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02 Fear God and Give Glory to Him

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program


  • July 15, 2021
    11:45 AM
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Good morning and hello everyone again. All right, there it is. Okay. Making sure we got our ducks in a row here technologically. So we covered in our 1st presentation together the topic of the everlasting gospel and now will be addressing. Is this idea of the statement, fear god, and give glory to him will primarily focused on the fear god part. And then later this afternoon will address the topic of the hour of his judgment has come. And that's going to be our next couple presentations together. But I'd like to start Here. We'll pray and then we'll begin sweet jesus. Thank you again that we had this privilege to come into your presence to hear from you. And laura briggs asked that you'd speak with clarity, help us a bit of wrap our minds around what you mean by the fear of god. And I pray that you would give us a solid biblical foundation for this. Bless us, we pray and we ask this in jesus name. Amen. All right, so one of the reasons why I'm passionate about this topic is because it's so easily misunderstood for one and 2. I've met a lot of our people who really grapple with the topic of fear. And so I want to kind of walk through kind of a healthy biblical way to see this and how to sort through what we see. So in 2nd timothy chapter one, verse 7, we're told that god has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. Now this implies a few things is really helpful. I've kind of written this out in a way that is made it easier for me to better understand if it says that god has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power love and to sell mine. This implies it fear robs of power. The ability to love god and others and to be loved by god in others, and to be able to think and make decisions with the sound mind. So fear, literally alters the way that we do the essentials of life. And so this certainly is problematic and we're gonna have to wrestle with this. What is it that god intends? You're actually leads us to make bad decisions. We see some examples of this, the people in the gatorade and luke chapter 8. Whenever jesus cast the demons out of the demoniac, that's living amongst the tombs. There are so scared about what had happened and the pigs went off the edge of the cliff that they literally tell jesus to get out of here. Get out of here and leave because they're scared of what has happened. And so just imagine fear lead them to basically kick the messiah out of their community. There was that a good decision or a bad decision? What do you think? It's a bad decision. Fear leads us to make bad decisions. Basically, the entire life of king saul from his 1st of all, onward, is filled with making really bad decisions that were largely fear based. We see olaja whenever olaja calls down fire from heaven it mount carmel. Soon after that, he gets a report that jesse bill wants him dead. And as soon as he gets word of that, the guy loses it. Right. He runs for his wife from the wrath of an infuriated woman, were told no longer wanting to see a man he seized with depression. He's. He's discouraged, he's despondent and he doesn't even want to live anymore. So he goes from mountain top experience with jesus to complete despondency. And it was fear that led in this transaction, this change of thought and change of mind for him. Peter denying jesus right in front of the servant girl and in front of john the apostle. If you read the gospel carefully, john's gospel, you recognize that John goes in the house. John leads the servant girl to the front door, peters on the other side of that front door. She opened the door and says, you are not also one of this man's disciples. Are you which implies that she knew that John was a disciple of jesus. And what's peter's response right in front of john? I don't know the man. Right, so fear leads us to make bad decisions. So if God hasn't given us a spirit of fear and doesn't want us to have that type of experience, then what's the solution? What is it? God does one for us. This is founded 1st, john chapter 4 versus 16 and 17. And we have known and believed the love that god has for us. God doesn't just want you to intellectually agree with the possibility that maybe god loves you. He wants you to experience really know that and to believe it with every ounce of your being. This is that god is love and he will abide and love abiding god god in him. And love been perfected amongst them this that we may have boldness in the day of judgment. God wants us to be filled with boldness and the day of judgment. But most of us are horrified about the fact that there is going to be a judgement and we don't know what to do about that. But he says that if we know and believe the love god has for us, we won't be afraid in the judgement. Super important for us to know that that's part of the reasons why the 3 needles messages are filled with the message. You guys love it. Yeah. It's on Use this instead. Okay. Yeah, yeah. So the stand here. Okay. And so we've, when we preach the message of god's love center to the heart of every aspect of the 3 angels messages, this is what will lead people to be able to fear god and glory to him in the midst of the judgment. Ours, that makes sense. That's the main premise and the purpose of that came so and we may have boldest did judgment because as he is silver we in this world. Now we get diverse 18. There is how much fear in love. There is no fear in love, but perfect love does what? It casts out fear, it displaces our fear. So when we are filled with god's love, it removes the possibility for us to be afraid of god, right in an abject fear, says, and in fear of anything, honestly, in that sense. But fear, perfect, love casts out here because fear involves torment. We're afraid of getting hurt, but we are immersed in god's love. We recognize his protection will be with us. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love and we love him. Why? Because he 1st loved us the only way for you and I to fall love with jesus is to come face to face with the reality that he's already in love with us. This is the topic that we should be focusing on. None of the expensive other things, but we shouldn't think, oh, I talked about god's love in the 1st bible study. Let's move on to the more mature adult thing. Let's move on to the meat is a message you for people say things like this. You know, let's move on to the meat and give people present truth. Well, if you are aware and we were actually referred to the message of christ, our righteousness as meet in due season. It is always welcome on my table and should be welcome in every meal that we serve, a man, whether you're talking about the state of the dead, the sabbath, the sanctuary, we should see a true healthy picture of god's love for a man in everything that we addressed as a people, that's what we were counselled to do and were told that every one of those other teachings find power in relation to the theme of the cross. So we're doing a disservice to those other teachings and to the cross. We don't center everything in that particular understanding. Art, this is a, this, it is not the fear of punishment or the hope of everlasting reward that leads the disciples of christ to follow him. They behold the saviors maxis love revealed through his pilgrimage on a roof from the manger of bethlehem to calories cross, and the sight of him does what it attracts. It softens and subdued. The soul love awakens in the heart of the beholders. They hear his voice and they follow him. This is the approach that needs to be taken in what we do and what we preach at the council were given. So not leading people to make decisions because they want to avoid hell or go to heaven. One of the reasons behind that is because it's selfishness that drives both of those responses and his god wanting us to have an experience. It's field by selfishness or by reciprocating love, bright. So we shouldn't be thinking, I really want to go to heaven. So that's why I followed jesus or I really don't want to go to hell, so that's why I'm to follow jesus. Neither one of those should be or motivator to be holding his matchless love. Right. That awakens love in US as it says for sean for was know this from eternity past. This is kind of a modern day version of the church and prophets let the you see, the tender love the father and heaven has manifested toward them in the dignity and honor to which they are called even to become the sons of god. And thousands would turn with contempt from selfish aims and pleasures that hitherto engross them. They would learn to hate, in not merely from hope or reward or fear of punishment, but from a sense of its inherent baseness. Right, we would see sin for what it really is. So love then, is the only true power in pure power that should motivate us in our experience and in our decision making. And the only way to find that love is 1st encountering god's love for us. First, john, for 16, we love him because he 1st loved us. So fear, again, robs us of a love for god and love for others because we're afraid of being hurt. Some of us are living inexperience. We're. We're walled off from interpersonal intimate relationships because we don't want to get hurt anymore. Fear has robbed us of vibrant relationships. What we desperately need is a white course altering, encounter with god's perfectly selfless love for us to be fully known and fully loved. That will drive out all of our fear and bring us to a deeper love for him, and the capacity to be willing to love and be loved ourselves. That makes sense. So what god wants for his people came and I've gotten an example of a friend of mine that left the faith. Unfortunately, they're actually one of the reasons I became an avenue to even more unfortunate. But we're still very good friends and I asked them because they would not describe being a christian anymore, but I don't think they would fully go to atheism either. Or they're kind of in this weird kind of middle ground. But I told them I really wrestle with the appeal of atheism. I struggle to understand the appeal of it because it's completely denies the intrinsic moral value of a human being. You don't matter, you're a biological mistake. No one cares. And when your god, no one cares, and it really doesn't matter. But the problem is all of us, of the deep, deep aspects of our nature and our being. We want to batter, we want to be loved, we want to be accepted. We want to be appreciated and desired, and the response they gave me was still one expected. They said what makes it so appealing is that you don't have to deal with the fear of having hope and then being disappointed anymore. Maybe you've been there, you put your hope in god you're following god and the bad things happening well. I mean somehow it's going to give you just get to a point where you just, it's hard to get your hopes up anymore. Maybe god's promise, you healing and you still haven't been healed. Maybe got his promise. Me you that your kids are going to come back to the church and they're still not in the church. They're still cursing god in your face and you just wonder, what does god going to do, what he said he would do. And it really get you discouraged. And he says, the benefit to unbelief is that you don't get your hopes up anymore. You continually live in a state of disappointment, dr. Renee brown, especially in the topic of shame, phrases this way. She says it's easier to live disappointed van to be disappointed. It's easy to live in a constant state of disappointment with no expectations than to get your hopes up and be crushed. And this is the state of many people. Even christians, ok, but romans fi, fi tells us the hope does not disappoint because the love of god has been poured out her hearts by the holy spirit who has given to us. I love that and I'll skip this for time. Say glacier 69, and let us not grow weary while doing good friend due season. We shall read. If we don't lose heart, if we don't give up in romans 1513, i love this. Now may the god of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing that you may bound in hope by the power of the holy spirit. He is called the god of hope, which implies that he wants us to be filled with hope and he's capable of meeting our expectations. So abject fear is not god's chosen method to reach us or