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Sacred Responsibility for Bible Memorization

Dan Vis



  • May 28, 2010
    11:30 AM
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for me thank you so much for your work we thank you for the Bible the power it has in our lives wisdom and instruction it gives us and we pray Lord as we study the Scriptures this morning that you would grant us a rich measure of your Holy Spirit that you'd make things simple and clear that you make just the right impressions make the riots influence our hearts we thank you pray this in Jesus amen talk about Bible memorization I suppose in some ways I'm kind of preaching to the choir so to speak about ask most of you it is not Bible memorization was a good thing I'm sure most of you probably raise your hand inside a bottle of memorization is important you know that when we have the word that internalized it helps us to make decisions were faced with a choice in the verse just flashes right into her mind just the right time or maybe some of Alaska's a question and the Holy Spirit has a beautiful way of negative flashes the verse to answer their question writing drama or maybe praying and ever wrestling with God promise will come to our mind to strengthen our faith but maybe we're dealing with some temptation of birth to this flash into my just exactly the words we need to resist that temptation probably all of us recognize that memorization is a positive and helpful thing but what I'd like to suggest this morning is not just the Bible memorization is a blessing that is beneficial but that it's actually commanded in Scripture and so I'd like to do is trace are the path right now beginning to get to the Bible just look at various places where the Bible talks about importance and the need for the memorization of Scripture I hope that our commitments to memorization will be deepened his welding is a good idea another thing to be committed to memorization and no sometimes I think we haven't a maximum on this idea that it's just one good activity among many new sort of pick and choose which one you want project to be want to be involved in or maybe sometimes will say something like that plus is those that have a good memory but if you're like name on it reasonably but doesn't apply to me or manuals there's something I'd like to do one of these days maybe I'll get around to it maybe I started in the past but a kind of drifted away one of the Logan act know what happened we chew to another command men of God like the Sabbath the same way it is a great day to keep the Sabbath when you want to pick another day or do something different two or I guess it's convenient here is easy for you to get this out but then you keep the commandment is not and will know that's okay doesn't like you or one of these days I like to keep the Sabbath do right now it doesn't fit in my life or doesn't work for me so one of these days work we treated the Sabbath the same way I like to suggest that if we willingly come to the place where we understand what the Bible really teaches about Bible memorization the importance of hiding God 's word and heart all of these excuses and things that we use for not memorizing will just vanish away and not ask us to do it then we can have every confidence of supply the power that we need to be successful in a memorization validity of the reasons why I believe Bible memorization is actually commanded in the Bible first one is that in the Old Testament we see repeatedly instruction to hide God 's Word in our hearts will mail you your Bibles I hope you didn't come to I do not apply will we need our support here gentlemen your Bibles to the Deuteronomy others give you a few examples there's many many verses we can look at the time to look at all of them that will cover a few maybe Deuteronomy chapter six starting with verse four may remember Jesus was once asked which commandment in all the law was the most important and this is actually the verse that he quoted Deuteronomy six verse four and five zero Israel the Lord our God is one Lord and I felt like the Lord thy God with all my heart with all my soul involved by my and others ready next verse and these words which I command thee this day shall beware in thine heart Anthony Gonzalez in the next person I saw keeps them diligently to your children talk to them when you when you sit down when you rise up when you're walking when you are constantly talking about how can we constantly teach the word of God others unless we have a first internalized this is a zero one oh love God with all your heart the way we do that is to change the things he's given us in his word and hide in her heart lay them up in our heart and then we can talk about them constantly every situation every opportunity to learn and I just constantly coming into our minds the command to memorize structures actually directly linked with legumes that was the very most important man in the Darvon to love God with all of our heart with all of our soul with all of our minds and bewildered that he gives us were going to hide in our hearts because we love God some members just a few chapters later Deuteronomy chapter eleven Jen just a quick survey look at Deuteronomy chapter eleven verse eighteen therefore the Bible for as cellular letting these my words in your heart and in your soul and find them for a sign upon your hand and they maybe has between your eyes to my word and let up late on Friday inside mark the suggestions of command without wanting to take my word and hiding your heart I noticed that the language human thoughts about finding them on your hand and established between your eyes the design ring any