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The Wheat and the Tares

Benjamin Ng
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  • July 30, 2021
    8:24 PM


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Father in heaven, thank you so much for this time that we have to come and study your word together. We ask, oh lord that you please be with us, that you'd guide us with your spirit that you'd lead us into all truth and help us. Oh lord, to understand these most precious and important words that you stored up for us to day for you pray in jesus name. A man. The peril will be studying this evening is the parable of the wheat and the tears. And we're continuing from the few weeks ago and we studied it because it's in the same chapter. It's in the same book. And this chapter and book continues contains actually quite a few parables. But we are going to get right into the parable. Right now, let's read matthew chapter 13 versus 24 and 25. Another parable put he, forth unto them saying the kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sewed good seed in his field. But while men slept, his enemy came and so tears among the wheat and went his way. So the power begins with a man who went out and sewed good seed in his field. But what happened while he was sleeping, an enemy would come, and so tears amongst all the wheat amongst all the good seed that had been filled there already. And straight away, we need to define a few things here already. Who is this man and his enemy? And also, what does the good seed and the bad seed the tears represent? You know, it's important to let the bible the define itself before we jump to conclusions. Why? Because you see this is not what you think it is. If you had followed from the previous peril that we studied, the pure previous peril that we study, parable part of me that we studied the seed was the word of god. But it is not so here. That's why context is so important. This is why we need to let the bible define itself and so it's correct. It's correct for that parable. But this one already is different. To pardon me, lead code to matthew chapter 13 versus 37 to 38. He answered and said unto them, he that so if the good seed is the son of man, the field is the world, the good seed, other children of the kingdom. But the tears are the children of the wicked one. So the man who sows this good seed, who is that? That's the son of man. That is jesus. The bible says there that the field is the world and the good seed they are, the children of the kingdom. Now obviously that is god's people on earth, not in heaven, because the seed is sewn in the field, which represents the earth, right? And lastly, the tears or the weeds. They represent the children of the wicked one and we know that that wicked one can only be referring to one being one person. That is the devil and satan. So right away we see a split, a division of the earth. It's christ versus the devil. It's the 2 groups, those that are of christ and those that are of the devil. But let's keep reading, shall we? Let's continue on and Matthew 13 versus 26 to 28. But when the blade was sprung up and brought forth fruits, then appeared the tears also. So the 7th of the household a came and said to him, sir, did not thou so good seed in thy field, from whence then have it tears. And he said unto them, an enemy has done this, the southern center to him, wilt thou then that we go and gather them up? So friends, as the good seed grows and finally it comes to full maturity or, or begins to show signs of, of bearing fruit. The 7th. A shocked because they see weeds that are growing up amongst them. And so they asked the master, how come this weeds any points to the enemy? Who did it? However, the servants, they're ready to go in and separate out each other. The, the good seed from the bad seed, the wheat from the weeds or the tears. Why? Because they want to make sure that the wheat can grow up properly. But before they can make a move, what does the must the say? Matthew 1329 to 30. But he said, ne, less while you gather up the tears. You ruth, up also the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest, and in the time of harvest, i will say to the reapers, gather ye together 1st, the tears, and bind them in bundles to burn them. But gather the wheat into my bon. You see the master says don't rufe up all the we've yes they're bad but don't root them up yet. Why in case while you root them a while, you take them out. All those, all those good seed where where the roots have already been intertwined. They might also be rooted out as well. So what was his suggestion? He said, leave it there until the harvest. And then that he would send repos into his field and separate the 2 types of plans that have been growing there. The weeds there will be bundled together and then be burnt, and the wheat would be gathered where into his bon friends. What does the harvest and the reapers represent? Well, in matthew 13 and verse 39, the bible says this. The enemy that sowed them is the devil. The harvest is the end of the world. And the reapers are the angels. You see the harvest represents the end of the world, the 2nd coming and even the 3rd coming. Yes, the bible actually talks about a 3rd coming in the book, revelation where they would eventually then be burned or thrown into the lake of fire, the