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01 The Everlasting Gospel

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program


  • July 15, 2021
    6:45 PM
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Alright, thank you for that's, that's a privilege to be with you all today. And for those of you who are joining us on line, I would like to pray to begin here and we're going to start our series on the 3 angels messages. So kind of each of our presentations is going to layer upon the next. So we're starting at the beginning of the 3 of those messages. And we'll finish by the time to our time together and also give a brief recap. So this morning we'll be dealing with the topic of the everlasting gospel. But let's pray, sweet jesus, thank you for this privilege to come into your presence to know you and to learn of you. And I pray as we addressed the 1st angels message this morning. The 1st part of the 1st angels message that you would speak to us with power, with clarity and with conviction. And we asked this now in jesus name a man. All right, so I want to kind of give you guys a big picture of the 3 angels messages before we jump into the 1st angel's message, the 3 those messages, there's kind of basically book ins that surround this topic. And so need to revelation chapter 14, you might as well turn there, we're going to spend our whole time in revelation 14. Well, I see that that's actually totally not true, but we're going to start revelation chapter 14 and we'll give some backdrop on defining some terms that are used here. Some revelation chapter 14 over 6. It says then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth. And the 3 angels messages in, in verse 12 with here's the patient of the saints. Here are those who keep the commandments of god and the faith of jesus. So the 2 book ends of the 3 messages are the gospel. Ok. The faith of jesus will break that down saturday evening, I believe. And we're going to walk through kind of what that means, but it's referring to the gospel. And this is so important to us because I'm not a doctor, but I'm just assuming that if you got the 1st part of the message is about the gospel. And the last part of the message is about the gospel that everything else is also going to relate to that theme. And so we're going to be looking at the gospel at the heart of the 3 angels messages and gospel issues that are at stake in the midst of the 3 ingles messages. That's kind of our objective over the course of our time together. Because revelation chapter 14 shows up at a time. Whenever revelation 13 is rampant, right? There's this bad religion that sacking the earth. There's a horrible picture of god. It's being given. The people of god are being persecuted. It's not a good time. And there is coercion in force and death threats being heaped upon people for standing faithful to God. In the midst of this darkness, god raises up messengers, god raises up instrumentality these to proclaim the truth of the gospel and a message of warning and grace to the world in the height of this apostate system, wreaking havoc on the earth. So god raises up this message, revelation chapter 14. That is so so important to bring clarity to the world about a true picture of god's love, a true picture of god's character and how he does life. So that's going to be kind of the thrust of our discourse over the next series of days. And what happens in Babylon, in the 2nd angel for message is in direct opposition to the gospel. And that's why it's brought out. So if we, if we were to find ourselves studying the 3 models messages and we spent a majority of our time focusing on babylon, focusing on the Mark of the beast. The problem is we have lost sight of the real point of the 3 angels messages. That doesn't mean that those aren't significant. They're incredibly significant. The whole reason why these 3 and those messages are being priest is because of the chaos. And that the pending doom that's going to be for those people who receive the Mark of the beast. But that's not the point of the 3 and those messages. It's giving a context right to the world events that are happening. But the main thrust of the 3 needles messages is the gospel. And if we lose sight of this, having a knowledge of in time events isn't going to help us at the end of the day. Because we won't find it true, saving faith and trust in jesus. Does that make sense? Okay, that's good point. So that's kind of the big picture where we're going, what we need to do. So we're 1st look at the 1st angels message here again. And there are 3 primary components of the 1st angels message. And if you wouldn't do a poll of what the 1st angels message says, if you were to do a poll, most avenue, this avenue today and ask them, what is the 1st angels message? I believe a majority of the people's response would be, fear god, and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment has come. The problem is, that's not how the message begins. And that's not actually the main thrust of the message. The 1st single message begins with the everlasting gospel. We see this revolution, chapter 14 over 6 again. Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel, the priest to those who dwell on the earth, to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people. Then after the preaching of the possible, an appeal is given, saying with a loud voice, fear god, and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment has come. Then there's the 3rd component, the 1st angels message, and worship him who made heaven and earth the sea in springs of water. Now we'll have separate presentations on these other 2 aspects of the 1st angels message. But I want this to be clear, the. It doesn't make any sense, right? If you are worshipping on a street corner, if you were st preaching, if you were just telling people to fear god and give glory to him for the hour, his judgment is come. That makes no sense to somebody who has no understanding of the bible. So why would god send an angel? Which is, you know, his messengers to the world starting the conversation there without giving any context that doesn't make any sense. That's not the way this message begins. It begins with the everlasting gospel. Being priest, every nation tribe, tugging people. And the response to that gospel message, then an appeal is given for people to fear god and give glory to him for the our judgement has come and it makes perfect sense in response to the gospel doesn't. Right? Whenever you've heard the beauty of the gospel, we'll cover that here just a moment. Then it makes sense to you. In response to the gospel, people would have a reverential fear of god, right, and they would want to live a life they would honor him in the midst of the judgment. So the gospels, what sets the context for the remaining parts of the 1st angels message and the whole 3 angels messages for that part. Ok. So I want to start with the silver ring story. We're talking about the everlasting gospel. So I'll start Here, there we go. I am staring at my computer, not the remote thing there. Thank you. So someone shared a story with me a little while back. I was preaching at a place or teaching at a place and someone else taught in the afternoon on the sufferings of christ that I definitely want to be here for that. And the start of the story about the early conversion they, I don't remember how early they were in, but it's very