bells in any of your thinking I think I'm in the New Testament revelation may have the seal of God and the hand and in the floor and I want to burden our thoughts and interactions this is a picture really with the end time implications that the very end of time gods going to have the people that allow the weather got this thing so being down and expressed that they cannot be that this is what is talking about and if we had time to study the context of the passage within the context of obeying God so that we can receive the latter rain just reverses that the verses above talking about the latter rain receiving a letter and coming into such oneness with God remember that he can pour out a spirit very important in time passage never Joshua I like this particular Joshua one verse eight in the wrong measure versus but sometimes we discern a skim over them and were not really taking them at face value but they're saying is a wonderful promise here Joshua one verse eight is that the loss out what not depart out of thy mouth was and may not depart out of by mouth it means to have it so internalized that is always there and at the bigger tons of the anytime you needed the versus right there it's right there in your mouth and then in your one in all the loss another part out of my mouth but thou shall meditate therein off day and not constantly now we can meditate for a few moments in the morning we study Bibles may have its pages open many times we stunningly go out when we completely forget what we write about were not thinking about building most of the day without really thinking about Scripture the justice of the law internalizes workable shape inside the Mobile and meditate on Scripture constantly all through the day and noticed that the blessing will be we meditate on it day and night will be a will do according to all that is written therein and God will make our way prosperous and will have good success of anyone who thinks us in your life as a single ride will take and learn and internalize and meditate on a currently applying to every situation of the development the day-to-day situations and the challenges that would make it more constantly meditating on the work that all of the situation in Gaza London to give me the wisdom you need to make the right choices I'm living in his success factors as in Psalms one similar positively delight in the long alert meditate on it it will be successful prospering our window whenever a week fantastic promises to those that will take the word of God and internalized that hide its and their hearts lots of verses like in the book of Psalms chapter one nineteen another few verses frequently help by the way one of the most familiar verses that talk about memorization probably most of the art in heaven memorized sums one nineteen eleven by word have I what is in my heart that I might not sin against the candidate is saying when we find God 's Word in our hearts it gives us power to resist temptation in fact a few verses later seeing I will meditate in thy precepts our respect and I was at university in our delight myself unless that you will not what forget in fact if you really looking Psalms one nineteen is one chapter you'll find seven times the writer said I'm not going to forget your work I'm not going to forget your judgments are not going to forget your precepts verse ninety three is one of my favorite of those seven I will never forget by precept through with them the past Quicken reminded me we want revival while the way God is able to revive us is when we take the word of God and internalized it when we refuse to forget the principles of his word and in the teachings of the word when those things are deeply rooted in the hearts that brings about revival in the life many more verses a course in the book of Psalms turned quickly to the book of Proverbs is Proverbs chapter seven Proverbs chapter seven beginning with verse one my son keep my words and what layout my commandments with thee there is again take my word shape and hang onto them laying them up inside so no one can take them from you keep my commandments and live in my law as the apple of line art dynamo my fingers write them on the table of one hundred is again bubbling underneath Vanessa speaking the word of God is the apple of thine eye I looked at one time I remember reading somewhere that were interesting that word that we have translators out a King James Bible and original Hebrew is an idiom a little expression they used and to translate it literally would mean me to say it keep God 's law is the little man of VI the little man of the of the in her will was summoning you are looking closely you actually see yourself reflected in there I never had that expense level is talking about wanting to my lost soul will and I actually see yourself reflected the window through different circumstances in different situations and that is why they are constantly in the forefront of our thinking and rain situation every word every whenever the word is kindly given us back messages about what to do is download or hand is written on the tables are related stories were keeping its online at few chapters back Proverbs chapter four Proverbs what with all through the book of Proverbs as well just give me just a few the verses Proverbs four four exam they also assented to meet let thine heart retain my words not just read it once and forget about retaining to keep it let thy heart rate change my words keep my commandments and live get wisdom get understanding forget it not neither decline from the words of my mouth and then a few verses later verse thirteen take fast folding instruction let her not go why for she is my life