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The Hidden Treasure, Pearl And Net

Benjamin Ng
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  • August 13, 2021
    8:23 PM


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Father in heaven, thank you so much that your watch care over huff has been constance and never ending in this past week. There's only by your grace and mercy that we're able to come here and study together once more. Father, thank you. And I just ask that this evening, you would please be with us as we open your word that you would open our hearts and minds. Give us wisdom and knowledge and understanding. And we also pray that your holy spirit would help us to know how to apply these words to allies. Thank you. Oh lord for he pray in jesus name. Amen. Well, our study this evening is entitled the hidden treasure, the pole, and the nets. And once again, we are studying a parable or a few parables, i should say 3, in fact, in matthew chapter 13 and we've been there for quite a number of weeks already. As I said, there are 8 parables found in this chapter. And we went through to the last time and today we're going to go through another 3 there short. And it's interesting because all these parables in matthew 13 start with stating that it's illustrating something about the kingdom of heaven. Let me show you, you see in matthew chapter 13 and verse 11, it talks about the kingdom of heaven. And this really is in sandwich right in the middle there about the parable of the fall ground that we 1st studied at the very beginning of the series. Then in verse 19, a talks about the hearing of the word of the kingdom. Verse 24. It talks about how the kingdom of heaven is like a man that sewed. Good seed, pardon me, not see, but seed in his field. And this was the parable of the wheat and the tears. And then in verse $31.00, it says the kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed. And finally in verse 33, if you are able to fall along and Matthew, 1333, the kingdom of heaven was like leaven. So those were the 2 parables that we studied last time, the mustard seed and 11. And now we're going to pick it up here in matthew 13 and verse 44. We're going to read 2 of the 3 parables. And notice that they both continue to talk about the kingdom of heaven. Matthew, chapter 13 verses 44 to 46. Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in the field. The witch when a man hath found he hide us, and for joy, there off go with and sell us all that he hath. And by youth that field, again the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man. Seeking goodly poles, who when he had found one full of great price, he went and sold all that he had and bought it. Friends, how are these 2 parables tied together? Why are we studying them together this evening? What is common about them that we're going to put this together? Well, they both are looking for goods or they find goods of high value. One is a treasure fit in the field. The other is a PO of great price. And the other thing that we find in common between these 2 parables is that they have to sell everything in order to obtain this goods of a high value. However, although this similar in some parts, there are also some really important differences that we see here between the 2. What is it? Well, in the 1st parable about the hidden treasure, that one was accidental. This man, he was going about plowing another man's field. Maybe he was employed to do that, and so as he was ploughing this man's field, as he was minding his own business, he just with the plough, i guess ran into something hard. Figuring it must be some log or some roots. As he dug it up, he found that it was this treasure chest full of all sorts of treasures. And it was just the normal day. It was just a normal job. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary. But yet he stumbled across this treasure. When we look at the, the pull of great price though, that man, she was like a merchant man. He was going about looking for the best pull. This person was intentional. He was looking up for the pull of great price. He was on a mission to find the most beautiful and perfect of all pearls. Now look, let's have a look at the parable of the hidden treasure. Let's look a bit deeper. What does it mean? And who does that man represent? You see, he represents all of us. Why everybody in the world, they are just going out throughout life. And that's the majority of us. We're not thinking too much about anything, reminding our own business. We're just making a living. We're trying to earn some money just working their job or doing their studies. Nothing special or extraordinary about this circumstance. But all of a sudden, he sits this big piece of wood. And upon further, upon further examination, he finds this treasure, chest enough, jewels and diamonds. And gold and money and whatever else was precious in those days enough to retire wrong or to at least make him filthy rich. Right. And so he was excited. He was excited to the extent that he went out and sold every thing that he had just to get this field. He had to buy the whole field. And in order to get that field, he had to sell everything. Maybe his friends thought he was on had lost his mind. There was no house there. He