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The Most Inspiring Story

Martin Kim


Martin Kim

Pastor and Evangelist


  • April 17, 2021
    11:00 AM
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Right, I am so glad that I'm finally here because I've been waiting all week long because I am looking forward to sharing with you what I believe is the most inspiring story. Let's begin with the word of her father in heaven. We thank you for being such a wonderful god, a god who wants to encourage just god, who wants to inspire and let us up for they pray once again that you would send the holy spirit bring us under deep conviction as we hear the message. I just pray to God that you would make your strength perfect in my weakness. Pay. This gives me a man. I'm going to share with you today What I believe personally is hands down the most beautiful, most amazing, most inspiring story of our time. It's a story that wanted god could have written and it's a story that being written today. And the beautiful story reminds me so much of the story of joseph in genesis one of the longest narrative in the old testament which covered over 13 chapters. You know, I love the way the story of joseph and in genesis chapter 50 jacob passes away. And now the Brother thinks that joseph is going to now come and take revenge on them. They come before him, they all down and they say, behold, we either serve it. Do you remember how just responded joseph, that do not be afraid for am I in the place of god. But as for you, you meant the evil against me, but god meant that we're good to say many people live. I mean, what does that mean? The story. And of course, joseph is a premier type of christ and will be how the devil use the cloth. And meant that for evil against christ, but god meant it for good and through the cross 1000000 have found the vision. So this inspiring story reminds me a lot about the story of joseph. It's a story about a no limit, christian were taught desired agent. There is no limit to the usefulness of one who by putting self aside makes room for the working of a bit plan of life and live a life wholly consecrated to God in no limit. Christian, how many of you want to be no limit? christian, man, this story is one of the most incredible rags to riches story. This is a story about surrender. It is a story about sacrifice. And the reason it's so beautiful it because you see the fair of christ saw sacrificing love in the story. And it's a story that inspires me to be more faithful when those days come by, when I'm tempted to be a little bit lazy, it inspires me to be more faithful. And I hope the story went by you to be more people. Now before we go into the story, we want to look at a parable that highlighted portion of faithfulness, of the more than 40 parable that jesus quite caught. Can you think of a parable that highlights the importance of faithfulness? Ok, we're look, I'm looking for a parable, one upright parable. The parable of the town. Very good, very good. Turn with me in your bible to the parable of the town. And when you're there, they met we want to go to the parable of the talents i heard one a met. You're asking where is it? I want you to understand that the parable of the talents is placed in a specific chapter for very important reason. Because it's a very important chapter. Now, I hope that after this message today, you will always remember the location of this important parable. It's in the book of mac. You that help you that matthew chapter 25. Turn with me to matthew chapter 25. Now matthew, chapter 24 and 25. Make up what is called the all of it discourse. Now we're all familiar as I've been took with matthew 24. But this, I will ask you this, the question, what will be the find of you coming and of the end of the age? And jesus give a number of specific fines that tell when it's coming is near the basic point of the all of this course in matthew 24 and 25 can be summed up in one word, any idea what that one word? Yes. If the word why? Very good. Let's go to matthew 24, and let's read verse 45 in verse 24th and said watch is therefore, the adverb. Therefore, it's used to introduce a conclusion. Introduce what? A conclusion. If I say point number one, point number 2, point number 3, there are 4. You know that I'm about to bring things to a conclusion. Watch that or, or you do not know what our Good lord is coming. But know this, that if the master, the health had known what out of the people would come, he would have watched and not allowed his health to be broken into there for you also be ready for the son of man is coming an hour. You do not expect. So you said you need to watch and be ready. This is the point of the entire discourse. We don't know exactly when jesus, where we turn that angel don't even know the science tell us that is coming is near. But in another sense, he will come on expect to be like a thief in the night. Therefore we need to watch and we need to be prepared now through 4 parables, that although jesus tells us exactly how we are to be watching. What are the 4 parable the follow? You know, the parable of the wife service and the evil servant. The 2nd parable is the parable of the 10 virgins. Then you have the pebble in the talent and then you have the parable of the sheep and goes through the or parables. Jesus tells us how we are to be watching and be prepared. Now we're not going to look at all these parable. We're going to focus in on the parable of the talents. But let's look at 1st of 45 of chapter 24. Before we get to the pebble talents, it says who then is a