to motivate us. As we mentioned earlier, it's a selfish motivation. It leads us to make decisions to protect ourselves and to provide for ourselves, instead of relying upon god to protect us and provide for us. Do you see the danger there? When abject fears, leading the way? interestingly enough, in many of the supernatural encounters that we see throughout scripture, when people of god interacted with angels or when jesus appeared to people they would many times be greeted immediately with this. This phrase of fear not or do not be afraid. God is a one our experience with him to be driven by fear, but by true love. And he wants our perspective to shift to something better. And jose, it gives a great picture of that. Speaking of this, this unfeasible bride of his god says, therefore I will allure her. I'll bring her into the wilderness and speak comfort to her. And it shall be in that day, says the Lord that you will call me my husband and no longer call me my master gods, wanting a paradigm shift in his people. No longer feeling these grovelling slaves hope will be good enough at the end of the day. He wants us to view him as the love of our lives. Not someone to be afraid of someone to be in love with. This is what he wants. And encountering the amazing love of god leads to that shift and our paradigm. And it's just not just our view of him, but also our view of our standing with him. And when he sees that we're ready to fall in love, he then drops to one knee and jose a 2 verse 23 says I will betrothed you to me forever. Yes, albert true. You to me and righteousness, injustice in loving kindness and mercy albatross due to me and faithfulness, and you shall know the Lord, even in our broken and wandering seasons. God still see something of value in US, and I'm so thankful for that continues here. Then I will so her for myself on the earth, and I love mercy on her who had not had teen mercy. And then I will say to those who are not my people, you are my people nation say you are my God. So what has to take place to make this a reality? The very next chapter begins with a price being paid to buy back an unfaithful woman. This is the gospel, beloved god, paying an infinite price for an unfaithful people to make them his own. So we are no longer these grovelling slaves in our minds, thinking that we're not going to be good enough. Now we view ourselves as loving spouses who have come to know that jesus is enough and that he's standing in our stead. But some of you may be really itching at this question, that's all well and good, but the bible says to fear god and give glory to him in the 1st angels message. It does say that. But what does it mean by that? Steve grabbed her of I'm so bummed he couldn't be here, but he has a statement. He teaches a revelation class at our school of angels, and we run called corps for young adults. And he says, revelation means what it means doesn't always mean what it says right? It means what it means and so does jesus literally have a sword coming out of his mouth, or does it mean something by that? And so I think that can be applied to this particular statement because a logical question comes into my mind when I read this based on what we just study. How can we give glory to God when fear robs us of power? Love and the ability to think with a sound mind does god want, has in time people who respond to the 1st angels message to have no power, no love and enough think with a sound mind is that what god wants, then that can't be what we're talking about you can't be abject fear that we're talking about. Now. First of all, that's not where the sermon begins. We talked about that in our 1st presentation. It begins with the everlasting gospel. And then the appeal of that sermon, the call to action at the end of that everlasting gospel message, is to fear god and glory to him. Okay, it's the logical response to it, to the everlasting gospel. But I read a quote that was very, very helpful for me in kind of contextualizing this statement and the everlasting gospel, the 1st angels message in such a clear way. So we're told this and the upward look paid $371.00. Were told that the love of god ever tends to the fear of god. And what does she mean by that fear to offend him or you follow the line of logic here when we encounter the love of god. The next thing that happens is a fear is awakened in our hearts to offend the one who has done so much for us. Does that make sense? And so one precedes the other. When we encounter the love of god, it leads us to be afraid of hurting him or disappointing him right or offending him. Those who are truly converted will not venture heedlessly upon the borders of any evil, lest they should greed the spirit of god and are left to their own way to be filled with their own doings. The word of god is the guide book. Turn not from its pages to depend upon the Human agent. So the love of god is what leads to the fear of god. And it's not abject fear of him. Right, but a fear to offend him to disappoint him, to not be faithful in the covenant relationship. But that's what's being alluded to here. Ok. And so abject fear robs, have a clear picture of the love of god and an absence of godly fear. Can rob us of a true perspective of our relation to God and how to follow him. He's not your fishing buddy. Right? This is almighty god, who is holy, righteous, just in good, but he doesn't want us to be filled with abject fear. You seeing the 2 different off aspects of fear here. One is Total terror and the other is understanding this is someone different. This is someone who is wholly someone who is righteous and I want to live in a way that would ensure that our relationship can continue long term in a healthy reciprocal way. That makes sense. And that's the difference here. So I think we've misread many times. What's actually being said in the 1st name to message was this, this is from, from attorney, pass again by joshua direction. The arc had been brought from shiloh. The symbol of god's presence would deepen the impression he wished to make upon the people. And then what does he do 1st he presents was towards the people of israel. What did you present before them the goodness of god. Then he called upon them to choose whom they would serve. The