reapers. Well, he clearly defines it. It is the angels of god. Now look, the main point of our focus in this parable is the week and the tears. It is the 2 groups of people that are currently living on this earth before jesus comes for a 2nd time. So what is the difference between the children of the kingdom and the children of the wicked one? This one affects us. This is all about us. Maybe it is identifying. Well, I shouldn't say maybe it is definitely identifying which group we belong to. So let's have a look at the children of the kingdom versus the children of the devil, or of the world, or those weak pa to be those tears. Let's go to matthew, chapter 18, talking about the children of the kingdom, matthew 18 verse 3. And said, verily i say unto you except e be converted and become as little children. Ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Did you see that friends, the children of the kingdom? They are those that are truly converted? What does it mean to be converted? Well, before we answer that question, let's have a quick look at the children of the world, or of the wicked one. Let's read in 1st, john chapter 3 and verse 10. First john, 310. The bible says this. In this the children of god manifest and the children of the devil. Who so ever do with not righteousness is not of god. Neither he that loveth not his brother. Did you see that friends, the children of the devil of those that don't do righteousness. Notice that key word there do with that word do with its an action word. Outwardly. You can see the differences between these 2 groups of people. You don't have to wonder, you don't have to scratch your head somehow. We know that as we look at this, we see it's opposite. The children are the wicked one compared to the children of the kingdom. One, they are converted, the other, they don't do righteousness. So meaning, if you are truly converted, if you truly are part of the kingdom of the children of the kingdom, then it is something to do with righteousness, something also to do with your actions. It's not just a state of mind, but the change in the heart and mind, yes, it will lead to a change in actions as well. A reminder, i don't believe that was saved by works. But a person who thinks that they're converted, that their change, that they're experiencing righteousness and living a righteous life, is not just in here, but it's also actions that are evidence on the outside for themselves to see, and even for others to see as well. So there is a difference in actions the children of god, they are difference in their actions to the children of the wicked one. The devil. One is converted and they are doing righteousness. The other is not. They are not experiencing true righteousness. But let's go back to the parable. Matthew, 1328th and 29. Look at this. He said to them, an enemy has done this. The 7 said to him, do you want us to go and gather them up? But he said no less while you gather up the tears, the roots of also the wheat with them. You see friends, jesus asked them to leave the weed with a week. The tears with the weeks why? You see the did not want them rooted out. So friends at the beginning, the 2 groups of people, they can't be separated. Jesus says, leave them there, fill the harvest. Why? Maybe because you can tell the difference. Maybe in pulling up one you pull out the other all thinking that that's a weed that you pull up the wheat. He says leave them there until the harvest. Remember, the harvest is the end of the world. This is that the 2nd coming when jesus will finally separate the 2 groups of people. That means tears will exist in a world to day. And even in the church, they won't be separated until the very end. The southern wanted to go and pluck them out. What was the reason that the master gave look? You could pull out the wheat with it as well. You see that their roots could be so intertwined with each other that to pluck one out. You may accidently loosen the soil around the wheat and pull it out as well. You see friends all live a so inter connected with each other for, for the better or for the worse, even with the wicked people. And so with a good, our lives are connected even in the same family, in the same household, in the same church that could exist good and bad together. And the day if God were to put out a loved one out of the church or of our family of this world, how would that affect us? How would that affect our faith? I mean, if God said to us, just trust me, just trust me. He was a bad one. I mean, how would we react? Because we don't know, we can't read people's hearts like god can, right? And that would be really a great leap of faith. And so god allows that, that these 2 groups to grow together until the very end, when their fruits of very obvious, when no one has to 2nd guess no one has to scratch their heads and wonder, no one has to trust god, only we will, will we will be able to see it with our very own eyes. And so really, it must be difficult for god to have to wait until the end of the world to separate between the good and the bad. Why? Because he, he knows the people's fates. He knows their hearts, he's doing their very best to say them all, but he has no other choice. He can read our hearts, but we can't. And so for our sake, he has to wait. He has to wait until the harvest. Sometimes we think of poor me will it be in the