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The Mustard Seed and Leaven

Benjamin Ng
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  • August 6, 2021
    8:24 PM


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Father in heaven, thank you so much for this time. Thank you for this week that you've seen us through in so many blessings have come as a result of it. And lord, as we come now to study your word, we are careful to make sure that we ask for your holy spirit because he is the only one that can lead us into all truth that teach us from the word that was inspired by him himself. And so lord, please grace us with our presence now. Lead us, we pray in jesus' then we pray, ask a man. Well, as I said, we are continuing our series, the parables of jesus. And this evening we are going to start by looking at the mustard seed and 11 and this, this parable is also found in matthew chapter 13. There are quite a number of parables in matthew 13. And we're going to be staying there. And the, these 2, these 2 parables are really kind of short, they're only spending 3 verses. But let's thought by focusing on the 1st of the 2 parables, talking about the mustard seed. Okay, so let's go to matthew 13 versus 31. And 32. This is what the bible says. Another parable put he forth unto them sing the kingdom of heaven is like unto a grain of mustard seed, which a man took and sewed in his field, which indeed is the least of all seeds. But when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs and become with a tree so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches they are of. So this 1st parable is the parable about a mustard seed. And what do we understand about the mustard seed from here in this passage, it says it is the smallest of all seeds. And it truly is, you see the mustard seed. It really is a very, very, very small seed. It's only about one millimeter in diameter. So if you put on your hand, it's really a very small speck of a C, not com. And comparing to the different sees that we have here in malaysia, the duty and seed is huge, right? Even the run baton and the light g and all the seeds, the very big and you you can't eat them these if you choose on it, you know, even the mangos thing, it's very brittle, you can't bite on it. It's a very big fee, but the mustard seed it is a very small seed. And yet the says that when it grows up, you know, you planted the ground and grows up. It grows to one of the largest trees amongst all of the hubs. And, you know, it's, it's around a large tree of bush and, you know, so from such a small tree, it grows to something that is so large, the extent that even the birds make their homes in the branches. And so this by no means is a small tree. Now other facts about the mustard tree or the mustard seed is this. This is some of the facts. It takes 10 days to germinate and it takes about $80.00 to $95.00 days to become a full tree. Which means it grows quite rapidly. Now look, I'm just going based upon research, i don't have any personal experience in the mustard seed and the mustard tree and how fast it grows. But apparently it grows quite rapidly, fast growth. So something about the kingdom of heaven can take place quite rapidly, quite quickly. But now let's continue our study, shall we? Let's go to that 2nd parable in verse 33, matthew chapter 13 and verse 33. Another parable spoke he unto them the kingdom of heaven is like unto 11, which a woman took and hid in 3 measures of meal till the whole was leavened. Now leaven is a substance that we put into dough, and we know this to day as yeast. It makes the dough rise. So what does you do? It makes this little small thing to rise. And so, of course, when you bake the yeast that the bread has lots of holes in it. And so it's light and fluffy, right? If you don't put use in it, it becomes, it stays as it is, and it's a very heavy type of bread. But do you know that yeast or 11 it must be left in ideal conditions and though it must be in a warm environments. So this yeast, it must be put ill in the parable. It's put into 3 measures of flour, 3 measures of meal. Do you know how much 3 measures is? They say that one measure is about 14 liters. So 3 measures, 42 liters of flower friends, that is a lot of dough, a lot. And look for those that have baked before, you know that you don't need to put in a lot of yeast to make of bread. Rice, you can just put these little small packages to a piece of dough, and that whole thing become live and write. This whole thing rises and filled. The bible says that this yeast is put into 42 liters of flour, and it has the ability to effect every part of the 42 leaders of dough to make it rise. So something so small is able to have such a great impact on something. So large in such a short amount of time, even shorter than the growing of a mustard seed into a tree. But you know, you see that there's something common about these 2 parables that we're looking at. They're both illustrating the kingdom of heaven, but they demonstrate how something so small can, at least for the muscles seem to grow into something so big. And then with a yeast something so small, put into something so big, fully 2 leaders of dough can make it rise and can affect it in such a short space of time for the tree, it grows up very quickly, short space of time. But of course, compared to 11, which is even faster, probably a few hours, short space of time. It's that catalyst