worship of idols was still to some extent, secretly practice, and Joshua endeavoured now to bring them to a decision that should banish this him from israel. But what he did to get their minds in the right place was the 1st present, the goodness of god. Before them, then he says, if it seems evil into you to serve jehovah, choose you this day whom you will serve. Joshua desired to lead them to serve god, listen to this, not by compulsion, but willingly, to engage in his service. Merely from hope of reward or fear of punishment would avail how much nothing open apostasy would not be more offensive to God than hypocrisy. And mir formal worship. I hope you follow that. Open apostasy is not more offensive to God than serving him for selfish reasons. Selfish and shallow reasons. It's love that should lead us to follow him and she is making this point. It doesn't do us any good to show up on sabbath, where the right clothes say the nice things seem the right songs, eat the right food, and then go home and move on with your life. If your heart is not in this. And it's not truly a heart felt reciprocating love, active worship. Why do it at all? Do you really think that god is saying? Oh they were a good boy. Do they put a gold sticker next to their name for this date in her history? You really think that's how petty and shallow got is? Absolutely not beloved. He wants your heart. What he wants more than anything is your heart. And if he has your heart, you will obey and joyfully him him. This is what god wants for his people. So what does fear do to us if we use fear in our approach to this beautiful set of beliefs that god has given us, or in the way in which we raise and counsel our children and it causes harm and paralysis. I've been a 31 of our academies or multiple colleges and multiple youth conferences, and there are many of our young people that have very unhealthy pictures of god. And it makes you wonder, are we really getting this right? Because if they think that god is not for them, if they're never going to be good enough and they're only serving god at a fear of being lost, that's not worship. That's a survival instinct. But that's not the joy of the Lord. That's not what god intended for us. So when you mix biblically conservative principles with the fear based approach, even if it's done in a gentle loving fashion, it still leads to analysis paralysis and misery, and the religious experience. And I've seen it way too much. Even kids that come from religiously conservative loving homes, if it's still a fear base, the ology, it's still cripples. Even if the parents are loving. And so we're setting our kids up for failure if we don't recognize that. So you can scare somebody into a pew, but it's not going to keep them there. And that's one of the reasons why our kids eventually leave our movement if we never gave them that solid root structure and you hear somebody parents say, but we raised them better than this. They knew it right and wrong was well 1st of all, many times they weren't taught how to think they were told what to think. And 2nd of all, we never help them to make this thing the wrong to have a love relationship with jesus the years. It's, I need to do these things to be in the good graces, a mom and dad, or my school, or my pastor, or the summer camp, or whoever. Instead, they're living a fear based experience. It's largely in obedience that just to stay out of trouble. Well, here's where this gets really nasty. If you're only obeying to stay out of trouble, what do you think your default response will be the Mark of the beast crisis? You won't obey to stay at the trouble because it was selfishness that motivated your experience all along. This is where we get into danger. We keep lecturing our kids about everything bad that they're doing and do good do good. Most children stories about bail, bail, bail, b, O, B, A boy, your parents obey everybody else, but they're never really learning how to fall in love with jesus for themselves. Justine, the difference doing what someone says and falling in love with them are not necessarily the same thing or you for hold me and that. And that fear based religion cripples people and it makes the miserable. This is one of the reasons why we service the absences have rejected the teaching of eternal torment. A teaching has brought about abject fear in the hearts of many, along with a hatred of god. In a rejection of him, this from l. A. White's mother. Okay. This is in the early in there when they just started kind of coming out of the churches they were and they went to go speak to the pastor and said, you know, I don't, I don't really believe in this idea of an eternally burning hell anymore. I just, I can't believe in that biblically and the response of their pastor was what's going to make people believe in jesus. If you don't have that, why would people believe in jesus? If you take this teaching off the table, this is what l white's mother says. She says if this is sound bible truth, instead of preventing the Salvation of sinners, it will be the means of winning them to christ. And if the love of god will not induce the rebel to yield the terrors of an eternal hell, will not drive him to repentance. Are you following that? Right, it's not going to push people away. It will drive them to want to serve them in the terror of hell is not the aspect of the motivation that we want in our experience with god. She continues, besides, it does not seem a proper way to win souls to jesus by appealing to one of the lowest attributes of the mind, abject fear. And then she says, the love of jesus attracts and it will subdue the hardest heart that white's mother that says that, I think it's so fast in cuz we just read a quote for miller white. Earlier it sounded very similar to this, didn't it? That the love of jesus softens and attracts the soul that, that should be, or motivator. Now here's why this can matter. All, I think I'm being a good boy and doing this. We'll find out. So how many people who this is used to live in Virginia? This is Joshua harris k, maybe you know the name, he wrote books and relationships and so forth. So joshua harris, i thought ted talk of his a few years ago. And it's unfortunate situation now because joshua harris