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The Heart to Understand The Word

Dan Vis



  • May 30, 2010
    9:30 AM
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morning everyone is just a few more hours and will be heading back are different directions then have lots to take back with us only if they blessing a great experience thank you so much again to all the organizers forecast the outcome it's been a huge blessing for my wife and I we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly we have another engagement we need to rescue right after this meeting so will be leaving just immediately after will be able to stay for the whole program is I like to also extend my appreciation to each of you for listening in the questions in the comments it's been a blessing of enjoyed getting to meet many of you also did have a couple of quite a few people actually ask me some questions about our fast materials I didn't have a chance really to set any out but if you're interested again in getting some of our training tools I just want to point you to our website we have all of our resources on their many free resources summer printed that cost a small amount to cover our costs of production that I will quite a bit of information there including tools for Bible memorization including tools on personal discipleship including resources for evangelism thickly small-group evangelism Bible doctrines model prophecy lots of resources just check it out if you can then several people ask about the material I presented yesterday the moral machinery we do not yet have that in printed form but were working on a book that's actually one chapter out of the book that should be we have rough draft free much finished will hopefully have the cover and editing and all that done within the next few months so if you go through when deciding to our mailing list and you're interested in that material in printed form why should have that ready very soon but anyway thanks again for the chance to be here you will share a little bit this morning I like to talk about an aspect of Bible study that very rarely gets addressed and yet in my view it is one of the most important perhaps the most important key to studying the Bible and so I invite you to value have use me for just the moments of prayer as we begin our topic father in heaven we thank you again just for the wonderful blessings we receive these last few days but we still need your spirit we pray that you would speak to us this morning as we continue to study and on into the next session as well make your word is simple and clear open our understanding that we may know exactly would you have us to know work in our hearts we pray and I think your analysis in Jesus name amen to them in your Bibles to the book of Luke chapter eight I want to look at a verse that was a perplexity to me for a very long time Luke chapter eight starting with verse nine in the contexts you have the parable of the sewer user just talked about the scene and the different kinds of soil in your familiar with the parable in verse nine Luke chapter eight verse nine the Bible says the disciples asked him saying what might this parable need be what does it mean what is what all these things represent the disciples wanted to know what Jesus was saying in the notice Jesus 's answer to the question and he said unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God but to others in parables that seeing the they might not see and sharing they might not understand and then he proceeds to explain what the parliament to the disciples and I remember reading this as a new Christian and that thought crossed my mind why would Jesus used parables so that even though they can sing and thinking they couldn't say when you say so that even though they can hear the words they could not understand what he was trying to say why when Jesus used parables it almost seems as he was attempting to hide memory message he was trying to communicate now we just make a quick comment sometimes you'll run across verses in the Bible that just do not make sense and you have to file an honest job and say Lord one of these days I trust you can help me to understand that right now I'm living the lie what I know about your character and other places there's something I don't get about this verse but understand filing on the show and one day you'll explained you sometimes a person may not even get explained in this life some of them we may regularly get in making them before Jesus gives us the explanation that helps us understand some of the difficult things in the word of God but I remember reading this and thinking why would Jesus used parables so that seeing they cannot see and hear a name cannot hear anything with me to bookmark this same account is recorded in Mark chapter four but it's even a little bit more problematic in Mark Mark chapter four verse eleven exactly the same content you just given in the parable disorder and look in verse verse ten when he was alone they that were with them with the twelve asked another parable and notices answer any set into them unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God but into them that are without all these things are done in parables that seeing they may see and not receive thing hearing they may hear and not understand Laos at any time they should be converted and that their sins should be forgiven them this is even more confusing why when Jesus used parables so that they could not synchronize dear cannot perceive understand that they understand the mind Mitch as they would meet in Berlin and their sins would need from him and back notice verse thirty four missing chapter the Bible says without a parable spake he not unto them another Jeremy time he is gone up in front of the people he would use a parable anyone was thinking them clearly and