was ploughing the field, it was useful, growing crops, it didn't look like hit had it had any value to it whatsoever. And I guess the owner was unaware that such a treasure was in his field. Either he had amnesia and had forgotten all he had push it, purchased it from someone else. And he did not know that that treasure was there. And so this man represent us, we're minding our own business. We're going about our normal duties, not looking for anything in particular, but we stumble across this treasure. Now what does the treasure represent? Well, let's go to another bible tech's problems, chapter 2, versus $2.00 to $4.00. Problems to 2 to 4. So that thou incline dying ear unto wisdom and apply and die hard to understand. Yea, if thou christ, after knowledge and lift up thy voice for understanding, if thou seekers or a silver and such just for her. As for his treasures, did you see what this hidden treasure was that we have to seek for like silver? What was it inverse to their incline, your ear to wisdom. Apply your heart to understanding and if you cry after knowledge and lift up your voice for understanding, you see that what does it represent this hidden treasure in proverbs, it represents wisdom. If represents knowledge, it represents understanding. However, let's keep going. First corinthians 118 through 21. First corinthians 118 through 21. For the preaching of the cross is to them the parish foolishness. But to us which are saved, it is the power of god. For it is written, i will destroy the wisdom of the wise and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudence. Where is the wise? Where is the scribe? Where is the dispute or of this world? hath not god made foolish the wisdom of this world? For after that, in the wisdom of god, the world by wisdom, what they knew, not god, it pleased god by the foolishness of preaching to save them. That belief, you see the wisdom of god. The wisdom that is spoken about here in this verse is not the wisdom that we commonly talk about, such as getting good grades or wisdom for getting a job and performing an interview well doing your job well. That's not the thought a wisdom that here in 1st corinthians is talking about, you see, the wisdom of the world is foolishness to God. The wisdom that the world seeks after it foolishness to God and god's foolishness which is wider than any man. He says that it has much to do with the gospel, the preaching of the gospel and the power of god. The bible's wisdom has much to do with jesus and the preaching of the cross. So this treasure that is found in this field in this, in this field, that this man is ploughing. It represents the word of god, the gospel, the cross. It is wisdom. It is knowledge, it is understanding. But what else does the treasure represent? Let's go to another bible text collections chapter 2. And verse 3. In whom are hid, all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Do you see that some one has or has been hidden in them? All the treasures of wisdom and knowledge? Who is this? In whom, who is that referring to? Because this person has all this treasure, this person has all that wisdom and that knowledge that we are seeking for and in this person is that hidden treasure. Let's just go back to the previous verse that we just read. In cautions, chapter 2, and the 3. Let's just go back up one verse and you will see very clearly you can probably guess it. But anyways, here it is. Inverse 2 that their hearts might be conformed being knit together in love. And unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgement of the mystery of god and of the father and of whom of christ. And that's when it says in the very next verse, in whom is hid, all the treasures of what wisdom and knowledge friends. This is very clear in christ is hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. The field represents jesus. The field represents jesus. It's not the world that field is jesus, and in him is this hidden treasure and jesus, he doesn't come across, come to the world with all this pump of a king. He's not dressed and expensive clothing he's not coming across with with such such oratory speech of a king. No, he doesn't. He doesn't come with all the fanfare of rich bull and those are notable in the world. He's unassuming, he's unassuming in the garden of get somebody when the people came to arrest jesus. They did not who know who she was because he didn't stand out above all the other disciples. He didn't dress better, he wasn't in sandals. Whereas all the disciples room in bare feet, you know, he blended. Right. And he was just another common person. And this field was just the field that this man was working. It didn't seem like anything special. But in it was a to pull up that the pull the hidden treasure. And so this treasure, it represents wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Remember, this man was not looking for that treasure. He just bumped into it. And everybody, even though they're in the presence of christ, sometimes we don't, we don't get the treasure that is hidden right there. Why? Because it's a casual touch. It's possible to come to church and Miss the whole point of our relationship and our time with jesus. But in him is hidden all the what, the wisdom, the knowledge and, and the