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05 Into the Majestic

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

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  • August 21, 2021
    11:30 AM


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We're going to get into god's word today. There's so much going on in the world. I'm so glad to hear that conference office is doing something for the island nation of haiti. I've been a haiti on mission ships before on one mission trip before and haiti hasn't struggles. But to this day, I don't think it's recovered from the earthquake. It had 11 or 12 years ago and to have another one pretty, pretty devastating. But I will say this, the strongest christians i've ever met. I met navy in a town called porcelain day. I was preaching, wednesday night. The church had no walls, like a lot of churches in the Caribbean. Don't. And people were standing all the way out into the street. And I'll never forget when they call a ra bands. So it's like connected today. And because there was such a gathering and we were doing mission work, I guess they came to come after us and the ra bands come around a guest at easter time To try and call us away because they were going to raise the dead the, this group never forget the haitian elder who came out began to say, don't go, don't go and he began to explain to us what was going to have to worry. I wasn't going anywhere anyway. I mean, and I know a lot of the Valley by way way, but It was powerful because we live christian lives in America where we live behind a spiritual veil. In other words, the spiritual realm is not real to many of us because we don't have to see it. When I look at my grandmother all her life. The reason, one of the reasons she was such a devoted christian coming from the island of jamaica is because she had to deal with spiritual warfare in a very tangible way. The older ladies would actually attack my grandmother because she was a bible believing sabbath keeping, 7th day adventist. So she she or walk with christ was not some of the same to make a debbie, debbie thing. It was not some weak or faint thing. Her walk with god was real because her life depended on her relationship with god. It was her, it was her fortress and a defense. And as we progressed in America, it's interesting to double as pull the wool over eyes by taking spiritualism and moving it into hollywood. Where we can be told it's not real while at the same time and that terminating us with it. Church. Even as we go through our message to day understand that we are still in spiritual warfare. A script to reading donnie so eloquently read found in 2nd corinthians chapter 6. We're going to read versus 16 and 17. And the scripture says and what agreement had the temple of god with idols for you are the temple of the living god. As god had said, I will dwell in them and walk in them, and I will be their god and days shall be my people. Then caribbean 6 in verse, 17 says. Wherefore come out from among them and be what? And be separate, say of the Lord. And touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you a message, the sabbath. The 5th installment in our sanctuary series is called into the mad, into the majestic, into the majestic. Let us pray, father, god, we thank you for this opportunity to study a word. Ask once again lord, that you make me just a nail upon the wall, a rusty, sorry, nail lord. But upon that nail, lord ask that you hang a portrait of jesus christ. Let eric walls not be seen or heard to day instead, father, let us hear a word from the throne room of grace. The prayer in jesus is precious and holy name. A man. Just to recap for those who haven't been here, we've been studying the sanctuary. As designed and described and even built in the book of exodus. And we talked about this being the outer court out here and, and the quote unquote walls of white linen which represented christ purity and how and as you came around to the gate, the gate was rectangular, it was longer than it was high, which is different. And when we talk about the door into the tabernacle On a daily basis, there was a sin offering. Maybe you'd have to come into this door. And a 1st piece of furniture you would see, and the largest piece of furniture you would see was the brazen altar made of bronze. The, the key metal being copper. And when you came in here, this is where the daily sacrifice was made. It represents an to to it represents typically the anti type of the cross of jesus christ for it is on the altar of the cross. The christ gave his life for all of us and all of the sacrifices done back then only pointed forward to what jesus would do for us one day from now. The next piece of furniture was the brazen laver which was a put which was a pool of water. The bible does not give a dimension for it. Also made of bronze and here the priest would wash. It represents baptism and the new life that comes from baptism, but it also represents christ death and his burial i should say and his resurrection. And so here in the courtyard is represented the years and time of jesus as ministry on across his death, his burial and resurrection. We talk from there about the fact that you're not not call to stay in the courtyard. We call to be priests. And to enter into the tabernacle. And so when you enter into the tabernacle, you would go through the door and jesus says, I am the door. The door, unlike the gate, is a perfect square, powerful because it represents the perfection of christ. And it is more narrow than the gate, meaning that