in and out in a lightly what might normally expect them to wedding was constantly using parables and it almost sounds as if he was using parables so they want not be converted and their sins would not be forgiven and I thought Florida I don't understand this what are you saying elitist a something report the problem in these verses has to do with the translation of their remit a look at Matthew 's version of it and translated almost exactly the same just one word different but it completely changes the meaning of these verses but we got close to the passage notice verse thirty three it was actually seeing them from understanding truth but notice verse thirty three we have a clue and with many such parables spake he the word unto them as they were what able to bear without a clue right here in the word of God that were not getting the passage exactly right there's something confusing they were not Jesus was actually using parables so they couldn't get as they were able to bear alternate name Matthew chapter thirteen if you the following very closely together the difference in these three passages I looked in the original Greek in Matthew Mark and Luke all three of these parables is exactly the same Greek expression but for whatever reason Matthew translated almost exactly the same just one keyword to see if you can spot it with me Matthew chapter thirteen starting with verse ten again right after the parable of the sewer the disciples came and said in him lies because thou unto them in parables same answer he answered and said and then because it is given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven and by the way notice that praise the mysteries of the kingdom of peppermint come back to bed in a minute and see if it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven within them it is not given for whosoever has to him shall be given and he shall have more abundance but whosoever has not been him shall be taken away even that he has therefore speak I to them in parables because they seeing see not and carrying hear not neither do they understand you notice the difference in your and the other versions in Mark and Luke and says nice things in parables bass seeing they won't see and hearing they want here but here Jesus says I'm speaking in parables may cause saying they cannot see and hearing they can hear their difference between those two words Sando any other versions I think it's just a mistranslation and there are mistranslations even in the middle King James the problem and Mark and Luke is a new thing I'm using parables so that they will not be able to understand but in Matthew we see a more correct translation do you think I'm using parables because they already have a problem in parables in fact are the only way to get through to them notice the next this verse thirteen verse fourteen is usually in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah seen as a less congestion before Jesus ever again they already had a problem not being able to see not being able to hear Jesus is actually has a solution for the problem is not causing the problem you understand what I'm saying notice verse fourteen in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah which says by hearing you shall hear and shall not understand and senior Jesse and cannot receive for this people 's what heart is waxed gross their heirs or military may have either closed is it any time they should see with their eyes and hear with your ears and should understand with their while parts and should be converted and I should still the problem was there was something wrong with their hearts to start with they could not see they couldn't not here and as a result of that it was an obstacle for them to be able to truly perceive what Jesus was saying if I could perceive that they can be converted if they can make an murder in Lincoln NATO but the problem was there hard for the older eyes were closed her heirs were stopped they could not get the spiritual messages that Jesus wanted to communicate to them open and as a result Jesus resorted to parables to communicate that message that he could not give it to them open notice a little later in the chapter verse thirty four Matthew chapter thirteen verse thirty four all these things make Jesus unto the multitude in parables and without a parable spake he not unto them that it might be fulfilled now this is an interesting verse that it might be fulfilled which was the by the father saying I will open my mouth in parables I will utter things would you been kept secret from the foundation of the world you realize that when Jesus used parables is actually fulfilling a specific Old Testament prophecy now I know the manual next presentation yesterday you talked about paying attention to New Testament writers that quote from the Old Testament and many times if we go back and look at the original source the original place of the recording and gives us insight into the New Testament passage in window back to the original prophecy that talked about Jesus using parables we should be able to tell whether those parables were to hide the message or two we know what message does that make sense what that would mean back to the book of Psalms give your finger here and Matthew thirteen hundred and come back to you shortly back to Psalms chapter seventy eight and here's the passage that Jesus was fulfilling the prophecy that Jesus was fulfilling Psalms chapter seventy eight reverse one here are my people to my law incline your ears to words in my mouth I will open my mouth in a way farewell I will utter dark sayings were mysteries of all we just heard and known inequalities it does not notice the next few verses tell me if it sounds like these parables are to hide the message or to rebuild the message to follow along with me and see what we can find her verse