that makes it to rise up very quickly. So we are seeing there, there's this paola, this, this connection between these 2 parables that jesus uses these 2 illustrations, illustrating the kingdom of heaven for a very important reason. But franz, before we continue, i want to ask you, what else is the kingdom of heaven connected to? Because jesus is trying to illustrate about the kingdom of heaven here. Well, let's go to another passage found in luke 17. Look 17 versus 20, and 21. And when he was demanded of the pharisees, when the kingdom of god should come, he answered them and said, the kingdom of god cometh not without sedation. Neither shall they say low here or low there for behold, the kingdom of god is with in you. Where is the kingdom of heaven, friends, it's within us. Do you see that the kingdom of heaven is not always talking about heaven up there? Not the place where god has repaired, mentions for us, and is waiting to come and bring us back there. Right node. The kingdom of heaven, sometimes it illustrates how a person can be ready for the kingdom of heaven, is referring to what hearts preparation, how our citizens ship in the heaven is really dependent upon and decided upon what we do on earth to day. Not necessarily anything external, but what's happening within our heart? You see coming back to the the illustration, the parable of the mustard seed and 11. First, let's look at that mustard seed friends. What does the mustard seed represents? luke chapter 8 verse 11 we've. We've studied this before. You see the parable is this the seed is the word of god. And whilst this is talking about a different parable, it's easy to connect with what we're looking at today here with a mustard seed. So yes, the mustard see can also represents the word of god. But friends, what else does a seed represent in the bible? Let's go to galatians chapter 3 and verse 16. The bible says this. Now the abraham and his seed will the promises made. He se, if not, and to seize as of many, but as of one and die seed, which is who it is christ. So the seed, yes, represents the word of god. But the seed can also represent what jesus christ the seed put into our heart. The word of god being put into our heart heart and jesus christ dwelling in our heart as well. It's the work that christ wishes to do with in our hearts to day. But how about the 11? What does the 11 represents? You see friends, yeast, it has this catalytic effect. It has this ability to speed up the process of something that needs to be done. And in this case, it is the rising up of the doe, the flower, right? So this is what we should look at in regards to the east, and what in the bible has this sort of catalytic effect to this quick response, this quick effect upon our heart. Well, let's go to sam's 119 and versus 120 verse 125. My soul clever for unto the dust. Quicken thou me according to thy what to thy word. You see friends, the bible has this ability speed, things up to speed something up to quicken. So the 11 can also represents the word of god. So the must as seat as the word of god. The 11 is the word of god. This parables are connected. They are trying to illustrate the same thing. What the word of god can do within our hearts. But what else can love and represent matthew? 16 verse 6 and verse 12. The bible says this, then jesus said to them, take heed. And beware of the 11 of the pharisees and of the sadducees then understood they how that he bade them not beware of loven of bread, but of the doctrine of the pharisees and of the sadducees. So this 11 that jesus is talking about is bad leaven. It's the bad doctrine of the pharisees and what was so bad about their doctrine. You see their teaching, which is what doctrine is all about. Their teaching was all about tradition. Why do you do this? Because we've been doing this for hundreds of years. There was no rationale behind it, and that's what tradition is sometimes. Why do you take your shoes off when you come to a person's house? It's because that's what I've done all my life and a person on the other side of the world. Why do you keep a shoes on when you go to the house? Well, this is what I've done all my life as well. There is no rationality behind it is just what we do. That is the doctrine of the pharisees and the sadducees. It was all about tradition. So 11 is doctrine, which is also connected with the bible. And yes, in this case where we looked at ferris, you substitute sadducees, it has a bad connotation. But in the case of the parable that we're looking at, it must have this good application. It is put in positive light. So it's good doctrine. It's good teaching. However, levan can also represent something else as well that has a quickening effect. Let's go to John chapter 6 and verse 63. John 663. It is the spirit that quick enough. The flesh profits us nothing. The words that I speak to you, they us through it, and they are life. Can you see here? What else can levin represent that has also a quickening influence? It is the spirit of god, friends, it is the holy spirit, and his work upon our hearts. Notice here it is not just the spirit that quickens, though. Actually I should show you the slide again is not just the spirit that quickens it says the word that jesus speaks to us, the our spirits and they a life. So yes, once again, we see that the word of god quickens, just like the holy spirit. And really you can't disconnect these 2 from each other. When you