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Revelation 10 and Daniel's Little Book, Part 6

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed



  • May 29, 2010
    11:30 AM
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OK after the bittersweet experience. After the bittersweet experience. Another message is to come from the little book. And that message has to do with the measuring of the heavenly temple. You know. Some people think that the the idea of of the investigative judgment after eight hundred forty four. Came from Ellen whites. No way. After John eats the book. And it's sweet in the mouth and bitter in the stomach. John is told. And of course he represents God's people to prophesied again. And then he stole to measure the temple. The question is what. What is the prophesied and again what does that have to do with. What does the word. Again. Mean. Let me ask you as a prophecy come out of this book once before. You know in the disappointment right. The eating of the book. We notice that asses do with a simulated in the message and preaching the message. It causes a disappointment. So what is John told. He says you have to prophesied again. From where from the little book. So it does the judgment our message need to be proclaimed. After the disappointment. Sure. It says you must prophesied again. And what does that prophesied in again have to do with. With measuring the temple. Because John is told to want to measure the temple. Is that when I happen after eight hundred forty four. The God call of people now to proclaim the already judgment of come. Of course. And what does that message involve does that involve measuring the temple. Yes of course we still have to study what it means to measure the temple and which temple is talking about. OK now. So after the bittersweet experience another message is to come from the little book. And that message has to do with the measuring of the heavily gamble. It is impossible to prophesied again. Unless you have done it at least once before. The phraseology of Revelation ten eleven. Is similar to that of the first angels message. In Revelation fourteen versus. Do you notice that it says here in Revelation. If you go with me relation ten. In verse eleven. He sent to me you must prophesied again in the New King James says about. I think a better translation is to you most prophesied again to many peoples nations. Tongues and kings. Where in Revelation doesn't pick up on that in the first angel's message. Where it says Fear God and give glory to Him for the always judgment is come. And that message goes to every nation. Kindred tongue and people. So the prophesied and again is found a Revelation Chapter fourteen versus six and seven. Now the question is why does Revelation ten versus leaven add teens. Because that's not in Revelation fourteen six. Well the fact is that in Revelation seventeen versus ten and twelve. The Bible tells us that the harlot is going to fornicate with the kings of the earth. The question is must these kings be warned about fornicating with the harlot cars. So there's a new dimension No the word Kings is that of because the Kings are going to ally themselves with the Harlot. To impose. Not buying and selling and to impose with if the creed. And by the way one of the most interesting ways of studying in time events. Is to study the end time events of Jesus. Do you know that we're going to repeat. From beginning to end the. The experience of Jesus. Particularly the last six months of his life we're going to repeat that story all over again as if people. Let me get let me just touch on one point. To give you an idea. Why does the Jews want. Jesus. To to die. Was that because he had violated Indian civil civil laws of Rome. And Jesus did they ever accuse him of committing with all three or killing or stealing no Jesus a broken no civil laws of Rome. All of the accusations had to do with the first table of the law. They accused him of making himself God They accused him of taking the name of the Lord God in vain when he called himself the I Am The accuse Jesus of breaking the Sabbath. Now that's all the accusations have to do with the first table of the law. And they want to condemn Jesus' death of they had a problem. That is that as a church they could not condemn Jesus to death. They needed the help of the state. And so after they had a religious trial of Jesus which is the Inquisition. Word inquisition comes from inquire after they do the Inquisition. And by the way that the Jews had a religious trial before you had a civil trial. They found Jesus guilty of death. The church did. But then they got a pilot they say pilot this man is an evil doer and pilots as well what is even wrong. Well. He said that he could. You know he could destroy this temple and rebuild it in three days in Pirates of oh yeah well what does Abdul with me. Show me worry Brocket broken some love Rome. Don't come to me was a religious accusations. And then they say. According to our long. He must die because he made himself a son of God By the way to the pilot recognize that there are two kingdoms. Yeah because he said you take him and judge him according to your law. So pilot had the idea of two kingdoms clearer than they did. But they were intent on getting Jesus destroyed. And so all they appealed to the civil power. And even though pilot three times that the Jesus was not guilty he condemned it is that innocent man to death. You know why for two reasons. Number one to save his political position. Because the Jews intimidated him. He's that they said. If you know let this man go. You are not Caesar's friend sees is going to take away your position ever read world White says that the legislators in order to gain votes. Popular support of the people will condemn God's people even