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04 The Sanctuary Power of the Tabernacle

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • August 14, 2021
    11:30 AM


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Our scripts are reading again, is from 1st peter chapter 2 and verse 9. First peter chapter 2 inverse 9. The bible says, but you, but g R, A chosen generation, a royal priesthood. A holy nation. A peculiar people that you should show forth the praises of him with called you out of darkness, into this marvelous light. That you should show forth the praises of him who have called you out of darkness. Into this marvelous light. A message of the sabbath is entitled, the power of the tabernacle, the power of the tabernacle. Let us pray, father, god, we thank you for this opportunity to study a word. Now, lord, more than ever i ask that you make me just a nail upon the wall. A rusty, sorry nail lord. But upon that nail, lord, I asked that you hang a portrait of jesus christ that eric was not be seen or heard instead, father, let us hear a word from the throne of grace. This is our prayer and jesus is precious and holy name. A man. And so just a little recap. This has been a few weeks. We've been looking at the sanctuary. And this is a unique message in many ways to the adventist church. Although many, many churches study the sanctuary, and just to remind you, these are the white panels all the way around the linen, about 7 and a half feet tall. You couldn't just look into the sanctuary. You had to come around to the gate. And that's where you would enter and a gate was represented by christ. We'll come back to that again today, very colorful. And it was rectangular, it was longer than it was high. That's going to be relevant as we go further on. And as you went in the 1st piece of furniture, the largest piece of furniture in the entire sanctuary, complex is the brazen altar made a bronze. This is where the daily sacrifices for sin was made. Beyond that, we talked about the, the labor of the bronze labor washing, what happened and remember we said that the saint that the, the, the, the 1st stop the brazen altar also signifies and represented. It was type for the anti type of the cross itself. Christ was the lamb slain from the foundation of the world. And so the cross is represented here. Interestingly as you come here and you wash it represents baptism, which also of course represents christ resurrection. And so you can see that in just the courtyard of the sanctuary, you cover christ death burial and his resurrection. All of that is done there. The items in the courtyard are all bronze. Then the scripture bronze represents justice. One of the interesting facts that we mentioned that the height of the great at the bottom of the altar is the same height at the base of the mercy seat and the most holy please justice and mercy on 2 ends of the sanctuary complex. And once you begin to understand this, the bible says that in some david says, the di whale lord is in the sanctuary. You begin to understand the plan of salvation. And what we talked about is that that 1st stop represents justification. You see, when you accept jesus christ into your life, when you fully believe in him, you are justified. Right away. God deals with your sin. The sacrifice that was made on the cross is a powerful sacrifice as that blood is applied to your life. And whatever you did is not only forgiven bow. The bible says that even deeper, god remember your sin, no more. That's why I'm a christian christian because god does that for me. But as you move further in, I'll just show a couple more pictures. We get to the veil really, this is called the door and we're going to talk more about that today. But just to show it is the outer court yard, the holy place, and in the most all the place will people marching through the sanctuary as we go along. These are just some pictorial representations of the pieces of furniture. This being the altar. This being the bronze laver where the washing took place and of course there was a veil here in a veil here. This veil is called the door. This one is called a gate. And of course this remains being called a veil. This is the one if you will remember that when christ died it was torn from the top to the bottom. And there's a reason I'm jumping ahead and I think 2 method stuff here. But the reason it was torn from the top to the bottom is because man couldn't do that. It was about 4 inches thick, very difficult to tear at all. But a tour from the top to the bottom. We'll talk more about that significance, but every time I present the sanction i try to not just present it, I want to encapsulate how it plays out in the stories of the old testament and maybe even a new testament. But for sure, I want to go to numbers chapter 12. And when I was in israel, i studied in israel for 2 months, did college credit. There? stayed in a town called natania, outside of televi, even learned a little hebrew and studied jewish history. And it was quite profound, even took a little extra special excursion to see all of the christian sites, places like bethlehem and cavalry and places like that. And when I was there, my teacher who was