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The Engine of Evangelism

Dan Vis



  • May 29, 2010
    11:30 AM
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hello great seminar has been enjoying a means myself unless I went like to talk about this afternoon I had to change my topic just a little bit I'd like to talk about evangelism and why many times it's not effective in our churches will have a burn this evangelism happen and yet many times we tried it in our churches the project seems like nothing works except for him maybe this get a few people but the very limited results I like to talk about why that is and I'm personally I've come to the conviction that the reason evangelism isn't working very well same reason our training is working very well the reason our training is working that well is because we've not followed the foundational principle of training if you heard my presentation on Friday talked about the one thing Jesus said we should teach every new believer to observe her keep her guard his words were not teaching people how to layout the word of God and hiding the hearts were not teaching our new members how to memorize Scripture internalizing their own personal expense as a result our training programs are not as effective as they could be when people start memorizing the word of God an internal and has it change makes it change breezes a change in people 's lives closing things happen when it comes to evangelism this mentioned that my weight introduction that the Bible gives us a specific methodology for evangelism the specific foundational methodology for evangelism and we use all kinds of different approaches and we neglect the one approach that Jesus said would give us to success and so were to look at that little bit share of this morning but before we begin I would like to have a word of prayer so let's bow our heads and possibly spirit to guide our thoughts father in heaven thank you so much for each person that has come out here this morning and two full cap all the blessings that we've received we sensed your spirit speaking to us at different times in different ways and we want to hear your spirit speak to us once more so please come close to us draw near Internet stretcher in this book cramps remark that we would hear your voice speaking to our hearts and we thank you pray this in Jesus name amen us talk about how we normally do evangelism right now if I were to ask you would usually think of when you think about evangelism probably most of you would say something like well an evangelistic campaign some kind of evangelistic meetings and will bring in a speaker will get a conference room will mail out thousands of brochures and in the kind routinely do this all the time and certainly public evangelism is a valuable and important method for doing evangelism single gender but to be honest there are some real limitations with public evangelist and therefore serious about finishing the work we need to be realistic about some these limitations for one thing public evangelism can be very expensive and it can cost thousands of dollars in terms of brochures when we redo evangelism up in Michigan we would rent a conference room at a hotel in the process eight hundred dollars just for one night no for meeting location is talking about a couple weeks of meeting sneering voice was to the church and when thousands of dollars and most small churches just don't have the kind of budget just be running fantasy series after another statement this remedy another thing is it's exhausting most of the members of your churches have forty fifty sixty hours a week they're working commuting in the busy with the other snap project not in any asked him to come out for five nights a week four four five weeks in a row deserving I cannot to me by the time the whole series is over your church members are just like some of the fasteners think as I think about abandoned really is three years and I am able to begin later right now do I need a break another problem I think is that my last liberals should have just passes out mostly much to do much about them just some information that our ministry take one of those to whom it is no problem public evangelism I believe sometimes tends to convey the idea that evangelism is a spectator activity Netherlands the way you do evangelism is you go out and watch the evangelist to his meeting rather than evangelism being an active activity that we individually participate in it gives the wrong impression and nothing right along with that sometimes public evangelism reinflate on this intentionally but sometimes without realizing it were reinforcing the idea that evangelism is a seasonal events rather than a lifestyle and so were going to abandon the fall and evangelism in the spring of that there's only certain times of the year that we can evangelist and another really really big problem with public evangelism not to be negative just realistic about some of the limitations of one of the big problems with public evangelism is we have very little plan for follow-up in place for the new members when they join the church now they come out to the meeting commitment dynamic speaker and the glycinate connected with our speaker and they make a decision for baptism they show on Sabbath morning guess what happened is bigger ways Oregon and I look at a rally strangely lit another they are strange worship service I understand that happening and I were losing a large percentage of the people that come in orchards Republican met many images done within months and he knows you seen in your own church got belabor the point and if a Muslim maybe you haven't thought about that public evangelism tends to be vulnerable to the enemy 's attacks because they've invested so much time and money and effort into one big project the enemy is looking for any