to the old world into the new work because the nation saw in Chapter seven came up to see but in Revelation chapter thirteen have another beast that rises from the Earth which represents the United States in the world basically the idea once again is that it is a global message my what is meant by him placing his feet on the land and its foot on the sea well let's read Deuteronomy chapter eleven in verse twenty four Deuteronomy chapter eleven verse twenty four eulogies this is really going on in places one foot on the C1 put on the land is saying this is my peacemaking claim to this terrible which is really something it says there in Deuteronomy chapter eleven verse twenty four every place on which the sole of your foot treads shall be yours from the wilderness and Lebanon from the river Euphrates even to the Western Sea shall be your parent so Jesus is giving warning that we think the message is going to go well only worldwide and I'm laying claim to the world so it's a message on global expense we do well so far single point I will know when my point is after is not real complicated to understand now let's go and that is the seven wonders when it comes down he's all in the book seventeen ninety eight places one foot on the land one foot on the sea which means that this message is going to be a global message and brand you let out on metal and when he roars like a lion yes right well that's a question you don't I think is a better explanation to the idea of this beast that rises from the Earth than just saying that it's a sparsely populated area you know and in Revelation chapter twelve you have statement that says that the earth helped the woman and basically I think that when God is trying to say is that this place that provides refuge the woman is not the same place where those other beast arose because the other beasts rose in him now Asia and Europe how long will you notice this but the beasts in Daniel chapter seven they move from east to west the first of these are Asian power the next of these are European 's so why would you expect the next beast will rise the one from the earth you are expected to arise rest of your and what is Western Europe the Atlantic Ocean but went what's on the other side of your Atlantic Ocean United States of America as I think that that the idea mainly is to establish will will most other visa loans and by the way where are most people looking today for the fulfillment prophecy developing to the Middle East while promising most of these the West people today are out there I hope these notes their eyes have not moved with Bible prophecy therefore the looking in wrong place yes right while you know we can't thought we this is speaking in symbolic language we can take every place where someone is standing somewhere I can represent that they are laying claim to a particular place but here it's very significant that meant the Bible says that he plans one foot and many plants the other notices lengthways and what they were speaking and symbolic language so you know every time that you have this idea of someone stepping on something doesn't mean that they're laying claim to territory were dealing with highly symbolic language how does that help okay and and you always have time to get into the idea outbound of this beast derives from the earth because I met many many times were very inconsistent in our interpretation of prophecy like you stated for example we say that the ten horns on the head of the Dragon these represent ten kingdoms like ten divisions was the Roman Empire and we say that the torrents on the head of the Lamb represents on two kingdoms the Medes and Persians but then we come to the base to rise from the earth who said the two horizontal principles some people ask not why are they kingdoms here and there on the heads of these and hitherto principal saw that the point is that we have to be consistent in our termination about Zimbabwe I believe that those two horns like a lamb represent the principles that might be I is seen behind the idea of principles which is civil and religious liberty is the idea that there are two kingdoms in existence the church and the state and were supposed to be separate when asked in the United States on a Windows there are two massive just to amplify this point how many of you are citizens of the United States okay that my birthright somebody by naturalization it saves labor how many of you are members of Christ's kingdom around the same country or that you are we on recidivism to kingdoms in the United States we most certainly are listen you are a citizen of this kingdom of the United States my birth in your citizens of the other kingdom on the number but we recognize the existence of two kingdoms up but there's supposed to be what such when you join them together then you have persecution and soul behind the idea of two principal civil and religious liberty or the principles stand the idea that you have two kingdoms that are supposed to remain separate one from two on still representing but from that comes the idea of two principles okay now let's talk about the seven thunders they been an object of great discussion in recent years now really these were not offenders as we know that because Congress you know they sound not really saying anything but really when why Morris he's speaking words intelligible words only his words are cool like thunder for example that in John twelve twenty eight and twenty nine John twelve twenty eight and twenty nine minutes beginner twenty seven on the contents and if you have the material this is in your material up with all the text so that we can save on the time Jesus is speaking here he says now my soul is troubled and what shall I say father save me from this hour but for this purpose I came to this hour Jesus 's things about the night father glorify your name then a voice came from heaven saying I have both glorified it and will glorify it again will was that an intelligible statement to be understood absolutely honest with twenty nine therefore the people who stood by