who God is our life that we have a loose hold on the word of God in some a label to take it from us it cost us our old Dustin is a little Bible is getting us this picture that we absolutely have to have the word of God we have to haven't internalized map that I want up inside you that such a firm grip on it and no one can take it from they may rest of the negatives in a prison cell it may take away a Bible to look in a situation with enemy at the Word of God has to be inside that's a lie it's a life and death as a way to the hotel before that Proverbs chapter two not to go off on a tangent but there is a so many connections between Bible memorization and end time prophecies I wish we had time to go into more detail look at Proverbs Chapter two verse one my son if you will receive my words and what high my commandments with me there is again not just memorize memorize in a certain way continues so that thou incline my ear to wisdom apply her heart and is anywhere for memorizing specifically in such a way that were crying out to God to give us insight into what it means now applies to our life we cry after knowledge and that the prevalence understanding we sinkers and research restaurant and treasure verse one and verse five then shalt thou understand what the fear the Lord and find the knowledge of God is the fear the Lord important off to the brain the lessons are living in saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to the on-air thing with a loud voice what they're die and for how many years and we've been preaching the dangers messages their God-given glory to him and maybe we haven't shown them how to have that experience is when we internalize the word of God is like giving God a voice and we were doing this and doing out in the word of God is constantly flashing a mic like a sense of the very presence of God as the fear of God 's awareness that God sees everything that we can understand every thought in her mind of reaction everywhere and on the right and having the word of God internalizing the list to connect our daily life with the will and presence of God well I'm going all Elizabeth 's all-important minimizes the course in the Old Testament Job twenty two twenty two received by printing the law is not the layup his words in my heart Psalms forty eight I don't like to do thy will my guide in our law is within my heart Jeremiah thirty one thirty three to become an element of the house of Israel after those days ago I will put my law in our heart and mind so I write that in many many other verses all over again we find in the Old Testament God is I want my word in your heart not just in the pages of the Bible not just on a bookshelf not even just studying it occasionally but in turn ally internalized and I look to the Old Testament I've not even a shadow of a doubt that God is giving us clear instructions about what he wants us to do with his work he wants us to take it and memorize laid up stored inside right on it whatever word or expression you want to use it clear as first reason I'm convinced the Bible teaches we should memorize Scriptures the second not only taught in the Old Testament also taught in the New Testament uses different expression of her words but the same concept the same principle is found in the New Testament to admit for example the book of first Thessalonians first Thessalonians chapter five verse authorities chapter five verse twenty one a familiar verse the same concept the same idea also has noticed biggest opening first Thessalonians chapter five word beautiful sound is not first Thessalonians chapter five verse twenty one Abiola says prove all things and what holds I balance is good so when we hear something worthless to spend it on and find out whether not he agrees with the word of God and it is in harmony with the word of God we need to have it held fascinating internalizing needs and knowledge by the lady not that expressing the holdfast means I looked it up just this morning I fill in my easement program the word could take all or something like that I'm not a Greek scholar it means to seasons the assets to retain its to retain and what is the need to retain to remember to have inside our minds fortified with the fact that in your King James Bible to have a King James Bible the disbursement instructor fifteen this is exactly the same great expression the same word can take up found in first twenty fifteen verse one notice that translates a Dominican Gingrich actually says hold fast in the seventeen gains translate this particular verse moreover brethren I declare you the gospel which I preach in you which also he received the money spent by which also ye are saved if you what keep in memory what I did another offer that up again in the gospel I preached the gospel to you but I have to stay in the memory and the whole faster learning as I prove all things that would do anything for Lewinsky and memory that which was when Paul is writing to Timothy in second Timothy one thirteen is helpful to ask that they will work with Joss for anything keep in memory the faithful were when designing the highest and Titus one nine the form of sound words that you may be able to review with sound doctrine is thinking and memory the form of sound words think locked up in the I was sorry and always available always labeling the heart of your experience keep it locked up the book of Revelation Revelation chapter do not show that several times in the book Revelation the same expression revelation June twenty five but almost all the churches have the same counsel last Revelation chapter two verse twenty five but that which you have already hold fast till I come notice Revelation