little way he can arrange and eyes I know mementos were they would plan on mailing out thousands of flyers and the post office would deliver than two days late for whatever reason or there'd be a problem when the meeting location maybe there's a concert on him and alright getting hardly hear the speaker and on I know one was related and major statewide evangelistic series and they were at billboards and television radio spots an encouraging of one calling in his one eight hundred number the only problem was and failed to get the rights to the phone number and so they put about four thousand brochures both fortunately God intervened and they were able to rent that number just temporarily just an oversight widget on the enemy is looking for those opportunities to throw a wrench into these big prodigies big productions and try and mess things up all God is greater and were thankful for that what have to be realistic that there are some vulnerabilities to these big kinds of evangelistic efforts the other thing that usually come come on we talk about evangelism is personal Bible studies and maybe in your churches had personal ministries leader your pastor has offered to do a series of training workshops on how to get Bible studies how to knock on doors to a survey get in someone's home and how to present a simple Bible study and you may know what it has to get some of that money while attending Bible study and/or in order eligible usually cannot do a thing as the first problem I usually get just a handful of people and even if they go through the training workshop how many of them are likely to actually go out and start knocking on doors and anything get an go out of time or two just to try their skills how many more consistently doing it for six months or years down the road theater some route limitations with this has a VI IMO list you'd probably come up with you on that one thing most church members are deathly afraid of knocking on strangers door I were talking about is a lot of fear that prevents people from engaging in this kind of event not everyone some people love it but a lot of people are terrified of the end some of our members many by members are lacking in Bible knowledge to be honest we don't really know our message that Weller softened so if we are to go out there and maybe we knocked on his own witnesses or maybe I can do the same thing to us that our Mars with an event in a you ask this question they know just how to point out problem versus we've never heard of before and it we may be confused with on our bottles that were or maybe it were struggling in our own spiritual life and you were caught up in worldly kind of things all week long seventy one at which bottles that it is especially coming to the underworld or whatever but it doesn't work that way your Bible work is a spiritual activity and it has to be a spiritual level of maturity before moving to be effective everything is what is the lack of training mean there's all kinds of different theological viewpoints out there it takes time to know how to answer different kinds of questions it takes time to know how to recognize when something the conviction how to deal with objections how to make a few of them it takes time to learn the skills and a lot of other training programs are six out of afternoon here's a basic introduction is very shallow and were not really a phone with school like a ride mission cognitive poetic and gopher you know for your formats and can get a little more training takes time and we need more trend of his another big one to give to our big problems with this emphasizing overemphasizing the supposed evangelism and ten minus is that motivation when you're out by yourself in automotive Everton canvassing every drug accounting just by yourself however the Democrats about unidentified Audiovox with us are knocking on your desktop by my fellow directors were a lot of other young people around their house like I was just a hard kind of thing to do that years later I get involved with those working in Academy and asked me to run a canvassing progress on taking on the running down I'm not really were successful at the him I have seen young people and we got together we pray together we studied the counselor had an address of Atlanta Braves on their something about working together that is a blessing but when you're out on by yourself alone day after day knocking and was it can be very hard to maintain the motivation is on-site and what about this one the Bible teaches the doctrine of spiritual gifts which means that we all have different gifts we have different strengths different abilities and to try and squeeze them into exactly the same old Robin is the same survey to thank him achieve the same set of Bible studies and maybe were not that regimented but the same basic and doesn't really take into account that while on my five and nine by Boris made as well but in another situation Boris may just love it and I might note not do well in that situation we all have different aptitudes and abilities of different things that we can bring to evangelism that will help us to decide but if you try and squeeze every person into the same mold sometimes there discover where their wealth because it's not really the way their gifted or the weather the cutout now now these limitations again I don't want it they wish just me getting personal bottles they don't misunderstand me and I am not saying we shouldn't be having public we need more of both and we can learn how to overcome many of these limitations as long as were aware of them when we make plans to strengthen these two different approaches dementia but the point I want to make is I don't believe that either of these were the primary foundational approach to evangelism in the New Testament the New Testament experienced fantastic growth but it wasn't