actually jewish from Philadelphia, interestingly enough and really took a liking to me, would sit with me and talk to me about different jewish traditions. This is one of the stories that he brought up to me while I was in israel. The story that spoke to judaism from his perspectives dislike of racism. I thought it was quite profound. Here's the story. The bible says the number is 12 in verse one, and miriam and aaron speak against moses because of the ethiopian woman whom he had married for he had married anything else in woman. The story starts off with moses is siblings upset at his choice of who he married ethiopia in the bible is often if you translate it from the greek, it means burnt face people. So she was probably a bit darker than the jews of the time. All of them lived in the, in the sun points, middle east, so they probably are all pretty 10. But she was probably a little darker and obviously was not a jew in the traditional sense. Verse 2 and they said have the Lord indeed spoken only by moses. Have you not spoken also by us and look at this part it says and the Lord did what? He heard it as there. Yeah. That's why you gotta be careful what you what you, what you, what you gossip about god got here that. And they're speaking against moses his wife and basically saying that may be something wrong with moses because he was foolish and who he chose to marry. But god heard it and then god, this is comment about moses that is relevant for message today as well. In verse 3, number 12 and verse 3 says now the man moses was very meek. Above all the men which were upon the face of the earth. And the Lord spake suddenly unto moses. Now, before I go on, one of the things that's incredible is that moses is highlighted as being especially meek. One of another word from meek, is humble. Moses was especially humble. This is a man who worked miracles like really no one else. To that point in our history, I want you to think about what it would have been like to be molded into salt, into pharaoh's palace, take a rod and throw it on the ground and it turns into a serpent. And when they counteract my throwing out their rods a pharaoh's magician moses serpent each their serpent some of us would have been doing a dance like we scored a touchdown. If that happened, moses is able to call flies to come frogs to come rivers, to turn to blood. Moses works great miracle. The stands before the mighty red sea and the watchers and up on them fails. The miracles moses work did not make moses think more of himself. Then he ot one of the reasons moses is so well used, such a powerful priest and profit for god. It because moses did not let his spiritual success go to his head, and I want to submit to you. Part of that is because he spent 40 years in the wilderness tending sheep. I bet you after that he just stayed home because he probably never wanted to have to go back and do that again. The bible says the Lord speak suddenly unto moses and unto aaron and unto marry him and look at what he says here, we're talking about the tabernacle today. He says, come out, eat 3 unto the tabernacle of the congregation, and they 3 came out like you get in trouble in school in a line. All the students up and I say was you and so, and so step forward. Can you imagine a step forward? Not knowing what happened and the Lord came down in the pillar of the cloud, watch this church and stood in the door of the tabernacle. This is where we're going to talk about today. The door of the tabernacle, god stood there and called area and miriam and they both came forth. So now 3 came for the 1st time. Now you know the trouble because only to a call of the 3. And he said here, now my words, god's speaking. If there be a prophet among you, I the Lord my I will make myself known unto him in a vision and will speak unto him in a dream god, listen. If one of you, the prophet, i'm the one that determines who gets spoken to. How they're spoken to you don't get to criticize moses, especially not because we chose to marry my servant. Moses is not so I speak. I speak to profits in dreams and vision. But moses it goes even deeper. He is faithful in all my house. Verse a. God says with him, will I speak mouth to mouth even apparently, and not in dark speeches, and assembled due to the Lord, shall he behold. Wherefore then, are you not afraid to speak against my servant moses? This sum was real grown up. There were folk in church who were quick to talk bad about church leadership. I know the bible says that we are not to touch the lord's anointed. There's a certain respect that you get for the office, even if you find it hard to have it for the person, gods. And why were you afraid to speak this way against my servant moses a bible says, and the anger of the Lord of kendall against them. Any part in the cloud departed from off the tabernacle and behold, miriam became leprous white as snow. When aaron looked upon miriam and behold, she was what? Wow marian skin lightened because he did not like the dark in the skin of moses wife. The bible says the anger of the Lord was kindled against him. The cloud lives and merriam is struck with the dizzy weather disease. Right at the door of the tabernacle. Now, the door of