wicked world? God, when god, when but god says look, i've been waiting longer than you, my son and daughter. I've been waiting much longer. And jesus is still waiting to come to day. But he's got to wait so that every man and every woman's work can be made manifest. So at the end, there is no doubting as to why this person was saved and why this person was last bluff. Continue, shall we have a question for you. Why is it So important to wait until the wheat? I mean, the harvest time to separate the wheat and the tears. You see it is at the harvest that the Fruit is finally mature. It is finally ripe and ready to go. Look in james chapter 5 and verse 7. Notice how the bible talks about the harvest. James, 5 o 7 be patient. Therefore brethren unto the coming of the Lord. Behold the husband, when waiters for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it until he receives the early and latter rain. God is represented by the husband man who has to wait for the fruits to become fully ripe. It's then that these 2 groups will be separated. It's then that everyone will be able to tell what sort of fruits they have at the beginning. No one knows the type of fruit. You have to have patience. You got to wait to allow it to develop. And then at the end, there will be no argument as to what fruit that plant bears. It will be obvious to everyone in matthew chapter 7 and verse 20. The bible says, wherefore by the fruits you shall know them. Jesus tells us that we can know a person by their fruits. We can know what they are like on the inside, by looking at the outside. But you see jesus of the stop there in matthew 720. When he says, you know them by their fruits. Let's keep reading, verse 21. Not every one that say hunter, me, lord, lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven. But he that do with the will of my father, which is in heaven. Many will say to me that day, lord, lord, have we not prophesied in thy name and name have cast out devils and in thy name done many wonderful works, and then will I profess unto them, I never knew you, depart from me, ye that work? What iniquity, you see friends, this passage shows that there are even people in the church that seem to appeal like they're destined for heaven. They're on the road to heaven. While they come to church every week, they are definitely saved. But even then, even then, even though, even though they do many wonderful works, they preach, they teach the heal, they do so many wonderful things. But yet jesus says, depart from me, ye that work iniquity. You see friends, remember the church, the children of the kingdom, of those that do righteousness. It is opposite to those of the children of the devil, the children of the kingdom they are converted. And in matthew $721.00, it says that they do the will of god. That means friends doing the will of god is more than just going to church once a week. Every week participating in church worship, or even maybe you're going to church and you're leading out in church worship. And God is saying, jesus is telling us that righteousness is more than that. Well, what is the will of god? What does it mean to be converted? How can we do the will of god, 1st of loans, chapter 4 and verse 3. The bible tells us this. For this is the will of god, even your what your sanctification, that ye should abstain from foreign occasion. Friends, what is the will of god? It is our sanctification. What does it mean to be sanctifying or to do his will to do scientific cation? What does that mean? Well, let's keep reading. John, chapter 17. And verse 17. How are we sent to fight? sanctify them through thy truth. Vi word is truth. We are sanctified by the truth, the word of god. So the experience of sanctification has to do with the word of god. Where do we begin? Well, remember romans chapter 10 verse 17. So then faith come by hearing and hearing by the word of god, but those that a sanctified yes, we got to begin with hearing, but those that a sanctified they don't just hear. They also do the will of god, friends, what does it mean to be converted then? Not just hearers of the bible, but they do as of it as well. You see an unconverted person can heal what is right. But the only listen and they're not converted. They don't change, they don't do it, they just heal. And they maybe do a small part of it. But look, don't get me wrong. Does god want us to go to church? Is going to church important? Yes, that's an action as well, or a righteous person will be found in church, worshiping god each week and fellowship with the things that is important. Yes, but it's not all our experience. The understand that many of us we sum up the vein of our christian experience into just going to church once a week, one to 3 hours a week that we spend at church. But that's not enough. The question is friends. How do you live outside of those hours? Being at church? What we do outside of church is equally important, or maybe more important because there's more hours that we spend outside of church than actually being in church. Right. I mean, those people that thought they did the will of god, they were preaching. They were teaching that were healing though didn't all these good things. But you know, they, they isolated their christian experience who just one point in a week. Not forgetting that is another 6 and a half days elsewhere that