go to ephesians $617.00, it says take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit, which is the word of god. So it's not that they're the same thing, but the holy spirit works through the word of god as well. So friends, what we see here in regard to the 11, it represents the word of god. And it also represents the work of the holy spirit on a huff, both working together to perform this quickening. This catalytic cat catalytic work upon her hearts. So both the mustard seed and 11, they both represents the word of god, working upon a hearts. And in the case of the mustard seed, it is also christ of binding in our hearts. In the case of 11, it is a holy spirit abiding in our hearts, which really means simply god dwelling in US friends. How does the holy spirit? I mean, how does jesus dwell in US? It is through the 3rd person of the godhead, which is the holy spirit. He is the representative of all 3 the father, the son and the holy ghost. She is the representative of all 3 upon earth to day. When jesus was human, he was the representative of the 3 to us to day. I mean back then when he was alive on earth. But today it is the holy spirit. And to have the word of god, dwelling in our hearts is to have god himself there. Remember what else do we see in the parable of the mustard seed and 11? Was it slow growth? Or was it fast growth? It was fast. Right? And you know, one only took a few months and the other just took a few minutes or a few hours. You see friends, when the bible is put into our hearts, it immediately begins to work. You don't need to wait years to change. You don't need to wait 4 weeks or 4 months. That change can take place immediately, just like how god wants to create enough clean hearts. How long did it take forgot to create. When he spoke, it happened, right? And you know, I understand maybe some people take a bit longer. Some can take 2 hours, some can take a few weeks, not to say that hey, soon as read the bible, you don't change immediately that the word of god is not effective. No, it will work, it will work only as we hide it in our hearts only as we allow it to be buried up in the dirt of our hearts. We are clay vessels only as we put the word of god in our hearts. Will god work because why the word of god begins to take root. So how do we get jesus? How do we get the holy spirit in a hot to day? We must put his word there. We must spend time reading and studying the bible, meditating on what the bible says may be. Growth may seem slow at the beginning. Maybe you might feel that there's not much there to learn. Maybe it seems like you haven't gotten much benefit from it or much nourishment from it, but the more you spend time in it, the more you begin to understand the foster you begin to grow. And some is like the 11 a few minutes a few hours. Some is like a mustard seed, a few months, and then it grows up very quickly. But friends, how do we get the holy spirit in our hearts to day? Well, this is very simple. Let's go to luke chapter 11 and verse 13. If ye then being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children. How much more shall your heavenly father give the holy spirit to them that ask him friends? How do we get the holy spirit in a hot day? We got to learn to ask. We got to learn to pray. The seed must be sewn in the field. The 11 must be placed in the flower, but there must be this intentional action. There must be this intentional time that we set aside to spend time with god, an intentional time in praying. In asking. You see friends, a person does not change mysteriously by accident. No one is going to get to the kingdom of heaven one day, not knowing how they got there. They know that that was their relationship with jesus. But that relationship, as any relationship on earth must be intentional, right? We must have this intentional response to the word of god and to the holy spirit. It's true. Changing comes from spending time with jesus and allowing the holy spirit to walk upon our hearts and our characters. But the efforts that must be put in must come from us and is this working away to have a no. But we got to spend time in the bible and in prayer, what did we do to, to effect that change? We just sat there and spend time with jesus. He is the one that will change our hearts. He's the one that will change our characters and likes to be more like him. You know, a research was done quite a long time ago where they discovered that a minister, a pastor, a full time gospel worker, on average. They only spend 7 minutes in prayer, 7 minutes per day. How short, i mean if, if a minister, someone who's walking in full time ministry only praise that amount, how much less with a church and its members who are not involved in full time ministry prey, it would be even less. Why is it friends that silman people just don't see the importance of the bible and of praying. You see these christian disciples? Yes, we heard them growing up in the church, but so many of us we, we know so little and it's importance about how to do good, how to be better. We don't see the importance of being better. Why? Because we don't think that we're, we're worse than the people out there in the world. And so we think while I'm gone the Church of done something good. And then as a result, we don't see the need of spending time in the bible and impression we sent little bit here and there, but not to the extent to the world, right. So why is it that so many