for me well not what many others write it right as well amusing parable of the highest specifically we well not hide them from their children we will show them to the generation to come the praises of the Lord and in the strength and sought to establish the testimony given point in the law which he has commanded our fathers that they should make them are you willing to make them know him to let a generation ago I know that even the children and thought and he ran after this passage is very clear that Jesus was using parables to communicate spiritual truth not a high spiritual truth map view the correct translation of the problem in Mark and Luke and took me quite a while to figure that out but you know what happened next the next thing that occurred to me with how is it that parables communicate spiritualism when just thinking to someone directly communication is a member scratching my head I don't think you understand what's going on here back to Matthew chapter thirteen again where was the problem and the people that Jesus was speaking to what was the problem was in their hearts their hearts and grown tall as a result their hearts were not able to understand you know that you have two different levels of understanding you can understand what I'm saying with the minds but it's a completely different thing to understand that with the hearts they could see when their eyes they could hear with your ears they understand the words that Jesus was saying but unless we are seeing spiritual truth with the heart it's just mental understand the problem was not that their minds weren't working the problem was that their hearts weren't working and sometimes we may not will study into a strictly intellectual activity as it we just use certain methods in certain techniques the mind is naturally to be able to understand truth but the fact of the matter is spiritual things are spiritually discerned there's a part of man that is deeper our service is just mine incident has to penetrate beyond our intellectual understanding down into the very core of our being in order to impact the life and now Proverbs chapter four for example verse twenty three don't have to turn their fifteenth heart with all diligence for what out of it are the issues of life is not necessarily what's in our mind that it's in what's in our heart that shakes and directs the life this is in the life spring from the heart and the heart 's life then good things will come out in the life of the heart is corrupt and corrupt things will come out in the Matthew fifteen again you don't have to turn their Jesus for his disciples were criticized for not washing their hands in a ceremonial way whatever it is a look at the Linden amount of the father what comes out out of the harvest receives corrupt stream of thought and then murders and abilities and that's all the different things he talks about the hits from the hardest starts in the heart that is what triggers our thoughts in those thoughts end up resulting in actions if the issues of the heart in Luke six forty five is a good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth that which is good IMO that enemy evil treasurers are putting forth that which is he was what's in the heart out of the abundance of the heart the mouth makes the Netherlands Jesus was more concerned about making the heart many was just about intimating there into the intelligence intellectual to his discern intellectually but spam filter this discerned spiritually it's a hard issue not just a mental patient now of course the mind is important and having a good logical and rational basis for faith is important let's somehow S seventy eight yes we have to get beyond just a service intellectual assented to the past in fact the harder path to change the core of who we are as a man thinks in his heart so is the sometimes by the way our mind and our hearts are divided have you ever had that experience made me there's some longing of the heart that we have been we end up getting involved in some kind of addiction or something are mine know that the best course for the hardest thing I mean this thing I mean this thing and there's like attention going to be a situation in edges doesn't feel right something seems wrong with your mind you looking I don't see anything I don't get it but your heart is saying something 's not right about this who need a person in a way and we have printed it we don't always understand the minds a month into the harnessing something else and they're going against each other if you've ever been involved in doing Bible work you see this all the time but when someone intellectually their same law a lot that you come up with excuses and rationalizations but you know the heart is convicting them of their distinct corn between what the hardware consciences say in whether rationalizations are trying to our sometimes it works the other way around maybe they started bullying their their rationalization than ours and they handed down this latest struggling with conviction in the mind and the heart many times are cross purposes we just and it's true in her own experienced amusement we hear Bible truth we hear messages we hear inspiring sermons we are studying our Bibles were learning things about thing yes yes yes this makes sense but my heart as I know I don't want to buy drugs I want something different as we struggle we wrestle there's this attention is going on between the heart and mind and Jesus was more than reaching the heart then he was not reaching my your success as a Bible worker or is this theater are preaching or whatever you getting your success is more dependent on your ability to reach the heart and is in your ability to reach the mind any other congresses also turn the word of God is more able to change our life if it reaches the heart and as it was able to reach them I noticed