faithful and wise service that we all want to be faithful and why servants? men who then a for, and why servants, whom his master made ruler over his household to give them food. In due season boat and to see that what will recall that we recall the present truth present what present truth present truth is truth that is appropriate and relevant for this time friend the all of it. This port contains present truth and these 4 parable contain present truth. Right. Let's go to the parable. Matthew 25 verse 14. I have it on the screen. If you'd like to follow along, it says for the kingdom of heaven is like a man probing to a far country who caught his own servants and the lizard is good to them. This man who is travelling to our country, who does he represent he represents even yet. This represents cried who when speaking the parable was soon to depart from earth to have it. And who are the service represent the service represent us? That's correct. Now according to the F, the bible commentary, the master had 2 objective. What do you think were the 2 objective object them number one was to increase to holding an object to number 2 was to a test to serve and in anticipation of entrusting them with greater responsibility entrusting them with what weight or responsibilities it was a test. Anybody here like test brands, were all being tested for the $15.00 and to $1.00 who gave pipe talents to another 2 and to another one, to each according to his own ability. And immediately he went on a journey. Now, do you know of individuals who have received my palate? I have this one elder a few years ago. Am I trick one of my elders? He reminds me of the individual that called by this Brother can preach and he could teach. And on top of that, he could think he had a study that harlan graduated and he's been a failure to pastoral ministry. But later he felt called to study medicine. So besides preaching and teaching and thinking, this Brother was a physician. Not only that he was really good with computer and ab equipment. The guy was at Tech, and then we had issues in the ag department. He was the go to got ok. He was an individual with 5 talents in my opinion. And this Brother bless his heart, he had too little growth and he was busy working at the physician and there were many days when he come to church and you will see the dark, dark bag under side. But you come to church and he was faithful. Now when we read the burst, most of us are thinking what, what are most of us thinking? Who are you? Most the must be or the individual everything tell me don't the one town. You know what one count was worth? Yes, 6000 and dave wages. If you calculate that in for years, you know how many years that comes out to 16.4 years. So friends, if you want individual that as a receive one town, I don't think that you were just given. Trump changed one talent, was worth a lot in man 1st 16 then he was received. The 5 count went and traded with them and made another 5 pounds. And likewise he would receive to gain 2 more also. But he who had received the one, went and dug in the ground and hid his lord money. Now leave the individual who received one talent. If he were to have been given a pipe, tell me what you think he would have done with it. He would have buried. Yep. Luke 1610, which is our scripture reading said he with paypal and what is least is faithful also in much and with unjust, in what is least is also in much now most of us who have been given that one talent, do you know what a popular line is that the demo with birth and the years of those who have received one talent. Tell me if you've heard this one before, you only have one talent, so the teacher is not going to expect much from you. Let the other through the work. You take it easy. Have you heard that one before? Don't before. Don't be the feet. Got expects you to be faithful with that one talent man. After a long time, the Lord of the servants came and settled accounts with them. Friends a day is coming. When account will be settled and that day is Roy near our master. Jesus christ is coming back and soon he is going to reward his service. Now the penance inspiration tells us that god had a great rock to be done and he will be quick. The most to those in the future life will do the most faithful willing service in the present life in a bequeath. The most you who do to those who do the most a willing service in the present life. Now friends, just so that there is no misunderstanding, we are not saved by our work were not saved by being faithful. No amount of good work or faithfulness can favour were saved by grace through faith in jesus christ in man. Salvation is a free gift. Were not favoured work, but our work are an outward expression, the Human manifestation of a saving faith. So we are judged by our work and we are rewarded. We are what we are rewarded according to our and on that day when god rewards his faithful servant, we want to be among those that god will be the most to a man worth 20. So he, when we see 5 talents came and brought 5 other towns, thing more, you have delivered to me 5 towns, look I have gained 5 more talents beside them. Berth 21. His lord said to him, well, then, good and servant, your faithful over a few things I will make you will over many things entered into the joy of your lord. How many of you want to hear these words well done? Good and faithful servant. You know, when I read these words, there are a few individuals that come to my mind. Let me tell you about one individual. His name is Thomas beale. He is a software engineer. And in 2012, she took