the tabernacle is an interesting part, and you can see that a little artist's rendition we actually bought one of these little sanctuary models. I haven't got time to put together yet, but look forward to it. And the next one is $36.00. It says this about the door exit of 36 in verse 37. And he made a hanging for the tabernacle door of blue and purple, and scarlet, and fine twine linen of needlework and a 5 pillars of it. With their hooks, any overlaid their chapters and their phillip phillip. I want to say felicia, but I'm soon it's the let with gold, but they're 5 sockets were of what? Remember I said only the only furniture that was made of brass is weird. In the courtyard there we find brass as we enter through this door and this spiritual significance to everything. We just read it hung. It was a perfect square. Interesting. The, the bible does not give it to dimensions, but unlike the gate that you come in, 1st, the door is a perfect square. It represents christ. And as you go through their colors, blue represents the law and obedience purple, the royalty of christ scarlet, the blood of his sacrifice on the cross and the fine twine. And of course white is purity. But the fine twine linen of needlework speaks to the perfection that is in christ that he came in the flesh. And then there is 5 pop pillars. The gold that was put on the pillars with a beaten gold in represent the beating that christ took. So everywhere, once we pass through this door, as we go, move on in the sanctuary inside. Everything is made of this go. And that is because christ is a is pure. And when you empty the tabernacle, you enter into the realm of his purity. What the sockets were a breath, what they fat, and where a ras, which speaks to the fact that it is at the door. That justice and mercy meet my watch this and it came to pass the doors where god would often do judgment, where you find grace. Exodus 33 in verse 9 and it came to pass. As moses entered into the tabernacle, the cloudy pillar, distended descended, and stood at the door of the tabernacle and the Lord talked with moses and all the people saw the cloudy pillar stand at the tabernacle door, a totally different story than just reading and all the people rose up and worshiped every man in a tent door. Now therefore, I pray thee, moses crying to God for the people trying to make sure they don't get in trouble. He says, if I have found greece in thy sight, show me now by way that I may know thee, that I may find grief in your sight. As I'm studying this, I realized that the door also it represents christ. It represents a place where mercy and justice meets. It represents a grace. Now do you understand the difference between mercy and grace is an important difference. Every christian needs to understand. Mercy says you don't get what you deserve. Mercy said I. Since I have been, eric was a sinner, and since I have been and the wages of sin is death, mercy said you are not going to get what you deserve. Eternal death. Grace says you are going to get what you didn't earn. I are missing this thing. In other words, you need grace and mercy. Murphy says, I don't get a, I don't have a place in the lake of fire. Grace says, I have a place in a new jerusalem And here's where it meets. It meets at the door. There's a place of grief, a place of judgment. 5 pillars. Why? Because 5, if the number in the bible, many biblical new morality say this, they say that 5 represent the number that represents grace in the bible. I couldn't find a direct reference, but I did find this as a 9 in verse 6, a verse that even even is recited during christmas cartoon. I had 96 us, for unto us a child is born unto us. A son is given, the government shall be upon his shoulder. And the bible here gives 5 names for this the, the, the, the prophecy of the unborn. Yet christ jesus gives 5 names and I believe for the 5 pillars or you could apply them to the 5 pillars. The 1st name is what wonderful. The 2nd name for jesus, counsellor, the 3rd, the mighty god, the 4th, the everlasting father. And the 5th. The prince. Of peace for those who doubt the divinity of christ, i don't know how they make sense of isaiah 9 in verse 6. This speaks to the fact that the door is the divine christ. He's wonderful. He's a counselor. Have you ever been in need? Been at a low point and needed some counseling. I tell you you've never met a counselor like jesus is the mighty god, the everlasting father, and the prince of peace. He is the door john, 17 through 9. Says it like this. Then said jesus unto them again, verily i sent you. I am the door of the sheep. All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers, but she did not hear them. I am the door by me. If any man enter in he shall be saved. And so I'll go in and out and find a pasture powerful. We establish that where god would show up when times of difficulty happened. Like when marry him. And aaron, question moses is prophetic stance and his leadership and his marriage choices. When the children of israel were in trouble for other reasons, at the door, god would show up Why would show up there? Because it was there that the 1st bit of judgement would take place. The priests couldn't go into the whole, enter