in the book of Romans chapter ten Romans chapter ten starting in verse nine familiar passage the Bible says if you shall confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and shalt believe where in thine heart that God has raised him from the dead thou shalt be saved for with the heart man believes unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made to salvation other words we can have an intellectual assent to truth but if it doesn't penetrate to the heart is not the result in a change in life it's not that brings righteousness is not until the truth sinks down into the heart the dominions to change the life that's how righteousness comes about when truth comes into contact with the heart and we got some bright people in our church that have all kinds of information all kinds of knowledge that does not mean that the hardest converter acts chapter eight number story Philip and Ethiopian and use giving them a Bible study there and sharing and they were driving down in the season water on the side of the road remember what if you pay selective slaughter what prevents me from being outside in the last number with Philip 's answer was an interesting expand inverse thirty seven fields that if you believe with what online hearts in a you believe not just when the mind that if you blame with the heart you can be baptized never baptized people that believe when that happened but not with our bill of understood it has to be a heart conversion not just the mental conversion now I still didn't quite get it how is it that using parables can reach the hearts board is an important word in the Bible Martin talked about this morning you gave a great presentation on faith I want to talk just a little bit more about faith because faith is not a mental faculty of the spiritual faculty we talked yesterday about the conscience a conscience is one of our spiritual faculties the Bible makes it clear that they is another spiritual faculties of function of the heart as we see here is not a function of now it can be based on logical and reasonable evidence in the staff but primarily think is a spiritual faculty it is worked in tandem with the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit moves in us through faith it's connected its spiritual and faith is like a sense organ member we talked about yesterday the physical senses in the spiritual sense is what faith is like a spiritual sense organ follow with me for a moment in the book of Hebrews Chapter 11 you'll see what I'm going in just a minute I'm coming in the back door to where I'm heading rather than tackling it directly you'll see what I'm going in just a moment decrease chapter eleven the Lord understand why parables are so powerful why Jesus used parables especially when people 's hearts were closed and they were prejudiced enough awfully him thought whatever things those Jews were struggling with the reason parables result document and understand that we have to understand face Hebrews Chapter 11 notice verse one faith as the substance of the things hoped for the evidence of things what the a is able to see things spiritually that we cannot see physically we walk by faith not by sight we have spiritual sense as we have physical senses and if you go to do this chapter you'll notice that each of the individuals in this chapter the thing that they had in common was they could say something spiritually that they could not see with their physical lives notice verse three for example through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that things which are seen were not made in English notes we can't see the creation of the earth with our physical eyes we have remnants of history and an data that's available to us how do we say the fact that God is creator always interface we can send you those spiritual senses where we can see it so clearly there are physical sense goes on in different individuals a toxin that able and talks about New Orleans Nola Islam in a flood was coming and he acted in a certain way Abraham is called the gliding to say that he hadn't seen before whose builder and maker was not nauseous he went out as seeing him who is invisible you can mentor the whole chapter now every one of these characters based on something by faith that they could not see with your physical eyes in back notice verse thirteen kind of summarizes whole principle of faith is these all died in faith all of them at the same experience it all died in faith not having received the promises but having what seen them afar off and he embraced feminism were strangers they saw something like the eight that they could not see with their physical science they spiritual motive that enables us to tap into the spiritual realm into spiritual realities in ways that we just cannot do with our physical eyes who in our eerily human mental powers you follow is in other words in the Bible that is very closely related to faith that has to do with his ability to see things that we cannot see with our physical senses but this word is used in a negative connotation I personally believe it's exactly the same faculty but it's the misuse of the faculty afraid they'll have a guess what that word might be to write me back to the book of Genesis chapter six will notice that this particular word works exactly like they have functions exactly in the same way from the hearts but in almost every instance this word is used in a negative connotation to draw a Genesis chapter six verse five God saw this just before the flood of course God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every one imagination of the thoughts of his heart wrongly IMO continuing with another faculty of the heart that we see here in this verse imagination his imagination very much like they imagination is the ability to see something that we cannot see with their physical eyes I