and heard it said that it had thunder others sent an angel has spoken to him so they were intelligible words the funders are something that God told John that John could understand what an OS that very clear let's go underneath that text in the material John understood what the founders honored and was about to write but was forbidden by the angel to do so John understand for soul winning words of course while the little book was opened which means that its message could be studied and understood what the thunders uttered could not be understood to will sealed and the funders are sealed and ask you what the fungicide and Muslim have some relationship to what's in the book of course is in the same context with the seven thunders uttered must have something to do with the content of the new book the message delivered by this angel was given and then see John understood and then he was no feeling don't let people know I sent this has some big has to be something that happened between seventeen ninety eight an eighteen point more correct decimal of course is a relatively this has to be something that happened between seventeen eight seventy ninety eight in eighteen forty four because it transpires after the book is opened in seventeen ninety eight and before the angel swears the old the time will be no longer in a convertible rigid trimester because what's next in revelations and the old and then we already said that the book is open when the book is open seventy ninety eight what is the declaration made the time will be no longer October twenty twenty one or don't be no more prophetic select between those points of time you have what one is undergoing something following suit when we when we follow the chronology of this study is mathematical legal step-by-step now according to light the seven thunders were a delineation of events that would transpire between primarily between eighteen forty two eighty forty four you can go back to seventeen ninety eight make a case that the numbers have to do with the message of judgment but at least between eighteen forty two and eighteen one she said adding that the Congress announced that there was going to be a disappointment when Jesus did not come as expected about the year eighteen forty three and in the spring of eighteen forty four numbers the seven thunders basically told John that there was going to be a disappointment that there was not be an experience concerning the judgment that would disappoint the people and he was told not to write how many regional couples state Mister Miller Mike clarifies this point the first is an early writings to thirty five hundred thirty six she says I saw the people of God joyful and expectation looking for their low that God designed to prove them his hand covered a mistake in the reckoning his hand what come they couldn't understand he covered a mistake in the reckoning of the prophetic periods but also were looking for their Lord did not discover this mistake in the most learned man what follows the time also failed to see it God designed that his people should meet with the discipline policy statement the time passed and also wedlock with joyful expectation for their Savior was sad and disheartened wellbores what not love the appearing of Jesus but embraced the message the fear were pleased that he did not come at the time of expectation that the shaking in other words their profession have not affected the heart and purifying the life the passing of the time was well calculated to reveal such hearts by the way this is when Jesus failed to come in the spring of forty three and then he felt in the spring of eighteen forty four then you have a seven month movement went Samuelsson opens as a sermon in Exeter New Hampshire you know not the problems in the fall therefore he was overcome in the fall of eighteen forty four shipping is saying they were the first to turn and ridicule the sorrowful disappointed ones who really love the appearing of our Savior I saw the wisdom of God improving his people and giving them a searching test to discover those which shrink and turned back in the hour of trial so what the doctor what you covered a mistake in directly in another statement this is in a follow-up in page thirty six to thirty six over Jesus was faithful disappointed once who could not understand and and this is my expression in brackets because the founders were sealed while airborne did not come were not left in darkness again they were met to their Bibles to search the prophetic periods the hand of the Lord was remote from the figures and the mistake was explained they saw that the prophetic periods reached in eighteen forty four and at the same evidence which they are presented to show that the prophetic periods close to making forty three Pro that they would terminate in eighteen forty four so now what they could not understand I now understand now not as the following statement is is a powerful statement because it she refers directly to the seven thunders this is an seventh Avenue S Bible commentary volume seven page nine seventy one explicit I don't know how you can misunderstand this she says the special light given to John which was expressed in the seven thunders was in many in France which would transpire under the first and second Angels message one of the first and second Angels message is preached between eighteen forty primarily in eighteen forty four so when the seven thunders uttered a voice and in the message during this period she says that the seven thunders were a delineation of the events that will take place under the first and second Angels messages and that is what you continuously in was not the best for the people did all these things didn't just read something concerning that in early rights absolutely she says it was not best for the people to know these things they bought the mistake yes the ceiling absolutely and you can feel safe for their faith must necessarily be what you tested so when do we place the seven thunders according to Levine they are between eighteen forty approximately