chapter three verse eleven behold I come quickly hold that fast is the same as the same expectancy in memory what you have and by the way what does it suggest what happened if we don't keep it in if we don't hold fast what is a verse eleven beholds I come quickly hold that fast which I have that no man take your crew and I know it's a life-and-death issue of the hospital of his juniors afloat backfilling of yours and we have to hang onto the word of God is silent trial coming a time of testing is coming to every person is evidently tested to see whether or not hanging on the word of God for dear life when the word got internalized we need it inside we need to have a son no one can take it from in this theme again is just repeated many places in the New Testament Paul said that the word of Christ dwell in you richly in first John SS interior amenities are strong because the word of God abide in you him examples finally he was the one that will give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard lest at any time we should let them slip out healing is something and then we get it later have to go back over the same gun again and again and again because we didn't internalize them to memorize the accident the Old Testament teaches we should lay upward about the New Testament teaches we should hide the word of God will not hold fast to his third reason I wanted to as the Jesus commanded us to memorize Scripture shows up actually in it very unusual place maybe what you would expect to see it given in Matthew chapter twenty eight the last couple versus that of the book we call the great commission sure you've all read these verses before and maybe studied them but I think we've overlooked one of the critical components to the great commission 's Jesus just before a fence to have any feeling his church their work their task their duty Matthew twenty eight starting in verse eighteen Jesus came and spake and I'm saying all power is given and to me in heaven and earth are you thankful for that I think the power available to us and we can tap into in our Christian experience in our efforts to memorize Scripture a thankful that his divine power to help you do this to help you make insistence in your reviewing and in your perseverance and member are you thankful unthankful and in the instruction verse nineteen go therefore empty as always in the summer as I go therefore and make disciples of all nations is probably a better translation duplex there baptizing them in the name of the father the son Holy Ghost and the second part is that it doesn't have been baptized teaching them to observe all things whether I commanded you and of course the great Harding promised low I'm with you always even to the end of the world but not as a class the task is to make disciples and that involves evangelism drinking the gospel calling people decision and baptism as a symbol of our representation about and then there's also the part of the discipling of the training which is teaching them to observe all things that Christ taught I want to notice very carefully it doesn't say teaching them all things whatsoever I have commanded you how much would that be should you thought the twelve disciples and three nanometers I thought of Milan he is with them constantly twenty four hours a day seven days ligament in walking or traveling to the constantly together thought them lessons about every aspect of life at the interneurons I wanted to make disciples and I think he said everything I thought you wanted to have that within man but actually is only one thing that hasn't changed is never changed it to something with all the things that you thought would examine that you can do teaching them to observe all things another way to every baptized Christian that joined our church everyone can be taught one thing the one thing we could teach them to do it how to observe the things that Jesus commanded them not aware that found where he is teaching found while it's right here in the Bible right and is not just Matthew Mark Luke and on the whole Bible Genesis to Revelation the teachings of crisis the word of Christ in us this is when he baptized them and when you bring in him the meaning of each without observed the things that I commanded what is the means you observe the things that are written in the word of God some versions of Treadwell translated as okay but if you look at the Greek word does not mean all day very clear it's a Greek word to real enemies harder to keep up I looked it up again just this morning to keep your eye on to prevent from escaping to cars implies a fortress of all the strong dictionary of fortress keep your eyes fixed on it to guard it to make sure you don't escape under any circumstances that the idea is that I wanted to make disciples and teach another God how to keep their eyes fixed on my work how to make sure that list no matter what to become a fortress and were losing a lot of people to come into the church because they're not taught how to do this they come in they hear the gospel later evangelistic series of lots of information that they haven't really thoroughly internalized that really grinds that they decided and exposed it made sense at the time the mechanization and something happens Megan is currently stop attending whenever I presented on this John speculated that partly preached the gospel we call our decision-making AP agreement is baptized but then we didn't follow through and teach them how to observe after to raise out of gone out of old fast to the word of God it exactly examples of how this word is used is not just a page to Matthew twenty seven the same exactly where it is used here that's found in the