understanding. And what so precious about this you might ask, what is so important for wisdom and knowledge and understanding. I mean, look, we'll see this at the end of the study. But so far, we know that the wisdom that god gives is not the wisdom from the world. If not the wisdom that you can acquire from the world through through university and high School and getting more degrees and, and getting more experience in your job. Know, friends, this wisdom that god gives is different to what the wolf can offer. But remember, the field is jesus. In him is hidden. This treasure of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. For what you might ask for what we'll get to that later on in the study. But I want a rumble one more thing. Remember, in order to get this field, in order to obtain this field, this man had to do what he had to sell every think. Now let's have a look at that pull that pull of great price. That goodly po, what does it represents? Obviously the pull of great price was of high value, just like the hidden treasure. It also represents wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. It was jesus to obtain that you had to sell all the good poles that you had. And this man, he was a collector. He must have had poles that were very valuable. But in this po, he saw something so marvelous, so amazing, so unique that none other po, in his whole collection could offer. To the extent that this one poll outweighed everything else that he had. And so this poll must represent the same as that treasure in the previous parable we just study. But the main difference was what this person was looking for. The poll he was looking for jesus. And when he finds what he's looking for, immediately, he is willing and he is ready to part with all those precious polls that he ever had. So look friends, there are 2 groups, one not searching. They accidentally bump into this treasure. They accidentally find the other group is searching. And when they find it, both of them are willing to sell everything, everything. So both of them they would go back and sell everything that they have. What does this mean to sell everything? Doesn't mean that we got to be poor and lives on the side of the street and, and you know, this is that what it means that we got to sell everything and not own anything? What does the bible mean, prob, prob, pardon me, philippians chapter 3, verses 7 an 8th philippians 3 verses, 7 and 8th, but what things will gain to me those I counted loss for christ. Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of christ jesus, my lord for whom I have suffered the loss of all things and do count them. But dung that what I may when christ is he paul was writing here. He says he counts everything loss in comparison to what he found in christ is not that everything else was was just done itself. But no, it did not compare to this precious treasure and po that he had found you see when we, when, when it comes to will being willing to sell everything for christ. If not that we got to literally sell everything. Some people are friends. Some of us we got too many things. The world is crowding in around us and we got so many things surrounding us. So many things that glitter around us that get our attention that we have not prioritized christ. How important is christ through you? Where are your priorities? seriously? Where do your priorities lie this evening? Well, what does that mean? How, how do we know priorities? Well, what do you spend more time with? What's the 1st thing to do when you get up in the morning? What's the last thing you do before you go to bed? Have you made time for jesus? Or have you just said you're too busy? You know, do we make time for people that are important for us? Absolutely. Do you make time for things are important to us? Absolutely. There are people that will be willing to, to work and then study master's at night, and they will go for to Yes. Even though they have a family. But just to get a degree, just to get more pay, just to get more money, people are willing to sacrifice time, their sleep time with family, things that should really be much higher than just a simple degree, isn't it? But we are all willing to sacrifice. And so the question comes to us. Where does christ lie in all our priorities? Because the men who own that field, the man who had the pull of great price, both of them were willing to sacrifice just to get this treasure or this po, priorities, friends. And yes, there has to be sacrifice somewhere along the way. I always remember, I always remember this one thing that was focused to be back at 16 years ago while I was an internship. This pastor, he spoke at the church and he said, you don't have commitment without sacrifice commitments and sacrifice. Always come together. You cannot say that you are committed to something unless you are willing to sacrifice for it. And many of us were committed to studies. So we sacrifice our sleep. We sacrifice our time, we sacrifice our pleasure. We sacrifice our food and the same with our jobs and we will sacrifice for relationships. People will spend a lot of money just on a relationship, right? So when there is commitment, there is always sacrifice that my dear friends is cold priorities and to us, many of us money is more