over the online software called the site for anybody here. Familiar with the site book, it's an online interest tracking software. It's a very important evangelism tool. Whenever we do evangelism meetings, impact our church, use the site for during the last part of the summer, I went back to the registration table and noticed that we were using the software to keep track of the guests that are coming late at night. So when I 1st began using the software, i needed a lot of help. And on the bottom of the web site, the green button, you can prep for technical support. And then it says block, the form and our next available agent will be available to help you out. So I will often going there because I had question. Now the interesting thing was, every time I press the button, the same individual will show up. It was thomasville, always bare available to answer my question. Now one time I went there to push the button again and he said, you know what, let's just talk on the phone. It'll be quicker. And so we connected via the phone and I find out that he's over in Europe. What are you doing over in Europe? He says I'm working on a master's in software engineering in oxford. And. And I had looked at my clock, my watch, and I'm thinking, you know, what, if you're over in Europe, that must be the middle the night. And what he told me is that he has a set it up so that he receives notifications on his phone. So that whenever someone new tech support, he's available, he wakes up. This Brother is available 24 hours a day to help answer people with their questions because he understands how important this is amazing. Now I know, I know we have some physicians that are on call and on the weekend or at night sometimes you get up. Do you enjoy getting up? No, no one enjoy getting up but, but the positions get good money for getting up right. This Brother doesn't get it done, but you know why he does it because he believes that this is so important and he's using the gifts god has given to him for an angel of them. So that so that Brother inspired me continually on birth point to he also who had received 2 talents came and the Lord you delivered to me to tell him, look, I have gained 2 more town beside them. His lord said to him, well done, good and faithful servant. You have been for over a few things I will make you will look over many things. Enter in to the joy of the Lord. Let me tell you about one other person that reminds me of, of an individual when I think of the, what was the good people servant. So a few friends of mine and I ministry partners were trying to set up the nonprofit organization for the ministry that we have started. And I contacted an attorney friend of mine and I asked him if you could serve as a pressure because he have the experience of working with nonprofit organizations. And my, my friend said, I will be happy to serve as your treasure. If you can buy me an assistant with accounting experience, I said that sounds good because my friend is just simply too busy to to, to handle this all by itself. So so we've been praying and we've been getting the word out and not too long ago the individual contacted me. His name is David karl. He sent me an email with a short resume and I was very impressed by the resume. This individual had in fact many years ago, spend about 7 years working as a treasurer for the trust department in the oregon conference. He seemed more than qualified. Well, he gave me a few references. I did the reference check and people were say, very glowing things about the individual. So I eventually called them up now based on his resume and the year he received his his a, B, B, f. In business. I assume that this individual was in the early seventies. Now when I was talking to him, I was surprised to find out that this individual was 80 years old. And 2 years ago, he just moved from the golden hill area to russian, oregon. But before moving hit serve at that church as a treasure for 7 years. And during the 7 years, 6 years, he also, he also served as treasure of the golden l, as in a school in a 70. And this individual was telling me if you're looking for somebody that can give you 20 years, I would not be the person. But if you need somebody who could serve for 5 to 7 years, I can do the job. I wasn't prep. I mean, I mean this guy, if you want to go on some vacation, ok and just take it easy. We all understand. But he wanted to use his time and he wanted to labor for the Lord, berth $24.00. Then he would receive, the one count came and said, lord, I knew you to be a hardman weeping where you have not stone and gathering where you have not scattered and I was afraid and went and hid your talents in the ground. Look, there you have what is yours? But the Lord answered and said to him, your wicked and lazy servant, you knew that I read where I have not stone and gather where I have not got her seat. So you ought to have deposited my money with the bankers at my coming. I would have received back my own with interest. So take the count from him and give it to him who had 10. Tell him for to everyone who have more will be given and he will have abundance. But from him who does not have even what he has will be taken away and cast the unprofitable service into outer darkness. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, the pennant inspiration held up in the great final day of judgment, those whoever drifted along those who have what drifted along, dodging opportunities and shirking responsibilities, will be classed by the great judge with evil doors. So well, the good and the dodger, and the sugar. Where will be they? Who will they be with The evil doors? Now in quest object lesson in the chapter on the talent we are told to have sermons, christ commits his good, something to be put to use for his wife has committed his good to me and to each one of you. What are the good? What do the talents represent? While the talents here the camera represent money, but they represent more than money. What are some of the towns that got given to us? Ok, special gifts. Yes, spirit to get. Time is often talent. By the way, did you know that time with this wasted is intellect, wasted? Time of the talent speech is a talent. Memory give account. Strength is a talent. Influence is a talent. Property is even considered a count. This is from count on stewardship. Give to every man his work. He gives to every woman her work. None are exempt, each has his place in the eternal plan of heaven. Each is to work in cooperation with a wife for the Salvation of souls. So our doctors and nurses are to work in cooperation with christ in the hospital, to winful the educated or to work in the classroom together with vice to when full were all caught to work in cooperation with quite for the Salvation of souls now. And I want to encourage you to be faithful because jesus is coming. And I love that. Are you ready for jesus to come? Are you faithful in all that? You do? Have you 3rd for the right? Have you bought the good bye? Have you stood for the right have others think is a can you give this is coming? I want to encourage you to be a, for with your time, a for with your money or with the influence, a all with your strength and friend, i want to encourage you to be a full member with working to build up the church working can do what build up the church because because guess what the devil wants to do. He wants to use numbers to do what? To tear it down. Ok, we need members will be faithful in building up the church. Is that your desire? raise your hand in met. Now do you know what the most basic way is that members that build up each other just the most basic way? brain together. Ok, that's a good answer. Encouraging one other. It is simply by attending church faithfully a tell me to tell. Basically it's the most obvious way to show commitment to the body. There's something encouraging about knowing a Brother or sister is simply going to be present at church at a church service and you're going to worship god together. If you reach me, if a man now please understand that I'm not speaking about the person who either wish immune system or health issues and prefer to stay home during this pandemic. I'm not, I'm not, I'm not speaking feels individuals. And she was chapter 10 for 24. It says, and let us consider to one another in order to stir up love and good works. How are they to do this stirrup love and good works in the next birth? It said not or taking something of ourselves together as is the manner of some but doing what exhorting one another and so much the more as you see the day approaching. Are we thing the be approaching? Yeah. You cannot build others up if you're not meeting with them regularly and faithfully by attending church. Basically, we can build each other up. And if you're serious about building up the church, i want to encourage you not only to show up faithfully, but to show up early so so once abbot i was driving to church from man, it's a long drive. And I'm going through this message in my mind, and I'm thinking, why address this, or do I not? I coming to the lawyer i need, I mean one of our members. And he begins talking to me and the individual because talking to me about how we need to address this in this, this issue that I've been running through my mind. Is that one for them? Or is it probably? So anyways, i've decided to drop it. Why punk shoddy is important now. I went online and there's all kinds of great articles. There was that one. Article 5 reasons why shot is important. There's another $16.00 reasons. And there was another 17 reasons why being on time is important. I'm not going to give you 7 reasons this morning, mis mister with your review that. Can you handle 3 reasons this morning? All right. With number one, it matters to God and some of payment. The pendant inspiration tell me that those who are not punctual do not exert a good influence and such influence leads to non punctuality. And this order, by the way, front, if we want the cooperation of angels who work in unison, that we need to be orderly and organized a man. So this is very important by the way, its influence is a talent. What happens to that talent? If we're not punctual, are we worrying that don't is number 2. It shows respect arriving on time shows that you value whatever it is you're about to take parted. Being partial for meeting shows that the respect to the other person in that meeting and that you don't want to waste their time. Now just imagine with me, imagine with me that that one sabbath bill gate or just decided to visit our church. And he called you up and said, you know what, I'm going to be at your church. I would like to meet personally with you and 9 AM. Would you be on time? No, you wouldn't. You would be early to that need. Is that correct? Now friends, on sabbath, we are coming together for corporate appointment with the camp king in the law board. The one who owns all the silver and gold, the money that's in bill. If wallet the money that's in jeff phases bank account. Who does it belong to? It belongs to our god. We are coming to meet with him. Should we be on time? amen. Bent. We are coming to meet the god