god still wants you to live for them for him. Part of me and so know, sitting at church doesn't just define our christian experience, but hey, not being a church is also showing a lot about where your sanctification experience is as well. So that is important, but it's not the whole picture. The other 6 and a half days. What are you doing? How are you living your life? Are you living a life of victory? Are you living a life that god wants you to live? Are you doing the things that he wants you to do? Are you speaking the words that he wants you to speak? How are you living? The other 6 and a half days apart from just going to church? Does god want to go to church? Yes, it's important. But it's not the be all and end all of our christian experience. So friends, can we know what our fruit is today? What is it? How are we able to tell in james chapter one and versus 22 to 25. Let's read this, james. 122, the 25. But b E, do us of the word and not here is only deceiving your own selves for any be a hero of the word and not a do a. He is like unto a man beholding his natural face in the glass, for he beholders himself and go with his way and straightway forget us what manner of men he was. Look at us, but who so look us into the perfect ball, liberty, and continue looking. Continue therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but what a do or of the work this man will be blessed in his deed. You see friends, we've got to look at god's mirror his law and not just once, not just place. We will continue looking at it every day. We got to compare scripture with allies to see if our lives are in harmony with what the bible teaches. For example, look, you can look at the 10 commandments, and it tells us not to steal and then use that and look at it, reflect it in your own life. Are you stealing? That's the question. We could ask yourself. And if we are, the bible calls us a weed of hair, not a week, not the good seed. He calls us the bad seed, the children of that wicked one. And you see this is a thing that hope we can change. We can be converted. Yes, physically is not possible in the natural world from a gulf to go from a tear, a weed to a wheat. But god can, god can change us. The biggest challenge that we always face is recognizing whether we are a children of the wicked one or not. Though we many people, matthew 7 already told us, they'll be many people at the end of time thinking that they were on the way to heaven. But they were so short that when they get there happily rejoicing jesus like, I don't know you who are you, you walkers, of iniquity. It is possible to go to church, weekend and week out, and still live the life of a perfect sinner. Still live the life or someone who is yoked to the world and to the devil. It's not enough just to go to church. But remember I keep saying this going to church is important. I'm a pastor, you've got to go to church. Very important, but don't sum up your whole christian experience into just church going neither get rid of church as well and good opposite extreme. We need all the good work that we can crowd into our lives. God has to change us fully. Not just partially. Some of us, we were a saint for 2 hours, but then we lived the other rest of the how many hours we have in a week. Like the devil. That's not good enough. God wants us to be converted in our hearts and minds. And conversion isn't forcing yourself to do good works. No, that's not it. Conversion is not, hey, look, I'm doing good work. I must be converted. No, because rumba in matthew 7, they were all teaching and preaching. They were healing. They were, you know, they were doing many wonderful works seemingly. Jesus still said, I don't know you. Why? Because they weren't doing the will of god. We have to look at the step before the actions. Actions are important, but only takes us so far. If we discover that we fallen short, that we are the children of the wicked one today. How can we be converted then? Let's go to another bible text. Romans chapter 12 and verse 2. And be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of god. You see friends, we must be transformed. We must be changed. We must be converted by what the renewing of your mind. That's where it begins. It's in the mind that this transformation has to take place and only then we can prove what is that good and perfect and acceptable will of god. What else? ephesians chapter 4, verses 22 to 24. That ye put off concerning the former conversation. The old man, which is corrupt, according to the deceitful lust and be renewed in the spirit of your mind and that you put on the new man, which after god is created in righteousness and true holiness. Do you see that friends in order to be created in righteousness, which is after god and in true holiness, we got to allow god to put off that old man of sin. First, we've got to be willing to announce the ways of the world. What's that cold? That's called confession, that cold, repentance, that's cold, surrendering your life to jesus. Because he's the only one that can do it for us. So before we can make any type of change in our life, we're going to put off that former conversation, though the old behaviors of life. But then said, what do you remember? It says there in verse 23. We must be renewed. In the spirit of our mind, this is where true conversion takes place and only as our