valuable. It puts food on the table to many of us family is more valuable. It gives us community and acceptance. That's the thing with our friends, even our church friends and how is christ? Where does he rank and all of that? How about wisdom and the knowledge and understanding that he gifts, how important and valuable is that to each and every one of us. It has to come to that point where it becomes our 1st priority, or else we will never sell all that we have. Isn't it friends? These 2 men, it became their number one and soul priority. You can imagine that man who is ploughing the field and, and when he found the treasure he was looking for it. But when he found it, all he could think about was that treasure. He went home and felt everything that he had. People thought he was crazy and maybe even that per person who had all these poles, he went to sold everything just for this one po, people must have thought he was crazy. He lost his mind, willing to felt everything just for this field. It didn't even look nice at all. It was you just plowing it. Right. But he understood his priorities. He knew where his priorities lay. But friends, why is it? Why is it that we find it so difficult to put a priority straight? Let's go to a story and encounter mark chapter 10, verse 17 to 23. The story is but a rich young ruler. The bible says when he was gone, fault into the way there came one running and kneeled him enough. Good master, what shall i do? That I made her at the tone of life. Jesus had what he called me. Good. There's none good. But one that god. Thou knowest the commandments. Don't commit adultery, don't kill, don't steal, don't bear false. Witness. Defraud not honor your father and mother. And he answered and said, master all these have I observed from my youth and jesus, beholding him loved him and said, what one thing thou last go that way. So whatever thou hast give to the poor and thou shalt have treasure in heaven and come take up the cross and follow me. And he was sad at that saying and went away grieved why? Because he had great possessions. And jesus looked around said, this is disciples. How hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of heaven. Do you know friends that riches really change people? Do you know that? possessions? You know, sometimes the more that we have, the more we become selfish. We become less generous. And we get really possessive of our things. What's the reason why the rich young ruler went away sorrowful because he had so much that he had to give up. He had so much that he had to sacrifice it was because of his many possessions that it crowded out his love for god. The more we have, the harder it is to give up a life for christ. It's a fact, isn't it? And you know, friends, there's nothing wrong with getting things that are more expenses or things that are of higher quality. That cost us a little bit more. But it becomes wrong when you get possessive over when you're not willing to help somebody because of it's maybe your house is too expensive and you and you're scared for kids to come around and ruin your house. So you don't invite people over, you know, maybe your, your couch is too expensive. And if they come over they might ruin the college and they'll be the end of it. Or maybe you find it hot and you find it unwilling to fetch people in your car because you're close to nice and you just cleaned it. Can have people sitting out there and getting all dirty. Right. And we get to the point that some of our things that just to nice that we're not willing to share with people who get scared to lead people are things right. And friends, it's not that you see, don't misunderstand. We got to take care of things right. There are some people that you learn things out and come back in direct, right? And you gotta go buy something new and you look, we got to take care of our things. We got to be good stewards of the possessions that god gave us, but not to the extent that it crowds out a love for jesus. What's the most important thing your life right now? friends sometimes is not possession. Sometimes it just is your children. Sometimes if your boyfriend girlfriend, a husband or wife, sometimes is your degree and you got to figure out what it is and share with each other what that his friends be willing to to, to own up and especially confess that before god because once you figure it out you got to ask yourself, is this one thing more important than god? Have I prioritized this one thing above god? Is it your studies? What is it? Is it your friends? Is it your investments and money? What is it? Are they a higher priority then? Jesus, look, there needs to be a bounce, some people, they put their children more important than god and you know, we can't make it to church early. You know, we want to make sure that you know, the, we let them sleep and wake up in their own sweet time. We can't wake them up and bring them to church early. We got to feed them, got to close them, you know, con event attend evangelistic series, because my kids are not allowed to stay late. We got to send them home early, but yet sometimes we're willing to sacrifice our kids health because of a friend's wedding or a birthday party. But when it comes to spiritual things, we can't prioritize. God, no, no, no, my kid