though they know that God's people aren't guilty. At the end of time. And there's a second reason. She says it was because the priests. And this is a mark. Chapter fifteen. The priests and the elders. Moved upon the people to cry out to file it. To slay Jesus. The dangerous figures were the ministers of the day that moved upon the people for the people to pressure the civil power in order to slay Christ. And by the way just a few months the See this is there's a whole pattern. What the best way to study in time as events is a study Jesus in time events. It's amazing it illustrates the prophecies of Revelation. Only it doesn't use symbols. It presents in time events in story form. You know you have that story six months before Jesus. Beach proves you have died. He resurrected Lazarus. And the Sanhedrin got together. It was an. It was a homeland security meeting. And Kalpa says. If we let this man live. The Romans will come. And they will take away our place in our nation. This man has to die for national security to make that argument going to be used again. You better believe it is. And that says it that they they made their decision there were there were not condemning him to death. That was several months before Jesus actually died. And it's interesting that the reason why they wanted to kill him is because everybody was following Jesus that going to happen at the end the time multitudes coming out of the church is absolutely. You know something else that's interesting. There were many denominations in Christ day. And they hated each other but when it came to slain Jesus they all came together. And you know you're. All. All Jewish laws of due process. Were violated in the case of Christ. They violated their own laws of due process. In their minds he was guilty before they even start of the trial is not going to be true at the end the time. It most certainly is going to be true. All over again. And so I you know there's that there's this pattern of in time events and of course. It was the holiness of Jesus that awakened the wrath of the devil. And it will be the holiness of God's people. Through the power of God that will awaken the wrath of the powers of the world. At the end of time. And by the way was the Sabbath a big controversy back then. The biggest controversy that Jesus had with the religious leaders. Was over the Sabbath. There's only one difference between then and now at that time. Jesus preached against the wrong way. And we will preach against the wrong day. But the conflict will be over seven. It will be one of the main things. OK let's get back to the material by the way. In the book. Prophecy Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde I developed this theme of Jesus' end time events and. It's a fascinating study because you know people. People don't really out many times. Are not able to grasp the meaning of the symbols of Revelation. But you know what the Gospels do is they illustrate the symbols in story form. So I make to make it so that even a child can understand it. OK now let's go to the next point. Questions about Revelation eleven one you have that in your material. OK. Which temple is being spoken of in this verse where it says. Measure. The temple and what does it mean to measure the temple and those who worship in the temple. Well. The interesting thing is that the word for Temple here is the Greek word Nawas. And there was mention the Esther then there are two words for Temple in the New Testament to prime. Primary words one is the word. He had on which refers to the entire temple complex. The other word is now US. Which refers to the inner shrine. Or to the most holy place. Of the sanctuary. And I want to read to Versus to illustrate that point. So that we have a clear that the fifteen times in Revelation that that the word temple appears it's now was and it means the most holy place. So which temple was going to be measured. After the great disappointment and. Where were people going to be worshipping who were going to be measuring measured. The most holy place. That that square with had been a Fiala G.-D.. It most certainly does it shows that there was going to be a measuring of the family camp. And those who worship in the heavenly. Most holy place. Beginning. After the disappointment. Now notice. What we find in. Revelation Chapter eleven in verse nineteen. We're looking at the word novice. Let's see where the now see is let's see where that where the temple This temple is just not the huge cut. Temple complex. It says. Then the temple of God was opened in heaven sight any call word. The temple of God was opened in heaven. And the ark of his covenant was seen in his temple. So what is inside the temple inside the nose. The Ark of the Covenant. Let me ask you why in one apartment was the ark of the Covenant. In the most holy place. Let's go to one other passage. Revelation fifteen. And this one is particularly important. Revelation Chapter fifteen and verse five. Speaking about the close of probation. It says there. After these things I looked and behold the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in heaven was opened. The tabernacle is what. The sanctuary. What is the temple of the tabernacle. The most holy place. There's of this thing to do see that the things in the air. The temple of the tabernacle of testimony. The expression tabernacle of testimony in the Old Testament refers to what every first of the entire site very complex. But this is the temple of the sanctuary complex. And then out of the temple couple of seven angels with the seven planks. By the way the. Do you know where. What the the foundation is for the idea of the planks coming out of the most holy place. It's because people have trampled on God's law. Do you remember when the Philistines took the Ark of the