although many will come through the gate, not as many will go through the door. But as a process, that happens as you go through. And of course, this shows it here and where we left off of that the door. But today we're going to talk about the tabernacle proper itself, about the very structure that was built and designed by god as an earthly replica, quote unquote of the sanctuary. That is in heaven. Now to get there. I'll show you to this piece this, this here and I'll give you the dimensions and so forth later. But it's this building really this tent that we're going to talk about today. And it was majestic and it was majestic by design beyond our wildest dreams, i don't talk about it in the, in the, when I, when i've been presenting on this. But the men who crafted and designed and actually built the temple and it's a sanctuary. The pieces were gifted by god as artists. These were probably the greatest works of art ever created and placed in the sanctuary. And they had incredible values we're going to talk about. But let's talk about this process of moving from the courtyard into the tabernacle. The process that we almost do, we talked about the door, we've got to go through the door, into the tabernacle at some point. So the story i want to use to show that comes from the book of 1st samuel chapter 2, 1st samuel chapman to start at verse 11. Ok, now of course is a famous maybe not so famous bible character verse. The 1st time is to arrest 11th. And Okay, anna went to rama to his house. The child administer unto the Lord before eli, the priest, his child was who samuel samuel was the boy that was left with eli, the priest to be raised in the house of god that I don't have time to get into the story. But his mother, hannah, was barren. She couldn't have a child. Okay. I had to wife and the other wife teased her for being buried. In fact, if you read the prayer that she gives, it is a powerful pray. What about powerful prayers and all of the bible? So here is eli is the priest. Verse 12 jumps right into our story. It says now the son of eli, not samuel. He was just there as, as a, as a, as a, as, as, as someone to be raised up in the temple. The sons of eli were sons of belie ill. They knew not the Lord. Here it gets interesting right out of the gate. So the priest, the high priest, who is a direct descendant of aaron, in fact, ely, is a descendant of the 4th son of aaron because native in a bind we talked about before. The 1st 2 sons of aaron were destroyed when a brought strange fire here. Now eli, one of the descendants of aaron, has 2 sons that are also problematic. The bible says that they were sons of the lyle and bely was double meaning one. Some argue he was literally a demon that was worshipped, but also it means unlawful. Uncontrolled script 7 verse 12. These 2 young men who were raised in the church, raised by the priest, didn't know god You can be raised in the church and never know god The priest custom where the people will give the bible gives an example of the kind of shenanigans these guys are up to 1st name to adverse 13 said the priest custom. What the people was that when any man offered sacrifice, the pri servant came while the flesh within seething with a flesh hook of the of 3 teeth in his hand. And he struck it up into the pan or kettle, or college and pot, all the flesh who brought up the priest took for himself. So they did in shiloh unto all the israelites that came together. This was not what was supposed to happen. First of all, all the fat have to be cooked off. You weren't supposed to eat fight, it had to be cooked off. They weren't supposed to take all of this from them. In fact, they were enriching themselves by basically stealing the offerings that the children of israel were bringing in. This is what eli sons were doing. And also before they brought the fact the pre service came and said to the man that sacrifice sacrifice give flesh the roast for the priest, for he will have, he will not have sod and flesh of thee, but ra like, don't even bother cooking it, give him a raw flesh watch this. And if any man said unto him, let them not fail to burn the fat presently. And then take as much as the soul desires or some of the people say listen, at least follow the law and burn the fat off. Then you can take as much as you want. I don't care, but don't take it in a condition that is unclean. Watch this. If a man said that, then he would answer him. This is what the servant of the 22 sons real i would say. Nay, but thou shalt give it to me now, and if not, I will take it by force violence. Be due to gangster pre sons. They had here willing to take it by force. So you see that there since dr. Keep up. The 1st one is they have a problem with, with, with greed, appetite, wanting to take was not, there's, have a problem around violence because if you didn't do it, they said they would actually take things by force and watch this verse 17 says, wherefore the sin of the young man was very great before the Lord for men of hoard the offering of the Lord and got to the point where people didn't like coming to the temple to the church because of how terribly eli son behaved. Then they give you this contrast with samuel minister before the Lord being a child girded with a linen, if it talked about the importance of linen last week. And the Lord visited hannah, so that the she conceived and we had 3 sons and 2 daughters and the child, samuel group for the law. So the mother is blessed. In fact, eli praise over and her room opens up now. And not only does she have this 1st one she gave to