mind is changed. Then do our actions. Begin to change the drunkard drinks no more. The smoker stopped smoke. The wife beater becomes now a loving husband. Not because he's been threatened, not because some calamity has happened to him, but because god has been working in this person's heart and in their mind. But friends, how can we be transformed in our mind to day? How, what must take place? Second corinthians chapter 3 verse 18. The bible says, but we all with open face beholding as in a glass, the glory of the Lord are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the spirit of the Lord. What is bible say? Even as we behold the glory of god, we're going to be changed into the same image from glory, to glory. Friends. Where, where is god's glory found? How can we behold that glory today? In John chapter one verse 14, the bible says the word was made flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the father, full of grace and truth. Friends. If we are to behold god's glory today, where can we behold it? It is found in the word that became flesh in the person of jesus christ. We got to behold him and not behold the world. The more we behold him, the fossil will be changed into his image, into his glory, into his character, into his likeness. The foster will have his mind. The pasta will have his habits, the fossil will have his desires, and his purposes the fast that we will enjoy spiritual things. But how we, how do we do that? How do we behold the character of jesus? John 539, search the scriptures for in then you think you have eternal life and they are they which testify of me. Friends. We got to spend time in the bible. We got to take time to spend in this book that gives us a clear representation of who jesus is. We got to or else church experience becomes porter to us. Some people, if at all going to church is like taking the roll call. I just got to turn up. You see, god I'm here. Don't forget, don't you look down who don't don't know. Forget that I was here. Ok. And we try to really win our way to heaven by going to church. But even her church, if we're not spending time in the word of god on a weekly basis on a day by day basis, not a weekly basis only, but on a day by day basis. If we on spending time in the word of god, church is going to become torture to us preaching, never healing. No. Unless you are only a doctor by, by, by profession and that's it. Right? Doing good works. It won't happen. Friends. Those sort of things don't come naturally to us. We got to be transformed. The only way we can be transformed. We got to behold jesus in his word. Well, maybe you're saying this evening or, or to tell you, Hey, I'm a bible believing christian. I read the bible, i spend time with jesus. I've been reading the bible for many years. I read through the bible every year or, you know, whatever it is, you go to church and you spent studying the bible, you're paying attention in church. You listening to the preacher, but yet somehow you're not seeing corresponding change in the other 6 and a half days of which you live your life outside of church. Why? What could be the problem? Why is it that it seems like my actions are not changing? What's the missing ingredients? Well, in galatians 522 and 23. The bible tells us that the fruits of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, weakness, temperance, again, such, there is no law. The reason why many of our characters are not changed is not because we're just on, I'm not reading the bible of because I don't want to be at church. You know, maybe some, some of us we sincerely enjoy going to church. We know the importance of going to church would desire to go to church, but yet somehow alive, just unchanging. We aren't showing the fruits of the spirit in our life. The spirit is missing. The spirit that gives us all these good desires and a good actions and the good words and a good life. Yes, many of us we read the bible, but we are still missing the holy spirit. Look, we do receive o measure of the holy spirit through the scriptures. The bible says in the future, $617.00. Take the song of the spirit. It's the word of god. So does the holy spirit walk through the bible? Yeah. But it's not enough just to read the bible. What else are we missing? Let's go to luke chapter 11 and verse 13. If ye then being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children. How much more shall your heavenly father give the holy spirit for them that asked him one of many people missing the experience of asking god the experience of prayer. You know, you look at the results. Look what happens when we have the holy spirit in our lives. This is not something you get a false. Yes, it takes some cooperation and effort on our behalf. But the power that is given to us is wholly from god. Look at what happens when a person has the holy spirit a binding in them. Galatians chapter 5 verse 16. This I say then walk in the spirit and ye shall not fulfil the last of the flesh if we are walking the spirits. The way we live will be different, less also go to romans chapter 8, verse 13. For if you live after the flesh, you shall die. But ye through the spirit, do mortify the deeds of the body. Ye shall live only it is through the holy spirit that we can modify that we can kill those bad works. Those bad deeds that we do. Second corinthians chapter 3 verse 