based primarily on public evangelism were primarily on personal Bible sentence Jim in your Bibles to give facts about legality biggest problem is with both of these methods this problem is you're just not going to be able to mobilize the vast majority of the church members you can get most the all the views always in the low cream that was the top and you and you and I went on the record visited a prison service exceeded the work of God in this earth can never be finished until the men women comprising our church membership rally to Newark unless we find a way to mobilize a larger portion of the church the works never manifest and by the way there's another by the way by the way that whenever you adhere if you think that the loud arrangements and solve the problem and the latter rain is poured out then all of a sudden the church members in Araiza and get involved in enough not with the spirit of prophecy pages as of the laddering will not be poured out by the largest portion of her church members don't know by experience what it means to be actively involved in it I think what that exactly about what the larger portion that have to be involved in evangelism first and third divisions are staged to fifty three the event reference are thinking of anyway regardless we have to find a method that will enable us to mobilize the largest portion of the church of their wanting involvement it's been in the more effective than what were doing out and when we build our vandalism on that model all of a sudden as we'll see personal policies begin to work in public avengers and begins to work but if you don't have the right foundation those methods do not work it has to be built on the right foundation okay follow the point I'm leaning to okay turning about acts chapter two of this is the day of Pentecost Peter preaches powerful sermon we've all studied this before three thousand souls were baptized in the New Testament church is more about what you notice in verse forty six just very briefly I got a lot to cover so were going to go fast but inverse forty six notice how the early church was organized by the way what would you do if you had three thousand brand-new Congress and he didn't have a church building didn't know I love the eleven disciples the visit will molest our meeting in different homes different parts of town and I'll be there on Monday and I'll be there Tuesday night is getting one of those on than they organized a halter top three thousand members into lots of little small home-based fellowships every night of the week I imagine a different apostle in a different home all over the city again imagine the picture oligomers forty six against either may continue daily with one accord in the temple and breaking bread where from house to house north of Houston House Avenue going door-to-door with any of them either going to write sitting down in a house and having a meal together with that house thousands of any door-to-door in either a meeting in houses and whose homes do you think they were meeting while the believer songs right when we talk about going door-to-door talk about going to non-Christians homes there were talking about believers meeting together in their own homes and so this is how the early church was being organized this is where much of the teaching in the nurture and the training and in the Fellowship was taking place in these small home-based fellowships that lookout and with skip over acts chapter five verse forty two the last verse year in the chapter asked by verse forty two daily in the temple and in what ever how many houses and every house they ceased not to teach and preach somewhere was the most of the event is taking place at the end of the evening was of every house is any every house in Jerusalem or every believer sells anything I please I'm a believer the site of the unbelievers just assumed you then open your home and that's can become another center for vandalism and other affairs even whoever that we just adopted yet come in my house not Virginia I'm sure there are some houses where this wasn't happening but if you are a Christian it was just as soon you can open your home and every house for the place where the Gospel was being present where with most of the rental taking place in homes him notices before someone pointed out to me with an accepted eight verse three this is a disaster Stephen was stoned and Paul begins the persecution of the church anniversary discounted curious the wording here solve the main havoc of the church entering into what ever one Paul wanted to go Doctor George Rego to go to the house is good after they were distraught down the road and receivable budget cars in the party disputed by the questions because they were always being a house about childhood in the house corridor but immediately just go wherever the Christians where they were gathering together and in groups in people 's homes and you can find them halfway years later acts chapter twenty Fowler skipping quite a bit down the New Testament this is Paul he's heading back towards Jerusalem again in this thing second missionary trip forget which one exactly stops not too far from Ephesus to calls from the elders to come meet with them and he reminds them of the important things you try the kitchen while I was there with them and notice asked twenty twenty notice one of the things that Paul reminds a you said like kept back nothing that was profitable unto you but have showed you thought you publicly and swept over the building eight years later in August in Jerusalem at all overall the Gentile churches apposite is one of when I was happening all over the ancient world if you then interesting and interesting study again the Christian services of chapter starting on page seventy two called organizing Christian forces and we had an Christian service is a compilation