the holy police until they had gone through some things until they had cleared up some things. James, $58.00 and $9.00 says, but be also patient. Stablish your hearts for the coming of the Lord, dr. Nigh and look at verse 9, grudge, not one against another, just like marion. And aaron, brethren less, g b condemned. The judge stands where before the door prophetically, church, we are standing before the door. Prophetically we're standing before the door because we are living in a time of judgment. We'll talk more about that later on. We are also standing at the time of the soon coming of christ. Remember if, if the brazen altar represents the cross and the labor rest, a represents the resurrection to the disciples after the resurrection, they hoped every day of the rest of their live, that they would see jesus coming in the clouds of glory. They were praying and hoping every day that they would see the 2nd coming of christ. It is that the door that the hope and the promise of the 2nd coming becomes alive for the Church of christ. And let me take up in church. Standing at the door prophetically, matthew chapter 24 verse 6. And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars see that she be not troubled. For all these things must come to pass, but the end is what? Not yet. The nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there shall be what famines and pestilence is an earthquakes in divers places. Verse 8 is the most startling of them all. All these are the what just the beginning of sorrows. I want you to understand that here we stand as a church right here. And Matthew, 24638, deaf, 6 having been properly fulfilled in the, in the century of wars. That was the last century world war, one world war to vietnam. The, the war and places like the democratic republic of the congo last century was a brutal, bloody war. What tens of a hundreds of thousands lost the allies and the landscape of the world was changed. It has been, the property is not only been stated, it has been fulfilled, gone more of them, but even now we're dealing with war. We pulled out of afghanistan recently And here I think this one is from one of the big news agencies they say for reasons potential taliban take over and africa, ghana stan matters to the world. And all of a sudden we're back at the twenty's plus years of war and a half gonna stand. It says if overnight it never even happened. Things are moving right back to where they were prophetically this world is so unstable. You've got to get this church. It's so unstable that you are going to continue to see conflict and pressures right now. It seems like the world of that piece, but I can, I can tell you, we are not that far away. It wouldn't take much for china to move militarily or even russia and the United States don't see it. We are in a time of tension between the nation. We are also, as I said, pestilence, we are seemingly in a never ending pandemic. In June, the numbers started to plummet, and everybody began to unmask and everything opened up. And now it looks like the pandemic from like 67 months ago in much of the country. And in fact, especially in the South where the states like louisiana and florida are count for like I think the majority of the coven hospitalizations now texas, if you throw it in as in there as well, I can tell you in my own family and in my own life, just recently, some of my good friends have been hospitalized. Some of my relatives hospitalized with this virus. It is as if this pandemic does not want to end. And we read to you late last year from, from the spirit of prophecy. Where since the white says that the enemy himself messes with nature Now we face variance delta, gamma and lambda. It's also been a summer of fires. We're talking prophecy. Now. The siberian wildfires inside barea, russia, i don't know, get warm enough and inside beer you have a fire. The siberian wildfires now bigger than all other fires in the world combined is a satellite map showing you how much the smoke is covering the earth. Talking properly, i'm telling you that we are at the door. Greek island is the new episode of europe, summer of calamity, and I cut off the picture, but even in grief, fires, arranging, devastating wildfires of 2021, our breaking records and satellites of tracking it all we are watching as never before. It is wildfires in serbia. Normally when we talk wildfires you think california The whole world is seeing fires come up like never before. And of course it's all tied to climate change july the world's hottest month ever recorded. So if you'd only want to believe the bible, that the world is in trouble and the world has an endpoint, maybe you choose to believe the secular folk. And scientists who are also at the saying that the world is at a bring. And we'll talk about that more here in a 2nd. The rising floods, remember, we're at the door, summer of floods and this is in China. And of course, there were some the deli down by the around the World and man is carrying a child to, to flooded waters in Europe. Floods destroy, killed at least $120.00 dead. And I want you to notice how these stories come from all over the world. And an answer to that pope is urging politicians to