the Lord and by giving her son to the Lord, God does one. He multiplies it. So does she why that would 5 more children. Powerful statement about how important it is to make sure we give a we supposed to give to God. Now now eli was very old and heard all that his sons did unto it all israel, and how they lay what the women that assembled at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation mercy. These dues were so terrible that instead of doing their priestly duty, they were messing with the women who served at the door of the tabernacle. It was confusion on top of confusion. Mess on top of mess, and we talked last week about how at the door judgment would happen. But at the door is where grace was also found. When we look at it prophetically with the host of methadone, how you lay out that the sanctuary prophetically when you look at it prophetically when you look at the door to door. If jesus is burial and resurrection is that the altar of leave on the door represents the time when the church begins to look for the 2nd coming right when it begins to look forward. So we went to the, the current events last week, the fires in siberia, the, the floods in Europe, fires on the West Coast. The pestilence of this pandemic that keeps evolving to have almost every greek letter no soon to be Delta lam, a lambda and gamma are all on their way. We are living in a time of uncertainty. What we thought was up is no longer up and the world is changing rapidly when you get to the door prophetically. What you have to understand is, is where a judgment of the priest happens is where each one of us as we move in christ from simply being baptized and a member of the church. We move into priesthood into service of our god. And as we serve service with god is tied to the 2nd coming. How do we know that? Because the scripture says math chapter $24.00. And this gospel shall be preached in all the world as a witness and then what? And then shall the end come. It is our participation with god that brings this world to an end. Once everyone has had a chance to decide jesus will step out of his priestly duties in heaven. Take off his priestly robe, put on his kingly robe, and ride a white horse back to earth to collect those of us who are his That the door of the tabernacle that they committed the most vile acts with these women. I want to submit to you that satan loves to use sex and intimacy to trip up the people of god. I hope you get this when bail them, when baylock king baylock wanted to destroy israel. He got bail him to help them when bail them couldn't curse them. He told baylock to send in the prostitutes among the men of israel, and that's how you would destroy them. And as they were on the verge of the promised land, it was sexual fit, and that caused israel to begin to worship bail p. Your. It was sexual thing that caused them to not simply enter the promised land, but to wander around in the desert for 40 years. Why did they have to wander for 40 years? gotten out at the thank the 5 and purified a people. None of those that left egypt as adult walked into the promised land except for to Joshua and caleb. Sexual sin is what was, I mean, your spiritual growth doesn't have to be this blazing. Sometimes is what we watch. What we listen to take him understands how we're programmed and he tries to use it against us. And once the sons of e lot were caught up in sexual sin, it was very easy to manipulate the rest of them because you can't stand in the presence of a perfect god. Living such a treacherous life. First samuel to inverse 23 and he said unto them, why do ye such things? This is eli now talking to his sons, i hear of your evil dealings by all these people. The people began to complain. Like you've got to bring your sons in, check Your son stealing to meet, threatening to beat us up and take it if we won't give it to him. And now they're sleeping with the women. They're not supposed to be sleeping when they're worse than the heathen. Brief Was 24. He lives speaks to his son, the ne my sons, for it is no good report that I hear you make the lord's people to transgress. He says something profound here, ely, if one man's sin against another, the judge shall judge him. But if a man sin against the Lord who shall entreat for him not in other words who is going to go to bad for him who is going to try and defend him notwithstanding, they hearken not unto the voice of their father because the Lord would slay them, in other words, they, their heart was hard and we talked about in the bible where it says that pharaoh's heart was hard and he was a god was pull up any hard and fair was hard. When you have decided that you will not believe in jehovah, god, every evidence given to you of his reality, of his mercy, of his grace and of his justice. Every time is presented to you, your heart gets harder. Not softer. Got in hard and fair with heart by doing something to him. God hardened pharaoh's heart by showing himself to him. And that's the world we live in today. Some god would slay them. This reminds me of my grandmother, all the clark which she would find at times in my life that I was into foolishness. She would pull me aside. Doing probably remember how she would do to put me aside. And she would talk to me sternly about the mess that I was into. Whatever it was you've got to have someone in your life who will keep you accountable. He lives failed his sons, as you're going to see. But each of us needs people in our lives will hold us accountable. I hear the interesting the script is that there and the child samuel