which means as quotes from many different places in the spirit of prophecy the kind of collective topically and has a whole chapter on how to organize the church for vandals may not work that chapter said these are just some of the quotations I jotted down a few amigo you can read the chapter so since the formation of small companies as a human expert as a what basis of Christian effort has been presented to me by one who cannot actually look one never makes a mistake came to me and said this is the basis for organizing Christian forces if you want to do anyway so you're not a mega mistake organize your Christian forces into small company that was her work for small groups and an where small groups meet at home Friday same things even adjust your Samoans led to be in every church well organized companies workers how many churches every churches should be plural companies and workers small company small teams working in believers homes in our churches like companies before for services of multiple places again spread across the different lines unite in labor as fishers of men working together as a team cooperating and working again pulling together different resources and gifts and those working together in our homes and small groups if there is a large number in the church let the members be formed into small companies again in one place is only cures Raymond of the truth let them form themselves into band were critical of a different expression that even if it is two or three form a small company got hundred people neutered form lots of small bits of you a bigger jerk in the North moment you get the picture the way we organize our churches for evangelism is through small groups exactly what the New Testament church did know where their personal Bible studies in the New Testament you actually may have example of Jesus talking with Nicodemus and you have Philip talking with you joking you have isolated examples of personal Bible studies in a public event is taking place certainly Jesus would preach the multitude followed going to church anyway and he would preach publicly usually could beat me up or to get arrested or something in the model drum I found it yet is certainly since the individuals that were engaging public preaching or impersonal model studies but you find examples of people using their homes for ministry I started doing us a little study on the use of homes in the New Testament I came up with a list of individuals the Bible specifically says he is their homes for ministry evangelism the something is a list of some of the names I found so far the narcissistic fauna sequela Priscilla Jason Philemon on the sniffers Gaius Justice Christmas built Lidia and others in and when you look at the ministry of Jesus you find use using Matthews Tomczak uses home of Lazarus 's home their homes and in Canada homes in different places Jesus was constantly only train the twelve we tell them to do when going to city go find some and work out of their home and we talked a seventy what it told them to go into city final home and work out of their home is easy if you follow this out as a author is everywhere it's not a question of whether or not we do small groups of public evangelism or small groups or whether we are personal but it's a question of what's the foundation was over well in message about how the New Testament church evangelism about how worthless dimensions and today and I think if you look at the evidence in the New Testament you'll see that was built on these small home-based fellowships don't just got it exactly right it's people that are meeting in Christian home believers meeting announcement they're inviting their friends and neighbors or coworkers and so this becomes a powerful means for growth in the New Testament elements of a wide one I think this is a powerful okay Jesus I mentioned this earlier Jesus gave us the key over there's another gender argument with one once I learned that Jesus gave us the key to power in evangelism okay turning I accepted the human John chapter thirteen John Chapter thirteen this is where Jesus was meeting with his disciples a upper room just before he goes to the cross very important stretch and instruction these chapters thirteen fourteen fifteen and on notice John thirteen verse thirty four and thirty five Jesus gave us the key to having power in our evangelist a new commandment that whenever John thirteen thirty four the new commandment I give in to you that you what love one another by this evening as I have loved you that you also love one another by this verse thirty five shall all men know you're my disciples if you have what what is it this can be the most convincing evidence that were truly followers of Christ the way we interact with one another now when you are giving personal models they somehow do they see how Christians interact with each other in the context of anything oh denier nice guy mail I do but it may make you think it just me right there not really seeing the way Christians are interacting with each other this is one person who when they go to public evangelistic series may see some speaker he may be very charismatic and and have a lot of dynamism and the like while this you like that guy but are they really seem to we Christians interact with Ouija using but when you're in a small group and you have a handful of a church members and their and their caring for each other and ministering to each other 's needs and showing kindness and and and or interacting in a in a way that's very different from the way the world interacts in the world everyone is out for themselves dog eat dog stabbing him in the back climb up the ladder to get it without looking for themselves and when they when they come into an environment where people actually loving and kind and caring for listening this is something different about