great commission the one thing we should teach every new believer twenty seven hundred and four this is a view this on the cross verse fifty four now when this integer in and then it will get them with the next work watching Jesus that's the word that's the great work this ensuring an assault of their watching Jesus observing Jesus out were they there to obey Jesus that what the guards were there to do without their responsibility like if you need something it is whatever he has to do just do it therefore I genus to make sure that under no circumstances he somehow not that cross the disciples came and tried to listen why they are allowed to disable to cost them their life than a death sentence to them of Jesus Gates of the garden became an administrator in the letter will happen Jesus stayed right there across this post by the way what happened as they fixed their eyes on Jesus did have an impact on these men knows rest of the verse zero watching it when I saw the earthquake and all the things that happened they are greatly saying surely this was the son of God and of the Bible by beholding we become changed by meditating on Scripture constantly day and night it has an impact on her life on her character we become transformer and is and want you to fix your eyes among what I want you to lock your focus your attention among the author that they were having our whatever you're doing you can be constantly meditating on Scripture the life-and-death issue in any list telepathy is your day without the word of God not a great risk another example acts chapter sixteen the same exact records accused the information to sixteen percent twenty three Mrs. Paul and Silas they were Philippi they had been arrested thrown into prison number the story verse twenty three same great word is used here to Rio same one used there in the great commission nothing worked it seems every new believer gives us a picture of what Jesus was saying asked sixteen verse twenty three when they had made many stripes upon them they cast him into prison charging the jailer to what keep them safely at the same or will they get out there and it will be there to just take care of whatever Paula Silas 's needs my video they want something in your something to drink in the nearby greatest athlete of the seller idea was that idea was to make sure those men stayed in that prison and somehow they escaped jail to recognize that it was life and death for him in fact member they started singing praises and not the earthquake and other the doors open and the shackles came off and the gel like a running of any thought they'd escaped and went into that I've fail to keep them that I am allowed to stay I'm under penalty of death he forgot his stories Varitek is only a lawyer find intervened rather the last visit no roster you're not hurt yourself anywhere if you eliminate losing his life he recognizes the life-and-death issue whether he kept them locked up in a prison cell I think this is exactly what Jesus was trying to communicate there in the great commission that we need to take the things he's commanded us and locked them up in our mind so firmly that no one can take them from us and have only lost about how do we fix our focus on environmental I constantly am the Lord of jealousy only way we can do that how do you him through when you are not the line nine your just dozing off to sleep over anyway in the morning just before you go about your business and you still awake and anyone entering your mind to you you have to have inside has to be infringing on the hearts and for example they quickly sent to the Jews because Jews verse six talking about the fallen angels same exact words used in the great commission is found during this verse Jude one verse six angels which kept not their first estate is upon Angels but left their own habitation he has what reserves in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the greater where the need to be reserved in chains already putting change why would a metal bars on a prison cell around all so they could detect whether supposed to be in the same idea saying that I want them up and keep it locked up inside so it stands were exposed to me don't let it go the S L O member statement and in the selected messages that everything that the offender is one object in view to read that truth in their minds that he might attend everlasting I went into minute something again on that kind of metal on metal are soldered together they're not coming apart everything that he is just to the subject it was dejection so deep into the heart that nothing could tear apart from Jesus clearly gave us instructions to teach every new believer how to observe how to hold fast Taliban are added to radio the word of God in fact this is one of the the primary lessons do this was trying to communicate to the missiles just before I went to the cross turn with me quickly do the book of John chapter fourteen ten chapter fourteen very familiar verse verse fifteen you know that this is exactly the same way that used in the great commission John fourteen verse fifteen anonymous if you love me what you learning the hard like a manifold last of my commandments locked up my commandments and by the way should never really read verse fifteen without reading or sixteen you don't quite get the sense of the field of me teaching my commandments and I will pray the father you shall give me another company will you want to experiment see my wedlock at my work internalized my work and he promises on their prayer the father needs in a single you want more the Holy Spirit Rodriguez will the Holy Spirit come into her life through the word when we internalize the will