Covenant. Captive. And what that the ark started pouring out on I'm playing. That's right. Why were they. Why why did this happen because they were uncircumcised. Because they were wicked. And so the plagues came from the ark. Actually from the Lord. Through the ark. And so when probation closed as those of trampled on God's Law what's going to come from the most only please play. Now. And so then it speaks about the angels coming out with the seven last legs the temple is filled with smoke which temple is filled with smoke here where it says the temple was filled with smoke and no one could enter the temple. The most holy place. This is speaking about the moment when Jesus finishes his work in the most holy place. Revelation eleven one thousand. Yes. That is the altar that's mentioned here. Well actually there's two times with the temple. When the glory of God feel the Temple One was when the temple was inaugurated. When it began to glow the glorious of the glory of God filled the temple and also according to this. When the sanctuary service closes the temple will be filled. But it's really the glory of God that is filling the temple. Because probation is was Jesus at this point is taking over his kingdom. His Kingdom is already established. You know sometimes we think of kingdom. In geographical terms. But the kingdom has to do with the people that belong to the kingdom of Jesus. OK His Kingdom Ari's people. When he's determined in the judgment or reveal who is people are His Kingdom is complete. So even before he comes to this earth His Kingdom is complete. And then of course he comes and he gives the kingdom. To his people. OK Now notice this interesting comment by Albert Barnes. No actually this is syces a commentary on the Apocalypse Now that not us that even non ad been a sometimes come up with us with gems of truth. It says here. The connection between what concludes the one that is Revelation ten. And what begins the other Revelation eleven. Appears to be as close as it well could be. Now there's the concluding statement of Revelation ten words says you must prophesied again. And the first statement of Revelation eleven that says measure the temple he saying that these are very closely linked. In fact in Revelation there are many places where the chapter division is in the wrong place. Many many places. This is one of Revelation eleven verse one belongs to chapter ten. Why is that. Because after this appointment he is told. Prophesied again. And then. He's told what measure the temple. And those words of there in. That's a continuation of Chapter ten. And of course another place where the division perhaps isn't as good as it should be is at the end of Revelation thirteen where it speaks about the beast in his image. And those who worship the beast and his image in the Mark of the beast. And you know when you get to the end of Chapter thirteen use a while. You know. People weren't able to buy and sell a death the cream was given against God's people then wasn't there anybody that was painful to God. So when you get to Chapter fourteen one chapter fourteen verse the wonder five. It's picks about the hundred forty four thousand standing victorious animals I and. They were with the ones who resisted. The beast and his image in the mark in the number of his name. So versus one through five are the climax to chapters. Thirteen. And then of course you begin to verse six with the three Angel messages. See the book of Revelation is not in chronological order. How can God's people be in heaven and moans lion inverses wonder five. If the three angels messages are proclaim until verse six are you with it. So what's happening here. God is simply said God is simply the revelation forty one survive is the climax. And then in verse six it goes back God's going to say now I'm going to tell you a little bit more about how those people got there. There were three angels messages that were proclaimed. Are you follow me. And so. And so you know you sometimes chapter. Another place where the chapter division is problematic is in Revelation chapter twenty one verse one. That's a big problem. Let me ask you just to illustrate this point. And we could dedicate literally. The rest of the week to talk about the literary structural Asian. That is the key. I believe. To Understanding. Revelation is how it was structured. And how it was organized. Even more than studying the symbols the meaning of the symbols and and things like that. Knowing where the events fit in the float. Is of critical importance. You know. Let me ask you when Jesus comes after the millennium. His feet are going to touch the bomb of Olives right. Maan of Olives going to split open into a huge plane. And what's going to descend in that huge plane. The holy city the New Jerusalem right. Is going to send it's going to sit upon the earth right. Absolutely. And then what's going to happen with the wicket. The wicked are going to surround the city. On the earth. With the intention of destroying the city. Right. So my main point is that the holy city descends before the wicked are destroyed it descends to the earth before the wicked are destroyed right. But now let's not us the problem that we have in Revelation twenty one verse one actually belongs to chapter twenty. Does all the city ascend after God makes a new Evans a north or does it these them before he makes the new heavens and the north. Not if you read the chronological sequence that you have here. Because it's seven verse fourteen and fifteen the the wicked are thrown into the lake of fire then it says now I saw a new heaven and in north for the first heaven in the first earth had passed away. Also there was no more sea and then he says then I John saw the Holy City New Jersey and coming down out of heaven from God. So in other words the