drew on and was in favor both with the Lord and also with men, samuel was raised by the same ely. But samuel eli was able to raise to do right now, samuel, the prophecy tells us, had a mind to do right? ely couldn't raise his own son. He couldn't save his own sons, but he can save somebody else's As men, especially, we have to be very careful. We make sure we invest in our homes. Because samuel was the one, as you will see, who god was going to turn everything over to. And it is at this point that we enter into the majestic eli son's, lost their right to be priests in the tabernacle. They lost their right. And so when we look at the tabernacle, i want to do an explanation of it to make the point of just how majestic this place was. When you look at it, it was about 45 feet long, and it was about about 10 cubits, or 15 feet wide. This was a perfect square here, and 2 thirds of the sanctuary tabernacle, i should say, volumes of the sanctuary. 2 3rd, that a tabernacle was the holy place. Right here is a deep above that. That means that one 3rd of the tabernacle is the most holy place. And the most holy place is a perfect cube. It is as tall as it is white, as it is high. Any one of the only the only structure of the top made. I can think of that as that same kind of dimension is what the city, the new jerusalem perfect q the most holy place was to be on earth, a reminder of what is in heaven. Now. The tabernacle proper was 45 feet long, 15 wide divided into 2 rooms. And here's where you see the holy of holies 15 by 15. By 15 or the perfect q, there were $48.00 boards are going to get into the board when it get long to 40 board each aboard 10 cubits long, and a cuban and a half abroad and 20 boards for the for the south side 20 for the north side, and 6 board and 2 corner boards for the west side. Now, the board, the upright side by side over the top were 4 coverings, and the tabernacle is self faced east towards the tribe of judah. The wood was made of acacia and the reason was the case what an occasion would have 2 properties. It was a light, so either for them to take apart the sanctuary and the tabernacle and carry it. But it also was one of the most resistant woods to rot and infestation by insects. And you see a picture of it here to give an example of the posts and are profoundly different. They are. This is the post to the gate that you come into. And remember, it was 7 and a half feet tall, so the average man, exactly like very few people will be able to look over into the sanctuary from the outside. Look at the holy place when a door was, it was much taller and of course the most holy place where the vale home it was. It was just as tall. You get an idea of when you step into the courtyard, you would see the giant all brazen altar. But then you'd look beyond it and see this huge structure, the tabernacle sitting there. What if only the priest could go in and out of? Now what I found interesting is that when you walk into the tabernacle, everything is covered and go and we talked about the gold, gold and beaten is purified and beaten and it represents the pure character of christ. And the fact that he was beaten for each one of us. In fact, the bible says it is by his stripes that we are healed. The imagery gets powerful here. So when you step into the majestic into the holy place, when you step into it, the walls were solid gold. I are missing this thing. All the furniture was go. We'll talk about the furniture. When you looked up, we'll get into that. It was incredible. I mean, only I inside came from the candlesticks. So when you step into the majestic, it was a completely different experience than the bleeding sheep. And the noise of the animals on the outside, the blazing sun when you stepped inside. It was like you left where you were and stepped into the presence of god. It was an honor and a privilege for you. My son still treated such a privilege the way they did was it was an affront to the god of heaven. But here's where it gets crazy. Each one of us has been invited into the majestic how we behave as those who are to be priests in the house of the living god. What's interesting about when you step into the tabernacle is that everything is gold. Now it looks easy, it's all bronze out here in the courtyard. Everything is bron bronze represent. Just as we talked about to represent the flesh of man or humanity. When you get to the door to enter the tabernacle right where the beam sit are their brand. But when you get in deep in, it goes from bronze to silver as a why would change from bronze to silver? In fact, in ancient days, silver was often hard to come by and gold, which lie in some bible verses, silver is red before gold is red and silver is often what we. When you read the bible is often what is turned into coin. All the bible, silver was incredibly valuable. Silver is used because silver represents redemption. Silver is tried in fire and purified. It is rear. And so it is what the gold 6 in it represents our coupling with christ. The connection we ought to have as we are. Thanks 5, there were 20 boards. A talked about this. Each was set on 2 sockets of silver to have 90 sockets, of silver plus 4 sockets of silver. And so at the file analysis, there are a perfect $100.00 socket. That's the fact that you try like legal, legal, legal, and you would, you could drop the board, you and it would, it would lock into place. Then there were beans over get into the bin, but our beams that would go through a would to hold it in place 5 on each of 5 on each side. 15 total and the number 15 at