no longer identifies as being a christian, and he's separated from his wife, was the last that I heard. And this is, this is heartbreaking for people who are growing in the conservative faith. These movements who really want to prize the family and relationships and doing it properly. But he did a ted talk a few years ago that was very intriguing to me, called strong enough to be wrong, I believe is what is called or brave enough to be wrong. And I'm not speaking in favor or against his book, per se. That's not really my point. You're not trying to get political. But there's some very important lessons that he learned through his experience. I think you and I need to grapple with today. Feel reason I'm bringing this up because he, he would get, you know, flak from people who said, you know, I didn't like your book about it was garbage and other people to your book changed my life as a wonderful marriage. And so he was really prone to just kind of ignore the haters and just say all their whatever interest ignore them. But he got a comment on twitter one day and a girl posted something and said your book was usually about your book was used against me, like a weapon. Something along those lines, friends of the grammar, but your book was use. It gives me like a weapon and instead of saying this is just a hater, this is just someone who doesn't care, blah blah, something changed. And he responded with 2 words. 3 words, actually. I'm so sorry. And the began a process of private messaging back and forth hearing her story and better understanding it. And she said at the end of that conversation, you're the 1st pastor who has ever apologize to me and who has ever admitted that they were wrong. Now is that a problem? What do you think? It's a big problem. We make mistakes. We heard people even though we had the best of intentions. But she'd never had that before. And she says, no one else has ever taken the time to listen to my story. And it meant so much to her. Then he leaves past oral work to go to college and further education. Little bit more, he's pastoring virginia area. Decided to go back to this school. I think of in Canada that eugene peterson runs that guy who wrote the message bible and he went up. So I think I think it's up there in Canada. So you go to the school and then people that he's in school with are also telling him your book really hurt me or cause problems. And he thought like these weren't just avatars that were saying nasty things on twitter. These were real human beings. Any had to grapple with this and eventually there's a project for schooling. While he was still a christian. And he made a documentary entitled, i survived, i kiss, dating goodbye. And it's pretty thought provoking. I don't agree with all the conclusions that he comes to, but I did agree with other conclusions. He came to you and was thankful that he would have able to have that open discourse. And he starts interviewing people on video over skype and in person, asking him, what was your experience in reading my book. And he says it was, it was very painful for him, but it's also very helpful for him to recognise. Well, how did I end up here? And so he gives this ted talk in that kind of context. I'm the quote him from this and what he said, thing is very, very fascinating folks who don't know you were to book called I kissed, dating it by kind of talking about the perils of what we had to do as recreational dating, right? The kind of worldly approach to just, we'll indeed play the feel do you, you'll figure it out. Ok. He was trying to caution against the dangers of that approach. But in his attempts to caution people from those dangers, he found that he made mistakes as he get further reflection later down the road. Here's what he says. He says, my biggest regret is that there was a lot of fear in me that I transferred into my writing. He says, and fear is never a good motive. Fear of messing up. You're getting your heart broken, fear of hurting someone else, fear of sex. Why did it take me so long to see these problems? And then he says, I think it's because I was so afraid of being wrong. I was afraid that if I'm wrong, everything's wrong. And he says why? And this is really important for us, especially people in ministry. He said that book had given me an identity. He says another place all he wanted as a kid was to be an author and write a book that would change the world. I think his parents weren't into publishing work already was kind of helped him get to his goal. So he wrote his book, i think when he wrote it, he was like 20 years old and had been in one relationship and wasn't married. And anyone who's married and has kid and so forth, and probably kind of laugh at the idea that the person who wrote the expert book and relationships had one relationship in their whole life and wasn't married and was a young person still very young. And so when he wrote this book, he realized there's certain things that he didn't know when he wrote it, but it was based largely out of fear. I'm so afraid is making the wrong decision. I'm so afraid of hurting somebody of giving myself away that that was his main input isn't writing it. And he says that it was hard for me to face up to being wrong because I felt like I was saying a big part of my life was wrong. And I didn't have the courage to do that. And I think this is so important for us as parents, as ministers, and as leaders, to recognize that you need to be willing to tell your children when you are wrong. You have to get over that, like your fear of that and the tension of their you are not going to gain your children's respect. If you do not confess that you're wrong, right, because you make them fast whenever they mess up, but you won't mess up when you mess up. That inconsistency really drives young people away. So we have people in leadership claiming standards, and then when they have followings, nothing really happens. They don't talk about it. But when there's problems of the young people to church and make a big stink about understanding had this can cause problems. So josh wrestled with this, any russell with this idea that his whole identity was tied up in a book. Right and being an expert in a particular area of ministry. But that's not what