fruit towards the beginning of their faith experience. And they were knocking on door thing. I remember they were, you know, doing christian literature and a donation basis like call part of work where they were just giving out free literature at the door. I think there were just giving it out, but the knock on the door and they tell the person, hey, I've got this book man, and the guy says, come inside. So he comes, insides is what the deal was to deal. So they got this book and it talks about the fact that jesus died for you and the guy says, and what do you mean? And jesus died for you, man. So what? So what sit down. So these young missionaries sit down. So let me tell you a story and they begin to tell a story about a guru there. They were from some eastern religion and they had a guru. And this person was deeply hated within their community in the region of the world. Because their religious views were different than the other people. And that eventually led to persecution. Unfortunately, and the man was taken from his home, taken out into the woods and things were done to him that I'm not going to communicate from a pulpit and a public message. Horrible, horrible things that are an absolute violation of the geneva convention at the least. And but the way in which they inflicted this pain upon this man, it took days for him to eventually die. And this man is weeping as he's telling this young christian what was done to his groom. And he says what my guru went through was way worse. Than what your jesus went through. So why should I put my faith in him? I mean, they didn't tell me that one of the bible studies like he doesn't know how to answer that question. Because the amount of physical pain that this man endured and how long it lasted is certainly longer than what jesus went through. Jesus died in a matter of hours and not downplaying the sufferings of christ were to go into that today and in the faith of jesus at the end of our presentation together. But the point is if it's just the level of physical pain that jesus went through, were, aren't there other people who were crucified and aren't there people who lasted longer in terms of fiction than jesus did? Yes. And his crucifixion painful. Yes. So what do you do with this? If our basic premise of the gospel is that jesus endured some physical suffering on a cross for a set amount of time, and that's the gospel. What do you do with the fact that maybe someone has suffered more? Are you understanding kind of the difficulty here? That's what, but if you ask christian today what's the gospel is that jesus died for you, jesus died for you, but we don't quite understand the level, the magnitude of what jesus went through, which is what makes the sacrifice different. And that's what this person asked the students of the school that I was teaching at. If it's just the level of suffering, the jesus went through in a physical sense. What do you do with the fact of, you know, the fact that someone went through something worse for one and 2 if it's just the fact that jesus died for the good of humanity, what do you do with all the other martyrs for good causes? What about mahatma gandhi or Dr. Martin luther king junior other people who died for the benefit of their people? Are you understanding and many of our people today in many in christendom today do not understand the significance of a suffering messiah and all would jesus endured in our behalf. And this is the point they're making them. I think it's an important point for us to wrestle with and grapple with because the gospel is so much bigger and so much more wonderful and powerful in convicting in the rapture ring than many of the caricatures that are projected by christians. Today the jesus says mattie chapter 24 in verse 14 and this gospel will be preached in the world as a witness to all the nations. That is that language sounds familiar. It should. Where do we just hear them? revelation chapter 14 verse 6, right? That I saw another angel flying in the midst of haven't, haven't the everlasting gospel, the priest of those who dwell on the earth, to every nation, tribe tongue in people. This is similar language is being used here. And this is a good couching for us to understand, connecting some dots from the language using revelation 14 this says, and then the end will come. So when this gospel, priest of all the world as a witness, then the end will come. Well, I've a very reasonable question for you today. Whereas jesus, Jesus isn't here and jesus has not come back yet. Which implies to me that there's something about the, this gospel that the world is still waiting for. Else we would not be waiting on jesus are you with me today? Okay, this should be very clear to us that some things missing here. If we had it all figured out, we wouldn't be standing here having another meeting, praying that jesus would come. He would have been here by now. Right? So what is the, this gospel he is referring to, right? If this happens, then this will happens. We'll skip some of this for time sake. Will revelation chapter 14 again says that the everlasting gospel will go to every nation, tribe, tongue and people. And we're given the desk and definition of the everlasting gospel. It's been very helpful for me. It's kind of manuscript 32896, says the message proclaimed by the angel flying in the midst of heaven is the everlasting gospel. The same gospel that was declared in eden when god said to the serpent, i will put enmity between v in the woman and between vi seed and her see. So we were just told here in the spirit of prophecy that the everlasting gospel, revelation chapter 14 is priests of the whole world, which is similar to the vis gospel that jesus talked about. Matthew $24.00 verse 14 is also the same gospel that was priest in the garden of eden. Well, what is that golf? But it was priest in the garden of eden. Well, 1st of all, the heel of the promised messiah would be bruised. We were told whenever god is cursed in the serpent, that there's a seed of eve who will come along and he will crush your head, but you will bruise his he'll, he will suffer as he overcomes you. We also see in the garden of eden, that when adam and eve sin something had to suffer something innocent had to suffer, to cover them of their shame and nakedness. Right to be closed and covered from their shame and their nakedness, doing it to the sanctuary service in the old testament. And we see that the lamb is swain, or I let them build me a thing sure that I may dwell among them. One of the chief things that took place was again that something innocent have to suffer for their sake to cleanse them of their since then we get to the profits of the old testament and what does there message that the messiah will suffer? chiefly, we see this in so 22 and a 153 and other places. Then jesus gets to earth. And what is he telling the disciples? I'm going to suffer. And the disciples hated this message that made no sense to them, right. Your job is to come and to get rid of the romans to get back on david's throne and we can get our land back. But that's not why jesus came. It makes no system. What do you mean? You're just going to suffer for people? Jesus. How's that going to win the battle? It's going to win him, but they didn't understand it at that time. So jesus says, I'm going to suffer. They want to jesus is resurrected and he's walking with 2 disciples on the road to a mess. They say