New Jerusalem comes down from heaven after makes a new have a new earth right. The fact is that Revelation twenty one verse one is the climax of chapter twenty. Because after the wicked undestroyed God makes a new heaven and earth. But verse to be God See Revelation twenty and twenty one repeats the same material four times. You have four cycles for repetitive cycles. The first cycle has to do with what's going to happen with the earth and with Satan that's Revelation twenty one to three. And it gives you the whole summary it says. They have to you know. The devil is bound for a thousand years afterwards he's going to be released for a little while. And so on the focus is upon. What's going to happen to the devil. And what. What condition the earth is going to be like the abyss. It's going to be without form and void. During the thousand years. So twenty one to three the center of focus is the devil and the earth. But then you wonder you say not what about the right yes there's no mention of the righteous there. What about the wicked. Well. In Revelation twenty four through ten. The center of focus is on what the right just are going to do during the thousand years. They're going to sit on for all those in judgment is going to be given unto them. And of then after the millennium they're going to be in the city in the wicked are going to surround the city to try and destroy the writers were inside the center of focus is the right just in this second passage. But all. Yes. The problem is with last year and we're thankful for those women who did chapters and verses folks. I'm think even even with the a few places where it's divided wrong. We're thankful because imagine trying to find a verse in Revelation with no chapters or verses. Have you very difficult but. But returning again to this. When you finish this second. This second. A passage that deals with the right Jess. You still have questions. You say Now what about the wicked happened to the wicked. And what is life in the holy city going to be like What is the the life at the end of time going to be like. So in the third passage. Revelation twenty verses eleven fifteen the center of focus is upon the weekend. And then finally in Revelation twenty one verses to throw weight. And I'll give you a focus upon what life is going to be like in the holy city. What life with God is going to be like. So you have four repetitive cycles that go back to the beginning of the millennium. They take you through limit lineal events. All the way to what happens at the end of the millennium. But from four different perspectives and when you have all four perspectives together. You have a complete picture of what happens before during and after the millennium. So you know that the chapter divisions. Sometimes are are not where they're supposed to be. Yes. And. OK that's you know. That's another myth that people have the wicked will never attack the holy city. The wicked never attack the holy city. The wicked die attacking Satan. Read great controversy. The last chapter. Really easy kill Chapter twenty eight versus two through ten. That Ellen White quotes in that last chapter. I know what spectacular to save the way could get together and they farm these weapons and you know they're attacking the Seine and then God right and fire down from heaven. But what really going to happen if you read that chapter and know what use is equal twenty eight to support it Biblically. God is going to Sean panoramic view the whole history of the world. And he's going to show the life of each individual. And when the people see how the devil is deceived them. They now look at him they say you rascal. You were the one who deceive us you. You made us think that those inside were the enemy and we were right and they were wrong. Now we see that you're wrong and always says that they turn on the devil. But of course before they're able to tear him apart fire descends from Heaven. And consumes them. Yes. Yes. They began the process to plan to attack the city but they never do. Yes. That's correct. Is it because when he has it where it says where it's peaking about Lucifer and it says that the nations will drop their swords and turn them against the splendor of your beauty. It says there is equal twenty eight verses to ten. Which is speaking about Lucifer. We know that is equal to when he speaks about the origin of evil. And by the way the time period after the millennium. Is going to be much longer. Then what we have generally assumed. You know used to think that the after the millennium you know all the wicked resurrect God shows the the judgment seen and the wicked are burned up and that's it. But the. But the period after the millennium is going to be a significant period of time. You see how do you know that. Well because I carefully read the last chapter of Rick. On a receipt. Elo I says first of all the I could resurrect down. The devil first of all holds consultation with his angels. And then he has a meeting with all the great kings of the earth. Then she then she says that they build powerful weapons of warfare. You think they're going to attack a city with bows and arrows. I don't think so all the infrastructure of the world has been destroyed. So it's going to take time and then. She says something very significant. She says that one finally they're ready to attack the city. She says they march across the surface of the earth. With military precision. And she says about their number she says the number is greater than all of the soldiers that have fought in every war in the history of planet Earth. How long does it take to organize an army like that to march with military precision. Because. Yeah absolutely and then when they're all ready to attack the city. See that they do organize to attack the city. Don't get me