that we are called to love with all our heart, with all our soul and all our strength. Reason number 3. It shows you our dependable shows you are what being punished, walk, communicate that you are reliable. Now, what's another thing in them for dependable and reliable? Yeah, if faithful does a person have greater influence than on people person? Yes, absolutely. Benjamin franklin, one said to an employee who was clinically late, but always ready with an excuse, ready with what you know, those people always ready with the ben franklin said, I have generally found that the man who has a good excuse is good for nothing else. A friend we can't be if we are serious about being ready for jesus coming and we are watching. We can't be making these excuses. When you come to church on time, what are you communicating to others? You're communicating that church is important. Church is a priority to you. We expect our students and our teachers to be on time at school. We expect, or you to be on time at work. Is it a reasonable expectation that our faithful member would be on time at church? Yes, he met before I say one more thing. So I've got 2 nieces and before the pandemic, they were attending an admin. It's a private school up in Washington. And it was not, it was an expensive school. My brother paid good might send a growth there. And one of the core value, that's what be on time and be would remind the students being early is on time being on time is late and late is unacceptable. By when they teach this at the school where they're having to pay so much money because it's important, right? brand, if you are committed to building up the church, i want to encourage you to come faithfully come early. And I want to invite you to also come for sabbath school. I had to throw in the thing because this afternoon we have our quarterly sabbath school council meeting in the book council on sabbath book, schoolwork page 10, weird. All the sabbath should be one of the greatest instrumentality and the most effectual in what do you think goes into the black? Yes. And bringing souls to christ and bring us to christ. If that was important. Very important. Chapter 3, if title a soul winning agency and then you have the vote, the object of sabbath work should be in gathering of sol. So this afternoon, the sub teachers were going to get together and we got discuss, waive to be more effectual and winning for christ. We would so appreciate it if the rest of the number this afternoon, if you remember, please lifts up the meeting in your purse. If you remember that the meeting up in your for, and we would so much appreciate it if, if the next step and you can be here for sabbath school because we need your cooperation. If we're going to turn our sabbath all into effective soul winning agencies, branch of time to be faithful. Now, the most inspiring story. I hope the story was by you to be more faithful in the last days. As we prepare for quite soon return. By the way, you've been very patient. The story comes from africa. From the country of kenya, it began in the slump. Can you plums our home to over 800000 orphans one and a 5 will not live to see their birthday? By the way, anybody have an idea? Anybody hear the story before? I'm actually surprised that so few people have actually heard this amazing story. His name was charles movie, one basically wakes up to what does every kid worth nightmare. He wakes up and find nobody. Everybody is gone, he realizes that he is completely alone abandoned. His dad was drunk, his dad would often come home drunk and would be his mother. But dad must have thought charles is fixtures old. He could survive on his own. Can imagine you are 6 years old, your parents and your younger siblings are gone and there's no food left in the house. It was abandoned. It was rejected for Charles goes out and begins knocking on doors of his neighbors. He's looking for someone to help him. Nobody helps, so he become a beggar. And for the next 10 years, charles molly wandered the streets. He is begging, he is stealing, he is doing what he can to survive. He says I became hard. I became full of hatred. I became a street boy and then I started asking myself why I was really born. Why? I was really living. One day he's getting quite suicidal. And then he may have somebody who invites him to go into a church. And for some reason, he decides to go into a church And there is a man who was pretty here preaching about forgiveness and faith. He is touched by the message. She knew that he had a lot of bitterness in his heart toward his father. The preacher said, work hard and by there is nothing impossible with god the message stuck in his mind and a new hope was planted in his heart. Is there anybody here who need some encouragement this morning? I want you to understand with god, all things are possible. Child is driven to change his life. He decided to go to nairobi to start a new life. She had no money, not a single cents in his pocket. He walked for 3 days in rags. To get to roby because he never finished school. He didn't know what kind of a job he would be able to get. It finds the biggest house in the city, and he knocked on the door. An indian woman opened the door, charlotte asks, or if she has any food or any water, the woman can see that she doesn't have shoes. And he says, all he really want is some work. While she sees something in him and decide to give him a chance describing the floor, He is washing the dishes. He has cutting grass outside with the other hired worker charl. Works hard, he is a full and what happens when your