we thought that he was the guy, and then he poses a question to them. Didn't the messiah have to suffer? ought not the christ to have suffered? Didn't you know that he had to suffer? Now, why would you say that? In the midst of the road to a man is he's given them a boom and bible study. Can you imagine being there for that? walking through the entire old testament. Oh yeah, that was about me. And that was about me. He wasn't being pompous, obviously, but that was about the gospel, the gospel, the gospel them aside, the messiah and the side. We're going to see things in the old testament that we never saw, right? Even the best of our scholars are going to have their mouth gaping open when they see how much of the gospel was laced throughout the old testament. And this is what happens here, but the point is didn't, you know that he had to suffer? And then we get to the actually apostles. And what message are they preaching in the book of acts that the messiah suffered? I'm not a doctor, but I'm just surmising here that from what we're seeing from the garden of eden, all throughout salvation history. The most important or by the way, we also see this in the book revelation, speaking of the lamb slain from the foundation of the world in overcoming, conquering land. So what is the message we're given throughout the scriptures? It's that jesus will suffer if we're going to be preaching the everlasting gospel to the world. It better look like this. Are you with me? It has to look like this that jesus will suffer, or we're not preaching the everlasting gospel. Are you understanding? If we are not lifting a suffering messiah before the world, if we're just doing the math of the science of salvation, we have not fulfilled our duty to the world, to present a suffering messiah. Ok. And we're actually going to begin and end our 3 angels messages with this topic, because that's the point guys. The whole point of the 3 of those messages is to present before the world, a suffering messiah in all of his beauty and his power to overcome even the darkness of babylon in this world. That's the point. So want to walk into jesus a story now with you today, and just see different aspects of the sufferings where you're going to go through one side of it in this presentation, in the faith of jesus. We'll go through so many in the cross. But I want to walk through this with you today because I think this is super, super important. Now, I would encourage you, I'm willing to give my slides to whoever it is that disperses things to people who have come to attend, or it just comes to me after the fact. And I'll send you an email with the slides. It's I see sometimes people want to take a bunch of pictures or take a bunch of notes. I would encourage you to sit back and enjoy the ride or give you the notes. Just come talk to me or give them to you and feel free if you want to take some cursory notes. But I just want you to, to really allow yourself to experience what you're hearing today and not be overly distracted. So whatever that looks like for you do that, can I think this is so so important for us. What I want to walk through are the sufferings of jesus in ways that maybe you haven't heard before. And I hope and pray will find an even greater relevance in your life to day, the messiah than he ever has. So all begin, matthew chapter one, verse 18. And these, all these references are on the board. Jesus was conceived out of wedlock and no sin was involved here. But imagine the shame that surrounds this narrative. It doesn't stop with him being born. This comes back in jesus as faith in the gospel of john, and I always forget the chapter somewhere between like 6 and 9. It's probably somewhere between $7.00 and $9.00, but he's having this polemic exercise with the pharisees and sad disuse. They're trying to argue with him. Jesus is tactfully trying to win their souls in their hearts. But at one point when they're talking about abraham and who's a true son and how these things work, the response of jesus eventually is, well, we know who our father is. Now why did they say this is because of the ambiguous father figure in jesus his life of joseph? Because they know that mary was pregnant before she came back to joseph before they got married. And so this can imagine, can you imagine the shame of 1st century jewish context of this hipster rabbi coming in and kind of shaking the nation with his teachings in his principles. And yet this guy has a seemingly shady background. Are you understanding? This is a heavy weight for them to imagine being married. She's doing nothing wrong. She's going to visit a family member. And when she comes back, she's pregnant. She's never known a man. And when she comes back to town and they see that she's pregnant, or the holy spirit her, what's his name? They're not going to believe her. This is a heavy burden that she has to bear and that jesus bears and even flies in the face of his ministry. Later in life. This is a heavy thing, guys. I was conceived out of wedlock. No, jesus is not endorsing pre marital relations or sin. That's not the point. But the shame that my parents went through in southern bad to circles in the eighty's. When I was at the wedding, my mom looked like somebody smuggled a watermelon under her wedding dress. I was there, I don't remember much of your reasons. It's kind of my own little bubble, but like this, this is the circumstance. There's a lot of shame that comes with that. And jesus understands what that shame feels like. He's not endorsing sin. No sin was involved in his story, but the societal shame that can be felt in those circumstances. Jesus can relate to. Are you with me today? Jesus understands. I mean, people in this room are the children of a pastor or an elder, or a teacher or a principal in the school, your parents, certain administrative role that was very difficult for anybody in this room for a category, not a soul. First time in years I've had this happen, but it's ok. Anyway, someone out there I'm sure had this experience. It's not easy for pastors kids. It's not easy for people to the parents or teachers or administrators because they spend their lives living up to what everyone else expects them to be. Instead of just being who they are. And that's a burden guys, it's a big burden administered to Well known ministers, children and it's a hard battle for them. Because again, if I show up to church in the wrong close, dad's going to hear about it. People in a judge, my dad, and he's not spiritual, find you something at school people in a judge mom because she's a teacher and it's a heavy burden. But imagine being jesus, you're the son of god. And if you stumble in word, thought or deed at any stage in your experience, the entire plan of salvation is over. You will never see the father again. And very likely the whole universe itself is going to implode. You think jesus knows anything about pastors kid pressure. You better believe it more than anybody? Any went through this so that you would know that someone understands when you're hurting and wrestling with this burden yourself. A man, jesus suffering for our sake. We're told us chapter $52.00 the jesus was beaten the on the point of recognition. I'm not going to get into graphic detail this morning. But literally you cannot physically recognize who this man is when they're done with him. Why did he go through that? Because people like my mother had been beaten