take drastic measures on climate change from the pope frances, the earth de messages warns we are at the edge on climate change. And in fact, the cry is that we need a climate miracle now. One report says we found that biden and pope frances could make a climate change miracle. One of the things that have been floated for advantage this is relevant is the idea of an environmental sabbath. In one day a week, probably a Sunday would be chosen to close down businesses, shut down, travel, so that we spared a carbon relief on that day. Church we are at the door and we will see more of this that will become more and more powerful in its, in its ramifications. But if we're at the door, that means a time for us to serve. And if it's time for us to serve, we go back the 1st peter to inverse 9 says, but you are chosen generation. A royal priesthood, a holy nation. You are a peculiar people. Now that doesn't mean that we are weird. It means we are different that we're set apart. The priests were not allowed to drink alcohol. The priests had to be sober. They had to carry themselves a certain way because they had to dress to do their duties in a certain way. I want to submit to you that as a nation, a chosen people, as a royal priesthood, there is a reason the world is trying so hard to intoxicate. That's what a bible says over and over and over again. Be sober. Be vigilant, your adversary, the devil. Walk about like a roaring lion seeking who may devour. That's why there was a cry to be sober to be sober to be sober. Because when the frontal lobe of your brain is washed over by alcohol, as it is metabolized in the brain, we are then in a state where we don't reason well and salvation. As I've said before from isaiah want to verse 18. Salvation is an exercise in reasoning. Come, let us reason together, says the Lord, though your sins be a scarlet, shall be white as snow. If you can't think straight, if you can't reason, if you are not peculiar in this generation, if you're not different from everyone else when I'm at work every time things get stressful. You know what people say? I need a drink Every Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock. I'm glad when I get stressed and I need a little time with my lord. I found the day that all the intoxicants in the world cannot do what a relationship with jesus christ. Can you see one of his titles was prince of peace. Some don't have peace in life and they think they can smoke. We to get it. I went in to see a patient this week, a young young lady in our 20th and. And when I walked into the room, I thought I was at a bob marley's concert in 1975. I mean the smell of we will waive into the whole clinic words. You have coven, and, and I walk into how much do you smoke? And I couldn't even hold it. She's like, I don't smoke much just once a day And I explained to her, yeah, this will not only make you make bad decisions. They don't tell you that marijuana also because it's anti inflammatory, reduces some aspects of your immune system. So if you're really worried about coven smoking weed, probably one of the worst things you could do. We are to be different. We don't celebrate intoxication. We don't celebrate unrighteousness. The depravity of this world. You have been called to be a priest in the house of the living god. At the last message, I talked about the fact that at the labor we have the opportunity to go from center to priest. To be a priest means a different believe I to a set apart. You can call them and I'm so glad god gives us not just the calling. He gives us the power to be what he has asked us to be That we can proclaim to others. The praises of him will call us out of the darkness into this marvellous light is a revelation says about our priest that revelation chapter one verse 5 through 7. And from jesus christ was faith, who is the faithful witness and the 1st forgotten of the dead. And the prince of the kings of the earth on to him that loved us and washed us from our sins and his own blood there the labor and have made us kings and priests unto god his father. To him be glory and dominion for ever and ever in the blood of christ in being washed in his blood, you have been made kings and queens and priests in christ. You don't live like everybody else lives on earth. The sacrifice that he made means that we have chosen a different way to live. We don't watch the film the world watches or listen to the same music world. Listen to you, been cold out, You've been made a priest. Look at where it transitions to transition from the symbolism of the labor and the washing that a priest which we went. We were talking about to the 2nd coming 7 behold, he come in with crowds and every i shall see him meet. You mentioned that earlier and every i shall see him, and they also, which pierced him and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him, even so amen. It switches from europe being caught, becoming a priest to the su, coming of our lord. Ah, you have been called at such a time as this To go into the rural reaches of thailand and bring the gospel to children who might not ever know christ. Jesus, you've been called on your job to live as a christian. So other people will ask when this place