all is incredible meetings as well. So it would stand and it would be strong all by itself. It was incredibly well engineered and designed and you can see when you look at it from the inside, the base would be silver all the way around. Gold on the wall. Can you imagine when the, when the candlelight flickered inside and it's shown, and all that gold man, majestic, silver represents redemption, was either if you want the one read all, they had 31 to 5. When they went to get his wife back, who had sold herself into prostitution, one of one of the most fascinating and the bible stories. It was 15, robert number 15 as relevant pieces of silver or paid by hosea for the deliverance of the woman who represents the nation of israel. It was silver, silver represents that you have been redeemed. That's why it's all along the bass in the tabernacle because each one of us has been redeemed. You know, I'm a christian because other religion after work my way into salvation. Christianity is unique. Christianity says no, you have sinned, you have failed. Even your righteousness is as will direct and as we talked about last week, what christ does for us is that he takes his righteousness and does what gives it to us. Hovers us in the christian can fall at the feet of the foot of the prose. Try out to jesus and as long as we believe we are justified the altar as we begin to believe we are watched the laver. But as we are saying to fide price, does it all, even the process of purifying this is why the script says that he is the author and the finisher of our faith. He's the author, he writes our faith. In fact, the bible says he writes, in revelation 22, he will write his name in your forehead. Why is his name written in your forehead? Because the name in the bible represents character. And the front of all of your brain is where your character sits. The process of redemption in sanctification, that we're talking about the process that samuel went through. But eli sons did not, is a process that says as you go through life in a trial, you ought to be purified. You're supposed to live differently, shows differently. It's all valuable, the tabernacle was mostly reason to study and this is an old study that's the most recent study of hebrew wakes done. My peek's comedy of the bible, reckoned the talent at about $64.00 pounds and a sanctuary. Shackle a 3rd of an ounce or 9.7 grams. According to this calculation, there would be in the, in the sanctuary itself, 1900 pounds of gold. $6437.00 pounds of silver. And 4522 pounds of bronze because some things were made them solid, silver, and solid browns. That if they would weigh more than how valuable it was, god was speaking to us about the value we had placed upon each one of us. You are infinitely valuable to God. Talking to one of the people my patients is weak. And she was, she was going through some stuff to that to a teenager. Mom was in the room, the dog to some bullying at school and doubt it ourselves and was starting to get into some trouble and were busy right now. I was trying to see patients and what is like, god, is it not take a little while this portal girl no longer believe she was beautiful, smart, or worthwhile? I broke my heart. The bullying that she had gone through had made her come to a place where this little girl thought she was of no value. Oh, so glad to be able to tell us she's priceless. So glad to tell her that in the eyes of the living god, she is without measure her mother's a. Please keep telling her, keep telling her and I told him I told his young girl, I said you are going to do brief things. Greatness is in you. That's part of the reason you're getting all of this negative attention. Little girl smile behind her math. And when she left, she was so happy and she waved to me. Live in a world. I want to tell you that you have no value if you had no value. Christ who angels constantly adored and worshiped, would not have left his throne in glory to come to earth wrapped in the flesh of a baby in an A manger in bethlehem. He would not have gone through the torture that he went through during his passion as he went to the cross. He would not have endured to cross died and raise again. He would have gone through. None of that, if you were A tabernacle is telling you that your priceless So you can see the boards and it shows you how boards already clicked into place. You see that pretty fascinating engineering. I'll get too deep into it and how to 15 up to get to number 15 all the way around a boards were put inside. And what I found almost most fascinating of how the whole thing was covered. That was pretty incredible because the inner lining that covered here a fine linen. What had they embroidered it so that when you look up all that gold, all that light, when you looked up, there were the images of angels above you. And in front of you as you look at a veil, there are images of angels. There it was, or it's a replica because if we went into the, into a holy place in the sanctuary and heaven, it would be full of angels. It was a statement that angels are always watching powerful, of course, beyond that, of course the goal here that represent the 2nd layer, then there's this one is the ram skin died red, which represents christ, his blood and his and the fact that he covers all of us the out, the most outer layer is interesting because in a bible it describes it of badgers and the king james and badger skin. But there are others who say it was probably bought of an aquatic animal like a manatee or something. We'll get into the argument of it, but