wrong. Their intention is to take the city. But then when they're already organized they march across the surface of the earth then that the panoramic view is shown above the city. Yes. All know the Alan White says that when that Jesus the sense from the earth. To the earth. The most of all of the opposite to great playing the city since Jesus answers with his people in the wars or shot. She says very clearly. Now. Another interesting thing. That indicates this is going to be much longer how long is it going to take to examine the records of the wake of during the thousand years. A thousand years of right. That's what Revelation twenty says. So how long is it going to take the show the wake of the record of their lives after the volunteers. A long time. And listen. And some people don't like this. But it's the truth. After the millennium. Everyone is going to be punished according to their works. That simple justice. Right. Ellen White are some statements where she says that some people who are lost. Will be extinguished quickly. But she says that other people who are awake it will burn for many days. And then she says that after the last work a wicked person. Burns out. Satan will live on much longer. And the reason. There's a biblical reason for this. And little. Listen debt and I'm not I'm not predicting the S. exec the mom of time. You know. I don't know. It's going to but it's going to be longer than what we assume. But the scapegoat ceremony. Shows us that Azazel suffered the final penalty for the sins of all the writers that were placed in the sanctuary. So let me ask you if a wicked person suffers many days for his own sins. How long is the devil going to suffer for all of his own. Plus all of the ones that he led the writers to commit a long time. And I did a study I looked up. You know because we have this expression for ever and ever. And interestingly enough I looked up. When I was at the seminary. Speaking of a few years probably four or five years ago. I only spoke in the evening. And in the morning so I had time during the day to go to James White library. And I decided that I would go to the commentators to find out what this expression for ever and ever means. And you know I found it very interesting that most of them said that for ever and ever does not mean. Endless. But it means a period of time. Who's. And does not appear on the horizon. In other words there isn't and. But this is an extremely long period of time. And you say well I don't like that. What would you prefer for God to burn everybody the same for ever and ever. Is that justice. No people will be punished according to their works. Did God show mercy towards these people. Oh sure did he give them many opportunities to be saved Absolutely. In fact when their destroyed their destroyed because they begged God to destroy them. Would it be right for God to deny their with their their choice. Now they are destroyed because of their freedom of choice. And so you know this. This period is going to be much longer than what we generally assumed. And you say well what about when the wicked are burning you know they're going to if they're going to be dirt burning so long what about God's people L. White says that all during the time of the wicked are burning outside. She says God's people are safe and sound and shielded within the holy city. And by the way you know what's interesting. The non-evidence churches have it all wrong. It's the right just that are going to live in the tourney flames forever. Because the wicked will be consumed by the fire. If you want to see that Isaiah thirty three cents all very care. Very clearly. It says who will be able to abide in the divine five the devouring fire is the glory of God the glory of God that destroys the way could save the writers. But in order for that we have to have a pot. We have to have a fire proof character. Like the three young men who were thrown into the fiery furnace. Well we've taken a lot of the tours. Let's finish the statement by Barnes. Time's up right. Oh got five minutes literal or prophetic. Notice the statement This is by size it says the connection between what concludes the one. And what begins the other appears to be as close as it well could be seen that the angels will be for address John still continues here to address him and the new injunction rise and measure it is by the fifth wall to his previous injunction. Damas prophesied again. So does a see a connection between prophesies and again and measuring the temple. He most certainly does. Now what does it mean to measure the temple in those who worship in the temple in the most holy place. This is. Well you know Jesus said once Judge not that you be not judge because the measure is that you used to judge will be measured back to you. So does measuring have anything to do with the judgment or certainly doesn't what is the measuring stick. The law of God. That's right. Let me read you a couple of statements here from Ellen White yellow white seven great car in the seven habits Bible Commentary volume seven one seventy two the grand judgment is taking place and has been going on for some time now the Lord says measure the temple and the worshipers the rug. Remember when you were walking the streets about your business God is measuring you. When you are attending your household duties when you engage in conversation God is measuring you remember that your words and actions are being the Gary will type that means photographed in the books of heaven. As the face is reproduced by the artist. On the polished plate. And on the next page Ellen White speaks about the war a judge mental woman in the church. She says you can be a blessing. You can help such as need help. But you must lay down your measuring tape. And I like that for that is not for you to use one