of God the Spirit of God comes into our life through the one in Florida that were actually rejecting the initiative if you will me than you I offer you take my word you enjoy your life you harden your heart and I will give you the Holy Spirit that's the powerful disciples didn't really quite get what he was saying is that he comes back again a second time in verse twenty one repeats the same thought again verse twenty one he that has my commandments and what keeps them in exactly the same more than I can never think it's a theater that lets me and you shall be loved of my father and I will love him and will love this promise I will manifest myself to him after the due date my wording you internalize it and I'm going to make myself a real human matter him myself as I Williams being a theory of Christianity just being sort of a formality becomes a living part of our day by day experience with playing in the word that comes to Amman were talking with some of the women that comes to mind when thinking this is the one that comes to mind dealing with temptation when it comes to our mind God is constantly speaking comes with all that they buy they were experiencing at the women were not just that they're not as knowledgeable as information that we been exposed to some point in the past was constantly interactive pastor happens when we internalize the word about God becomes really manifest to be honest I think this is why we're losing so many of our young to go home soon not real in their life does not know the parents I got another character dog is the game they want to know something but if we could just get them into the word of God God with mayonnaise promised he says I'm going to manifest myself to turn away from God when he revealed himself to them when Israel I rejoice in that but that's only want one of the scene God is real and is in exons when we internalize Scripture while this article still being evaluated out yourself that's not to the world in a way talking about twenty two twenty three F third time three times as the Last Supper the last chance to talk with and before the cross great time to get this point across to the engine synonym of a man love me he will keep my words and my father will love him and we will come in them and make our abode with him you'll probably understand God on our side knocking on the door he wants to commit how does he come in until the heart will was there the Lord will you learn about how we comes in some format have a few done outside the work done outside they said I want using my word and I want to come into the enzyme unlike actually comments on this particular versus is in Christ object lessons on page sixty one just the image makes a little addition if a man love me Christ said Iwo Jima was my father will love him we will come in and make our blood within the ones of earth because Redmond is is is the spell of the stronger a perfect mind will be over us what you think that remind us of the mind of Christ the latency as well as the mind of Christ is going to come across how many other minor price is strong of mind and are the perfect line the mind of Christ comes to religion the response of the right wing meditating on Scripture were thinking about the God behind the mind of Christ dispelling the stronger probing mine will be at rest group may have a living connection with the source of all enduring strength what is the source of all injury strength but as I hear the promises of the what about all the power we need like were right here in the word and when we memorize Scripture when we internalized you can establish a connection with that powers led in connection with the source of all enduring strength that goes on we shall be brought into captivity to Jesus Christ Christ will come in 's how does that happen by doing exactly what you listen the great commission go make disciples baptize them teach them to keep each of the guard digit in the hope that they can delay up my words did you lock it up keep there mind fixed on it constantly meditating was Mimi didn't have the mind of Christ Christ when you listen to captivity himself we no longer learn the common life witness another brazenness best but Christ lives in us really living connection with the source of all lingering strength credible promises by the way is an understatement I just have in my notes are from God 's amazing grace page one eighty seven I found this years ago I couldn't really hard to get my mind wrapped around is so powerful listen to Rick short statement as your soul yearns after God you will find there and still more of the insertable riches of his grace as you contemplate these ridges if you are contemplating is that humanity on the descriptors you contemplate these riches you will come into possession of an incredible choice of the word of God if we will internalize those chosen cosmetically utmost to contemplate the meeting will come into possession while to come up with a better promise in the normally meditate and I will definitely meditate on the power got going meditate on the Justice of the aspect and you want any medicine on the web we were actually common to those attributes are the same qualities god will work on his spear into us through his work through his work while running low on time and let me just point you to a couple more passengers were the same artist foundry quickly turn to the book of Revelation chapter twelve for a turning enemy just make a quick comments that God asks us to do him will be successful in all buildings are enabling every command comes with a promise that when you are building God will give the power we can count another time on the practical nuts and bolts of