has disability. They are school the next day, but not when it comes to social things and all of a sudden prioritizing the health more important than god. We gotta be careful, friends. We gotta be consistent. We gotta make sure that we prioritize things properly because sometimes as possible to make children r idle. But yet paul said he count everything for locks. He counted it as done, it was not the number one priority. God was always the number one priority. Not to say that you shouldn't neglect your studies. Not to say that you should neglect your family or your wife, or your children, no friends, but we have to have a proper perspective and a balance. And you go to then find a wife or a husband who has the same priorities as you that they make sure that now god is always number one and not even each other. How do you find that out? Well friends is important as husband and wife, not just to simply spend time together in family worship and and reading the bible together. But separately as husband and wife in your devotion and your walk with jesus. You see, before god ever made eve, he had his 11 time with adam. And while god had his one and one time with eve, guess what adam was doing? He was sleeping. It was god that brought eve to adam to wake him up. After he had enough time with her already, we have to have our personal time with god as well. Even as a married couple friends. What are your priorities? What is it that makes god secondary or even 3rd, or 4th or last? What is it? And sometimes going to ask god to rip those things away from us, because sometimes we are just addicted to it. You know what? I mean, friends. It's called our mobile phones. It's those touch screens. It's called youtube. It's called instagram. It's called tick tock and whatever else is new, new apps coming out all the time. I've just stuck with a of facebook, you know, people say older, that's what the older generation now. But you see friends, what is it that keeps you awake at night that you can't wake up early enough to spend time with jesus? We get addicted to these things, isn't it? And jesus becomes number 2 priority. Are you willing to count everything for loss? Have you seen the blessedness in christ? When you have found him? Have you seen how special he is to you? Do you realize how vailable christ really is to you? Has have you had a personal encounter with jesus? Let me tell you, Mary. Mary magdalen, who was that woman who was caught in adultery in the very act she had a personal encounter with jesus. He said from the wicked plots of those priests were ready to stone her just like that because she was caught in adultery. Exactly. If he had a personal encounter with jesus as well when, when all the people around him, they hated that, that this honest tax collector. And yet he climbed a tree to see jesus. And jesus was willing to eat with him and be his friend. When everyone else had rejected. Jesus accepted him and loved him. The parallel to paralytic by the pool of bethesda, he had a personal encounter with jesus, sordid blind bartimaeus and the leper who came begging for healing. They saw christ's love and mercy towards each of them personally and friends. It is possible to go to church and be in church so long that sometimes we forget about our past. We forget what we've been through or what christ has saved us from or delivered us from or our own experience becomes stale. Why? Because the past year we have not had a personal encounter with jesus. Maybe you came to jesus 10 years ago, but what has jesus been doing for you this past week? How has god bless you? Have you had that personal encounter? The cause so many of us we haven't we haven't. Jesus has just become stale. Jesus has just become church. We've not brought him into the middle of everything. We forgotten his goodness. Sure, he took us out from the fire. He plucked us out from a bad situation. He saved us from unhealthy relationships. He gave us a better job, but maybe that was 510 years ago. How about this past week? And I believe friends, this is why it's so important to praise god every day to keep his blessings before our faces and in our minds. I have a prejudice. I make sure that I write down at least 5 praises every day. And sometimes I struggle. But sometimes I have tell you see, friends, how has god been good to you? What do you have to praise god about? Have you had a personal encounter with jesus this past week? Do you know how he's blessed you? Do you keep fresh his praises before your very eyes and in your mind constantly looked at what the bible says. Look at what the bible says while praising god farms. $34.00 and verse one psalms, $34.00 of us one. I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise shall continually be in my mouth. Look at psalm 3528, and my tongue shall speak of thy righteousness and of the praise all the day long. Look at another one, thumbs, 103 verse one to 5. Bless the Lord, all my soul and all that is within me. Bless this holy name. Bless the Lord, o my soul, and forget not all his benefits, who forgive us, old on iniquities, who heal? If all the diseases who redeem a life from destruction, who crown, as thee with loving kindness and tender mercies, who satisfy thy mouth with good things, so that the youth is renewed like the