your identity is found. Our identity isn't jesus. Your identity can only be anchored in jesus, not your achievements, not your theological prowess, not your expertise. Are you understanding the danger here? It's only in jesus. And so he realized that he was wrong of that. Now something that can't be overlooked here though, is that most of the time fears a battle of the sub conscious mind that we are even aware of josh isn't a bad guy. Right. Part of the reason why he left christianity is because all of his wife was tied into certain principles that he thought were true and certain things he that were the case. But it wasn't based in a love relationship with jesus. And so when you're teaching or challenge, but you don't have a love relationship with jesus, you have nothing left to stand on anymore. But understanding the danger of that. So if you're someone who's just obsessed with principles, are obsessed with teachings. But you don't really know god, when someone dismantle those teachings logically, or theologically, you have no identity anymore. You're so confused on who you are and what you believe. And this is also what happens to our young people. They don't know who they are. They don't know what the relationship but jesus has meant to be. And so when they get challenged by college professors or their classmates, even an Abilene college, they don't know what to do. They have no infrastructure to stand on. Do you see the danger in this guys? And especially a fear is the only thing that's moving you along. So just didn't realize what fear, what effect that fear with having on them and what decisions it was leading him to make, or how it would play into the reader's own battles with fear and make it worse. We can rest on the same way. So if we, as parents are counseling our children largely based out of our fear of them being lost or getting caught up in the world, their response obedience will also be based out of fear. Are you seeing the danger here? If we teach out of our fear for them, they're going to respond out of their fear for them, but they never find a true root structure. This, there's that solid that can stand the storms. You see, you see this guys, this is super, super important for us. We can even teach and preach on fear without realizing how we ourselves are wrestling. So we need to ask god, how is fear, ruling us in shaping our lives? This is an appeal to us like part of our job. As in time, christians is to search our own hearts to ask god, lord, or my motives pure. Am I serving you just at a fear? Am I teaching through a lens of fear? Right, are our public, evangelistic meetings, more focused on the doom and gloom of the times in the hope that is found in jesus christ. And he can see you through these dark difficult times, or to come to see how this can be so pervasive and religious movements. We mean, well, judgment. Well, he wasn't trying to write a book that hurt people. He didn't intend for that, but he didn't know his own heart. And this is something that all of us need to be searching as we're preaching, as we're teaching, as we're giving studies and parenting, and nurturing and discipling people. What is it that drives me? Because it's contagious. Do you see that the fears of josh surrounding relationships, right? awakened fears that people already had, who were reading his book and in turn the problem continue didn't offer that solution. And that's where I think we can get in trouble. And this reminds me of a text and ecclesiastics chapter 7 over 7. It says surely oppression destroys a wise man's reason. And this is very fascinating. The even people with wisdom can be beat up by fear and in turn make decisions and develop ideas that are reasonable. Even though they're intelligent people, fear can lead us to make bad decisions or develop bad ideas. And this is why we need god to open our eyes into allow his love to set us free from fear. You see that? Ok. So josh realized how idealism was being pushed through his worldview. And he wasn't the only one that did this, but just follow these steps and everything will be fine. You'll marry the 1st person to date your marriage, be perfect. Your love life will be amazing, etc. It was kind of his money back guarantee philosophy that he now sees was unbiblical unrealistic. We live in a world of sin. There's lessons that god teaches us even through difficulty and he never promised as freedom from difficulty, even in following as will. So this kind of relational prosperity, gospel that wasn't fun and scripture heard people so they get married and then they have problems like whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, don't want told me I have problems. I follow the rules, i follow the list. Why are things working right, we kind of remove reality from the picture if we're not careful with our idealism and idealism anytime is based in fear. Right? It's like the, the law of the jews made. It doesn't point to jesus. It points to man and his efforts instead of christ and his efficiency. And it's largely rooted in fear. Right after that, the nation of israel went into captivity. They got a weapon, right? They got put into captivity, they weren't keeping god's law, they were being faithful. So they go into captivity in the exile, and they realize after multiple instances of this, you know, every time that we just obey, we get a woman and we go into exile there. How many people in this room like getting weapons are getting in trouble? Anybody yet? Probably not. And so they came up with this brilliant idea. Let's build a fence around the law of god, so we don't get anywhere near it. And they developed all these unreasonable unbiblical laws or 39 sabbath laws that were not found in scripture. If you spit on the ground, you're ploughing the soil, you can't finish time your shoes, you can't put the finishing stroke on anything. You can only walk so far on the sabbath. All these principles had nothing to do with the bible, but what was it? It was burst out of fear. Their idealism led them to make human standards that seem moreland nature and that god would probably sign off on they thought. But they were largely based in fear and didn't help the people. So did those idealistic laws help the nation of israel except their