who is an airing in judgment. Wonder stands the weakness of our fallen corrupt natures. Holds the standard himself. He weighs in the balances of the sanctuary and his just measure. We shall all accept. And then signs of the times. December twenty nine eight hundred eighty seven when the judgment is set and the books. Opened your life and mine. Will be measured by the law of the most high. So what is measuring the temple. And the worshippers of judgment. Yes. That's the altar incense. Yes but that this is an excellent question about the altar. When says measure the altar. It's the altar of the holy place. But in Scripture. The altar of incense has a most holy place orientation. OK. Like for example you read Hebrews nine. It says that the sensor was in the most holy place. And the reason why is because the altar of incense represents the prayers of God's people. That's why they were by the. That's why they were cherubs ascending and descending on the veil is because it represents the fact that when we pray. Our prayers go up. Are taken up by angels. And they go into the presence of God in the most holy place and then the angels they bring answers. Back to will to us from God. I same lesson that's taught by the misnomer Jacob's Ladder. Because it wasn't Jacob's ladder was the Lord's ladder. But you know there were a change of ascending and descending upon the Son of Man That means that Jesus is the bridge He's the intercessor. But the intermediaries that take our prayers and bring answers to prayer back are the angels. The angelic hoax. And of course you are find a beautiful symbolism of this in Luke chapter one where Zacharias is serving in the temple. And it says that he went in to offer incense we for the Lord and it says that the people outside were praying at the our prayer. So you have the symbol and what the symbol means. In the same scene. See what the symbol means is the framers and the end sense represents the prayers that are going into the presence of God Saul. So the altar of incense. Even though it's technically in the holy place. The smoke went into the presence of God in the Mosul base. It has a most holy place. Orientation. If you please. It. It means to measure the prayer the sincerity of the prayers of about people that ascend into the presence of God. Yes. Right. Yeah. Before we're able to point out things that are not right in the church we need to make sure that we're right. That's the first point. The second point is when we see that wrong is being done. That is not and speak out that's not being judgmental. OK. Been judge Manal Ellen White emphasizes is mainly judging people's motives which cannot be seen. You know and people have taken that to the extreme of saying you know people today. In church. They commit adultery they get divorced and remarried and go what do what is used the said. Well you know. We should be judge mental. You know we just let them live in adultery. While the fact is that we do have a right to speak up. At that point. Because we're not judging motives. It can be seen and Hello White says that even the motives are secret. She says that open season in the church must be rebuked. And she says that the offenders must be removed. So I understand I want to say. So if we're saying the things that are wrong in the church we need to speak up. Oh absolutely. You can us. Yes. Not by hearsay. Right right. You and in other words. If someone is are going to be removed from that. From the church. For example or disfellowshipped. Because of adultery. You need to be absolutely certain that the individual committing adultery. You have to have absolute proof of that. You know on one of the reasons why we don't discipline people in the church for adultery anymore is because we're afraid of a lawsuit. So the lawsuit is more important than. Then preserving the purity of the church. We've gotten to that point. And I you know we need to speak up and leave the consequences with God you know. But we need to make sure that we speak UP IN LOVE. We're not disfellowshipped in someone because we we hate them. It's a lose the church knolls of their behavior is very serious and is not acceptable in the sign of God. OK time's up. Sorry. We were unable to get through everything but you have it. It is written. So you can continue studying at thanks for being here and for your interest in your questions. Much appreciated Let's have a word of prayer before we hand father haven't we thank you for the marvelous light that you have given to the seventh Avenue Church. We don't have any reason to doubt that your in control. That even though the world appears to be spinning out of control. You sit on the throne of the universe and you're silent and serene eternity. And you direct things according to your will. We asked Lord that you will help us not only to enjoy the benefits. Of the message that you have given us. Just to keep it as in a museum to admire it. But the you will lead us to share it with other people. So that they might have the same peace and joy and assurance that we have. We asked Lord that you will give us boldness that you will give us the power of your spirit to speak up when it needs to be done. But help us to be loving and kind at the same time that we do it and help us to get our lives in order for. We can have throw stones. If our lives are not in harmony with your will. We asked Lord that you'll be with us the rest of this day and the rest of this spiritual experience. This mountaintop experience. And I asked Lord that if there's anyone who has not made a complete commitment to Jesus that this will be the place to do it before going home. And we thank you for hearing our prayer for we ask it in jesus name. A man. God Last please pray for our secrets on field.


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