eagles. If there's one thing that we can learn from the book of psalms, is it learning to praise god all the time is as much important as a religious duty as reading the bible and even praying as well. Friends prays, ascends up through our prayers. And God loves to hear it, he's so thankful to receive this praise his heart, his warm that his children recognise all the blessings that he gives them. But even in the new testament, this is spoken of as well. You see, and 1st the salons 518. The bible says in everything gives thanks for this is the will of god in christ jesus concerning you. Maybe just maybe you're sitting there thinking to yourself that life is just so bad that there's just so many horrible things that are happening to me right now. I cannot praise god. I just want you to pause right where you are right now. And really praying think think of 5 praises. 5 blessings. I'm sure you can. Don't dig up 5 blessings from the past year. If you have to. Okay, just one month. But try to think of 5 praises for this past week. And you will quickly discover that the god that we serve is an amazing god. Praise is so important, not because we need to praise god and God needs us to praise him and worship him. But it's a constant reminder that we serve a living god and how he wants to bless us so much and give us so many wonderful things in life. So have you seen how precious this treasure is to you yet? The real life, this precious treasure that you cannot live without this pull of great price. How has jesus bless you? How has he been a blessing to you this past week? Please friends, share. Write it down. Write it in a prayer, gentle. It's important. So when you feel down, you can recount these praises and remember how god is so good. And so real, even though you might not feel him in that present moment. Look, let's continue to that last parable. We're running out of time here. Let's go to look about lost parable, the parable about the nets. Let's. Let's continue and you'll see how this is connected with these other 2 parables. Matthew, 134-7250. Again the kingdom of heaven is likened to a net that was cast into the sea and gathered of every kind which when it was full, they drew to shore and sat down and gathered the good into vessels and cause the bad away. So shall it be at the end of the world. The angel shall come forth and several, the wicked from among the just, and shall cast them into the furnace of fire. There shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. The parable of the nets. This is the last parable that is related to that hidden treasure and the pole. But how, what does this net represent? You see the net represent the gospel, just like what we've seen in a sense, in, in the 1st 2. But you see this gospel. It's pulling in all the good and the bad. It's like the gospel and Matthew 24 was 14. How it has to be preached to all the world. And God, jesus, he makes us fishes of men. And so as a gospel is preached people coming to the church, but they come in with different reasons and they come with different motives and some people are there and they see the field and they're working in the field. But they never find the treasure. They have all these other polls, but then I find the pool of great price and yes, all these other, other activities in church, they're important. But they mean nothing unless you come in contact with jesus himself. And so it's possible that we are there in church, but it doesn't mean that we are saved. But as, as this net draws in all these people guess what, god, at the end he divides that the fishes, he judges everybody. And he, he throws a bad away and he got those that are good and brings them in. But how does god determine who is good and bad? Do you know that in that parable about that nets, it does not say anything about how god will judge between the good and the bad. It seems like we don't know. It seems like god's decision is a mystery, but it isn't. It isn't friends because we see the division found back in the parable of the hidden treasure and the pole of great price. This is where the 2 previous parables can net to the nets or the parable of the net. And what is that dividing line friends? What's the dividing line? It's based upon whether we are willing to sell everything that we have or not. Whether we have prioritized god above all that we have both men in both parables did not hesitate to sell of everything so that they could get that hidden treasure and the pull a great price. Friends. Are you willing to prioritize god this evening? Are you really willing to say, god, I give you my everything. I'm good put you 1st friends, do you realize how important this wisdom and knowledge and understanding is? Why is this wisdom knowledge understanding so precious to us that the world cannot give it? It has to come from god. It becomes such a precious treasure that we're willing to sell everything that we have. You see friends, we need a lot of wisdom to find out, right? life partner. And maybe some of you started off with a wrong motive. You met hooked up in a bar in a nightclub, but you can have the wisdom of god to make your marriage sweet and successful, and a blessing to each other and all those that are around you. You need wisdom to take care of your health. Do you know