how to memorize how to set up review Susan it's not complicated it helps to have some good tips we can do that by God 's grace he can enable us to memorize successfully I wanted plenty to do a quick resource requirement at a time and a drop my Microsoft and but a a lot of points to great resource on our website if you looking a little bio page it has the website to our website for a fast minister 's W WW fast ST extreme fast Este you go to that website we have a free online crash course in Bible memorization it will take exactly how to use reverse plaque commemorating versus WordPerfect and meditate how to apply out to set up a review system and that's a big key to retaining Scripture well-being we can never forget members get all the livestock and amount to much and as we learn and retain Scripture has to be consistent how to choose versus the importance of accountability all the big keys all Bible -based keys to memorization you can find as much information and also some great software tools everything you have lots of free resources on our site are our memory engine Rent-A-Car generated in this type of references and give you all the causes lots of great resources go to our site if you want to learn how to memorize everything you need is there to get you started is to quit lessons Revelation twelve or seventeen the same exact when using the great commission in China was wrong for the woman went to make war the author seems which will keep the command window I don't think the enemy is all that excited about the fact in the Siberian other things that we do but to make the enemy angry to bring on persecution within hours of all around them the enemy is when God will finally learn what he needs to keep the commandment mamma said Matthew 's loss is a living connection with the source of all enduring strength and power flowing into our life is not an enemy can do that next season the company is in the Hemingway is now the second level the people are on the place of employment right now is writing he's been asleep a little bit longer than I really got to know that I can install it on the line is that okay but once I get a connection that is to become a mother but we shouldn't be afraid to live in a connection he can talk to us and kept us the enemy becomes an array of God 's people finally establish that connection with Pastora you can reproduce it brings messages don't have time wrote a whole book on the plane of messengers and how each of the messages in the three in Revelation fourteen eight of us dreamed of method according is not in the word of God orthogonally means to fear connection with godly counsel here's what the fall of Babylon in the section above on the wall of the truth they're angels message the market meeting is about not having a lot of entire life in her life the lost Angels messages calling us to deeper experience and by and that's what happens when the three Angels messages accomplished their work in the church revelation fourteen verse twelve the same word is used your again here is the patience of the same thing they were in for six thousand years of my same as group of people pronounced him longingly are numbing in the middle looking at her heart die hard enough finally on the people and the patient is definitely one way Morales is finally the people that knew what the commands of God and Jesus Violet is the people that have that connection with cabinet that led in connection with the start of on-air segment of the learned to keep his work at internalizes what is the power source is mixed with baked the same kind of thing that Jesus energizes their life brings the word to challenge thing to do with the Bible actually says about memorization clearly taught in the Old Testament clearly taught in the New Testament is clearly divided the core of the great commission every Christian should know how to memorize Scripture and the persistent Benson starts in a little visit with persistent and memorization of its commandments and again isn't all that's one nice thing among many that I can do them in the autonomy notice something is not made in document the meaning of hearts it's not like qualified under memory outside of a gunshot memory I will apply the something that is abundant also like that's all that's thinking each of us in the midst is not something on this but often when I get around to starting any one of these days I'll think about memorizing a few busier and I guess that is not intended as commandos asking us to make that stuff right now I want to challenge you you come away from this army camp with nothing more than a commitment to begin hiding the word of God heart everything is constantly working against you your nightlife and because of your life will be different what haven't we thank you so much for all the blessings we've been receiving and that we know you will continue to give us that this can't especially right now my pray that you would deepen our commitment to retain these the monotonous these years but that you would take your word and imprinted on the tables in the heart how quest to cooperate with you to do our part and writing Scripture on the tables of our hearts and let it up looked at keep it to hold it fast all these things would look good in your work learning the enemy is doing everything within his power to separate us from the Scriptures with training the break his power is that you would give us victory in this area of our life we would respond to your clear counsel in a year from now our lives would all be changed because we have more of your Scripture hidden in her heart we thank you pray this in Jesus in


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