of us, we don't see our need? Why is that? We don't feel that the need of the word of god in a heart and having the sense of urgency and desire to pray. You know, they say that the gospel is going up foster the 3rd world countries and to day that are living in more affluent countries. Why? Because you see when a person is poor, they see their need. They see the importance of hoping for a better life. They're not satisfied with this world so, so they turned to the scriptures where it gives them hope of the 2nd coming of jesus, where he's going to come back and, and one day there's going to be no more sickness, no more pain, normal poverty. But look at what riches does to a person. Matthew, 1322 we've. We've studied this parable before. It's the same chapter of the mustard c than the 11. Matthew 1322. He also that received seed among the thorns. Is he that heareth the word? And the care of this world and the deceit fullness of riches, choke the word, and he becometh unfruitful. Do you see that riches? It's called it the deceit fullness of riches. Friends, riches deceive us. It deceives us into thinking that we are okay. It deceives us to forget about heaven and make a set our affections on the earth. It makes us to lose our focus on heavenly things. It makes us to think that our spook julys are okay. How it makes us to think that god is one that blessing us with these riches. And if God is blessing me, he must be with me. Right? So my spiritual life must be okay. It deceives us friends. We forget that sometimes. Satan helps a person to get rich as well. Maybe many of us are not rich, but maybe we're comfortable and you don't have to have all your, your ones and desires satisfied. But at least many of us we have on needs satisfy. We have a roof over a head. We have a job. We've been getting through ok in this kind of make sure. Maybe we're not making a lot of money or saving a lot, but god has been blessing the United. I have good health. I don't have a care in the world. I have all the comforts of this life. I still have my car to drive around. I still have my bike to drive around. I am blessed and, and maybe you not as rich as bill gates or, or ill on mosque, but we have all our, our needs taken care. We're not suffering. Do you see that we have Food on our tables every day. And that's that the seat fullness of riches. But let's look at riches a bit more. First timothy, chapter 6 and versus 9 to 10, pa. To me, the slide is 91 to 0 as many, 9 to 10 verse 9. But they that will be rich, fall into temptation and snare, and in so many foolish and hurtful lusts which drown men in destruction, and perdition for the love of money is the root of all evil, which, while some coveted, after they have erred from the faith and pierce themselves through with many sorrows, friends. When we have money and riches, we fall into more temptations and more traps. More snares entrapped us. It makes us to lose our faith and our focus. It wins away the affections from the things that should be reserved for god, and it sets it on the earth. And so because we see how riches can be so deceptive and ruinous to our lives, many times god has to do something drastic to get our attention to wake us up. Because what is deceptive? Right? It's living and in the shadows, and we don't know that it's there and we don't know how it's affecting us and we think we're okay. And so god has to go to extreme measure. Sometimes whether it's the loss of our health, the loss of a job, the loss of a loved one, the loss of our money and our possessions. Sometimes god has to work over time. Just to get us to wake up, make us lose our properties and our security, and our worldly comforts. The question that we have to answer today friends, is, are you and deceived. Are your eyes open to the direction that you're taking in life? You know, so many of us we're, we're heading into position because we're, we're chasing after money and we've come from a poor background. You say, you know, sometimes people have that a poor that have more faith but know sometimes poor. They had less faith because they have to work so hard just to make a living. So hard to the point that they don't have time for god. And we tell us of god, you may report sort of time, but you know, on every stage whether you're rich or you're poor, we have this possibility to leave jesus behind. And we, we, we got to come to this pause to day friends. It's not about whether you're born in a rich family or a poor family. It's our focus today. Those are rich. They have so much time and money and wealth that they go and play, play, play, play, play those at a pool. They gotta walk so hard. So hard, so hard and they blame god. You don't, you didn't give me any money. I had to work so hard just to put food on the table for that day. I can't even say for the next day. And every day the living day to day and so they're going to work hard and then they get home, they're exhausted and they have no time for god. And It doesn't matter which side you're on. It seems that we have excuses on every end. Doesn't it? friends, but we got to learn to be content with where we are today. We've got to learn to make room for jesus and food for those that are content. Rhonda which side or you know, your average. You're not saving a lot, but you've not been affected by the pandemic. In fact, maybe you've gained weight since maybe you've, you've been blessed even more than, you know. But we've got