beyond the point of recognition. My mom was married once I had my half brother divorced. Married again. I was at the wedding, you heard before. Divorce again in the 3rd guy that she married and I was about 6. I got dropped off for a visitation and my dad didnt drop me off on my grandparents drop me off and mom opens the door and she's purple sheet of blue. She's swollen, she's not the person. I knew she told me she fell down the stairs. But as a 6 year old kid, i knew better something right here. And I didn't feel safe in for good reasons. The man maliciously and horribly beat her in multiple ways. And again, I won't go into details. Jesus went through this so that my mother could be comfort in ways that no one else can meeting someone else has gone through domestic violence and that they got through it can be a blessing. But what if your own savior in the sire the ultimate comforter of humanity was acquainted with your experience and was willing to poor his life into you to help you through that dark chapter. You think that could do something for humanity today? Absolutely, and jesus went through that just for her. If she was the only one. But for many more because we know she's not the only one. That's 853. I told the jesus there is nothing about him that would draw us to him. Right. Feeling that unattractiveness that society projects upon that not being enough, you don't make enough. You don't look good enough, you're not strong enough. Right? You don't provide well enough that weight that can be filled of not being enough. Jesus felt that societal pressure and those feelings with being overlooked and underappreciated. And he went through that just for you. If you've gone through that experience and just for me, he was despised and rejected by men. You ever been rejected by people you ever dealt with rejection or horrifying. Terrible rights, a crippling experience. Jesus was acquainted with grief ever grieved, ever had your heart broken. Jesus understands that people hid the faces from him ever been in those circumstances where you're looking for someone in your mid trying to make eye contact. Finally must the go to try to reach out to somebody and they just pretend like you don't exist yet. Jesus understands that he was despised and no one esteemed them, and he was tempted to feel alone in his grief you ever been there. No one understands you. No one's there for you. You're suffering alone and seemingly no one cares. Jesus understands that he went through that just for you, time of the everlasting gospel and the suffering messiah was overwhelmed with sorrow and grief. Not just this is hard and this is difficult. Like you finally get to the point and you're tapping out your tap on the mat and saying no more, I can't do this anymore. I got nothing left to give when this is going to ends. You ever been there? Jesus have. And he did it again just for you, and just for me, he felt stricken, smitten by god and afflicted you ever felt like every fiery dart from heaven's pointed in your direction. Jesus understands that feels like 2 again he received. He was wounded in chastise and received many stripes. Jesus endured a severe amount of physical violence he did as will cover in the faith of jesus. That's not the thing that killed him. He was oppressed and abused isaiah continues. He was mis treated in prison. And in court, he was mistreated. He was falsely imprisoned and brought to court and was just a sham of a trial. It was a, it was just a total mess. The whole situation falsely accused for things he never did. He died childless and he was found guilty for things that he never did. Ok, and this is a big one. Maybe you've been in trouble for something and no one would listen to you. Not just like your sister didn't take out the trash, but you got in trouble for I mean heavy stuff. Some of us have been nailed for things that we had nothing to do with. And no one would listen to us. And maybe we're still wrestling with that internally. Maybe we have feelings of bitterness and frustration and anger because no one is listening to me that that wasn't me. And you never got a fair deal out of this than jesus never wrestled with the bitterness, but he was certainly tempted to be bitter. You understand the difference? temptation is not said he was tempted in all points as we are. And yet jesus stand strong. Why? So he can give you power to stand strong whenever you're being nailed to a man. And he died for things he was totally innocent, wasn't just like he got a slap on the wrist and have something on his record. He dies for things that he never did and he goes through this for you. And for me, then we get to psalm 22, and david's, raquel the suffering to christ are kind of projected through his own personal story. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? He was tempted to believe that he was forsaken by god, him self, guys. Jesus, who's been an eternal fellowship with god from eternity pass, is tempted to believe that god himself has closed his eyes and closed his ears to the sufferings of his dear son. And you know what feelings of betrayal can come into a human heart when you're left to suffer alone. Again, jesus never sinned, but he certainly was tempted with these thoughts. He was tempted to believe that god wasn't hearing him or helping him. You ever felt that way? When you're praying, nothing seems to happen. You remember that other people received help when they prayed, but didn't feel that his own prayers are being heard, responded, do you ever been there? Some of us hearing testimonies in a church service is crippling and excruciating why? Because every time I preg cricket sounds, every time I pray in agony and insincerity, it's like my prayers hit the ceiling and laugh at me on their way back down. This is what many people are experiencing today in the church. We should probably talk about that and not ignore that. We should be a place where it's safe to people to express how they feel and the find healing in the christian community. A man instead of spiritually shaming them. That's not spiritual, just pray. Right? Just get over it. Know this is difficult stuff. Jesus attempted in the same way as these people. He was despised and ridiculed people, mocked him for being a child of god. You ever gone through this? Maybe you're going through spirit to revive when your life right now, or maybe that's already happened and you were converted later in life. Maybe you find yourself in a very tepid avenue experience like everybody else around you. But it's something sparked or revival in your experience and they're saying, oh man, so until getting religious feel threatened by the fact that you're making improvements in your life. They don't understand that you're been marked for being a child of god. I've seen it happen in our academies. Kids get fired up about jesus and the friends they will last year been there. Jesus understands was like to be marked for being a child of god. If you're the son of god do something. He felt totally exhausted. It empty. I got nothing left to give. The tank's empty bro. You know, lay off. I can't do any more of this. Jesus understands that as if he had no strength left. So on chapter 22, he was stripped of his clothing and cried out to God for help. Now the divine account does not tell us all of what jesus endured and I'm not going to put something there that isn't there. But what I can see is, in principle, jesus