and the year went in the year eighteen forty four and what do the seven thunders have to do with they had to do with the disappointments of the placed preliminary to the great disappointment in eighteen forty four now so misunderstood an LOI quotation where she appears to state that the funders will sound in the future but they don't study carefully her syntax she wrote this quotation in nineteen hundred soap was lovely the thunder sent not get out of their message about the hearing the quotation after the seven thunders uttered their voices the injunction comes to John Esther Daniel Wallace who is will John entered that will in regard to the little boy sale of those things which the seven thunders uttered so is what is this document is a message to the people we met at that time or is this message being given to Daniel and John is being given to Daniel the John after the seven thunders out of the voice of the injunction columnist John Esther Daniel in regard to see uncle 's things with the seven thunders uttered now here's the part is misunderstood these relate to future events which will be disclosed in their order stopping the sale was writing in nineteen hundred and she's saying here that the seven thunders relate to future events which will be disclosed in order future from nineteen hundred however if you read the first part of this statement she's talking about what she's not talking about people who live after the year nineteen hundred she's saying that the injunction that comes to John Esther Daniel in regard to Louisville seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered these relate to future events from the time home from the time of Daniel and John because it's referring to an injunction that is given to all the Daniel J sourcing these days relate to future events which will be disclosed in order number is not asleep and I know the job this relates to future events which will be disclosed in their order while most that this is the correct interpretation because she continued saying Daniel Shell stand in his lot at the end of the days John sees the little book unsealed we I will send ninety eight and then listen carefully that Daniel 's prophecies have their proper place in the first second and third Angels message is to be given to the ceiling and here's explicit the ceiling of a little book was the message information to time so I understand the point here yes no maybe perhaps anybody out there to the judge and get to Daniel DeJean and amazingly there told these things relate to what future events but from nineteen hundred forward to future events with regards to the timeframe there is which will be disclosed in their order and then she goes on to say that when the three Angels messages are proclaimed you know this would be fulfilled and then she says that on the on psyllium of the book has to do with the salt sea of the seven thunders are not to be seen as future the seven thunders are to be seen as a delineation of events as a white says between beyond ceiling of a little book and the year eighteen forty four now notice the following paragraph the crucial question here is this what the seven thunders going to other events that were future from the timeframe of Daniel and John or from the timeframe of element careful reading of this quotation reveals of the seven thunders are future from Daniel and John Stein not from the time of the loan length the sentence before the quotation in bold makes this crystal clear she says after the seven thunders uttered their voices the injunction comes to John Esther Daniel in regard to the little will see a lot of cool things with the seven thunders on this or the symbolic portrayal of the fact that Jesus is like the three angels of light in the midst of heaven you know when I can expect three angels whizzing through the heavens LOL yes of course this is a vision sure absolutely at using this vision and by the way for the purpose visions were as real as reality I never had a dream where it's as real as reality have you ever had a dream where when you wake up you sweating I have like being on a roller coaster that never stops I'll take you with us as you know you wait your breathing hard and sweating like crazy because the dreamless very real right in with the prophets the economic profits many times didn't know whether they were actually there the apostle Paul says in second present chapter twelve he says you know I knew a man thirteen years ago was taken to the third heaven and the weather was in the body problem by Zell Miller was impressive or whether the vision saw an analyte in a light speaks about her angel taking her in transporting her to the holy city that Revelation says that John was transported to the holy city but in all the body and the light was still on earth but the mind to be transferred transported to heaven him as no words or injury now let's talk about the Alito case of our all right let's talk about the after the angel has decided with the open book what they seventy ninety eight and is out of their voices when they are forty two forty three forty two forty three forty four dozen the timeframe is precise an announcement was made with an old network planning time would be no longer to get out a living on old Malcolm singles now we have one minute before the break let me finish this and that will come back it is obvious that the declaration time will be no longer can not have been made by the angel before the forty two months world or before the twelve hundred and sixty days world over three and a half times world it's called delegation so very quickly is obvious that the recent time will be no longer cannot have been made by the angel before the forty two months before the twelve hundred sixty days ended before the three and a half times and that before the three and a half days and it or before the twenty three hundred days in the because if it had happened before and then you could say the plan would be no longer gets the point okay now I think


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