these people is at another unique person but now the something different about these people see the difference if one thing that I a lot I is sideways and is that we show ourselves out in her personal and a lot of dirty laundry for all people and so you're sending them is overwhelming it is only as an lover you know whatever it is you and I'll be doing well is to me is that even stated a step farther I think the reason that we don't open our homes is good in Western society we have should a thing about privacy we do not want to open up our homes to people we would rather put up of the size of several musculature comes out with an smile be friendly and income home and forget about everyone else like shut the world I go to my work and you must a maximum deal of people want to step inside my house I forget the world is shut the door but in the New Testament does not the way the Christians where they said you are missing is like an interesting come into my home I want to invite you into where I am see how I live and see how I interact and when people see that a true life of a Christian and I have a try how are like nothing else will you thought okay but if you don't mind anchored you to hold your questions to in your comments just because were really short on time I wanted to be significant enough questions after all stick around happy to answer them okay I normally I love interaction and I don't mind at all but is watching the clock in my times ticking down really fast so in addition a few more thoughts on you one more verse where Jesus repeated the same idea John seventeen there uses a slightly different wording doesn't talk about how we love one another with the fact that another idea that's closely related to this John seventeen the diverse twenty nine for the disciples and then he says after that is bring also for us neither do I pray for these alone but for them also which shall believe on me through their word that they all may be what one is father art in me and I in the they also may be one in us why that the world may believe that thou hast what is it that's going to convince people that Jesus really is the sense of God is the unity between believers and they see oneness between Christians when they see a harmony in an interactive list that they don't see in their own homes they don't see in their own relationships adult syndrome workplace with when they see that you notice something different about energy five actually a couple years ago he was a elderly gentleman is from Japan have very severe advanced warhead cancer he didn't speak any English we had a couple people there that spoke Japanese so they could translate form he was there for two sessions and he does continue to get worse and worse week he was just as I recall you really can help him very much in each bonds and but anyway he been there for about six weeks and during that time he had seen our campus we have a very multicultural campus with people from all over the world hardly anyone from Alabama from like everywhere else but the lot of them knew outside the US probably as many from outside the US is from inside and he saw the way they interacted he saw the way they were sniggered smile and care for each other and just a little attentions and he said through a translator this was just days before he ended up passing he said I've never seen anywhere my life so many different people from so many different backgrounds choose the way you treat to anything your God must be the true God not even know what Bible study that he was given MSN address on a report I don't misunderstand but he was so impressed by the harmony and unity of our staff and the students where they were together in the Medicare from his I want to be baptized before I got and so he was baptized the day before he and I I think that just illustrates the power of love and unity in harmony know when you combine that with the message that we have a Seventh-day Adventist which is absolutely fantastic and convincing and compelling the compelling message problems we don't get a hearing we don't we don't we have enough to win the hearts first before you can communicate Bible truth sometimes people it is open to ask questions of and intellectually get converted but if you can win the heart first you can win the heart by showing the love of Christ showing the unity and harmony brought that Christians are supposed to be enjoying mostly enjoyed right when they can see the reality of that you'll win the heart of neutrons and you and you can be more inclined to listen to your message no interesting thing is at fault by the way side note my knife as noise page one eighty nine listen to this statement if we were humble ourselves before God and be kind and courteous and tenderhearted and pitiful and another seven there would be one hundred conversions to the Jews were now there's only one what is it that were lacking is that we don't have good enough PowerPoint presentations and best pictures in the best Bible studies in the best order present in is that the problem is administered to the best evangelistic resources of any denomination one world I'm convinced the thing is lacking is were not revealing the love of Christ and how we interact were not inviting the world into our homes and enjoy families where they can see that love lives out everything about the messages in a mascot the one-two punch of it first he went on with a low price and then you bring in the message and enemy combatants even when I first got our success depends on our ability to find the path to the harbor to you as well what else is interesting is number of those disadvantages we talked about about public evangelism and personal level you'll happens all the disadvantages when you build your ministry foundation small groups they all just vanish or small groups expensive oven I spent the