went through something very similar to far too many people in this world today. So one crossed a boundary and went too far. They were violated, they were hurt. And jesus in principle, was stripped of his clothing and cried out to God for help. Why? To let you know that he understands that he's here. When no one was there for you in that vulnerable and awful moment, jesus understands. He came to understand that god was listening and hadn't abandoned them in eventually he was filled with praise. And that can be your story to a man mattie chapter to jesus. I'm not gonna get political today and hope you're not going to get political far too many absences are drinking, read koolaid and Blue koolaid. And y'all need to get over that. A man. Your solutions are not found from fox News or m S N B C. You're seeing and they don't have your answers. Beloved talk radio does not have your answers. Politicians do not have your answers. Only jesus can bring solutions to this world problems man, it's important for us to see this. But in matthew chapter 2, jesus was a refugee and had to flee his homeland due to violence and political unrest. And why did he go through this? Because there are many people today who are going through the same circumstances. And he can comfort them because he knows what it's like. I love jesus for this so much. Jesus understands. Imagine chapter 4, jesus was tempted to doubt his identity as god's child ever been there. Wife comes at you hard and you just wonder, does god even want me back? Would he really view me as his child, he was tempted to provide for his own needs. Instead of trusting god to provide for him. This is the wilderness temptation. Who hasn't been there? Right? Jesus doesn't show, but do you think he needs to see you? Go make a visit the hagar and take care of business for yourself? Never been there. I'll go take care of this. God made a promise and he's tearing and providing for that promise. So I'll take care of it. Jesus take the day off. Also feel your promise for you because you're certainly not showing up. When I need you. Jesus was tempted to meet his own needs. In that moment he was tempted to comfort himself with food when stressed. Watch out. Now your stress he jesus attempted in the same way. The devil who show up to me on day one of the fast. When you feel strong and mighty shows it to him 40 days later when he's delirious and his entire body is longing for food. But jesus overcame that temptation to give you power to overcome in maybe not all fame into that. All right, he was tempted to prove his worth in pride. Tempted to prove as worth and pride ever somebody get your face and tell you what you aren't. If you're a man, do something fell as you're going to the basketball court and somebody presses your buttons or somewhere else. Someone gets in your face and tells you what you aren't. Jesus understands that temptation. But again, he stands his ground to give you an ice drink and let us know he understands was like to be tempted into that same fashion. He was tempted to physically harm himself. Right. 3 yourself down from the temple jesus. We still have big issues of this in even our own movement of attempted suicide, cutting burning, right other forms of self harm. Jesus was tempted in the very same way to give you and strength to overcome, were tempted. He was tempted to give up his faith in god to receive everything this world has to offer. Who hasn't been there. Right? Just bowed down and serve me and I'll give you whatever you want. Too many stories of people with gifts who started in church and are now filling their souls to the world and using their gifts because the prizes seemed a bit bigger in the here. And now in the matthew chapter, 14 a close, relative or friend of his was brutally murdered. Speaking of john, the baptist you ever lost. Someone in an unjust fashion may be a drunk driver or reckless driver, medical malpractice, random act of violence. Some other situation. Jesus understands what that's like. He gets it guys. He understands. Mark chapter 3, his own family thought he was out of his mind. Maybe you understand what this is like. Your family doesn't get you. I made radical decisions in my life and I became a 7 the discretion before now this, that my family, those days. Phil doesn't fully understand. I was homeless at one stage in my experience, we lost everything. A house was foreclosed, a car was repossessed. We're eating differently, like it's there is a heavy cross that we pick up when we leave the world. And when we do, there are going to be people who don't understand us and even those who are closest to us. And it hurts doesn't because you want them to experience what you're experiencing. Yes. What I may deal with in my flesh is difficult right now. But what I'm finding on the inside is worth it. It's worth it. John chapter 7, his own brothers mocked him and didn't believe in him. You have a family member speak unbelief into your life. Their knives go away, deeper, don't they? Our family have ways to hurt us that nobody else can. I was preaching a school once and I heard the story that the older sister of this young man, graduates as a boarding school kind of like this here. So the family that live there. So they have a graduation party for the older sister in a staff home. And the mother stands up in front of everyone and point to the younger son at the older sister's graduation were gathering there at the house. She points to the understand this is you will never experience what your sister does experience. Can you imagine his biological mother? You will never achieve what she has achieved. The staff are horrified that this happened in their home. They couldn't believe what they were hearing. This young man does go to that academy. How do you think he did when he got there? He didn't do very well. He also had a big struggle while he was there, you know, that was womanizing. I wonder why that was longing for the love and affection of a female. I wonder why he struggled with this? Maybe because his mother is a monster And she tells them you're still not going to graduate. You're not going to make it kid. And she tells them that when your classmates graduate, you're going to sit in the front row and watch them graduate. While you don't this is true story at an average school. And the staff said, absolutely not. We are not going to let this person ruin this young man's life and they labored for that kid and labored for him and labored for him and gave him chances and opportunities that most people wouldn't. And I'm so thankful for that because they may not be able to give him other things, but what they can give him is the satisfaction of knowing that he is loved, that he is accepted and that whenever he puts his ever in god will fight for him and see him through any probably shouldn't have made it honestly. There are times he shouldn't let go, but they would not let her take this from him. I praise god for that school. They would not let her take that from him. And he graduated in he graduated, his wife is still difficult and still hard, but guys our family have ways to hurt us that nobody else can. And jesus understood that his own brothers didn't believe in him. John chapter 7, we did matthew chapter 26. He russell was accepting the will of god for his life. It was being willing to go through the suffering that it would cost him. You ever been there as a calling on your life? I went through