that a lot of wisdom, there are many people out there that are willing to give up everything just to cure cancer, tumors, or any health problems that we have. We need a lot of wisdom as a mother or father to not to know how to train up your children, so they don't become rebellious and become a close. Instead of a blessing to this world, you need a lot of wisdom. If you going to make y wise investments, what to buy, What when to buy and, and when to sell it. And some of those things are just not found in books that you can study, right? And ultimately, we need a lot of wisdom. If we want to lead and live a fulfilled life and that life, my dear friends, is only found in christ. At the end of the day. Are you living the life that jesus wants you to live? Are you willing to really prioritize and put jesus 1st and maybe this evening? You're not as you're sitting here listening. It's like I'm not going to put jesus 1st, but that's where I got to ask you taste and see that the Lord is good. Bless it is Amanda trust in him some 34 of us 8th taste them. And you will see all the blessings that he has poured out upon your life. You will see all those blessings, friends, and when you recount all those goodness, you cannot. But just realize the god that we serve is not only a living god, but he loved each and every one of us. So much. There are so many things that we never thought we need wisdom, knowledge and understanding for until we reach that point. We have to use the wisdom that we think of his worldly wisdom, but it's not about scoring top grades in high School and university. Some people get so many degrees and yet they're, they're a failure in life. It doesn't mean that you're guaranteed success because you, you graduated from an, an ivy league university or some top university. And I'm really good names or even gradually with top grades. It doesn't mean anything unless you have the wisdom that christ offers you. The wisdom of meekness and humility. Even the wisdom to know when you are wrong and to make peace in the home. Have he tasted of the goodness of the gospel, friends, god is good all the time. He makes a sun to rise on the good and the bad. He makes it rain on the good and bad he is not partial in that way. None of us need to sit there so long to think. But any praises. It's just, we've not been thinking about him at all, but your friends, i wanna encourage you to stop and pause throughout the rush and the hustle and bustle of your life. Just to pause and think about some praises praises that demonstrates the realness of god in your life. Not just about a book that you read of someone else's experience, but your own personal experience with jesus. If you truly follow the gospel properly, then there will be so many blessings that would come with it. God would open your eyes to see all those blessings. But too often we, we focus on the things that we didn't get, isn't it? We're not content. We're not happy with life, even though we have so much we forget that god has blessed us so much. So friends, i would encourage you to just pause to day. Wherever you are, what are you doing? Take time out from your busy schedule. Just to pause and to sit still the blessing of just being able to sleep peacefully at night. Knowing that god, once you right there, wherever you are going, whatever you're going through right now is a piece that the world cannot give. These p, the, the, these things cannot be calculated in monetary terms. So though it is the angel that separate between the good and the bad, at the end of time, it really is dependent upon the decisions that we make today. And before you go off and so I'm going to read the bible more. I want you to pause and write 5 blessings down. 5 praises down. How god has been good to you and I'm telling you when you write those things out, you will realize how good a god we serve and how great a god we stuff and how we serve a living god, who even now is living to make intercession for each and every one of us, and still wishing to pour out even more blessings than we have ever received before. Got to say, you haven't seen anything yet. But we gotta pray. We gotta praise. When a walk with jesus, we've got to experience him in each of our life. Let's bow our heads, shall we, father in heaven. Thank you so much that we sober living. God. Who loves us and loves the bless, each and every one of us. Much more than any earthly father or mother lord, that's how much you love us. And I just pray that you'd open our eyes this evening, help us to see your goodness. Help us to see how much you love us. Help us to see your blessings. And not just focus on the things of this world and focus on what we don't have, but what we already have in our possession. Lord, help us not to be complain as a murderous, helpless, to be content. And give us spiritual insights to the physical world around us today that we can see your hand in even the smallest of things. The Lord. Please remind each of us today that we might be careful give you all the praise and the honor and the glory for pray in jesus name. In this media was brought to you by audio person, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. Or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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