is going to kick off and mess, how do you stay so so personable, so kind so. Com you can share as a priest the life of christ. Jesus you made called in your house. Matter what's going on in your family. You've been called to be a priest and to lift up the life of christ jesus there. To be a priest. Means i've got to take off my old clothing. The clothing of my own depravity. My sin, my past life. I've got to take it off and a priest is called to put on new clothing. What did the priest where exit is 289. Sorry. $39.00 to $41.00. And it says, and I shall embroider the coat of fine linen now, so I'll make the mitre of fine linen, and I'll make the girdle of needlework. And here's where we come in. And for aaron sons, thou shalt make coast fine linen now to make for them. Girdles and bonnets shalt thou make for them for glory and for what? Don't miss this church. The symbolism of what the priest we'll talk later on. We get the most holy place about what the high priest war and all of its symbolism. But you as a priest also have something where you have to wear a linen coat and a girdle. You also have to put something on your head, all of it made of fine linen. It all represents what the righteousness of whom of christ. You remember the story of the prodigal when a prodigal son is walking back, barely probably able to walk, tired, mouth, nourish, beaten down. Having spent all of his money that his father gave him, his entire inheritance wasted. He had been eating the slot, the pigs ate at the staggering, barely making it down the walkway to his father's estate. His daddy is waiting on the porch. Can you imagine looking out, hoping every day to see his son return, he didn't have phone. He couldn't shoot him a text than a pig pen and ask him how he was doing. I couldn't look him up on Facebook. He had to wait and hope. And when his father saw him coming The Walking. But the father comes running. Can you imagine when it gets to his son and he sees a dirty co, then the stench of pigs, the sweat on him, his emaciated being the father does not want anyone to see his ear in this condition. So what does the father do? Go and get my room And that is what is put on his sinful son. Church. If you understood the meaning of this one, when you come to christ, it's his robe he puts on you with his righteousness that covers you. No matter how far into sin you ever sunk, no matter how bad you ever live, no matter how far down into the muck of the pig pen, your legs went. No matter how fully off betty was without puffs that a big st. You get back to your father. He throws a robe on you to cover the mess that you were. Again, that's why I'm a christian. I love the fact that I get to put on a rule. You're going to see that when we go into the holy place is there is there things that we as priests are to do? But as a teacher, here's what acts 20 in verse 28 says. It says take heed, therefore unto yourself. And to all the flock over the which the holy ghost has made you over the years to feed the Church of god, which he have purchased with his own blood. You haven't called every one of us has been called. Just as the apostles were cold. You've been made, oversee as by a holy ghost As our job to feed the church that was purchased by his blood. Peter says it like this, talking about the judgment, the way the priests were had they had to be. You couldn't just walk into a holy place. They, they had that there was an inspection that happened for the time has come. That judgment must begin at the house of god. And if it 1st begin at us, what shall the N be of them that obey not the gospel of got to be the 1st and the judgment of the good thing? I didn't know it is growing up. It's a good thing because you see when jesus comes, he says, behold i come in my, what my reward is with me. The 1st people to get a reward of the 1st people get judge and that 1st reward is a ride to the new jerusalem. It is eternal life. Well, peter goes on, he says, and if the right just scarcely be saved. Where sally ungodly and the sinner appeared. He says, listen, even the righteous are said by the blood of christ scarcely said, because the whole time that a father is trying to put the rope on the prodigal. Probably trying not to accept it. Me tell you something We've been given a privilege to know this precious truth versus 1900. We're 4. Let them that suffer according to the will of god, commit the keeping of their souls to him in Well doing. As unto a faithful creator, you have been called. And every day when you get up, you are not to just remain in the courtyard. You're not supposed to just stay there dealing with your pass in and dealing with the fact that you've been walk, you ought to get up and spend time with god. Analyze. Just so on. The men in the role of a coat of the priest, you're supposed to leave your house as a pre going into the world to, to serve as a share. Watch this. That is something that must happen, not just daily, not even hourly. But as we go through the day moment by moment, we ought to re consecrate our fails to God. You can see in the next one of these that we do a god, supplies what we need to be priests and gives us instruction as to how we ought to be a benefit to this