this right when I was starting to give my life to jesus at the same time my dreams were finally coming. True. Being a professional musician and jesus says, I need you to step out and I thought that is not fair. That is so not you can't do that. This is the only thing in life that matters to me. You can't take this from me. And so I'll be fully years in 3 years, but just let me have this. And God in his mercy still worked in my life, even though I made the wrong choice. If I could go back, I wouldn't do what I did. But I did it. I didn't know any better. Many of us, russell witness with accepting the will of god and knowing that there is going to be suffering. I'm had to lay down some dreams. I mean to lay down my plans. I managed to lay down the idols of the plan for my life. I've already made and I don't want to let go of jesus understands what it's like to wrestle with the will of god and to submit to it. Even though it's going to lead to suffering for some of us is not going to lead to suffering, is going to lead a heights of bliss that you have never known. But you will never know that if you don't say yes to him, He was betrayed by a close friend. It was betrayed by a kiss. Hope no one in this room has gone through there, but it happens. Maybe you've been betrayed by a kiss because mom or dad had an affair, or close family member had an affair and ruined the family and ruined the whole circumstance. Jesus was betrayed by a kiss in principle, to bring comfort in healing to those of us have gone through the same maddie chapter 26. Still, he's abandoned by his friends in his greatest time of need you ever been in circumstances? You're just sure that your friends will be there when stuff goes bad and then stuff does go bad and no one knows what to do. Jesus gets it. It's hard watching that because you don't know what to do in those moments, right? There is a miscarriage, a child dies, a divorce happens, and you just don't know what to do and these really, really painful, difficult circumstances. And so you just kind of go quiet. If I just don't say the wrong thing. Maybe that's the best thing I can do. Right now. Well, the problem is this person suffering alone, and there is no one there to help them. Inter standing, The ministry of presence is a blessing. That's the one thing that job's friends got right at the beginning. They just sat in the dust with him and cried. People need that today. Jesus needed that talk about that later this week. Because I get that from them are sleeping and his greatest time of me. One of the causes friends denied that he even knew him publicly in the front of john, the apostle. He didn't receive a fair trial and people lied to secure his conviction. And he was spat upon and abused by religious leaders. Maybe you can relate to this, maybe a password, it and spit on you. Maybe just preaches to allow, but that doesn't count. But maybe you've been in a situation where that your, your reputation was ruined by the elders or politicians in the church. You don't go to that church anymore. You've been hurt by religious leaders. Maybe you've been physically or sexually hurt by church leadership. Jesus was physically harmed by church leadership. His reputation was maligned. Why? To let you know that there is someone in this universe who understands and is actually capable of doing something about it. That's why you have a savior who understands him. At the chapter 271 of his closest friends commit suicide. You release someone to suicide. I have my cousin josh was like 252627. So young guy, wife, hurt for josh. Things were going right. The thing he had going right for him at this stage his life was a relationship. And she ends the relationship and he goes to the bar where she's working in the restaurant where she's working and ask her to reconsider. She says no. And josh goes out in the parking lot and takes his life. He's gone. Josh has gone. We can't have him back because wife heard the cards that life dealt him or too much. Maybe you've been there. Maybe you've lost someone who said I can't do this anymore. Jesus understands that heartbreak. Jesus understands that pain. He went through this for you. And for me are suffering lord are suffering the science. He was brutally beaten, tortured, stripped, and marked by the equivalent of law enforcement in the military. Again, I'm not getting political today, but this does happen all around the world. People empower abuse their power and jesus went through this for you. And for them, when people overstep their bounce, he was tim to the numbers pain with wine. This is where every addiction comes in. The equation, every addiction that we have in our life, is us seeking to known pain in unresolved conflict on the inside. Maybe it's not wine for you. Maybe it's printed graphy. Maybe it's other substances, social media, addiction, gaming, human sympathy, maybe get even more religious and just do an insane amount of outreach to feel good about yourself whenever, really inside you feel like you're worth nothing. There are many things that religious people can run to that aren't even morally wrong, but they're still idols. And they're still sedatives. Things that we're using, we're workaholics many of us absences, and we really struggle with this work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work. And we never found resting fries till the day that we die. And we wonder, would they ever good enough? Jesus did, I work hard enough. We spin our whole lives laboring for something that was already ours. Being tempted to know our pain with whatever the circumstances may be, jesus understands, and jesus refused that wind to give you and I strength to do the same by god's grace matthew chapter 27. Jesus was stripped naked, exposed publicly in shame by those who should have been leading him for good. It's unfortunate, but there are many people, even in our movement and young adult i actually did a week period, a place. And like the class president got kicked out for exchanging images with another student. This happens, and ladies, you need to know today if a young man tells you in encourage you to do this, 1st of all, he doesn't deserve you. And 2nd of all, if they say they will never show it to someone else, that is never true. It's never true, and it ruins people's lives. People don't get jobs because the stuff like this happens. Teacher haven't happened and students find out about it. It's not good people commit suicide over this. Men have done it to it's not just a one sided issue, but the point is it's never worth it. And if you've been exposed and humiliated publicly, jesus understand exactly what that's like was nailed naked, do across. And the major intersection in the community. And he went through this just for you guys. Just for you. He was tortured alive, and it was tempted again to a doubt as identity as the son of god. He felt forsaken of god and abandon the suffer alone and totally unappreciated by those that he was giving his life for ever been there. Got parents in this room you give and give and give and give and nothing is good enough for your kids. And some of you, young adults, you're laboring, you're paying for education yourself because family doesn't support you or can't support you. And then you're still being asked to give and do more than you think when this is going to end. You ever been in circumstances where you're giving your life for people and you are not