remaining static electrical of paper and maybe is a bite of food or something of an uptime of thousands of dollars right individual I think while in a similar time but making it one night a week it's not like were coming out fibers four five six nights a week for five or six weeks in a row for two it's not like that if it's doable your default interest is a spectator mentality of every single person in a small group recognizer a part of the team everyone's responsible to invite their friends and neighbors remember and be friendly and make a guess of time they can feel welcome everyone's participant is not feeling also the new websites it's really around the part of our lifestyle or just constantly desire our way of living we look for people and what we don't invite our small group 's lifestyle about follow-up while you did you cannot even pursue the get baptized of course not yummy they already have its fringe of the network to relay the follow-up is built right in his enemies are bringing them into market right off him Mister and what about vulnerability you know can you destroy a small business while analyzing fossil birthday what you go to any country in the world of Christianity is persecuting what happens every single time with Christianity is under attack they always start meeting in homes and small groups is the most indestructible form of Christianity there as one about this event is personal model studies were not fear you I may be terrified at the thought of knocking on a bunch of strangers doors and trying to get by with but it was a dead monkey my small you have to say anything just common smile as I guided I minutely get enough nerve to try it once it was a common thing on the guide there's a certain measure of fear anytime your environment in euros new but but it's something is manageable something that we can mobilize many many more much larger proportion of our church what if some of them lack knowledge or are struggling in their spiritual life they need to leave a small group ride that were never that they can gain knowledge of other negative they can be encouraged spiritually because they need to be there now and I can make some of them really know their Bible that when they were in a panic in the teacher in a small rebirth one meaning of my will safe but hopefully as they participate probably get to the point where they may begin once someone what if they don't have a lot of training or don't have a lot of experience in getting Bible studies in working with nonadministrative and will they watch the leaders that if they get justice it remodeled the scene with a talk to people the word the user where they interact with it the mentoring process that takes place in the small group as a actually raising up leaders but a menace modem for your increase in the rates of Unisys and another group of their owner or maybe even start leaving agreement can move from wherever they're up to where they can actually come in what about the motivation to take motivation for small groups advancing motivation to do anything but now it's got built-in support because you have other friends at church it better in that small group if you miss one week ago twenty three definition then unless I'm attaching the booking us on this fantastic when you next week hopefully it will be there by me it's going to take commitment there's no way around it but you have the support of the team which makes it easier to maintain a commitment to Ellen about spiritual gifts well this is exactly what his mother was about it's about people with different gifts coming together maybe I might have a hallmark of opening up to people someone else might be a really good Bible teaches some people it is really from some significant intercession some of that economy can dry rounding people up and I mean that one can do their part and we can do the things that we feel most awesome people to send the gift of making people feel at home and friendly and they're not may be the most logical in point by point giving the Bible says but they can make some really fill the Hudson special but then you got someone else I can begin those Bible studies one by one muumuu moment I need them to I need the so-called and just work together in the context of a small group as you wanted to another interesting set to go back over acts chapter to begin don't really have time to go into it too much right now but look at all the words used to describe the New Testament church starting in verse forty two look at some of the words inelegant verse forty two thoughts about they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and Muslims were fellowship and fear came upon a result of her forty four they all that believed were what together use it again they had all things what common you see the words are they sold their possessions and goods then gave the everyman is every man had need of what we gave what would you think if you are not small group of people actually saying that you need some help I'll help you with us I'm an extra car am not really ideology technologies into ViewSonic is actually happening is that you guys are crazy enough but how can I get in on that I wonder what is so yummy is exactly what they would think it's physically also exists a continue they continued Billy with what verse forty six the continue daily with one accord breaking bread from house to house that ate the meat with gladness singleness of heart salad actually enjoy being together secretive sometimes we get together every gloomy face is that they aren't as I enjoy being together and not as an expert 's there praising out having favor with him why do you think that they were those people because they looked on them and they saw their fellowship the way they had everything in common they were immediately saw the way they interact with and this is something