world. God didn't call you entered his marvel is like to sit on the bench or worst that in the stands. He called you to get on a court to be involved in ministry spirit, a prophecy, testimonies for the church volume to those who are living amid the perils of the last days days which are characterized by the masses, turning from the truth of god to fables will have close work to turn from fables will have close work to turn from the fables which are prepared for them on every hand, and have an appetite to feast upon unpopular truth. Those who turn from these fables to truth are despised, hated and persecuted by those who are presenting fables to the people for their reception sake and is at war with the remnant who are endeavoring to keep the commandments of god and the testimony of jesus. Evil angel, our commission to employ men as their agents upon earth. These can the most successfully exert these can the most successfully exert an influence to make statements, attacks effective against the remnant who god calls a chosen generation. A royal priesthood, a holy nation. A peculiar people that you should show for the praises of him was called you out of darkness into this, into his marvellous light. This satan is determined to hinder. He does not want you to be a priest. He will employ everyone, will engage in his service to hinder the chosen people of god from showing for the praises of him was called them from darkness into his marvellous light. To hide, to cover up this light to cause people to this trusted to disbelieve it is the work of the great rebel and his host. While jesus is purifying his people unto himself, redeeming them from all iniquity, satan will employ his forces to hinder the work and prevent the perfection of the thing. He does not exert his power upon those who are all covered up with deception and what, and walled in by fables and error and will make no effort to receive and obey the truth. He knows he is sure of them watch this church. But those who are seeking for truth that they may obey it in the love of it, are the ones who excite his malice and stir his eyer. He can never weaken them while they keep close to jesus. Therefore, he is pleased when he can lead them in a course of disobedience. You church have been called the reason that venice we keep the 7th day sabbath, was by recognizing the truth of the commandments. And committing our lives to being fatal, not in our own strength, but by the power of christ jesus. As we follow him and do what he says, do power is heaped upon us to be even more faithful. His grace and mercy are magnified and alive as we say. We will stay firm and true to what our father requires of us. Aaron and miriam, and to learn his lesson the hard way. Numbers 12 in verse 11, and aaron said unto moses, alas, my lord a minute ago, he wasn't ready to be. We don't know why, god only speaks to him. But now aaron is a listen, my lord. I beseech the lay not the sin upon us wherein we have done foolishly and wherein we have sinned. Let her not be as one dead. Aaron start to plead for assistance out. Imagine aaron, pretty scared at this point. You don't get leprosy. Do you like look moses fix that? Please, brother, I don't want I think coming off on me, Let me not be as one dead of whom the flesh is half consumed when he comes out of his mother's womb. Don't allow this to happen to our 5th moses. And moses cried unto the Lord. This is why most is most of it allow the folk would have been like, listen, you should have been talking about my woman get what you deserve. Leave my woman alone. I got a good woman moses, i know he takes it straight to God and he said, he's hard now. Oh God, I beseech the moses, he holds no breads against this. Is there a family that can you let me? I'll never come together. We are not whole grudges moses plead for his sister like we ought to plead for our brothers and sisters, please The god for their healing. Lord said unto moses, if her father had but spit in her face, should she not be ashamed, 7 days listen. If she had insulted her, earthly father, wouldn't she be living in? Would she be shamed in the congregation she just insulted? Or for earthly father? god's eliza let her be shut out from the camp for 7 days. And after that, she can come in and be received again. Number's 12 in verse 15 says like this and marry him was shut out from the camp 7 days. And here's why this is important. And the people journeyed not till miriam was brought in. Again, the entire movement of the children of israel stopped when one who was opposed to function in a way to please god like we ought to function as priests and kings in the house of god. When marian slipped up and had to be punished, no one could move. The lesson from this story is That when we collectively want a move, as a church, we move together. We. We call on god's name for one another. We plead to God for one another. We're going to talk about that when we get into the holy place, when talking about the, the altar of incense. But I want to submit to you that there is a requirement for the christian to always be pleading on behalf of others. Even those who don't like you, even those who despise you, is he that is the office of the