baseball? You get more responsibilities? You get promoted? brent. Are you people? Many of us give 100 percent. Many of us give 110 percent when it comes to our career because it means promotions. It means a pay raise. But when it comes to god's work, are you given a 100 percent? It's time to give 100 percent. After 6 months, the indian woman spoke to her husband, who was a fee of a very big farming company. Charles was promoted to manager. He had over $800.00 workers now and now running the entire state. Reminds me of joseph, who was working for potter for and he was put in charge of everything that part of her head. And while he is working at the manager of the farm, one day he sees this beautiful young lady. She smiled at him. Charles never dreamed that a woman, whatever smell at him the way she did. He must have the courage to talk to the young lady and long story short. They got married and he was such a happy man. And soon he has a family. He gets a car and he had a dream. He wanted to do business. For Charles and saving money and saving his money. And finally, he buys a little taxi bus. Moly wave was his trademark. And he starts driving 14 hours a day until he and it makes enough money to buy another vehicle and another and another until he had the whole fleet. And then he was leveraging the money that he was making a fleet of. But and he formed will the ways agency is limited And then void tired. And then he gets into roasted 8. Does really well and lost it. And then he has a monopoly in oil and gas. And like, is there a good his wife said, we live in light of richest because we were on top of the class. We had parties and dinners all the time and had so many guests, so many visitors that used to come. It was wonderful just to be feeling so influential feeling how influential it says it was my time he was traveling around the World charles and really became a multi millionaire. He was one of the richest men in all of kenya. Is that amazing? But that's not it. The story get even more amazing. He and his wife, after I had it kid, a big health, multiple businesses. But something feels wrong. Anybody here you got the health, you've got the kid, you've got a career, but something goes wrong. You're not satisfied. One, they try to get out of this car and these young boys ask him for money. He says, why should I give you money? What have you done for me? They said, we'll watch your car for you. Give us money. If then I will not give you my money later that day, charles comes back in. His car is not there and he had to pick his own public transportation home. Molly said I was really tormented by the voice in the street. I saw the faces of me and for 3 years how many years, 3 years he had no peace and he is struggling. And one day he says, I could not work anymore, and one day he left his office got in his car and he kept driving and driving. He did not know where he was going. And then he pulled over. And then he began crying, the car cried, why are you doing This to me with all the wall that I have? Why is it that you want to take me back again to poverty? He struggled with god for 4 hours and after 4 hours will he said, yes, got you. And the moment he said, yes to God, he experienced the greatest joy in his heart. And you said just got have you fully surrendered all that you are and all that you have to God. If you haven't done it yet, encourage you to do it. Your face is a great joy. When you say yes to God, he goes home and he has news to share with his family. He tells the family that he is selling all of his business and he's never going to work for money again. He wants to help the kids like him. Well, his family thinks he has gone crazy. He has gone mad. This is Total madness. Charles goes out into the streets and he be friends. These drummed out dangerous kids. He tells them his story. He tells them about love and forgiveness and hope. And he has to start to And then he brings his voice home and then more. And then another nora, what would you do if you had went out and started bringing a child home and another and another would be out on the curve. Bring them in a high eatable, they'd begin to run out of room. And so he built the dormitories in his back yard and the classroom, he hired a teacher. He brings more kids home. And now he's got a few 100 kids living at his house with them that I may think But they are running out of space and they're running out of money. Then charles, decide it should all move to the land. He's bought for retirement in the middle of the desert. The middle of where the desert is there. Is there water in the other k, A place where there's no, no clean water Now they've got hundreds of kids and they built temporary housing. They are, they are walking hours to get fresh water because it never rain. Meanwhile, charles is still going back and forth to the slump and picking up more and more kids to help. They have run completely out of money. The wife, that's what am I to do? Charles says, don't look at me, look to God And the next day I won't be offended there. Don't it? A truck load of food at the last minute. And then one other adopted kid dies from high point and they are devastated charl and after his wife are praying for fresh water every day. And every night. This is because the children will get sick and die from contaminate water. There are pray for water. They are knocking on heaven's door and their biological kids are sure that the parents have gone mad. Child wakes up in the middle the night. He is hearing a voice in his head. The voice says walk 30 feet the way, walk 40 feet