special this is of God Christ must've been missed I have a good look at the impact that as a result of this address in verses of what was able to add to the church daily people rejoining searches everyday small groups here smartest decision to remake consulate all over the city because they saw the way the Christians interacted when we thrown at her most powerful weapon was a all-new evangelism is in your home or long is it a hotel conference room at the applicant in my house job demand and as long as my home when we doesn't say that was thrown at the most powerful weapon we have as Christians we throne of the most powerful weapon we have as Christians and as a result as a result of our evangelism disorder languages on In re struggling to get a few here in a few there we spend lots of money lots of effort and results are just minimal results of this minimum when I was first became Christian my run over just a minute or two when I first became a Christian the way I was taught had to vent as well as attending a secular university got involved when the campus ministry that was madness that with a trust evangelism is a you go into the cafeteria for lunch and grabbed a tray of food and any time find some missing by themselves anyone who's a look at the hearing on you put on your chart and anytime struck up a conversation your family occupation religion testimony or any other kind in so and so you can send it and then in anything that had a conversation when you try and find a way to slip your testimony and that and if they sounded like they were somewhat interested in spiritual things you have your little transition question the only thing memorized enough as are many stretching her life the overhead something like this happen and whatever and if things really well well the new dear Newbridge illustration force fertilizer whatever gospel for any driving me in the present writer over lunch and if possible of everything I really like you spray the sinners prayer and enjoy what another notch on you about the house I got another one today and found disorder don't think about it just felt so I do not offer why it doesn't really work very well as most people take more time to make decisions for Christ were talking to one eighty degree change in direction values priorities goals everything changes while Ms. do things a little better we give them about twenty four hours we spread it out over twenty four nice if of the public and or reset over twenty four lessons of his personal Bible studies we get about twenty four hours they'll make their decision by the end of the Majesty through the end of the lessons with their weather does not it is not whatever and we go look for someone else know most people take a lot more time about most people are not even to point really were there ready to begin personal Bible studies Republican man doesn't look as their sole secular and orientation that it is not even thinking that direction as all e-mail out of thousands line nine hundred ninety nine going to trash the most people just aren't there but they will come to friends house even if they know there's been a be a little Bible discussion along this low-key informal and there's good that this is vitamin at the small groups and their and their meanings the only New Testament in the article look for this in a home with a friend someone I know offenders who is not high pressure whatever the outcome you can get someone back in my home not my home we have a garden and my wife and I would like to garden and a understood part of gardening I really really like one is in the early spring when you go out and Rototiller garden up and make your nice neat rows and playing a little season the ceilings and everything comes up and is not a weed in the darkest as your little feelings and everything looks so pristine insufferably good stuff bringing cool and not I just love the springtime and the other time of gardening that I like his alarmists are you come to the end of the summer and now your corn in way over your head need on the luscious tomatoes need on my agreement got a basketball on opinions and errors whenever you are going in as much fun harvested garden I love it but you know where the real work of gardening is not the sewing is not the harvesting Avenue needs all those looking for the real work is the long theater this summer we are cultivating those plans helping them grow to the point where the ready to be harvested for your watering and taking care the past year chanting and staking them up your mulching them whatever you got it it just takes a lot of work to get the plants to worlds where the ready to be harvested annually to seventy minutes we love to do selling events with the pickings will have a guest speaker will pass out literature will be servicing all kinds of things in a contact for selling songs on all the time and we come back at the end of the season so to speak we tried a big rating event within evangelistic series or something like that and we wonder why no one comes to our meetings about whether my gardens being a plentiful much of season I never looked at the garden I came back in the fall but when I find my garden to find those big corn plant of the victim made it is instead of a bunch of weeds and this is exactly what were doing were sullen and you need the salt were trying to rape and we need to read but we're not cultivating relationships with people this is the you let me know and author of and I heard it over already and if food and so my questions are as English as a inviting interest people at one danger that he only very as a person in Hong Kong I know I'm here and you have to you and you and you and you know what he thought about all the euros billion leads you your church it is not in the neighbor 's people for example sometimes urges right and is not that I need from you is where