appreciated. Jesus fully understands what that is like. And he went through this just for you to let you know when this gets the best of you and you got nothing left to give. You can bring that to me. I understand that. And you can come with the safety of my embrace. And I will comfort you in ways that nobody else can. That's what we're offering and are suffering the sire. Now, why did jesus go through all of this? We're told a chapter 53 in verse 11, that he shall see the travail where the labor of his soul and be satisfied. What Think about being jesus. When you look forward to what you're going to go through, it's hard. Are you with me? The cross is bad, let alone all this stuff that we've talked about this morning and look forward to that and say, oh yeah, I'm totally fine paying that price. Sign me up while jesus is suffering. He's still satisfied. As jesus looked back upon what he did suffer, he's still satisfied. Why? Because by his knowledge, my righteous servant shall justify many and he shall bear their iniquities. You're justified. He's satisfied that the everlasting gospel, beloved. We have a savior who is acquainted with the grief of the entire world. He knows their story. He knows their pain. He not only has seen their tears, he too has cried. We're told you think the world is longing for something like that today. You better believe it. Why are we telling the world that at Best we tell people that jesus died for them. Now, is that true that jesus died a literal physical death? Is that true? Yes or no. But is that the whole gospel story? You can answer. It's ok, no, it's not the whole gospel story. We had a suffering messiah. Jesus came to suffer to die. And to be resurrected and to offer new life to his people. That's the big picture of the gospel. And he came to live a life like us in flesh like ours and to suffer and overcome and to die and be resurrected in our behalf. The world needs that message now more than ever. The height of suffering that people are going through. People are fed up, you see what's happening in cuba right now. It's happening all around the world. People are fed up with being stepped on and oppressed. Well, who's going to tell the world to stand up to the wiles of state and who's been stepping on their whole life? And what's going to show them that the solution is found in jesus. But presenting a suffering messiah before the world. And when this message is, priest is going to be much easier for people to fear god and give glory to him for the obvious judgment has come to your understanding because there's a context for that. I'm not going to sacrifice and change my life for somebody. I don't even know and why did they care about me? But if I know that they not only care about me and died on my behalf, but they weren't even a step further than that. And went through the heartbreak in the betrayal in the loneliness and the abandonment that I go through. On a day to day basis. They entered into that experience, signed me up. If you think that highly of me will do whatever you ask, I understanding. There's far more to the 1st angels, messrs and we've given credence to you and this is just the 1st part of it. But this is so important. Now why else did jesus go to this good to hebrews. Chapter 2, this is in my slides because he chapter 2 hebrews chapter 2. And beginning of verse 14 hebrews chapter 2 and beginning of verse 14 says this in as much then as the children to partake in a flesh and blood, he himself likewise shared in the same that through death he might destroy him who had the power of death that is the devil and release those who through fear of death were all their lifetimes, subject to bondage. For indeed, he does not give aid to angels, but he does give aid to the seed of abraham and who's that? That's us. Therefore, in all things jesus had to be made like his brethren that he might be a merciful and faithful high priest and things pertaining to God to make perpetuation, to make a covering for the sins of the people. For in that he himself has suffered being tempted. He's able to aid those who were tempted because jesus went through everything that you've heard this morning. He now is given the right to comfort and aid you and I will we go through the same thing of the trail of heartbreak, of abuse, of loneliness, of abandonment. Whatever it may be. Jesus has earned the right to comfort us because he's gone through the same thing. Him. It's a beautiful gift to go to hebrews chapter 4. This is a couple chapters later hebrews chapter 4. Has beginning of verse 14. In the context of having a suffering messiah, he says, seeing that we have a great high priestess passed through the heavens, jesus, the son of god, let us hold fast our confession. Now why does the se them? Because he know that we get steam rolled by the things of life. When abuse happens, when betrayal happens, when other types of things come, addison come against this. It's really easy and are human flesh to let go of jesus and move on with our lives. Because I thought when I gave my life to jesus, things would get easier at a jesus ever promised that 1st of all, No one john 1633. He says in this world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer. Why? Because I've overcome the world. If jesus is overcome the world, i assure you the fact that he's overcome whatever you're dealing with today. Yeah. And so paul knows the weakness. I believe paul wrote the book of hebrews, but whoever you believe wrote of the point is the author, hebrews gives us implication because we have a savior who suffered like us. This is not the time to let go of your relationship with jesus. Let us hold fast our confession. We do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with us in all our weaknesses, but was tempted in all points as we are yet without sin. This is not the time to let go of jesus when you've been betrayed in abandon. When people have gone too far, you can't let go of jesus. He knows what that's like. He's the only person the universe who can fully and truly comfort you. So what does he tell us in the revelation of the suffering messiah? Let us, therefore, come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help us and her time of need. That's what we're told. So when you've been hurt, when you're grieving, that's not the time to let go of jesus. That's the time to present, to his presence. Come boldly to the throne of grace that you may obtain mercy and find grace to help you in your time of need. You think the world needs that today? Part of the 1st angels message is to encourage the world to come boldly. Guys, come boldly. There's room because of the story on this was preaching to camp meeting some years ago and there was young man there. And as I was preaching, while the back story is his parents or his dad in his step mom, I think. But certainly his dad in the step and his brothers were receiving bible studies from an this guy and just nab slay person. Not a bible worker, not a pastor, and they're given bible studies to family. And as this happens, this young man has been in prison from the ages like 14 to 17, got caught up in the wrong crowd in a rough side of knoxville, and got himself in a lot of trouble is up in prison from 14 to 17. You imagine you should be making mud pies and building force in the woods at 14 to 17. Learn how to drive studying math or something. He's in prison, and he's about to get out of prison. And his dad