messiah? When he came? No, they wanted to crucify him for not keeping their loss. Could we be in danger of that to day? beloved. If jesus walked in this room today, would he have an issue with some of the things that we have created in our human constructs? Right? Something we need to wrestle through, how not downplaying and his beliefs are in need of that stuff. I love to help message a little dresser form all that. I'm not saying that. So I'm not getting cheeky here. But the point is, if we get all caught up in idealism, that's largely rooted in fear. It's not going to set. Are people up to succeed. Are you seeing that point today, the dangerous place to find ourselves? And the other thing is it can lead us to create standards and rules are biblical, to save ourselves and protect ourselves. That's what happened with Josh. And it also leads to additional shame because now there's more standards that I don't meet and it makes it even worse. Right? falling the law of god is hard enough, but now to add all the stuff that we've heaped onto the pile makes it even more discouraging when we don't meet them. Mark that makes sense when we mess up. But god solution is this. It's by grace that you have been said through faith and that not of yourselves. It's the gift of god not of works lest anyone should boast for we are his workmanship created in christ jesus for good works, which god prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. So god wants us to experience of faith that works by love, as it says in galatians 5 and not a faith that works by fear. And that's what god looking for us. We'll see this christ object lessons, page 38 point one in every command in every promise of the word of god is the power, the very life of god by which the command may be fulfilled. And the promise realize I love this, there is creative power in the word of god beloved in every command that god gives is the power to walk in that command. And even in the promises that god is made to us, in that promise is the power to receive it. That's why the hagar solution for abraham didn't work. Right? There's only the promise that god had made. And still it says he who by faith receive the word, is receiving the very life in character of god. So one of the reasons why we deal with fear is because we're insecure and our connection independence upon god. And the insecurity kind of sabotage is our relationship. We've gotten behind the wheel and we feel like we're going to run off the road. And if you're driving, you're probably will. Right. Good for us to hop back in the passenger seat and let god take the wheel. And so we need god to drive. And if he's not sitting in the 1st place in our lives, we're in trouble. Ok. So here's the point. Whatever you're afraid of losing cannot bring you any more security in your identity or freedom or happiness than god can. Whenever we're clinging to whether it be our fear, base motives, or idolatry, or anything else, only jesus can give us our identity, acceptance and purpose. We're told this and solve for the 6 versus 3 and 4. Whenever i'm afraid i will trust in you. In god, I will praises word in god. I have put my trust. I will not fear what can flesh do to me. I don't have this on the board here because the psalm 34 inverse for and add this to your notes some 34 inverse for Says this. I sought the Lord and he heard me and delivered me from all my fears. Whatever it is that sacking our religious experience, it's driving the life out of us. Jesus is capable healing isn't setting us free. So this implies the art that fear affects our ability to trust god in San 56 specifically. And I believe this is why many of us had those self protective tendency. We don't really trust that god will take care of us. We don't trust that god will lead us into a place. It's going to work. And so in turn we, we'll in deal, we make our own protective shells. We don't let people in, and it gets us in a lot of trouble. And this is not the way that god's last generation of people are going to live. They're not going to live in experience of abject fear that mars their theology, that mars their view of god, that mars their relationship with their children and the people that they lead. This cannot be what god is talking about. Are you with me in that guy's fear? cannot be or motivator, or causes one last brief story. How many people have heard of alex Arnold? Alex Arnold. So this is the guy that free climbed el capitan. They did a national Geographic documentary about him, but this guy climbed el capitan yosemite park in California with no ropes. Can you imagine it's crazy in it? But it's really interesting his life story. When you, when you read about these, you know, amazing feats that people achieve athletically and so forth. The more you hear about these people's personal stories, the less awesome their achievement becomes. You see michael jordan weeping on a locker room floor, hugging a basketball after his father is killed. Why? Because his father continually spoke unbelief into him as a kid. He was always competing with his brother to be good enough and his dad would tell him you're not. You never imagined that kid. And he was saying it in jeff, he thought. But that's not how michael received it. And so michael jordan was not a super successful athlete in his own natural talent. He worked really, really, really hard to get to where he was. And so it just kind of mars the whole thing. The reason why he achieved he did athletically was because you wanted to finally be good enough. Isn't that a tragedy? Someone the people idolize around the World achieve what they achieve, largely because they just wanted to be good enough in the eyes of their parent. What a shame tiger woods, similar story dad pushed on really, really, really hard. And the 1st time he was a major after his dad dies, he's a weeping mess to and I'm sure you can see many of these threats. So it's a similar story for Alex Arnold. Unfortunately, this guy was a super quiet introvert. He had never been hugged before in his life until he was a teenager. Any practice on himself just to see what it would feel like. You know, if someone does hug me a bit or try to like, work at it and practice on it. He was never told, I love you growing up and