he comes he is as hungry as I lay in our eye on the house the other question is this true that any anything that would maneuver the Lord this can be risks and indemnity costs resist this bottom line right but what we want to do is we want to find what the Bible teaches about how to do it follow that plan and the Lord will take care the risks and ill take care of the costs and works as well some authorities in relationship this is an easily ongoing and is just like myself is major races on and as you is will is is is and what was environment advised will and will you and is in all her life friends and a continent is reeling off much as resulted in small groups had up and I will is is is loving people like you and a minimum of what you these folders and months as ugly as they were running the lease will five no one is really Tom he is now the resuming of Asian relations Samoans just like everything is revolved in a gauze as long as we do all your mail is really involved studies will is now that we let your imagination was enraged recently because they saw already emboldens as a flashy sphenoid he's someone please was illegal he was home while yelling at them a lot more than a governance is or is he is modeling her role as well also announced over these understand what he proves in his ultimate validation for platform while studies is that they are late user-friendly and most of the time I do not take any site this morning 's audio only when the setting up and delight studies meetings on his smoke is old media everyone there was even a day is how life in a normal life as a whole is is is is is you are now a face on the news is that it is Russia's morality about a philosopher of about eighty is his life will be considered I have rose it causes really blessing and Atlantis and Oslo that is found in the Torah small arena in the region is live on and over a hundred members goes my cholesterol of three judges in the community as a downtown church magazine urges you will a principal foundation while in London house because management is the foundation is over it is as if these the people I thought to myself I'm off to six months by the people met also going to add with greater judges baffles neatness and wherever they are in his is really what I was a lot that I believe in reading more is I don't follow the rate of already begun and is damaging baptisms in all our again committed and is I see I'll have to my house with an overly profitable and yes okay so I was in his family before it officially founded by Fred and really works and is a challenge risotto is screaming that he is disclosing two quick points the knowledge to pursue staying over this that we do start in Minnesota thunder for an overview minutes by the things first of all small groups is not a substitute or replacement in Republican menus with personal level since small moves will make your personal Bible studies in public event is begin the work is when you have small groups people will start to ask questions when you mean the uncle strict handling of the great subject will get together and started sometime and personal monasteries to start to happen and when you do public demand has been more and more sense to just invite the people in your groups the chemicals to mouth lives of everyone in the distance are the people or groups in the ready there don't have relation regarding the learning of time the ready is a public event is begins to work you'll have more personal analyses and more public evangelistic church is founded on small groups in trying to personal level studies in public events without smokers actually have more rabid less menacing alignments with my last thought of two things I wanted it is that I wasn't afterwards and yellow wires are there with me I will be happy that I'm an overdose or administrative loved it we many times in several tons anyway and statesman ministering how the Lord is Lord of working miracles all up and down Australia is actually fantastic four hundred churches right now in Australia better getting a small group training MS appointments in the last one is we put together a training curriculum that you can launch in your church in a small group of people together it takes about six months ago thermal discipleship by the time they're not they won't not only have a spiritual foundation begin internalizing the word of God practical discipleship with him all the skills and tools they need to relaunch a small ring and we work very closely with that this church in Melbourne Gateway on developing her treatments with things to try on the small-group leaders and you can just take it the package is right there ready to go it's not expensive this get into materials running your church get a small group together start training them with the training is important to have the right mindset there's methods and techniques that make a difference between success and there I was thinking when all that right now but if we just get a biblical concept of the approach to God wants us to use in the method that God must make our foundation and get the training and conditioning and God will bless a member of it what let's aboard a prayer and then knowledge deficit run forcing him to get some questions but in heaven we thank you so much for your words and how powerful it is to give us answers to our questions solutions to our problems all of our needs there's resources in your work and the particulars area of events is my thinking that we have the record of the New Testament church in teaching of Jesus and the apostles show us how they do I'm convinced the works not can be finished until we learn how they did it and follow their example how must get back to this plan the strategy for organizing Christian forces that cannot bear we thank you for this in Jesus


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