tells him, hey, we're going these meetings, a neighbor invited us to these meetings. You want to come yell come, parents got divorced, and I'm to go live with mom. That would be fun because this open a lot of trouble cuz moms live in the street life and it's not a good situation and everything. And I want to go live with dad and get my life together. Things have to change. And so he goes to this camp meeting and the 1st night he's there is Friday night think it's during a Thursday. The situation here when a for 1st full days a Thursday. And he comes to eating meeting and the guy was given bible studies to his dad comes and talk to me and said, hey, this young man's coming just got at a prison. I said, great, I'm glad he's coming. The guy says, well, he's got like an ankle bracelet gps unit that's basically being tracked is on parole. I don't care come to the meeting. So he comes in the meeting and we're having a guy. There's like a camp fire for the young adults after the evening sermon is over from the eating speaker that the adult had this meaning kind of around the bonfire type thing with a fire pit. So I'm preaching the circle, which is kinda hard cuz you can't make eye contact with everybody. It's like preaching, turning around like talking to people. But as I'm preaching the evening meeting of all things, what do you think I was sharing that night? Whenever brackson shows up to that meeting gun, he guesses What we covered today, How there's a suffering messiah, who knows your story. And you can come boldly in his presence. And I made this appeal to him. That sermon said, maybe you can talk to your parents. I hope you can, but maybe can't talk to your parents. You can come boldly to the presence of jesus. Maybe can't talk to your pastor. I hope you can. You can come to jesus. Maybe can talk to your friends. I hope you have friends. You can talk to, but if not, you can come boldly in the jesus his presence and you can tell him everything and he who comes down to me, I will no wise cast out. We're told As I'm preaching that night, I can see in his eyes the gods speaking to him. When you do this for a living, you just know. And I knew that the spirit of god was doing something for him, but I didn't know what. And as I closed that sermon, there's a girl behind me, they just start to ugly, crying and wailing. She been sexually abused as a child was living, a lifestyle that she knew wasn't good, but she didn't know where else to turn to find love and acceptance. So she gave herself away to people and she is weeping as she's heard the story of jesus and her friend next to her as weeping, trying to comfort her, but is also crying. The spirit of god fell around that camp fire that night. And I go back to the place, i'm staying and I come back the next day we have sabbath school, we have church and we're going to hike braxton comes up to me after the at the getting the hike. Says hey, man, at message really spoke to me as a praise god. He says I took at your word man. When he mean says I went back to my tent and I told jesus everything. Everything that's been done to me. Everything that I've done, the other people, I told him everything. And he said he felt so good. And for the 1st time of my life, I have peace. He's been in prison from the to a 14 to 17 in the 1st time and his wife, he has peace. Why? Because he encountered a suffering messiah the understood his story and could handle his dirt in the stuff. Some of us are so ashamed of what we have done and what's been done to us that we haven't told a soul. You can tell jesus and he's not going to push you away and he's willing to cover you guys. You think the world is to hear that message brackson needed to hear, but here's the thing. When you encounter the gospel and all you've known as craziness, stability is scary. You don't know what to do with normal, because all you've known is chaos. In an A brief moment of thoughtlessness like 48 hours later, braxton cut the angle bracelet off and runs. They find them. He went back into prison for years. But just think with me, think think think, think, think, think with me. He's out of prison for like 72 hours, maybe $96.00. And in that short window of time in the 1st 24 hours that he's out of prison, he encounters the everlasting gospel had changed his life. You think there is a god in heaven cares about you and your story. You better believe it. There's a god in heaven cares about braxton and his story. Pray for him, would you pray for this kid daily? I want to see him and I haven't, god wants to see him in heaven. And this is what should be driving us as mission minded, 70 avenue, as christians to preach the everlasting gospel to the world. Having the boldness and confidence that this message is exactly what this world needs to hear. It's exactly will bring healing and freedom to these people and that we can give them the call to come boldly because he's not going to cast them out. Are you with me? The everlasting gospel will lead people to fear god and give glory to him and live a life that would honor him in the midst of the judgment. How many people in this room are recognizing that living for jesus is a good decision after hearing something like this? How many are more willing to put more on the table if jesus put all that on the table to live for us? Maybe that's why the everlasting gospel comes 1st and then the called a fear god and Google already him come 2nd. God smarter than you are. He's smarter than our foothold attempts and preaching the 3 angels messages he understands what's going to shake the world and get their attention is a suffering messiah. And from there they will respond. And after they respond, they're going to be willing to worship him, as he says, to worship him, or you with me. The gospels at the beginning of the 3 angels messages, the gospels in the middle, the 3 angels messages the gospels at the end of the 3 angels messages. And if we are not preaching that we are not preaching the 3 in those messages and maybe just maybe that's why we're still here. God in heaven, thank you. Do you have the solution? Do you have the divine remedy and maybe we have forgotten. Maybe we've been caught up and beasts in distractions. But lord, I pray today that the suffering messiah has garnered our attention. And I pray that you would guide us in how to best take what we have learned, and how to share with the world. This is a message is easily shareable. We don't have to use avenue jargon or lingo or without time prophecy charts. Not that those are hell or are not helpful. They are. But the point is what grabs the world's attention to begin with, is what we've heard. And we're just grabbed our attention. So I pray that you would speak to us just now that you give us courage to share this message with boldness to the world around us. Those are sphere of influence. And oh Jesus, we pray that you would come soon. Lord, make us ready. May your bride be ready by preaching this beautiful message to the world and responding to this message with a holy and solemn full consecration. Cover our sins with the blood of jesus phyllis with your holy spirit. And God forgive us for not understanding the powerful message has been lost in plain sight. And I pray that it would take the world by storm that we ask jesus in this media was brought to you by audio person, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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