uncomfortable and friends. I believe that many of us we've gotten comfortable with the time that we're living and gotten comfortable with our life. We've gotten comfortable with staying home all day. We've gotten comfortable And God, I believe nisa, make us uncomfortable today. Stir a heart helps to feel that see that there's a real devil hard on our tracks because many of us, we don't see the need for spending time with jesus. We've ripped the blessings of the gospel, but we've not given glory back to him. Every good and perfect gift france is from above james. Chapter one do you will do realize that the do realize that the health that you have is from god. Do you realize that the money that you have in your bank account to belt to buy whatever you need to buy is from god? Do you realize the blessings of the gospel of jesus christ of the holy spirit in your life? And you realize that all of that can be taken away in a moment in an instant. Do you realize that things can change so suddenly and so quickly? And many of us we don't because we're just going through our life day in day out is become a routine. Just wake up, just eat to study. Just work is become a routine that we forgotten to change that routine to fit jesus in there as well. Friends, we got to make intentional decisions to day regarding our relationship with jesus. And will only do that if we wake up to realize us spiritual bankruptcy to realize how little of the spirit of god we have to really realize how little of the blessings of god that we have that we could even have more blessings to realize that god is the only one that can help us to be more like him, to be more of the man and the woman that he created us to be to day. Then and only then will we allow the mustard seed $2.11 to be placed in a heart's god will surely work if we allow him to more than just saying Yes, let's make a commitment to spend time in his word. More of this coming week. More in prayer, more in our relationship with jesus. This is what really matters. At the end of the day, france, are you spending those precious moments with him? God desires it more than anything else. In collections $127.00, the bible says to whom god would make known. What is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the gentiles, which is what? Which is christ in you? The hope of glory, friends, too many of us were dissatisfied with this life. We forgotten the eternal life. We forgotten the world that is up there in the heavens. We for godson. And to day, I want to remind you that we got to come back. We're going to come back to the eternal realities that god has winning up there for us. But he's got to open our eyes to see how infinitely short we are of a tunnel, lice to day. And how we not only making a ruin of eternal life in the future, but even a ruin of our life here on this earth to day as well. Let's take a pause to day, especially on the sabbath, to come back to jesus. This is a day of old days to spend more time in his word, not more time in sleep, not more time and socializing with our friends. We don't need to work anymore no more time in his word. Show you even busy the other 6 days today. You can start more time and prayer. Yes. More than the 7 minutes. Friends, i can't even pray just for my family and for myself in 7 minutes, there's too much there. How much we are missing out on the blessings of god. He wants to do so much more for you friends, so much more. Let's come back to his word today and may god help us to realize that. Otherwise, we are told that he will give us time by taking away our houses and our lands and our properties. He will give us time to think and to meditate by taking away a cause and jobs, and our careers and our studies. He will give us time to pause and to think where we are heading in life. Not because he desires to hurt us because we're not following him, but he desires to save a friend. And so to day, let's come back to God. Let's bow our heads, shall we, father in heaven. Oh lord, you are such a loving god. You cause the sun to rise on the good and the bad. You cause it to rain on the justin on the unjust lord. You are not partial in that manner. But you desire for all to be saved and to come to a knowledge, a saving knowledge of our savior, jesus christ, and lot so many of us. We have been rushing throughout this week. Rushing with our studies rushing with our work rushing with our desires and a once and even on needs. But lord, please help us to pause, help us to stop just the rather the goodness of our god and our lord and savior, jesus christ. Lord, please. I pray for my brothers and sisters here help us to see our great need help us to make a concerted effort to spend more time in your word and in prayer, especially on this weekend, especially upon the sabbath, especially when we have the time, lord help us to make that intentional decision, whether it's to wake up earlier, whether it's to just just set aside time from socializing, with friends to come and socialize with the Lord. Please help us to make that time for you to day and bless us to the end. Lord, please guide us, continue with your holy spirit and lead us to the foot of the cross each and every day in earnest. Winter like praying jesus name ah, ah, this media was brought to you by audio person, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. Or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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