whatever this was, it was whether proof and it was and it was ugly. You step into the tabernacle, you saw its beauty, a priceless beauty. But if you are some, you know, no magic go and buy, you look on the same and they've got the ugly attent. Well, the people hanging around, the 10 To the world. Christianity is unattractive to the world. Christ is not something you want. But those who have tabernacles with him, those who have stepped into the majestic he is wonderful counsellor, the mighty god, the everlasting father, the prince of peace. Go back to our story 1st and it's after 3 verse one and a child samuel ministered unto the Lord before eli, the word of the Lord was precious. In those days there was no open vision. So we looked at a tap out of this is where samuel was going to be going to be ministering. And it came to pass at that time when eli was laid down in his place. And his eyes began to watch them. And that he could not see you going blind, an ear the lamp of god went out in the temple this mess they were not taken care to temple put in the light, went out in the temple and the Lord where the ark of god was. And samuel was laid down to sleep. He was sleeping when a light was supposed to be all the Lord call samuel. And he answered here, am I one of the favorites children's store. You hear little samuel asleep and and it keeps getting call by god. He gets up 3 times runs over to eli the 1st 2 times on the 3rd time he lives there the next time I think we have that script here and the Lord. The 3rd time you lie says the next time he calls as speak lord, here am I. And samuel as a boy is given a prophecy about the fate of eli family and his sons. The Lord came and stood and called as at other times, samuel samuel then samuel answered speak for thy servant here. And the Lord said to samuel, behold, i will do a thing in israel at which both the ears of everyone that here is it shall tingle. And in that day I will perform against eli all the things which I have spoken concerning his house. When I begin, I will also make an end. I have told him that I will judge that his house forever for the iniquity, which he knows because his sons made themselves vow. Look at this and he did what. And he restrained them, not powerful. And therefore I have sworn to the house of the lot that the iniquity of your lives house shall not be purged with sacrifice, nor offering for ever. And samuel lay until the morning and opened the door of the house of the Lord, and samuel feared to show the vision. Then ely, call samuel and said samuel, my son. And he answered here, am I? He said, what is the thing that the Lord have said unto thee, i pray, i pray the hide it, not from me. God do so to the and more also if you hide anything from me, of all the things that he said to you, samuel told him everything had nothing from him. And he said it is the Lord. This is what ely says, the Lord let him do what seemed with him good. And his verse 19 and samuel grew and the Lord was with him and, and did let none of his words do what fall onto the ground. Samuel was so chosen that his words worked every time he will ashore. Profit is Samuel who chose saul, samuel annoying david. Samuel goes on to do paul things. Let me go, samuel isn't just appreciate samuel goes on to be preached. Profit and judge. Verse 20, all israel from dad even to bursey. Ben knew what samuel, that samuel was established to be a prophet of the Lord. And the Lord appeared again in shiloh for the Lord revealed himself in Sam to samuel and shiloh. By the word of the Lord, God began to speak to his people again because of samuel, when you bring this hole where each supposed to be like and function like Sam nodded. Where each supposed to be able to handle god's word to sheer god's word to work in god favor and work for god. As he favors us to be able to work for him. We are each supposed to enter the majestic. But in order to do that, one of the big points of that story and even of entering into the tabernacle, if you've got to leave the world behind, you can't stay in the world. And at the same time, go in among god just won't work. At some point, you've got to make a decision that you are going to serve god. You've got to look at what christ has done for you in a death and it has burial and resurrection. In fact, even now he's a toning for our sin. You gotta look at what he's done and you've gotta decide. Josh is a choose you the day who you will serve. You gotta make a decision to enter the majestic. You go back out the gate the way you came in. At some point we each have to decide we each got to make up our mind. Let me test on. I was on a sabbath school. It meant for men's ministry on a church in Washington DC this morning and were talking about this. How peter jesus came to peter and said, peter, listen, I pray for you, because satan has desired, he wants to sift you like wheat. I want to submit to you that each one of us said wants to sift. Each one of us he wants to destroy and what he does, the brave up in the midst information of the day Were made to believe lies. We have to come out of it is what it this is what paul 7 2nd, corinthian 6 and birds. 