can imagine what my home looks like my daughter I can think about a Blu-ray faster than I think seeing that through the faculty of imagination just like they'd is being able to spiritual reality that I cannot see with my as Martin and sharing with my finger and saying the reality that God is a provider Hall alumni who say is the act of that spiritual mission a spiritual perspective the activist base but imagination works exactly the same way the only difference is the Jack about faculty a C spiritual reality and imagination see something that is not true is not sure the ninety second and equipment enables work exactly the same by the way in Genesis chapter eight right after the blood you know what the Bible says happened right after the flood basically nothing changed but ask in Genesis chapter eight verse twenty one the Lord smelled a sweet savor they just come out I can offer sacrifice Miller said in his heart I will not again destroy the ground anymore from an sacred imagination of man's heart is what will change the same problem we used to get this faculty that God has given us to be able to proceed something like maybe we cannot that same faculty was just interrupted after the blood as before you know a found this word I looked onward imagination you can find is something like thirty five times in the Bible and every instance except for maybe one step of one every instance the word imagination is used in a negative connotation thoughts about vain imagination imagination imagine mischief casting down imaginations imagining wickedness against the Lord and his outrageous is the only exception is this coincident incidentally is his first run the twenty nine verse eighteen you can jot it down look at it later that particular passage David was coming to the end of his life and yet prepared for years Singapore 's and doubly drawn up on the designs and any praying that God would keep this millions of you speak in the imagination of hearts of the people that after he died they would follow through in the Temple not to think about that's not really much nicer and everything seemed this vision before the eyes of the same what can happen out this template becoming anything changes I did in their mind keep it in their hearts so that after I'm gone the liability of every other instance in the Bible unable to find the word imagination is always used in a negative context is it because the imagination because it's a spiritual faculty not just the mental faculty but a spiritual faculty meetings directly connected with the heart of man it operates out of the heart primarily not out of the mine your ruin Jesus said in Matthew five twenty eight if a man looks on a woman to lust after he says he has committed adultery with her already where he and his hearts gladly were using imagination establishes a direct connection with Joomla! or imagining in the heart think about that you don't even have to commit the act of adultery just by imagining and doing the same defilements of them on the intersection as if we actually done at about the enemy just bypasses all of our mental defenses I would never do that I don't would be wanted probably a colleague at all is by and we just go ahead and engage is a as if we done imagination is a terribly powerful weapon in an almost and you probably listen I remind her sermon on the block talk about that but you can see the enemy understands the power of imagination is constantly using media in games induction and in all sports of all kinds of things are constantly trying to penetrate to the hearts and is going straight to the hearts him us are so busy and the enemy recognizes that the imagination is a spiritual faculty is not just the simple innocent faculty in the minds now we can choose whether we will direct faculty towards imagination or towards faith the choices are and how got back late in the one direction or the other but we need to understand the power and importance and significance of disability that God has given us to see things by faith that we cannot see with our know what it is I'm finally getting Patrick Roy started right with his wife faculty was engaged when Jesus would tell a story imagine your audience in an ninety nine the countryside somewhere in Jesus speaking he tells the story of the glossy any thoughts about the other shepherd has always low statement upon it and he goes back home and nine any notices that one's missing and those more lawsuits on how they are caught in a thicket whatever now it's dark and it's cold and initiated hearing that the wolves howling about guns terrified can get away the weather shepherdess doesn't know any of the other sheep are terrified petrified guinea pigs in the same and in writing the very last minute as the Honolulu will getting louder and closer just at the last many sees the shepherd come bounding over the Helen pulls them out of the thicket emblazoned don't want to be like to be that shape and have that experience you see that when you read the parable to the eyes of faith and I was not really imagination it's in talking about spiritual reality the parables communicate spiritual truth but we can analyze exactly what the sheep represents another separate is unable to all the logical process at Farrell and Mister him have to it doesn't speak to the harness for that hour that the parliament in the God of the looking for a link is looking for the most precious probably spend his whole life looking for beautiful problem finally seizes one magnificent relic better than anything ever seen his entire life is what it cost me to get I want I don't happen to give them a price and immediately start arguing multitasking my IRA my house is everything I got is apparently enough to get the probably runs as quick as possible for joy SS everything you have to get a grip that we can analyze multiple represents and