this way, and 100 feet this way. And dick and there you will find water. They begin to dig, and the workers just quit. They fate, there's no way. There is no underground wealth in the desert. And in the meantime, some of the kids are digging this hole. That gets deeper and deeper until it's 20 feet down. And of course there is nothing but dirt until they hit rock bottom. But charles is still raving. Keep digging, you pick One of the youngest, takes the pick axe and wanted rushes out. And there is an enormous, organically formed, fresh water reservoir right there. I know it sounds all made up completely made up at this point, but it's true. They had water in the desert in an area where there were no wealth, and the children stopped getting sick. The water was also being used in the farm to irrigate farmland moly, the people in africa and can even the government depend on donations from the western world. And he wondered, what can africans do to change that attitude? moley kept thinking about how to build it project that would be self sustaining. The farms do really well. They are growing green beans. And these green beans meet the International requirement, organic labeling. And so charles began exporting to europe and becoming sustainable. Now, by this point, yet over a 1000 children And he had them all planning free in order to change the climate, the trees would create increased rainfall. Don't ask me how this work, but I've heard it work. Maybe we need to plan more trees in red bluff. They plan over a 1000000 and a half for you over the next 5 years. And the desert landscape developed its own micro climate. When moley bought the land, there was nothing. There was no trees, no water through any trees and through water conservation. It transformed this place. And he starts providing water, food and services, not only to the children, but to the neighboring villages. And moly, build playgrounds, and dorm and classroom and medical Center. And over the next 27 years, the plant over 6000000 trees And charles and a family rescue over 12000 children who at once just like him. And he says, this is a model that can be replicated everywhere. This is a large family in the world. Well, he says out of 935 school moly children, filmy was number one on national examination. His daughter, when he said, they're becoming doctors, they're becoming cheap. Just they're becoming managers, they're bankers. It's amazing. Not counting the 84 was currently in the canyon university and college. This is a family of people who care for each other. Charles mooney said for you to be here for you to be a likely it's a miracle for you to be the way you want. It is god miracle. Let me tell you. I was 25 years and I worked because I know everything is possible. I'm telling you that remain focused in our study and everything that we do. Let us remain focused. Let us look hard to that. We can change the world. Molly's children found me has expanded to 5 locations in kenya where they continue to provide medical care education, food, and clean water to a 1000 daily pants. She is a 3rd more chapter 10. A surely i think you there is no one who has left health or brothers, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or land for my sake in the gospel who shall not be feed 100 port. Now, in this time, how the end brothers and sisters, mothers, and Children, and man with persecutions, and in the age to come, eternal life. The child moley receive a 100. I would say she received more than a 100 port. He received like a 1000 men. Me when you think about the worth of a for these young people that he rescued and then led to jesus. And when we get to heaven, i can't help but think that charles morley is not then very close to jesus. You know what I mean And deserve ages. We are all the one who stands nearest to christ, will be he who on earth as drunk most deeply, the spirit of his self sacrificing. Let anybody hear one of ben nearest produces or make it their friend. I want to end with a very specific appeal. I'm going to ask you to close your eyes and get value. Friend, i shared earlier that the sabbath school should be one of the greatest instruments and the most effectual and bringing forth to christ. God has many children out in the world war law in dot net who know nothing about their father. And God has called us to go out and reach them so they can be introduced to the father in heaven. And what we need our church members, we're going to up to build up the church. Faithful members were willing to come early on time church and willing to come for school. And if you want to say yes lord, I want to be one of the members that is speaking to build up the church. I'll invite you to raise your head mad. Ben, if we can all work together, we can see god do an amazing work through the church for the community to reach many, many people with pray, father and heaven. We thank you so much for jesus, our savior, and our example who was so faithful. Father, please help us to be faithful as we await your sin return. And I pray lord, that through our faithfulness, others would be inspired to greater faithfulness for the please a bless for this church. Use this church for in a meeting way and these last days. But at this time we just pray that you would dismiss us with your presence. And she's me, ah, this media was produced by audio, or adventures, layman services and industry. If you would like to learn more, please The W W W dot Or if you would like to learn more free online, please visit w W W W verse dot org.


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