14 be not on equally doped together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness. And what communion have light was darkness. And what concord had christ with belie, there's that word again. Or what part has he that believe it with an infidel. The scripture says, in fact, you get to choose either you in concurrence with christ. You are in agreement with christ, all like eli sons. What a bible says that they were serving of belie, of you can still to day choose to be belie sermon them. I remember when I stood at my mother's grave, i remember being in that cemetery in Miami, standing in my mother's grave a deep the whole was white. The coffin was the finality of being separated from my mother. My mother was everything to me. My father was never around, I didn't really even know the man till I was much older. I didn't know how I would even make it at that point. And I, I realize i've told you the story before in the hospital room at sylvester comprehensive kansas that are the University of miami. When I walk in saw my mother after chemotherapy and after she had been so devastated abided cancer. Multiple myeloma, which is really her body with broken bones and the chemo had come in. The last thing they prescribed was arsenic. See my mother, a macey aided ball that I walked in. Angry with god. How could god allow my mother who was such a faithful servant to be in this predicament now Going into the bathroom of our hospital room. The hospital where she was an administrator, by the way, falling on my knees, crying out to God, how could you God whispering in my ears. She has been perfect in This process of sanctification. I keep talking about gods and listen. What she went through was all she needed to go through. She can sleep and I stood at the graves that looking in at home, where much of my family is buried. Looking in that hole agonizing with god. I remember the prayer i prayed, i said, lord, God, this Let your angels mark this very site Because when you come again lot, I expect that carmen will come out of the ground. That day I made a choice. I was the ever follow god. There's no other way what does belie, i'll have to offer you one of the world have to offer you the script to tell me that even the elements are going to melt with firm and heat. All the olympic metals that were just given out all the pride and prestige. Well, one day You choose now for eternity. Every moment of every day we are either choosing belie, oh, or choose inquiries. Either choose to be like the sons of the lot or like samuel either choosing to go into the tabernacle, into the majestic or stay in the courtyard and drift help the gaze. I saw some of the things i've seen in my life. I've come to the final conclusion that this were earth is not worth the effort most of us put into it Is why the script assess, come out of her Because a lot of what we've invested in this world in the final analysis of them. Another one and my cousin sean taylor, played a regular store before No forget his funeral. There was no j. U Haul, carrying his b m W on his boat. There was no, there was no that all which is none of it not. What matters was that when you have to come face to face with eternity, that you have made the decision to enter the majestic. You made the decision to be a partner with the living god. You made the decision to be redeemed at the silver says all the way around, the base of the tabernacle, you have chosen redemption, chosen salvation. So I had a script to go on that grid. The 616 says on what agreement has the temple of god with idols. Why does paul famous? Because you are the temple of the living god. As god has said, I will dwell in them and walk in them and I will be their god and they shall be my people. And here one of the great lessons of the sanctuary. Expose in 2nd corinthian 616. That yet any ancient time, there was a sanctuary built where god came in tabernacle. But to day god, tabernacles in the heart of the people who are his All the effort that was put in the building that sanctuary. Understand every, every bit of it is to let you understand the extent to which god is going to save you. That griffin 6 verse 17. Wherefore come out from among them the separate sayeth the Lord. Touch, not the unclean thing and I will do it. And I will receive you love this worth. I didn't do this in a script reading, but I like verse 18 or 18th and will be a father unto you. And ye shall be my sons and daughters say it the Lord almighty you get adopted into the family of god. You get adopted into the family of god. The spirit of prophecy says this, the youth may have principal so firm that the most powerful temptations of satan will not draw them away from their allegiance. Samuel was a child surrounded by the most corrupting influences. He saw and heard things that grieved his soul. The sons of eli, who ministered in holy office, were controlled by satan. Then these men polluted the whole atmosphere which surrounded them. Men and women were daily fascinated with sin and wrong. Yet samuel walked untainted. His robes of character were spotless. He did not fellowship or have the least a light in the sins which filled all israel with fearful report. Samuel loved god, he kept his soul in such close connection with heaven that an angel was sent to talk with him in reference to the sins of eli sons, which were corrupting israel councils that a church page 100 and You say something I want to be like samuel I want to be someone god can trust with his message. Someone who is untainted by the things going on around him. This world is like, every week it gets filled to your and feel the patient as we tell me that I don't watch the news of you don't like those. You know, I don't watch the new, every time I turn on somebody kill stolen kid not beat up. She said I can take it. My nerves can take it. The world has become sick. While they say they've reached this great level of understanding and, and progress. You watch the world, terry, reading into