still miss the impact the following thing to see the Bible is full of medical mysteries the parables were all about the mysteries leaking in as many mysteries in the Bible talks about the mystery of godliness God was manifest in the flesh we can logically try and analyze exactly what happened in the incarnation but you know when the heart lays hold of the mystery of godliness that God or Christ left everything and have indicated a man he humbled himself became a meeting following the death of the cross when the heart grass the miss you guys it burns and burns on the harbor Natalie NFL Jesus taught he appealed to the heart as well as setting up bit better heart burn within us because the heart was grasping what Jesus was saying is not just an intellectual exercise is a placement I want to make sure that our understanding the Bible as is reasonable in this wine is on a solid foundation but if that's what we saw only the mind is converted not part the mystery of iniquity you get analyzing Babylon is in the market and a little more than any of when and how can it be that the I stress that Christ established somehow was born into an agency that no torture in prison game being over centuries are just trying over the top in the messenger eminently rise in the beginning unless first time limit same iniquity work in any of our hearts by everyone in the midst is not until we begin to guess how can send them up in a perfect environment we begin to realize the terrible horse sickness sin the heart has to grasp the mysteries is the resurrection you will obviously been an twinkling of an eye will be changed corruption will put on incorruptible tallies never know we can talk about the residents could happen to live in right is not living in a wicked and an unrighteous then I recommend entries exactly what all is good to be going into the placement is important and still miss on the resurrection one day he has been a communist scene coming in the clouds and I did my imagination when I imagine that it will looking up and singing as I'm in a field like all the electricity open on my body my eyes and start to work part-time remembers the faith now to get some glasses or something in it listening you in the education talk about their eyes were like telescopic and microscopic MC colors and and and ranges of an inference respectively never seen before the airfield here think musical sensitivity learning about your conduct is a madness that we ought to build a perfectly here we noticed exactly and in pain obligated so whole bodies and images lift off the ground it's one thing to grasp with the mind which is the resurrection is nothing to grasp of the heart the mystery of man and his wife no Bible says in his cost on man leave his father and mother Gleeman to patiently one for the whole U Ms. Resnick of Christ and the church Christ left his father in heaven he became one with us he became a man became one with humanity for all eternity he's been out humanity is an incredible mystery how can we study these things in our heart burn within us off anyhow we study with him I know the study with the mind only your hearts none of our if you study my faith in you label the reality what that passage is saying an insane sanity requirement may your heart will burn not been studying for some time and many more mysteries are times when all of the known rights granted time to just a couple more minutes understanding these issues for quite a while I find the mysteries of the Bible are the most best-known mystery is a mystery something which simply exceeds the ability of our rational mind understand it just goes beyond our ability to comprehend and can only need received by faith mysteries are revealed while this new revelation spiritual things are spiritually discerned fundamental whole another level of viable sex is understanding these four sometime I've become convinced that we need to learn to see the world around the CBI survey and images a few things very briefly Canada is some request a leave you with this is the first when we learn to seeing the world through the eyes of faith will realize that the world around us is not as it appears to our physical eyes the fact of the matter is there really are angels right here in this room we can see them but the reality is they are here we can see Holy Spirit but the reality of the Holy Spirit is real I've seen the Holy Spirit poured out a powerful ways of an inexperienced American output node with its yeah let anyone tell you just almost five and the Holy Spirit is real and sin is real sin is deadly and destructive it lays hold on a person just crashes the hearts we can play around with anything Linda there's a whole reality behind them now that we cannot see with our physical eyes is a controversy that's going between good and evil things are not as accident on it is that there is Providence Israel God is interacting in this calls spiritual dimension that we cannot see unless we see in my face which is new netherworld that we are in which seems like it's a piece is really infamous about horrendous were right in the midst of a war between good and evil we've a young father 's army because we recognize that there is a real war and we developed a nice little name or we can say no it's a reality we are infamous for this war thing going on for six thousand years longer between Lutheran and antichrist and end the battle is entrance into the living room I at the very climax of that bottle at the end of one and it will generation him to miss to see the whole thing come to a close and it's not just help lighten our load there are real casualties on both sides of the things that we say no more like terrorism and economic downturns and young whatever the crime and those are just surfaced symptoms of an underlying spiritual warfare the thing going on for centuries everything is