priest. It is the sacrifice your own, earthly fleshly sensibilities. To be a person of humility and meekness. Like moses. That is the calling of jesus christ. Makes no sense. You spend years mad at an ex mad, a parent matter, a former boss, a coworker, you can let all of that go. You can forgive them, but you can go even further. You can call on the name of the Lord for them. And I forget, i told you the story that how when I was in high school, I went to a school where they there were a lot of neo nazi than a lot of racism. They swastika, could the synagogue that was built across the street from my high School. And I was regularly called racial epa, racial derogatory terms So bad, even some of the teachers are joining An anger. I've told you this before in anger, i became more of a black nationalist Until god led me out of that. So glad god taught me less than I think he taught mariam and aaron here and that is skin is temporary. What's pride, marian put in our skin, it was quickly leprous and I had to learn that less than that god is not a respect of person. God isn't concerned with the color of your skin. He's concerned with the content of your character. And I'll never forget. I was right and through north, East north west, Georgia going over a hill and my mother's old cutlass sierra had driven from Miami, on my way to oakwood college, to return to school. My brother david and I were in a car and I was right in my friends teddy and leon. Those guys were in cars in front of us. That will cut the sierra. I don't think I don't know if they make them anymore, but I would never buy one. And that thing was going up the hill like chitty chitty bang bang. Didn't know was go make it. It was making all kinds of noises and sounds and groaning and utterings. It was one of those ga days when it rains and was like someone turned on a faucet. So my friends took off and again we didn't have cell phones that I took off. They just, they took off ahead of me, I got to the top of that hill church. And that car died. I got excited because I knew how to started in such a situation, but I did it too fast. And I heard the engine make a sound like a plane, had hit a wall, boom. And then I just saw smoke. Here I am in the woods of Georgia, trying to pick a shortcut. My friends have left me, my brother sit next to me. Rain is fallen. I'm sure to rain like noah saw And I'm sitting in the car. I'm in Raleigh, georgia. All the stuff from high school comes flooding back. I'm sure we finished. And just on time, a pickup truck comes up behind us. I don't remember actually seeing a gun in the back window, but I would say there was one there. And I bowed my head and I prayed as a lord help us while I was there praying there was a knock on the glass. Not a car was so messed up. I couldn't even one down the window, the electrical electric window system messed up. So at the open the door in the rain to talk to a young white gentleman and I thought for sure was probably there to tell me I need to get out of town. But you know, he said to me, he says, looks like you guys could use some help With 2 young white men in that truck behind me. They got out of the car and did what my, my neither myself nor my brother could do then nor. Now they've got the car to run again And I was able to drive that car down the other side of the Hill to a phone booth. Call my mother who called tripoli, and got that car towed all the way from there to huntsville, alabama, where I saw my friends had asked them, do they not miss the fact that we were no longer behind them? A close with that story for this reason. Tell you that god has pre saul over the police. Those 2 young men have no idea how to turn changed my world view. I submit to you and I bet you if I could go back and ask them. Those are to christian young men. I submit to you that this is what we are called to be the salt of the earth. We ought to be there to lend a helping hand to go above and beyond to show the love of christ. Even when it seems it makes no sense to put on the white linen garment and stand before the door, knowing that jesus is about to return. That judgment is about to begin for on this planet. It's our job to be the light. I submit to you today. That is an awesome responsibility. But it is also an awesome privilege. Let's pray, father, god, we thank you for the great story and numbers. Chapter 12 of aaron marian. And moses moses as e V. O P and wife lord, we ask that the meekness and humility was found in moses would be found in US a braille order. We would each now stand up to the calling that has been put on us, the calling to be priests, a royal priesthood, kings and priests in your house. Fit lord to judge during the millennium, even the fallen angels. Pray, lord, have none of us take this responsibility lightly, that we prepare ourselves for the work that you have for us. The Lord we want to finish the work here on earth and go this is our prayer and jesus is pressing and holding the church, say men name. This media was brought to you by audio purse. A website dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. For if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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