went through this really difficult experience. But rock climbing was a new world for him. And as he let me see if I can find this real quick as we're closing up. Yeah, here we go. So I, you wonder like what drive somebody to climb on a rock with no robes and enjoy it. I don't know about you. That's not what I'm thinking of and enjoying afternoon my go climbing a high rock with no ropes. What would lead someone to do such a thing? Well, he found freedom in climbing and rock climbing and he was enjoyable to him. But this guy literally re hardwired his brain. They did brain scans all because you should be scared of heights. You should be scared of things like this and they just wonder, this is a big deal or not work. Like as a whole thing to shut off. Is there something wrong with this kid? So they did brain scans any, hasn't mila, but it doesn't fire. They put him in the tube and they're showing them all these like horribly, graphic images to see if you'd be afraid. He wasn't his desire to find freedom and to be good enough and to be as close to perfection as possible. Cuz if you fall, you die. But if you don't fall, that's about as close to perfect as you can get. Lead him to literally hard wire his brain to no longer feel fear. He didn't have close interpersonal relationships. You see, this can be like, this is what the Human body in mind is capable of when fully driven by just a desire to be loved and accepted. And the good now for the end of the day, this is what alex says in the documentary. He says free, so living is the closest thing to perfection and it feels good to be perfect. His mom would never tell him, he did a good job. So this is the only place where he finds those feelings by cheating. Deaf, he said that about excellence, imperfection, i was raised that way that you have to perform. For me, life is all about performance. Nobody had, she's anything great because they're happy and cozy. It's about being a warrior. That is your path and you will pursue it with excellence. You face the fear because your life demands it free. So loving demands that because your life depends on it. But what a miserable experience this isn't the sad will. The interesting thing is he gets a girlfriend in this is in the documentary and when he gets this girlfriend and starts learning how to open himself up and let himself be loved, he falls twice while rock climbing. He can't focus the same. He doesn't operate the same way. He fell and broke his ankle nearly and then had another fall were injured himself really greatly when he was climbing with his girlfriend. And I think it's really, really fascinating, that one's love was being brought into his life the way that he had hard wired, his brain started to change again what she was allowing for interaction and in openness and intimacy. And I think that there's, there's an important question for you and today in this, in this kind of perspective that we've been talking about, what is it that drives you? We saw a drove michael jordan. He just wanted to be loved and accepted. So withdraw tiger woods, he wanted to be a love and accepted. Fortunately, the same story of alex Arnold. What is it that drives you? And are you open to being loved and letting that wall come down to day? Will you let yourself be fully loved and fully known by the god of the universe? Right. These guys work so hard for something that literally was already there's in christ. Are you doing the same thing? Are you working to your hands bleed trying to prove to God and the people around you that I'm finally good enough? I'm worthy of acceptance. Or can you rest in the acceptance and belief of jesus today? Are you with me? It's an important lesson for us. And so he just made since this morning, yes or no fear in abject fear is not what god is wanting for his people. It causes problems, you can rewire your brain, you may be able to achieve tremendous things. You may be the most active member in your church, giving amazing bible studies and baptizing people by the tins, right? Which is a lot for a local church member. But if you don't have rest in peace and jesus christ for yourself, why did you go through with all of that? I'm not saying don't do ministry, but understanding like, were you just going through the motions in living this life miserable the entire time? Because you were just trying to prove to God that you were good enough. You were so afraid of being lost. There's something far better for us, beloved in it to know and believe the love that god has for a man. That's what we're looking for. That's what god wants for you, and that is absolutely capable. And I believe the 3 needles messages are supposed to give people that type of experience. The everlasting gospel leads people to fear that the love of god ever tends to the fear of god, fear to offend him. That's the difference, not abject fear, fear of being lost, that's not what drives them. That's not, that's not a good response to the gospel message. It should be one of love and reciprocation. Ok, god, thank you so much for loving us. In spite of who we've been, in spite of what we've done, or many of us have these deeply held beliefs about ourselves and about you that are unhealthy, largely rooted in fear and insecurity. And we're not bad people for having those thoughts. We live in a world where the temptation is real. People are violated and hurt. It's difficult to trust. Again, let alone the devil himself. But god, I pray that you would awaken us to better motivations, healthier motivations that are centered in your love for us, and not our fear. Lord, we don't want to have a selfish experience. We want one that is delightful for you. And also for us leaders. So many people who breather last breath had and cherish this message. Who were still wondering, was I good enough? Or I thank you. The fusions one tells us that we are already accepted in the beloved and the you want to know and believe that truth today, cover our sins of the blood of jesus phyllis with your holy spirit. We pray. And we ask this in jesus name. Ah, this media was brought to you by audio purse, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. Or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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