coming to a conclusion and we have to live our lives as if we are in a war where people run around the machine business you need to connect differently than if everything is comfortable on the human element of when we we need will him to reality or more is inane reality and do something we sort of talk about when the mind but not with heart follow if on-site is observing the world around us is not what it appears to be Zebulun is the reality is we're living in the midst of intense work at the climax of them Dick universal war between good and evil the third is perhaps the hardest address by faith but maybe the most important as it was best that you person in the original of a crucial role to play in this war may result in your going to call today something known credible like ill going to some remote jungle tribe or somewhere in Southeast Asia or something like that and be no translating the Bible to some other language and meet in imaging some jungle tribe somewhere this never yummy definitely not enough that's not what I caused it that doesn't mean that God doesn't have a specific work for us on a rainy work physician nor or work in the medical profession and because of the quality of our care makes a difference in whether someone survives her orgasm survive in their hospital stay and as a result of those extra few years of life that person makes a decision for Christ London lost eternal life wasn't for that care you provide cutting all that many energy journey a little and seven eight -year-old kids in your class or something like that just like these young people that were talking less like and did you believe in him and he communicate competence in faith and values are mingled their whole direction of their life is change I know the words of encouragement you give those little jets running all having all and I do not have as they dropped in and live for Christ maybe it is given a Bible study it doesn't seem like any great big work is one person in a reference by having all and all persons not to become a Christian in the Ian is another nodular summative minimum data Johnson and his answer is honestly because of the little things that we know sometimes it's just a smile sometimes is just being alert to them if someone is having a down payment with our I hate buying in I'm praying for you it's a little bit it's a life and death battle between good and he admonished casualties it's worrying Israel and you have a specific special unique work and I plan just for you your life house here life makes to make a difference but we have to learn to memorize lines in our eyes of faith if we don't say analyzing the bandages name drudgery day-to-day go to work at my job and pay my bills whenever I got a job is making it in my day-to-day life that's no way to live the Christian life we can live the Christian life by face which means a God has a mission perhaps God has a purpose for us that is the reason for our life it's the little choices we make today can make an eternal difference in summons life is in your Bibles are closing verse after run here my times up in second Corinthians chapter four challenges to learn to walk by faith second Corinthians chapter four down near the end of the chapter starting in verse sixteen Ezekiel back to your homes and your churches and your day-to-day lives this environment were nearly so much spiritual atmosphere and we go back to her homes we have to maintain the life of faith second Corinthians chapter four starting the first sixteen for which cause we faint not amen for not having him were not going on and get discouraged were not the things we faint not but though our outward man perish yet the inward man is renewed him J my day for our light affliction which is but for a moment works for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory that you like that expression the things are happening in your life our landlord imagine the bag on your back assault megacycle what you can hardly hold it away glory this is a new work into your life and who are you when you begin to see your liking either they sometimes it is only going to my manifests only significant like you hardly know when it will how can I live up to the potential of working with the orders of bird with a wonderful burden and risk FL thrilling in disaster a Christian experience with I want to live the Christian life continues for our light affliction which is but for moment works for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory while there is the keyword the things that happen in her life produced as a result while we look not at the things which are seen but at the things which are here's the whole secret to the Christian life is learning to see spiritual reality walking by faith not by sight learning to see things which are eternal rather than temporal for the things which are seen are temporal living with Ganassi and are now is that we need to learn to do and I pray the Lord will help each of us to learn how to walk by faith understand what faith is to have a deeper express legal fact our homes our churches that the reality that we've been experiencing army will go with us as we learn the secret amen the federal worker father in heaven thank you so much for this conference for the ways your Holy Spirit is working he needs in the hearts and different messages that impressions even making Lord we long for more of that heartburn has been talked about once it was seizing the eyes of faith who want to pray in faith we want to work in face lives in faith teaches how to do that that I experience is not dependent on account for hundreds of people around this but just dependent on you thank you for the faculty of faith help us to wrench it from imagination and plant firmly mentions of your work we thank you pray this in Jesus


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