filth. Come out and be separate, step into the majestic Where the property avenue homepage for through, who can know in the moment of temptation. The terrible consequences which result from one wrong hasty step are only safety is to be shielded by the Grace of god every moment and not put our own spiritual eyesight and not put out our own spiritual eyesight so that we will call evil good and good evil without hesitation or argument, we must, we must close and guard the avenues of the soul against evil. That was the prerequisite for going into the tabernacle. And each one of us has been called as priest to enter that tabernacle. Peter said that like this saint peter peter 2 yards and verse 9, but he are chosen generation a royal priesthood. A holy nation, a peculiar people that you should show for the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his marvellous light. Which in time past were not a people, but now the people of god, which had not of turn obtain mercy. But now have obtained mercy case. I'm sure you have obtained mercy. You absolutely have obtained mercy. The question is, are you going to receive it? Ok, the last story of the day I was thinking of this week was interesting. Tween showed up. We were given everybody, happy birthdays, a lot of our family born in August and our family chat and what's up this week? The picture there, the picture that we use for that card chat group is my my grandfather and my grandmother. That'll town jamaica where they from My grandmother tried so hard all our lives the lead, all of us to no god. But interestingly, my, my grandfather tried to have the exact opposite effect. So my grandmother would sing songs to us and teaches bible and expect us to study our sabbath lesson and go to church. My grandfather would drink rum, smoke a pipe, even offer us the pipe. When he'd come to pick up my grandmother who didn't do well driving from church and had long baby blue cadillac, he bump michael jackson, billy jean as he pulled up to the church. He was constantly annoying my poor grandmother about her beliefs and so forth. He respected the sabbath, but he expected his food to be cooked. It still watch television. He still go to work on the sabbath. And I was one of my grandmother even put up with him at times. He seemed like the heathens, even if he got upset. And Blue top, the red he watch out, the man was no joke. Yes, he had something to beat with. I never got beaten with it. But other piece of rubber that he called, the rock steady. We call that the rocks that he actually because when he hit you would you would rock steady When my grandmother was patient when I remember being in at our house in bloomfield. But my mother got the call that my grandfather after having already had a heart attack and now had a stroke or vice versa. One 1st and any the other one, whenever you had 2nd, was sole, had devastating That the doctors were call unto my arson florida to call and tell my mother to get to Florida. Because if she wanted to say good bye to her father, she need to get there in the next few days. We jumped on as long as it was eastern airlines flew to Miami, and we didn't even go where we were staying. Went straight to South miami. Can you say that the South miami hospital? My uncle george lived in South miami. We went straight to his house where everyone had gathered because we weren't, that big of a crowd wasn't allowed in the hospital. My grandmother made us all lined up from the youngest to the oldest and everyone had to pray for my grandfather's recovery. Someone was so young, they could barely pre, but they were required to pray. Before the prayer chain, when all the way around the phone ring. It was a hospital Doctor on the phone, couldn't explain it. I was the child, but I remember the shock and whoever it was, I think was not the real who answered the phone that we needed to get to the hospital because something has happened. And papa had made this incredible recovery. We got to he was sitting up smiling and making jokes like he always did. What was most miraculous, wasn't his recovery. It was that when he got out, he went to church with my grandmother miss in this thing. And it happened to be when they were doing some evangelism in the Florida city church. My grandfather sat through the evangelism was baptized into the 7th day adventist church, spent the last 7 years of his life. A more he became a more strict adventist He will have good ab as every whether he's in that way. I want you to get this church. God never gives up on anyone. That's what the sanctuary teaches us. No one has gone so far from god. A god has given up on him. Eli sons could have been redeem if eli had been brave enough to call out his son sin and and relieved them of their priestly duty and work on their relationship with god. Judas could have been saved, had jude has gone back to God as peter wound up being saved and going back to God. No one has gone so far to god's love can't reach him. No one. You simply have not out see and God ability to save you. But here's the thing like samuel's mother and father did and like samuel followed suit, you must surrender all You got to raise the right white flag. I'm I my wife to come up and just sing this song as a song of appeal. I've learned in the, in the christian walk, we must sacrifice everything to surrender, enter the majestic. This media was brought to you by audio purse. A web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. Or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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