17. Now the Lord is that spirit and where the spirit of the Lord is there is what there's liberty friends only as the holy spirit abides in US. And as we cherish his word that the change becomes more effectual in our lives. And maybe some of you, you've been christians for a long time. Maybe you grew up in a christian home. Maybe you've been, you've been going to church all your life. But yet somehow something is still missing. There's been family worship. There's been you reading the bible, but friends, maybe you are missing the most important ingredients and that is prayer. Asking god for his spirit. Yes, the word is important, but we got to pray as well. We got to we got to take time to build our faith. And so many of us, we have not spent that time. We've not received christ while hearts we've not surrendered our lives to him. But we got to, we must spend time with god to allow him to work in each of our lives. It's not enough just to go to church friends. You know what the bible tells us to do when you read the bible, when you read the 10 commandments, it seems like all I got to do this. I'm going to do that. But as you pray, the holy spirit gives you the power to do it. And so if all you do is spend time in the word of god and you're not spending time in prayer, all you're doing is receiving more and more word of instruction of what you've got to do and what you shouldn't do. And then you can't do it unless the holy spirit is living your life. To see that friends, have you received jesus into your heart survey? Have you surrendered your life to? Have you been asking for the holy spirit, which is the life of christ in each of us because jesus can't literally physically do it. He's up in heaven in seceding for us, praying for us. The holy spirit can have you been praying for the holy spirit as well with you to be in you to change you and transform you is the working of this mighty power that can change a person completely. That old things are passed away. The behold, all things are become new friends, this is the difference between the wheat and the tears of the end of time. Look, there are some truly wicked people that maybe you look at them, No doubt. They're lost. Does they murdered 100 people? You know, they've been in prison more than in been outside of it all, whatever it is, you know, we look at the world and sometimes we jumped the conclusion thing that definitely that, that definitely that person is a wicked person. But if we want to be in the other category, the children of the kingdom is not just identifying all those bad people. It's about having a power to change that power to change our life from a bad person to not so bad, but more right to be fully converted. You might not be a murderer. You might just be a liar. And it's not a big sin. But friends, it's a sin nonetheless, that will keep us out of heaven. And God says, unless you be like little children and be converted like them, have the simple faith just like them. You're going to come infinitely short of heaven to day. I want to encourage you to go back to the word go back to prayer. Maybe you haven't seen the importance of it yet because your life doesn't seem so bad. But just pause for a moment because maybe we are like that pharisee who's praying so loudly. God, god, I'm so glad i'm not like that publican who does all these bad things and do all these good things. But jesus says, all those good things mean nothing. Unless you are fully converted because even one spot can stain your whole life. All adam and eve did was just eat a fruit all sense and did was just let his hair get cut. Are you with me? Sometimes is not those murderers like moses and king david, but us as little says that we commit the end of end up keeping us out of heaven. Today, friends, i want to be totally and fully christ's not just the know what we should do, but to have the power to do it as well. Not just to try to live like jesus on earth, but truly to have his holy spirit live in US. So that we can truly live that life on this today that we can have an assurance of our salvation to day. Because jesus is with us and living through each and every one of us. Let spend more time in his word for let's spend more time in prayer than ever before. For truly we are living in the last days, we are living in dangerous times. If you have not noticed for the past one and a half you us, this time is unusual. And so our walk with god must be unusual as well. Unusually more committed, unusually longer. Unusually, more impress. Then god can live in US through us and empower us to be called sons and daughters of god. Today. Let's pray, shall we, father, in heaven. Lord, you desire so much to pour out your holy spirit upon us is the best gift that you can give us. And yet we have not been treasuring it. Lord, please forgive us, help us not to, to neglect this gift any longer, help us to ask for your holy spirit. Helpless to allow you to write your laws in our hearts and minds help us law to be like jesus help us because we cannot help ourselves. Lord, you promised the holy spirit to them that ask. And so now we're asking please give us your holy spirit today, right? You work upon we pray in jesus and prayers. Payment in this media was brought to you by audio person, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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